03-05-20 Jesus, Exploitation of the Arctic, Energy of Love, Wildfires, Before the Dinosaurs, Facets of Self etc

Transcript Date: 3rd May 2020

Tonight we speak words of wisdom once more so that others might hear. They may condone your words and bring you strife, but their lives are hard and full of the temptations of your world.

‘Son of Jehovah’ (speaking of fear, beings of the light, healing and feeling energy.)

You all walk your lives in ways that you do not understand and you fear things of the natural world and of the men that surround you. Yet your souls are free, you are free to make a choice of the path that you walk, we bring you this knowledge many times and in many different ways. Tonight will be no exception. We would like you to listen to one this evening, for he has come to bring you news of things to come. His name is not mentioned, yet in your history books you will find him, he is the son of Jehovah.

“Bring not fear or temptation within your lives, look within your heart to find the truth, for there is the way to follow the shepherd of life. As many of you know, my sacrifice was great in that time so long ago, yet I am still here, I am of the spirit of the Lord and I welcome you, all those who would listen to my words.

It wasn’t so long ago in your earth years that I walked amongst you to bring you peace, miracles and the truth to be told, yet many denied their thoughts and would not accept these things, but even more listened, they knew about the miracles and the feats that were achieved, not just by myself, but by that of spirit and of true faith. It is still in your power to this day, to go within and bring yourselves healing through your faith and trust of the Lord and spirit. Can you not see this? Have you still not learnt the many lessons I taught so long ago? People look to them and say “This man of Nazareth, did he truly exist or is this the writings of men with great imaginations?” Legends are passed down through your lives, there is much truth to be found within them. This is not about imagination, this is about the human soul, the spirit that walks with you throughout your lives. You return many times to achieve that ultimate goal, that higher spirit that you may ascertain if you will.

At this time of great revolution, many see your world being lead by those who are not capable of compassion and they fill you with fear, for they have no other way to establish their position in life. Yet there are many who are of love and light that walk amongst them, although they share some of these restrictions, they also care for that of the spirit.

Many eons from now, times may change if the love persists. You grope in the dark not knowing which way to go, yet look to yourselves and be truthful, ask the questions within, which direction you should take? Do not be ashamed to look to the light and ask of the Lord or of myself, do not be frightened to speak the words of the Gospels to others, for they were given in truth, as were many other words that have been written of recent times.

You speak of things in your world today and we feel your fear, the unnecessary fear at this time. Even if your bodies succumb to the viruses of life or to other illnesses, know that you will be watched over and as you cross, your soul and spirit will walk once more with those of times past to bring you love and peace, to bring you harmony in your spiritual selves.

Much healing is needed for your world and others will come to voice their concerns and reach out to your leaders and assist them in their thoughts. Not possible you would think, for their greed and avarice is much at this time, but there is always a will to find a way, always purpose to be brought.

The shepherds of life and the things to come are many if you would just open your mind. Allow in the thoughts of love, hold each other’s hand as you welcome each other in the New Dawn of the new day. Do not bring fear to yourselves at these strangers who have come from afar only to be troublesome amongst your men, for they are of the light. We refer to the Beings of Light, to the Angels of Life, they are as much a part of me as you are of them, take their hand within your minds, hold them tight and allow them to lead you to those pastures green where nothing may harm you, joy and love will be brought once more within your family circles, the family of man.

Speak no more words of fear or of tyrants, live your lives full of purpose and allow the passages of time to go by. Know that others will come to change the ways of men. A task to be given no doubt, but these things will happen, because if they don’t, then surely you will not survive. But know this, despite what we say of survival, your spirit and soul are always welcome within the light, the energy force that surrounds your world and your very being, that which gives you life, that which controls you. Feel that energy, look into your minds eye as this man does, feel the energy build upon your forehead, upon your third eye, it is a strange sensation for some and they will break their focus for fear of letting go, but there is nothing to hurt you, we will guide you and take your hand and bring you many blessings.

