26-03-20 Coronavirus, Fear, The Arrival!, Thoughts of War, Points to ponder etc

Transcript Date: 26th March 2020

Take Stock

Take stock of your life my children and bring yourselves hope in the eternal light to come, for life will task you in many ways and bring you much sadness and joy, much pain and sorrow. Forgive yourself of sins committed and allow your souls to be free and filled with love, for the emotions of many are felt this evening.

We thank you for your purpose and joining us once more to communicate and bring hope to others through the words spoken, given by that of spirit.

Change and Unity

Today many practices have been changed and a unity is beginning to form amongst many of your world, those healers and well-wishers, their thoughts are transferred unbeknownst to them through their minds eye and we receive these signals of love and despair. We help those who have anguish in their lives, but equally we help those who wish only love for others.

So bring your thoughts together this evening people, allow your minds to be set free, free of judgement of others and full of purpose for the future and the hope of mankind. The hope that perhaps one day this unity will be universal within your world of men, as it is in spirit.

Your belonging is great of this world and to the greater or lesser extent there are many others of equal standing. You must never judge yourself as being a supreme leader, for there are many to this day and many more to come. No less than the one that the Father sends at this time. Bright lights will appear to announce his arrival and many will see these things and speak of them upon your web. Many will not believe, for there is much false information and who do you trust these days? We say this, trust your senses, trust your judgement and be not opposed to others thoughts or what they may see, for there may be a spark of truth within these things, yet the authorities care not for you to acknowledge these things.

We have hope for many this evening in their cause of love and their gratitude for those that work tirelessly and without fear. Their energy lacks and their discipline is great and commands high respect from both those of Earth and of heaven. Yours is of no less equal importance to pass these messages of love, to give them hope for the future, for life is short yet wondrous in many ways, many do not appreciate the things that they are given nor do they work to apply their love to others, yet there are many of you who would selflessly sit to give healing and a practice of love to many who require a spiritual assistance at this time.

Special Information – Arrivals

Be focused my son and allow your thoughts not to stray as we impart this knowledge upon you, for yours is a special one this evening on this special occasion.

We wish to shed light upon those who will arrive shortly, those beings of light that circumnavigate your globe and your hearts, your unity must be strong to accept them and their positive ways towards you.

Their message is simple, it is one of love. They care not for those of the negative yet have hope for their resurrection to the light. Their being has been spoken of many times before, not just within your transcripts given, but in the history books as the creatures of light, radiant beings, who were regarded mostly as Angels.

Those of other worlds will come in this appearance and they are no less judgemental than you are of yourselves. They will bring you hope and unison, equality and love, once more to your world of men. You must not harm them or bring them discontent through your fears. Your woes and worries must be put to one side for the equality of man is paramount, particularly at this time.


We see many with much and many with little and the imbalance is obvious to be seen. We wish not to bring harm to those who have much, but just ask them to open their eyes to the reality of the world. They are privileged in their lives whilst many struggle for survival on a day-to-day basis, yet you must not look at these people of wealth and scorn them, you must look to them and pity them, for they have not experienced the life that many of you have. This is forgiveness, not judgement, nor retribution towards them, pure love of spirit. Their hopes and dreams are as much as yours and their wealth, it means little them, but much to others. Much inequality has been seen and we hope that you will share the resources of the world to bring hope to each other for a better way to live.


New speaker

Reaching out in isolation

Classes tonight were postponed as many seek refuge within their homes, denying themselves the privilege of meeting others and yet through their minds and their purpose they can reach out to us, those of spirit. We will ignore those who do not bring a purpose of love, yet we will apply our love to them to let them know of our love towards them. Do not think yourselves hard done by at this time, for this is one instance of insecurity that must be felt by the world.

It is not yours to judge others, that they may have conspired to bring these things upon you, for there are many things within the natural world that are released as spoken of before. Your ignorance can be astounding at times and those that do not believe within spiritual world of light and the afterlife to come, their eyes will be opened, not with torture or pain, but with love and we will beckon them towards that light in a hope that their being would accept that life truly exists beyond this one of pain.

