04-06-23 Message of Love and Compromise, Cycle of Life, Meditation etc

Transcript Date: 4th June 2023

Loving Hearts, Open Minds and Learning Through Meditation

To all of humanity we would like to say this, that although your lives are hectic and your thoughts are many, spare a thought for those who can no longer be with you and send them your love through your heartfelt messages and your belief systems, for we know there is good within the world and that those who would cause harm and anguish are truly in the minority and cannot succeed within the light and love of those who truly care.

To these people who wish nothing more than peace and love to others, we send you our love and a greeting to help you through your lives. Never be ashamed to say that you are a part of the communion of spirit, and that your love and all your worldly goods pale into insignificance when it comes to the matter of spirit, and to that of the Lord.

We have sent many messages, in the past and in the present through those such as yourself, who bid us welcome and wish to communicate the love of spirit to the world. Never be ashamed of your place in the world and the ability that you display through the words given.

To those who aspire to become the same, we say this, do not give up, have belief and trust in us and the wisdom will be given in due course. It is through trust and love that your actions will show and shine like the stars in the sky, for like the stars in the sky, your souls shine a brilliance that is visible throughout the heavens, and we acknowledge your existence and your love.

To compromise, is to be blessed with a loving heart and open mind. There are many within your world who would compromise with others who would bring them strife. It is through this practice that the trust of each other will be gained and the knowledge will spread, the knowledge being that of love and consideration for others.

There are many who wish to hear words from those of other worlds, and they fantasise about what it would be like to encounter such beings within their life; or even to just take a glimpse at the possibilities beyond your present existence. We acknowledge their thoughts with love, expressing our love to them in the best way we can. Your knowledge of these things is limited at this time, and there is purpose in this, for you are the children of your race and you have yet to mature to begin the practice of ‘growing up’ and overcoming your many obstacles.

It is a process of learning and growing; a process of compromise and love; a process of living your lives in harmony that will bring this maturity to the fore, you know this to be true. And although you may say that you are an intellectual and that you have much knowledge of many things within your life, if you do not understand or have knowledge of spirit, and the beings of other worlds, then truly you have much more to learn, and much more to gain.

Through the practice of meditation, as we have spoken of before, this may be achieved. It’s a matter of you taking time out, even just a walk through the countryside of your world, to listen to the trickling water of the stream and the birds that sing, to listen to the nature of the world, the wind that blows through the trees, the sounds of the planet as you perceive them, these are the things that will bring you focus. We will not let you fall, we will not discourage you in these actions, for we embrace you all with a heart of love. Don’t forget, it is up to you to bring yourselves maturity through your actions and thoughtfulness for others.

We have spoken of the word ‘compromise’ this evening, and you may well understand the word in several ways, some will not compromise their position in life for the sake of others, whilst others will compromise in an argument and say that they are just as much at fault for the situation that has arisen. You cannot deny yourselves an open mind and heart, and you cannot deny yourself the love that is sent through the words of spirit, or the words of the gospel, as written by John 16:4.

(John 16:4. “But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you”.
Channels note; If you read into the context of this verse you will understand that it is a warning from Jesus to his disciples saying that even though Jesus and God are with them, teaching the Gospels to the world will ultimately lead to their deaths as they will not be liked, and they will be cast aside and condemned for their beliefs and convictions.
As a race of humans at this time, we have yet to learn to compromise with each other to make a better world, and those that cry out for justice and equality will be condemned by the authorities at this present time.)

You must apply your mind and your soul to these practices of love, and the compromise of maybe sharing a life with someone else, feeling compassion for them and helping them through their times of problems and troubles. It is not difficult to allow these things to flow, it is not hard to open your mind and your spirit and soul to that of the heavens above.

Leading a horse to water . . . assisting those who do not wish to listen

She sits this evening and wonders how it is that life has passed her by, or seemingly has passed her by. And she cannot understand how it is that her words never seem to fulfil others that she may converse with? She reaches out to those in need and helps them in the way that she can, and the only way possible to her knowledge. But there are many other ways to reach out to those in need, and if they do not understand the words that you speak, then a practice of showing them by example. We will be there to assist, and like many of your world who feel they are denied our assistance, we assure you that we are close by, always.

In life you may take a tumble and you may experience extreme circumstances whereby you cannot imagine another way of resolving your problems. Through the peace of your mind, and the connection of spirit, your problems and issues of the world can be eased and your troubles lessened.

It seems unbelievable that these things can be, yet this is a matter of trust, and if you were to be in a situation where you feel like you are enclosed and that there is no way out, then speak to us and ask for guidance, and it will be given. But you must have trust and open your heart and mind to these things. As the old adage goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.” And so it goes, that we can lead you to spirit for assistance, but it is up to you to open your mind and accept the responsibilities and actions given.

It is a difficult task to assist those in your world who do not wish to be open to these things of life and spirit, but at some point in their lives they will evaluate their situation, and their minds and hearts will become open, wishing to seek a way out of their situation.

Help and Healing When Needed

There are grim times ahead for many, and as the human race evolves, so the need for love and caring will increase. Many of you have open hearts, whilst there are those who have closed their hearts to others. They may have experienced extreme circumstances and feel that they are alone and that there is no way out. But there is always a way out, there is always hope. Once more, this is up to the individual, and they can be helped in many different ways of connection. Sometimes we will lead them to others who will, in a way not understood, assist them in their words. The situation may arise that these souls in need will recognise and grasp hold, to enable them to stabilise their thoughts and lives.

Truly there are many methods that spirit will (use to) reach out to those in need, and the tragedies of your world seem to increase and get ever more desperate, and although their lives may be terminated in extreme ways, at that moment of departure from your world they will be greeted with a warmth and love, so profound. And all those torturous things that they may have experienced, and all the pain and sorrow, will be put to one side and forgotten, as joy will be brought once more.

Healing is always available and accessible for all, you may feel it as a warmth in the pit of your stomach, acknowledge this feeling, this warmth, allow it to spread throughout your body, it may not save you from a life of turmoil or a life of pain, but it will help to ease your troubles.

When it is Time to Say Farewell on the Journey of Life

She comes this evening with thoughts and prayers for all those loved ones who have bid her goodbye. Her heart swells with love as she holds them close and caresses them with her love.
There are many families who grieve at this time and cannot understand why it is that they have been put through this turmoil of pain and uncertainty. It is common for them to become angry and lash out at those who would say “there are reasons for all things in life.” It is their lack of knowledge of life and that of spirit that led them to do these things, to lash out and become aggressive to those that they love, and they don’t mean these things, it is just that their mind is in anguish and cannot accept that life is a journey in which you learn to love, and you to learn to let go.

Each of you are on this journey, and each of you will be reunited once more, it is not a punishment from God or spirit; it is not something that you may have done that has brought this uncompromising sorrow to your life, it is life, and it is the nature of your world.
You see it every day, in the seasons of your earth, and in the birth and termination of life throughout the world of the animal kingdom, and even through the plants and flora and fauna of your world, everything is in a cycle, transitioning from one to the other, in an endless stream of life. Life never truly ends, it just exists once more in another form, in another place.

The transition of life has gone unexplained to many in this world, and they whisper words to the Lord, asking for the explanation of these things. There have been many texts written to explain these things, yet they have largely gone unnoticed or ignored. The words of the gospel speak of many things of wisdom to enlighten you, and although they have been enhanced by man, they still have basic truths that all should ponder upon and understand.

Cycle of Life for the Universe

Even the life of your universe has a cycle, and although you may not live long enough to see these things, nevertheless, universes are created and dissolved once more to become part of the heavens that surround your world. You see these things as meteors, stardust, and they travel endlessly, it may seem to you, throughout the galaxies of the heavens that you exist within, and eventually they become part of something else as they unite and create a new star system or Galaxy.

The vastness of time and space, you are unable to comprehend, as are many civilisations. And there is a reason for this, you must each pass through each phase of life, you must each journey this time parallel to others, but eventually you will progress and those in parallel with your life will join you and you will create new life. You may not understand the words that we speak, but we ask you to sit and think about these things. Do you truly believe that this is the one and only life that you will exist within? If so, how can you be so narrow minded? We implore you to open your mind and think of all the possibilities that exist.

You feel your bodies, and you know of your spirit and soul, because that is you! Yet even your spirit and soul, as you know it at this time, will evolve, it will join with others and you will be recreated as new, and yet you will still carry your personality of this time, but you will also carry the traits of others to enhance you, so that you may progress throughout the spheres of life.

Complex words you may think, and indeed they are, but there is nothing simple about universal life that exists within the many spheres of galaxies and universes.

Time Travel – Mind Travel

Many in your life fantasise about the ability to time travel, to travel to other worlds by folding space. These are just fantasies for your race at this time, but you can still travel, even though your advancements have not progressed to this stage, at this time. And you can do this through your own mind, for the complexities of your mind are vast and far superior to that of your material world, and anything that you can create. You have been equipped with a vast knowledge, that is mostly ignored or not tapped into. To expand your mind, to have the freedom of thought and heart will open up these corridors, and although it may seem insignificant to you, these things will advance you. The power of thought will carry you through your many existences and the life to come.