Help us to understand your needs, guide us to your hearts that we may help you in the many ways possible through this life and through many others to come.”

New speaker

 The energy of love

We speak of the energy of love, he who spoke was great and is the son of Jehovah. I, on the other hand, am of a lower energy, yet my words are just as valid, for we all strive to walk the roads of life to bring our beings ever higher within that realm of light. It should be said, that man at this time is no more than an animal himself, despite the high regard he has for his being. You do not respect or help each other when needed, for you shun those below you and do not give them the time of day. We speak not of the majority, for there are many of your world who give their time and love freely, at this time it is obvious to all, as the nurses and doctors of your world struggle to combat the evil of this virus.

Natural extinction is not unusual, but know this, that nothing will come of this. Times will get better and you will become stronger and more knowledgeable about the love that is needed to hold your world together.

We applaud your health services and carers etc

These times demonstrate this to those who will see. Those who will not see and ignore the advice of others, they are the ones who walk in the dark and cannot see a better way. We applaud all those of your health services, of your carers, of your loved ones and those who love spirit and those who don’t yet have light in their hearts. You are extreme in variety and easily led by the temptations of life, but not so easily led by the things you cannot see, yet should see within your minds eye.

Remember these days of learning

We hold much purpose for you all and you will return to that fold of spirit one day. Your bodies will die and wither, but your soul will regenerate and have purpose once more to bring life and happiness to others. This may not be of your world, for you are not unique, but wherever you roam, carry this love within you. These days of learning, of schooling even, should be remembered and spoken of freely.

Those who do not wish to see or learn or call those who preach these words, ‘liars,’ should ask themselves, who is the liar, the one who speaks the truth or the one that denies the truth for fear of letting go? It is obvious to be seen which is the correct path. If you cannot believe or adhere to the words of spirit or to the Lord, our Father in heaven, then look to yourselves as spiritual beings, as an amount of energy that walks within your bodies. Your bodies exist of the earth but your energy will exist still, but it is that something special within you, that gives you responsibility and knowledge of life and death. Why would you abuse this knowledge? Why would you treat this knowledge as an uninformative? Bring yourselves hope for a better future, for if you cannot, we can and will make a difference once more.

We speak of other worlds

Uniformly we speak of other worlds and things to be seen, perhaps in the night skies above your heads. The comet’s rush by and your masters tell you that they are of great distance, yet as you are of the natural world, fear should not be brought through these things, for protection is given through your atmosphere.

Yet not all will be defeated, this is why your love for each other and the common sharing of love should be practiced so much more, more often than now. One day you will grip each other’s hand as you face an uncertain future, in fear perhaps. But if you have this love and knowledge of spirit inside and you believe that you will triumph over the death of your body, then you will have nothing to fear. Help yourselves to a better way, not to live in fear, but with purpose, a purpose for others as well as yourselves, bring yourselves hope in the time to come.

The virus will diminish

The virus of your years will diminish in time, it will remain unseen and unheard of until a time once more when it is reactivated. These things are of the natural world, they should not be feared.

The animals of your world, those that you call different to yourselves, they have no concern of these things. They live their lives day by day, hour by hour and they do what they are assigned to do, to live their lives as best they can. They do not look to the future with fear, they do not care, for they know that they are part of the natural scheme of things, as you are. Yet your knowledge gives you special abilities to understand the fragility of life and your planet.

Great Fires and Cleansing

We speak of these things once more, as great fires will start shortly in those regions and forests of the Andes and beyond. We speak of these things, not to frighten you, not to bring you despair, but to let you know that these things are of a natural occurrence.

Many are started by man, yet these are not so many as you may think. The natural world will cleanse constantly, she will cough and clear her airways and you would call this a volcanic eruption. If you clog these passages with your machines in search of the trinkets of life, if you do not allow her to breathe in the natural way, then surely a time will begin of extreme circumstances.

