10-03-20 Fear of Viruses, Origin of Life, Big Bang, Formulas from the Arcturians etc

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Transcript Date: 10th March 2020

So many times we have spoken upon matters of life, but tonight we must speak of one that is of great concern with the issues of the world today.

Fear of viruses

Flights of fanciful thoughts are given as they read into the headlines of your world, their conscious mind believes that all is lost beyond your world life. This is not so, for life exists all around you, that of the world you see and of the one that you do not and the one yet to come for all who live in the existence of life upon your world.

It is hard to imagine that such things exist within the cosmos and yet are unseen, for truly it takes faith and courage to understand these things of the spiritual realm and of those who encircle your earth at this time.

You wish to be heard, yet you do not speak the words necessary, come forth my children, beg our forgiveness if you will, for there is always truth in the light.

Have hope for your circumstances at this time, many grieve their loved ones who have succumbed to the viruses of your world. Bring them blessings and as in your own experience, allow them the strength to cope and carry on with life. Although all may seem lost, there is no truth in this for there is a new world to come beyond that of life and of the human consciousness.

We beckon you this evening with paraphrases of words of many things to come within your world, truly your scepticism is great, as are many others upon your Earth. There is a vast thought of consciousness that does not accept our beings to exist within their lives, in point of fact, the vast majority these days have succumbed to the dark side, yet their lives are not wasted or lost, for they know in their hearts the truth of the matter.

We are here this evening to assist in whatever way we can through this being of life (Michael).

Personal Guidance

You have thought to yourselves many times that life cannot possibly exist beyond that of the existence of man, yet you do not consider those things, those many aspects, that enlighten your path each and every day, for you are guided as children within the forest of life. You are beckoned and coaxed to follow a particular path, that you may learn the lectures of life. Some are harsh and you may feel hard done by and some are relatively easy, for their past lives reflect their true being. Have hope, there is a never-ending, never ceasing light that follows you and lightens your path in each and every step that you take.

As you wander the corridors of life whispering words of your loved ones, please do not allow your emotions to overrule your hearts when things are told to you of the negative. Coax if you will, the love within your soul, let it grow and overwhelm your true feelings of sorrow or hatred.

Purpose of life

You are beings that were created in the light of heaven, of the stars some would say. This is true, for all that exists within your creation and within the many universes and planes of life, seen and unseen, are all created from the same source of long ago.

To what end, to what purpose you may ask? Is there no rhyme or reason for this creation that we are? There are many truths to be spoken and life exists not just from circumstance, but by the creator of all.

Life will continue on in its many forms and the creation of life was given so that those of the spirit, those of the souls, who cannot have experience in the physical, can as it were, experience things of life. You said, “What is the purpose of life?” The purpose of life is to learn, to learn to love, to communicate in peace and harmony.

The origin of life

At the beginning of time an explosion of immense proportions ignited that life and for eons, millions of years in your terms, it expands and life evolves, not just upon your planet, but of the many microbes that exist within the stardust created by that huge explosion of life.

We hear your voice Michael, we hear you ask, “From what source did this exist? What source caused the rocks and shrapnel?” And we tell you this, it is the gaseous particles that created and formed the physical things that you see today, hard as it is to understand, the creation life was given to enhance your spiritual selves and you exist today because of these astronomical events.

The Big Bang

You term this as “The Big Bang” and theories have been given as to the reasons, but where does that source come from, where is that energy and where does that come from? These are never-ending questions that would try your minds at this time. You can continue back through many, many universes, many parallels of existence.

Let us give you a thought, that should what you call a black hole suddenly burst from nowhere in that empty space and as it crests and explodes, so particles are sent from another part of the universe, from the parallels of other existences. Those particles form a great ball, a mass if you will, and then the gases that are created by the heat and dust are ignited by a spark of life. Hence the big bang is created from seemingly nowhere, the particles that are billions of years old continue on within another space and time, a parallel if you will, to your own world and your own universe.

We have spoken before of the layers of existence that coexist with yours and these parallels are not unique, for they are layered within that of creation.

Mathematical formulas from the Arcturians

Mathematical formulas have been given and you have been instructed upon these things that 2+2 = 4 this is a simple calculation and you need not look any further to understand it. There are complexities far beyond this and we only give this as an example. Those are sent to those people you call ‘of genius’ they are as your computers, they are programmed, predestined and ordained to follow a path to enlighten the world of life, that you may better yourselves and not live in horror or fear of each other.

