28-01-20 Balance of Dark and Light, The Minotaur, His Coming, Loss of a baby etc …

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Transcript Date: 28th January 2020

Our presence is with you now. Too many times we have asked for focus and a calm mind to bring the words through so that others may hear the many possibilities within life and of the life hereafter. Your words have been spoken in truth and are guided by the many of spirit and so we will continue a passage of love with the brethren of Earth.

Allow us passage of light within your mind that we may make our presence known to others. This evening have goodwill in your heart, allow the presence of the Lord to surround you and bring you peace within this life that you may continue to practice the role in which you work. Help us to understand your needs, allow us to bring you comfort in your darkest hours of need, for we are here in your presence to guide and fulfil the work as promised so long ago.

Open your heart and mind Michael, allow us to fill your life with love and joy once more, and to the one who comes, bring him your love and your light, for there is no need of anxiety or fear within his presence, for he is the one to come as promised so long ago.

Words of gratitude to the healing community

Tonight we wish to thank those of the healing community for their prayers and words and their hopes to help others in their times of need. As they work with measures of love, so we will respond in kind, to bring purpose once more to those of your world who suffer at this time.

There are many complex minds at work. To work with and without the light, and their meaning has no purpose of the negative within your world. Have hope that help will come and that the nations of your world will once more find peace and health within their societies.

The complex meaning of our words is strange to some, yet we have hope and focus through you. Allow our words and our minds to meld that we may explain these complexities to those who watch, read and listen.

Tonight we have hope for Valerie, for she is one under pressure. Her true faith has doubts at times, for she cannot understand her purpose and all its purity. She is one of focus and brings joy to many, her heart is as light as a feather, filled with love and compassion for others. Her presence in your world is one of many who alleviate fear of illness, depression, fear of dying and passing to that world of light. Her work will increase tenfold within the near future as the many algorithms of your life unfold and their conscious minds will reach out to her and ask for forgiveness and help within healing of their own minds and for this world of yours.

Interference in things we do not understand

We ask of you nothing other than your focus, to bring these words and messages through so that those of your communities may understand that the fears that ravage their minds, they will conclude that the many things that affect your world at this time were brought through men’s behaviour and misgivings. There is a natural course which is unleashed through behavioural habits and the men of your world have yet to understand that some things are best left untouched, for they hold many misgivings that would affect your species.

They are dominant in their lives, and the species that carry these things are unaffected, as are some of your population, yet they are released in a flurry of anguish because some do not understand that there are things that should be taught and left alone.

Balance of Nature (and possibly a reference to the Corona Virus?)

Nature has a course, a natural way of giving and forgiving and she is wise in the ways of life. Your humankind find it necessary to withdraw in anger at times and unleash terrible things upon your Mother Earth and the creatures upon her. A response will be felt, and you wonder at the things and ask “Where did this start, what caused this outbreak and why are we affected so at this time?” We have told you of balance and the balance of life that must come and if those scales are tipped and cause unbalance, then it must be re-established.

This may bring fear to many for it will mean reduction of population, but concern yourselves not, for life and death go hand-in-hand and there is no beginning and no end to your spirits. The cause of these many inflictions are as open wounds caused by man, and as we say, the balance must once more be restored to allow the population, the majority of your earth, to live in relative peace and free from ill-health.

Yet many of your world watch, many suffer and do not lift a finger to assist. Their greed and avarice is great at this time, for they can see no other way than to accumulate a mass of wealth within your world. But we ask them this, what good would this wealth do you? Do you think it would buy you a place within that realm of light? Do you expect to have a welcome and a greeting from those of the light as you have ignored the plight of many within your world and have had the ability to change these things?

The common man of your world gives little, as he has little to give. The complications of life are set against him, but still we do not ignore these things and that of men, much as yourself Michael, should give more despite your meagre rations of life. There is always something to give and we would look to those of the healing nature and the likes of Valerie who would give their all to assist another. Your work will continue on my son, but your rationale must change and allow in a welcome of those who require your assistance, and you would call yourself not a healer nor a prophet, yet your words through us have brought these very things to the fore.

