Collective Dissonance – Jesus channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Most of you are consciously unaware of the effect you have on others by stating your opinions so forcefully, and because you think you are right and try to persuade another that they should agree with you, it is causing much dissonance within your society.  This is not a good reason for carrying on in this way, because at the moment you are not aware of the damage you are causing. Many of you are unaware of the damage you are causing because your ego is telling what you believe and speak about is correct, but this it is only your opinion.

Because of the acute conditions on earth at this time, this is causing great collective dissonance in the world, and it saddens me so much to see how much you are arguing with one another.  You see when you do this, it allows the dark forces to take over, they love it because this causes separation, despair, and discontent amongst you. This is fear speaking because you have lost your way and are seeking to find a group of people who will think the same way as you, so that you may feel safe.

At the moment because fear is rife in your society many of you are floundering not knowing where you are going, or what to believe or what action to take. This is a sad state of affairs and one I do not like to see my children involved in.  You will play to the dark forces if you continue to act like this, so now it is time to wake up and take responsibility for yourself, your families and your co-workers. Do not continue to run with the crowd or keep changing your allegiance.   Do you not know your own mind, can you not decide that it has be you that makes decisions about what YOU believe in, instead of following a crowd that does not know where they are going.

This has caused much dissent amongst you and has even divided what was previously a happy family.  When you are collectively challenged by an outside force it is time to pull together, to support each other, and give each the respect to make their own decisions without your interference or having to be the one ‘that knows it all’.

At a higher level of consciousness we can see that you are lost, and following others in a sheep like manner. But now you must realise the damage that you doing to yourself in terms of your mental health, but also the effect you are having on others. It is very important for you to realise that you all have an effect on people and situations around at this moment in time.

Your daily problems that you are dealing with are being experienced by many other people, know that you are not the only one.  Why do you think the world has been stopped, why do you think that you have been curtailed from running amok in the world and pillaging the planet of its resources? I wonder if you have an answer to this question?

Now you need to seek the deeper reason beyond your current restriction and become aware of how man has brought this upon himself, so he might learn to become more consciously awake.  I know these words will not be popular, but now it is time to speak the truth, and if I call you up short right now and get your attention, I will be assured that you understand the purpose of this message.

I know many of you would like to remind me that you are getting a raw deal and I do accept that your lives are challenging, but within this challenge there is a chance that you might wake up to the global affect that your previous behaviour has caused the earth to suffer.

This time I am not going to let you off the hook, because it is imperative that you wake to the truth of who you are, and take responsibility right now for all your actions, including your speech and behaviour. Many of you are behaving badly because you feel resentful and angry at the conditions in your life at this time, but behaving badly will not help you, in fact this will worsen your disposition and energetically disturb not only yourself but all others around you.

Remember you have a responsibility to care for your family and children and act in a responsible manner. If they should see you acting badly do not be surprised if this rebounds on you when they the start to mimic your behaviour.  You see when you take responsibility for all you do, you will not be so easily swayed by those whose opinions you seem to believe are the truth.  The time has come for you to become a thinker and a seeker of a truth that is right for you, and not mindlessly follow the majority of the crowd.

This is an important time in the awakening of man’s consciousness, it is the awakened ones that may challenge you to seek your truth. If you do not wish to engage that is your choice, but please don’t blame me or anybody else when your life goes askew. If you decide to turn your back on the truth and blindly take the easier route by following the masses, be aware that the masses are not sure where they are going, hence the confusion.

So now you, individually as well as collectively, must choose to take responsibility for your own life and let others do the same.  Do not judge them for their beliefs and actions, but respect them for the decisions they make. All of you must live your own lives and let others live theirs in the way they feel that is right for them at this time.

Judging one another or being critical is not going to help either as this only makes people feel more resentful and fearful.  The true message that is facing you, is that you do not seem to love and care for yourselves that much, and often you don’t care too much about others.  I am only saying this as a general collective statement, because I know there are many who do love and care for people, but there are also a lot who are unthinking and do not care that much.

Now you as a society will have to change your attitudes and core beliefs if you are to survive this latest challenge.  I have spoken to you many times about loving and caring for each other but many have turned away and closed their ears to my advice once again.  Unless you change your attitude to your fellow man there will not be a chance for peace on earth should you continue to have such a closed mind.

Today I am here to try and waken you to the consequences of your actions, the consequences of your ignorant and unacceptable behaviour that is creating such negative dissonance in your world. Do you not realise that unless you make an effort to treat each other in a reasonable and thoughtful way you will only get more of what you are experiencing at this moment.  In other words YOU have to change right now, or accept the consequences of your present behaviour.

I am a man of peace, and I guess you might be surprised and a little resentful that I am speaking to you in this tone of voice. I am doing this so you might listen, and this will ensure you fully wake up to the consequences of your actions, because most of the troubles in the world have been brought about by man’s dastardly actions against his fellow man.

Remember, treat others as you would like to be treated if you wish to gain the respect and attention of others.  You will not get their attention if you blame them, criticise them, or are aggressive towards them, because they will just turn their back on you and walk away, and who can blame them?

So my dears if you are still reading this I will know that I have got your attention, please take this message seriously.   If you do not take the time to change your ways you will pay the consequences. If you keep blaming God or me or anyone else, you are not taking responsibility for yourself.  It is time to grow up and understand that you are responsible for yourself, and not expect anybody else to sort out your life. Now you must do this on your own, and when you finally understand this, that is when your life will change, and the people around you will change then you will be able live life on the same vibrational frequency as others and be at peace.

All I wish for you is peace in your heart, peace in your home and peace in your world. But you will have to find a way to find peace, and to love and respect all you meet, and agree to disagree in a kindly and respectful manner. I do not like to have to talk to you like this, it is not how I wish to discourse with you, but times are tough and so I have had to get tough with you to get you to see the truth of what is happening. So when you realise this, you will not only change yourself but will help others to come into a more peaceful resolution with one another.

I love you all so dearly and I am so unhappy to see your distress and to see you in so much fear, but until you decide to change, then life will go on in the same way. Is that what you want? I don’t think so, but there is no magical wand that will come along and make it all good again.

There are no politicians, no doctors, no friends, nor bosses that you can heap the responsibility onto, now it’s down to you and only you can decide how you wish to live your life and what you want to achieve in the life that you have been given.

There are many good people on earth who do sterling work holding the light for you, but they are feeling depleted and losing hope that they can help others to find their own love and light within.  So, if you get an offer of help, make sure you take it up immediately as the opportunity may not come around again.

This is the challenge I am throwing out to you. I have warned you that time is of the essence, and it is vital that you listen to these words and understand how important they are for your ultimate survival.  If you should decide not to make any change in your life then you will face the consequences, and remember, you will always be given the chance to change, but your options and time are running out. Decide not to live in fear anymore, look at the facts that face you and make your own decisions and stand by them regardless of what other people may say to you, be strong and confident and stand in your own two shoes.

Set an example to your friends and family and see the relief in their faces when you decide to take the lead and stand strong in your belief.  It is time to grow up, and grow into yourself, and to show the world the truth of who you are.  Listen to your heart for direction, trust your instincts for they will not fail you, and know that this is not a message that you should ever ignore.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 12th April, 2021

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You are my counterpart – St Paul – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Jesus told me I was his counterpart, I was to be his voice in the world, and so can you.  You see, now is a very important time in the history of mankind and it is a beautiful time of the awakening of mans soul.  The uprisings you are experiencing are part of your soul’s evolution to the goodness and mercy you have within you. 

Many of you are feeling strained and unhappy, yet if only you would take time and space to bring you back into yourselves, you would start to find inner peace.

So many of you have lost your way and feel estranged from each other, there are so many differing opinions and many feel cut off from the humanity of mankind. Sometimes you feel like that you are living in a foreign country with no friends or family around. These are difficult times indeed, but one that you must overcome. This means that every individual must find his or her way back to the truth of who he or she is and learn not to listen to the opinions of others that are often based on false promise.

These are challenging times, we understand that so well, because we too have lived a life on earth and know how difficult this can be.  But we do not want you to lose hope or believe that you will not have an enjoyable life in the future.   I know at times life looks bleak and it certainly feels as if you have lost your ability to laugh and feel joy in your heart.

This is why we ask you to take the ‘inner journey’ into the conscious awakening of your soul and learn to listen to the words of my master, our dear Lord Jesus Christ once more. I assure you that his loving words will bring you comfort once more, and even if you are new to his teachings, be assured they will resonate with your heart, a heart that has been closed for so long.

So now he is asking you to be his counterpart and is requesting today that you listen to the words of wisdom that he would like to impart upon you:

My dearest troubled ones on earth, do not despair, do not believe in the fear mongers, the ones that would wish to take control and destroy your peace of mind.  Now it is time to find your inner light within and come back to me.  I preach that to love all is to serve all, and although many have forgotten to love others and indeed themselves, this is the first lesson that you need to be reminded of.

You see, so many of you do not like yourselves, let alone love yourselves, you listen to others who have an opinion on you and distort the truth about you. So now I am asking you listen for my voice of truth in your ear and I will lead you back so you may experience a peaceful heart and loving mind.

I know that some of you have strayed and have not given much thought about me, your lives are so busy that you have forgotten that once I existed, for many have known me and prayed to me in the past.

I call you the forgotten ones, not forgotten by me, but you have forgotten how to love yourselves first and give yourself time to find yourselves and your joy in living.  I witness your sadness and struggles, and I so want to help you in your hour of need, but now my dears it is time to help yourselves.

When you make the decision to change your life and make love the central thought of each day, then your life will change, your vibration will change and then you will attract others of like mind, who wish, like yourselves to be healed in mind, body and spirit.

It is no hardship for you to try and find me, you only have to ask me one more time. I am alert to those who wish to regain their contact with me and wish to become my counterpart on earth, so that they too can spread the word of love.  Learning to love each other unreservedly is a very important way to live, because there is much judgement in the world and too much disillusionment.