We hear your words, “Do not bring fear,” but these are not things of fear, they are of the natural world. They are of your life and you must walk your lives to strive in the purpose given, to bring love and caring to one another. Many will suffer, this is true, those wealthy of your world turn away for the suffering has no resources to interest them, but surely human life, your fellow beings and men, women and children, they are of the greatest value.

Equality, Sharing Resources

Equality does not dominate your planet. Many strive to gather as much as they possibly can to call themselves wealthy and do the things they wish. It is a false hope and a false dream. True they may achieve many things but they miss out on so much of their own humanity and love. They would argue to say that they love their families so they know of love, but truly their eyes are shut to the outside world.

When will you begin to learn to share the resources of your world and look to your fellow man and the creatures of your world to understand that you are all equal? The resources given are not for one-man, for one group, or one nation, but for that of the world. Yet you have not discovered this.

There will come a time when peace will be brought through many discussions of your earth, but it will take a climatic change to bring these things to a conclusion. The fires you have witnessed, the virus you are living through now, are small in comparison if you do not begin to change your ways and attitudes to one another and to the creatures of your life. You cannot go on living your lives in turmoil, you must bring peace to your minds and to that of your fellow men, to help them find a better way to assist in their resources, giving them assistance and teaching where needed.

Togetherness brings strength and harmony

Is it so difficult to look to your fellow man and see that you are one and the same? It’s not difficult and a practice of love should be given. Togetherness brings strength and harmony, togetherness brings caring and love for all creatures upon the earth as well as for those not seen within your world.

Togetherness will bring peaceful times in ways not thought of in this present time. Look to your scriptures, there are many writings that tell of the truth, many words are given to guide you upon your paths. Allow us to help you in your times of need, for truly purpose will be brought once more to the world of men.

New speaker

Congratulations to those with love and compassion

 Congratulations to those who have achieved their aims in life to find love and compassion within their hearts. They seek out those in need at this time, but remember brothers and sisters, there are many within your world who do not have your facilities and are incapable of living the way that you do. Allow them hope and peace mind, help them if you may, in whatever way you can.

Practical help may be of more value than money

Many organisations seek finances through you, to say that they assist in these things. Yet much of this is just a small percentage. For those of you that are able to be there in person to assist, to guide and teach is of greater value than the monetary value that you place upon your gold and silver and the trinkets of your world.

Facets of beauty and existence, Higher Self and fight for rights

The crystals of your earth are seen as stupendous in beauty, yet your whole world is filled with beauty, it is not just in a single object that is refined upon the cutters wheel. There are many facets within you, within your spirit and soul.

You experience one at this time and you will call this ‘your life’ and you do not understand that your higher being, your ‘higher self’ exists somewhere else within the cosmos. You are part of this and you must continue to polish and work upon the facets of your heart, so that you may shine to bring hope to others. Like the diamond of your life, you will cut your way through the dismal times to bring peace and hope to others of other countries and other nations of your world. Do not ignore them, if you cannot of assist personally, then fight for their right through your words, through the social media of life. Do not allow those of mega rich to bring extreme measures to other countries in their search for gold.

Arctic Expedition for Minerals

An Arctic expedition will be sent soon, for it is thought that the minerals beneath that ice are exceptional and will boost the country’s assets. They will cause explosions, creating vibrations throughout your earth. Many will say that perhaps these are volcanic eruptions, and who is to say that these vibrations have enough strength to actually cause these things? You cannot disrupt your world in search of the minerals within. You cannot destroy your world for mere trinkets that should be heard of and not seen.

They will disillusion many as they bring fear as their explorations go on and continue on. They have no qualms about what they do, they do not feel guilty, for they only seek the treasures of your earth. Yet the treasure that should be sought this that of love and companionship within your hearts.

They will lose out, they do not understand that these things of life are temporary and mean nothing at all, it is of love that you bring to others, the companionship and the things that you hold dear in your families, these are the things that you must seek.