The populations begin to slowly understand the words of prophets

You ask why is it that the population cannot recognise the significance of the things spoken of, the words and the writings given and published. In time these things will change, some things are slow to react and like the birth of a child, you must sit and watch, wait, nourish them, feed them and watch them grow in health and vigour. Too much haste would cause a collapse of trust, so bear with us, for our words are true and you will see the creation through you from us thrive within the near future as the populations begin to understand that the many prophets of your world have foretold the many things to come.

Fortuitous it is for some that they possess a gift of connection, and their promise is great, but be bold, do not assist those who would be intolerant to those of your world. Help yourselves to a better way my children, bring yourselves purpose and follow the light within your hearts and be brave for a new world to come will begin shortly.

The lights in the sky signify His coming

How many times have we said these things and still you wait? You wonder at the progress of things and how so much suffering still continues on. Life is given with trust that you would learn. Time is a healer of all things, and the purpose to come will begin with the lights in the sky. They cannot explain why they are seen or where they originate, but they are the beginning of the light to come. His beauty will be seen through the eyes of many of your world. Those of faith and trust, those who behold the creation of the Lord will see a better way.

Times are hard for some and they foresee harder times to come, their minds cannot comprehend that a being such as this could come and change the purpose and ways of your world. But leaders have come and gone of the human kind, never sustaining majesty for their words have been hollow, but those to come shortly will bring meaningful words and a respite to the populations of all countries of your world.

Those who beleaguer others with their swords and tempest will find that their ways will be abolished and eliminated, and if they do not obey then they must pay the price, that ultimate price of sacrifice.

Greater Beings Coming and the symbolism of The Minotaur

There are beings greater than yourselves, their coming has been foretold many times through the scriptures and the writings upon the walls, cathedrals and abbeys of your world. They are well hidden, for these words are secretive words that should not be disclosed. You see before you Michael, a bull, the bull with his horns, this is the representation of power and strength, a creature of your creation, an animal of your world and his meaning is great within the Roman times of your world and of some at this time. A religious icon to some and his representation will have meaning in the future.

Those to come will explain these things, this is a mythological creature of your times and yet based in truth, the Minotaur is a word popularised by those times past, by the words of the Greek and of the Romans. A symbolisation of power and strength, a God to them, yet it is but a creature of Earth. A symbol given perhaps, from times past to enable those of strength to overcome the fears of their time, and yet it was idolised and replaced the words of the Lord. This was not meant to be and your times are no different and different idols are respected more than the word of the Lord and the impression and the sight of Angels.

(Note: The Minotaur was spawned from the liaison of a woman and a bull, and symbolizes the meeting of opposites, of feminine and masculine, creature and human, rational and irrational, spiritual and instinctual, deity and demon, good and evil. The Minotaur is used as a symbol of power and a tool for death and torture. He never is shown love and kills to live since the sacrifices are his only food. A symbol of modern times perhaps, when the dark forces feed on the fear of the weak who have no faith in the light to protect them.)

Your world has become once more laden with fear, prejudice and the many things of the dark. We understand that this may bring you fear, but there are many of the light that work against these things and you are in a constant battle, a flux to create this balance and bring it to its position of neutrality. Can you understand these words? You have fear that your words would not reach out, for they are complex and misleading at times, yet their meaning is great.

Allow your hearts and souls as men of the world, of women and children, to be focused upon that of love, and your path will be clear. Do not succumb to their ways of gambling and debauchery, to the ways of persuasion, but to the gentle arts of love and caress companionship and families.

Many times we have spoken of these things to bring you focus once more upon your lives and that of the world to come. We have told you that what you make of yourself in this world is what you will be within the next.