Withheld Knowledge and Destruction and Mayhem

We have spoken to you of other beings, and they wait for those with the ability to communicate with love and compassion, but at this time, the situation upon your planet does not allow these things to happen. It has occurred in the past, and your nations hold them as secrets that should not be disclosed for fear of the public response, but you are not children that need to be protected, for education is needed. It is only the ignorant, the greedy, and those who want the power that will not accept or acknowledge these beings and their need to help you through this time of your existence, but not just of your existence, for that will be short in comparison to your earth, but in the existence of your race of humanity. They deplore the situation they see at this time, as men of war create ever more deadly weapons to expand their territories, but they cause destruction, mayhem, they cause sadness and pain, and what was it gain them in the end? What satisfaction do they get from these things, they think their name may go down in history perhaps, but it will go down in a way that they do not wish and their spirit and soul will pay a price for the pain that they inflict upon others and their selfish needs.

“Will they be Punished?”

It may take time for them to understand the many things of life. Will they be punished? It is what hangs on many people’s thoughts, they will punish themselves in ways unexpected, but spirit and that which you call God will always be there to listen to them. How can this be? The devastation and death that they cause, the torture that they bring the innocent souls, how is it that they are given an ear? You find this hard to comprehend and to understand, but each of you have an opportunity to raise your vibration and bring your spirit and soul to a deeper understanding, to understand that persecution of others is not the way forward. Believe us when we say there is no excuse for these things, and what you do within your life will be represented in the next life.

Open your thoughts my children. Do not dwell upon those who bring terror, for they are their own worst enemy. Look to your own lives and assist those who are affected by their tyranny, assist them with love. Demonstrate your love, for this will demonstrate to those that bring terror that their way is not the way forward, it is through love and companionship, through compassion and caring of others. It is through the unity of your world to help one another, this is the passage that should be taken, and they will see in the time to come, but that doesn’t help those at this present time who suffer at their hands with their merciless persecution. For one man’s belief in his own greatness, he will understand in a time to come the things of his life, and he will pay a debt, as all most for their actions in their lives.

We thank you for your audience this evening, wish you well upon your journeys throughout the universal life that is given. Be blessed in the knowledge we have shared, and have hope in your heart’s that life is everlasting, and although your bodies may die, your spirit and soul will continue on in an endless cycle. It is up to you to improve your lives, not with the wealth of your existence or possession, greed of land or power, but within your love, for love will bring you joy everlasting. Amen.


21-05-23 Message of love and hope, Communication, Resilience of children, Troops gather

Transcript Date: 21st May 2023

Messages of Love and Hope

Be calm, be still, and allow your focus to centre upon your heart. Be at peace at this time, in the knowledge that all is well, and that all things of life will be shown to all in a time to come, where peace will reign supreme and love will embrace you with a warmth that you have never experienced before.

Be blessed this evening, for we are here to bring you hope and to bring love to your heart, to share with all those who would listen and acknowledge our presence within their lives.

Once more the time has come to bring messages of love and hope to all those who have experienced loss, and who suffer at the hands of others in this world of yours.

Coping with the arduous journey of life

These journeys are never easy, and they must be travelled with hope in your heart, strength, and forgiveness of others, should they trespass upon you. Do not bring harsh words to those who you may disagree with, for this only brings a negative response. Be courteous, and give hope to others who have none at this time.

Tonight, we speak of many things, of how to overcome the arduous journey that you have undertaken within this life; your bodies of flesh are of this physical world, but your heart and soul are that of spirit and the great beyond, to which all must travel in a time to come.

It is by no means an easy thing to accept that life can be painful in many ways, not just of the physical, but of the emotions that are brought through the loss of a loved one, a loved pet, or perhaps a friend. But never worry about these things, for although they bring great concern, you must understand that you are forever entwined with the love that you have shared. This love is a bond that cannot be broken, and although life changes, you must move on with courage in your heart, that love that you have experienced will always be there and play a part within your lives.

Resilience of children

Spectacles of life are great, we see many things, men of courage, women of courage, and we see the resilience of your children of the world. Their minds are open to all aspects of life, whether it is of the physical, or of the spiritual, for their minds have not been corrupted by the things of the human race. We always hope that they stay in this innocence, yet, the strength and power of temptation is great upon your world and many fall foul of the things of your life.

And the children, and those you call the ‘teenagers’, feel oppressed by the pressures of life that are put upon them, sometimes by you as a parent, encouraging them to be the best they can, or perhaps by the authorities that rule your life within those buildings of teaching, and of your government.

But we say this, allow your children to grow naturally without these pressures, for these pressures are sometimes not theirs to bear, they are not theirs to suffer with. But still these things of life continue on, particularly in your part of the world and the system that you live within.

There are children of the world who live free and are not burdened by these pressures that you may put upon them, and their hearts are happy, despite the hardship that they may live under. They know true happiness.

And there are those children of the world who are forced into bondage, either by marriage, or by those who would enslave them, to fight for them at such a tender age, and for what? For what gain is there in fighting and using your children who are your future to carry out your needless persecution of others? Huh, we see this constantly, and we are appalled by these things, and no nation upon your earth is free from these burdens of life; no one man can say that he does not worry or have concerns for his family and the pressures that life brings.

The women of the world

The women of your world carry a great burden, no matter which country they live in, and they carry the burden of responsibility to their families, to their men, to their loved ones. And the burden of childbirth is great for the women of your world, for they suffer greatly with these pains of birth and how many men or males of your species understand the things that they suffer and go through?

Their strength is great and is not recognised by many states of your world, they are regarded as ‘non-existent’ or just ‘unfeeling’, and the men who run those regimes persecute them for no other reason than ‘they can’, for they consider them to be of the ‘weaker sex’, and yet, their strength is superior to any man of your world.

Equality and sharing

But, all of you are equal in your life, all of you carry a burden of progression and it is up to you to lighten the load with your love and warmth towards each other. If you cannot carry this burden, then you must seek help for there is much help within the world of spirit, ask and you shall be given, not of riches or reward, but of strength of heart and the courage to continue forward upon your passage of life. Never fear those around you who would bring you strife, for their time will come and their burden will be upon themselves, as much as they are on you.

Share all things of life, carry and share your burdens equally to lighten the load, and do not be afraid to speak to others of your burdens and your worries and concerns, because to talk, is to share, and this in turn will lighten the load of these burdens.

Burdens of life

Tonight, we speak of burdens and the load that many carry throughout their lives. And this load is a monstrous, heavy burden to carry, and yet, at the time of your passing, when your body releases your soul, all these things of life, all these burdens, worries and concerns will be released, as if they never were, and you will experience a peace so profound, that you would wonder why you had never experienced these things before.

You will be surrounded by love, and the explanation of your life will be given fully and you will understand why you carried these burdens and experienced the pain that you did. And as you reside in spirit so you will become one with everything, nothing will be hidden from you, all knowledge will be gained, as you will not have your human mind to block the passage of these things.

Never fear, for your lives are carried forward in a way that many do not understand, and we would speak to those who suffer heartache at this time, and our empathy reaches out to them, and we would say to them, release your fear, listen as you sit quietly with your thoughts, for there will be many signs given for you to respond to, and understand that you are never truly separated by what you call ‘death’.

Tonight, we have spoken of the burdens of life and of the love that is never separated, and the strength that you carry within you. Bring focus upon your lives and help each other through the daily routines. Good evening.

New speaker

Communication with passed loved ones

Messages are carried forward, and there are many who wish to speak to those of their loved ones, but it doesn’t take a medium for you to connect. It is the stillness of the human mind that will allow the words to flow and the feeling of love to embrace you. Many neglect the signs given, many do not recognise that although they may sense and feel many things, that these things are of spirit, and of communication. Communication does not just come through the words, as this man speaks, it also comes through the communication of the soul, and of the heart. Your mind is like a transmitter and your thoughts are carried upon the waves created in the myriad of patterns available to spirit.

You are never disconnected from those you feel you have lost, for you are all of one spirit, you are all connected in the many ways that cannot be explained, but only felt. Truth will be told of these many things of life, many experience and undertake a purpose of connection, whilst others may reflect upon them and disregard the abilities that you all possess.

Communication during sleep

When you sleep your human mind is at rest, and those of your loved ones may enter in what you may call ‘a dream’, and you will recall many things of your lives, and when you wake, should you remember this dream, you will also feel and remember that you were in a state of spirit, your body and the burdens of your life were not there, and only the truth was given.

Some dreams are reflected within the burdens of your life, whilst others are of pure communication. It is in this state, when you feel no body, no worries whilst you are asleep, it is in this state that you will exist once more and your soul and your character will continue on, but free from the burdens of life and the ties that bring you down. For in spirit, you are free to exercise your love; to communicate with others of your past life and of the life to come. You share many things, not just of life, but of the spiritual being that you are.

Communication and Connection

Connection and communication are vital in your everyday lives, and it is equally vital to connect and communicate with the one you call God, and those you call spirit, and of course with those of your loved ones who have gone beyond and now see the purpose of their lives.

It is hard to imagine, or even consider that there was purpose in their passing, there was purpose in your life continuing when theirs are apparently ‘ceased’. But there is purpose in all things, and you shared this purpose before your life, and you will share once more after your lives are terminated.

