01-01-20 The shift, progression of life, co-existence, meditation for communication etc

Transcript Date 1st January 2020

Promise of Long Ago

Aspects of love are many within your world. Let the joy of the promise made long ago encompass you all, as our will, will be exerted above all.

There are many still who have doubts as to the truth of their being and that of the being that surrounds them within their lives, let them know this, that courage to have faith will give you strength to surmount any issues within the near future, for it is your courage that lacks at this time to believe in the one that we call “the creator of life”.

Bring your focus upon him, allow his words to envelop your being to a practice of love, so much so, that it will overwhelm you with joy and happiness in the time to come.

Belief is paramount

Belief in us is paramount, for what have you if you have nothing? What life would you lead without a promise of the future? For all must tread the path of life and the path of enlightenment so as to progress their souls beyond the great divide (which) separates this world from the next.

You may ask your questions, ‘How do we know of the existence of that which we cannot see?’ we will answer this, that your mind is an instrument by which you may connect, and the truth will be known if you would only look and truly believe, for trust is the biggest part of any faith. Because you do not see or hear the things of the next world to come, it does not mean that it does not exist, for you are part of an energy so great and vast, that your minds would not conceive of these wondrous things to come.

And what of those of the dark, those who give disillusionment to others and the pressures of life that bewilder us at times? Will they be alleviated in that place to come or is there a continuation of suffering? And we will tell you this, that there is nothing but beauty in the world to come and those that cause suffering within your world at this time, although they are traitors to the spirit, they will succumb in time. For their practices will be taught once more within the world of living.

It is for all to alleviate their worries and concerns and the ill practices of their lives.

The shift

Do not be concerned with those who wage war upon your mind and your being, for a time will come for them to answer to those of the light, the shift and change will come soon and will be felt as it radiates throughout your world of being. It is a force, an energy that is so overwhelming that it would be a failure not to notice, even those who sit on the sidelines will feel this energy and remark upon its abundance of energy, the feeling of love.

Your habitat is dying of your ignorance

The universe is filled with many wondrous things, galaxies and planets far off beyond your human comprehension exist and exude life in the vast array of creation and yours is not unique, yet your habitat is dying because of your ignorance. This must change in the future, and we will commence our program to enlighten you, to all of you, of the time to come when men would live together and bring peace and focus upon one another, for this time is a time of creation, one of beauty and love.

An impossible vision at this time you may think, yet change must come, for there must be peace and harmony, or the ultimate sacrifice will be given.

Communication through meditation

Your beings are susceptible to many things of what we call, the light and the dark, and that of the negative. Instruction will be given to those teachers of your world to begin to communicate with us in fashionable ways, séance was the old word, meditation the new, and yet focus is brought through these practices. A gift to some and illusion to others, but promise is made that your minds will evolve, it’s a matter of time.

Circumstances of your times

You are beings of the Earth, a creation of the Almighty, and his will, will be done. It is not His doing, the disastrous consequences of your men. The accidental things in life are created by unfortunate circumstances, and there is a natural way for all to live and to die, to survive and to fight on. But many circumstances within your times are brought by men of disillusionment.

Greed and avarice we have spoken of, and it is rife at this time. Disconnect your minds from those of the physical who would tempt you, taunt you even with the things of gambling and the things of depravity. Let go your hearts and minds, welcome in the light that shines beyond your vision and a new way will be seen.

Coexistence will begin shortly

A coexistence will begin shortly and we can confirm that these beings of other worlds will interact with your men of majesty, of power. The consequences are grave should they be shunned, and they do not wage war upon you, only wish to bring peace. But a negative response will be returned and felt by many.

This is not of your doing, and it is not a problem to be faced by all, but you must entertain the thought that life continues on elsewhere, unabated by greed and avarice, by thoughts of despair and illusion. Your world is unique and will come to a point in time when the need for change will become great.

Consider yourselves as spirit and energy

Consider yourselves not as men of the earth, but of that of spirit, that energy and force that gives life, and yet takes it once again to recharge those beleaguered beings, the creatures of your world. You yourselves among them, like a battery you are charged with life and you exert this energy within your youth and as you continue on through your years, and the times become hard to bear, this battery, this energy that is you begins to dwindle, and its strength and power begins to become less. But that spark of light within you will never die, even as the battery fades at the end of your time, your body is that battery and will become empty as your energy leaves it. But it is not gone, merely sent back to that creator where it will be recharged and brought once more to the world of life, in a different form may be, but in a form necessary for you to continue your journey as a spiritual being. Do not be afraid to say that you fear your end, for all who exist have concern as to the next phase of life, but if you have trust and faith and your heart is warm with compassion and love, then you will once more see this light and your passing will be easy as you reconnect with your loved ones. No matter who you are, what your situation, your loved ones will reach out to you to bring you purpose once more, to allow your souls to travel the universe in harmony.