Influence of the Dark and Rebellion

Rebellion is uncertain at this time, for there will come a climax within this country of Rome, Italy as you know it. Their strength grows of what was once known as the Third Reich, those evil men that crushed the population of the holy people within your world and their names live on with respect for their torment and the misgivings brought against them. Yet this evil proceeds today to bring revolution to many of your countries, hidden well within the depths of darkness. Yet there they exist, coaxing and influencing the young, the weak minded of your world. Their dark ways and purpose will hail once more in a fury unleashed upon your world as yet unseen, but the light will prevail and once more your world will be at war with one another, through words and wisdom they will be defeated but not before anguish is brought.

(Note: To clarify the link of Rome and the Third Reich (Drittes Reich). The meaning is “Third Realm” or “Third Empire”, the first two being the Holy Roman Empire (800–1806) and then the German Empire (1871–1918)

These influences are great within heaven and earth and it is a battle that continues on through the eons of time. There are many civilisations who have fought the same wars and yet have brought through the light. Some have succumbed and influence your world at this time for they know of no other way, but the chariots of light will defeat those of fire and they will not succeed for their purpose is grim and cannot succeed.

Warriors of the Light and Words of Love

Your lives are held full of purpose for you are the warriors of the light and your muskets are loaded, and although you condemn those (ideas) of firearms in battle, sometimes it necessitates a will to destroy those ill thoughts.

Words of love we prefer, compassion and understanding are paramount, yet wars have been fought many times. Fill yourselves up with love and purpose to defeat that of the dark.

Your world will succumb again and time and time again that darkness will be defeated. There is a time to come of respite, when the warriors of light return to fight on and bring that equilibrium to your world once more. Happiness will rule your hearts at this time.

What is the purpose of life if it is to suffer and fight wars?

You ask what is the purpose of life if it is to suffer and fight wars, we will tell you this, that your battlements must be strong and your strength unceasing, for that is the reason of your being, to find your strength, that inner purpose, and if your inner purpose and strength is of the light, then you will not succumb to these things.

Those that are weak minded are foolish in their ways will be led astray, many will be innocent, not thinking of the consequences to come and at the end of their days they will wish they had thought in a better way and worked a better practice of love and light. We have told you that those of compassion, of understanding and those wishing forgiveness will be granted these things despite their rum (strange) ways. But the test and purpose will be brought once more, for your spiritual lives are perpetual.

“How”, you will ask, “is one to change their ways, what is to become of me if I change within the world of light? If I fight these things and cause harm to others in this process, would I not be as bad as they are?”

The Warriors of light are given purpose to reason with love and gentle ways, the weapons of war are not necessary, yet those who do not defend themselves will succumb to severe punishment from those of the opposition, be not afeared (afraid) of this, for your lives are filled with love and light.

Compare us not with those angels of the dark, but those of the light and wisdom to come. Perpetual darkness must not succeed within your world, it must be stopped. The point will come when all men must see their purpose in life.

Let us speak of happier times ….

Let us speak of happier times, we do not wish to depress you, for these things are real enough and you are well aware of the desperate times of many. Many of you live in the world unaffected by these things and you are given respite from the worries and concerns of others. You must not take these things for granted, for despite your peaceful ways of living you must open your eyes to see that there is a battle to come. But we give you a promise of love and light and that your hearts will be brought freedom within the world of spirit.

Why does God allow a battle of light and dark?

Many rest now, eyes wide open to the structures of their life and their purpose and they see that there was a better way and is a better way. They will return once more, as you will to resume this battle of light and dark. How can this be, why is there this eternal conflict within the heavens?

There must always be balance and for this to occur then these things must exist, they are of different dimensions to your world and they struggle for space, much as your men struggle and compete for lands upon your earth. In the midst of all this upheaval there are those of the innocent and this will always be.