But I doubt you realise that at the core of most people is a loving heart, as yet unopened to its fullness, as they are unable to comprehend how much they are loved and adored by us.  Adore yourselves dear ones, adore your loved ones and feel our adoration bless you heart.  Feel us come close to you now dry your tears knowing life will get better, but it is time for you to wake up and see the beauty all around you.

Get out of your mind and come into you heart, listen to your heart when you make your decisions. Do not judge another whose struggles may seem impossible, because they cannot see the path ahead and only feel desperation.  You have been placed on earth to help others, even if in this moment you do not believe a word I say.  But I understand your hesitancy and I know you seek a different life, otherwise why would you be reading these words?

Your life can change in a flash and you can feel different within minutes when I bless you with the power of my love. I do not judge you, nor should you judge others, for that will bring you onto the path of disillusionment and fear.  My dearest ones, come to me with your problems and ask me to help you, and as you feel your fear leave you, know that you have been blessed by me your saviour. And so as you have been blessed, so you may bless others and speak of me to others and share the love you feel in your heart.  

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling that you are loved and I assure you that you are in my name.   Bring your people back to me, share your experience and tell others how blessed you feel now you have found me again.  Tell them to renounce their fear and come into the everlasting arms of love once more.

Do not let them feel afraid because of their past deeds, but tell them to reconnect with me and I will bless them so they may start anew, and will lead a new life, one that has my love in their hearts.  All are blessed and many see me in their dreams and see my face when they pray, I am a very present presence in more lives than is understood by those who still feel lost.

Because of what is happening in your world it is more important now than ever to shepherd your flock back to me, teach your families to have faith in me and know that I am ever present in their lives. A family that lives in faith is blessed indeed, and they will bless all they meet as their light shines for all to see.

So will you carry my beacon of light, will you become my counterpart and offer love to all you meet.  Will you become a saviour to mankind in a world that so desperately needs to feel my love rising again in their breast? Will you stand tall and speak of me unreservedly, proudly saying my name with reverence and love to all my children on earth?

Will you my dears, having had your own deliverance, pass the wonder of your faith and shining countenance onto others?  Will you become my saints on earth to help heal the earth and its people?  Do you understand how many people are troubled and need your help, the ones who are seeking a kindly word and a caring approach so they may find an answer to their problems? The world and its people are starved of love, starved of hope and many are feeling depressed and desolate at this difficult time.

That is why I am asking you today to make your contribution to the people of the world who need so much love. Walk amongst your people as I did, spread my word as I did, and be proud to be my counterpart in a world that is so dependant upon the love you can give to others in need.

Dearest ones, the timing of this mission to bring peace to earth is now desperately important. I thank St. Paul for bringing this matter to your attention, because it was St Paul who undertook his own mission to spread the word of God, who is assisting me right now so that we can achieve our mission to bring peace on earth to mankind.

As Jesus has spoken to you about our mission to bring peace on earth, now you are being called to ascend into a higher consciousness, and we welcome you into the body of the Christ consciousness that is enveloping the world as we speak.

But there is much work to be achieved right now, as we need to inspire others who are unaware of the bad vibrations that they are sending out at this moment. The vibration of fear, doubt and desperation is affecting many more people than they would like to believe within the collective consciousness of mankind.

It is important that the vibration of love and the words of Jesus are used to counteract the lower vibrations that are affecting your people and all life on planet earth.  To achieve this transformation for peace on earth we need our earthly beings that have become more aware of the part they can play in the absolution of mankind.

Men and woman who are stuck in the lower vibration on earth need to be assisted to move into the light of their being, and all followers of Christ and his word are being asked to step up and become more consciously awake so they can shine the light of Christ on all they meet.

The mission for world peace is now gathering a pace as our light workers are coming forth to assist us in the greatest homecoming of Christ to all people of the word.  This great movement of light workers needs more assistance and support as they carry the mantel and the candle of love for all within their hearts.

We ask you to step up and join us in this essential mission of light that needs to permeate the earth during its greatest transition, and for the people who are undergoing their own transformation.  All light beings are being called forth to step up and lead the charge, to support our army of light workers that will help them fulfil the most important task that has ever been undertaken by so few, for so many.

Now you are being called forward to assist us to bring the love and light of Jesus Christ to all you meet, regardless of their stature or standing, for all are equal in our eyes.  All must be given an opportunity to transform themselves without any judgement upon them, because it is the love of God, that with your help, will transform them into a being of light and love.

We send you our dearest blessings and thank you for your valuable assistance. Know that we will be by your side as you allow yourself to be used by us to bring mankind to his fullest enlightenment that will allow him to live in peace for evermore.

St. Paul the Apostle

27th March, 2021

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Mary Magdalene and Jeshua channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


The human mind can be very limited in its thinking and so when you underestimate yourself and your ability to move forward, then you underestimate the power of spirit, and how spirit can move you forward to your next destination.

This is very common aspect of human behaviour, and it is up to you to change your energy, your thoughts, and your behaviour otherwise you will stay stuck.

Whatever your circumstances you must know that we care and love you, and that you are never alone whatever is happening however frustrating or difficult the situation might appear to be.  But you must realise that nothing within your reality is stuck, even though it may feel that way to you.  Life by its very nature is ever changing and you are changing with it. But if you insist on feeling like a victim that will stop you from moving on because of your negative approach and lack of trust in spirit, who often will protect you from making bad decisions.

But you must realise that this is not all about you, because you do not live in isolation, and have to interact with other people all the time, that is part of being human. Now more than ever you have to learn to live harmoniously with others, even if your situation feels challenging. If that should be the case you will need to learn to be flexible but importantly understand that your spiritual team are working behind the scenes to create your best opportunity, for not only your spiritual growth but so you might understand the purpose of your soul path more intimately and ultimately more powerfully.

You see the challenges that  you feel are only in your mind and if  you underestimate or do not trust our power to assist you, you might block your path through negativity and as the old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  You must learn that even when life seems unbearably tough you must learn to be resilient to any thoughts of depression or low self esteem, and bring yourself back to source, back to the love that you know is always there for you.

It really is a matter of trusting the divine to guide you and there is a delicate balance between trust and right action.  Yes there are times when you need to be proactive and take immediate steps forward, but there are also times when introspection and more of a inner trusting of spirit, a dance with the divine life plan that is far more important.

This inner awareness of the delicacy of this twin partnership relates to how much you have grown from being a human living in the physical on earth, to being a divinely guided inspiration to others. In this state of mind you will never underestimate your own power to create what you want, or indeed deny the divine of their most wonderful support.

The desert you see that has no horizon in sight is of your own making, when the monkey mind allows doubts of your survival to creep in and destroy your peace of mind, that is when you lose your power, lose your faith, and lose your peace of mind. What does it take to trust us fully?  What do you need to face that makes you feel so insecure and unhappy, and what do you need to feel safe?

You see when you understand that you are not treading this journey alone and that the almighty is always with you, it is then you will find inner peace, knowing that all is working out beautifully for your best and highest good.  And even when life seems to have turned against you, or the people around you do not seem to understand, all you need to do is to try and understand yourself first and not blame others for your unhappy state of mind.

You see all these experiences come to help illuminate you more deeply into the beautiful spiritual being you are becoming, and it is this spiritual growth that once learnt, will help you to enlighten others.  My dears the way of spirit is not always easy, as I know all too well myself, but trusting the process and not allowing yourself to sink down into believing everything is lost is imperative for your sanity.

You cannot help others unless you have gone down the road of exploration into your higher awareness. We watch and pray for your good recovery and a new lightness of spirit, so know that we watch over and care for you each and every day. You are a wonderful being of light who has decided to incarnate at this most interesting time in man’s evolution, that will allow every man and woman to come into their spiritual heritage, their sovereignty, their beautiful spiritual hearts.

Nothing is in vain, so do not blame others for your discourse, your stress, or your inaccurate perception of what is going on around you.  God knows what you need to grow into, so being challenged is part of that growth. But do not despair, be of good cheer, because as you grow more into yourself and into your God, your life will be unmatched within the inner contentment and joy that will be felt inside.

You will feel bullet proofed against any adversities in the world for they will not touch you as your faith is so strong, and you will become as strong as an ox and be able to face the mighty ego of its displacements.  Ego is rampant in your society at the moment but when faced with the pure force of the love of God it is no match, and will wither and die.

That is why you our dearest light workers on earth are such an important part of our mission for peace and we could not achieve this without your help.  Many of you have turned back to God during these past few months during the crisis that has hit your world, a crisis that man has brought onto himself by his inability to not only serve himself, but his planet and all of mankind. 

But there are those who have decided that ‘enough is enough’ and want to help themselves as well as assist others into the awakening of mankind to a higher level of consciousness. You see the situation that you now face has been going on a very long time and it is only now that a good many people have decided that their lives have to change, and will change for the better.

It is no surprise to us that this great wave of new consciousness is spreading through your lands, and even though in the physical it can look messy and unproductive, and might even feel like that circumstances are getting worse rather than better, we assure you that they are not.  It is only the dross of the old that is being stripped away, and this is happening in the collective consciousness, as well individual minds of all thinking men and woman of spiritual substance.

It is a very interesting time in the evolution of mankind and this will inevitably brings up challenges that need to be faced. We wish to assure you that you are indeed our wonderful spiritual warriors doing exceptionally hard and sometimes demanding work, for which we gratefully indebted to you, and we thank you deeply for all your efforts on our behalf.

Now we wish to bring you some good news and it is my dearest Jeshua who now wishes to speak to you:

‘ My dear people of the earth, I know at this time many of you are finding your circumstances rather trying, sometimes uncomfortable and are longing for a change for the better.   I am here to assure all of you that the difficult times are leaving and the sun is on the horizon.  I know that many of you feel physically tired and battle weary, but know that you are so close to a major break through of magnificent proportions.

Through your dedication we have been able to stride forward with our intention to bring peace to earth, and it is you our light workers on the earth that is making this dream a reality. Without your time, dedication, and support our dream of bringing peace to all on earth would not have even got off the starting blocks.

