19-04-20 Covid19, NDE, Subliminal Messages, Anger, Coping with Lockdown, Angels of Life, Financial Crash etc

Transcript Date: 19th April 2020

Chores are given to many this evening through their humble practices and work, bringing healing to those who know no better than to question the word of the Lord, our God, for they feel that the spirit is lacking within them, yet it shines like the candle that burns.

Gather round now as we focus upon this evening to bring you tender words of love, asking those around you to step back if they will for a time, as we once more begin the teaching of man.

Coping with anger

It’s been a while since we have spoken to so many, yet so few listen to our words, but you are the exception. You rage at things in the world and how un-progressed they are, yet your world is young and in need of much love. Help us to understand your feelings Michael, so we may assist at this time when so many fear the things of life.

It is not uncommon for those to sit within hallowed grounds and ask questions about why it is that these things occur within their families, the loss of a loved one. The bereft of your world can only see pain and their torment is great. We would wish them to know that although their anger wells inside, this is pointless, for anger will grow and your judgement will be lost. To help yourselves, you must allow the light in and understand the reasons why life and death walk hand-in-hand.

We have told you much about teaching and practices of love, you may follow these words to understand the reasons why so many perish at this time. We beckon you to understand further, there are many who watch over you and feel that same anguish, yet anger is not required, it is of the negative and if you allow it to grow it will overwhelm your mind and body, you will also become bitter within your life. There is no need for this, for life was not given for you to dwell on your anger and mourning of loss, but to soldier on, to fight the good fight that you made a promise to us so long ago, that you would battle through these things.

Events are changing within your world as we speak. The multitude are listening now as they realise how unique your species are and yet how vulnerable you are to all those diseases and viruses. You are no different to your fellow creatures of the world, you may think yourselves as being aloof and not caring, but you are also like them.

The Hare and the Tortoise

We see no difference in the race between the tortoise and the hare, this was a great fable in your world and it taught the lesson, that should you hurry through life ignoring everything else, then you will miss so much and your time will come sooner than expected. But the tortoise who takes his time and strolls along, looking around taking in the many things around him, learns that despair is not the way forward. The tortoise walks on and eventually wins the race, because he was not in a rush to finish what he had started.

All things take time and your lives are no different, your spirit and soul will continue on. We have spoken of this before, yet some disagree with this and hurry things along not thinking or seeing the many possibilities around them. They do not study the way of life and how nature works. It is only those who take in and absorb the vibrations of love and life who will begin to understand that your purposes will not be fulfilled at this time, but will continue on.

Much has been spoken about the virus of your time, but what about the other times when many suffered without any alleviation from their pain? Do you think of them and how they coped with their lives? They were more gentle times when people were kinder to each other and would draw together to assist. This is what is required at this time, that you work together, not just in the physical realm, but spiritually you may join your minds in deep contemplation, as we are this evening.

Friends join in meditation from a distance

May we welcome Valerie and Kevin this evening, we will join them shortly as they begin their prayer of meditation. Their work has seen many twists and turns, much frustration has been felt and times have not been easy for them, but they work on regardless of these things to help others and bring them a purpose upon their souls path, as you have done at this time.

With great respect we applaud you all for your welcome of our love and our light, we thank you for your purpose and the ghosts of the past who walk the earth at this time are no more or less than you are, they too seek shelter and guidance. For you are all like lost children and it is only those that ascend to that higher place who truly begin to understand. This is not an elite club, all are welcome, it is up to you to work and practice that of love, not only to your family and yourselves, but to your neighbours unconditionally.

Financial Crash

A time of boom has happened, now a time of crash will begin as the industries and money makers of your world begin to despair at their losses. They feel it is unfair for them to have to carry this burden. Why should they, they were the ones that brought your luxuries of life? They would have you believe that they worked hard upon your behalf. It is true that many have worked hard for others, yet for the most part, it has been about profit and greed, about self-awareness and not really caring about those who struggle beneath them, their workforce.

Angels of Life

We see the Angels of your life struggling on, their place in paradise is guaranteed, but what of you? Those who are uncaring and will not donate or help in any way, what of your position, how tenable is that? It is never too late to change and we will welcome you into the light from the shadows that surround you, we will bring you blessings this evening. Marginally there are many with a bright aspect of life, yet they are sheltered by others who are in a panic not to disclose their purpose at this time. Together we will seek a purpose of love and togetherness as your life progresses through these times.

Candles in the Wind and NDE’s

Candles in the wind that flicker with every breath, as the breath fades so the candle becomes still. This is an acronym of those who suffer at this time, their breathing is marginal and the light is their life and soul that flickers in the wind, but as the breath slows, so they draw near to a welcome from us of spirit. Not all will succumb, but some will tell of their close encounter and tell you of the things that they have seen in their most desperate times. You would call it a near death experience (NDE) at that point. Should you unfortunately reach that point, you to will see that there is another place and another time, another way.

