03-03-20 Biological Weapons, Julian Assange, Beauty of the World, Forgiveness, Ghost Hunting etc

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Transcript Date: 3rd March 2020

Glad tidings are brought to many of your world this evening.

Current fears

Those who live in fear of the common viruses of your world will begin to understand that the next is to come and will hold much beauty beyond that of this Earth. Your fears are great at this time and never-ending worries that concern many of your population continue on unabated, for fear is brought by those of your world, it is misplaced at times and yet at other times is of guidance.

Welcome us this evening as we bring you hope of the new time to come, a time when men will once more join hands together and welcome one another with a greeting of love, of prosperity and equality, as was ordained so long ago.

You rest in your places of life (homes) and you sing out the praises of many. We hear those voices who call out to us from the vast distance between Earth and that of spirit, yet time is but an illusion, distance is nothing at all, other than a short thought away. Communicate your minds as you will and bring hope to others that they will understand the words given of the new testament (Testament to a New Dawn) and the new time to come.

We paraphrase the things of life to seek hope that you may be aware and become open to the idea of this side of life.

The passing of a young female

Tonight we would give hope to one, that her time, although short, will be greeted with a welcome and open arms of her family and loved ones. It is nothing to fear the passing of life to that of spirit, it is only the fear that is brought by others, for they spare not the feelings of those who suffer at this time.

We bring hope

We bring hope to all that you may find a better way of living, a better path to walk, to communicate with your beings of light, those who overshadow your lives and walk with you through your most desperate times within the living world.

Animals are no less than humans

The creation of life was brought long ago and man evolved in many different ways, but he is a member of the animal kingdom of your planet and he should not forget that his place is (the same) as other animals of the creation of the master. Although simple minds think these things irrelevant, they consider themselves superior to your world of mammals, we issue them a warning this evening, take care, for they are no less than you are.

We bring hope to all that they may find their paths in life and become enlightened, but some will be lost in the furore of worlds events.

The creatures of your world are many and yet they decline at a rapid rate at this time. Men see themselves as being superior to that of the lowliest insect that walks upon your Earth, have a care, for who is the lowliest? Is it that mammal, the animals and insects, or is it man himself who brings self-destruction at this time?

Biological Weapons

Be aware that many seek powerful weapons within your world and they will release the bacteria to condemn men as they see it, for the population rises exponentially at this time and they feel that if there were less in the world, then their riches will become more. But they will become poor, poor in health and in wealth as they see it, for the true wealth is the love that is held inside, it is the love, the freedom of thought and of spirit and of Him the creator of all.

Do not be reckless with your lives or fear the propaganda of life, for a time must come for all. You will see this in time to come, and it doesn’t matter upon your passing how your lives end, what matters is how you led your lives, because this will give you a new beginning within the world of the spiritual realm.

Tonight there are those (who) are angry at your authorities for not allowing them the sanctuary required as this virus spreads, yes we speak of much at this time, this was forecast so long ago (also in a transcript of November 2017) and given to you, yet no heed has been paid. Your attention lacks and you fear the words, and the many verses (words) given which issue such devastation will fall on deaf ears.

Purpose unfolding – Message for Michael

Bless your house this evening Michael, for we are aware. Our full attention is given to those in need. You must not masquerade as one of the elite, but as the common man of your earth, be humble in your words and in your satisfaction. Be fruitful in your voice and let it be heard within the near future, as your purpose has begun to unfold unbeknownst to you. These are not words for you to have self-satisfaction, but for others to know that a new beginning will come for all and those who pay attention to their thoughts and the Angels of light that follow them, they will see that new beginning, not in death, but in life. For life holds many fortunes, not of wealth, but of love and companionship, hate must be excluded, there is no place for those of doubt or dishonour.

Combat your fears this evening and allow the progress of life to continue on unabated, for it is out of your control and you must follow your lives with love and compassion, not just to your own kind, but the many creatures of your world.

Bastilles (Fortress or prisons) and Julian Assange

Bastilles were thought to be a thing of the past and yet these hostile buildings exist in many places of your world, you call them prisons and ghettos in the different languages and names given. They exist to bring the peoples of those countries to beck and call, to beg for freedom. Those Bastilles of long ago were a source of comfort to some, for it gave them refuge from the world outside. Yet many suffered greatly in these places and continue to do so, for hatred is rife within your world and those who do not conform will be ‘spirited away’ in a sense.

Tonight we speak of one who is imprisoned at this time for his voice was heard by many, yet the authorities of your world do not agree with his outspoken ways. Yes you are aware of whom we speak, (Julian Assange) he sits inside a Bastille at this time, his voice is unspoken and his words do not carry the strength that they used to, for he is beaten, criminalised by your society of so-called government workers.