You have played a critical role by showing the world your dedication to the light, and by bringing in your light force into the world.  I see many lanterns on earth and look on with pride at your many achievements you are our ‘light army’ who carry your mantel with pride knowing that you work for the light and no other.  

You do not know how much this gladdens my heart to see such a wonderful response to our clarion call, and as we speak there are many more faces turning to and being called into the light that is going into the deepest part of their being. Quite simply without your dedication we would not be making the inroads that we have been able to particularly during the past few years.

For everyone who shows their light to others is a light worker of much magnificence, because it is their light that can literally change others, and that helps change the rest of the world.  Loving each other, helping each other, and being tolerant of each other is so important especially as you all have faced quite difficult, collective and individual challenges during these past few years.

Now the collective sun is appearing on the horizon as we speak, and more and more of you are gathering together in my name.  As many of you know I have been preaching the word of God to my people for many a year, many a century, but it is only now that my words are being taken seriously and action is being taken. This is truly wonderful to see and that is why we are speaking to you today to assure you that your efforts have not been in vain, and to let you know that the tide has turned in the right direction at long last.

So these words have been spoken to give you the encouragement you need to carry on your good work, to have trust in me and trust in your God. All your efforts have not been in vain I do assure you, and we are most thankful for your steadfast and loyal support that is helping to create peace to earth right now’. Jesus Christ.

So do not underestimate the power that you hold in your heart, the power that you hold in your actions, and the power that you hold within the physical world you live in. You are the game changers, and because you live in a physical body on earth you are in a unique position to change the world.  And as more and more turn their faces to the light, so the light will shine stronger and brighter in your world.  Every one of you is important, so do not belittle yourself or feel that you have no role to play, because I assure you, each and every one of you is important and part of our mission for peace on earth.

Without your individual and collective efforts we would not be making the inroads that we are doing at the moment. So our message to you it to ‘keep on keeping on’ with your quest for peace and love in your own lives, and peace for all others that you meet on your journey on earth at this critical time of man’s evolution. Each and every one of you count and we know you all, love you all, and want you to know how much difference you are making just by being you, and by sharing your unique and wonderful gifts with all others.

Now this is the time for a great celebration as you step into your greatest liberation, your greatest achievement, and your greatest love for life for the life you have on earth. Well done our dear brothers and sisters of the light well done. Now it is time to step forward knowing we are sharing each step, each victory, and each achievement with you every hour of every day of your beautiful life on earth.

Mary Magdalene   

Anna Marie Croxson   7th April, 2021

A message about division and duality from St Paul, channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


History teaches us that man sees going to war as a valid action that proves what they believe in gives them permission to go to war and kill other. This is indeed a sad state of affairs and what is even more worrying is this is still a belief in your world.

Man believes that he is right and his religious beliefs have often resulted in loss of life and limb on a large scale. So when are the people of the world going to realise that the belief that you hold will never be the truth of who you are, and that the only truth you seek will be found within God.

It is through my connection to Jesus that I learnt this truth, a truth that mankind has ignored for many century. This saddens me so, because it was our Lord Jesus Christ that came to resurrect himself so we could recognise the truth of who we are. He gave his life for us, his blood was split for us, and even now we are careless with our lives and do not often respect the will of God.

I do not wish to go into the political nature of my life because first and foremost I was a man of God. I believed in God and our dear Jesus Christ and that is a message of love.  So does it matter whether you are a Jew or a Gentile? In Gods eyes it does not, but in mans eyes it does. This belief has not altered for some centuries, and it is this division within mankind that causes the wars that you have witnessed recently.

When is humankind going to learn that they are all ‘one’ in the eyes of God, when is humankind going to start following the teachings of Jesus, and his love of his father who art in heaven?   When is humankind going to wake up to their inherit goodness and mercy that I know resides within each and every one of you?

When are you going to open your eyes to the terrorism and horrors that still reside in your world?  When are you going to wake up to the sovereignty that resides with you, and yet you still suppress this essence that lies within yourself? When are you going to wake up to the fact that unless you take right action soon the world as you know it will disappear?

However, for the awakened ones that are so aware of all of this want to make these changes, so they can welcome in a new enlightened world that awaits the ones who believe in the word of Jesus Christ. So whether you are a Jew or gentile, whether you are a male or female, whether you are a Christian or an atheist, the love of Christ awaits the opening of your heart centre to the love that resides within you.

You do not have to believe in any religious dogma that might be presented to you, nor follow the path of the righteous, because those days are numbered. But I would implore you to follow the love of Jesus Christ and his teachings based upon the love of God.  Your belief in Jesus Christ and his father does not mean necessarily that you are religious, but that you are aware of the spirit of God and Jesus within you. That is very different from following organised religion that demands your attendance, and requests that you participate in other rituals, many of which are now out of date.

It may appear odd to you that I, as a man of God is talking to you in this manner, but he has asked me to do so that you might better understand. Fundamentally there is no division within humans of the world, because any division or duality felt is entirely of their own making, primarily because of distorted beliefs that have been ingrained in them since childhood.

So many of you are caught up in the dogma of your churches believing that they are the truth of God, but I assure you that a large proportion do not speak the truth of our Lord, but only want to control you with fearful speech and wish to make demands upon your soul.  Many of the religious organisations that you are aware of do not follow the word of the Lord, but only the demands of their particular religion that has them believing that this is the truth, but often it is not.

The truth is, that if every man, woman and child knew that they could have direct contact with Jesus Christ, he would  be able to teach them the truth about loving one another before all else, and so today I have asked him to speak to you today on this subject.

‘ My dearest children of the earth, I am here today to speak to you not of your sins, nor of the sins of your fathers, and not of the sins that you may intend to make in the future.   I am here to tell you that without your intervention, without your desire to change, without your intention to find the love that I know is in your heart, your world will come crumbling down.

Because now we are at the tipping point in man’s civilisation, because in the past he has been responsible by his idle promises and his destructive behaviour that has now brought his world into chaos, and this is no idle observation, but is the truth of the matter.

And yet for many centuries man has turned his back on me, and his God. He has gone on his way believing that he knows best. But what you see before you now is obviously not a good place to be in, and so the result is that he is currently experiencing much pain and fear.

And yet he resists change, he resists believing that most people of the world have a good heart, he resists seeing the goodness and mercy in another, and merrily goes about his business in his usual destructive manner.  Whether he destroys the planet, or ruins his relationships, or destroys himself does not seem to matter, because he is not willing to face himself, nor accept his responsibility for himself and others.

Now it is time for man to grow up, and say enough is enough, and stand up to those who wish to destroy his sovereignty.  But often he is too lazy or he cannot be bothered, or even worse he hands over the responsibility to others.

And yet there are many good people on earth who love and serve me, who serve the light in as many ways they can. But they too are getting tired of trying to explain to the ones that do not care, how much they need to make changes so they can find their own light within.

You are living in a very troubled world my dears, but until you wake up and take responsibility for your life, and until you wake up and know that when I talk about love for your fellow human, as well as learning to love yourself I am talking about THE TRUTH, which until now many of you have decided to ignore.

So do not blame others, your boss, your wife, your family, or your government, but decide take personal responsibility for all your actions.  When you do this you take your power back, you start to look at your life differently and will realise that you have been on a path of coercion, where you have not have been able to agree nor align with the people who hold the light of Christ within.

The world needs love because many good people of the world cannot stand to see any more wars, nor hate, nor wish to witness any more destruction in their lives, or in the lives of others. Now it is time to band together in love, to respect others with love, and gain the acceptance of others with love because now there is no other way.

When man turns his cheek to the devil he renounces himself to dark forces, but when man turn his face to the light he will see the Christ within him. Finally he understands that he has been unconscious and unthinking because of his ignorance. Now he has become awakened to the possibility of another type of existence, and has found his way back to the light of his soul, and the heart of his soul that has been crying out for his attention for many a year, and in truth for many a century.

Now my dearest ones you too can realise what a beautiful light being you are and you will feel a lightness of spirit, a fountain of hope and peace in your heart that will help make your transition complete.  Go in peace dear ones and decide to take up this challenge and become the best you can possibly be, and find the true love of the Christ within you.

This is a clarion call to the human race to wake up and wake up right now.  You do not have the time to be idle or brush away the true facts of your earthly existence.  You do not have time to tarry, to indulge in idle gossip, or create even more chaos around you, there is simply not any more time left for you to carry on regardless in your previous manner.

We have striven in the past to give your clues about the destruction you have caused but now time has run out.

Now it is crux time, either change your ways now or you will bring about man’s destruction.   You have seen evidence of this because you now you are beginning to understand that there is more duality and division in the world than ever before.  You have become come separate from each other, and have endured forced separation from those you love. What a desperate state of affairs I see from above, and although you may think we are being unkind in our observations, these are spoken to help you wake up to the inevitable truth that you are trying so hard to deny.

And yet the solution is so simple you will probably not believe me. You will not believe that it is the love of Jesus and his God that can save you. But now you have to be willing to save yourself, to learn to love yourself and others unconditionally because that is the only way forward now.  You have to respect yourself and others, you have to be willing to see the light in another’s soul and respect them for what they stand for. Love all and serve all, love your God whoever they maybe, but most of all learn to love yourselves, and then your love will overflow to others, bless all others, and will help heal your troubled world.

Love is the answer and love is key to your salvation, and the salvation of the world. This is a simple truth that you can follow and you can make your dedication to this truth, and to the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ who seeks you now.

This is the path that all need to follow, this is the path of enlightenment for all mankind, and this is the mantra that man should follow should he wish to see resolution in the world. A world that is starved of love, is starved of common sense, and is starved of people who want to make a difference, and who only seek peace not war.

This is your clarion call and you ignore it at your peril. Seek to find love in your heart, seek to find the love in your fellow man, and seek to become close and to be in fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and then you will find your way back home to your bliss, and find peace in your heart.

St. Paul The Apostle

Anna Marie Croxson 26th March, 2021. 

Easter Sunday Message – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Dearest souls on earth I wish to celebrate my resurrection from the cross with you today, and to bring you to a new understanding of those momentous events that even today have such a marked affect upon your senses.  Today is one of celebration and joy, as I rise from the dead to live again, and today I wish to celebrate, so that you might see this great event in different light.

