22-07-20 Emotions, Faith, Fear of Wars, Life Purpose, Past Lives, Energy of Heaven etc

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Transcript Date: 22nd July 2020

Once more we have come to sit with you Michael, now that your focus will once more allow us a communication required.

Emotions and Faith

It has been a time of immeasurable events, not just within your life, but within the lives of many of your world, some you may know, many you will not. You cannot distinguish between them, for some are well hidden whilst others show their emotions, they call them a weakness, but the emotion shown is a strength, an inner strength that helps, heals and assists in those darkest hours of your lives. Be persistent in your faith, do not allow those dark clouds to overshadow your lives, for you must allow your blossom to bloom, to open its petals and shine out to the world once more.

Tonight we welcome many friends of this earth and beyond. Some you and Valerie will be aware of, and Kevin, naturally. You are a trio, an organisation set to bring peace to people’s hearts with never-ending love and caring, and as much as you do not like to speak of yourself, or regard yourself as being someone who has a special connection, nevertheless, you are required to carry out your life as intended. This takes time, we know, but the vibrations are high this evening and your friends, the couple, will feel the emotion given, for no apparent reason and they will wonder why they feel so overwhelmed and overcome by the emotion of love. A triumph for you all to be welcomed and connected within the light and love of heaven.

Nowadays it is seldom seen that people would speak to this side of life, for their lives overwhelm them and the chaos seems endless to them as they walk their lives, many in peril and equally, many with deep satisfaction. There are those in this world who do not understand the gift of life that is given by the creator, it is given freely and you have a free will so that you may experience life in a different way to that of the spiritual realm. Although you do not understand these things because what you feel now is the only thing that is real to you, there is much more beyond heaven and earth that you must understand.

Much teaching will be given to all of you. You will walk in the light of heaven one day, prosperous with knowledge, common sense and goodwill to others, sharing love where it is needed and influencing those who have heartache and feel their lives are no longer worth living. Life goes on and is always worth living. You should never be ashamed to show your sadness and your disappointments. Emotions are given as a tool to be used by those of your world. Many of you use your imagination and call it dreams, whilst others focus upon these things and task themselves to do the work, as was ordained long ago. This is no easy task, as many will know, and as you know Michael, but you must continue on and abolish the thoughts of uselessness and your hopelessness, for there is never a moment that we do not walk with you and hold your hand.

You feel our touch at this time Michael, you welcome us even though you do not know who it is that is with you, but let us reassure you that our love is with you constantly, and with all others who have suffered loss in recent times. There is a need to cry for them, for the tears of the human being are an outlet, an outpouring of emotions, and those that hold these things in should be aware that they can fester within you, hatred is not welcomed but sorrow and joy are emotions that are given to urge you on. Many feel this is hopeless as they lament upon their loved ones of long ago.

The Energy of Heaven

Be assured, that all will be reunited once more in that place you call heaven. It is a world of energy, of what you would call spirit. Your energy lingers on, and when we say that you will rejoin your loved ones, we mean this literally as your energy merges with theirs within the realm of spirit, the world beyond yours. How could this be you will ask, how can this exist without our knowledge? But you have knowledge, you are aware constantly, each and every one of you and for the most part. It is ignored as something of the imagination, perhaps a twinge, perhaps it’s nothing at all, just nature doing her thing. But we are amongst you constantly and we guide you in our steps to bring you joy once more, to offer our love. All we ask is your obedience to sit and pray, to speak to us, to allow us to enter your lives and shine (illuminate) the road ahead.

Purpose of Life

Bring yourselves peace this evening in the knowledge that many of those suffering at this time will augment their lives and find themselves in a place of peace, of happiness. The reality of life is short lived, and as you gather your thoughts at the end of your days, be it long or short, you will once more ask what was the purpose, why did I take this path in life? The children of your world, although not matured will see a better place. This is no comfort to those parents who have lost their young ones and we could say you should have glad tidings in your hearts that their suffering is over, but yours will continue on, such a loss.

Maturity brings obedience to most, your knowledge as the years linger on gathers pace. Once you were a child who thought life was forever, then the years roll by and you begin to look back and ask whatever happened to that time? You’re maturity progresses and if you do not reach those mature years within life, then truly you will continue on after this life, continue to grow and the knowledge will walk with you.

Past Lives and Fear

Time and time again we have spoken of past lives and those to come. Many regrettably do not understand this, but we assure you, that your everlasting soul and spirit, the energy that is you, will occupy another body, perhaps here once more upon earth, perhaps a different area of time and space. Lessons must be learnt and brought forward so that you may journey your spiritual lives with peace and have an attitude of grace and love towards others.

