02-04-20 Reflection and Values, Space Wars, Prophecies, Clean Energy, Speaking out etc

To read more words of wisdom: Testament to a New Dawn, Volume One


Transcript Date: 2nd April 2020

Do not fear

Gather your thoughts and do not be afraid of what the future holds, there is much teaching in this time for humankind.

Do not allow others to anger you with their negative thoughts for they are ill advised and not worthy of their true being.

Look at what you value

This is a tremendous time to look back upon your lives and at the true value of the things you hold dear. Let them go, for what is needed now is peace, love and unity within your world. Still we see segregation as the rich hide away and the poor stumble around to find refuge. Do not harbour questions of hate, but allow yourselves to be free in the universal spirit that joins you and brings peace in your thoughts.

Time and time again we have asked you to bring purpose to your lives so that we may assist in the things of love and life. We would guide your words and thoughts to the things that lay beyond your present time. It is true that many will not listen, but they are beginning to realise that there is more to life than the joys created by man. There is the joy in family and the unity of that family of light to watch over their friends and bring them peace in these desperate times.

Bring yourselves comfort

Many are lost once more this evening, it is not unusual for many to cross to this side of life but it is highlighted on your news, you are the spectators that are brought fear. Bring yourselves comfort though, for life continues on unabated by the news events of today.

Many will open their eyes to a better way of living, to comfort those around them and to bring peace in their lives, without fear of the things to come. You each have a purpose and a time to come, it brings you fear as you draw near to that time, yet there is nothing to be afraid of. If you hold the light close to your heart then your joy will be great as you enter the light and kingdom of heaven. Your times upon Earth will be forgotten to a greater extent, yet the lessons learnt will stay with you for time immemorial. Nothing is truly lost and the air that surrounds you will be charged with positive energy to bring hope and peace to those who have lost their loved ones.

Tragic circumstances

Tragic circumstances are brought and it is a special time to realise that your lives are short yet meaningful, so bring yourselves purpose and hope in the resurrection of the light, that you may walk within the shadow of life and of spirit without fear. (Michaels Note: my ex-daughter-in-law passed away, I only learnt of this the morning after doing this ‘sitting’ – her life was tragically lost to Covid 19 and underlying issues.)

Social Isolation, Companionship and Assistance

Companionship is lacking for a great many at this time, we see them sit alone within their homes, unable to ask a friend for a helping hand. Various institutions have been formed in recent days that may help these people, this is good to see and a blessing is brought to them for their courage and conviction at this time. Yet others will sit aside and ask themselves, “Why should I put myself at risk, why and how could I prosper by this?” You sit and wonder, but your action is little, yet many cannot achieve their goals of assistance because it takes courage in your convictions to accomplish these things.

This man is no different (Michael), his purpose is good, yet his soul challenges the things of life. He waits for an opportunity to assist all and we bring him hope that his thoughts will be heard. We trust his courage will take him forward to assist those of life, not just in the words that we speak, but in the actions of many.

Trust in yourselves, bring yourselves hope and do not allow in those who would persuade you to act selfishly. Unscrupulous beings exist today to prosper from your ‘hibernation’ and they will act upon instinct to assault your senses and take what is yours for their own greed. Would you permit this to happen or would you convey a message to them so they only prosper in the short term and their being will be asked to pay for their actions?

Do not be afraid of our words, for we are here to bring you joy, although should your time come and you succumb to the many diseases, not including this virus of life, then think about these words, think of the joy to come, reunion with your family and friends are guaranteed. You will not cross alone.

To all facing illness and uncertain future

To all those who face an uncertain future with illnesses, have courage, for life plays a part in many ways and your demise is not the end, but the beginning of something new. Help yourselves to understand this and be tolerant of others even if you feel intolerant of them yourself. It is a natural course of living and it will continue on throughout the aeons to come.

A realisation that poverty is caused by greed

A time will come, at a point in the not too distant future, when the world will realise that poverty is driven by greed and avarice. By those of power who deny your eyes the secrets of life and how better to live it.

Space War and Satellites

A spectacle of light will be seen as they torture those in the heavens above. Their ships will be masked by the screen that has been placed around your world, this is not as it seems, but portrayed as defensive weapon. It will not stop us and we will unite your world in a way they are not expecting. We grant them peace despite their ill behaviour and temperament. Many will be exposed for the part that they have played in this role of deceit to the nations of your earth. (NOTE: AEHS) advanced extremely high frequency satellites)

Things must change

There is much shame to be had by those who deny others the freedom to live with health and the opportunity bring food to their bellies so they may not hunger any more.

You cannot go on like this, the tide must break upon the shore and those pebbles that are light will fall high upon the shore, whilst those who are heavily burdened will be dragged back beneath the waters until they are honed into the small pebbles of light that they are destined to be.