New speaker

Love and hate

Tempers are frayed, why do they argue so? What is it that men desire that they would reach out to torture each other? It is a paradox in life whereby those who love shine their light and those who hate would extinguish it for the meagre rations of life. They do not understand that this is not all there is and the true riches of life is held within that light, that creator of life.

All must extinguish in time, be it from the lowliest microbe to the mightiest creature upon your planet, none are spared. For there comes a time for all to re-evaluate their lives, to recharge and to be taught once more, those many things that they may have missed.

No need to fear

You progress your lives in fear for the most part. Men bring this fear it is not brought by that of spirit, and yet you blame the one, the creator of life, you blame others around you without looking upon yourself or looking to the values of life. Life is given and will be taken once more, and that is a fact, but it is nothing to fear.

Your perspective will carry you forward, and your vision to see a better way will enlighten your life. Others will darken it, for their need of greed or possession, or just because they can. These souls that practice these things will be merely an illusion, an illusion within the dark plains. But their bright purpose will be brought once more, and their teaching will be great.

We have said before and will say again, what you make within this life, what you do within this life is what you will be in your next. So have a good heart, bring a practice of love to whatever creature exists around you, do not treat them as the lowliest of low, for you yourself may be nothing more than an insect to another being of life beyond your stars.

Ignorance is not a sin if it is of value

Time has forgotten many things and with it comes disillusionment. The satisfaction of life is missed at times, and yet regained in another time. This man has become aware of those things he missed, the things he took for granted and was unaware of at the time, now his need his great, and he will tell you of these things, of the story of his life if you would just listen. And many experience the same things, the loss of a loved one, the care and need of others, you are all fallible and it is not a sin to live your lives in ignorance if that ignorance is of value. These words are simple to understand, yet many will miss the moral of the story.

Look within

To truly understand your ways of life and your time as this creature of man, you must look within. Don’t ignore those around you, make the most of your time, for your time is short upon Earth and yet great within spirit. Yet it would seem an eternity as you live your lives full of regret, of sadness or sorrow, of feeling of loss or bewilderment, yet it is only a fraction of time, a mere blink of the eye. These lessons can be missed so easily, but those who become aware of the failures of their life will progress to a greater instruction, and the features of their being will be enhanced to a great extent. And still we talk of spirit, the being that we are, that you are, and we know from bitter experience that many will put these words to one side, for where is the evidence? What could you show us to prove the things?

It is not necessary, just look within, for you know, despite your conscious mind, you know that you are of something more than just this man or woman of this life, or just the animals that you treat so cruelly at times. We do not distinguish one from the other, good from bad, for we regard you all as the true beings of light, yet lessons must be learnt.

Topical subjects are spoken of many times in the past, and you would say ‘how would this man tell us that he speaks to that of spirit when he speaks of that of this time of our lives?’ Your paths are laid down in a form unknown to you, until that point is reached within your lives, and as you progress your life, should you be fortunate enough to live an expanse of time, then look back upon your life, think about the opportunities that you took, the opportunities that you missed, the love that you may not of shared, but would now so much like to share. For as your being progresses you know of the wisdom that is held within and the failures that have occurred within your lives.

The progression of spirit

This is the progression of spirit, and because your body fades and dies this does not end, but progresses on, and as the time goes by, so you will begin to understand this. Those seniors of your life would tell you of these things and they will look back upon their lives and say ‘I wonder what would’ve happened if I had taken that path, if I had changed my purpose, how would that have been? Yet they know in their hearts that their path was the correct one to take. It is true to say that these paths may be altered by your will, for freedom of will is given to all and even those who have caused injury or inflicted pain upon others will cast aside those times, they reflect upon the things that could have been, the needless suffering given to others through their thoughtless actions. And the love will shine through eventually. Yet to change, they too must experience these things, it is not a sentence of eternity, but merely a short space of time that they may change their ways and shine their light brightly in the future.

Men have come and gone and given a practice of love to the many of your world, many shy away from this, because they are influenced by the many things of life. These things overshadow that of the light and the meaningful purpose of your lives. We cannot argue with those who would ask, ‘Why has this been, what circumstances brought me to this?’ for the answers lie truly within your heart and in your being. Things can change, a brighter future could be had by all, even this man who sits in gloom at this time cannot understand the purposes which have brought him to this point, yet he understands the teaching given of the opportunities missed and would dearly love to relive them once more, yet like him, and like you, you must progress and progress you will.

