12-05-20 Lockdown and CV19 Fears, Controlling Fear, Relevance of Spirit, Parallel Existence etc

Transcript Date: 12th May 2020

A response to us misunderstanding the details of the UK lockdown

Troublesome minds and troublesome thoughts are many within your peoples this day.

Much has been said about things that many do not quite understand or comprehend, to alleviate these fears we would like to speak to you about fear, for it is a sense that you possess to safeguard your selves from disasters in your world.

Relevance of spirit in our modern lives

A thought was passed this evening as to the relevance of spirit and how it could affect your daily lives and change the will and habits of a lifetime. May we say that the spirit is held within you, it is up to you to open the doors and invite them in, for unless you do so. you will be forever in that gloom of life.

Controlling Fear

Be prepared for many things in your lives, be respectful to others and do not allow them to disrespect you. There are a myriad of ways to bring purpose to one another without punishment of mind through fear of embodiment of others. (Note: This is basically about inflicting ones personal opinions and theories on others in order to manifest those beliefs in others which can create an angry or fearful response.)

Complex things we speak of yet many do not listen. We understand that in these times when your minds are all masqueraded by the many things of life, that it is difficult to comprehend the world of spirit, for you only see that of the living and of your kind.

Fear is a response given when your mind cannot accept the things that are happening, it is a safeguard as we told you, but it comes at a premium cost. If you allow it to grow exponentially without control, then your mind will become forever fearful and never open to the possibilities that surround you within life and death.

Congratulations to those who have walked this path before and know of no fear, for they have found much happiness within their lives being free from these fundamental things. Bring yourself purpose by not evading those of other kinds of your world, by not mixing and blending in. For your fear grows Michael, and your anxiety will grow along with it if you do not bring control at this time. (Michaels Note: This is concerning my growing personal anxiety about going out!) We are here to assist, just call upon our name and we will be there to give you succour (support) and to help you through these times.

We say this to all of you who are of a certain age, or even the young who have become paranoid with fear. Do not fear the viruses of life, how many times have you come in contact with these dangerous elements of life and yet have been totally unaware? There are those who are susceptible and they walk among you, they spread their fear and say these things are there for torment to mankind and their particular creed. (Note: It has been in the news about the virus apparently killing more people from ethnic groups). But truly the natural world works in many ways, it is useless to say that they are not manipulated by man, for we know better.

Align with the light

Align yourselves with the light and not the fear that the dark will bring, for there is no need for fear in these times when many struggle to survive.

Help yourselves to a better way, bring yourselves hope in the positive thoughts given. Help those around you and surround them with your love, be prepared, because one day we will meet once more and once again we reiterate, have no fear, for there is a multitude of blessings that await you all within the family of spirit.

How can man possess a soul and spirit you may wonder? How is this possible that he has an awareness of the many things around him and of his species vulnerability? This was given long ago, it was not forthcoming by the Lord, but taken by the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, therefore, you must live with this knowledge. (Note: The tree of knowledge is symbolic of the absolute knowledge of good and bad that only God has and only can possess, if we take from it without the wisdom to use the knowledge correctly then we suffer the consequences.) Be outspoken if you must, but always speak the truth within the light. Do not be fearful of the times ahead for they will restrict you more as the authorities clamp down.

Do not align yourselves with those of the dark who would ask for revolution, but bring yourselves hope of peace and love once more, for it is love and compassion that will defeat these things of life and not fear or from the police batons.

Take hope my dears, life will continue on and those of matter who exist beyond your world have a deeper understanding and knowledge than you. Do not disregard them as being a figment of the imagination, for they are as real as you. Their existence is obvious to some and yet vague to others. Complement your minds not with fear, but with an open mind and accept that all forms of life do not just exist upon your planet, but upon others in many solar systems, universes of the great void.

Temperance, Tolerance and Love

We speak of temperance and tolerance and we speak of love, for these are the reasons you live. You must learn to control yourselves and your being, do not allow others to fragment your thoughts with their deepest darkest thoughts. Be prepared to meet the onslaught that time will bring to each of you, as your days are numbered and you meet that final door, rest assured that all will be well within the world of spirit.

A message for Michael that is relevant to many

You communicate with us tonight Michael, you have found it difficult to prepare yourself, your anger wells inside unknown to you, dismantle your fears, allow the world to live as it will, for change will come many years from now. All your fears and troubles will be alleviated to bring you hope once more of a new beginning. Do not be afraid to step out into that world and announce yourself as being a ‘Prophet of the Times’, many will scorn you and scowl at you with words of ‘a traitor to the cause of spiritualism’, but yours is a special path, as is each of you that walk your lives. You are who you are and we will greet you just the same.

All our paths are laid out as a plan

Many will not believe the fortunes of the world to come, they will not understand that your paths are laid out as a plan of life, and you will follow these things regardless of your contradictory thoughts. Some will pass them by and lead a life separate to that intended, but ultimately they will return, for they must, it is ordained.