Have hope in your hearts, join hands together and wish each other well through your practices of meditation. It is not necessary to go outside and physically touch one another, for you can touch one another with your soul and spirit. Truly you must believe to bring yourselves hope.

Good times return, but remember unity

A blessing will be brought to many and as their time and pain eases, so they will live once more in a practice of open love and as many things of life, lessons are short lived and the good times return and you will forget once more the purpose of this time, yet many will remember and encourage others to remember, that unity and a practice of love is all that you need to survive.

The hunger of the many children, not just in your country, but in many countries of the world is felt by us and their pain is great. You consider yourselves hard done by at this time, to be put on by your statesman, to live a life of solitude for short time, but remember there are many within your world and within your country who sit at home night after night, no one to talk to, no one to compare their days with. Their harrowing experiences are kept to themselves, for how can they express these sorrows if no one is listening?

Bring them hope that change might come, an example has been given now and your peace will return and the healthy will remember less of this experience, but those who have suffered will not forget. It is a time for reconciliation, a time for peace and love and hope to bring to your nations, for there are many who do not believe in these things and will merely see an opportunity to profit from these things. This is not the purpose, nor is it love and theirs will be a sad time as they will learn their lessons in life. Unity is paramount, love and joy equally so and our love extends to you this evening through the ethos of the parallels of life.

Argumentative some will be, to say ‘Why should we stay indoors, we’re fit and healthy, we bring no harm to nobody!’ Many are selfish at this time and do not care for others and you may think that a harsh lesson is needed in these things and it may come in time and they too will have to look back and think to themselves ‘well, I did that, I was intolerant of others not needing any help from anybody, not caring of the things that I pass on’.

The only thing you should pass on in life is your love and your caring, the only things you should acknowledge are those things that are not seen within your world, for they exist nonetheless and we speak of the world of spirit and of others who wish to bring you love and as in all things of life, there is always the negative to compete with that of the light. They are opposites and interact and in a sense this brings balance, not just to your lives, but to others, strange as it may seem.

We hope that this lesson of life will be learnt by many and we do not say that it is given by us as a teacher would punish a child, no, these things are created by your own negativity, by your own actions and they exist for a purpose and when they are used in ill gotten ways, not for the purpose intended, then your suffering will be great.

Clandestine Thoughts of War

We know of all the innocents of the world who never asked for these things it is just the few that practice mind-boggling things to bring warfare against one another and against others in secret and anonymity. Clandestine thoughts are many within your world, but they are heard, their voices are heard and they do not know this and they continue on with their practice of ill will towards others, focusing upon the things of destruction that they think would bring peace. It is laughable that you should think that violence, aggression towards others would bring you peace, for one begets another and so it will roll on and the many innocent that are caught up in these things are unaware of these practices.

Nations of plenty are not all innocent, they hoard these things in a test tube, for use later perhaps, a weapon to cause harm to others, but they will ignite a storm, as a firestorm becomes unstoppable and consumes all within its path, so these pathogens will also be released to control the populations and yet as we say, as the firestorm they will run out of control.

It is only your doing as the human race and those few who see no victory in love, no profit in love and caring, they are the ones that will bring doom and they are assisted by others not of your world. Their dark ways are sent to misinform, to encourage these things that they would profit by your demise. Do not extinguish the light within your world, do not extinguish it within your hearts and as this evening demonstrates, that a community together will bring vibrations of love and caring to all, it may not be seen or felt, but may be heard not just by you, but by those of other worlds and spirit.

Unity is paramount and we will continue to spread this word until we see a practice of love once more within your world.

Forgiveness is given for past deeds

Be not ashamed to say that your purpose may have been dark in the past, that you may have committed things against others that you wish you hadn’t and forgiveness is given to all, not just to one or two, but to all who will relinquish those negative things of their past. This does not give you license to commit these things within the future, for as you grow and learn, so you must obey your instincts.

