16-09-21 Life Purpose, Understanding the reason for tragedies in life, ‘The One’ etc

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two are now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers – Volume Three is with the publisher!

Transcript Date:16th September 2021

Life purpose

To all there will come a time when their purpose is required during their living years, and to all, that purpose will be given with love and caring. You may choose to ignore your purpose, but if you do, then you will miss the many benefits that are given when you follow your path of life and complete your missions.

For many who work within the spiritual realm, they understand these things and accept their path of life, but the vast majority is made up of people who either abstain in their non-belief, or sit on the fence pondering the things of life and that of spirit.

You will all return at some point within your living years, and your purpose that was given will be passed to another if you wish, but you must have courage to live your lives filled with love and not in judgement of others, to bring others hope in your kindness and your sincerity of heart.

You are not the shadows of the past, but of the present and the future. Your soul will progress on whether your purpose is fulfilled or not, and you will continue upon this path, never knowing of a previous purpose, only knowing of the one that is presented to you at that time of life.

Many will ask, “But what is my purpose, what joy would it bring to others?” We can only say this, that the joy will be immense, and your heart will feel lighter, knowing that you have helped another, even in the smallest way. You do not have to change the world to bring joy to other. You do not have to be a man or woman of achievement or one in the public eye to bring joy and love to another. In most cases it is very personal, and even the smallest deed that is performed to help another brings balance to your life and to theirs, and the love that you feel will grow.

Understanding the difficult aspects of life

Today there have been many events of sadness occur, people losing loved ones and the love of pets. But know that joy will be brought to them and even in your deepest sorrow, perhaps anger at the circumstances, know that they are safe and that you should rejoice in the life you had together and the love that you shared, for that love will be shared once more, in another time and in another place.

It is hard for some to comprehend the meaning of something they cannot see, which they deem not to be tangible. Yet we are constantly with all of you, regardless of your belief or disbelief. Some are awakened to these things and they realise that their inner being is more than they ever thought possible, whilst others will shut out this innermost being, noticing only the things of life and of the physical.

It is time now children, to open your eyes to the vastness of all possibilities, do not be blinkered as the stallion is during the race of life. Remove those blinkers and open your minds and your eyes to all things around you, and even the saddest events of your world where people and creatures suffer so, know that there is a purpose and that their beings will be brought love, healing and rest in a time to come. You feel this still cannot justify what occurs, and sometimes it cannot be justified in your human terms, but when you reach that station of the spiritual, then your mind and your eyes will be opened as to the reasons for these things. You may not accept them at this time, and ridicule the words, scorning us for allowing these things to occur. Yet many things of your world are brought about by your fellow mankind. We watch and we see, and we try to reach those people, but in life you have free will and if you wish to be blindfolded to the light and remain in the dark, then there you will stay.

Judgement and balance

The hideous deeds that are carried out against the innocent will be repaid in full at a future time. But this does not help at this time, you will say. Perhaps your loved ones have perished before these dark beings. How can you justify that judgement will be brought to them later and not at this time? It is not for you to judge others as it is not for them to judge you, or bring thoughts against you, or actions that will maim or kill.

Rest assured that these things are always balanced and we do not forsake those who suffer. We give them love through their thoughts and in their dreams, we overshadow them to help them through those many times of illness or disrespect to their being.


The gospel has spoken many times about the aspects forgiveness and the love that should be shared. The words are true and they reflect that of the master, ‘Jesus’, who spoke many times upon the shores of Galilee and throughout those regions of the East. He spoke to many about love and forgiveness, and many listened intently. Yet there were the hecklers who would denounce him, despite knowing within their hearts the truth that was being spoken. He performed miracles and yet they still denied him. He told them that he was the Messiah and they accused him of blasphemous talk, and this will always be, because as a free spirit living a life, you are not bound in your thoughts, you are given the freedom of will and the trust that is given to you to maintain that will of love, it is up to you to hold onto these things.

Tragedies and inequality

Tragedies will occur very shortly, and the light of life will be extinguished for many. These are daily occurrences throughout your world, caused through illness, wars, terrorism and the beating upon the other for no particular reason other than to satisfy their dark thoughts. Specifics cannot be given, but an outlay of cash will bring ramifications and many will rebel. Money and possession in your world, the two biggest reasons for strife. Many will argue that life exists through fair exchange of goods and possession, these have purpose, we grant you, but they must be shared equally amongst you and not collated by an individual for their own purpose and greed.

These things will not change. It has always been and always will be, but slowly change must come. How can your world survive when there is such inequality that exists at this time? Negotiate your minds to think in a better way, with a more positive attitude to your fellow beings and the creatures that live with you. Bring hope to others so you may find a way to extend the hand of love and friendship to bring them peace, no matter where they come from, or the creature that they are. We can only bring you hope that the future can be changed, but it is in your hands to not persecute others for their beliefs, or where they come from.

Continuation of life

Your species are not unique, and there are many worlds with young nations such as yours. Like the child in life, you will make mistakes, stumble and fall. Sometimes these errors bring misfortune, whilst at other times they bring joy. Life will continue on, not within the physical, but within that glorious energy of spirit, and when your time has come and your body dies, then know that your spirit will continue on in a place that you have created for it within life.

Wisdom and ‘The One’

Wisdom can only be taught to you if you will listen, do not ignore the words or the powerful meaning held within. The books that you have written have purpose, even though they seemingly are misunderstood at this time. There will be many who will come forward to pass the messages that we give.

In a time to come the ‘One’ will return once more, and a powerful message will be sent across the globe. At first the response will be negative and an outcry will be heard against him or her, but then they will realise that there is something special within the things that are spoken.

What would you have us do to correct your world? It is in your hands during your living years to make a change for the good, to welcome others of other nations and other species, and understand their good intentions. Become united with one another in the torment and corruption of your world that exists to this day. It was never meant to be, but as we say, you have freedom of will, and many will close their eyes to all things regarding religion or belief.

Today has been a special day for some, they welcome in a new era within their lives. These events are vast and varied, but suffice to say that they have seen the light.

You wonder how you can help them understand, but it is their own will that must make the effort to bring the light into their lives. Do not be sad about the things of life, but greet them with love and a warm welcome within your heart. Be positive in your attitude and extend your hand as you would to a loved one in need.

ASCENSION – Channelled message from Anna Marie Croxson


Many are ascending now, and this is quite a journey to endure as you will have to face many of your fears, but I can assure you that these fears are unfounded and often based in the past.  If you do not feel you can cope, call on me and I will be swiftly at your side to give you comfort.

Know my dearest ones that you have done nothing wrong in my eyes, many have struggled with their demons and are now coming home to me, to be with me, and be graced by my presence.   Many of you know others who have been visited by me as I am now preparing the way for many to become my servants on earth, and to remind them of the path that they agreed to take.

Some of you wished to escape, finding the journey far too hard, but escape you cannot, so find peace with what is and leave the rest to me.  You are safe, you are loved, it is only your perception that is off kilter, so rest and come unto me.

Put down whatever you are doing now and rest, come and rest within me, knowing I hold you in the everlasting arms forever.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, so when you feel challenged and feel unable to cope, breathe in The Breath of God and come into a spiritual place where you can find peace, where you come home to who you really are. Often during your ascension journey, you may be taken back to previous events to learn more about fear and learn how it can control you, if you do not deal with this instantly.

It’s called the thread of fear, and the reason I call it this is because your fear can be transferred to others, and then to another, until it finally finds someone who says, “No more, I am not going to be at the mercy of my own fears, nor the fears of others.”  Many are learning this lesson at the moment, and it is a very valuable lesson to be learnt, one of the most important, if not the most important you will ever deal with.

So, when you feel fear arising in you, welcome it and recognise it for what it really is, it’s often just a feeling, and not always related to an actual event. So much fear is conjured up in the mind, and the mind can play tricks on you that can seem so real.  So, when fear arrives at your door, see it for what it is, a mindless thought, or maybe a fearful comment from another that is presented to you that will challenge the very essence of your soul.

You cannot feel peace when fear is in your heart, because the vibration that you feel is not the vibration of peace. So seek only to feel the vibration of peace.   To do this you need to come within, even though your instinct might be to divert yourself into some sort of action so you can squash down the fear that is taking over you.  

So, you must sit still and face the fear, you must come into your heart and call out to your lord and master, and he will soothe your heart, and surround you with love knowing that like a small child in that moment you needed to feel his unconditional love.

So, try to become fear-less, and not feel so fear-full, and I hope you will understand the significance of these words when they are set out in this manner.  Fear is man’s greatest enemy, and even if you are naturally not a fearful person it is possible that another will try and put the fear of god in you.

But God will not make you fearful, it is only other people who permanently live in fear and have not learnt how to love themselves, who love to pass their drama onto others. A lot of fear is based on drama and there can be unknown consequences of harbouring this deadly emotion.

You will have no fear when God is near but understand that if you are feeling fearful, you will be pushing God away from you.  He cannot reach you in the depths of your fear unless you can calm yourself so you may join him on his vibrational wavelength, because fear and grief are the two emotions that can drive away any connection with divine source.

Managing fear, or depression or any other lowering emotion is part of being human, but the more skilled you get at this the more you will feel protected by the armour of God that forever waits for your prayer of protection to be granted.

I know you feel alone, I hear your prayers as you feel so broken hearted, and I am with you standing beside you as your go through this sorrowful experience. But you must understand that death and separation are part of life. Know that all souls live forever, whether on the earth or in heaven above.