Fearful words for some, for life hold’s many aspects of pleasure and joy for them, but at some point, this life must be given up once more.

The young who pass and ‘invisible friends’

Many will think of the children, the babies, the young ones, and those who seem to be so full of life that they were suddenly cut short by their passing. And as hard as it is for you to accept, there was purpose in all these things, and their passing brought them healing and joy, and now they watch over you.

All aspects of life have purpose, and there is a great need in your world for a deeper understanding of all these things of spirit.

You regard them as ‘unimportant’ as your busy lives keep you occupied and your physical mind creates a block and our thoughts cannot penetrate, for your concerns are great. But, for those who sit in the quiet and let their human minds rest, for these, there will be enlightenment, and this is available to all of you, not just to those special ones you call ‘mediums’, but to each and every one of you.

Have you ever considered a child who would go to her parents and speak of things that you cannot see, a special friend, or they may recall a past life? You disregard them out of hand, not understanding what they are talking about). There are those who understand and will accept, but for the most part, they are called ‘invisible friends’ and it is a childhood phenomenon, and yet it is real. They speak of their experience, they speak of what they see for their everyday life is not encumbered by the problems and worries of your world.
Through meditation you too can free your mind and allow in those thoughts that are not yours, be accepting of these thoughts, and as abstract as they may seem, they are thoughts given to you from the world of spirit.

Never shy away, or fear, for what is there to fear? In truth, if you have courage in your heart, and a deep connection of faith, and a deep connection with spirit, then there is nothing in this physical world that can harm you. Truly you will feel pain and suffering will be great at times, yet peace will still come, and the experiences of all these traumas that you may go through, of illness; of accidents; of war; of discrimination, they will all be washed away with the healing hands of love.

Healing Hands

Seek out those of healing hands, those healers, for they have a special gift to enhance your lives with love, and their relaxing, tender words and the warmth that they radiate, will calm your soul and your body, and your vibrations will become still and organised once more.

Some would say that they don’t believe in these things, but how can you say that you don’t believe if you have not given it a chance, or experienced these things? Never think that you are supreme, or that the human race is all there is and there is nothing else. Because we aim to educate you over the next few years in extreme ways to allow you to see that others of other dimensions really exist.

Connecting to natural abilities

There are many in life who regard them as alien to your world, and yet, you yourself are alien to your world! Your bodies are of the physical world and you are a creation of the animal kingdom, as much as the cat or dog, or wild animal that you may see. But your soul and your being is not of your world, it is of the universal light that exists all around you, which carries a vast knowledge of all things of life, no matter what solar system it may exist within.

Many expand their minds with knowledge of your worldly books, and yet there is so much more that can be learnt from a knowledge of the universe which you can tap into through focus, through belief and trust. There are many in your world such as Einstein, who brought forward formulas of many things to assist your world, but he too would sit and focus, and that is how the information flowed. He had a special ability, unique to him, and each of you have a special ability unique to you.

The artist who sits, paints and draws; the artist who writes songs with soothing words and comforting thoughts, they are also in focus. You ask any of these artists and writers how they write and how they paint their pictures, and they will tell you, that it flows through them and inspiration is given. Not all have these abilities, each of you have a talent that can be tapped into and used to better the world in which you live.

Reaching those who shut out the light

It is only those who shut out the light and embrace the dark that cause worry, strife, murder, mayhem, it is only these dark minds who cannot see a better way, and yet, they need to be enlightened.

A task indeed to do this, for their greed and their avarice, their need for possession is great and it overwhelms their mind, blocking out that of spirit, blocking out that of love and consideration for all forms of life upon your world, including the planet itself. Somehow, these souls must be reached and they must understand that they have a responsibility to your world of life, they were given that responsibility and they must exercise these things of love and consideration, not for themselves, but for the good of all. For who else, but the leaders of the world can change your world.

Those of the light can influence through the words written and given, and the love of your world combined can also influence their path and their decision-making, they cannot exist without you.

Have hope in the life to come, and do not feel the need to burden others.

Do not pressurise those of you young, allow them to grow with love in their hearts, amen.

New speaker

Love and togetherness or possessions and fear

The need of many is great at this time, and they curse their lives for being saturated by misery, stress and mayhem, yet they themselves are in control of these things, if they could only but open their eyes, their hearts and minds and release these worries and concerns, for in truth, they are just trifles. It may seem like a tremendous task at hand, and it takes just a little faith and trust.

What is it you want most out of life? Is it possession, money? Is it the love of others and have a life without burden, a playground to enjoy what some would say is their only life? This is not so, for life brings joy in many other aspects, other than that of your world and the trinkets that you hold dear.

Communicate with others, share your love. There are many that do this through their organisations and the groups that they form. Togetherness brings strength and hope, segregation brings fear. Which would you rather have, we wonder?

It is your choice to make, be strong and do not fear that because you have nothing, then your life will be of nothing. There is much more to life than the possessions and the wealth that you hold of the physical. There is more to life than regarding the Earth as a playground, because you believe that you only have this one existence. You are so wrong to believe these things, for there is much more beyond your life at this time.

Be the driver of your life, do not be driven by corruption and greed, open your heart to others and see the beauty of the world that surrounds you and how at this time, destruction is bringing it to an end. For the many species of the world, doom is written upon their brows by the actions of the men of greed, power, and irresponsibility.

Ask them to look at the natural world, not with the eyes of financial gain, but with the eyes of love; with the eyes of the artist who sees the beauty of everything in creation. Ask them to consider which they hold most dear, their temporary lives of wealth and gain compared with everlasting life of love, peace and harmony.

I think we know which most of you will choose? But there are those who do not believe in these things and so they pick those earthly burdens. And to have wealth, power and money is a burden, a huge burden to carry, because when you have these things, you cannot bear the thought to lose them, but those who have none of these things and live life seeing the beauty of the world, they are the ones who do not feel this loss that the wealthy may feel, for they have gained much within their lives that they may carry forward beyond this present existence.

Troops gather

Troopers gather, and the hordes run riot over those citizens in that country of Europe.

There is much pollution, much grief, much fear brought by their actions and they do not care for the emotions of the human that suffers, or the creatures of that country. Their eyes are fixed by one man in his need for greatness, power and glory.

There have been many of his kind that have existed, Napoleon, Hitler, Nero, and what did it gain them in the end? All their wealth and power and their destruction of other countries and the torture they brought to the inhabitants of those countries, what gain did it bring them?

Because at the end of the day, their lives had to end and they took nothing with them into the next life, other than the pain that they brought upon others. Their wealth and possession had no meaning and did not give them a special place within spirit. Instead, they had to learn the harsh lesson, they did not understand that it was love and compassion that you carry forward with you and not possession and monetary gain; they do not understand as they are blinded by the glories of life and what they perceived to be ‘wealth’.

True wealth

The true wealth lies in the heart and the love that you share with your loved ones and share with your neighbours and the world. Creatures and those of other worlds who are around you constantly. That is the true wealth, that love, that compassion, and it will not bring you the same or anything above anyone else in the world of spirit, it just simply means that you will share an existence of love and peace, cosseted by the world of spirit and that of God, or whom you perceived to be God.

God is real, never think that he is a figment of the imagination, you have many names for him or her, or the spirit that God is.

God is love, and you possess this love within you. Whilst most share this love and accept this love, others of those negative beings will shut it out as they are focused upon the wealth of life.

It is a hard thing to break open these dark doors that they live behind, and yet at some point in their lives they will recognise love, the love of their families, and they should reflect upon this love and share it with others instead of being focused upon their own delusional ways. It is no delusion or illusion to believe in that of God and spirit, for it is not fleeting as the possessions of life, it is there for all-time, in the universe around you and within your hearts, you know this to be true.

Come with us now and join us within your living years and know that we will be there to bring you hope and security when your earthly bodies are no more.

Complete your missions in life as best you see them, and the many missions are obvious to some. To those who help those who grieve, to those who bring the word of spirit to the world, to those who heal those through their belief and love.

Many forms exist that will bring goodness and healing to your world.

Please remember not to burden your young with your dreams and aspirations that you could not fill, it is not their burden to live your life or achieve academic status, allow them to live and to be free and their abilities will shine without the help of pressure from their parents or from life.

Good evening.

New speaker

Message from Jimmy who recently passed

Jimmy asks to be remembered, his kindness was extraordinary and his heart was big for all those around him to whom he brought joy within his family. James was his name, and yet his preference was for Jimmy. He passed recently to this world of spirit and life for evermore. He lives in spirit with eternal life continuing to watch over his family and his four-legged friends, whom he loved so much.

Tell her this, the heart that she possesses filled with his remains is of the physical, for his love will be with her always until they once more share their love in spirit.

Good evening.

08-05-23 The River of Life, Bereavement, Crucial Time of Existence, Meditation etc

Transcript Date: 8th May 2023

Responsibilities of Life

Passive thoughts this evening for those who suffer at the hands of others.

The human animal is a wonder of creation, and yet, he so often he forgets his purpose upon this world and the purpose of his life. Too many times we have spoken to those who do not listen or care about their responsibilities to others within this world.