A place of rest is foretold for the many, eventually those of the dark will lose their grip upon many nations, not just of your world, but of others, but it will not cease. Why would God permit this, you would think, if God is all-powerful, a creature of creation, then why must this be? There are many questions withheld from us and like you we are unable to answer all, but we understand the world of balance, of equilibrium and the soldiers of the light who defeat the dark will be brought rest and joy once more, and those who reject the light will receive the dark, but there is always a welcome for those who would rebel against these dark forces, for they too must have balance of the light within them. Some will see this and repel the darkness that once consumed them and they will return once more to the light and we will not reject them, we will bring them purpose once more to re-evaluate their beings and their existence and give them hope of life ever after.

Beings of another world will restore balance

To you we seem far away and distant. misfortune is brought to many of your world through ill-health, wars, troubles and many triumph in many ways. Your many nations of your Earth must live and work together to bring purpose once more. This is the reason that we must bring beings of another world to restore balance once more. These things of the dark will always exist, always be there, it is only in that place you call heaven that respite will be given and peace and healing and love will become the norm.

Fear of ridicule from friends and neighbours

Much of your world live in fear of the darkness and yet their minds are compelled to those temptations given to them. They cannot resist and they are weak minded, their minds are fragmented by that of spirit and that of living. They say they do not believe for the most part, yet their inner being knows the truth. They are reluctant to release these things for fear of ridicule from their friends and neighbours and those around them. Why would you have fear, why do you doubt your own minds? You know the truth that sits within, allow this inner being to escape, not to perish within your being. Be brave my children, there is much to come, of sacrifice to be made by many. We have hope for you yet.

New speaker

All existence stems from one place of creation

Temptations are many and we have spoken of these things and we bring you hope within the ridiculous situation that exists today. The being of man was created long ago, as were all creatures of your earth and the many multitude of planets that exist. Creatures that differ from your own, yet their spark of spirit is as yours, for life stems from one place of creation. All the variations and myriad of colours and vibrations that exist come from that one central place that once held your being of existence.

His power and strength grows as your love grows. Temptations have been brought to many, “Do not trust in this being for it is a figment of imagination created by men long ago bring control upon your world.” This has no truth, the men of long ago who recognised this being, found it obstructive to their ways so they ridiculed this idea to bring fashionable ideas that man was created a free spirit to roam and walk the Earth as he liked, as he pleased.

The Son will Return

Many differences have occurred, many shall still exist when your time is done, but hope is brought in the ‘League of Nations’ that unite around your planet, will once more return within the near future.

You must believe and have hope, for the words spoken are of the truth. His manner and being will be seen by many as he speaks the word of truth. The ‘Son’ will return and bring trust and hope with Him, those true believers of your world will see the truth in His light. You question our words and say that the son of God has never been and if he had, he died long ago, this is a falsehood for he exists within all of you, his death was to save you and bring you hope once more. At that time of his crucifixion, hope was given to each and every creature upon the Earth and his soul and spirit entered all of those of existence. He cannot stay with you for your world is hostile, yet His truth shines through to many of your world today. Many have brought shame upon his name and would rather you did not focus upon the words brought so long ago, for they have no bearing or meaning in your today’s world, so you think.

The truth will be seen once more and the words heard will ring through your ears and through your beings. If you cannot bring yourselves to believe in these things then perhaps you should evaluate your own lives and ask yourselves the question, where does your true allegiance lie? If you cannot speak or read the words then you must bring yourselves purpose within the light. It is not a fashionable idea to be a spiritualist of your world, it is a vocation and sacrifice must be made before you truly understand the ways of the world and the ways of the Lord.

Knowledge should be given freely

Many seek recompense and will ask much of people, for their connection is great. Yet these things are given freely by the world of the light. Why would you expect others to lay before you the silver coins of life, can you not give this freely in return? The rewards are not within your worldly coins, but within your heart and soul and they will have more value than you can ever know. Release those empty promises made by others, look to the light and bring yourselves hope once more that your trials and tribulations of life will be brought rest in those final days. The light will come for you and those that look will enter. Many will be confused and confusion will reign great and there is hope for them, a rescue will be given through the likes of Kevin and Valerie and others of your world that help them cross.