Your loved ones are near my dears, make no mistake about that. Imagine being able to pick up the telephone and talk to them, well you can.  Metaphorically pick up your phone right now and imagine they are standing in front of you. Tell them your woes, they will be aware of them anyway, but talk to them as if they were still in your presence on earth.  So as you come quietly within and as you seek the stillness, you will feel their presence. They may make themselves known to with a favourite perfume, or they will depict a picture to you that will be of relevance, or you will just feel their beautiful energy, presence and love.

They love you now as you were loved when they were on earth. Love never dies, love cannot die, because love is all there is. You are always loved by those who are in spirit, and they will always love and care for you from beyond. But remember, they are never far away, and they will never criticise you or wish you harm even if there were a few tense moments when they were on earth.   All those minor squabbles are forgotten now, forgotten for all time, and all they wish you to know is that they will always love you forever.

And when you pass over you will meet them again and it will be a joyous reunion. Remember your time on earth is short compared with the eternal life that exists in heaven, so do not wish time to speed by but enjoy every moment of your earthly life.  Life is short, so make the most of each day and stop fearing what may happen in the days ahead knowing you are fully protected.

Allow God to guide you and then you will be okay, he knows all your fears and will help you rise above them.  He knows you so well like a father knows his children, but you must learn to stand on your own two feet first so you can become as strong as an Ox.  But without tribulation and challenges you would not understand why these circumstances have been brought to you, but we do, and we will undertake to help you overcome all that troubles you.

Every part of your life has been planned to the tiniest detail, so there will be no stone uncovered and no lesson that does not need to be challenged and conquered.  So, when you are feeling tired and stretched beyond your endurance, know that I am here to help lighten to load, and that I will help take the load off your back once and for evermore.

This inner knowing that you have is part of your ascension process so you may raise your vibration even higher than before.  It is no mistake my dear that you are reading this at this particular moment, and this message is brought to you with much hope for your recovery and recuperation at this time, of one of your greatest challenges.

A lot of fear of the future is carried in the mind, and when you are feeling tired or stressed, the challenge you are dealing with can seem insurmountable. So, it is important that you make sure you rest your body as much as possible, because when you are feeling more rejuvenated, everything will seem less frightening and much more manageable.

You cannot hurry the ascension process, but we would like to assure you that all is not lost, and for you to know that there is much to be gained. This will have a great impact on your life in the fullness of time, so know that every step you take is a step to victory, to come into love as you face every fear that might wish to frighten you.  So often you frighten yourself with your imaginary fears, and the ones you believe might happen, but in reality, they often do not. These are the ones to watch, as they can in that moment rob you of your purpose and peace of mind.

You will not get a headache if you are at peace nor a painful migraine, and did you know that migraines appear only when your brain is out of balance, and when chemicals in your brain change, thereby increasing the pressure on the brain cells.  This can be caused by fear-based thoughts, or by remembering a trauma from the past, so you will need to get to the source of the trauma and seek release from this upsetting condition that is overshadowing your life.

The mind can play many tricks on you as you remember these past experiences with some fear and trepidation.  But remember, you are in control of your thoughts and they should not control you.  When you become aware of this it will become a very powerful tool in your armour, so always remember that knowledge is power, and you can use your power within to help you in the future.

So now look forward to the end of your ascension journey where you will be able to step out into the sunshine of your dreams. You look back you thank God that you had the courage and strength to continue on your journey forever upwards.

You will start to realise that many things that came to you were a test for you to overcome, so this would give you much strength in the future. Many of our warriors have trodden a similar path as yourself and are looking forward to meeting you when you will join our group of light workers who work in my name, and my name only.

You are now the strong ones, the ones that will not deviate on the path they have been shown. But without those tests and trials, it might be that you would have failed the test of being one of the supreme warriors that are now part of our team, now ready to go in to demolish the dark forces. If you had not faced the dark alone, how could you stand so firm in face of the collective dark forces?

Now you know you are protected by God almighty as I was and as you are right now.  Believe me, every experience, every insult, every pain that you felt deep in your heart was for a reason, and that was to bring you back to God, and back to yourself, and back to me.

Now you are released from all pain, mistrust and fear, and have become fearless in the face of many a challenge. Now you are fear-less and only promoting the love of Christ who is your saviour, your friend and your protector.   All who love and follow Christ are protected and all come under the armour of God, the armour of divine source, and the armour and love of all archangels.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself, so now it is time to let go of fear and let love enter your heart forever more.  Until you master fear you will always feel a victim, but a victim you are not when you have the love of God close by, when he resides is in your heart and soul.

Be of good cheer, all is right with the world and in the world. We have the greatest light army on earth who are here to protect you day and night so you are never alone and will never be left to cope on your own anymore. You are protected by the Christ light, and I forever reside in your heart my dearest warrior of light, by dearest fully ascended master of the light.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 30th August 2021

03-09-21 Imbalance of life, Suffering, Signs, Never lose hope

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two are now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers – Volume Three is with the publisher!

Transcript Date: 3rd September 2021

Imbalance of life

Your thoughts are many my son, as they are for many of the world today. The time has come for the injustices of the world to be answered. You look out to the world through your news media wondering why the world is the way it is at this time.

Man as the being of life, has allowed his soul to wander the realms of darkness, to seek things that should not be sought. But there are those of the light who endeavour to lead others in different ways to counter the balance. The imbalance of injustice, the imbalance of war, hunger, homelessness and starvation. Will it ever end you wonder? It is of man’s doing and only man can bring thoughts of peace once more to your world.

You are of spirit and your soul is eternal as your body rests, but you will supersede many things of life, observing from afar the many illusions presented to man during his living years, and although you are all of that same spirit, that same energy of love, there will always be those who would look for something more within the physical, and yet they cannot hold on to this life, for time is short and they forget their purpose within life.

Like Jesus, they will be reborn, but only into the world that they create. Life is not an illusion, it has reason and purpose that many disregard, and they take for granted the benefits of it as and when they can, without thought of others and the lives of those who live in peril throughout many regions of your world. It is only those who would look, and even if you cannot help, a sympathetic heart would help heal the wounds of injustice.

Things cannot be rectified by one man alone

Topical things should be spoken of this evening, with deep regard as to the morality of many of your fellow man, but they will not listen at this time and your thoughts of bewilderment are heard my son, but these things cannot be rectified by one man alone, an alliance must be made, a unity of light to penetrate the darkness. Your purpose has been to throw light on many things, as is others who work at this time. Do not be afraid to ask us for assistance when needed, for we are there to hold you and bring you comfort within your latter years.

You may triumph in a time to come. It is foreseen that many will forsake their ill-gotten gains and ways and turn to the light in desperation as the world changes around them, both physically and spiritually. Many are becoming tired of the world in which they live, yet they have the control to change these things. How to reach these souls is a difficult problem, but we will never give in and we will continue to shine the light, for we know that it will glow within the darkness that surrounds much of your world.

Never lose hope

Never give up hope, never think of us as an illusion, a trick of the mind, or perhaps something of the past, for we are ever present and a constant within your lives. We bear witness to many things, as you do. We weep for those who suffer unnecessarily. The living creatures of your world depend upon you not to bring them injustice and destroy their habitat, they have hope that it is not too late to turn back the clock and bring back that time of peace. But we fear this is not so, pain must be felt before you can be reformed and moulded into the creatures you were intended to be.

You surpass many thoughts and bring hope to others and even as the light is dim it is still seen as a beacon of hope to some. You must never disqualify yourself as being ineffective, do not be despondent, for the light is there to be seen.

We would like to speak to those of the world, to say that although you feel times are hard within your current lives, look beyond your life to see those of your fellow man who suffer so at this time. It cannot be stressed enough that it is only your love that will conquer the ill will of others.

Target your emotions, don’t lead them astray, your thoughts of sadness are many, yet we are walking beside you to take your hand and give you hope. Allow us to instruct you once more.

Sign to be given

A sign will be given shortly, a sign will be given to all that the security and guidance of heaven is ever present within your world. Others may come and others may go, it is the way of life, the way of the world. Angelic beings surround those who live in poverty and despair, they accompany them through their desperate times of fear. When you tremble at the prospect of terror within your life, they will be there to bring you comfort, and although they are unseen and unheard, they are ever present to guide your thoughts.

Many will succumb to the evils of the world, but to their delight, their eyes will be opened to a world of peace and love, as yours will be shortly. Never fear the passing of life, and we say this to everyone, your life is but a speck in time, live it well, be respectful to others as they should be respectful to you, don’t think you are ever alone, for we are ever present.

The passage of time, reincarnation

You are the children of the universe and there are many generations within your world at this time, ever-increasing, but hope will be given. The passage of time is great and you walk this passage, not within the physical, but as spirit and as energy, and your personality will accompany you, yet a time will come when once more your energy will rest within the physical, and your personality, those traits that you were before, may not be so evident, yet they are there deep within your spiritual soul. You cannot understand these things, you call it reincarnation, and it is rebirth of the spirit into the physical body that you may walk the world in which you have been designated to learn of things that you haven’t learned before, these (things) are well known to some, and others misunderstand life and say that they live but the once! We despair at their thoughts and their shallow minds. It is true to say that your physical body will exist only once, but your spirit and soul, that which makes you, you, will live forever and continue on.