Torturous things go on in your world that you are unaware of, the beatings, the mass murder and the silencing of one through damaging thoughts. He is beaten and is growing old, his will and strength tire now, but his thoughts are with those who speak for freedom, who speak on behalf of, not the governments, but those who wish to know the truth of your world, the truth of your leaders and their oppositions.

Their time was once brought before, their power and strength was ultimate within your world and yet their focus is beginning to be lost. For the wisdom and truth are beginning to seep out and although you imprisoned this one to hush his words, there are many more to follow in his wake.

The truth will not be held secret by the men of your world, but will be released by those of courage, without fear to combat those who would darken your world with fear. Your elite are not of wisdom, their thoughts are of self existence and wealth. They exude a promise to take care of their nations, yet there caring is less than you would imagine, for their financial situations become unbearable and this is all there is to them. What is the cost of health, what is the cost of a healthy nation within your world? For some a figure cannot be put upon this in their eyes, so they will allow the spread to continue, they will not deny you the right to freedom of travel and thought, for they know this will bring the negative upon you.

You must have courage to face the future and fear it not. Your common sense and good judgement will play a part in this, do not allow them to speak to that inner self, you, your spirit, do not allow them to bring fear and injustice to you through their ways and means and their rooms of torture.

He sits this evening, cowered upon his bed. He does not know when freedom will be given once more, he fears the worst, yet we walk beside him to offer him hope, for his words have helped many in your world to understand the true situation and the peril that you are in.

Others who speak out

Common valour must be given to all, praise the likes of him and the young girl that speaks out and all those who are seen as subversive in your world, praise them, for they offer you freedom of thought and your will and strength will continue on as theirs will fade. We speak of those of the powerful, their world is small and subject to constraints within their lives, ‘a club’ if you will, to bring a practice of ill will against others of the ‘lower classes’.

A symbolism of life is meaningless to many of them, although we do not speak of all, for there are the few who work tirelessly to help others, but it is the minority that are heard, unfortunately.

We speak many times of these things, yet we are grateful to the world for their courage and their love, for the vast majority give their devotion to the word of God and spirit through their fashionable ways. They are tireless and speak as envoys of that world of spirit and God, as you do and as your friends who support you.

Tonight we wish them well, for their journey is long, complex at times. Constraints seem ever tighter and they ‘hold in their belts’ to term a phrase, to face the future of doubt and yet their hearts and will are strong, as are those who work on behalf of the light.

A message for those who research the ‘paranormal’

Those who research the paranormal are beginning to understand that life exists on both sides of your material world. They seek out those who are lost within the dark without compassion, they bring fear to others to gain a penny or two. (Ghost hunters) Yours was a journey similar and yet your compassion shone out, as theirs must, for great respect must be given to those of spirit, whether they are that of light or those lost within the dark world, unable to move on because of life’s constraints that hold them within your atmosphere.

Bring them your blessing this evening Michael, all those who would seek the light upon the other side of life, ask those to stop tormenting and exercising their human ways to bring ‘evidence’ to the fore. For what do you need evidence? Do you not trust your own senses, do you not know yourself as a spirit and as a ‘ghost’ in your terms? For you will become a ghost of the past within time and then would you respect those who come and seek you or ‘sort you out’ in your homes and in the places that you loved, would you hold them with an embrace and say to them ‘I am here’ or would you stand back and asked them not to torment your soul?

These are questions that should be asked at this time, they betray their purpose, many who seek these things may not understand. To speak the truth is to listen to the words within, to seek that other side of life (that) is all around you constantly and the spirits that seek help are attracted to those who seemingly call out to them, yet they are betrayed by the flashing of cameras, by the harsh words spoken to encourage them to do things that are unnecessary and out of their terms. We ask and implore those who continue these practices through their spiritual experiences, to cease and have a heart to understand that these souls that walk and are seen in these places, they are lost and troubled, as you may be one day. Bring love to them, treat them with the respect and ask them if they need help.

Kevin and Valerie seek to help them, the lost souls of the spiritual world, much as yourself who bring these messages. We ask others and implore them to stop, to have respect, there is nothing wrong in searching out the spiritual world, but for the purpose of love and not for torment, for the purpose of understanding and not misunderstanding. We ask you to pass on these words on behalf of the many that walk the Earth unabated by fear of their spiritual selves. Allow them a thought of love this evening and bring them hope.