Time progresses on and nothing seems to happen or become better. Your technologies are great at this time and yet they are as the toys of children to others. You have not learnt the responsibility that is needed to wield these technologies in a coherent way. We are here to teach you, we will become your allies, not of that of spirit, but that of the Arcturian’s and the beings of light from other dimensions that intercede with your own dimension.

We travel by light, starships, as you would call them. Yes we know much of your civilisation and your fears of doom and your reckless behaviour at the sight of something strange and unusual. Your minds are not developed and you do not accept the things that you see, for they will not let in that consciousness that exists within your own. What is this consciousness you may ask? You would call it spirit, your higher selves, you have heard the term before and it brings you much knowledge, much to impart upon you within your physical being of life. Yet you do not understand these simple things, hence the calculations we give, simplicity in themselves and yet they multiply to a greater number.

Equations, Einstein and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Equations, fractions, they are all the things of life, sometimes a dead-end is reached, a point of no return and therefore a path must be followed afresh to be given purpose once more. We send the teachers to instruct you upon these things, it is only those who wish to embark upon a path of deadly behaviour that transmute these equations to suit themselves.

You know of Einstein and his theories, a man of intellect, preordained to teach your world and yet his equations are taken to develop weapons of mass destruction. This was not the intent. E= MC squared, is a form of energy not to be used in the mass destruction of the earth, or of mankind or all of your creatures, his intentions were not of this purpose. The mass equates to energy, this energy was meant for good purpose for all, for a new beginning and not to be used by the weapons masters of your earth.

We hate to intervene, yet we must convene a meeting to instruct those who would use these weapons. Your technologies are many and there will be more to come to give instruction upon your lives. They will be noted and admired, yet not heeded to, for their theories in astronomy, in mathematics and physics will not be realised. They will be called men of vision and yet not capable of proving these things. We told you before, time is of no consequence, things will evolve as they will unless you disrupt the status quo and you allow these beings of the negative to intercede and use these formulas for their own basis.

Oil and formulas

The destruction of oil in your seas and your world should be paramount in your lives, not only is it the physical that you see, but that of the invisible, the gases, the fumes from the crude oil that is given. The formula should be used to disperse these things and we feel we should pass this on. You are a simple man and may not understand, equally we ask you to focus, for the formula is C for carbon, transmuted to that of O (oxygen) and P (phosphorus). Oxygen plays a large part in this and the gases that are generated from this oil can be dispersed and turned, dispersing molecules of oil within them.

You lack knowledge and we will try to intercede, the square root of 10 = the power of 1 and this should be seen, not as an equation, but as a fact of life. Use these things to enable and empower yourselves to focus. (NOTE: The square root of 10 is Pi – 3.162)

The term technology is given and yet your technology lacks at this time, not in your machines or instruments, but in your own minds. Be not the children of ignorance, but those of enlightenment, for many will come to instruct you.

You would ask when? Why do you say these things when there is no evidence given, we do not see these things in the past or the things you have told us of?

Many are hidden by illusions of man, they do not wish you to know the truth behind these things. Equally you are not listened to (Michael), your words are written for prosperity, they will be adhered to in years to come.

We have hope for you to help others in the formulations of life, there is a greater being at work throughout you all, you must master and control your emotions, bring yourselves not fear or terrify others with your notions of doom and gloom.

Your world today is filled with much disillusionment and the truth lacks, but for those who understand and can look beyond these ‘undesirable messages’ therein lies the truth of life.

Microbes, viruses and bacteria and manipulation of viruses

The microbes, viruses and bacteria, the very essence of life. They are all given by the creator for their own purpose. You see them as being dark and evil, but they are of the natural world. Yet some create monsters, they divide and multiply on the Petri dishes of your world. They formulate plans and breed these things for their own purpose. This manipulation of the microbes and common viruses of your world is abhorrent to us, we do not understand their purpose. Their depravity has no extremes it seems and they see a way of reducing your population. If this is allowed to continue, so it will be more extreme within the future.

Do not fear the viruses of today, for they are mild in comparison to what is to come. Fearful words to give to you, yet if your world does not change and become coherent with one another, with love and a general purpose of ideology, then one will always seek to overpower the other and use extreme methods to do so despite the risks to themselves.

They think they are safe, they think that their vaccinations will protect them, yet virulent strains can evolve throughout the world without man’s manipulation. God forbid that you should experience these things as many have done in the past, yet you are told of the things to come and that fear should not be brought, for life is life and it will continue on in the never-ending circle that exists within the parallels of universes and the planes, as you call them, of life.

Cope with these things with love.