You see I am a highly awakened being, the son of God and his representative, although the treachery I endured and the physical and emotional pain of seeing my dear beloveds suffer so was difficult, but I did not lose my faith in my father God.   It was a most challenging time, and like many of you who are undergoing your own difficult situations.

But I am here to assure you that whatever difficulty you face, however much you feel your problem is insurmountable, you will rise again and let your face feel the light of God surround you forever.  Now today I come to you in a completely different form from what is normally accepted and shown in the Bible. I come to you today as a completely healed ethereal being of much magnificence, but I would not be so enlightened if I had not suffered that incredible experience. Nor would either my followers or my beloved family who walked alongside me during those dark but transformational days.

So if you feel that you are going through ‘the valley of the shadow of death’ and if you are feeling hopeless, alone, or afraid, know that you are never alone, even though in the physical you may feel that this your truth. 

So I wish to assure you that life is eternal, and even if it is your time to pass from this world, if you would surrender to the experience that life is offering to you at the moment with grace and fortitude, you will indeed by resurrected by God.

Being resurrected can mean many things to different people.

For me personally I knew that I had the ability with God’s help to resurrect myself, and I knew that he would give me the strength to do this, and even if my physical recovery is seen as extraordinary in your eyes, I assure you this was true.

With the help of many devoted servants, disciples, and my beloved Mary Magdalene, I recovered to rise forth and greet another day, and so you will you dear friends, so will you. So do not fear anything you are facing at the moment because we are so close to you, standing by your side and whispering words of encouragement in your ear, and are committed to assist you with your healing.

Desperate times always require desperate measures, or what I prefer to call an enlightened moment of the soul. It is when the soul of a person calls out for help, probably for the first time in their life that now they will really listen to what is being said to them.  They wish to know why they have brought this suffering upon themselves or their loved ones, and they are desperate to find a reason, so know how to respond, and find a way out of their misery.

So my dearest ones many of you have endured suffering at one time or another, but today I wish to rejoice and send you tidings of great joy.  Because within every suffering borne comes a gift from God, and part of your journey is finding the gift that you will receive from him.

It does not matter whatever people may tell you, or even if they have an opinion of you. And even when you explain that you have been resurrected by God and that now you know the truth of who you are, and more importantly what you came here to do. You do not live in isolation, so your experiences will also affect your loved ones and friends that only wish for your well-being. They too will in time grow to understand the depths of your challenge and the joy of your renewal.  So my message today to never give up, and know that when you knock on the door and ask for help you will always receive an answer.

In the depths of these personal and often traumatic experiences it is possible to find peace within, and to surrender to your inner wisdom, surrender to your God and then you will know whatever happens you will be given the strength to cope. Out of loss comes compensation and you will be shown a completely different way of living your future life, a life that will be guided by God and God alone.

Today I wish to rejoice in your salvation, and wish you to rejoice with me as I rejoice my own salvation.  I do not wish you to see my suffering as a penance, I wish you to see this as a wonderful new beginning to eternal life.  I am joyous in my recognition of the suffering I endured, but you must realise that even during this physical experience I was saved and was protected in the same way that you can be.

So many of you talk about my ‘second coming’ on earth and today my dears I wish to explain that this is my second coming, so that you may all understand that my suffering and your suffering can be over. Man is awakening to his truth, man is awakening to the power and strength that can be given to him by God, and his enlightenment to this truth will make him very powerful in the eyes of other men.

You are made in my likeness and in the likeness of God. Now we ask you not to reflect upon my suffering but to know that I was released by God and will suffer no more.  I wish you to see the symbol of the cross as a sign of man laying down his life for God, and seeing the cross as a symbol of his love not one of suffering. For man to fully awaken he has to realise that he does not have to suffer, and this is only man’s belief that he has to suffer or pay compensation for his sins.

But that is not the way of my father who is all loving as myself, and only wishes for you to understand this truth and integrate it into your being.  And as man becomes more enlightened within his soul, and starts to follow his soul’s purpose in this lifetime, he will become fully integrated into the Christ consciousness, and will live his life as a highly awakened conscious being of light.

And so when he allows his light to shine, this will permeate the earth and attract all he meets.  He will be seen as the shining one, the one that brings hope to others, not by his pious offerings but by offering love that comes from deep within his heart. So this great transformation has come about from his own experience of suffering brought to him so that he might help others. Without this experience he would not have had the compassion that he now has in his heart for all the souls that will need his love and support.

I am your newly awakened Messiah, and it is God that guides my life and all other people’s lives on earth.  I, like you have been resurrected in the heart of my soul so I can serve you with the love that lies within my heart now and forever more.  I have been transformed from within, and it is my father God that has guided my transformational journey and will offer the same to you.

So know that your suffering was not in vain, now the veil has been lifted and there is no need for you to suffer anymore. You do not have to traverse a rocky road to find God, all you need to do is connect with him and you will find a way, and the path that is being offered to you by God.  But remember this is not the will of God, it is your will when you decided to come into him, and it is a divine partnership in the making.

So many think they have to follow the will of God, but this is a misunderstanding. The will of God is what you wish, what you see as your mission, and you are enlightened and know that the divine will support you wholeheartedly. Yes you are given a blueprint, but you also have free will and can decide to take any path you wish. But most will only wish to listen to the wisdom of God knowing he is the almighty. But do not fear him, love him as he loves you and then you will be able to create a wonderful partnership with this wondrous force that is pure love.

When man finally realises that he can have direct contact with divine source he will understand that he has been given a mighty gift, and one that he will treasure for life knowing that he has found his God for now and evermore.  During his transformation to this wondrous state, he will often reflect upon his ‘other’ previous life. This was necessary so he could make the comparison so he could understand the truth of his essence, the truth of his soul. So for all of you undergoing transformation at this time, I would say this to you.  Do not believe that you are being judged, for you are not, do not believe that you are unlovable, because you are not, do not believe that you are a sinner, because you are not, and lastly do not believe that you are unworthy, because your soul that is linked into divine source has opened the door to your own resurrection and recuperation.

You are the one that opened the door, not I, you were the one that sought to listen to your soul, and you are the one that has brought to yourself all the glory you now deserve.  Your karma is complete, and what you suffered was your turning point so you could find your pathway back to God. It was your inner longing that brought you back to me, and your will that drove you to seek me, honour me, and finally to love me.

I am your saviour, now you are your own saviour as you are demonstrating right now.  If you are reading this you are on the path of saving yourself, even if at this moment you do not believe the words I am writing but I assure you it is the truth, and is your TRUTH.  You will make the decision, not I, your will to surrender, not I, but when you surrender and call for help then I can step forth to meet you. Your father and I are one and are part of the holy trinity and as such will bless you with our presence in your life.

Be of good cheer, you are on your way to a life full of joy and service to others. By their deeds you shall know them, by their hearts you will see them, by their voice you will accept them.  These are my servants, my counterparts on earth, know that in your salvation you become my counterpart, my inspiration, and that you will join me to bringing peace on earth to all the people of the earth Now there will be no more suffering on earth and only the peace of God will reign in the hearts of humankind.

Our Lord Jesus Christ     Easter Sunday Message

Anna Marie Croxson  4th April, 2021

01-04-21 A message from ‘The Seven’ and Abraham – Guidance, Rebellion, Answers within etc

Transcript Date: 1st April 2021

By the grace of God you walk your lives at this present time with guidance and assurance of a time of peace to come, but you must ascertain a meekness and mildness within your lives. You must not be contrary to one another or to that of God in spirit, but walk hand in hand as the creatures of the earth that you are.

We seldom speak these days, as a cloud has descended across the Earth, a veil of darkness that is difficult to penetrate, but we know while those of the light work and commune with us, then the light will always win out and will defeat the darkness in a time to come.

Your structures of life are many and tenfold, a new beginning is forthcoming, as has been told before, but you must lighten your hearts, unload the burdens of life and bring yourselves peace in the knowledge of the everlasting light to come.

Retrospectively you look back upon your lives and you can see nothing wrong in what has been done, you believe yourselves to be true and faithful to one another, but in short, your tolerance has gone and the madness of your world reigns supreme at this time. It must come to an end, it can only conclude in much sadness for many, as we speak for those within the commune of spirit.

Give thanks for your everyday lives and for the life that you walk with the many blessings, and think upon those who are not so lucky and walk a life of despair, with constant troubles, worries and concerns, that you take for granted within your world.

Notice the stars

Take notice of the stars, for they will form in a masquerade in heaven and their light will point the way to the star that would bring you hope and peace for the future. Never let go of your hope, never let go of your desire for peace. Bring that hope through companionship and love, for war will only bring despair and only peace can bring love to your earth once more.

The Trio

Take your time Michael, know that we are here to speak on behalf of Valerie and Kevin this evening, for they miss the teachings that have been given and they thank those of heaven for the blessings they have had. Their might as a team, to bring light to those who are lost in the dark, is greatly appreciated by us within the spiritual realm.

The healing that they have brought to many has been admired upon this side, for their thoughts are pure and guided by the light of spirit, but at this time they cannot see a way to bring hope to those that continue to isolate those in need.

They use their weapons, their words of love, upon the net of life, but they miss the companionship of others. Their lonesome days are filled with thoughts that are far reaching beyond most normal men’s thoughts, they acquire a knowledge through the man who speaks to them of a modern way of thinking. Their thoughts do not deny his, yet they are based within the thinking of spirit and describe us as you will in whatever format that you feel necessary, but we are always that same entity and part of you, as you are a part of us.

(Note from Valerie and Kevin: This has made us sound very lonely! Far from it, true enough, our house hasn’t been filled with people or callers throughout lockdown, but we have nonetheless had a very busy and fruitful time that has given us the opportunity  to learn more than we thought possible from the mysterious man mentioned in this paragraph! I know he would prefer to remain anonymous for the time being, although I am sure he will become known before too long. Absent healing work has never stopped among the team of healers that we work with.)