New speaker

Listen to your inner guidance

And so it is, many of your world of the physical are also tormented, not in the same way, but tormented by the practices of life that obscure their vision to their being. The parishes (places of worship) of your world, they open their doors constantly to those who wish to find peace within the light and we welcome them, not just in these places, but within your own bodies as you think of the things of loved ones that have been lost. As you look to the light and ask the questions of love and guidance. The wisdom is there, not always obvious it would seem, but listen to that inner word that inner voice that talks to you, that guides you, for these are the words of your spiritual guides and angels and they will help you in your progress upon life, if you would but listen.

Seek the light on your passing

Your passage of life seems great at times and for others it is a short period of life, but do not fear for those who are lost, for the vast majority return to the world of light from where they came, although the previous speaker spoke of those who are lost, it is only those who have no faith or trust in their belief.

Do not pass from your world with a doubt in your mind, when you open your eyes and you see that light shine brightly, follow it without fear, bring yourselves respect, not just to those of your world, but to that of the spiritual world that surrounds you, ask of their forgiveness and of their light, it will be given. Ask of the souls of your loved ones to find peace in that place of light and it will be granted, for those who pass full of doubts and ignorance, then there will be a place of darkness in a sense, for they will be lost, yet hope is given always of their resurrection to the light and the Lord, it is only their own fear that restricts their movements. Sometimes it can be the love of a place, or the love of life and they hold onto it grimly not wanting to let go, yet in their souls heart and mind, they know that they should release that of life, but it is hard. Some are unforgiving, whilst others have a good heart and yet still cannot find their way, for they do not know how to proceed.

It is the likes of many who practice the world of spirit to give them guidance from your side and ask for that of the light to intercede upon their path and give them hope once more.

Tonight we wish to say a prayer of hope for all, not just within your world of life, but for this side and those who are lost between the worlds of life and spirit.

‘Our Father,

Bring peace to those who find themselves endlessly wandering between the world’s of spirit and life. Shine your light upon them and give them hope once more that they may return to the fold of spirit and light. Their life has gone and passed as the seasons must for all, yet they are blinded by doubt, by cynicism and by others who would block their way to torment them. Shine your light upon them and bring them hope. Shine your light and guide their way into the fold of your heavenly place. We ask this dear Father, our Lord in heaven, in a hope that you would help those of this lost world. Bring them peace and love once more, healing as needed, that they may progress their ways and continue their spiritual journey with trust and love in their hearts. Amen.’

Do not fear to speak of God

It doesn’t hurt to speak of the creator, the one you call God, it doesn’t do you any harm at all to acknowledge his presence within your lives, for at one time or another within your being you will speak his name. You will ask him for forgiveness or you will ask him for guidance, or you will say this in a phrase of life, but nonetheless you speak the word of God and you acknowledge his being by this very word, however you may say it.

God bless all those who understand the meaning of life, for it can be hard to bear at times and you bear witness to much suffering in the many kingdoms of your world, not only to that of the human being, but of all kinds of creatures who suffer at the hands of those souls who are from the dark areas.

Bring hope to others this evening through these words, as we say this evening:

God bless, remember the word of God and do not be afraid to speak the name in reverence and in love. Amen.

What do you expect on your passing?

You will pass from your worlds and fear will be brought, for there is misunderstanding and little knowledge of what is to come. Many anticipate that there will be nothing, whilst many others understand that the world experience will pass to the world of spirit.

Your lives are but an expression of spirit

Your world experiences things of hate and sorrow, peace and love. the times to come will be hard to bear, but the words of the book of love will bring you comfort, Chapter 4, John (Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman and tells of the hope to come) will help you to understand and realise that your lives are merely an experience, an expression of spirit. Do not get lost within this world, for it bears many of darkness within it and we bring you hope this evening that the passage of life will be easy in many ways. Others will disagree and call it a tortuous time, but like you, they must override these senses of despair and see the beauty that is held within the world around you.

Beauty of the world around you

Look to nature, into the sky, into the stars, the moon and the planets around you, look to the creatures around you and into the vegetation of your gardens and places of parks, open your eyes to the beauty, for it exists all around you and should give you positive vibrations of hope and love.

Allow the air into your lungs then exhale, expel all those thoughts of hatred and despair, the thoughts of not wanting to know, just let them go, open your eyes into the mind, allow in the experiences of your world. We tell you this to teach you. It will bring your souls a greater knowledge to come.

Have hope my children. Good evening.

New speaker

Mediums and Teaching

Gather your thoughts, dispel the fears from your mind and allow in the light so that it may guide you within your lives. Bring hope to others in a practice of love and understanding. Teachers are many within the world of spirit, they speak to those within your world but are largely ignored by most. They call the practice of medium-ship a connection to the world of spirit and so it is. Of course there are those who practice with ill will and yet they have hope. There are many who connect and we hope that one day your world will understand the world of spiritualism and the practice of mediums who are brought to your earth as the communicators of life, of the past and of the present to come.

