This site has been created by three friends, a husband and wife team and their friend, an unassuming trance medium. We seek no recognition or reward therefore at this time we choose to remain nameless.

This site carries messages which have been channelled through our friend by beings of the light, in particular those that we believe to be of Arcturian Origin. We recognise that these sometimes powerful messages are meant to be available for all who wish to read them.

Sadly humanity is facing turbulent times and sometimes the messages may seem very harsh, however we appreciate that just as a loving parent may speak harsh words to an unruly teenager, our friends of the light speak harsh words to us, in an attempt to prevent humanity from heading towards further problems. Unfortunately in many cases the damage we have already done to the planet has gone too far for human repair. Therefore we are warned of potential earth cleansing events.

We suggest that if anyone is of a sensitive or nervous disposition they may not wish to read the messages.

To balance the harshness, words of wisdom and philosophy are also given to uplift us.

We make no claims about the predictions given to us. We only promise that the words spoken are genuine. They may sometimes be difficult to read or understand. Other than adding notes regarding what we think may be the potential meaning to a word or phrase, they are all exactly as channelled, recorded and subsequently typed out by our medium friend.

We are able to verify that the content of the channelled information has never been researched, heard of, or understood. prior to any of these messages being transcribed.

The biblical way in which the words are spoken may be off putting for some and we appreciate that the concept of God being mentioned is also difficult for many people. Again we reiterate the words are not ours or our friends.

If you have an aversion to the word God or Lord, please try thinking of it like this: God is a man made word and there is no absolute correct translation or meaning of this word from original texts. For instance, the Quakers will refer to God as ‘The Light’. in other biblical texts God is referred to as The Elohim, ‘the creators’ and the leader of the Elohim was known as Yahweh, the word Yahweh is translated from YHWH and means “I am who I am”. The word Elohim means “Those who come from the sky”. More Information 

Our personal view is that there is one ‘God’ or Force/Conciousness/Source whatever you like to call it, and we are all part of it.

We welcome constructive comments from readers. It is possible that we may have misinterpreted some of the content ourselves, in which case are open to correction, or you may have something relevant to add.


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