It is a vast undertaking to lead a country, and a people, through times of hardship and troubles. Some will listen and devoutly speak to the Lord with kindness of heart and a feeling of obligation to their duties, whilst others betray their thoughts to God. They only want to wage war upon others to increase their earthly benefits, which will do them no good, for the only benefit that you will carry with you and forward into your next life, will be that of love, caring and comradeship.

It is at times like these that the world should listen and watch as others commit these atrocities within your world for no other reason than their gain. How can this be? Why would these souls turn against their own kind for the illusions of life?

Life is a battle, and you are sent to live a life upon the earth as men, so that you may learn the pitfalls and the benefits; so that you may strengthen your hearts with love and companionship; to learn that to beat upon another is a ridiculous situation, for they are all a part of you, as you are a part of them in spirit.

Your bodies are of flesh and separate from your being of spirit, and during your life, you must learn to love and respect each other and teach those of your youngsters the right way to live a life.

It is no excuse to say that you were carried away, or that you were influenced by others, for each of you have a will so strong, that you can overcome these influences. This is another part of learning within your life, to learn to have strength of character, to have strength to repel those of the dark forces who would happily create confusion within your lives, and within your beliefs.

Not many accept the existence of those of the light or those of the dark, for their thoughts are just upon this time of their life. They cannot conceive that there is another place waiting for them. It is not all doom and gloom, for as we have told you, you each have an opportunity to redeem yourselves and work to move forward spiritually. The rewards of this effort will be tremendous. You will not recall the lives that you have lived throughout the past years and eons before, because you are destined to move on, but at your own pace, with encouragement from those who watch over you in spirit. It is up to you to reclaim your senses and look beyond this ‘physical life’ to see that there is more to come.

Following the flow of life

Time is but an illusion, and it passes within an instant, for within this second it is now history and the future moves on, and you flow with it, like a twig upon a stream or upon the river.

And as you float down this river you must negotiate the rapids and waterfalls that confront you. The waterfalls are the pitfalls of your life, and when you fall, as a twig over this waterfall  you will be submerged at the bottom, but you will right yourself and float once more as you make the effort to resurface.

This reflects life, the strength and power of the rivers are the strength and power that is within you. The rivers of life flow forward constantly and never reverse, and each existence is a reflection upon your past existence, and you build, like the walls of your home’s, each stone, stone by stone, brick by brick, and you continue to build, and there will be times within these existences when things are apparently stagnant, yet the rivers still flow, and you are still the twig upon this mighty river that flows.

Do not give in because you feel like there is nothing more to achieve, there is much to achieve within life, and within spirit. Allow your waters to flow and do not be caught in the dams upon these rivers, for these dams represent the stagnant waters which do not flow, but just eddy in one place. And it would be difficult to release yourself from these eddies, but once more it is the strength and will that you possess that will once more set you upon your path, upon these mighty rivers.

And the river of life runs strong throughout many universes, it creates many different lifeforms, and many different situations. You should not be closed to the existence of other beings, some may be a reflection of yourselves, whilst others will be strange to your eyes, and we told you before, that they will arrive when the time is right.

Crucial time of existence

All of you that exist at this moment, in this life, are at a crucial learning stage. It is a crucial time for your planet and your own existence as a human being, but even if the human animal no longer exists in the physical, then the spiritual will continue on and you will continue to learn in many different places, in many different universes.

The light will continue to shine upon you all to encourage you to move forward and assist each other in your everyday issues and problems. It cannot be stressed enough, that these things must be taken in and learnt, and although many will not care, or read these words, they will reach out to all of them in their thoughts and in their mannerisms, for each of you have a guide who will relay these thoughts in a way best suited to the individual.

You must pull together in a united front against that of the dark that influences your world at this time. And why does the dark exist when there is so much light? The answer is to bring balance, the balance of life, so that you may learn right from wrong. And if you learn your lessons well, then this will be reflected within your future existences and incarnations. Never be afraid to question your life and make changes for the better, for change is good as you report with a loving thought to bring purpose to others and to help others in their aspects of life.

Suffering Bereavement

We see the troubles of many who suffer the despair of loss of a loved one, and you yourself have read their words, (Michaels Note: I am a member of a group called ‘Scottish Border’s Widowed Community, in which we share our stories and support each other), and you feel their pain as you have experienced the same thing. You must not give up hope within your life, your loved ones have passed beyond your existence, but they still exist, they are still with you, but in a different way and in a different form. They are around you all constantly and they will never leave you, for you are part of each other and this is a constant of the universe of life. In this context you never truly lose a loved one, but merely continue upon your paths, jointly, and with love.

How can you reassure those who are grieving at this time as the tears flow as the rivers of life? But each tear releases the pain that you feel, do not hold back the tears for they are an emotional release to assist you through these troubled times.

You cannot explain to those who have lost a loved one, a husband or a wife, or child, or a relative. You cannot explain to them that life goes on and you will learn to cope, but in a different way. Some feel alone and unable to continue on without their partner, but they must ‘let go’ continuing to hold their love tight to their hearts, and when we say ‘let go’, we mean they must move on, as their partners will move on with them.

It is a difficult subject to speak of, for your human minds and thoughts will not accept that this is a part of the living world, you are an emotional being, troubled by many things that beset you. Emotions are difficult to control and master, and they are a stern lesson in life. Redeem your thoughts of sorrow, anguish and anger, and allow in the love in the knowledge that your loved ones continue on, still with you, watching over you in a myriad of ways that you may not understand, or notice. But know that they are with you, always, and will share your life and help to steer you within your remaining years.

Life is precious and should be held tight to your chest, there is a time to release and let go, and there is a time to keep going and hold on tight. It is an emotional ride that has its ups and downs as well as its pitfalls, and you must be brave to follow these rules of life and continue on with strength to honour those of your loved ones who no longer possess a physical body, yet still coexist with you.

Sometimes you will surpass your life and you will recognise that there are special gifts given to each, use these gifts, not for your own selfish need or egos, not for gain, but to help others in the best way you can, for guidance will always be given to those who ask.

Inner universe of creation

Time has come for the world to look beyond this life and remember their beginnings.

We have spoken upon many subjects of life and love, we have told you many things of the aspects of spirit and of other creatures of the world who like you, explore the universe around them, yet, they do not find the inner universe, that part of you that you call spirit knows the location of this ‘inner universe’, it is not visible to the physical eye, or to the machines that you create. It is held within the light of the heavens, it is there that it shines brightly in a myriad of colours and vibration, and yet you cannot enter or see into these things of creation, and they are kept separate, deliberately, so that you may focus upon your lives and learn.

When you see the colours of light within the heavens and the creation of the planets and suns, then you will see ‘heaven’, but in your own physical way, and the colours are vast throughout the heavens, particularly where the stardust collects and the light reflects.

Creation continues on unabated throughout many worlds and many universes and you may never reach these places, for time is created to keep you separated until your planets mature and become one with spirit.

The vastness of time and space can be transcended in a second, in an instant, within the spiritual being. It is a thought that will transmit your very being and it is beautiful, and it is not to be used irresponsibly, but wisely and for the good of all.

You may temporarily enter these time zones by your very own thoughts, by your own focus. Take a minute out of your day to participate in what you may call ‘meditation’, or the quiet of your mind. Sit, and let go, for you have an ability beyond your knowledge at this time. And those who practice in these things will tell you that the time that they sit is not important, as they release all their earthly worries and concerns. Sit and listen and hear the hum of the universe, see the colours that may flash before your eyes, and the images presented to you, for they are all of spirit, to guide you, to bring you light upon your journeys.

Transmit this thought and love, share it with others of your neighbours close to you and your families. Share it with the world, send out the thoughts of positive love. It may seem insignificant to you at the time, but these vibrations of loving thoughts penetrate many within your world.

True love never runs smooth

There is a song that is sung, and the words spoken are ‘True love never runs smooth’, that’s what they say, and you know this to be your wife’s favourite singer, that of Gene Pitney. And the words reflect life and love and how this love has its ups and downs, and this is true of life. Should you take a minute to listen to this music, think about these things and reflect upon your own life and the love that you hold inside.

Love is never ending, never ceasing unless you shut it out, to shut out this love will bring chaos within your life, and we are not just talking about the physical love, but of the love and companionship of others through friendship and acquaintances. Let this sparkle of love shine, and when you feel that you are without love, then know that we are there, filling your life with love and hope. Some are alone and feel so lonely that there cannot possibly be any love, but there’s always been the love of their parents and families, there’s always been the love of spirit that walks with them and assists them through their trials of life. So never think that love does not exist, for it is always a constant within your lives. It is up to you to reflect on these things and allow it to be a part of your life, whether you have a partner or not, then know that we are there as a partner and we embrace you with our love.

We have coined a phrase from a song of life, and there are many songs of life that reflect the human aspect of your world. They are written by the artists of your life, and yet the words are given through focus and reflection. Equally there are many songs that are negative in their thoughts, but you must omit these from your mind and your life, and focus upon those songs that sing about love and wisdom. This will bring you joy in your life. It is a sad thing to see that many of your young are influenced by these negative songs and the words written within them, and yet as dismal as this may seem, as they grow and live their life, so they learn and mature for the most part, and those songs are put on the back step as they move on, realising that love is all around them.