The Loss of a Young Baby and Terminations

One comes at this time to Valerie and Kevin and they see her, they feel her troubled ways, the loss of a young one, a baby. She cannot behold the light for her greatest fear and anger is rife at this time, yet she seeks through these beings. They know of a way to help and their love will be great and comfort will be given. The tools needed to help this lady will tell of things of the spirit and that nothing is ever wasted, and even though the young girl has passed, a baby of your earth, her spirit will become great within that of light. This brings no comfort to that of her mother or her family, but they should understand that they too one day will pass and the reunion will be great.

Let her kiss the hand of the Lord, forgive herself, for it was not her doing that these things have occurred. Life has a natural process and if it cannot be sustained then it must be terminated for the sake of that soul.

We will not speak or condemn those who terminate birth, for there are many reasons, many misunderstandings. They should not think of themselves as being guilty, but look to their lives, bring themselves hope once more and understand that life has a course and a role to play. There may be many reasons for these things to occur, many will ridicule them for being bad mothers and fathers, not being caring souls, but their circumstances are unknown to others. This is why we ask that you have forgiveness in your hearts and guidance to teach them.

Many are foolish and are unwise in their actions, but they will learn. Torment and pain inside will be great and they will never forget these things. The abortions of life will be the birth in spirit where life continues on and they will become ageless. They will live and grow in spirit as they would have done in life, but without the complications. Their souls will be mature and once more return to life in that never-ending cycle of existence, that many cannot understand at this time.

Bring yourselves hope in the resurrection of life. Know that He spoke that His temple would be rebuilt in three days, and so it is with all of you that your resurrection will come if you have hope, faith and trust in His being and that of the Lord Jesus. Do not shy away from these words, for His words were great and were brought in truth to the world. You must know these things, do not ridicule the things spoken of this evening, for they are also bringing the truth.

You may think of them as this man’s words and this man’s only, yet his link is strong with spirit. Do not ask him to prove these things, but have trust and faith. Allow your strength to grow and your soul to be free and filled with light. A time will come when you too will learn the truth and that the words spoken spoke of the truth.

One who prepares for passing

And allow us to grant you good evening, we bring healing to those who have asked for healing. Their passage will come in the near future. Their fear is great. He will speak of things not heard of by his family towards his passing, for every man and woman, child that lives, every creature that walks your Earth, be it a dog, be it cat or of the lowliest creatures, all have a knowing of this time and will be guided by the Angels of light. Those of your kind would speak of these things and say that they have met loved ones who passed long ago and we would say this to you, do not have fear of your passing, for your time is done and your loved ones await you beyond this world of men. He will see his mother very shortly and speak of her to his daughter and children and they will look to him and say, “Dad this was but a dream.” But no, he will insist and you must understand that these things are real for Monica will come, (The name spoken is changed during the trance session, so may be different) Maureen, hmm, Maureen, will come to guide his hand upon his passing. We speak the truth, know that the love will shine for him as it does for all upon that day of reckoning. Fear must not be brought, for it is not of the unknown. You have passed through this portal many times before. Allow him joy in his heart, bring him not fear and when his time comes and he does not respond, know that his being, as with all others, still hear your words and still feel that love and yet are unable to respond as they cross the plain of life to that of spirit.

New speaker

Have blessings this evening and we hope these words bring you hope and joy for the future, despite the many things spoken of that may bring you fear have trust that the light will be with you always, as will the love of Jesus and the love of God and spirit to come. Amen.

New speaker

Angels of light appear to those who find faith and trust within their hearts, their love will be rewarded by these many things. Open your hearts, find that faith and know that these things exist and that they are as real as the person that sits next you. Good evening my children.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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