There are those who focus their words towards those who would listen and there are those who would speak to the majority, such as yourself. Bring hope to them all this evening through the words given, let our beings shine light within their hearts that they may know the truth of life and love.

Walk your lives with courage

Bring hope to those who despair and have fear for the illnesses and temptations of your world, for isn’t life a passage of time? Yet there is a greater one to come within the light and love of spirit. Do not be afraid to walk your lives, walk them with courage and have the knowledge of the light within your hearts, for it will embody you and fortify you against the many negative elements that exist and surround you at this time.

If you succumb to illness then do not be afraid. For a time it will be alarming to you and then the gentle caress of those around you will begin to become clear. You will see your loved ones of the past who will beckon you forward if your time is near, have the courage to follow them and let go in the knowledge of the everlasting life to come. There is no passport required, only that of love and compassion, of truth and honesty and even if you have not worshipped within the churches of your life or in your heart, if you have been a good soul, a kind and loving being, then that is all that is required of you.

The love of your family’s will be continued on throughout your existence, for the cycle of life is never-ending and like your world, the seasons come and go and yet familiar practices will be brought as your loved ones, companions walk with you through the many dark days of your life.

Have hope in your hearts and do not despair for those who fall ill, for those who succumb, it is their time and even those of the young people of your world. It seems wicked and cruel to take them at such young ages, yet their passage has been great, unknown to you and their life will continue on to watch over their loved ones in a more focused way. You will feel sorrow and your heart will grieve and you will bear much sadness and ask why it is that these things have occurred to such a young child, to such a young man or woman or person.

You are accepting that at the end of your life, that you will live to grand age, yet life can be fickle, many things will affect it, but never lose hope of the love that is within for their souls and spirits continue on in a passage of light of which you are yet to experience. You ask, would you remember this of spirit, of your souls travels in bygone centuries? And no, you will not remember, there will be little things that would seem familiar and you would say this is déjà vu, have I not seen this before? Why do I feel I’ve been here before or seen this place or that person that walked by? Familiarity will always bring awareness, but your minds will say, ‘silly thoughts’! But the truth is there.

Speak no more ill will to others who cross your path, bring your love and devotion to those of life and those of the spiritual teachers that guide you. Hold each other’s hands and say to each other that we are of kindred spirit.

Thank you for your words gracious spirit. Amen.

New speaker

Anger and Forgiveness

Times past seem hard to bear, many remember the torments of their lives and the injustices brought by others upon them or to their families, and we say to you to give forgiveness for these many things, but you cannot see a way to do this, for the torments were great.

To harbour anger, retribution for others and vengeance do nothing more than to poison yourselves, it will demoralise you and sway you from your path. Anger is brought, we understand this, but don’t let it linger, say to yourselves, ‘I must continue on, our loved ones are not lost, but walk in a place of beauty now.’ And for those who committed their crimes and sins against us, they too will learn of the things that they have done, not by vengeance or violence, but by their passage of spirit, for no crimes however unjust are ever totally forgotten.

Their lives in times to come will reflect upon those things that they have caused others, the grief and sorrow will be brought to them. This is the justice of spirit and they will learn to ask forgiveness and it would be given, for we do not harbour hatred and vengeance, we do not issue unspeakable things to those who commit these crimes, but we teach them through the passage of their soul and spirit upon the lives that they will lead.

Torment is great within your world as men look to one another and see an enemy and not the spirit that is held within. We do not speak of all, just the minority who would relate hatred to others. It is through your light and love your compassion and forgiveness that they will learn the lessons and they will begin to wonder how it is that you can turn to them and say to them that you forgive them. And there will be a time when this cannot be done, we know this, we understand this, but do not let it ruin your lives, do not lead your lives in misery and allow this unforgiving nature to fester within you, for it will affect you in many ways. Thank you for listening this evening.

Allow life to continue on unabated with love and without fear of the future, good evening.

New speaker

Tony asks forgiveness (he also came through in the transcript of 3rd September 2019)

Tony beckons you once more, a frequent visitor. He is ashamed of the things that he has done and asks forgiveness from those of his loved ones, but they ignored his pleas. He wishes your forgiveness, give it to him, grant him peace. Say a prayer for him that he may move on, he will align himself with your friends and ask them too for their assistance. Dear gracious God, our Lord in heaven we ask forgiveness for this soul, Tony, who is in despair, whose family are unforgiving, please grant him peace and light, healing and love and forgive him for his trials of life, for he has a wish for forgiveness. Send your guiding light, your Angels, to beckon to him and to bring him peace and love once more, that she may rest in eternity with peace in his heart and soul.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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