Rebellion and Turmoil

Storms are coming children, they will be far-reaching beyond the shores of your country, for many will rebel and turmoil will reign until a practice of love returns once more. The changing times that you experience are just the beginning of the renewal of man’s energy and spirit, and time must be taken to allow these imminent changes to occur and sink in. You may not understand of what we speak, but a time of change must come and a practice of love must be secured once more within the human race.

Never let your thoughts wander beyond the reaches of your mind, but know that in the spirit, that part of you that walks with you within your life, has a far-reaching embrace of something more splendid than you can imagine at this time. Bring hope to those in whatever way you can, but always with love and compassion for all who enter your circle of life.

He is known to you, and your purpose has been brought through his words and encouragement, you speak of him many times to acknowledge his presence and his obedience to the Lord. He has brought you purpose, pointing out many things of times to come, and those times that are in the past will stay in the past, for he knows that your methods will be far-reaching within time.

Pamela Kiddey (Co-Author with Doris Stokes) – Message for Michael

But rest assured, that she also walks with you to complement your purpose within your life. You talk about her constantly to your companions, about her far-reaching effects and how they can guide your steps within the words written. She will speak to you this evening to bring you hope that your words and guidance will be seen many times through the books written.

Pamela speaks:

You scorn yourself Michael, by not having trust and faith in what you write, you feel you have let down the community of spirit at this time, but rest assured as I watch over your shoulder, I will bring you inspiration to reach out in the best way that we can. It is not uncommon for those of the world to ignore the things they cannot see, or which they do not believe in. But we must shed light upon these things once more and you must bring your purpose to bear, for it has hope for many within your world of doom at this time.

I have also written books that spoke the words of spirit and they have brought focus to many, including yourself. Do not feel that you are inadequate or unworthy of such writing, for it must go at a pace that is comfortable to you. Do not be in a hurry to finish, but go beyond the boundaries of thinking within your human mind, look for the answers that you wish to find, to write the words in a common way that men would understand.

Henry B Champion

Help yourself to the many things, the men in our force of life, for they will provide guidance. Henry, (Henry B. Champion ), has spoken to you before of his purpose and he also brings you hope this evening, so rest assured that your hands, eyes, and thoughts are guided by those far beyond your shores of life, as are many of your world. You do not have to be as we were, but be yourself, allow in that guidance that it may help to bring you focus in the words written.

The tempest of the seas can be violent at times, but after the tempest comes the calm and the seas will flatten, this is how life will evolve upon Earth. Your words will help to reach those who wish to have knowledge and faith once more, to trust in their own spiritual selves. Hope must come for you all, because without hope there is no future.

So as you write this evening Michael, bring your thoughts to bear upon many things that have been spoken and the teachings that have been brought, for although you think your memory lapses, and your mind does not hold this information, it is all there, and it is up to you to search out these things. This has purpose within itself, to bring you teachings, that you may realise that your mind is not as poor as you imagine.

You are all given the gift of life and the purpose to walk within that life, not all will fulfil their purpose, but some, as yourself, will reach out to find that purpose and fulfil your life’s path. And this will bring joy to yourselves, it will bring hope and encouragement that there is a possible way out of what seems to be endless darkness at this time. It will bring hope that the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen, and you stride forward towards that light bringing hope to others.

As Valerie and Kevin work together to bring others hope in the life ever after, so yours will complement theirs, your time as a trio is not over, and we will reach out to you once more as life becomes calm upon the seas of turmoil.

You must have hope for the future, do not be down in your thinking, walk with a stride and have hope in your hearts, that life, as rough and as stormy as it seems at times, is always worthwhile and peace and calm will come to all who search out the truth of their God and spirit.

Finding answers within

Don’t be afraid to speak of these things, but uphold the hand of the Lord and say to them all, that you are all one, we are all together in life and in spirit, and the only thing that separates us at this time is that barrier between the two worlds. Some will say this is impossible, how can we breach this barrier to find the truth? And this is easily answered, for it is up to you to trust in your thoughts to put out the thought to find answers. We are a constant in your lives and you do not have to beg us for mercy, but just ask us for hope and help within your times, and we will be there to give you the word of the Lord and the blessings of spirit.

Have hope children, do not lose this evolutionary thought of spirit, for it was written long ago that man will become a member of the communion of spirit. Your life force and your energy is given by this community, you may draw upon its energy at any time when you need it most, do not sacrifice your lives with a purpose of hate or disillusionment to others. You must look deep inside to bring yourselves and others hope in the community of men.

All as one

You are creatures of the Earth and you share your planet with many other creatures who are also beneficial to you, as you are to them. Do not treat them with ill thoughts or will, do not bear them a grievance or torture their souls with the pain that you inflict upon them. You are all part, each and every one of you, no matter your species, your life is given through the communion of spirit and God, it is part of that same energy and there is no difference however you may see yourselves and other creatures at this time.

You must help yourselves to bring hope to all within the community of love that you must share, for if you do not, then doom will be upon you all and the dark will overshadow your world for a thousand years to come. But do not be down upon what we say for we know you have light in your hearts, and we know that you will bring a purpose of love to others, not just to your families, but those of your neighbours and friends that you meet and the communion of spirit will be with you always and forever more.

Message of hope and learning

Your time upon your world is short, make the most of it, bring yourself blessings through the blessings of others, for like will bring like, and light will bring light, and dark will only bring the darkness to overshadow the light of your lives. You cannot bear to see the things of the world at this time and it makes you sad to see how suffering is rife within other countries of your world, and we ask your forgiveness, for it is not our doing, but of man’s doing. How can you change these things as an individual? You can only witness these things and take it on board and remember that life was given, not to torture others, no matter their species, it was given through the love of the Lord for you to continue within the physical form, so you may teach others in a practical sense how life should be lived and how he should be worshipped.

Your forward thinking men of these days do not foresee a spiritual future, for they dismiss it as being an overwhelming part of the past that has no bearing in truth, but this is far from the truth, we are here and we exist as you well know. You sit with us this evening repeating our words in the hope that others will listen and Pamela also has hope that your words will be read, listen to her guidance and her thoughts. Do not be ashamed to say that you are merely a man and that sometimes you drift from your purpose, but you will be put back upon that road, you will be guided in many ways unknown to you.

Michaels dream

Your dreams trouble you, and they emphasise many things of your lives. And they disturb you Michael, but they have meaning beyond what you see. Do not feel aggrieved by what you see, do not feel sorry that you cannot help and assist your loved ones. Your dream of your dog this morning was torturous to your mind, but you must pass it by, its meaning has much more purpose than you would know. He is safe with us, with your family within spirit and he will welcome you once more, to give you hope of his love, know that he is safe and no harm has come to pass, as was seen in your dream this morning.

(Michaels note: Just to clarify, this morning I dreamt of Oscar, my dog, crying in pain and as I tried to comfort him I noticed on the top of his head a terrible wound, and I couldn’t understand why no one was able to help him. It troubled me for that morning and I think that is why I have been given this comforting message.)

Terrible things can be seen and the mind will play terrible tricks if influenced by that of the negative, but if you have love in your heart and hope, then these things cannot harm you or your loved ones, they remain safe within that heavenly light and the warm caress that will engulf you at your passing will reassure you of these words and you will think about how life has passed by so quick, as a blink of the eye, and yet you’re being is everlasting.

You will not die, but you will move on and in your aspects of love you will continue your journey of the soul to its ultimate conclusion. This cannot be spoken of, but you know that there is a reassuring hand to guide you to that point of light.

The hand of God works with all of you, do not deny his presence within your lives, do not give hope to those who would torture you with their presence, but guide them in their thoughts to ascertain a position of love for all. Your guidance is true, speak only the words spoken and know that our love is with you. Amen.

The Rose of life is in your heart and in your minds, do not allow the petals to fall and wither, keep it alive with your love, for he is a part of you that walks with you in your everyday lives. Amen. Blessings to you all.

New speaker

Guides and Guidance

Temperance and tolerance must be your measure of life, not the value of things that you hold or see, but the value of love within your hearts, for this should be uppermost within your lives. It is the only thing that you will bring with you, everything else you will leave behind, and when you depart this world of men then your worries and problems will seem as if they never were and would seem pointless.

Have hope for yourselves, as we have hope for you, do not allow us to deter your thoughts from that of love, we are here to guide you in the steps of your life, we are spoken of as the Guardian Angels who walk with you, for each of you are appointed a Guardian Angel to accompany you and guide your thoughts.

Your questions may be asked and they may be answered in ways that you might not understand, but you are forgiven for not knowing these things, for life is like a blanket over the eyes, it blinds you to what you should truly see. Some see through this blanket, some are able to shed it, that they may see the light, but others will walk covered in this blanket, never knowing what is on the other side. It is your guidance as the spiritualists of the world, to help these people to see the things and observe things that they truly should.

Your churches and ministers have purpose and like all humans there are those who are not true of heart, but do not let this deter you, for the vast majority have a heart of love and purpose, even though they work within these establishments that seem to be overrun with wealth. Give them hope with your love, for they do much work unknown to you. Let them see that your practice of love is open and free and allow them to instruct you upon your path of life, as we, the Guardian angels that walk with you also instruct you upon your way.

Leave those things of trinkets behind and bring with you just the thoughts of love and peace within your hearts, for this will bring you salvation, and for all your riches of earth, all your wealth and earthly belongings, these have no place within the realm of spirit. They are merely instruments by which men torment you. But they cannot reach that love that sits within, they cannot tear this from you, and do not let them put it asunder by their temptations, give thanks for your being and your practice of love. Amen.

We are the seven this evening, that speak to bring you hope, I am the soul of Abraham that speaks to you in these words. Have belief and not mistrust in what is said. Amen.

Fellowship with all Mankind – St Paul, channelled by Anna Marie Croxson

Also available from Anna Marie Croxon ‘God Spoke to Me’

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two by Michael Champion: now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers


There is a clue in this title, the two words are ‘fellowship’ and ‘kind’ and we highlight these because at the moment there are those who are not being very kind to one another, causing great division in your world, so you see each other as separate and different human beings.