Do not bring disgrace to your soul by the temptations of whatever physical world you may exist within, but bring it honour through your actions of love and caring of others. We have called upon you this evening to sit with us once more so that we may speak these words in truth and honesty. Your soul has forgiven many, and you need forgiveness for yourself. We say this to all, not just to this man, but forgive yourselves with a promise that you will do better to help your spirit and soul move on to a higher plane of existence. There are many planes of existence, you see them as being just the present one that you exist in, yet there are so many more.

Your friends seek the truth through their meditations and speak to us through their thoughts, they combat their fears for the future with a deep-seated belief in spirit and God. Theirs will be rewarded in a time to come, for they progress their souls exponentially at this time.

Gratitude is given for your efforts recently, but you must continue on and purpose will be given once more, you requested assistance and we will be there to assist in your endeavours.

Don’t be ashamed to sit back and see the things of poverty, of war and distress, of the animals that suffer before your eyes, you feel ashamed to have your present position in life, you will experience many things as others will, have the courage to move on and do not get bogged down in depression, for it is an evil that will hold you. Practice your ways of peace and tell the others of your world to listen to the words that are spoken within their minds, those words of guidance and trust, that all things have purpose no matter how horrific it may seem.

The suffering of children

A line comes to mind “Suffer the little children of your world” and it seems so cruel how fate can assign them to a body tangled in war, consumed with illness and their young lives pass so quickly, with seemingly no happiness or joy, or the possibility of growing. The line “suffer the little children” is not accurate, for they never suffer. Their joy and happiness are brought to fruition once more and if their ends are of a young age, then know that their despair is short. How can we justify these things? Many a mother has lost her child, many a father also suffer the loss of a young child, how can this be you ask, to bring a young child into the world only to have it suffer, to go hungry, to be homeless, to suffer the injuries of war and death? There seems to be no justice and many would accuse God of not watching over these young souls. We have to say, that many of these things are brought on by your own actions, but equally those who suffer illness for no reason or rhyme, do so to bring purpose to others, and as harsh as it may seem, your hearts cannot accept these things, but to all there is purpose, to all there is reason and rhyme for their lives and their existence.

And as you reach the end of your own life you will rejoin them once more in a place where there is no suffering. You will see them, not in the physical way, but you will join with them and their energy and be so much closer than you ever were before. Many become bitter at the suffering of their children and family, and we can understand these things, but you must have hope and trust that there will come a time of reunion when your fears and your sorrow will vanish as you once more rejoin the energy of spirit. We have no evidential proof to give you of our existence, it is up to you to have trust in your heart and faith in the words that we tell you.

My Father, my God – spreading peace and love in troubled times – Anna Marie Croxson


My father, my God who is the almighty presence in my life, he is not only my father and my guide, in my everlasting life, he is my master, the keeper of my soul for evermore. I do his bidding and his alone and I speak on his behalf, as I have many followers.  I will not be compromised, and I will not deny him his ultimate word, nor the ultimate sacrifice that I made on the cross.

But now he is telling me at this troubled time on earth, that I am to become more visible and more accessible to others, as many on earth are losing hope and are frightened of the future and what this might bring.  Never before has there been such a need to keep the faith, to marvel at the wonder of our almighty with whom all is possible.

Man is flaying around out of control and is fighting for his life. But now the fighting must stop, whether this is you feeling the need to pick a fight with others.  This behaviour must STOP if you are wishing to enjoy your peace on earth.

Being at peace within starts with you, and starts with your attitude and your own determination to make your life better.

Between us we are helping mankind to awaken to who he really is, not what others might think he is.  It is a critical time on the earth when man has to learn to come into his own power, into his own knowing, and will seek his own faith, for without faith there is very little substance in life, and without worshipping God your master, you have no real foundation, nor will you find it easy to find peace within. 

We know life is challenging and there are many people as we speak, who are caught up in dreadful wars, you must understand that these have been brought about to get your attention. When mankind goes out of control he loses integrity and he has no care or concern how his actions might affect others, possibly for the rest of their lives.  We have tried to warn you so many times, but it seems that man still insists upon going to war with the inevitable loss of life, and the loss of the good will of mankind, also the loss of all that should be sacred for mankind.

So, where the bombs rain down, when the women, children and animals are mutilated, whether it is in body, mind, or spirit, what chance is there to have peace on earth? And yet so many are complacent and believe if they are okay in this moment that they will be safe. But as the rumbling of the bombs and the destruction mounts, you must become more aware of your own vulnerability.

Sometimes events have to get so bad that people are forced to face things they do not want to. It makes them think more deeply about the sanctity of loved ones, their friends and family, and it makes them think more seriously of death and dying. Many of you live in an abundant world with many material benefits, but you still cannot work out how to love your fellow man, you still believe you are separate and only concentrate on looking after yourself.

And so, whilst you believe this to be true, there will always be separation between the species. Religion can separate you, war can separate you physically from your loved ones, and you can separate yourself from your goodness and mercy by believing that you are above all others.  But nothing is further from the truth as you witness the horrors that others are enduring, you are also witnessing the truth of the separation that exists within mankind.

Sadly, it seems that it does not penetrate your consciousness because it does not directly concern you. I wonder how you would feel if you were under such direct attack? How would you react if you saw your homes being bombed, your children mutilated, and your sources of food and money disappear? How would you cope if you could not escape, or were facing imminent death knowing there was no other way out but to die from the hands of evil, the out of control perpetrators whose only intent was to totally destruct the country you live in?

How would you face those circumstances? Would you wish to pray to God for help, would you rant and rage, would you be so scared that you felt paralysed by fear? How would you really feel if you had to face what you see others facing on your news?  You don’t dare to think but prefer to switch off and go to bed without another thought, knowing in that moment you are safe, but sadly you still have not awoken to the more important issues that might affect own life one day.

Because my dears YOU ARE ALL ONE, and you are as vulnerable as the next person, but because you have this false sense of security you believe it will never happen to you. And if this situation does not raise any compassion within you, understand it is only compassion and love for your fellow man that will help heal the world. YOU ARE ALL ONE, and you are all connected at some level, yet you are able to switch off your emotions and carry on as before.

So until the species of mankind can become more awakened to others, there is not much hope to raise the consciousness of mankind until he becomes more aware, and becomes more concerned for his fellow man. If he still continues to live in isolation, he will never find the peace and security he craves.

So today it is to my father that I turn to for advice, as I am trying to lead people back to love, back to compassion, and ask them to find compassion in their hearts once more.   I asked him what can I do to illuminate the people of the world, what can I say or do that might make them more aware of the devastation and uprisings that are rife in the world; and what can I say or do to help them wake up to the truth of their existence. So now I wish to pass on this most important message from my father onto you.

My dearest Son, do not concern yourself with the world because it is of man’s making, and until man wakes up and takes responsibility for himself and others around him, and until he accepts his part in contributing to this state of affairs, he will not find peace.

So, it is imperative as the people of your earth watch the increasing crescendo of violence that is overtaking the world, that they do not run and hide, but ask what they can do to stop the carnage gathering any more momentum.

Dear people have you not had enough of war?  Have you not had enough of witnessing the destruction of your earth and its people?  When are you going to wake up, when are you going to take responsibility, when are you going to finally learn how to love each other?

When are you going to see that YOU ARE ALL ONE, you were conceived in the same way, born in the same way in whatever country of origin you chose to be born into.  Every single one of you on earth at this time has been brought here for a purpose, and everyone’s actions and intentions affect the whole, not just in your country but worldwide. 

So when you see destruction happening to others in a country so far away, does this really affect you, does this really move you to take action, does this really scare you, because if it does not, you might be in for a shock.

You see these wars and the carnage and appalling acts of evil that have taken place have been sent to you so you might finally wake up.  Many of you believe that you would not see war again, especially in your own country.  Many did not believe that they would lose their homes and become refugees, but they have. And for those who are still safe in their countries, and homes, should thank God for their deliverance.

But it is your indifference that astounds me, it is you turning your back on others that disappoints me, and it is your lack of forgiveness that appals me the most. Your ability to turn your back and think “I am all right Jack”, and your ability to switch off from seeing others suffer, and continue as if nothing had happened and as if nothing had changed, is what concerns me the most.

But at a deeper energetic level everything that has happened, every gunshot wound, every death, every mutilation of a child, every act of cruelty against an animal, every theft, every insult, every evil intention, energetically becomes part of you, because YOU ARE ALL ONE, YOU ARE ALL ONE RACE, and you are all part of the cosmos. You are from God incarnate and nothing will change that. 

But do you wish to find your God, do you wish to become more Christian in your endeavours, or will you walk away from your fellow man even though his suffering is so obvious to you?

You might say, “I can do nothing” but I disagree.  All of you, wherever you are, can do something. Look around you, look at your communities, are there not homeless people who need your help, are there not the sick and needy that need your support, are there not the emotionally vulnerable who could do with some love and understanding? You do not have to go to another country to witness suffering it’s right on your doorstep. But as yet, you are still unaware, and most of you will jump in your cars and go to work and give this matter no further thought, only thinking of yourself first.

So you might like to ask me how you can help stop the wars, how you might help change our world, and what you could do to make the changes that are needed?  So I say to you today, you must learn to love yourself first and open your heart. Open your homes to others who are in need, because peace begins in the home, in your community, and it is then, and only then that there will be peace and good will for all men, women, and children of the world.

What you do today, what you believe in and how you speak your truth, and how you present yourselves to others says a lot about whether you have peace of mind and whether you are seeking the presence and love of God.

Will you become someone who will spread the word of God to all you meet? This is something you can do today, right now. So if you do not believe in God, or my dear son Jesus, just be kind, and be kind to yourself. Be kind to all you meet, because this is a form of love, and a giving of your self with no thought of return.