There are many aspects of your world that you fear, you hold those close to you, those dear ones that you love and many things are out of your control. You do not speak about your thoughts, fears or conquests over the years, but to conquer fear is truly something special, even the bravest of the brave know fear, it is an emotion that is given to alert you to the dangers around. Those that ignore this fear, do so at their own peril and their belonging to the world of spirit never diminishes, even though they may bring upon themselves a shorter time in the living world.

Message of Love

Michael, we have one who wishes to speak this evening, she offers no name, for she has lived many times, but this evening she comes to wish you all a welcome and bring warm greetings from the world of spirit. Her name is not important, as we have told you she has had many within your world, but listen to her words, for she brings you peace within your sorrow, within those years of torment whilst upon earth.

“May I sing to you a song, a story of love, to listen to the birds singing in the trees, in the meadows and fields of life. This is a special gift that you are all aware of, to sit and listen to the humble blackbird as she whistles her tune and he responds in kind with love. They do not argue or fight, or ridicule one another for the things they sing of, they will sing for the beauty of the day and give thanks in this way for their living years.

Their young, who are many, are equally as important to the world, they are born of the egg, as an embryo, as you all are, for nature has many strands of life, but all are equal in their measure.

So if you walk through the fields of life, run your hands along the corn, the grass or the barley, open your mind and hear with the ears you are given, the songs that are given by nature, for within these things is much truth that will bring you peace and joy. And as the sparrow hawk flies as a menace above, they will have no fear, for they have joy and happiness in their lives.

Nature brings terrible things and events to many different species of your world and it is not unique amongst the many worlds that harbour life within the universes that surround you. You once asked Michael, why you are here amongst these terrible events and things that you see constantly, the things the human race does to one another you cannot fathom. You are not alone, for there are many who seek the answers as to their being. But we are grateful to receive these questions, these thoughts, for we will give you teaching, although it may be beyond your years in this life but in the next life to come, you must understand that life in all forms has many regrets, for it grows through experience.

Your needless thoughts and fears for the world are unfounded, for life will continue on, and a species such as yours that seem endlessly intolerant of each other, will in time return to a state of well-being, shall we say. But like children you must learn by your mistakes and many will succumb, many nations will not survive, many civilisations will equally not survive, but you must understand that your soul and spirit will continue on.

So as the song of the blackbird and of the thrush whistles at the dawn of the day, listen to their voice, for they speak the truth of joy and happiness to the world in which they live, to your world.”

New speaker

Lives, Past, Present and Future

Shortly will come a time when the being of man will meet a precipice, a time for reconciliation and not anger. This may seem far away from many thoughts at this time, but we will endeavour to assist, likewise you must play your part. Time is constant and regulates many things beyond your life, at the same time it is irrelevant, for as you count the time, the years, hours, minutes of your lives, you have many lives. We have demonstrated this to many as they have returned with memories of lost times, they recall these things and are called liars! For how could they possibly know of this?

Listen to your hearts, hear the voice that calls to you from within, for it speaks the truth. Many will ignore these thoughts and continue on until their paths end, but they will recall this time and the world to come. We will not denounce them, we will not be angry with them for their disbelief, for their education is lacking and once more they must return to recall the many things of life.

Trespassers of your mind you may call them, but who is the trespasser? Is it the stranger who would feed you lies and talk to you about discrimination and harbour fantastic fears for you to feed upon, or is it the one who speaks the truth, who would whisper in your ear of the joys of life and the happiness that it can bring?

For the most part you live your lives unaware of the many things around you, of the sequence of events that are about to occur at any one point in life, yet you know of these things, you call it a ‘sixth sense’, a ‘knowing’ if you will, this ability is not limited to one person, but to all, but to enable it to come forth you must have clarity of mind and thought.


The tables have turned they will say, what good is it to betray one’s countrymen when you betray yourselves? A strange comment to make, but you will hear these words shortly, as your nations begin to argue about the meaningless things of life. They condemn each other, the whispers are heard, but who tells the truth? The economics of your world fester in the minds of many and you harbour fears and anxieties of your future with good reason, for those many men of power will betray you. Their long lost words will return to haunt them and your nations will continue to bicker needlessly, pointlessly, for no one man can rule this world or the heavens that exist, no one man is above those who are above him, each has a master and that master is ultimately the creator of life.