But we observe you in a very different light, because we see all souls on earth and we witness your struggles. We can see the times when you are happy and also when you are distraught with grief. Do you not realise that most of you at some point in your life has experienced similar emotions?

So what makes you different from another, the truth is not a lot. But you still seem determined to see others as different in some way, and compare yourself against others, often in not a very favourable light which causes even more separation.

Many of the people who partake in this call themselves Christians, yet they do not believe that all are seen as equal in God’s eyes.  When babies are born they are perfect in the eyes of God, and it is only humans who create division and see the difference in others.

Yet I hear you say that humans are different because they have different skin and eye colours, also their finger prints are unique to them. There are also many other things that you like to compare so you can validate your reason to see them as different. In many ways they are different, because each one of you is unique in your own way, but the emotional core of every human being is the same, and many experiences you share are similar.

A large number you will get married and have children, some will have similar careers, play the same sports, endure similar worries, yet still you compare and believe that they may have something you do not, or even worse, seem to be in a much better position than you.

This type of thinking or belief creates duality, and you have become a society that is very selfish, mainly because you tend think of yourself first, and are concerned about your own survival, the survival of the fittest is what you call it.  Now before you become enraged at my words, I am aware of many good people who do much for others, and we applaud all your efforts when we see you making such a difference in this wonderful way.

But when we look at the collective energy on earth it has to be said that my former statement might hold some truth. This message today is only to make you aware of how you might like to change your attitude, so that you may become more consciously aware of how this affects your fellow man.

I, St Paul witnessed a similar situation in my own lifetime and it was only when I was converted that I became awake to the truth.  So now I am going to ask Jeshua if he would also speak to you on this very important subject for your future enlightenment.

‘ Dearest Souls on earth I love you, do not believe that any perceptions we make upon your souls and your current behaviour alters this truth.  But we have to consider the state of the world, that as you are aware, is very troubled indeed.   We understand that that these times are very testing and are bringing up a lot for you to look at, and I can see that tempers are short and many are feeling the fear of the unknown.

But my dears do not turn against each other, this more than at any other time is when ‘unity of spirit’ and your recognition of the ‘goodness of spirit’ in others is absolutely essential. So my plea is do not fight each other, better join together to fight the common enemy, otherwise my dears the enemy could win having successfully created such division within you all.

Now it is time to step back and understand more deeply the challenges that you and others have been undergoing recently. In this regard, can you not see the similarities, have you lost your job and how many others do you know have lost theirs? How many others like yourselves have not seen their families in months or been able to have human contact with their own loved ones? How many of your children have been forced to stay at home and how many do you think are feeling fearful of their future?

So you see you are all experiencing the same life challenges, yet you insist in believing that you are the bigger victim, the one who has lost more than others that you witness around you.  But I assure you this is not the case, there are many struggling to make money and there may be differentials in that area, but apart from that you are all pretty much in the same boat.

So what I am suggesting is that instead of running back into your houses sulking about your current conditions that you find so irksome, think about helping another person, another that you may see struggling much more than yourself.   Have you got money in your pocket so you could buy a starving person some food, have you got time that you could use to help another who has massive responsibilities and needs a helping hand?

Open your eyes to the possibility that you are very lucky to have what you currently enjoy, and could be in a good position to help another, whether it is a gift of your time, money, or friendship. The lack of friendship in the world is of great concern to me, and I know this has been affected by your current conditions.  But this will not last, and in the meantime you have a great opportunity to show and share your love and fellowship with another.

If you are a person of faith you could share that fact with another who is struggling to hang on to theirs because their circumstances are so dire. You could help and encourage them to have the courage they need at this most challenging time in their life, could you not?

There are many ways in which you can show friendship and love for people including strangers who may need someone to talk to, someone who will encourage them to keep going, or someone who could share some expertise on a subject that they are struggling with right now.

My challenge to you today is that I am asking you to get out of your head and come into your heart.  I want you to see how much you could give to others by just being kind, by opening your eyes to the circumstances that others are enduring at this time of man’s greatest challenge.

If you were to examine yourself, if you were to thank the universe for each good thing that happened to you each day, and if you were able to spread the love that you feel in your heart, and express fellowship with all you meet, I can assure you it would make a massive difference to the world at large.

If you do nothing else after reading this I hope it has made you feel grateful for all you have.  Are you enjoying good health, or better health than most?  Are you able to walk without pain and can you use your God given skills in a positive way? Please ask yourselves these questions and appreciate how lucky you are, and also what gifts that you could pass onto others that would make their life a little easier.

When you recognise that kind and loving words can shift a man from suicide to survival. When you realise that you could affect the wellbeing of many people is it not time to be thinking of being in fellowship with your brother, and try to make the world a more kindly place to live in?

So today I implore you to take time to observe others who are around you, and decide that you will take time to be in fellowship with all you come into contact with. Create harmonious relationships with all you meet, and even if someone shouts or is mean to you, know that is only fear that grips their heart that makes them so afraid.

Decide today to be a person whose shares his goodness and mercy with all he meets. Change your vibration and you will help change the vibration of all others around you. This is the law of love, this is my mantra for all humans on earth at this time of man’s greatest awakening’.

So my dearest ones it is not that we are critical of you, but we wish to help you become more aware and learn to live life in a more loving way. Because of the complexities in your lives a lot of you have lost your way, but you can easily find your way back to a new reality, one that shares, one that cares, and join with people who wish to make a brand new world.

A world where love comes first, not judgement, a world when all realise they face the same challenges as one another and are willing to help their fellow man.  They do not see others as competition because they have realised that the human species at soul level are all the same, experience the same, and often live in very similar ways.

Now your society as a whole has to change and understand that there is no need for duality in a world that is fraught with this incorrect belief. This comes from an egotistical standpoint that is borne out of your fear, and is causing so much disruption in your world.

So today our message comes with our love and prayers for you all as you become more aware of your fellow man, and start to understand that he has need of you, as you have need of him. Now decree to bring in a wonderful collective energy so that you can learn to love one another without judgement, without envy, but have a deep desire to help each other during this most critical time on earth.

Bond together and love each other with judgement, without reparation, and without the need to be right at all costs. Our message to you today is all about love that is coming from your heart centre, and looking after your fellow man. It’s about caring and sharing the love that you have, and should you decided that you wish to become more enlightened, you will be able to create a society that only cares for one another.

We know these are challenging times, but when these events arise they come to wake you up so that you can become the best you can be. You can discover how magical you can become, and how you affect others by your wonderful positive and loving outlook.

 You can become a way shower, one who shows others the way to their own happiness and contentment, one who helps others during difficult and challenging times, and one who always shares the love in their heart to help to heal another’s pain.

This is the new world and where man grows into this magnificence and glory, he is able love all and serve all without any thought of return or gain for himself, and yet by the law of love, all will be returned to him in many wonderful ways.

Dearest ones on earth, this is our most earnest wish for you, that you can find the love we know is deep within you. That you use the love of God that resides within you to serve all you meet, so all may find peace and live in peace forever more.

St. Paul the Apostle

  Anna Marie Croxson 22nd March, 2021

The Cross is Your Comfort – St Paul, channelled by Anna Marie Croxson

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The cross is not something for you to bear, but a symbol of hope, a symbol of our newly risen Christ into this new world of higher consciousness.  The old symbol of the cross being seen as a symbol of suffering has now been abolished, as we as a nations have grown into a new awakening and knowledge of the divine purpose.

For many centuries this has been seen as a symbol of suffering but now my dearest Jeshua has told me to tell you that this is a symbol of his love for mankind. So if you worship him, and worship your cross, you will understand that a great transformation in man’s consciousness is now taking place.

Jesus tells us to love all and serve all, even our enemies, but often our enemies actions are based on deceit and lies, and many a good man was hung for no reason except for his belief and his proclamations. That was the old order and although there are many atrocities happening in your world we are attempting to change man’s consciousness. But it is up to man who has to individually and collectively decide whether they wish to make this change.

Now my dearest Jeshua tells me that God is a man of love, and as his son this is the message he wishes to impart to you.  There will be no evil in the world when love is present, there will be no discord when love is present, and there will be no killing when love is present. Discord is only caused by the ego that wishes to destroy, not only the one that has taken on this mantel, but all mankind can also be contaminated by this evil force if he should allow it to be so. Many of your leaders at this moment are driven by ego, driven to succeed in a world that is changing so rapidly they cannot perceive why their actions are not having the desired affect.

When man himself, wakes up to his own glory and starts to stand up for himself and come into himself as a sovereign being, then he will take his power back. Then no statesman, no other’s dastardly acts will affect him because he is protected by the love of God. So now as man transforms himself into the image of God, and as he accepts that it is he and only he, who is responsible for how he thinks and acts, then he will understand that he is being guided by the wise ones, and that the wise ones only act from love, being love, and giving love to all they meet.

So if you want a symbol of your love to be shown to the world wear your ‘cross of peace’ with pride, and do not expect that you have to suffer in any way.  Now Jesuha says to you:

“ I am the cross of life, not death

   I am your saviour, not your sinner

   I am God incarnate, and you are in my likeness

   I am your father, your son, and your daughter

   I am your prodigal that has arisen again to serve you

   I am your servant who is dedicated to serving the


I suffered on the cross, but now no more suffering needs to be encountered by anybody.  Wear your cross with pride, knowing that as you do so you are showing the face of love to the world, and you will demonstrate the love you feel for me, and our father who art in heaven.   You are my dedicated servants now filled with a light body that is pure love.

This is the love that I wish you to take out into your troubled world.  The light and love of my servants on earth live in true dedication to the light, the light that is now penetrating the earth and its people as we speak today. No more suffering because all evil deeds will be exposed by the dedication of these light workers who have been called into many different roles to expose the darkness, to bring light to mankind, and who will help end the suffering of mankind.

This is the beginning of man’s transformation to the highest level of light that he has ever been exposed to. He will be drawn to the people of light, the dedicated apostles of the new age of light that are encompassing the earth.