So today, only think of love, only think of peace and go out of your way to connect with others. See their pain, talk to strangers on the street, connect with others, and stop isolating yourself in your narrow little world that only opens you up when you log onto the the web that only will inflict bad news upon you.

So today, decide that you are going to take some positive action, that will make a difference to someone in your community. A phone call, a friendly wave, an offer of help, all these you can do so easily. You may believe that taking this action will not stop wars. But in time it will, if everyone decided to love all, there would be no wars, there would be no pain, and there would be no death and disaster, because people of peace and love do not want to go to war, they put down their weapons, and only offer love to one another.

But until man learns this lesson of love, the devastation will continue. So now you have to take responsibility for how you live so that you can become an example to others. Loving others will bring peace to you and to others, so if you want to stop war, stop war in your own community and bring peace to all.  Apologise if need be, stop judging others, sort yourself out first, and then you will find peace within and have peace and good will in your heart for all mankind.

If every man, woman, and child undertook to do this, and loved God and was loved by God, and who was loyal, grateful and kind, and offered help to all who needed love, will be blessed by God almighty. So it is the people of the earth that have to change, and then God will bless you, then there will be peace on earth for all mankind, of that I can assure you.

Jesus Christ and my Almighty God, our father in heaven

Anna Marie Croxson

28th August 2021.

06-08-21 Freedom from mind fog, Illusions of life, Clearing energy, Enlightenment

Transcript Date: 6th August 2021

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The fog of the mind

The corruption of mind invades many thoughts at this time, it has become like a fog, you are lost within this fog within your mind. Many cannot seem to find their way through this fog, but guidance is given as always, and they must listen to that inner self that speaks to them with words of guidance and direction.

You have wondered about many things of life, of death, of the past and future, and you consider yourself to be a normal individual. There are many such as you, who have tried to find their way through the maze of life. You have a special gift to enable yourself to disconnect and join with the source, the power of us. Do not be ashamed to admit to yourself that you have this ability, many others would wish to share these things, but cannot see the way clear because the fog of the mind envelops them and hides the truth that is held within each and every one of you.

It is a blessing to release the mind and allow yourself freedom of thought. You must be aware of the many pitfalls and dangers inherent within your world, and you may only find your way through this maze, the fog filled prison that you are in, by going within and seeking the power that exists within all of you.


Accept that you are of a different kind, regardless of your physical body and your being. You know in your own minds that you are different, yet the truth is hidden from you. Why is this we wonder? When you are born, you are free from any troubles and concerns, your mind is still connected to the light, and you accept all things that are given. As you get older, the influences of your world and the situations in which you find yourselves begin to focus the mind, then insecurity sets in and you are unable to break this pattern of life.

But you can, all it takes is the presence of mind to accept the situation as it is, allow your mind freedom to think of things that others would not even imagine. Do not become a prisoner of your own mind, allow the thoughts to penetrate and activate that inner self, that inner being that you are. A creature of the Earth you may be, your mind perceives many things of the outside world, yet it does not look within to see that focus is just a short distance away. Within this focus and stillness of the mind you are able to escape the problems of your life within the living world. You are free to explore the realms beyond your life that will bring you happiness and success of love and caring.

Quieten the mind

Do not be afraid to quieten your mind. Do you not do this when you lay your head down to sleep? You close your eyes and your mind begins to shut down the conscious thoughts, and as you slowly drift beyond the veil of life, so you experience a different world in which you dream, no thought of the present is there, only the thought of what you are experiencing.

This is where you should be when you are permitted a quiet time, just go within and allow your senses to see and hear all the things around you, allow the senses to help you observe yourself and your life that you have lived. Never be afraid to admit that you may have been wrong, or that you may have intruded upon another’s life with false intent. Admit these things and ask forgiveness, then freedom will be granted, for they weigh upon you as the chains of life and they create a burden that sometimes becomes unbearable to some of your world. There is always a way to seek freedom of the heart, to go within and experience that place of love.

Finding inner strength to sustain

Do not be ashamed to use the word ‘now’, for this is the present, it may sustain you in the days to come. Never let your thoughts stray from the path of light and that guidance that is given through thought. Your attributes will show through as the fog of the mind is lifted and things will become clear, like you have never seen them before. Your circumstances are many and you create most for yourselves, but no fear should be brought through this, for strength of heart and freedom of mind will carry you through.

Power of positive thoughts

Have a thought for others, bring them peace in your thoughts and this will encourage them in a way that you do not understand at this time. Your thoughts are an important part of your being, for they transmit love, but can also transmit hate and delusion. So always be of positive mind, grant them your loving thoughts and your best wishes, no matter the situation. Always look to them as being the same as you, for you are all part of the same source, you are all one in your being.

To irritate or annoy another is to bring misfortune upon yourself, for all are connected through the world of spirit. You should not be excessive within your thought, do not build barriers in your life that will hold you back from your path that was given for you to tread. Allow your mind instead to wander through the possibilities of life. There is a world beyond yours where all this will make sense, and your inhibitions, your guilt and your skills, will be open to you for judgement. Do not cause yourself unnecessary pain, for the illusion of life is only a moment in time. The soul, the creature that you are, will live for ever.

Bring yourself purpose this evening Michael and allow your thoughts to shape your words. Allow your mind to be clear and free of this fog, do not worry that the words of others may influence your thoughts, life is for learning, and teaching is given in many ways, through the thoughts of others and through your own experiences of life.

Freedom from illusions of life

Your presence is necessary at this time to bring hope to others, to allow them to free themselves from the illusion of life, the illusion of their problems and free their minds in a way they never thought possible. To sit and just ‘be’, to sit and listen to the world around them, to take in the sense of smell and the colours so vibrant, so the fog of the brain would hide them. Steal a moment from your life, take a minute to breathe, and focus upon your inner self and the answers will come and the problems of your life will fall away, like the dominoes that are spread upon the table.

You must never allow yourselves to be imprisoned within the conscious mind, for it will hold you tight and not let you see all the positiveness that is abound within the world, you should not allow your thoughts to abandon others, for you are each brother and sister alike.

Your disagreements and arguments may be carried forward within your conscious mind and once more this brings a fog to your being, you must allow them to fall away and accept that others are as they are, but you may help them with your loving thoughts, as we have said, you transmit love, but also hate. Drive this hate, this illusion from your mind and issue them with love and caring, and wish them all the best, even if they should be disrespectful to you, for this forgiveness will allow you to forgive yourself. A prayer is needed at times to extenuate your thoughts of love.

You must be careful not to fall into the trap of ‘self’ and we speak about the need of ‘self’, your wants, your needs at this earthly time, for there is much more value within that of spirit than of the ‘now’ in this life. Can you understand the illusion that is pulled before your eyes? Can you overlook the things that are placed before you to divert your attention? Can you see your way through this fog to enlightenment and a new beginning within your lives?

Journey of enlightenment

You are a precious soul that is on a journey of inspiration but also enlightenment. You must allow the physical world to exist where it is and not allow it to establish within your mind, for you are something more than the things of need. Do not be ashamed when you think of the needs of life for the practical purposes of your body, the food that you require to sustain your being, many do not have this luxury, many fall by the wayside by your world leaders for they are not recognised as being of need.

In your mind you can help by putting out that thought of love and presence. It may not seem possible to you to reach others with thought of the present, but you can if you are realistic with yourself. Pride denotes a fall, but love encompasses and embraces all that you are. Time is given for you all to acknowledge us and yourselves as being that of the whole, of the energy of existence. Praise be and good evening.

New speaker

Feast on love

Sustain yourself with love and not intolerance, that is the message that is given. Do not feel inadequate, for you are adequate. You may be put down by others in their thoughts of disillusionment, but you must rise above these things and carry your life force forward, so you may enlighten yourselves and help them to also become part of the whole, and not as a separate entity that could be held within the dark of the mind.

Life, it is said, is an illusion, but it has purpose, it has meaning beyond your understanding. Can you understand this? Do you not know and feel it within yourselves, feel your presence within your body and allow it to extenuate your feelings? Do not withhold your emotions, do not hold them prisoner within yourself. Forgiveness is a great release and to forgive someone’s ill thoughts against you is to bring freedom to yourselves to your hearts and to your minds. Never be a prisoner of those things that may hold you within yourselves, for you are a free spirit, you are given attributes to allow your life to evolve and for you to learn.

Life is not an illusion it is merely an extension of the being of spirit, and it is given with love so you may learn the expression of love within your heart. Some withhold and deny this love, they hold hate within themselves and this will bring them despair. You must not withhold that of love or emotion, you must release it to the world and to those around you. Once released, you would be like a bird that is freed from its cage, you will fly high with no illusions of responsibility or worry. You will be free to catch the wind below your wings, you will be free in thought of mind and allowing the world around you to be seen as love, for this is food of the soul. Your spirit will be free from the illusion and the demands of life that hold you bound to yourselves and will be released.

Help yourselves to a better way and allow this moment in time to capture your mind and give you a thought of love. Thank you for your presence this evening, amen.

New speaker

Sensing the energy of love

Today has been an exception in many ways, and we regard you as somebody of deep thought and meditation. Your mind works in mysterious ways at times, yet we know the depth of your feeling, and be assured that your love reaches out beyond the physical world in which you exist. This applies to all of those who may read these words. Your emotions are carried forward in vibrations and colours that cannot be seen by most. You can feel the energy of love around you, you can feel the presence of spirit, of our being around you. Some will experience these things and say “yes, I am not alone” whilst others are unable to feel this energy, as their conscious mind will not allow it in, for it is just merely a feeling and not something of substance.