A prayer from the light

Father, bless them with your love this evening, bring them hope of a New World and practice to come. Give them an awareness of that which exists within their lives, yet is unseen. The practice of love will bring this to the fore and His angels will be sent to watch over you all. As your times are hard, so they will be harder still if these practices are not relinquished, but His love will remain and he has hope for his children. We say this to you now, live in unity, care for one another, bring yourselves hope in the peace to come that you may rejoin once more and rejoice in the light of heaven. Amen.

Suffer anguish no more

Suffer your pains of anguish no longer, join with the love and feel that healing energy surge through you that you may feel better in yourselves and as age continues on, as this mans does, you begin to become aware of your fragility within life. How fragile your bodies are and yet your minds and souls, your spirit, is universally robust unless you allow it to fail. Age is of concern to many and yet this should not bring fear, even this one that speaks is not optimistic for the future, yet his life will continue on in a practice of hope for others and will live on after his time is done, as will his friends who occupy his mind many times at this time, for they assist in their ways, in their love to bring healing to others and they are no less important than this man who passes the messages to reach your hearts.

Be not ashamed to say that you are one of love, that you wish to bring peace to others, for it takes courage to stand up and say that you are of the light, it takes courage to ignore others who would ridicule you within your world of life, for their dark shadows will fall upon the light and vanish as quick as they descended.

A new world will come

Have hope in your hearts people, for you are the children of spirit and a new world will come shortly with a passage of light and love. It is true that many will succumb, but as we say, your lives are short but meaningful and would be (more) meaningful still if you were to let the love in. You missed your loved ones who have passed now and they look to you to give you courage and it is only those with an open mind, open hearts that would welcome them and acknowledge their being.

A message for one this evening as she sits and cries for her son, his passage was great in life, yet she has hopes for him in the future within the world of spirit and he is not the only one who is lost to the parents of the world for there are many children who are lost at this time, through illness, disease, violence of wars and others, through hunger, illness and the list goes on. You must bring a practice of peace and although these things will continue on, the heart would be fuller, filled with the love of the light and the fear would be less.

Do not fear death

Look to those religions of your world who have no fear of death in your time, for they have a practice of love and their knowledge is great of the next world to come. Believe as they do, and your fears, worries and troubles may diminish and disappear, and you may find yourselves looking forward to that time, when your time of passing comes, when you are finally laid to your rest and yet your spirit and soul will continue on to another sphere, another realm of life beyond yours at this time.

Your bodies, as we say are fragile and they will weaken and die, yet the spirit within goes on and if it was fruitful in life, in learning of the love, courage and the companionship that is needed to strengthen it, then their heart and soul, their very being, their essence of life, will linger and continue on to the next journey on their path of existence. For the spirit is everlasting, it does not terminate when your bodies die, it passes over to the light and brings hope to their loved ones. The sorrow that is felt should be one of joy, because they have reached a crucial point in life where they can move on without pain or suffering, without worries or despair.

Applaud those who work for you

Bring yourselves purpose children in the light of heaven allow your souls and beings to reach out and applaud those once more that work upon your behalf. For there are many such people within your world, unheard-of to you, yet they exist without selfish needs and without fear of the consequences to themselves.


Those in Indonesia who suffer at this time, welcome these Angels of light who help and the healing hands of many who worship spirit and God and our Lord Jesus, they too are equal of respect.

There is a natural way of healing and it exists within your pattern of life, those vibrations are lifted when you come together, as this evening and they bring hope to others that perhaps change may come, perhaps there has been purpose in this lesson of life.

Point to ponder for those who feel hard done by when confined to their quarters

There are many within your world today who have not experienced the trials and tribulations that other countries experience all the time. They may feel hard done by that they are confined to their quarters at this time, but have a thought for others who do not have the luxuries that you have within life. Look to them and see with your eyes the pain and the sorrow that they go through, do not shut your eyes to those African countries, the countries of Indonesia, the Philippines who suffer much with natural disasters and all those countries of poverty, India an example of extreme poverty, yet much selfishness in those of their wealthy.