Do not give up hope, and do not turn your face away in desperation or fear, because the light army is here. These people are dedicated to me and their messages of hope for all mankind will be offered to all who seek repatriation for their sins.    So when you see the symbol of the cross know that this represents the love I have for you.

This means that you can start to understand the power of love, and how love can overcome all the evil in the world.  This is not a false promise, but a powerful statement so you may understand the power of love.

So wear your cross with pride knowing that as you do so you are connecting with the love that is within the new Christ consciousness of awakening, an awakening of mankind that has never been seen before.

Many of you have suffered greatly in your past lives, but you do not have to suffer that ancestral trauma in this lifetime, and if you have done so, know that this can be transformed by the love of Christ that lies with the ‘ the great white rose of Christ’ that lies in the centre of the cross.  So when you view your cross do so with new eyes, seeing the fountain of love that is there for you, to heal you and to renew your faith in the everlasting arms.

No fear now dear ones, put you hand upon the cross, feel the petals of the rose opening up your heart to your own forgiveness of any sins of the past.  Now step forward into the light of the love that is in your soul, forgive all, love all, serve all, and serve yourself by immersing yourself in the love of Christ that lives forever in the heart of the ‘holy cross of light’.

My dearest ones I, St. Paul am honoured to be bringing this grand new message of hope for your world, it is my dearest wish and it is Jeshua who is now at the centre of this great mission for world peace.

He, through me, wishes you to become aware of the new vibrational frequencies that are being sent to earth. For all who are reading this message today, know that you are being made more aware of the strength and love that is represented by the cross and by our dearest Jeshua.  This represents his ‘second coming to earth’ and even though not in an earthly body he is still very powerful in his present embodiment.

By connecting with your cross you see this as a powerful symbol of our Lord and father, ever present in your life.  Now the energetic intention of the cross is to bring you comfort knowing that you are fully supported in the light of Christ. By making this connection you will feel the presence of our dearest Jeshua, you will feel his love flood into your heart, and you and many others will be filled with the light and hope.

You will find a new strength in this connection and will wear your cross with pride knowing it is the face of love that you are demonstrating to the world. Now the symbol of the cross represents new hope in a world that has suffered so much.  Now the suffering can be over when you make this connection, and there will be a great uprising of people in the world whose dedication to the cross will be obvious for all to see.

The light of love will shine out from their eyes and their heart, and they will only speak of the love of God and the love of his son Jeshua, and the love they feel in their hearts.  These people are the new disciples on earth who will bring forth a message of hope for the weary, hope for the non believers, and hope for a new world and a new way of living.

The cross is your connection with your Christ, so use this symbolism, for it is of great advantage to you when you pray and ask for help as this will immediately connect you to vibration and love of Christ. He wishes you to be aware that when you make a connection via the cross it will give you the more power to connect directly to him.

If you wish to have a greater connection to Christ then use the cross as your symbol of hope, your connection to the great white light that is available for you all right now.

So place your hand on your cross and ask the Messiah to come to you, ask him to bless you and support you in all your endeavours, and ask him to give you courage in these difficult and challenging times.

He is your saviour and he has renounced the suffering of the cross, and has been reborn as the saviour of love. He is a symbol of love and he has risen once again to give you this message of his love for you and all the people of the world.

Let your cross comfort you and feel the light of love pulsating though your heart centre as he speaks to you.  Never doubt his presence in your life for he is with you now as we deliver this important message that will change your life forever.

Now it is time for your conversation, it is time for you all to know that Jesus our Lord is a very present and powerful force of love, and that your cross is the ‘magic gateway’ into the power of love, into the power of the Christ consciousness that is now transforming many men, women and children of the earth as we speak.

And so it is the newly transformed beings of light that will energetically heal the world, and who will spread the word and anoint many with their faith and their love of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.  It is these new Christians that will bring many blessings upon your world with their goodness and mercy for their fellow men.

It is the time of man’s greatest conversion into the way of Christ, the love of Christ, and man’s highest awakening to the new order, and the new world that is emerging right now.  The white light of the centre of the rose on the cross is pulsating its love out into the world, now you too can conjoin with this energy and be part of the stronghold of men and women who carry the love of Christ in their heart for the benefit of all mankind.

Today it is time to celebrate the ‘new coming’ of our dear Lord into the hearts of all who hear this clarion call. Love yourself, love your brother and sisters, and become a shining beacon of light for our dear Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

St. Paul the Apostle

Anna Marie Croxson 17th March, 2021.

You are the oracle – St Paul, channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Today it is my dearest Jeshua who wishes me to speak to you on this subject, it is this that is very dear to my heart, and one I have spoken of many times in the past, so I am now grateful that I have the opportunity to speak again.

Many of you will know my story and will realise that I was a voice for God and our dear Jesus Christ. I undertook my own transformation for this purpose although I did not really understand how important this change in my life would be.

I was a person who was on a completely different path and living a very different life, but my life changed when I was intercepted on the road to Damascus. Our Lord Jesus Christ visited me and told me he needed me to spread his word. For a long time I felt all at sea and did not feel I was worthy, but after a period of time I agreed to be his Apostle and spread his teachings in the world.

He was my staunchest alley during my time of transformation and I became his. I dedicated my life to sharing his word as far and as wide as I could. I did not find this easy at first and felt somewhat of a fraud, because it was a very different to the life I had led before. Now today I have a message for you as I wish to encourage you to talk about and teach the word of Christ.  I will understand if this suggestion comes as much of a shock to you as it did to me, but I assure you, it is the correct question that I now put to you today

Are you ready and willing to become one of his Apostles and spread his word to everyone you meet?   Are you able to accept that you can be integrated into the energy of the Christ consciousness that is now permeating and infiltrating your world?

 Do you believe that Jesus has chosen you for this work as he did me, or are you in denial?   Is this request a shock to you, do you feel that this is a mistake and that he has chosen the wrong person?

All these are valid responses to the magnitude of his request but one that he feels is realistic. It may be one that you wish to discard because you do not feel prepared and may wish to decline his offer, but I must warn you, that when he has made up his mind it can become very hard to decline his invitation.   You see he believes in you, all you have to do is to start believing in yourselves, and that is why this opportunity is being offered to you today.

Many of you may not be able to comprehend or digest the magnitude of this, or may be concerned at the drastic change it might make to your life. But I assure you he would not have asked me to approach you if had he not been assured that you were the perfect person to share his word.

Many are chosen, and some may walk away believing that the request is not valid, or will be feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility that this might hold. I too became very aware of the responsibility but I felt compelled to agree to his terms and was converted so I could share his Christian words with all I met.

I realised through teaching Jeshua’s words that I could make a difference to others people’s lives by explaining how Christianity could work for them, and describe how it could improve their lives in so many ways. It was inconceivable to me to understand this truth at first, but once I was converted I could see the real truth for the first time in my life. So now my dear ones I have come to you with an open invitation hoping you will take up the challenge and will undertake to promote the value of Christ’s word in the world.

I am sure that this suggestion may sound quite daunting for many, and you may not want to believe that it is I, St. Paul that is speaking to you today upon the instruction of my Lord Jesus Christ. He has decided that the best way to help mankind is to bring forth several people (myself included) who supported him in his lifetime and who now still want to help him spread his word.

Because of the urgent state of the world he has already commanded St. John The Baptist to speak on this subject, as many of you will have witnessed on these pages. Now I have taken up the baton and I do hope that you might be generous enough to take time to read my message, as these messages are of great future importance to the people of the world. If you believe that the almighty has a plan, and you wish to see an increased spiritual wellbeing be available for all, I would ask you to continue reading.

You see I believe that many of you are very well equipped to teach others, so they might find peace in their hearts. If we can create more unity in the world the quicker peace will come to mankind, if all would seek to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that you too are waiting and hoping to see improvements in a world that seems to have lost its way. I believe that it is also a truth that many of you feel lost and alone, and are confused and not sure how to take your lives forward so you may feel safe and happy and content once more. So if you can help these dear people and show them the way forward, it could be one of your greatest privileges to know that you are serving your fellow man by showing them the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So today we would like to alert you that you might receive a direct invitation to come and join a newly formed organisation that seeks to serve him. You may find that many will be talking more openly about serving him, and discuss and how they have found contentment and inner peace since they became devoted to his teachings.

For those of you who have prayed for a way to be shown to you, it is likely that in the near future you will be approached by one of his new apostles or invited to an event to hear a talk on this subject. So if this should happen, we would be so pleased if you would accept this direct invitation to you from our Lord so you may find your truth within.

Do not be afraid dear ones, do not feel that you will be asked to do than you can do in any moment, because you will see that the new people who come into your life are so full of love for Jesus Christ, and that is all they wish to share with you.  They will willing undertake to assist you as you start your new journey of discovery, so trust them to guide you in this adventure of a lifetime.

Many of you will find that you will receive much benefit from being within in such a loving and positive energy. They will not want to discuss sins from the past, nor will you be expected to become involved in any high church dogma, because they are only teaching the love of God and his son.

The simplicity of loving another unconditionally and without judgement is of prime importance to Jesus who has taught this truth for many centuries. Now he knows how important it is for the human race to learn how to love themselves, as well as their fellow man.

We are here to help the world transit to a state of Love, where all people agree to make a supreme effort to love all and serve all regardless of status, age, colour, income, or gender.   All will be lovingly accepted into a place without judgement, and where unconditional love is given unreservedly and without question.

Jesus said “Be as a little child, and by their faith you shall know them”, so now we wish to instil in you the faith of a child that has come comes from heaven and is returned to earth.  But as yet earth is not a sacred place, it is a place of many horrors and dastardly deeds, and it is only the love of Jesus that can save man from his ego, and a hell of his own making. It is the ego and power that man has used indiscriminately that has created the hell on earth that you are witnessing. It is only the love of God and his son that can now save the world, and that makes our clarion call of much importance.

Love is the only weapon left to man to ensure his own resurrection to the truth of who he really is, but he has sunk himself into the depths of despair and is now struggling to come up for air.  If he is to be saved, this is mans greatest opportunity to come forth and listen to the wise words of Jesus Christ and his dedicated followers.