You must be grateful for the things that are given to you, for they are all given with love and even in the worst of times, when the tempest is high and you feel as if there is no outlet, no way of escaping the demands of life, know that you are truly free. To escape these things is to go within and accept that you are not of this physical world, but of another world of love and enlightenment.

Free yourselves from your mind

If you trap yourselves within the dark of your mind and you become dark in your thoughts and in your actions, then you betray yourselves and you will hold yourselves to account for these things in a time to come. So free your mind and accept that you are of spirit and your mind is free to seek the many things that are held within. Your presence of mind occupies and withholds your life from being as it should be. We have spoken about the release of fears and the turmoil of your life in the physical.

Clearing blocked energy with love

Feel your chakras now, feel the energy of the sacral, and of the heart, and the warmth that is held within. You feel blocked and unable to release, but allow your mind thoughts of love.

Wash away those negative energies that block your energy centres at this time, allow them to revolve and be free. Feel them release the pain that is held inside. Feel them lighten the burden that you carry, for it is an illusion of life and the enlightenment and the reuniting of loved ones will come to all.

See the thoughts of your mind and the shapes that they create, you may think of them as an illusion, but really, they are not. They are the molecules of your mind busying themselves, give them order and focus, allow them freedom to think beyond your bodily selves, your physical being. Calmness will ensue as you release and reorganise these shapes and colours that will ensue as you allow your energy centres the freedom to move. As you lighten the burden in the knowledge that you will be reunited once more, then your life will become lighter and fulfilled.

We say this with much love, not just to you, but to all who might feel burdened with the events of life. Truth will be told in a time to come, without the burdens of worry or concern, but with the light relief of love.

Carry yourselves forward and allow love to envelop you and the world around you.

Mother Mary – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


If you could see your life through another’s eyes you would be astonished.  You see when you are in human form you are quite limited in your thinking because of your logical mind-set.  But when you free yourself from this, when you allow yourself to dream, when you know that divine source is supporting you and guiding you each day, it is then that your life will change.

But first you have to get ‘out of your head’, almost ‘out of your mind’ to receive the wonders that we perceive for you.  So know on this path of ascension it is critical that you learn to switch off the brain that controls your thinking, and instead connect to the divine source of all there is.

It is divine source that can guide your life hourly, daily, and is there to support and inform you, and is not just another world that you perceive as your spiritual birthplace. This place can offer you many wonderful opportunities, but sometimes you can block this by overthinking and only using the logical side of your brain.

Learn to dream, learn to go with the flow, and do not fight your spiritual counterpart who wishes to guide you every day and do not believe that you are journeying on your own. You are a spiritual being living on earth and sometimes you feel limited by your very humanness.

Now it is time to release any thoughts of limitation and loss, and let all misdemeanours of the past be released.  There is no point about looking at the past or having regrets, except for understanding the lessons that you learnt.   Now a grand new future awaits you, you have undergone your spiritual initiation as it were, and now we welcome you home as you become the spiritual being that you were meant to be.

As you can see from the title above being a surrogate for Christ can become a prime role in this lifetime, but one you are often reluctant to believe in. This is might be because you have thought that you are not good enough, or you have not prepared enough, or that you are under some sort of illusion.  But you are not and you are here for this purpose, so do not turn your back on your greatest opportunity to evolve, but to know that you will help others evolve for their highest good.

You are aware, and living life on earth at this present time of the great disturbances that are taking place, and that is why you have been brought to earth at this time, to assist our Lord Jesus Christ and the ‘Council of Light’. It is easy to dismiss this clarion call to action, when the human mind steps in and says surely ‘this is not for me’, I am not good enough nor experienced enough to take on such a role.

But that is not how we see you; you see in many ways we have been training you for this work for a great many years, spanning many lifetimes, and now you have this opportunity staring you in the face, and yet you might turn your back on us believing that you are not worthy.

Many of Jesus’s disciples came from lowly backgrounds, and even when they were born rich they denounced their worldly goods to follow and preach the word of Christ.   Many of these good people who I knew very well were totally devoted to Christ and only wished to preach his word.   Now we are asking your permission today and are asking you to do the same.

But now the world has changed and no longer do we wish you to live in poverty or wear a hair shirt, this is not the way now.  Now the way forward is for all to have abundance and joy and live a wonderful life, and one that they wish for themselves.  But at your core, many of you wish to serve, not from servitude, but from loving our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Today he calls you forth our dear ones, but he will not order you to come to him, but he wants you to realise what is in your heart, and for you to follow your hearts yearnings.   Many do not realise what is in their heart, and yet you so wish to feel complete.  You see now the role of disciple is one of joy, completeness, peace, and love, is that not what you would wish to feel?  Is it not the love of God that you wish to follow and serve?  Do you wish to always demean yourselves and not honour who you are and more importantly what you might become?

So I wonder why you might hesitate to accept this great honour? Are you afraid you might let him down, are you afraid of what people might say and think you are too high and mighty?  Do not worry about what others think of you, once you are on your path you must be resolute in your conviction, then no other person can put you asunder.

Many of you who are working for the Lord are fully protected from the energies of others who might seek to destroy your faith. But they cannot because what you feel within is so important and a feeling that you cannot ignore, or do so at your peril.

Many are frightened at this prospect and feel the commitment is too big, so are they are in danger of running away.  This is not an unusual feeling, so do not worry, sit with it, pray, and then you will find peace in your heart once more.  You are badly needed at this time on earth, and are aware what is going on, and how the darkness wishes to envelop you, but it will not be that long, because you hold the light of Christ in your heart. Then you will become a Christed one, a being of light, a being of love, and have a light that will never be diminished.

You have to be strong now, you have to hold the light and not waver, and you have to hold the light of the Christ consciousness that is arising in man’s breast as we speak. And it is for those awakening at this moment that need the most support to take them onto their next level of consciousness. So it is to you that we ask for support, these good men and women who are now coming into their own spiritual awareness.

It is a very important time on earth for man’s awakening, and now it is essential that we have our team on earth who will support this mission for world peace, and this work can only be completed by people when they become more awake to the current vibration level that is on earth.

And it is these vibrations that are bringing many changes for the people of the earth, and they will need support as they move through these complex times and start to understand their new roles.  Many will witness the ones that follow Christ because they are attracted to the light and energy of the Christ consciousness, not quite realising why they are being so drawn to the light.

And so it will be the Christed ones that will help lead the way to their salvation.  You are the leaders, you are a Christed being, and you are needed to support this great mission on earth and the best way that you can achieve this is by being Christ’s surrogate on earth.  You are capable and all you have to do is listen to his word, follow his words and preach the words you are given.  You are spokesperson for the lord, but it is the lord that will direct your voice, your stature, and give you faith for the job you are undertaking on his behalf.

In many ways becoming a surrogate is a great honour although he might not see it in this way because he believes that if you are called you will answer him knowing he has need of you and will honour and respect the commitment you have made to him for the rest of your earthly life.

When it is time you will be called home, and a wonderful welcome will await you, but this will not happen right now because you have work to do. So if you hear the clarion call, or if you have received a visitation, please do not dismiss this or believe that it did not really happen.   At this moment in time Jesus is calling in many of you to support him in this mission, even though your mission may appear very different to others, as you all have your own special calling to spread the word of love.

There are many ways in which Jesus may come to his people, and many will recognise the clarion call. But if they do not recognise that he is calling them in he will find another way to remind them. So do not be surprised if this subject appears once more in your life because he will not give up until you have received and understood the message he wishes to impart to you.

He has many wonderful and mysterious ways of calling you to his side, and yet so many are not yet aware.  Now the clarion call has gone out to thousands, and gradually they are becoming more aware of what is happening, and are responding in their own unique and wonderful way.

It is an exciting time to be living on earth, so take up the challenge and take a leap into a brand new way of thinking and being, knowing he will always be there to support you.  We are all on the same side you know, there is no them and us, no hierarchy that will try and control your life.  We are love, we preach love and wish nothing more than you feel the love of Jesus Christ and his wonders that you will behold, and know that when you decide to follow him there is only goodness and mercy that awaits the ones that follow the Lord.

Now you are being called to action, and called forth to agree and affirm your love and connection to Jesus Christ.  If you agree and are willing to come to him and serve him, this is the message he wishes you to hear right now.

‘My dearest beloveds on earth, I am your Lord and Master and you are mine also, we are companions on the road to Damascus as we walk hand in hand to come before our heavenly father.   Do you not wish to walk with me, do you not wish to feel my hand in yours, guiding you every step of the way.  My dearest ones I now ask you to become my surrogate, my mouthpiece on earth so we may slay any demons that reside there.

We must bring the people of your earth to their senses, and this can only be done with love.  So you will help open their hearts, and open their minds to the goodness and mercy that resides there.

The consciousness of mankind is now changing and this is why I have need of you to be my presence on earth through you dear one.  I would not have asked you to undertake this task if it was not of the most urgent importance, because now we have a window of opportunity to change the consciousness of mankind for evermore, and finally bring peace to earth, your loving servant Jesus Christ’.

So now my dearest son has spoken directly to you and requested your services to represent him, and become his surrogate so that you can to help mankind find peace in their hearts. But dears this is your choice, so think carefully upon it, and when you are ready, call our dear Lord into your life. Become one of his most powerful beings of light that will help heal our troubled world, and help bring peace to all mankind.