Greet us with a welcome

Tonight has been an example of some things of the extreme and as always we teach you to cooperate with each other in a friendly formal fashion of love. Greet those of foreign eyes with a welcome as they amass around your planet at this time. Do not be afraid, for they are a different form of life. November 10th will be a time to mark, astrological events on this date will require some attention, but those who are aware of the alignment of the stars will understand.

The source of energy of life and creation is a far distant place, it is not there to be sought or to be found by man, it is there for you to trust in, as a beacon of light. For the formula of life will continue on despite man’s indiscretions.


We assure you of this, that our love extends to you all and we give you blessings this evening as the so-called, ‘coronavirus’ exudes fear in many. Do not fear, for it is the path of life for some and their time has come. There are many different ways in which life is terminated in a natural way. It is not to be feared, not to be spoken of, it is the natural way of the world. If you have the truth and trust in your heart and faith in the continuation of life beyond that of the flesh, then you will have no fear.

Your love for your families will bring you much fear, we know this, yet they will continue on in a more meaningful and purposeful way to watch over you, to watch over their sons and daughters, their grandchildren of the past and of the future and the cycle of life will continue on, unabated by man’s efforts to extinguish the population.

Do not fear these words, we merely wish to impart upon you that of love and that the truth of life is always going to be hard to bear, yet you must overcome these things for there will be a glorious reunion within the next sphere of life. You only need look into your hearts, trust your senses and what you feel to know that your loved ones are around you constantly, waiting for you, hoping that you will not be afraid to follow that light of life.


New speaker

Corona Virus (Corvid 19)

Collisions are brought in the panic within the towns and cities as the plague seems to be extreme. The clampdown by authorities will not work, yet things will follow their natural course and will cease in a time to come. The collisions we speak of is that of people and their governments, those who would not listen to the common man, for they have their own self cause and preservation to look for.

A ludicrous situation, that those of plenty assume themselves to be of the elite, yet they are no better than you are, they are of soul and spirit, flesh and blood as you are, they have no higher purpose other than that which was intended, to give compassion and lead the peoples of the world.

Some will abuse these things and think themselves well done by, while others exist in poverty by the measures brought by your nations, by your governments. No thought is given to those of ‘lower classes’ of your world, for they are the cannon fodder upon which the powerful and rich would feed. Yet many of them speak of the power from which (they) have a heart, they have compassion and yet they are overwhelmed by their superiors.

Do not look for the negative in all things of life, we include the rich and powerful in this, for there are many who have a good heart who follow faith in truth and in love and we speak only of the minority when we speak of those of wealth and power, for the vast majority, as yourselves, live with compassion and love.

Have hope tonight children, bring yourselves peace in the days to come, the month of June will peak and they will subside in their fears and worries as the spring and summer move on, for as the light grows within the skies so the light will grow within your hearts, giving you warmth and strength and the courage to continue on.

Some will be sacrificed, as we say this is natural course of life, do not fear your endings, do not become the victim of your society, progress your lives as you will with love and compassion for others.

Hatred and evil and the propaganda of others, they have no place within that of the light. They will succumb just the same whether you are a millionaire or of the poorest being, it will make no difference to that of the virus or the bacteria and those many things that would attack your systems.

Not only viruses that are destructive

They too live a cycle of life, hard to understand as it is, yet their lives have purpose and you will not agree with this, for they do nothing but bring destruction. But wait, look to yourselves and see the destruction that you bring upon others of your world. Do they ask for the ice flows to cease and melt? Do they ask for the skies to become warmer or more turbulent? Does the earth ask you to use your chemicals to create your own weather systems?

No, as the bacteria, the viruses, the germs and things unseen to your eyes, they have a life and their life’s purpose is sent. Sometimes they are manipulated as you manipulate things of life, to cause and create destruction. It is not their true purpose, for in all things of life the weak are, not to be too harsh with our words, the weak are susceptible to these things.

Do not live your life in fear

Life will continue on for them and the light will grow within their hearts and even the one that speaks is of an age now, his time of life, the autumn as you call it, now the winter descends upon him. His fear is great as it is you and yet he has a saying to encourage his inner self. (“I will not live my life in fear”).

Please bring purpose to yourselves and do not fear what we have spoken of, for everything that happens, apart from those things that are manipulated by man, are of a natural course and have purpose within your world of evolution. Even to the animal kingdom, terrible things happen and yet their fear seems little at times, for they have a greater understanding of life and their purpose than you, that of the human being.

We bid you good evening and hope these words do not affront you or bring you fear. Confusion is great at this time and these things will become clear as the ages pass.

Good evening. Thank you.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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