Pavarotti wishes a song for you all! His valiant voice sang out so long ago and he spoke out with much anger about matters of the world, yet his music carried upon the wings of a dove. Tremendous voice of a vocal artist he was, and his joy was brought whilst he was singing the verses of the hymns and the Psalms, these are not so well-known as his popular records of the day, yet he was a man of great faith and he trusted in the Lord and the Lord trusted in him.

Be like him, be vocal with a kind voice and a warm heart to those who deny you the better things of life, the freedom to live life without torture from poisons in the air, of the propaganda of your television and the relentless hammering home of such doom and gloom.

Life Evolves

You live in a natural world where things evolve, diseases, viruses, illnesses and you will all succumb to one of these causes. Even the natural disasters are designed to terminate life when its time is complete, this may sound harsh, but you must understand that your life as a human being is just a shell for the spirit that sits inside. The spirit which is you shall never die, you will always live and walk within the light of heaven should you wish. Although your time is short, blessings will be given and hope will be brought once more to the world of men so they may see a better way.

Crop Circle Communication

We will communicate shortly upon the ground of your earth (crop circles) with lessons to be learnt. Will you listen and will you understand? We fear not. Many will not understand the complex messages written upon the ground in due course, they will not understand from where they came. For who could write such things on a massive scale? Truth will be told and you will understand that those from other worlds who surround your planet watching with eagle eyes, do so with a caring heart despite your men of mystery who would deny them a place within your society.

Better, cleaner way of living

We ask you to open your hearts to them, for the men who bring them disillusionment are very few although their powers are great at this time. Their powers will be diminished as the population begin to understand that there is a better way, a cleaner way of living within your world, and this will bring health and prosperity to many. Cleaner air, fresher water, enough for all, including those countries that are currently ignored, wars will cease in a time to come when the population of your world will be taught an immense lesson of love and not of greed.

Equality and unity we have spoken of and these are wondrous words that mean so much and many speak of them, yet they do not unite for the world today. You have been sacrificed as fodder for the cannon and your ears are constantly bombarded with misinformation. There is much to learn from the Arcturian race who welcome you and it is we who speak at this time.

Be blessed in the knowledge of our purpose, we bring you no fear, we lend you a helping hand and if you require an assistance in these things, then we will be there to sacrifice ourselves on your behalf, for you are a young world in universal terms, your species has been but a blink of the eye and held back dramatically by those who would prosper at your sorrow.

Clean Energy H2O/Hydrogen

Arcturians wisdom is great about the things that could alleviate many problems within your world, no less the clean air that you breathe, for your engines require the poisons of the earth. Yet H2O would bring you much energy, clean energy and the only emissions that are given would be H2O in return. Hydrogen, a much cleaner source of energy and yet those who bring out these inventions for a better way of living are shuttered and closed down. Their patents, their private offices and apartments are raided to eliminate any possibility of disruption to the greed and avarice at this time. Do you not see these things? Do you not understand that there is a much better way?

Jimmy Carter

The truth is told by many historians, Carter would be one. We would say ‘Jimmy’, perhaps this would ring a bell, you may be unaware of his true intentions and belief, but they existed and he still presses on today to influence those of the White House and of the Senate. You think this is impossible that men could be manipulated by something unseen. When will you learn that your world is primitive and of the physical, and there are other dimensions surrounding your world that have great influence over you, no less the dark at this time, and yet the light grows to obscure the minds of those who would bring you disillusionment?

Dispel the poisons of modern life

Sad to say many prefer the modern things of your world, you must shun these things and remember that although inventions can be great, there are those of purpose and those of malice. Do not be held back any longer, for your civilisation could be great and prosper in peace, love and equality for all if you would allow it. It is only you that hold yourselves back. We may intervene at some point, true to say that we have hope that you yourselves would rebel to bring evolution to the fore. Stop these disastrous circumstances if you can, the way is of the light, your positive thoughts and your positive minds that would dispel the poisons that are fed to you at this time through the media of your life.

Julian Assange

Many are told to be quiet, one we have told you about before languishes in jail for no other reason than speaking his mind to open your eyes to the truth. More will become obvious soon, as they begin to tell the tales of deceit and indiscretion throughout your world. For these things cannot be held down and must be released at one point or another. It takes courage to do this and the beings and creatures of other worlds would influence those to speak out and yet they will protect them in ways that you would not understand.

Do not disregard prophecies in the scriptures

Do not disregard the teachings of your good books, for there is much truth held within about the men of the stars, of the being of God the creator and of life and its progress. For life is mapped out in a way that you may not understand. We have told you things of the past and of the future in recent years and have you listened, but do you acknowledge that these things actually have come to the fore? We will not press you on these matters, it is up to you as individuals to seek out this information and then seek out the truth that has been spoken.