Many see you as a laughable figure (Michael), one who speaks in terms of those from long ago, they do not understand your mind or your will or your compassion. Your commitment is great, yet you lack stamina at this time. Let us refocus your mind and bring you hope once more that we will connect in a more positive way, but it will take execution of both sides to commit to these things, do not disillusion yourselves, for life has a purpose beyond time and you are no different Michael. Your hopes and dreams have been shattered, but you must continue on, bring others purpose and show them the light and the path that should be walked.

Many will not listen or understand the way in which we pass on these messages, but one day the purpose will be brought once more and they will look for a release from the dogma that stretches out and demands much of them, they will have hope of a better time to come and they will cry out for the things of the light and to those who have purpose to connect with these things. Do not give up hope upon your journey, for your words will be spoken truthfully and to the many who will listen in the years to come.

You see much sadness, unhappiness in the world, but you cannot see your way to bring about change to these things. It is not your place to do this, for you are merely an envoy, one of many who wish to bring truth to the world of men. Allow our thoughts to stream (through you) as the Internet of your life, help us to reform your characters and your beings. Respond to us in a manner of love and compassion, for we bring you hope for a better future and a better time to come.

Traverse your thoughts of misery, do not allow them a time to enter your minds, do not give up, bring yourselves peace of heart that you may live in freedom once more, either within this universe or the next one to come. The parallels of time are many, which many do not perceive and (Michael) you have been questioned, why you would think this is so?

Parallel Existence

(Michaels Note: In response to a question given to me regarding parallels of dimensions that a reader did not believe.)

He spoke abruptly and his manner was of an unbelieving nature, this is due to an unopened mind, one who cannot see a better way or a time to come, one who sees just merely the dimension in which you live now. There are many parallels that live alongside your world and we speak of these now to enlighten you, that although you may not see or hear of these things, you are well and truly connected. For the spirit of time lives within you all, no matter your form or your shape, if you bring fear to one, then another will feel this fear on another platform of life. We speak of parallels of universes and of your beings. Is it hard to imagine that your counterparts live in another dimension, occupying space and time that you are unfamiliar with? Can you not open your mind to understand that you are a facet of life and spirit and your facets are many? Your connection of time has been given before, this man (Michael) will testify to that of Merriwether who led to Ferguson and ultimately his counterpart Champion. (H B Champion, a trance medium of the 1850s) This came to dominate his (Michaels) mind at the time, to think that these things could be possible, he had never heard of these people and yet we spoke of them nonetheless, through an open mind he investigated and found the truth within.

You may call this ‘regression’, or things of the past, but would you be aware that you can also exist in the future at the very same time?

Unproven you say, how can we be assured of this? What evidence would you give that we exist within the future world of this life? We do not need to produce evidence, each of you have in your minds a path, and you know when the conditions are right to change and move on. You do not understand why you do these things and everything seems to work out just fine, you cannot understand how sometimes you have a knowing, a sixth sense, or déjà vu you may call it, but time is a passage by which all of you travel, it is a passage of light and your time upon your earth and the instruments that measure time are meaningless. For time exists throughout the parallels, the many parallels of an existence.

Time is a path to be travelled by the many who walk the earth at this time and they see the unjust things that continue on within your world. Did you know you have the power to stop these things? You feel powerless because no one is listening and you cannot reach those dark minds that would bring tragedy and despair upon others of your world, you feel disappointed that you cannot help. In time these things will change and as horrific as it seems, those many who lose their lives at the hands of others, or from the diseases of your world, know this, that their purpose was done for that short period and they have a higher purpose to continue on with.

We will not speak of those with dark minds who bring torture to others, for they have a path not of the light, but we will not speak of these things, for tonight we do not wish to bring you fear but only the truth of the world that surrounds you and those worlds that you do not see at this time.

Spirit can affect energy

Many of you will understand when I say that you are aware of the spiritual beings that surround you. Things happen and you cannot explain them, your logical minds will search for an answer to say that these things were of a natural cause, yet in the back of your minds you know this is not true. You know that when that doorbell rang and there was nobody there, you will think to yourselves that perhaps it was caused through another wireless device. We are of spirit, we do affect energy, we can control many things of your world including your electronics, as you have seen and heard Michael. (Michaels Note: I have experienced door bells ringing, phones ringing with no caller logged)

Limitations of Spirit Guides

We can influence many things of your life to guide you, but your thoughts are your own, we are here as guides to help you along your path, we are not here to bring you despair or alleviate your fears, for this is the path you walk at this time. Harsh realities you think, to allow somebody within the world to be tortured or walk within the dark elements that exist at this time, but there is purpose in all things. It may be an illusion to you, but their world is a different world and they will not change these things, for they live within their own habitats, unaware of yours despite your proximity upon earth.

Help yourselves to a better way, do not be disillusioned by those many negative remarks bringing despair and fear upon others. Open your hearts and minds, let the logic speak for itself and if you cannot find an answer to your question, then open your hearts and minds to speak to us with determination and sincerity. We will reply, you may not understand the answers given because you must be open to experience these things, but you will be guided upon the right path and you will be guided to the answers needed.