So it is with the greatest of pleasure that we invite all who are reading this to find their way back to our Messiah, our dear Lord Jesus Christ as a matter of urgency, so all the people of the world may come back into a peaceful recognition of who they are.  You see many of you think yourselves as separate to each other in many different ways, but our Lord Jesus Christ does not see you as separate but conjoined with love for one another.

Now when man finally realises he has the key to his own happiness and should he decide to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, then his redemption of all that went before can be released.

Guilt, sorrow, or anger has no part in loving our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and it is those emotions that separate you from one another.  Now to enable unity of all people to exist in the world it will be necessary that man finds his way, and his truth and his light within, so he may finally find peace within himself and be at peace with all.

So if today you are feeling desperately unhappy or have feelings of despair, this is why we are here today with our offer of help. And so we ask all who already follow Jesus Christ and speak his words to come forth and assist mankind. So our message is two fold, for those who are seeking redemption know that you can be forgiven, and for those who feel lost know that you will find love, and for those who are disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ know that you have been called to help the people of the world to find peace within.

Whatever category applies to you know that help is on the way. Seek and ask the Lord for help and a way to be shown to you, pray and ask the Lord to help and you will receive an answer, that is his promise now and forever more.

To our dearest souls on earth, today you have heard a clarion call that has come from our hearts to yours. Now it is time for to you to take action in whatever way feels right to you, at this time of man’s greatest conversion, so he may find peace not only within his heart, and within the hearts and minds of all who live in the world.

This is the greatest peace mission that has ever been launched for the benefit of mankind, and now you are being asked to take action so you may fulfil your destiny at this time of man’s greatest awakening to the Christ consciousness, and to support this dedication to our Lord Jesus Christ.

St.Paul The Apostle    

Anna Marie Croxson 9th March, 2021

14-03-21 Mothers Day, Times of change, Oppression, Lockdown, Rebellion etc

Transcript Date: 14th March 2021 (Mothering Sunday in U.K.)

Mothers day thoughts

Tonight, many have special thoughts of their loved ones, those of the present and those of the past. They issue them with their love and never ending respect, for they were the mothers of many in the world today. Like all mothers, Mary once held her boy and cradled him in her arms, issuing him with unconditional love, bestowing upon him a mothers love that cannot be matched by any other. 

Joseph spoke to her once and asked her how she felt about being a mother and giving birth to the child of the Lord. She spoke so gently and quietly and said that it was an honour given to her by his blessing and by his hand. Their love continued throughout their lives, they never spoke of ingratitude, they were forever grateful for being chosen to be the parents of the Lord Jesus. 

It is the same for many today, their gratitude is given to their mothers and fathers for their being. It is also not to be forgotten that those parents long ago also gave their love indiscriminately, issuing their children with love and caring. 

United bond of strength

Togetherness forms a bond of united strength, and with that strength no other can intervene to break that bond of love. So it is with your world today, you should unite to fight the common enemy and achieve the goals in life you were set before you were born. Many ignore these things and will not abide by them, for they live their lives in a carefree way and manner, not standing by the rules, or opening their eyes to the fact that you are all connected as one.

Despite this, there are many who understand these things and abide by the laws of your governments and that of the Lord. They see that there is a better way, but these things elude them at this time. There is a great negative encompassing your world, it is only your love and togetherness that will break through this barrier, breaking the negative and allowing in the light so you may once more see each other clearly as brothers and sisters, and not as enemies or foes.

Oppression and discrimination

Oppression was great long ago, the Pharaohs words were obeyed through fear of the punishment that would be awarded. Your world today is no different, your leaders are not the humanitarians they would like to portray themselves as. They do not understand the lowly individuals of life who struggle upon their way to feed their children, to house them and give them the things that would nurture their growth. To compound these things, their education is lacking in the wisdom of the spiritual dimension. They are not allowed the opportunity to listen to the words of the good book spoken long ago, for fear of ridicule and segregation amongst those who attend these institutions and schools. We have told you once before, there is no one type of religion, for all religions have a basis in the same truth. You should not bring fear to each other with words from the men of power, but embrace each other without discrimination, anger or fear. 

The world is in disarray and the natural way of life is dismissed these days, for you are blinded by the obstacles of life and the fear of allowing another to intervene in your lives with a practice of love.

Much harm has been caused by these discriminations and they impregnate your minds with a constant barrage of propaganda from your nations leaders. 

Why would one man beat upon another because of his colour or religion? Why does one man fight another at the whim of their governments, or what they perceive to be their governments will?

It is time to be united people, bring an aspect of love to each other. In this format of love you will find peace and reconciliation amongst the peoples of the world. 

Hardships and divisions

The hardship of many has not gone unnoticed, not just within your country, but within many other countries that you perceive to be the ‘third world’, those poorer countries that are not issued with proclamations of love, because they are regarded as being ‘primitive’ in thought. But we would ask, who is it that is primitive in thought? Is it those who would live and abide by the natural laws given long ago, or is it those who impose their laws upon their countrymen, forbidding them access to these natural ways of life and ways of thinking? Truly you are like the lost children of the woods, you cannot see the ‘wood for the trees’. You must open your eyes children, bring yourselves hope once more as men of the Earth. 

You are the caretakers of your world and many abuse these God-given rights to embellish their homes with trinkets of gold or silver. They feed their own wealth without thought of others who wait in anguish for help. Even in your own wealthy countries, there are many who suffer at this time, they would give anything for the comforts of home, for food in the belly of their children and themselves, and they are reliant now upon charity. What has happened to your societies and how will it end if you do not come together as one and work together in unity?

If you do not come together, then these divisions will become greater and will spark riotous behaviour among many who feel intolerant towards the attitudes of your government. Do not be afraid to say these things, for we only speak the truth to guide you upon your path and journey of life. It is only your minds that shut out the truth. 

Lockdowns and rebellions

You hide yourselves at this time, afraid of being seen in public places. But with due care and attention, you still have unlimited freedom compared with other nations of your world who are beat upon by their masters unforgiving ways. You speak of rebellion because of your lockdown, but what do you really know about being oppressed by those in authority? You should consider yourselves lucky to live in the places that you do, for there are many within your world who suffer despair and great loss, unknown to you.

You are a nation of spirit, you are a nation of men who are segregated at this time, and once more we ask and implore you to unite, to band together to fight the oppression of those who would beat upon you and cause you harm through their ill thoughts and lies. We do not call for revolution, but we ask you to issue each other with love, and in response to others good wishes and love, you should respond in kind. Negative thoughts have no place within that world of spirit. Combat your fears and acknowledge that you live in a world in which men fight for no good reason at this time. 

We leave you with these thoughts this evening and ask you to progress your lives with love and caring for others, despite what you are told by the news media of your world.

Do not be ashamed to give thanks for your being and position in life, for there are many, as we have said, who suffer greatly and yet live with love for one another, without bias, without hate. We could speak much about the negative of the world and those men who would dominate others, for they have no thought of peace and love, but we will not speak about them this evening. We  issue you with love and goodwill. Good evening. 

New speaker

Wisdom and love

Wisdom comes to those who open their eyes and see the many things before them and embrace the love that surrounds them, the love of the world and nature, that you are all a part of. It is only the wisdom of their minds that can release them from the prison of life, to adorn others with their knowledge of love and being.

Perhaps you do not understand the wisdom we speak of. On the other hand there are many who will understand these things. Help yourselves to a better way, not with ignorance of mind or ignorance towards others, but with a caring thought and loving heart to lend a hand where it is needed. And on this special day, when your mothers and grandmothers are celebrated, be aware that their love is unconditional for their families. 

Abused children

It is true, there are those mothers of the world who have no care for their children. They beat upon them relentlessly because they are afraid of their future and jealous of the children of today. It is unnatural in many ways, yet nature has aspects of this throughout the animal kingdom, but you, as the human beings of life, have been endowed with knowledge and should know better, and because it is reflected in nature that a mother would reject her child, this does not mean to say that you should, as you are filled with the wisdom of spirit.

You should rise above these things and allow that love to flow without prejudice or fear for your own sakes. Your children are an investment for the future, they will always carry your love despite your indiscretions towards them. Even though they feel abused, that love for their mother and father will continue on despite these traumas of life. Many of these children will grow to be better adults and demonstrate to their parents the love that they should have initially shown to them. 

Times of change

These things are very complex and should be given great thought. Your world must unite, for it is the only way for you to survive as a race during the traumas to come in the future.

We have spoken of change and how this will bring fear and desperation in others, and at this point of time, change has begun in a subtle way, but many do not see these things, so they feel hard done by to be locked away and not permitted the freedom that they once had. But as we have said, you must reflect upon those of your world who are continuously oppressed and beaten upon, some are murdered for their beliefs, for their human rights. You are not in this category, what you are going through is a time of change that you must embrace and understand. As the spoilt child, you must now learn to live with respect for one another. So, do not abandon your hopes of freedom, but embrace what you have, for they are given with love by that of God and spirit.

Throw away your prejudices and stupidity at this time, work together as one to fight the battles of life and the viruses that afflict you. Assist those in other countries who are poor and unable to reap the benefits as you do within your side of the world. Do you think of them when you reject the things that are given to you? Think about how privileged you are to have this opportunity to live a more normal life, whereas they do not, for their governments hide away these beneficial things, the vaccinations and cures for their own greed and profit. They will not spend the money that is given by your unilateral agreements and governments, they use this to fill their own pockets, for their own benefit, regardless of how their countrymen suffer. They have no heart and their time will be short and sharp. They may think that life is for their benefit, but that was not their purpose and will never be their purpose. They will learn the lessons in other ways once they pass from the human race. You can be sure that injustice against others will not go unanswered by that of the light. We do not bring fear to you, for there are only a few that would fit this category. For all of you, for the most part, you are forgiven your sins, but you must unite as one, for these times are great and things in the future will come to pass that will overshadow your present dilemmas, as you see them.

God bless and good evening children of Earth. May your passage be filled with love and purpose once more. Amen.