There have been many such as this man who have brought forth, what would you call ‘stories of mass hypnosis or of illusion’, call it what you may, but they speak the truth and they are united at this time, as was noted just the other day by this man. The truth will exist, it cannot be suppressed or dug into the ground to be hidden away as your artefacts are at this time.

Moscow hides truth

Moscow hides much truth and they will not divulge the things that they know or about the beings that they possess, yet their truth will unfold before the nations of Earth before long.

Russia and the USA

His power is great at this time and he has succeeded in many things not thought possible within that nation. Yet his heavy hand weighs down hard upon the people and they fear him and those around him who would bring him peace of mind through their actions. He is a dangerous man, but then so are many in your world who hold powerful weapons in their right hand.

One is very careless, as you have seen, his thoughts are random and not organised, others of that country, (and we talk of the states), control these people of power, you do not see them, you will not hear of them for they are hidden well, deep within Congress and other established bodies.

Dangerous to speak of you may think, thoughts for this man, but no harm will come. Even if his life ends tomorrow, then the words will remain and once read they will remain. Combat your fears, for all must cross to this side of life. Be courageous in your lives and bring happiness and goodwill to those around you at this particular time.

Leaders with a softer touch

Although we spoke of the leaders of your world, there are those coming through who have a softer touch and they bring peace to your minds. Even in your own country those that seem to be in charge are guided by others, their thoughts are not their own but they are orchestrated by other secret organisations, no less any different from any other country.

Positive energy brings wisdom

There is much you don’t know about your world, your lives are tender and fragile. You cling onto them because you are afraid and have no knowledge of the future to come. You must strengthen your resolve and begin to believe that even though your lives are fragile, there is purpose in them and your life will not end when your body dies, it will continue on within the light of heaven. The more positive energy that is created, the greater the wisdom will be bestowed upon you. Have hope for the children of the future, do not be at unease of the many things of life, for they are there to test you and it is your resolve that will help you through these times of desperation and loneliness.

Good evening.

New speaker

Times past as shown within your history books, you reflect upon those times and say how much better they seem to be at this time, words have just been spoken about the illusion that you are given.

Edison and Free Power

Edison bought you hope of communications and electricity, but free power was not granted, his opposition was silenced as the large corporate energy companies did not want to give you this free energy. An example and we believe you know of who we speak (Tesla).

David Attenborough

Help yourselves, do not be afraid to walk across the earth without fear in your body, look to the world of animals and life around you and see how they grow and prosper despite your despicable ways against the nature of your world. True, many are now extinct and there is one who works tirelessly to bring this to your attention, his brother rests with us now, Attenborough (Richard) is his name, he looks on proudly at his brother to speak the truth and isn’t it strange to think that only at the end of your time, or near the end of your time that you would dare to speak the truth!

Fear of speaking out

If only these things were spoken (of) way before that, if only people could find the courage in their hearts to speak out against what is obvious in life, for there are many with much knowledge of these things, yet are silent for fear of the authorities that surround them.

Come now, you think you have much to lose, you lose your life and many of you have families, we understand this and yet the family of man is much greater, still your families are of great importance to you. Even if you do succumb to their ways, then a great reunion will be held within the world to come. You feel this is of no consequence and what possible comfort could there be in this? You think in human terms and of the physical, yet in the communion of spirit that surrounds your world and the universes, there is great joy and comfort, great freedom and love to be given, for your energies will join and mingle with others of the like and you will see much more than you ever could believe at this time. You will feel the love of others and this will bring you joy.

Do not live a life of fear

Do not compel yourselves to be living a life of fear, those of the dark would like to see this and they would bring you disillusion to stumble upon, in hope that you might turn to their side of thinking is the better way.

Love and Forgiveness

Most of you have experienced things of life, in fact, all of you have experienced love. Do you not remember the joy that is brought and the healing energy as it surged through you as you felt this love? Be it of your spouse or your girlfriend, a boyfriend, of your mother and father or siblings, you felt this joy and we spoke of this joy being tangible and so it is.

You may end up in arguments and disagreements in your world and if you succumb and allow in these dark thoughts, then you will be lost for a time. It is time to put your troubles aside, do not let them defeat you with the dim thoughts of anger and frustration. Say to yourselves if you are in this position, ‘Why am I at odds with my loved ones, why do I not see a better way?’ You find it hard to forgive and some will never forgive, yet to forgive is the greatest thing that you can do.

Remember you are a part of each other, your lifespan is short and yet your spiritual selves are gathered together in the universal spirit of love, you are much more than you seem and your parts in life will be instrumental upon others who are to come and those who will depart. If one day your species should not survive, if that bleak time comes, then perhaps reflect upon this, that your spirit and soul are not of your physical bodies or your physical world and you will continue on in ways unexpected to you at this time.