Love is paramount, never ceasing, and like the eddies of the river it can be stalled if you do not allow yourself to have an open heart to all that are around you. Love takes many forms, the love of a human, of a child, the love of an animal, a loved pet, and the love of the mother Earth that you live upon. Many reflections of love, many facets exist and those of a negative thought cannot comprehend these things, yet are always given the opportunity to reflect on their own light.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, living your lives, for each of you have a path, but each of you also have free will, and there are those who shame themselves with their sins of life by taking others’ lives for no other reason than their selfish needs and thoughts.

Do not block out the love that is in your heart, for it was given to you before your birth, do not block out the words and songs of love, for they will help you to lighten the load of life.

We must leave you now and hope that you would have learnt a little bit more of your existence and that of spirit.

Be blessed in this knowledge. Amen.

28-04-23 Instincts, Power of Love, Mother Mary, Overcome confusion and mayhem etc

Transcript Date: 28th April 2023

Instincts and Power of Love

Instincts play a part in all your lives; they are a part of you that never leaves, and it is these instincts that will guide you and bring you purpose within your lives. Too many these days ignore their natural instincts and they behave in a random manner, not applying their thoughts to their nature or the being that they are.

We must bring you hope this evening that your love and tenderness for each other will bring you warmth and companionship. It is not a time to fear or let others to allow the fear build within you. This fear can be combated by your love and the instincts that you have to hold one another tight in an embrace of love. For love is the weapon of war that cannot be broken, we speak of the war of the negative against those who would only wish to bring that light to others.

You must never become complacent with your attitude to others, never take them for granted, never heed those who will turn you against your friends and families. You must move within your journeys in a positive way, to bring hope and change, so others may see and join you upon your path of life.


It was long ago before man stepped out in the world that your bodies were just a mere ‘speck’ in the ground, but the spirit within was always there, it gave purpose to your bodies to live, to learn, and to help each other within the realm of life.

The time has come to tell you about these things, to inform you about your beginnings. In the atmosphere around you, within the universe that surrounds you, you are a form of energy and it cannot be extinguished or erased, for your energy is part of the greater being that will never fade or diminish.

You must uphold your faith and trust, you must endure many things that will test your faith and trust, but you must focus upon that being that you are a part of. None of you should lose hope and betray your soul’s purpose by not following your path.

There are many things of heaven and earth that can be spoken of, yet only time will enlighten those who follow their path. No one is forgotten, no one is forsaken, for you are all a part of this universe and of this energy.

Rectifying wrongs

It comes hard to some to think that perhaps even those who commit severe wrongs within your world are given the opportunity to rectify those wrongs. To your human minds this is an horrendous thought. Those that commit adultery or murder, or crimes against humanity in the world, have an opportunity to rectify these things. It is your instinct to want them to be punished, but how would that rectify the situation?

Vengeance should not be carried within your hearts, nor anger. We do not ask you to pity them, but to hold them and help them to understand, that although they may have committed these crimes, they must follow the rules of the universe.

A time will come when all will understand the meaning of life and the meaning of death. As we have said before, there is no death, only the death of your human body.

Your experiences and the many situations you have faced will guide your future and you will become aware of the many nations that surround you, the many planets that harbour life much the same as yours. You may see them as strange beings, not of your world, but of your nightmares! But you must accept that they are that being, their creation is as much a part of yours as it is theirs. You cannot hide from these things; you cannot deny what your eyes and your thoughts tell you. Use your instincts and understand that life is given to all, no matter what part of the universe they exist within.

Life is universal and never ending, and when one civilisation dies, another begins to start afresh.

War and Destruction Created by Humans

You hope never to see violence, war or destruction, and they are unfortunate in their creation, but they are only created by your own selves. You can only help yourselves to a better way by understanding that each of you are connected to each other, you are not separate, despite your outward appearance.

Even those beings who wish to communicate with your species understand the meaning of terror and war, and they do not wish for these things to occur. Many nations of other worlds have transcended their evil ways and have come to understand the purpose of life and of love, whilst others have perished because they do not learn or communicate with each other the words of love and understanding. It can only be bought through faith and trust.

(The following is a message for Michael – on the day he met George Burridge, a fellow trance medium who lives in Cornwall. – Whilst he was at George’s home, George spontaneously slipped into a trance and spoke about many things. It showed Michael that our purpose in life continues on despite age or circumstance. George is now 93 and still going on strong. It was later that day that Michael sat in light trance to receive the contents of this transcript and the following personal message.)

Today you have spoken to one of wisdom who knows many things about these matters, he has spoken to you with our words to help you to listen, and to help you not to give in. You feel alone and abandoned, but this is not so, we are always here and we walk beside you. Others see this and tell you of these things, but you seem lost at this time. We will bring focus once more and help to guide your thoughts. Treasure your memories of your loved ones, hold them tight to your heart, for they are still with you and they will never leave you, for you are a part of each other and a part of the universe.

Seek out those who have similar beliefs and interests, bring them close and talk with them so that they too might understand the meaning of spirit and world peace. You feel there is no one at this time to communicate with, yet here you are, speaking in terms of love. Do not underestimate the power of the spirit, for it exists within all of you to bring you hope, to bring you joy and to eliminate those things that may frighten you.

Mother Mary

She has spoken to you the words of wisdom, and she shares with you a grace so vast that it encompasses all of this world. She has been with you and watches over you as she watches over all of you to give you hope, to give you courage and fortitude.

Bless this lady, for she is the mother of the one that you call Jesus. She is the mother of all and she will not let you go into the night with fear and without love. Trespass not upon others who have a will to bring destruction, but coax them with your love. Nurture them with tender thoughts of love and bring them hope that one day their problems and troubles will be put to one side and life will begin for them once more.

Hope is never gone, it never ceases, for as long as you hold it within your hearts.

Troubles are many, and many suffer at the hands of their own thoughts, and they struggle through their life not being able to visualise a way forward. For some it is the practical side of life that holds them back and they cannot see past their worries and concerns. It is easy for us to say to them to have hope and trust, but this is what we do say and they must endeavour to help themselves.

Truly there are many who do not have your resources and the luxuries of your life, and they truly struggle within their lives against extreme odds that are set against them. It doesn’t seem fair to many that they should be in this position, but again, this is about comradeship and about love and connection, it is for you to do what you must, and help them understand that they can help themselves to ease the problems of others.

A united world will be one that will gain much, not in wealth or possession, but in love and understanding. Are these words not true? Do you not listen to what we are attempting to tell you? Do not shut out the lessons of life, for they will be carried forward within the next existence. Train your minds to become one with peace, one with the universe. Do not speculate that the future is ‘Doom’ for it can be so bright, and the brightness can be brought through love. Temper your hearts with this freedom of love and allow it to help others.

There will come a time when those from other worlds will communicate to those of your world. They wait for that time when you become one with your hearts and souls.

Overcome Confusion and Fear

Birds will be seen to flock in an unusual manner and people will speculate that the energies of your earth affect them in ways that you do not understand. To some extent this is true, the energies will peak, and confusion will be brought to those creatures who rely upon their instincts to find their way.

Mankind will be confused and not understand as much as the creatures of the world. But there are those of you who will read these words and understand that these changes are abundant at this time. You must follow your thoughts, for they are given by those of spirit and others who only wish to guide you and to alleviate your fears from the confusion that will be brought.

Mayhem should not be feared, it should be looked at in a cool and calm manner, and the logic and reason of your mind and your instincts will help you to see out this storm of energy release.

Do not be afraid, for all things have purpose, and even those who suffer loss will endure and bring themselves peace once more as they acknowledge that the universe and the universal wisdom will play a part in their lives.

You comprehend many things, yet there are many things that are not understood. And many of your world do not recognise that the spiritual realm exists for the good of all. It exists all around you, all of the time, and it can be reached with your focus.

She (Mother Mary) will tell you soon of many things to come, she will guide you upon your steps. You must listen to the wisdom given Michael, you must listen and follow the words spoken, we have faith in you that you will do these things.

Message from Pauline (3.8.38 – 19.4.23)

Your friends at this time are in need of comfort and love, their peace has been shattered by the loss of a loved one. She wishes them well as she sings to them in the evening, at night. She sings her favourite songs that brought her joy in her life.

There are no random acts, for everything has its time. She has left confusion, but she knows that this will be dealt with in a suitable way.

“I was brought peace by the hands of love, I could not hold on, for the warmth and the love was overwhelming. You must not weep for me, but think of those times of joy and the life that we had, and I thank them for the things that they have sacrificed for me.

He will understand this message, that I will be there with them, holding their hands.

Do not argue, but bring me peace with your love for one another.

Hope will be brought once more and your lives will continue on until we meet again in this wondrous world of love. Speak to me no more with the tears that fall from your eyes, but caress me in your hearts with your love and understanding. And although you think I went too soon, it was my time, it was what I wanted. Don’t think me selfish, but bring me love.

And to speak in a general way, there are many who wish to move on, but are unable, for it is not their time. Each of us have a time and we have an understanding when this time is reached.

My love to you all and I caress you all, my family, with love.

Tony was a big part of my life and he brought wisdom, laughter and fun. We are united once more, know this, so you may understand.