Ending life prematurely and ‘Groundhog Day’

Unfortunate circumstances have brought many to us through the accidents and mishaps of life, and hope is given up by many who see no end to their troubles, yet to end your lives prematurely has become a practice, a fashionable idea by those under pressure. But we must emphasise that this does not alleviate your problems, true healing and love will be brought, yet you must relive that life, a term that is known in your world as “Groundhog Day” and have meaning to you, and this circle must be broken for you to progress, that is only brought through love. Yes, we use terms of your world to explain the many things, and this man’s mind is lacking at times, yet his fortune is brought through love and a deeper understanding of spirit and the things to come.

He learns and teaches, much as you all do in your own ways. Do not disregard his thoughts, for his mind works in a different way to yours. Become neutral to your world, help yourselves to a better way, for a time will come for all when enlightenment will be brought once more in the circle of life, to paraphrase a phrase of your own.

Who causes the turmoil of the world?

Common good is necessary to alleviate the pain of others, not all can be saved, but this universal love exists within, and despite your terrible times of anguish, have hope. For love exists within the world of spirit and none are lost of any kind upon your planet. Hard words to listen to for some people, hard to understand why a being of love and light cannot change the things of your world, and yet a great lack of understanding is rife at this time, but it is not being of life, of spirit, that affects your planetary evolution, it is you, yourselves and yes a natural evolution of your planet will occur, but you enhance these things by torturing your Mother Earth, then you turn and blame us! Yet it is yourselves who must bring this change. It is yourselves that cause the turmoil within your world. The premeditated actions of some are there to terminate life, it is not their just cause to do this, it is not their place to do this, yet their minds are blank and filled with hatred for others that have more than them. This has been a common theme throughout eternity, since the time of man’s life on earth began, this was not intended, it was not intended, for man has become lost with the need and greed of more.

The natural world

Look to your natural world, to the plants that surround your Earth, to the living creatures, for there is natural balance of all. Yes one may prey upon the other and this is the natural way of your world, survival of the fittest you would call it, and yes this is also the natural way of your world. But that balance is maintained within nature, it is only the human nature that tips the balance at this time, because you are not in unison with your Mother Earth, you take and for what, for need, for greed or just because you want something more that you cannot attain within your lives without deception? Think on when you blame the world of spirit or God, for that which comes is the creation of man, not that of God. Yet we are there to bring you comfort when your time is done and the many that are lost are innocent of these things, it was not their time, yet they have been brought to this place before their time, through the actions of others.

A better life through ‘Chain Reaction’

If you want a better world, a better life, begin to live with each other in harmony, reach out to your neighbour, caress them with a gentle caress, offer them your love and assistance and begin the miracle of the chain reaction of love. Many have started this ‘chain reaction’ and it is beginning to overwhelm those of the dark, and they are becoming desperate, particularly at this time when a need for change will come in the short term.

The creatures that come to your world are of the light, yet there are those of the negative, it is true to be said, but the light always overshadows the dark, the right over wrong, the need of life is strong within all. Don’t be drawn in by the illusions of life, become one with that of the creator who exists all around you and within you. Allow his purpose to be brought to alleviate your worries and concerns and the strife within your world. It is a time to change and new beginnings, it is a time to love and to reach out to your neighbour and see them as an equal and not as an opponent or lower life form.

We give you blessings this evening, have hope for a new time to come.


New speaker

Conquer fear, live in balance

Conquer your minds of fear, for the past has gone and can no longer be changed. It is the future that is important now. Conquer your fear of living within the real-world. Temper your behaviours and adjust your practices as you will become one in unison, one in balance with nature.

Topical subjects, climate change, the behaviour of men, the outlandish way of some to corrupt others for their own needs, these can be terminated and brought to a point of change, it is only a matter of will. Will you stop using the fossil fuels of your world? Many will say ‘what is the alternative?’ and for many things this is true, there is a need, and those men, those tyrants of greed will abolish anything that they feel is a threat, and you know this full well, yet your small contribution can help in these things.

A tar like substance may seep from the earth, but always in balance until it is ignited by the fury of man.

We welcome you to the world of love and have given you thought tonight. Be happy as you are to live a life of good health and family, do not live in excess, for there is only the need and your lives are given for your needs.

Practice goodwill and have thought for others.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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