The senses of animals

Look to the animals of your life for they give you much love. Despite those that torture them and bring them such pain and sorrow, they still look to you for help and assistance. Their senses are great and they know of your spirit and soul. They know if you are angry or sad, if you are happy and peaceful and if you have love in your heart they will gravitate to you, for they know these things in a way that you have lost over time, because you have plundered the earth and created these doomsday machines.

Connect with nature

You have lost these senses, you no longer have the ability that they have, do not look at them and say to yourselves, “They are but an animal, a fish or a insect, or a living tree or plant.” They are all alive, filled with energy from the same source that you are, they feel the same things as you do, even though you may not hear their pain or their sorrow. Do not ignore these words, think about the nature around you, think about how possibilities can be so great. Your ears are deaf to them and your eyes are blind, but it doesn’t take much to connect with these things to bring yourselves peace with nature, to sit quietly within nature and listen to the world around you, not to your vehicles or the aircraft which pollute your skies or the people around you who shout and scream. Just sit quietly if you can, listen to the vibrations of life that surround you each and every day, allow them in, allow them into your soul and your body. Take note of them, focus upon them and this will bring you healing and you will begin to understand there is another world within your world, not just of the human race, but of many things that you do not hear in your everyday lives.

Time of reflection

We have told you that this time is the time of reflection, and so it is. We ask you to focus upon these things now. The vast majority will not read these words and not understand what is said and it is up to you to enlighten them of these words. We implore you to share them with your family and friends, so they too may understand that a practice of silence and joining with nature would bring them peace in their hearts.

Do not fear death

Do not fear death from this virus, do not fear death from the cancers and diseases of your world, for this is not the end but a new glorious beginning if you were just to understand the spiritual aspect that surrounds you and speak much we do of other worlds, they are from the same source as you, they are no different, their appearance may be strange and unusual and they live in different ways and different circumstances, yet many of them have learnt peace in their hearts, and this has afforded them to be able to prosper and visit you within your world.

Fight back with love – Greta Thunberg

You will never achieve this if you do not change your path now. You may not be able to control the powers of your world or the beings that control the money and the situations, but you can fight back with your hearts. You can demonstrate your love to them and your responsibilities to mother Earth and others of your planet.

Demonstrate to them your resolve if you will, not of violence or actions unworthy of you, but with love and words of gentle persuasion which will come to those who have a practice and a being to bring these things to the fore. They will be thought of as extremists and people of much illusion, yet many will think about these things, as with the young girl of your times. (Greta Thunberg) Many discredit her and say how does she get from A to B, she uses the very things that she speaks of that should be abolished to bring the air clean and nature back to herself. Yet these things are not possible at this time because your men of money and oil do not wish this to be and as we said, they suppress many things that would lighten these loads, because they do not bring profit them.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla is one we have spoken this evening, his free energy that is all around you and the particles that surround you, this energy is real, it exists, it is not a figment of the imagination. He knew this and he was given purpose and yet these things were hidden. We spoke of hydrogen and motors that would run on clean air and energy, only exhausting H2O. These things are real, they exist and you may find literature upon these things.

Medical Advances

Your medical advances seem subdued at this time and have you ever wondered why? There is a lack of instruments and yet in seven days, one was created for there was no one to hinder them because the need was great. But had it been in normal circumstances, do you think that they would have accepted these things, do you think that they would have abandoned all others for a cheaper more efficient method of assisting people in their time of crisis? There is much in the way of pharmaceuticals that are so cheap to produce, so much good to be given to those outside to improve health, to nurture them, yet their prices are extreme and they care not for the price of humanity, only for that which fills their pockets. What good would it do them? They will pass the same as you and their wealth and riches will linger on this world. It is meaningless, they cannot come to us and say, “But look at what I have achieved, multinational companies and all this money I have gathered and the properties.” They would think that this might bring them favour! Well, they had better think again, it means nothing to us.

We have lectured you long enough this evening and we hope that you would have an ear to listen and approve the many things in time to come. Things will pass and life will become gentler, it may be decades before a change is effective, yet change must come or your species will not survive.

Dramatic words for dramatic times, how else can we get your attention?

God bless and good evening. We will speak again soon, Michael of the Earth.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

One thought on “02-04-20 Reflection and Values, Space Wars, Prophecies, Clean Energy, Speaking out etc”

  1. Thank you to all of you for sharing these messages! Also, I am sorry for your loss Michael. I agree with so much of this! I am so guilty of allowing fear to control me through my entire life. So, when all of this started and I began to feel a darkness or oppression energy over us back in January, I really let that fear and darkness take hold of me. However, I have been working hard to raise my energy and release anything that is not of love and light. I feel so much lighter and I am trying to stay much more positive and not lose hope. Honestly, I had no idea how intensely I was being affected by negativity and darkness until I transmuted and released it. I just want to say thank you for sharing the love, light, and truth that we all need more than ever.

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