Wallace and Gromit, a strange thing to talk of, but I did enjoy them! (In life Pauline protested that she didn’t like them!)

Caress your years to come with thoughts of love and look to the future, not with fear at the situation that surrounds you within your world, but with love, for there is a bright future for you to come. Be blessed in this knowledge.

She asked a question of me, was I happy? And the answer is yes. The pain was slight, but I was happy in the knowledge of their love and of their union.

So many things to say and speak of, so many unspoken words yet to be told.

They will understand, for their love is universal and is for all who would become a part of their lives.

Time to go, love to you always.”

                            GOD’S PROMISE

                 (I WILL, TRUST AND BELIEVE)

I WILL bring you safely into harbour, where you can rest within my loving arms, knowing that ALL IS WELL in this place of peace and stillness.

TRUST the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you safely home, and to bring you peace when in distress, and bring you hope during your time of despair.

Know that he will bring JOY to your heart, and GRATITUDE to your lips, and will bless you with all the goodness and mercy that you could possibly wish to be granted to you.

BELIEVE THIS TRUTH for this is the PROMISE I have made to you. So keep your expectations high, and hold me deep within your heart. Trust me with all you undertake, and never forsake me.

I AM your GOD in heaven above, and this is MY WILL, as well as my desire for all mankind.

Anna Marie Croxson 12th April, 2023©

A Master of Christ – channeled by Anna Marie Croxson


What would Christ do now, whatever problem you are facing at this moment ask this question first, and foremost.  When you do this you open yourself up to not only divine source but also the compassion of Christ that he can bestow upon you.   Wait upon the Lord, wait for guidance, do not rush, do not let others persuade you against your will because you are a child of Christ first and foremost, always remember that.

When Christ is blessing you, all those around you are also blessed, and so this helps the problem to become a victory, as enlightenment comes to all who ask for Christ’s help.  First and foremost you must take personal responsibility for the decisions that you make, and not allow others to dictate to you, particularly if you have allowed them to make decisions on your behalf in the past.

I ask of all my disciples to take full responsibility for the decisions they make, and although I am here to guide you, it is you that must take the reins and take action if needed. Without you taking action we cannot help you, and we must see that as a ‘Master of Christ’ you will always take personal responsibility for all of your actions.

Having faith in a higher power does not mean that you give your power away either to heaven above or another. Now it is up to you to master yourself, master your actions, and become fully accountable.  When you are able to do this you are standing in your power, and will not be accountable to anyone else, but my Father God, and myself.

But you must always remember that to be a Master of Christ your first responsibility is to yourself, and when you get into the habit of always checking in with yourself first then you can become a true Master of Christ.

This is no easy route and requires constant discipline of the mind, body and spirit. This does not require blind faith, but a faith that is built upon a solid foundation, for how can you help others is your own foundation is shaken to its core.   You must develop a rock like strength of mind, a faith that will not be moved, and yet still have the compassion and innocence of a little child.

My child know that you are loved beyond measure and now it is time to learn to love and respect yourself first, and in some degree put yourself first. Learn to know your own strengths and weaknesses and then you will become as strong as the rock of ages.

Have compassion for the child within, and love it with all your heart, and when that child feels the love of Christ enter it will be blessed for evermore. This is when you can become a Master of Christ, and then you can heal others of their heartbreak, trauma, and loss, when in the highest vibration that resides within the Christ consciousness.

This path is not for the faint hearted and you will be challenged many times. And as you overcome the obstacles placed in front of you, your faith will be renewed with a rock like certainty of the love of Christ that you know is within you.   And this faith will allow you to be renewed in body and soul as you embody Christ in this incarnation.

Now it is time, to rise up and become the ‘light of the world’ as the critical mass needs light to sustain them through their challenges. And as they see the light within them, they will receive healing by a Master of the Christ consciousness.

So now first and foremost you must find your light within and then no man will put you asunder. They will be blinded by the light of your being and by the scrutiny of the Master Christ. Should they find your light too bright they will flee back into the darkness attempting to recover their equilibrium.   But this experience will make them curious and it is likely that they will return, but this time only for their own illumination.

Finally they have realised that the light of the Master of Christ is so strong and pure that they succumb to the beauty and love that is offered to them, and they become completely transfixed by the beauty of the person that stands before them, the one that speaks of the love of Christ, and the healing of Christ, and the peace of Christ.

This is a peace that passes all understanding. For the ones who are so troubled it is a puzzle that others wish to seek peace and have decided to leave the ego to its own dastardly ways, as they have realised that they are not whole, nor have the power they thought was theirs. So now they are giving their power to God almighty, and through God seek the compassion that lies within the Christ consciousness.

Now they realise the truth of who they are, not whom they thought they were, and know there is a big difference between these two states of their mind. Now the find the path of redemption and resurrection, and will find the peace they are seeking, and have been seeking for so long.

So now with great peace in their heart they give their life to Christ, and seek to find the compassion of the Christ consciousness within their hearts and become a Master of Christ, and it is Christ that will guide you through his compassionate love for all mankind. For those who have lost their way, lost their souls, and lost themselves in their ego, and only led a life that was soul destroying and worthless.

But now they have become worthy and dedicated Masters of Christ, and now preach the word of God to all they meet, spreading the great love of God they feel within, respecting our lord Jesus Christ, and his Father deep within their souls for evermore.

“ This is my Father God, I Mary Mother of Jesus do say unto you today be of good cheer, become a dedicated ‘leader of the light’ in your communities, within your families, and treat all you meet with respect, holding the light of Christ deep within your hearts.

I plead with you today to never put another asunder, to never defile another’s grace, to never attempt to murder another’s inner light with your destructive thoughts. Because it will be these thoughts that will deny the light that you hold within your hearts.

Today is your chance to become a ‘Master of Christ’, and to follow his light and receive the love he wishes to bestow upon you.  I Mary, Mother of Christ bless you and hold you in my heart as I watch you in your sorrow.  Know that you are loved and that you are blessed not only by Master Jesus, but also by all of his counterparts, the ‘Masters of Christ’ that walk upon this earth today.

Call out to them in your sorrow and they will come forth to comfort you in your time of need. You do not have to walk your path alone, but call in the wise ones to help you tread into the path of light, so you can dispel the darkness within.

My child, you are a child of the light, so never fear the dark for it has no power over you, unless you give it the power to overcome you.  The light is stronger than the dark and you have the power to overcome everything and anything that might try to threaten your peace of mind.

Do not fear as God is near, he is a close to you right now as you go about your daily tasks, whispering words of encouragement. So turn to him, and ask him to assist you with all you do in his name, and in his love for you, he will do so”.

Jesus Christ

Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  27th March, 2023©

11 – 3 – 23 Prayers for Peace, Ukraine, World Population, Fear of Spirit etc

Transcript Date: 11th March 2023

Prayers for Peace

Strong words are spoken this evening by those who would create disillusionment within your world, they do not care for the downtrodden and those of your world who seek only peace and love, a home for their families without fear of retribution.

This peace can only be achieved by those who have a heart and will to set their minds free upon this path of love, it can only be those who are true of heart that will set you free.

You belong to a race of beings at this time, who seemingly only care about their personal lives. But this cannot be said of all, for there are many who wish well upon others and care for them with a great deal of love and compassion.

It is not necessary to understand all of creation and why man is set upon his path at this time, a path of disillusionment and distrust, devastation and destruction. 

Many ponder these questions and ask, when will it end, when will peace come to the minds of those of the world? It can only be brought, as we have said, by those with a heart of love, and the will to speak out against those who would bring disillusionment to the world. To share your love is the best you can do, to bring peace and harmony to others in your actions and in your thoughts.

Tonight, as on each and every night, there are many questions, many prayers asking for this peace, and for this love to reign supreme. We will tender you this answer, that it will come, but not for all. For those who create these issues of life cannot accept the love of that one single being, the creator of all.

Truly your hearts cry out for salvation and peace, and we sympathise at this time. Your caring hearts and your love will carry you through with peaceful thoughts and consideration for others. Do not be dominated by those who would speak harshly of you and of others, for they have a practice of ill will to tip the scales in their favour so they may exploit the many of your world in these terrible, desperate times.

The War in Ukraine

The war in the Ukraine will continue on and the burdens of life will be great upon the many, and they will call for sanctuary and peace. This can only be brought by a change of heart of that nation. At this time we cannot foresee this occurrence, but a change of leadership will come when the disillusionment reaches the people of that country and they realise the absurdity of it all. 

One man cannot rule the world and his conquests have no meaning for they will be short lived. But these things will live long in the hearts and minds of the people, and the memory of this terrible time within that country of the Ukraine will pass into history.

Your world leaders speak at this time of further sanctions against this nation, (Russia), yet, these will be meaningless in the minds of those that rule, for they have a purpose and a destiny to follow within their own eyes, that their nation should become supreme once more.

We cannot be certain of the outcome, for it lays in the hands of man. But know this, that those who suffer in extreme ways at this time will be brought peace when their time is done.

World Population

Can you not see the world at this time, as its population multiplies? How will you survive as a race of human beings if you do not sacrifice your desires for the technologies of your life? Was there not a time when peace reigned supreme? Maybe long ago, but it is in your nature to deceive and create wars that are totally unnecessary. 