Truth is always spoken and always will be spoken by those of the light, it is only the despair of the negative mind that wishes to interact with you and change your course of life.

Thank you for your determination, may we bring you blessings this evening.

New speaker

A Time of Retribution, a Time of Peace, Time of Learning, Giving, Caring and Loving

It costs nothing to speak with us, we do not insist that you drop a coin in the bowl so that we may speak to you. What of your loved ones that have passed, what have they experienced and how are they now? Many will not understand that their lives continue on, not as flesh and blood, but as energy and spirit. This energy we speak of continues on through time immemorial. You do not understand the cruelty of your world and the despair brought upon many, this is your own doing, not you personally, but those of mankind who have lost their way and fallen victim to those of the dark thoughts that would influence them.

A time is coming for retribution for all. Equally peace will be brought to many with their thoughts of love and compassion. Do not despair people, do not bring yourselves disillusionment from the words of others. Have caring in your heart and be open with your thoughts of love so that others may see that there is a better way. It may take time to change the minds of others, but eventually they will be led upon a path of enlightenment, as you all must be, for no matter your purpose or your being, there is always room for teaching and learning, for giving and caring and loving.

Have a care with your thoughts children, bring hope to others, not by disillusionment or your own minds, stick to the facts, look within and ask for the answers. As we say, we are there to give them if you will just open your minds and hearts to us.

Time on Earth is Precious

Times are precious and for many it slips away so fast, they think to themselves where has my life gone? Whatever happened, how did I get this point at this stage in life? I did not learn those many lessons that I should have at those times, but alas they have gone now and my time is done, as I approach those years of age and retirement. But have a thought for those who do not reach your stage in life, if you should grow old, have a thought for the children who are born in despair, into bodies that are unsuitable and you wonder why these children are lost so young, why do they suffer with diseases, the one you call cancer and other ailments that seem untreatable at this time? We only say this to you, and it is not much for you to understand, but this is the nature of life, this is how things are. If a body is unsuitable for the existence of that soul, than that soul must move on to bring purpose to others and live on. We want to reassure those who lose their young ones that their time is not done, they live on in the other world and they grow and prosper, not within the ways of your world, and you should be thankful for this, because they are shown the truth and the light of all to come.

To those who grow old and age seems to creep up upon them, have no fear, for this once more is the natural way of things, and when your bodies become weak and old and can no longer sustain your spirit and soul, then you will understand when this time comes, you will not need to be told by any doctor or physician that your time is near, because you will understand this within yourselves. Many will fight and will not give up this life, for they fear what comes next, they do not have an open heart and mind to understand that their soul and spirit will live on. Equally, there are those who do not wish to leave their families, we understand this fully, nobody, may we say, nobody leaves anybody, you are all still connected. The sad fact is that you may not be able to see your loved ones until your time comes. We have this man (Michael) before us who understands these things and he finds it so hard to accept, but he knows ultimately that the spirit and soul will reunite once more and it will not need to be within the form of your body, for you will know that soul, you do not know how you will know, but you will know.

Present Physical Existence and Spiritual Existence

Your present existences are based on truth and fact, not the possibilities of other realms of life, your existences are based on what you see and hear and what you feel and touch. You cannot understand why it is that you can no longer see or feel these things, therefore if you cannot see them or be with your loved ones who have passed, then you say they have gone, they no longer exist! Oh, we despair, the sorrow that this brings, the sadness that envelops you will embitter you in time. Have hope, you are of spirit, all of you, each and every one of you, you have this knowledge deep inside and yet you have let it go for the fragments of life that you see before you.

Your umbilical cord of spirit is never broken. You must see the truth of this.

Time of Enlightenment to Come

We are happy to announce that we will bring a time shortly of enlightenment to many, not necessarily through the words we speak this evening, but through the many things of life that you cannot understand at this time.

The Beings of Light that exist all around you are there to bring you comfort and hope, they are of another universe, another dimension. You fear them, for how can this be natural that they radiate this light? But it is natural, they exist in another form beyond yours. It is only your shortcomings that cannot see or understand and accept it. They walk with you constantly, some will say that they have seen an angel or an angels feather that falls beneath their feet. They say this because it is something that your people would say, but do they believe, truly believe that these things are there for a reason?

We understand this, this man (Michael) understands this, but still he doubts at times because his human nature intercedes upon his behalf, but he knows the truth and he feels despair at times. He must fight for the things that he believes, this evening being a prime example. He acknowledges that the words are facts and of the truth, that they are spoken by that of spirit and others, yet his conscious mind will not allow him to think of these impossible things. Still he fights on, the courage is there, sometimes lacking, but other times strong.

So we bring you hope this evening children, that although your world seems dark and dismal at this time with much despair brought through the viruses and diseases of your life, and although your loved ones may cross unexpectedly, have no fear, for they live on within a world of light and truth, as you all will.

Have peace my children this evening. Good evening.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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