Finding hope and truth

She waves you goodbye, full of purpose and love as she steps forward to walk again upon the earth of man. You loved her so and her time was great, but she is beckoned by others to join with them for a reunion in life, that they may once more help others of your world. Your time will be no different my son, your purpose has grown and so has your love. Let us begin to guide you upon the path of light so that you would be sure and certain of your future. (Possibly about Michael’s late wife.)

Many will not and do not listen to our words, this is unfortunate, but many will draw comfort from them not knowing why they are drawn to your writing, or the words given by us, just knowing that there is purpose in them. Some will ask you questions about our being and how it is that you communicate. It is an easy answer, it is through love, trust and faith and you all have a purpose to practice this.

Many will feel that their time is too short to think of these things and they should fill their time with the needs and wants of your world. They are unsure of their future and do not believe that life could exist beyond this of the physical. Yet they have hope, they need hope, for what would there be if there was nothing? They would charge at you, accusing you of talking in silly ways. But bless them with your answers, for you are aware of the truth.

The fearful deny and lash out

Those many legions who would baptise you in fear at this time are swayed and pushed back if you reflect the light and love of spirit. It is up to you to build your defences and not allow in their words of discrimination or action of downright misery, for they will taunt you and tell you many untruths. We would say this to them, that the only truth lies in the light and the only untruth lays with them and their thoughts. Why do they say these things you wonder? Why would they want to upset others and bring them down in their lives?

Have you ever thought that perhaps they too are in need of rescue? They cannot speak the words or bring themselves to believe, so they lash out in hope that you may fortify their beliefs and bring them pleasure by sharing their thoughts upon your web.

Conspiracy theories about population control and nature

There is not enough evidence to show that these things were created by man (Covid19), yet we will tell you this, overpopulation, no matter whether it is man, of the animal kingdom or of the seas, it will always be controlled (by nature). At this time you must admit that man has run riot and has been reckless with his environment affecting all other species of your world, including the planet and the air that you breathe, therefore a measure of control is brought.

You should not see it with fear, although it affects many of your elderly and your poorly, their place is guaranteed in heaven and they will be sacrificed for you to learn. This is such a difficult thing to say or think about, yet look at their lives, many of them have lived long lives, some of them have lived short lives yet have been filled with purpose and love, helping others, as in your doctors and nurses, who we can only say are the angels of your life. Their fears have been stemmed by their thoughts of love. Take an example of this, for you should all feel this same thing. Bring your thoughts of love to those who perish at this time. You tell each other how sad these times are, yet you do not realise that these happenings occur all over your world, not illustrated by your media or your news, for they are well hidden.

Weariness with lockdown

Many have a purpose of thought to influence you at this time, to sway your mind to things of hatred for those who do not respond to their wishes. Troubled times indeed and more to come upon the streets as time wearily lingers on. Some cannot understand how it is that a practice of hibernation (lockdown) would assist their species, yet it is only the fools who will not listen that will succumb in time. Unfortunately they too are the ones that bring the continuation and transport these things around.

Your fears are great, put them to one side and know that if your life ended tomorrow that your being will be brought purpose within this side of life, for our love knows no ends and we will greet you with a smile and explain to you all these things of life and why it was that you were taken so soon. Be strong children, do not allow those of the dark to influence your lives and bring you fear, for it is fear that will bring you disruption and unhappiness.

Contemplate the times to come when perhaps things will be brighter and bring hope that change may come. These times are of teaching, they are not harsh, but merely strike reality into your hearts about the very things that you feel are normal at this time. Do you need to travel upon your flying machines, the aircraft of your world? Do you need to use the poisons of the world (oil) that in turn poison your atmosphere and you, just because you wish to go to another climate? What is the matter with your own place in life, can you not see the beauty around you, even just a walk within your homes and your gardens to look out and listen to nature that surrounds you, particularly at this time when all is so quiet? You will wonder why you have never heard these things before, why your senses have never picked up on these things and brought you peace through your lives. Listen now at this time of teaching, because if you do not learn and your unabated methods of pleasure and practice continue on with a negative purpose then you will suffer greatly within the future.

This is harsh to say, we are gentle beings and we wish no harm upon you because it is you that brings harm upon yourselves. We are there to guide and love you, all you need is hope and a practice of love.

New speaker

Jenny the nurse

Tonight Jenny asks the question, you may or may not know of her for she sits at home at this time, her purpose was great during her time, she accomplished much as a nurse. She sees many things of your world unfold at this time and although she has fear for her years, she understands that the many who bring a practice of love in nursing have no fear in the extreme. Their caring and attention to others has brought salvation to many. Although Jenny sits alone at home this evening not knowing what has become of the world, we can tell her this, that much has happened, not just within her life, but within many lives. All will be brought to an understanding in time to come.