Your population will grow to a point where the ability of your world to sustain life will be at a tipping point, and as these scales tip, so it will be plain to see the mistakes of the past, and they will come to say, “How could this have happened?” The greed of men drive these things at this time, their greed drives wars, and your climate also suffers at their hands.

To speculate that a time of peace will come is a good and positive attitude, but do not allow their fears to dominate your lives. Be free of heart and tackle each day as it comes, knowing that we are there to support you, no matter what the situation.

Time is short this evening, be blessed in the knowledge of our existence and love.

New speaker

Conquer Fear of the World of Spirit

Conquer your fears, do not allow them to overwhelm the passing of your life. And we say this to each and every one of you, your life is a gift and although short lived and sometimes it seems to be devastating, know it is only for a short period. And those that pass on, do so with peace in their hearts and in their minds.

None of you walk alone in this life, so none of you should fear the outcome. Know that when it is your time to pass that you will be greeted by the hands of love and a warm welcome awaits you all.

There will be confusion for many, for they do not understand the world of spirit and do not seek it out within their lives, for they can only see what is in front of their eyes. But if you close your eyes and imagine another world that exists parallel to yours, to which you are permanently connected, then you may free your heart and your mind and know that your bondage upon earth is only a temporary measure for you to learn and practice love in the physical form.

The spiritual world exists constantly around you, it navigates your lives without your awareness, and it guides you as you progress within this time of life. It will keep you close if you allow it, but if you shun it away, if you do not wish to acknowledge this existence, then know that it is still there helping and assisting always, despite your prejudice or disbelief.

Knowledge is key to all patterns of life; it exists within the atmosphere around you. You are a part of the greater being of life that exists beyond your physical world.

It is not to reason why, but to have a practice of love, trust and faith. The answers will come for many, but there will be those who will shut themselves off from the truth.

Belief is paramount, even if you do not practice in prayer or in meditation, even if you shut yourself off from believing that such things can exist, you will not deter them, the spirit that walk beside you, for they know in their hearts that you are like a child who needs guidance.

In the pursuit of happiness, you must hold each other tight to bear the brunt of the many seasons to come.

God is my rock – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Call on God not only in times of trouble, but to glorify his name. In my experience I found that during good times and bad, he never fails in his promise of salvation. So you must never give up hope even when things look impossible, or you cannot see a way forward.

We cannot always see the road ahead but God knows exactly what is right for our soul, and even in our pain when we cry for help he is there right by your side, encouraging you to believe in miracles.

And it is when being severely tested that a miracle seems impossible, but nothing is impossible with God. So even when hope is fading you must turn to him and trust him with your life, and also your hopes and dreams.

When you feel stuck, when nothing seems to change this is exactly when you need to return to him and confirm that you are not going to give up, and that you trust him to find the solution for your salvation.

This message today is to let you know that God can create miracles seemingly out of nowhere, but he is the only one who knows when your resurrection will come,  and decides this when he sees that the lesson of resolution has been learnt.  This makes you resolute within your faith so that you know nothing is impossible with God, and as he rewards you with absolution, he will fulfil his promise to you.

If God has told you he will honour his promise, it will come even if you have no proof. He needs you to be so resolute in your faith that whenever you are challenged you will not fail, you will stand your ground and be resolute in your faith, and in God almighty.

And so it is today that he asks you to stand strong in your belief, and not waver even when hope seems to be fading. Sometimes you may ask, ‘Where are you God’ when I need you the most, why have you left me in the desert all alone?’   And as you sit there with little hope in your heart, he hears your call and he understands your desperation, as you see the dreams you had fade and die.

But this my friend is an illusion and these are often found in the desert. It is only your mind playing tricks with you, the devil trying to twist your heart into knots so you lose faith in the love of God.   And in that moment you need to call God back into your heart, speak to him and say now you understand why you felt so lost, and promise to renew your faith, and stand tall once more.

And as you look into the heavens above, you will promise him that you will stand up to be counted, and you will not fail and be faithful knowing that he will honour his promise to you.   Know that a promise from God is set in stone and it is already done, but the time of waiting is in his hands, for he knows when you are ready to receive his blessing. We often believe that we know the right time, but it is in his time not ours. He needs us to be so resolute in our faith that no man, no condition, will ever threaten the strength of our faith ever again.

To carry out his work we have to be strong, we cannot break down and cry when people come to us seeking our help. We must become strong and courageous, and know that the strength of God is within us so we can help others as they cry out in pain.  We are the soldiers of God’s army, and we must be brave on the battlefield knowing we are fully supported by him.

So many will call out to us in their sorrow so we must be as strong as a rock, had we not been tested we would never have found the inner strength we needed. We had to be tested to know that we could always rely on him, and only on our strength could gather him to us so we may heal others and bring peace into their hearts.

But unless we were ready to be a willing servant of the Lord he needed to know that we had grown in strength, and in our commitment, before he could send the great riches that were to be used for the good of all.  He had to know that we were as solid as a rock, in mind, body, and spirit before he could trust us with the word of God, words that we would speak to others in full faith and his goodness and mercy.

So it is today that I wish to give you this message.  You must never give up hope otherwise you will lose your faith and trust in him. He knows how you feel and understands your frustrations when your will and expectation is not forthcoming. But this is a test, as he wishes to see how strong your faith has become before he will give you all the goodness promised to you.  The road you have chosen allows the strength of God to come to you, but you must promise him that you will never falter, not even when challenged and in that moment you believe you might, but you will not.

Even in your most difficult moments he will be at your side watching how you resolve difficult situations. This will test your strength of character and show him whether you are up to the mark, and if you can stay strong, knowing that it will result in a successful conclusion.

When you rely on him and trust him to bring you back home, it’s for you to examine your heart and to get to know yourself better. Then you might pass muster, but you have to do the inner work, and ‘walk your talk’, that have come about from all past experiences endured.

It is my experience that even in the depths of my pain and loss I trusted him to bring my son home, my lost son, the Son of God.   It was my biggest trial, not only for me but also for many others. But I trusted him even through my tears and desperation, as I could hear his voice bringing me words of comfort. He was my rock and he can be yours too, should you wish to confide in him and entrust him with your tender heart.

Today I ask you to grow your faith, and trust the Lord with your life. Kneel down now and pray, ask him for your salvation, ask him to keep you strong in your faith, ask him to protect you and to give you the courage to keep going, knowing he will keep his promise to you. This will come about in God’s good time, a time that is perfect for you to receive the promise of his love, and the perfection of the plan he has for you now, and forever more.

Mary,  Mother of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 16th February, 2023©

The Sign of the Cross – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


What meaning does the cross hold for you? Is it a symbol of your love of Jesus Christ, or his love for you, or does it represent fear, fear of the unknown, fear of hell, fear that if you do not obey your religious orders that you will be dammed for evermore?

The true meaning of the cross is the resurrection of not only Jesus, but so he could help to resurrect mankind by the many sacrifices he made.  Do you feel the power of the cross, the power of the love of Jesus Christ, the power of his Father God? 

It was because of my love for God that I willingly agreed to present the body of Christ through birthing my son Jesus Christ. It was such a privilege to be given this role, and one I have found to wonder how this miracle came about, but I was also aware of the huge responsibility that came with this precious gift of life.

I was only a young woman, hardly grown into womanhood, but all that changed so rapidly that I did not have a chance to get my breath before my beautiful child was born.  And as I looked into his eyes I saw the beauty of his soul, and I saw the compassion that was the essential part of him.  Even as a baby his eyes looked through you, and as Son of God he knew everything about you, as well as loving everybody without judgement.

So it was a wonderful thing to witness his great love for his Father God whom he loved to distraction, knowing deep in his heart that he had come for an almighty purpose, to help wake up the slumbering mind of mankind as he had come to wake them up to their truth.

It is true that some of his disciples at that time found his requests quite disconcerting as he was often challenging them about their faith. Sometimes they did not believe that he was a miracle man who could heal in an instant, who could create calm waters in the middle of a storm, and who always went out of his way to help his flock.   He was and still is a man of great courage and integrity, who always listened to the word of God and carried out his wishes without a second thought.

And even when it came to pass that he had to suffer on the cross for his beliefs, he knew that God would not forsake him, and he also knew that it was part of his sacrifice to wake up the people of the world.   He is the symbol of the resurrection of the people of the world, and it is symbolic that even in this day and age, the cross represents so much power to so many.

The cross represented much suffering as my dearest Jeshua found out, but now he wishes all of you to know that the symbol of the cross in this lifetime is to learn to love and to be able to release your suffering to the Lord.  When you learn to love his Father God, there is no need to suffer dear one, the cross represents the triumph of man’s endurance, and by answering to God all can be transformed.

The cross is a symbol of the love of Jesus Christ, and the love that you hold in your heart, and its symbolism is still portrayed all over the world.   Many churches, many religions, many people still worship him, and myself Mary Mother of Jesus.   But now we wish you to worship yourself, and open your hearts to love and be assured of God’s love and in the presence of Jesus Christ in your life.