Mary Mother of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson  5th August, 2021.

The Power of Peace – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It is the mind and the chaos which resides in the mind that causes you such disturbance, and when this rages within you, you cannot find inner peace.  But now you have to learn that you are your own master, and know that you can control what you think and feel, regardless of your circumstances.

The reason I mention this to you my dears, is that I too have felt confusion, fear, and desperation at many times in my life. And when I found my way back to God he reminded me that there was nothing to fear but myself, my imaginings, and I was told that I was not to let my thoughts of fear dominate me.

So I had to learn to manage this conundrum, gather my thoughts, deal with my fear, and move myself further into the light of my being so I could strengthen my connection with God.  Without my faith I would not have survived such trials and tribulations that beset me, and the many others who were around during that time. We faced very difficult and challenging situations in regard to my dearest son Jesus Christ.

So I know and understand your fears, I know the power that the mind can have over you, but I also know that you can learn to control the mind, control your emotions, and come into a place of peace.  You have the power within you, but many of you do not feel powerful, and often resort to sinking into depression and fear. It is a powerful and challenging lesson to let go of your ego, and let God come into your life, if you try to manage this on your own you may find this very difficult.

But if you surround yourself with people who have faith and who are willing to support you on your journey you can regain your power once more.  The world would have you believe that you are powerless, and that your opinions are worthless, or that your determination to succeed will be sabotaged.

But this is not the truth, and when you learn to harness the power of God almighty, know that he is almighty in every sense of the word. He is so mighty that he will send you miracles, he can send your prodigal back home, or may send financial help when you need it, because he knows your every want and need.

So even if your circumstances appear desperate, be happy in the knowledge that he knows what you need at any given time.  But this will happen in his time and he will award you the good karma you have created, but he will not take away any important lessons that you needed during your journey of spiritual awakening.

When you finally awaken to your soul’s desires, when you finally wake up to the life you are meant to live, and when you finally wake up to your own divinity, it is then you will find the key to inner peace.  

It is only a peaceful man or woman that can assist others in their hour of need, and in that moment, you have to be wise and strong for another, as you help to pull them out of a mire of their own making.  Make no mistake dear ones, the mire you find yourself in is of your own making, but you will find the courage, and with the help of God almighty you will see a clear way ahead for you in good time, in God’s good time.

We call him the almighty because he is just that, a powerful force of good, a soul of much compassion, and he knows exactly what is right for you at any given time. Often you do not know what is good for you, and you struggle and fight against the odds.

Do you did not realise that if you took a step back to take a longer view, and decide to trust him in your moment of need, then you would find peace, a peace that passes all understanding. Peace is intangible, you cannot grab it in your hand and lock it down, for it can be transient, just like the clouds in the sky, and as unreliable as your thoughts often are.

Try to remember that most of life is transient and flows like a summer stream, moving this way and that. So when you learn to go with the flow you will take another step forward to finding inner peace.  But most of all it is very important that you find yourself, by putting your full trust in God, knowing that he works in the most miraculous ways. It is then that you will see the most magical changes taking place in your life.

You see the beggars and the homeless on your streets and wonder how they came to be in such a sorry state. There are many solutions that cannot be answered here today, but just like you, they have a place in God’s heart and if they believe in God, they too will find their pathway home.  Often their troubles start with relationships and many run away hoping to find something better, but they have run away from the truth of their situation, and this is the first problem that needs to be addressed.

I believe that it was St. Paul who explained to us that our first relationship is with ourselves, and he was correct, because it is true, that wherever we go we take ourselves with us.  So even if you move away to another city, abandoning all your friends and family to make a new start, you cannot run away from yourself. You will have to be willing to face yourself before any true revelation can come to you.

This may appear a harsh judgement against you, but I assure you it is not, because to find true peace you have to be at peace with yourself and learn to accept yourself and understand you own essence.  You may have been told that you are not clever enough and others may have criticised you in some way. But understand when another criticises you, they are hurting themselves by degrading another.  So now you must find your true essence and learn to love the person you are today.

You must learn to stand tall and claim the power that you know you have within, and perhaps more importantly, you must learn to love God as well as asking him for help.  He will never abandon you, but he needs to see that you wish to help yourself when you truly seek another path in life. It will be one that will help empower you to live and love at the highest possible vibration that you can muster, and when he sees this effort, he will come to assist you and give you the support you have craved for so long.

During this process of enlightenment, you may also call upon my son, our dear Lord Jesus Christ who will embrace you with his love and compassion whilst understanding the depths of your suffering. And it is to Mary Magdalene, his female counterpart that you may ask to help you find the wisdom that resides in your soul, and it is to me, Mother Mary, that you may come to when you are seeking to find a mother’s love and compassion that will soothe and make you feel safe once more.

So you see my dears, you have a lot of help available and should you wish, you can ask us to intervene and support you during this most challenging time.  We are known as ‘The Power of the Three’ and have come together to support mankind to enlighten him further during his journey of ascension.

This is no lightweight task, but is one we intend to undertake with so much joy in our hearts, as we wish to see our dear children find their true place on earth. Your happiness is our happiness, your joy is our joy, and your pathway to peace is ours too.  You are a child of God first and foremost, you are not alone in the world, and you have a key part to play in the ascension of mankind. I understand you might want to resist this statement of intent, but I can assure you that it is true.

All who serve our lord have undergone their own period of suffering, but now it is time to release all that was in your recent past, and participate in the joyous future that awaits you right now.  You are a child of God, so know no man can put you asunder unless you allow it. Remember God represents power, and he is omnipresent, so you may ask him to help you at anytime.

But many of you do not believe you are worthy, and your cloak of unworthiness overshadows you like a big dark cloud. Now it is time to let any feeling of unworthiness leave you, because you cannot feel unworthy in God’s presence.   So tell him of your troubles and ask him to guide you, and trust him to tell you the truth, so you may find your own way back to finding inner peace once more.

The journey of ascension is not always easy, but we assure you that the more you trust, the more inner peace you will find. But this of course is work in progress and you have to become more mindful and not allow thoughts of old to rise up once more to haunt you. Remember how powerful you can become with God at your side, and listen out for his words of wisdom, follow them to the letter, for he will never lead you astray.

Trusting in God’s goodness is paramount, and if you are able to stay the course, you will never again feel fear in the face of confrontation, knowing that you will be supported every inch of the way.  So even if you are facing a challenge that concerns you, ask him to come to you and you will feel his power surge through you as he guides you every step of the way.

This is the new way of The Truth, The Way, and The light. Know you have to find the truth of you, then you will find your way forward and come into the light.  I know this may sound simplistic, but life is simple unless you wish to make it complicated. Get your mind under control, let go and let God and ask him to show you the way to the inner peace that you so crave.

Find your pathway to God and then you will find that your life will be peaceful. When you allow God to lead the way and get your ego out of the way, you truly will have found your pot of gold. Then you become a master, a master of your destiny, as you spread the love of God wherever you go.  This is your destiny, this is your calling and this is your father calling you home.  Have you heard the clarion call, have you heard the bell chime, have your heard his voice calling out to you?

You are his son or daughter and he is your father calling you home into his heart.  When you have this longing to be held by him and to serve him, all will be peaceful within you forevermore.  Find your God within, find your peace within, and find your soul within. Then you will have found the elusive peace that you have sought so long.  

God bless you dear souls, now go forth and multiply the word of God for all to hear, for all to see, and for all to feel. This is your soul’s mission to spread the word of God, so there may be peace within the hearts of all men, and then peace will reign sovereign in the world once more.

Mother Mary of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 

2nd August, 2021.

25-07-21 – The Continuance and Connections of Life

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two are now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers – Volume Three is with the publisher!

Transcript Date: 25th July 2021

The Continuance and Connections of Life

Can it be true, that life was once a mere thought in the presence of ‘him’, the creator of life? How can you be certain of anything in life these days, when there is so much turmoil around you? You are like sleeping babes, unaware of what is around the corner. Unrelenting in your actions, your wisdom lacks, but we are, and always have been there to take your hands and guide you into the promised world, spoken of so long ago. Shangri-la you may call it, a place of peace, heaven perhaps, where your worries and troubles will be dismissed and your concerns will be less. 

Memories of loved ones are held by many; they speak of them fondly with love in their hearts. These things are heard in the vastness of time and space and a response is given many times.

You must not look too deep into the affairs of life, you must bring yourselves hope in the new beginning to come, and this will start shortly. 

An embrace of love will surround your world, many will feel this love through the senses of their bodies. They will not quite understand what it is they are feeling or sensing, but nevertheless, they will respond in kind to this loving thought, this warmth that surrounds them, as the Angels of light draw near to bring peace to those who ask for love and caring. 

Many of your elderly are neglected, those senior beings of your world who have seen so much. They have taught their young, right from wrong, but the influences of today are great, they are deemed to be old-fashioned when they speak of their youth and their priorities, for they were not the same as yours of today. 

A man met a woman and the family was created, and the bond and union of that marriage and relationship was strong. This still bodes well in many today, yet some do not understand the depth of feeling required of them or the loyalty that should be paid to one another. Sometimes things go wrong through no fault of your own, but this is so that you may find peace elsewhere with your spiritual partner, your loved one. 

Do not complain in this world of today, as it brings more pain. There is much out there to influence you. The elderly of today will soon become the young of tomorrow and their awareness of their impending time becomes ever more evident as they grow older, and a kind of peace dwells within them, knowing that they have done their time and that they have spoken well of many things. 