They will respond to these measures of these nations who bring torture to the creatures of these Antarctic regions, they will argue the point that they are creating climate change through their actions, but will they agree and will they care? Only a natural catastrophe will cause them to think twice as their ships sink and their camps become entangled within the ice flow that they have created.

Things impossible you may think, yet the human race brings upon itself many terrors, many things that should not be. You blame nature, you blame the creator, but it is you yourselves who bring these things upon yourselves and to others in your desperation for the wants and needs of your world.

Impassioned plea to the human race

There are many influences out there and although you were not born into this world of men to seek these things, you are influenced by others. How can we change this you wonder, how can this formula of life change to that of purpose for love and caring for one another? It is a hard question to answer, yet those that work within the light, that speak to others and convince them that there is something worthwhile, more worthwhile than any amounts of gold or crystals, there is something more that they should seek.

Eventually in time those will be heard, we speak of these things and they will begin to understand, that to assist each other in your lives, to bring healthcare to all nations and not just the wealthy, to bring food upon the table to all peoples, not just the wealthy, would be the release that you need for a better world and a better time to come.

These things are needed for your advancement as the human race and without them there is no hope, there will be no purpose. Harsh words to speak you may think, yet we are here to open your eyes and your minds to all the possibilities that abound within the universe that you live.

Can you not see these things? Do not disregard our words as ‘rubbish’ spoken by a man in his elderly years. For is it not age that brings you wisdom? If your wisdom is lacking in your younger years, will you make it to these times we wonder?

There is much evidence of souls who have drifted away from the light and they darken your world in their organisations to become triumphant over the nations of the earth. They care not for your love and your ways, or your practices of religion, for your love of spirit and God. They only care for their, how should we put this, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” to quote a phrase. They only care for their own, yet they are so short sighted to see that their purpose will not continue on. They may invoke things of the negative, that which you call evil, and these things will only in turn, turn upon them and they wonder why. They will not understand. Yes the dark side does exist all around you, tempting you constantly, bringing you fear in your lives so that you may not lead a full and happy life with your families.

We combat these things through those of the light, those who look to the light and see that heaven is just a footstep away. Love is the weapon of peace, love is the weapon that will bring stability to your world. It will outrage others as their demonic world shrinks within the light to come, be blessed that you are protected by these things if you look to the light, have hope for others, do not bring others fear by your ignorance, by not obeying the things that you know to be right at this time.

Viruses come and go

Viruses come and viruses go, the world will go on, but only if you open your hearts as men and women, to the possibilities of a better world through love and companionship, through obeying the laws that were given so long ago by Moses, and by the laws that you are given today. Some are not blessed, yet you have common sense to learn, you have the choice to take the path of right or wrong.

If you know that by going out you will cause grief to others, or there is a possibility of infecting others through your arrogance, then you are in the dark. You must adhere to these practices at this time. Have you not seen the air of your world cleansed, have you not heard the birds singing more brightly as they understand that the atmosphere is clearing at this time? Can you not see a better way now children? Do you really need these things of life?

We leave you now this evening and thank you for your audience. Bring us hope for the future that you may learn from these times and if you cannot bear to listen to the words of this man spoken by us, then think about these things at least, consider life as a short span of time, a time of learning, living and loving, and because you may believe that you may be reincarnated and live once more within the world of spirit, this does not give you the right or anybody else, to take lives of the creatures of your world or of your species, or of your very own self, or others through your selfishness and arrogance not to obey the rules of this time. You will carry this burden if you ignore these things. We say this in the strongest possible terms.

This man understands that many will not listen, will not read these verses or could even bring themselves to open the pages upon which they are written. He is not popular, he understands this, but he writes all the same in the hope of the future. Are these words so strange that you cannot understand them? Is there not logic and sense held within them?