Even in times of great turmoil, the love of God and the Love of Jesus Christ is always available for you.   If you like to wear a cross this can bring you closer to the essence of Christ, if you love to attend ceremonies in your church this can bring you a sense of his presence.  But remember, you do not have to go to church to hear your Father God speak to you, or for my son to come to your side at a time of need.

Remember the cross, but also remember that God is everywhere. In every blade of grass, in every thought that passes through you, and Jesus in his infinite compassion will encourage you to find his love that passes all understanding.

So when you look at the cross imagine the upright line as being the connection between heaven and earth, and the arms of the cross embracing you with God’s Love.   Jesus died for us, so he would be seen resurrected once more, by the love of God, and it is his wisdom and mercy that is available for all who seek his assistance.

So as you sit with your cross know it holds the power for you to connect from earth to heaven above, and as you see the arms of the cross imagine those arms embracing you with the love of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing to fear, it is only love that you need to seek so let all recrimination and fear leave you, and only concentrate on connecting with this joyous energy available to you right now.

Whatever you believe will be given unto you, if you believe you still have to suffer so be it, but if you know that God is love, and his son can offer you such compassionate love what is there to fear?   This is the true meaning of the sign of the cross, infinite compassion, infinite love, unending patience, wisdom of the ages, and wisdom available from many ascended masters all of whom are waiting to serve you.

Now the cross is a symbol of LOVE, so don’t allow yourself to suffer, seek release. Do not believe in evil, but become more aware of the compassionate forgiveness that is in all people of the world. See a world full of compassionate love, as this is the real message of the cross and is what Jesus seeks to reveal to you today.

When love is present, and when the love of God is present in your life no one can put you asunder, and when you put on the armour of God know that you are safe within the loving arms of the cross.  You are connected by the rod of the cross as it connects earth with heaven, no more suffering there is only pure love, heavenly love, Godly love, and is available to all.

So hold the cross in your hand and marvel at the power it holds, a power that you can use to transmute yourself into the heavenly realms of light.  It is the light that is stronger than the dark, and when man realises this to be true you can resurrect yourself into the light and into the heavenly arms of God and his son Jesus Christ.

Think of the cross as a heavenly tree of light, where all is transmuted by the love of Christ, all hurt dissolved so quickly it could be called a miracle, the miracle of the love of Christ.  As you feel its power pray, pray for all ills to be removed, pray for your biggest dreams to come true, and pray giving great thanks to your Father God, and his dearest son Jesus Christ for all the goodness and mercy that is sent to you in this moment of revelation.

The world is now ready for this revelation, and many are ready to be resurrected into the arms of Christ. The world at large and the people of the world are seeking change and are seeking to find the light within their being.   They search to find kindness, and goodness and mercy in each other, they seek to feel the compassion that Christ has spoken about so eloquently, and yet for many it has only just emerged within their soul.

These are the true blessings of the cross. The compassion of Christ, the wisdom of God, the beauty that will be shown to all in a world that is undergoing the greatest change in the consciousness of mankind.   Hold the cross in your hands and as you do so bless God, bless his son Jesus Christ, and as you seek to do so, know that those blessings are returned to you in an instant, all you have to do is to believe in this miracle, and in the love they have for you, now and forever.

Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ 

Anna Marie Croxson 8th December, 2022©

Be Resolute – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Only focus on the path ahead that you have decided upon, know that whatever mission you have been given it has come from God. You are not walking this path alone, and although you may feel challenged in this moment remember the source of all wisdom has your back. So should you find yourself querying your path, try not to because then you will be in doubt of ‘the wisdom of God’, and more importantly the purpose he has given you to fulfil.

Be resolute, say these words to yourself when doubts creep in, and it will help you get back on track.  It is human to doubt especially when being challenged or feeling exhausted, but when you call yourself back into the energy of resolution then your vibration will change, and you will get back on track and start to feel strong and positive once more.

You will find yourself feeling purposeful, determined and unwavering in your quest, and once more you will feel the powerful force of God within you, giving you the energy to carry on regardless of any obstacles you might encounter on the way. Do not listen to others, and do not even try to explain yourself because some will not understand, as they are on a different vibrational wavelength to you.

They cannot understand how you can be purposeful and so full of faith, and it feels somewhat unreal and a little daunting knowing that they cannot match you in anyway.   This is not about ego, or who is right or wrong, it is purely about vibrational frequencies, and you being taken on a different path, one that is not in alignment with their own.

So don’t beat yourself up but remember whom you are and what you came to do, and be resolute in that energy for that is where you are meant to be at this moment.  You will not always be able to explain this situation to others, as it will only be the ones that align with your own vibration that will understand.  So do not try to push water up hill as all it will do is come down and drown you. Accept the status quo and only focus on what you came here to do, otherwise you will get diverted from your cause.

This is a great lesson in focus, as you need only to focus on what you want to achieve and what you believe in.  The fact that there are people or family around you who do not understand is something you will have to learn to accept, so it does not interrupt your concentration that might make you lose focus on the goal you wish to achieve.

When you have been asked to create a mission on our behalf you have to give it one hundred per cent, there are no half measures, ask any entrepreneur and they will confirm that they too had to make sacrifices to get to their chosen goal.

Remember it is very important to enjoy the journey, rather than make it feel like a chore. Enjoy the challenge, relish the diversity of life, and most of all enjoy the creative process of bringing your dream into existence.  It takes a lot of courage and determination to stay the course, so you must remember to always stay resolute to the path you have chosen.

The upside to all of this is that this will bring you much joy as well as satisfaction including material wealth. But first you must only concentrate on the purpose of your mission so the thought of money does not divert you, and should any material wealth come your way, know this is a gift from God and must be shared with others.

So spend your material wealth and enjoy every moment of giving knowing that you are able to make another person’s life easier and more enjoyable, as the purpose of any mission is to make sure you enable others in one way or another. This may be by sharing your knowledge, giving a healing, the gift of your time and attention, or sharing a sum of money that has been gifted to you for this purpose.

It is true that many will wonder how you have achieved a certain status, but this came from your hard work and determination to achieve what you set out to do.  You may not be able to explain fully how this came about, and in fact there is no need to do so. But we do ask that you fully recognise our part in your success, and your relationship with God being the key to the success you now enjoy.

You are nothing without God and you know I am behind every success, every creative thought, and have helped you bring your dream into reality. Without me alongside you every inch of the way it is probable that success of this magnitude would not have manifested itself. So when you credit me with your success and state ‘ I am nothing without God’, this is a very powerful statement and one that others may query and wish you to clarify. So you might like to say that without our relationship, and without your faith in me, none of what you have achieved would have been possible.

This is showing a level of faith that is not always seen nor understood, and many like to keep their belief a secret not wanting to be mocked for their faith in God. But I want you to shout your beliefs from the rooftops, and I want you to stand strong in your faith, and stand resolute in your statement of faith, that you have worked so hard to achieve in your lifetime.

Some people will say that it is okay for you because you have faith, but they are not always aware of the journey you have undertaken to get to this level of understanding. But you will demonstrate this to others by continually constantly praising my name for all the goodness and mercy that you have received. Everyone single one of you can elevate your level of faith in some way but they have to be willing to do so. They may play around with this for a while even if they go to church regularly. But you have to show faith by your actions, you have to be consistent in your thought, and you have to be constantly aware of how you act by respecting the authority of divine law that guides your life.

When you understand this truth it will change your life in many ways, but you have to understand the truth of the challenge that you willing abide by.  You cannot do it one day and then not do it the next, you have to be observant, conscious, and willing to serve God in the way he would wish you to do so, every single day.   Because God Almighty is your Father as well as your greatest teacher, he loves to help you but also he wants to see you helping yourself, so you can grow into and become the best that you can be.  God praises effort, determination, and a willingness to serve him at whatever personal cost this maybe to you.   You are a servant of the Lord, and as such you put him first and ask him first for guidance, and you will only move forward when you have his gracious acceptance of your request.

There is a fine line between blind faith, and a faith that works alongside God on a daily basis. Blind faith means that you do not want to take responsibility for your life, but working with God in partnership requires you to take full responsibility to do his will, and work with him for the greatest good of mankind.

So today I hope these words will give you a better perspective of the different types of faith I encounter. So you might like to use this way of connecting with God in a two- way conversation in the same you way you would with anyone else.  When you ask me for help I deliver, you may question me and I will guide you, but I also wish you to think for yourself and come to me with your proactive ideas. You must learn to be independent otherwise you will not make a success of what you intend to do, but I can also help guide you as a parent would with a child.

Children have to learn to stand on their own two feet, but often will have been given a framework of ethics given to them by their parents. Our relationship is very similar, the only difference is that I can be with you every hour, every minute of the day like a loving Father watching over his dearest child. It is true that often I will protect you when you do not protect yourself, as I see all you do. And should you be about to go off track I can impress upon you via our communication to slow down, or perhaps re consider a decision that you are thinking of making. In this way our relationship is a little different from the one you had with your loving parents, although I know it is one you cherish and respect every day.

So when you cherish and respect our relationship you will not make bad choices, and you will be given strength and determination, and will have the resolution to follow your path to the very end, until you fulfil the goal you and I set out for you to complete, in my name, that is ultimately for the good of all mankind.

Anna Marie Croxson 28th November, 2022©