In Russia where things are kept under cover and the truth is hidden from you, for they are paranoid with their fear. Their Orthodox church welcome those of the light, they welcome with open arms those who would worship the Lord our Father in heaven, but they are subdued at this time, for there preaching’s are not heard by many.

Extinguish this negative attitude children, drive out the dark and applaud once more, those Angels who work on your behalf, applaud them with all your heart and allow them peace in their minds that there being existed to help others, as you may exist to help those around you. Applaud yourselves if you look to the light and see the word of God and give him love and praise and to that of spirit, of which you are a part of.

All nations have supreme leaders, some are fools, some are wise and some are slow to catch on, but in the end it will become obvious to all who these are. Negative thoughts bring negative actions, positive thoughts bring love and healing to many this evening. We thank you for your applause and we give you our love this evening.


New speaker

Countless times we have told you of these things and we have hope that you will learn. Tonight is no different and there are many of your world with beleaguered minds and attitudes, not that of the light.

Parable of Adam and Eve

Adam once said to Eve, that the fruits of the negative should not be fed upon and as an example, this parable was spoken to you and given to you that you may learn from it, not from a literal sense, but in the sense that the fruits of the negative, if they are feasted upon, will bring much despair to your world, but if you obey the word of the Lord and your good senses and you have courage to dispel these thoughts of indulging, then your lives will be brighter.

Many parables and verses of the good book are misunderstood by your world and they are interpreted by others for their own means and purpose, to bring doubt to your mind. True, we will not deny that man has evolved and changed the writing to a certain extent and yet the truth still lays within. Parable of John 10/1 may be of interest to you, this man knows of these many things and yet he has never read the Bible, nor is he aware of the words that we give, but his heart is open, his mind is open and he invites us in with our teachings and love.

The parable is merely a story with a meaningful truth and the words may be strange of years gone by, yet they still have much importance to teach you. A lonely man once said that his life was led in despair, yet in his heart his love for his loved ones and those of his life brought him joy and comfort and a warmth that cannot be experienced by all. Only those of the lonely who exist at this time can appreciate these words, for your thoughts of love throughout your life will dispel the despair that you feel.

Connection with passed loved ones

You have the photographs of your loved ones and as you look to them this brings you comfort, their memories, their images are sharp within your mind. No matter how old you are, no matter the state of your mind, they are there, but not just there as images, they are there with you holding your hand, caressing you as your anguish and despair continues on. Those with hope in their hearts that there will be a reunion once more in the world of spirit have purpose, not to drag themselves down, but to have the positiveness to fill their energies with love and light. And so it is we say to you all, that at one time or another many of you will experience these many things of sadness, this man knows of these things, yet there is much more grief to be felt before his lesson is learnt.

All must experience challenges of life

Hard things to say you might think, yet all must experience the things of life and of spirit so that they may continue on growing ever stronger to a being that is able to bring comfort to others with no prejudice, no fear, no negativity, just pure of heart filled with love for his fellow being.

What is this spirit you speak of? Where is it? Do you not know? Do you not look to your heart and ask yourselves who am I really? Am I this man of the earth and if so, then why do I feel different with aspects of life, certain aspects of life that highlight many things? Many will say that they are here just the once and that is all there is, we have told you before that their eyes will be opened to a world totally unexpected by them and they will feel lost and will have fear to continue upon their path and these will be lost for time within the dark regions between the parallels of Earth and spirit.

Yet hope is given and they will find their way in due course, with due care and attention speak to those of spirit, in other ways if you wish if you feel embarrassed to use the words of our Lord Father in heaven, to use the name of Jesus or that of the Angels of light that walk with you and compel you within your lives to do good for others, do not neglect them or push them to one side, bring them hope of your light and resurrection once more.

We must leave now, but we wish you well, do not panic, do not bring fear to others at this time of need, for this is a sin and a crime against humanity. Be positive in mind and thought and know that our love walks with you always.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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