If you cannot see this, then your futures are bleak, both in this world and that of spirit. We have told you before that what you do and make in this life, not of the riches or the trinkets, but of love and compassion, that is what you take with you, this is what will make your next life much brighter. So work upon your souls purpose people and know that all that you do now in the name of love of the Lord will bring you certain riches in love and light, in peace and in good health. Good evening.

(Note: If you have read this far, you may sense that the voice of the speaker coming through this section was extremely passionate in his manner, pleading for humanity to pay attention in the strongest terms.)

New speaker

Fossils and Before the Dinosaurs Roamed

Fossils are found! It is not thought possible for how could they exist? What is it that kept them so pristine that you may find them at this time, millions of years old? Fossils of your earth, of the times that you call the monsters, the dinosaurs, the Jurassic period and the Palaeocene period. (Note: or Pleistocene, it was difficult to distinguish the word) They are found in the marshes and swamps of your world, they will bring much purpose to those who anticipate that civilisations of your world have existed many times before your own and that they are now extinct. Yours will also become extinct in time to come, unless you perpetuate the love and joyfulness of giving, caring and sharing.

Creatures walked millions of years ago, long before the dinosaurs roamed your earth. Long before the fossils of your world were exploited by your men of the modern day. (Note: Fossil fuels)

They bore witness to many things of creation and love. You see the stones today that exist, that bear witness to their existence and you marvel at them! How could this be, how could this have been created, a huge amount of stone in one block. How was this carried forward and placed in such a precise position? You are not unique, you are not the first civilisation to exist. The Arcturians know this and were of your world long ago. Others who found peace in their hearts with love and the capacity to share with their fellow creatures, all creatures of the world. They were the ones that found purpose and were able to advance. They left your world in a time of turmoil when eruptions were many and the meteors collided and brought disruption.

This will happen again, it is the natural way of things. The only way that you can find peace and solace is to find love in your hearts and to know that spirit are there with you and that you will continue on. For times will be bleak if you have no trust and faith in these things. These peoples of long ago, ‘Indian Nations’ you may call them, in your time a name would be hard to pronounce and for you to understand. (Note: The work of Michael Tellinger is worth looking at for research or even try looking up information about ‘The Shining Ones’) We assure you that their existence was real and they will return to your earth to see what has become of her and they will be appalled to see that of modern man. Quite frankly we would agree with them.

Suffering of Children Ignored by the Wealthy of the World

Help yourselves to a better way people, for advancement can only come with love, companionship and caring for one another to eliminate the diseases and strife of your world. You watch the things upon your boxes of vision that show you the children suffering from many diseases and deformities of your life, you think, poor souls, what has become of them and why is this happening? Can you not see it is happening because you world will not come together to help those of other countries of your world?

The wealth and resources of many are well capable of assisting, but they are held within the purse strings of those who crave the wealth of your world. Not just them, but the governments and countries of your world who would like more power to dominate others.

Can you not dominate in love and caring?  Can you not bring each other peace through your hearts and through your compassion?

Unity – The only way the world will advance

This is the only way that your world will advance, not through the technologies of your earth at this time, not through the many things that they tell you are possible. It is up to you to see this for the truth that it is, it is up to you to bring yourselves purpose if you wish to continue on as a species.

All things are possible through the unity of the planet, not just that of a singular nation or nations, total unity, this will eliminate that of what you call the negative and dark.

Shine the Light to Keep the Dark Away

They will always be there striving to bring you a practice of negative ways, but if you shine the light of companionship and love, of unity. then they are always placed outside the back door, struggling to get in. It is only you that allow them in at this time. There are many of your nations now who see the light and are beginning to practice these things.

The Angels of the Earth

The angels of your earth that we have told you about, the nurses and carers, those that have a heart, you bring joy to them through your applause and your obedience to their ways, but will you reward them, or will you keep them suppressed as the lower classes? An obscene word, the classes of your world, you are all equal, you are all of one spirit, one god, can you not see this?

Take these words if you will, think about them and bring your lives practice to the fore.

We give you blessings and thank you for your audience this evening.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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