Fears of Wars

You harbour fears of wars as the nations tempers rise, accusations fly and the Kremlin will challenge many of your countrymen, equally those other countries will also challenge. A constant fear will overwhelm many as they bicker between themselves. They will miss the point of life and if you listen to the arguments and side with one or the other, then you too are missing the point of life, for you bring yourselves anxiety and fear, when you should simply live your life.

Those that rule you will condemn you and their lives will continue on, but they will have many regrets. Their heartache will be much as they frequent the corridors of power. You think they do not care, and for the most part they have slumbering minds, they are asleep, afraid to speak out to those houses of your Parliament, they aspire to win your hearts, but who tells the truth?

In your own good judgement you must make up your minds, do not listen to their rhetoric as they argue amongst themselves, live your lives as was intended, and what will be will be. There is a universe of happiness waiting for you all, you belong to this universe of light, and there you will find peace once more. For those that ravage your nations with war and condemn men needlessly to torture and punishment will find that they too will suffer the same thing in a time to come.

Disappointment is in your thoughts, but each man or woman leads their lives in their own fashion and we have told you, what you do today will become your future.

Let us not keep you any longer. The blessings of the house of the Lord are now with you.

New speaker

See beyond the obstacles of life

To speak of many things about different subjects is a universal gift given to many, you demonstrate this many times, but others see you as a laugh, a bit of a joke perhaps, but they do not understand your commitment or your feelings, for they have shelved theirs. It is the obstacles of life, the material world that is put before you as a test, it is only those that are able to see beyond these things that truly have a vision.

Never doubt yourself, never bring fear to yourselves, for we are with you. Go with a blessing this evening Michael, and with a blessing for all who would read and listen to our words. You have felt our presence this evening, you have felt your loved ones by your side, they walk with you constantly and your life will move on, fragmented at times with sadness and sorrow, but these things will get better. It is up to you to look beyond the sadness and sorrow and see the greater picture that lies ahead, and those of love that wait for you, do so patiently, as do many others awaiting their families, bringing them peace and comfort once more.

Captain Tom

Tom, we must mention tonight, he is a man of vision and not illusion. His greatness has spread amongst your world, demonstrating his obedience to God and his loyalty to Queen and country. There are many like him who live today, live beyond their years, yet they have peace of heart and their knowledge is great. Their wisdom should be listened to.

Do not be sad of heart when these inspirational people should pass to the next world, for they have left you a gift of love and the memoirs that they speak of should be regarded as lessons of life to be learnt by the young.

It is his experience that will teach about of the hardships of his time and others of his age. His hardship continues today, but you are given the illusion that all is well. Look deeper within your communities, look to the sadness in the eyes that is shown, although they may look prosperous and healthy, there is much bitterness in their lives. They will not call out to you in their moment of need, for they fear it is a sign of weakness, but joy should be brought to them, strength given in the words that you speak.

Look into the eyes of those that you meet, for they display many things in life that cannot be spoken of. We say to you this evening, as an old soldier like Tom would tell you, to live your life without fear, to tread the path of life with hope in your heart and equally, a love to share with others, of family and friends and the strangers that you may meet.

Time will tell and time is short for many, but indeed we have spoken about continuation of the soul and spirit, so listen to the wise words given in the memoirs written by Tom, for he speaks the truth, and although you may think that his years of warring with others was the thing that he wanted, in truth he did not want these things, and nor did many others.

You are obedient to your masters, they call you and they expect you to obey, so reluctantly you may obey them, but it is the love and compassion in your hearts that will bring you out the other side, and that is what makes the difference between the good and bad of your world.

Walk steadfastly towards the future

Have faith, trust and belief in the things that you do, walk steadfastly towards the future, knowing that there is a purpose for each and every one of you, for life will continue on in many different threads, in many spheres of dimensions unknown to you. You need not know of these things, for time will bring them to you and you will wonder, will you recall the times that you live now, of your family and friends, and as we speak your family draw close to let you know Michael, that yes indeed they do remember, and it is only at that point when you move on, to your ‘next lesson’ shall we say, that these things are put to one side for a time. You may have many families, many mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and family members, they all exist either in spirit or in life.

Remember we told you, that your energy is part of many others and they will always walk with you, and the lessons that you learn, you will recall in your lives to come. Your former lives are a valuable lesson to learn.

Do not be ashamed to show your love and compassion towards others, and at this time when social distancing in your world exists, you can still reach out to each other through your eyes. For as it is said in your world, the eyes are the windows to the soul and never a truth was spoken that had such meaning as this.

Good evening. Amen.



Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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