The Lockdown as you call it, confuses many and they ask why, why should we obey these things? Why would you not? Why would you put at risk others of your world, for what, for meeting friends and family? Can you not wait, would it not be a responsible thing to do? Many will argue with this point and say that their social behaviour has changed for the worse, but has it really? Has it really changed for the worse or has it changed for the better? For you look to each other now and you see one another, whereas before you never saw your neighbour and the friends or the people around you. Is it not a fact that many will say hello now as they pass each other during the day?

Jenny, we understand your fears and we know your of troubles, the loss of your many friends and family, yet they are acting out their roles within the world of spirit, they are at peace, like this man’s family. They will come once more to greet you when your time comes. This is for everybody to understand, you never cross alone, you may pass from this world (earth) without holding a hand or your family around you, but you never pass alone, for there is always someone there to greet you with a warm hug and love.

New speaker

A Modern leader and comparison to Pontius Pilate

He is tempted by the accusations to lash out unreasonably at these people, who are they to dictate to him whether they should be free or not? Who are they to judge him, he who judges them? He cannot understand what it is or why it is these people argue with him and do not accept his judgement. For of your world today, he is the accuser, he is your judge and jury, but many will stand up against him.

There was one other who judged another, we speak of that one who judged Jesus, he washed his hands of it, thinking that nothing would apply to him, yet he had the ability to do something different. Pilate never quite understood what it was that compelled him to do these things, for his truth was heard and no one listened. Even those of the church did not understand the unique being that stood before them. We speak of those biblical times because your world is fashioned upon them, but unfortunately these days, things seem to be changing and the men of profit and doom have your attention, they will not release this, because they know that your attention is upon them.

Truth in old fashioned words

Do not allow them a foothold within your lives, shun their temptations of evil and listen to the words spoken. Those words of praise and psalms, old-fashioned you may think to use these terms today. Is there not a more fashionable way to say these things? Indeed there is, times change, languages change and yet the story of life remains the same. Tell it in another way if you wish, think of it in different terms, but never of the negative and never doubting what was said. Try to understand the words that were written in that time. For ‘one begat’ another, and ‘thy’ and ‘thee’ were the terms of those days, your terms today are different, yet the meaning is exactly the same and you will find it deep in your hearts if you open your eyes and minds to these things, have a welcome for them, express them in a way that you wish and don’t be afraid to speak of the master, the Lord in heaven, for he is with you all, always.

New speaker

See truth beyond the subliminal messages

Publications are made in vast and various ways, many do not read for they watch the screens of vision and the instructions given subliminally within those programs. Have a care and think about what you are doing, for sometimes your thought is deluded and illusions are placed before you so you may not see the truth in the events as they unfold.

Be determined to be a better person, a better soul and spirit. Many will turn off and not read these words, they will think “Oh, Michael is off again on his one-man crusade to bring has ever closer to that of religion!” There is but one religion and because this man opens his heart and mind to the words that are sent to him, this does not change his being, he is a man of the earth. His light rescues many that you don’t know of and many that he does not know of, the words will sustain in their memories, should they bring their attention to read them.

His companions sit this evening and ask, what will he be speaking of we wonder? We speak of those things about other life that surrounds your world. Will he speak of the rescues and the sadness of many at this time? They wonder how it is that these thoughts are brought forward, but they know, oh they know. We will not speak of other worlds at this time for it is inappropriate (suffice) just to say that they exist, not just within the physical but within other dimensions as you well know.

One in particular looks forward to the time that these things will evolve and become known to the world. We hope for your sakes, that these will be of a friendly nature, but take note, that your world is not unique, good and bad exists in all and manipulation occurs on a more regular basis than you would imagine.

Complete your missions children, do not doubt the things that enter your mind, they are for guidance. But if you are of a negative persuasion and they ask you to do things unnatural to you, then fight these thoughts, do not allow them in.

If you feel that you have to be aggressive and agree with those who tell you that the things of these times are man-made, are sent to deceive you and bring death upon you for their own profit, then have you not a mind of your own to judge? Do you not see that the natural world has a way of controlling nature? Yes, man manipulates many things not given to him by that ordained by God. They exist for a reason, but not for the men who wish to manipulate them to bring misery upon others.

Panic will ensue soon, as even more begin to fall and there seems to be no end to these trials and tribulations. Your governments seem inadequate to cope, for they are ill-prepared. It is true there are many who are not persuaded yet, they think that a small amount of time is enough. We implore you, don’t take risks unless you have to, give time to bring others caring and nurturing.

Be blessed in the knowledge that our love will be with you always. Amen.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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