Yes, many pass young, and do not attain a great age. This exemplifies their purpose in life. It does not mean to say that they will end at that point, for they had a purpose, even though it may be elusive to many, particularly the loved ones who have lost the young. 

We have spoken of life’s purpose and the trials and tribulations that you may encounter during your time of life. It cannot be stressed enough that you must gain strength from these things to empower yourself and your soul, to move on steadily, purposefully, at a stride. Your life is a short space of time and all the pain and suffering that you may go through, either physically or mentally, will pass soon enough, so do not dwell on the thought of what has been or could have been, but dwell upon the thought of the future, and make the most of the time you have. Making friends, communicating with love and purpose, you can change this world and bring about a change that will aid those of the young today, even though it seems that many of them will not listen, but they are fewer than you think. 

Bring about your purpose now Michael, tell them of the things to come, when the dark can no longer hide in the shadows, as the light will find them out. 

You have wondered about the beings around you and of their purpose this evening. You feel unable to respond to them, as you do not understand their being or what they have come for. Know that they are here to bring you comfort and peace. 

Your mother, she sees you and understands a life of separation, loneliness and sadness. But she gives you strength through her being, to bring you hope that in the days to come your life will be better. She thanks you for your assistance in her life, to help her understand the true meaning of spirit and of the soul that separates from the body, but continues on.

She feels you are blinkered at this time with pain and sorrow. You must release these inner feelings to become the man you once were, a jolly friendly soul. You hold too much thought about things of the past, but you must release them and let go your mind and know that I am here, Valerie, your mother, to bring you peace as you brought me love and peace in life.

Cyril (my uncle) wishes to thank you for your obedience to his love by speaking to his wife (Brenda). The family wishes to thank you for your love, they watch over you constantly, as I do. You must not be afraid of what the future brings, as it terrified me, yet you should have a deeper knowing and understanding of these things. We will meet once more within the journeys of life, and we will all rejoice together at the life that we had. Never let go of those feelings of love, release the fear and the memories of the past, so that you may move on, clear of mind and of conscience. Be strong my son, your purpose is not done yet, and I will aid you when you feel down and bedraggled. 

It is commonplace for those loved ones of your world to feel obsolete and without purpose any longer, for their partners have gone before them. Their families cease to be in their eyes, yet we walk constantly with you, forever surrounding you with love and deep hearted thanks for your being. Tell the readers this, that life continues on full of purpose and hope, and the dreams that you may have had or the despair that you have lived through, may pass for a new time, a new beginning for all is foreseen, and is inevitable for all. 

The creatures of your world respond to love. They have a natural sense of your forgiving nature’s and you have this same thing, yet it is seldom used by many. Open your hearts and minds to the senses that you were born with, understand that we are there and you will hear and feel us frequently. Allow your mind to be free, to speak the words that we impart upon you this evening, for each of you are more than you know. 

We bring you greetings this evening and wish to give you a deeper understanding as to your being and the purpose of life. It cannot be stressed enough that you must listen to learn, have an open mind and thought to all possibilities held within the realm of life and of the world beyond. Your thought is transmitted to us frequently, as a telegraph service, and we hear you constantly, we hear the cries before the evil, we hear your sadness and your desperation, we respond to you, yet it is not felt by many. 

Your creation was of long ago, it sprang forth life upon your planet and many others that you will not know of. Life is a common thread throughout the universe and we have told you of the life of the universe, as the universe is an intelligence far beyond your understanding. Yet it exists as a living being and consciousness that you are all part of.

Now at this time, as you occupy these bodies, you are devoid of knowledge so that you may instruct your mind and your being as to the creation and what it is all about. It is your experiences of life that bring you knowledge that you will share with others who are following on behind you, and you will be a part of this once more. You are never truly separated from the consciousness of the universe, how can you be, you are part of it. 

Trevor wishes to know how you feel these days? And you may think that he would know already! Thank you, we hear your response. (At this point although I have not spoken the word’s I gave a response through my mind’s thoughts.) 

The Stars shine brightly this evening in a spectacle of brilliance. Each of these stars you know as ‘a Sun’, and this energy created by this star is what drives the universal consciousness. That living consciousness of the multitude of universes that exists. Combined together, they create a massive uniform energy that pulses as your heartbeat pulses life. You extend your range trying to reach the nearest star, but this would be impossible.

You may travel the universe in thought at this time. You may see stars exploding in the near future, and although you see their light, this happened long ago. Stars burn out their energy, yet this creates a force that generates a new refreshed energy that will burn brightly in its place. Time folds upon itself, advancing the years rapidly. This can be utilised in the future, it is a natural phenomenon that you will utilise at the time of your passing, when you will travel from your bodies and leave this earthly plain. Do you understand what we tell you? Is it too complex to understand, perhaps?

The term ‘avatar’ has been used, and your soul possesses a body to live a life, but you are of one spirit and soul and ultimately will re-join the energy of the universe. You see it as spirit, and as we said, as a Shangri-La and heaven, a place of peace, and this is so, you will travel many worlds, see many things as spirit and yet once reborn, these things will be elusive to you once more. You would ask why I cannot stay within that realm of peace, but you must progress, you each have a duty to each other to live a life of purpose to understand the creation of the Master. 

In time and in due course, your spirit will rest easily, and this time and space will be unrecognisable to you, for now, understand that you live your lives of purpose to bring hope and joy to each other within your time span allotted to you. Never fear that of death or the illness that may come, for this will be a passing of beauty to the recipient. To the outside world it seems as though there is much suffering, and it is those that are left behind that suffer the pain the greatest, but those of your loved ones who have passed over, are in that Shangri-La of heaven and they have found peace for a time. 

We can speak about many things of the spirit and soul as you call it, but you must try to understand that you are a part of all creation, you are the energy of the plants and the planet upon which you live; you are the energy of the space that surrounds your world and the universe that creates your solar systems, you are part of the living rock, you cannot be separated and you never are, you live in different ways and in different forms. 

We hope that this is been informative this evening, and Michael, you should not worry of what is to come, for peace and joy will be brought in a time, a measured time to you. This is our reason for being with you recently, to bring you comfort and let you know of our energy and presence, it is not something of the dark, but something you should welcome, for it brings you peace to know of these things. 

Our express wishes of concern go out to many of your world who suffer at the hands of tyrants who run their countries without love. They create despair and misfortune for all and their purpose has not been found and they are wayward in their extreme thoughts. There will come a time when countermeasures will be brought and their sins will be brought to them. They hide away the money intended for the peoples of the countries that they rule over, and they do not care for those who are beneath them for they have a life of luxury, but there is karma for them and they will pay dearly for their misconduct, and yet in turn they will find peace eventually, as all must. But you cannot be negative in your purpose, you cannot deny what you have been sent to this world to achieve. Your personal ambitions and creations are only for this time. Their rule will be ended in a cruel way, they cannot be negative to the positive thought of love, for the positive is strong against them and will wash over them as a tidal wave, to eliminate their practices of evil. 

Have hope this evening for we have enlightened you further, blessings are given to you all, the family of creation. Amen. 

19-07-21 Environmental concerns, Properties of plants, Respect for animals, Teaching the young, Crop-Circles, etc

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two are now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers – Volume Three is with the publisher!

Transcript Date: 19th July 2021

Life experiences

No more should be spoken about the things of the past, the regrets that many of you hold. It is the future that should be observed, because that is the path you must take within your earthly lives.

Never be ashamed to say you have sinned or that you have regrets, as many do within your world. The cleansing of the mind, body and soul is paramount within your lives as a living being.

You have experienced many things of hardship, you think of the loved ones who you perceive as being lost, yet they still exist around you, constantly guiding your steps in the hope that you will find your way clear to live a life of purpose, as a human being and as a creature of spirit. You are all coexisting as one within the world beyond, but separated within your living years to experience the lessons that are needed to progress your individual souls and purpose.

Tonight, we wish to thank many for their healing practices, for their love of others and their resistance to temptations that may be put their way, for theirs is of a true heart of spirit, and they understand the belonging of each and every one of the living world, regardless of their position in life.

World events

We have come this evening to speak about many things, of intolerance towards others, of indignities set against the innocent. Your world has seen much of this torture, more so these days, with the advent of the media of the world, but they do not tell you all, for they feel sure that you should live a life of bliss, unaware of the suffering of others. Yet it is part of your being to understand your positions in life and how fortunate you may be.

To be fortunate in life can take many forms, not just the wealthy West, but of those that you regard as ‘Third World’ countries, those who still live within the forests around the equator and live a simple life, yet theirs is full of purpose, no different to yours. Their lives are exactly the same, to experience the things of life, love and compassion.

Learning right from wrong

It should be noted that many act irresponsibly and are seen as fools within your world, and to criticise them comes easy to most. But you should remember that each of you have a purpose and a path to walk, and this path is one of learning, and eventually teaching, should you come through with a great knowledge. This knowledge should be shared to each of those individuals who still act irresponsibly, not in a forceful way, but in a gentle persuasive way, so they may begin to understand how fragile life is. As young people of your world they may feel invulnerable, they may think that nothing can touch them, but they must realise that you are all fallible, you are all a part of each other, and a weak link in the chain will bring chaos to your world.

This has been seen before and will occur again. We implore you all to search your hearts and souls, to search for the right things to do within your life, to be responsible, not just to yourself, but to others that you may encounter in your days of life. Purpose has been brought to all, and an assurance of life beyond this life is guaranteed to all, but only those who see the right from wrong will truly understand the ultimate purpose of life.

Growing imbalance of the world

Your world is in balance at this time, but steadily the scales tip and you seem unable to rescue yourselves from this precarious position. We have spoken about balance before and how imperative it is that you keep the equilibrium of your world, of nature, of your own being. You cannot have it all your own way, you must share your world and share your lives, you must be responsible for each other in a caring and loving way, and not be reckless with your life, so that it would affect others within theirs, causing them illness, perhaps even death of the body. You each have a responsibility to each other as the children of the world, and we cannot condone those who would choose to live their lives in an irresponsible manner. But they will learn, as sure and as certain as life will end.

You must begin to take your responsibilities to heart and listen to that voice within for guidance and reassurance. Tonight, once more we have spoken about life and the meaning of your lives. No matter your species, each of you have a purpose and a responsibility to each other to fulfil. Your lives cannot be paramount to yourselves only, you must share equally the compassion and love necessary to balance and bring equilibrium once more to your world of men. To the world of nature, it seems obvious, we have spoken about these things before, your climate changes exponentially at this time, the heat rises and the walls of your social world start to collapse. You realise that you are not invincible against mother nature and the power of nature, you must observe your processes, even down to personal responsibility, you must think of others. Do not be careless with your lives, causing the extinction of others through your practices of, carelessness, shall we say.

The animal world looks to you and sees a race of creatures that do not seem to care. Mother nature takes the same view, and as you have witnessed, she will fight back until you begin to realise, and many of you do. We do not say that you are all blind to these things, how can you be? But your governments still dither, the governments of the world still bicker between each other, asking which is the right response and how much will it cost? It is imperative they learn that the cost is negligible against the cost of life upon earth and of the planet. You cannot convince them, for it seems impossible to reach their thoughts. Yet perhaps there will be one who will bring peace to the nations of the world.

Future United planet – caring for each other

In time, we foresee a united planet with a single government, but this is many decades, perhaps centuries away. But you must begin now to share equally the responsibility of the burden that you have put upon the climate of your world, and those of your kind and of the animal kingdom. You each blame each other, you sing from the same hymn sheet, declaring that you are ‘green’ in your purpose, and so it is that many are observant of these things, yet there are many who will still ignore, you have witnessed this upon your media.

Their response to their world echoes nothing but ignorance in their behaviour, they collectively join together, and once more, this is an irresponsible thing to do, and you know of what we speak! You must look after each other as a brother and as a sister, you must treat everybody as if they were your mother and father, and your family of life. In truth, you are all the family of spirit, and one day you may become a brother or sister, the father or mother of those that are around you at this time.

Each stranger is a family member, each creature of your earth that brings you joy in your life, and those of the wild, are of the same spirit. We have told you this before, they feel the pain and the misery just as much as you do, they yearn for freedom so they may walk without the fear of shots being fired, yet your men still regard them as worthless creatures, not worthy of respect. We know this is the minority once more, but we cannot stress this enough. Many are beginning to see the pain inflicted upon the creatures as well as your domestic animals, and it hurts us to see such torment being issued. What right do they have to take the life of any living creature for no other reason than what they call, ‘sport’, or because they just can?

Many have made mistakes, including this man, he understands this, and his regrets are many. Each of you must look back upon your lives and understand that, yes, you have made mistakes, but these things are not held against you if you learn your lessons within life. You must bring peace to your heart’s and understand that the spirit within flows with love. The turmoil of your lives may overrun you at times and you make mistakes, this is understandable, for how would you learn if you did not make mistakes within life, or whatever existence you live in. But you must learn from these things, and if you regret the things that have happened knowing that they were wrong, then you have learnt, and it is up to you not to make that same mistake once more.

Teaching children

As children grow and learn, they see aspects of the world and learn from the parents and other adults around them. It is the adults, parents, and the grandparents that all have a responsibility to the young, because they are fresh to your world, and what they see you do, they will do, ‘monkey see, monkey do’, isn’t this obvious? So, it is a responsibility that you undertake as young families, to teach them the things of life in the way that it should be done. You cannot expect them to live your lives for you, you must teach them responsibility, and we do not mean to teach you how to suck eggs, but I feel and we feel that there are many within your world that seem to have a lack of understanding at this time. They allow their children to roam wild as the creatures of the jungle, they have no control, and this will get worse, because those children will teach their children the same. It is your responsibility now to reign in your misbehaviour, to reign in those bad habits, it is up to you to change and teach your children the right things to do. They are born innocent and it is your teaching that will corrupt.

Teaching dogs

This goes for all creatures, we speak specifically of the animals in your life that you keep domestically, dogs, they are not born vicious. It is true they have a nature of the wolf, yet for the most part they are social animals and your family is regarded as a pack. But if you teach that dog cruelty, viciousness and not love, then that dog will be corrupted through no fault of its own, because it only wishes to please its master. Consider these things, they are not emblems to walk around with and say “Here’s my dog, look how vicious he is!” Rather, take your dog for a walk and see him treat and greet people with love and respect, as this is what he does. He creates love and respect, and it is only you, the bad apple, that will spoil the rest.

Respecting working animals

We can say this for all animals that are mistreated, those that carry the burdens of life. It is all very well to say that people do not understand their suffering and that they use these creatures for their daily business, it is not good enough. You must understand that they have feelings, they suffer pain and torment. Psychological punishment will bring them down, such sadness can be seen within these creatures by your own eyes, as they see the sadness and joy within yours.

You are no less a creature of the world, your being is that of spirit, as is theirs, but your physical being is that of an animal of the world. Remember this, each of you have a responsibility to one another regardless of your species. Bring peace to yourself at this time, knowing that the world suffers greatly from many forms of illness. Be tranquil of mind knowing that peace will come to one and all after the suffering of your lives.

New speaker


They started by saying that he was a fraud and not somebody who would come to power with the noblest of thoughts, yet corruption was all around. This could be true of many within your world, your leaders observe many things that your eyes do not see, it is their responsibility, as they were chosen to lead your peoples, it is their responsibility to you that is paramount, yet they take in the spoils of war. Greed and avarice have overrun their good intentions and they join with each other to celebrate their lives and the things that they have achieved!

Sadly, many do not understand their position, and you are aware of these things. The opportunities and obligations in life are many, as was spoken. The obligation to each and every one of you, by each and every one of you.

Observation by the Arcturian’s

We observe your world with great curiosity. It brings us no pleasure to see the turmoil in which you live and the massive destruction of your earth, created by your men of need. We observe many things around your planet, and we can do this in a single stroke, with speeds unrecognisable to your world and thought to be impossible. Yet our ships circumnavigate your world. You know us as the Arcturian’s, those beings of another universe, the Boote’s constellation will bring you the truth of our words.

We have not spoken for a while; we have seen many things that have brought us dismay. We are teachers of your world; we have been once before and will once more will return. That which you call spirit, is the same spirit that exists within us, but with a ‘higher being’ if you like. We learnt many aeons ago about life and how we should behave, we were much as you in the beginning. Our history was as raw as yours, and you are only at the beginning of your journeys, yet you bring your Earth to the brink of destruction through your ignorance. There must come a turning point, and we can intervene if we wish, but at this time we must let you develop as you should.

Our wisdom is spoken by many, they publish our words and we thank them for their indulgence, just as we thank you. Their words are many and some are able to link in to a greater or lesser extent. Do not think yourself unworthy of these things Michael, for you speak for us the words that we transmit, and we issue warnings many times. You have felt our presence around you today, constantly. You think this is your family wishing to support you within your life, and yes perhaps this is so, but we are also a constant companion, alerting you to things that we think you should bear witness to.

Crop Circles

The circles (crop circles) of your life are constant at this time. many of the media disregard them as being hoaxes, and yes, we will not deny that there are those who would deny you the truth, but the complexity of some of these circles surely must bring you to a thought, that no human could possibly achieve this on such a grand scale, in such a short period of time. Yet many are blinkered to these possibilities. Why do you we not show ourselves? Why do we keep ourselves so secretive? It is not acceptable at this time that we do this, for your world is within its youth and your beings will feel fear at our presence. Yet we constantly make ourselves aware in subtle ways, that you might be educated, shall we say, to the existence of other creatures who are superior in many ways. We don’t mean this as a ‘boast’ in your language, but merely to say that we have learnt, and we now commune together in relative peace. It is our mission to watch over your world, as it is others.

Collective civilisations

The beings of light are one group that you know of, but there are others who equally share this responsibility. We have told you of the collective of the civilisations that exist, you may think this is far-fetched and you call it ‘science fiction’, but what would you know of the truth? Your governments are secretive, some of them are aware of our presence and are constantly watching us with fear in their eyes and their hearts, not understanding what the purpose of our presence is, and they would deny us our given right to speak as independent creatures of other worlds.

Can you understand this? Do you believe in what we say, or would you rather shut your eyes and imagine that the human race and the creatures upon the earth are unique and there are no others? Do you really believe this as you look to the stars at night, and understand that each of those stars is a sun surrounded by planets that are inaccessible, even in your so-called modern times? Your telescopes reach out and read the vibrations of colour, they read the sound that is made by these worlds, but they do not.truly understand the complexities of these things.

The universe is like your body, it is built of billions of galaxies and universes, each one supporting the sun and planets. You call them these things, but you can compare them to the cells and nucleus of your body, to the nucleus of your cells, there is comparison within these things, you just do not understand the many possibilities that there are.

We have tried to speak about these things before, we openly tell you that your planetary system is one of many that exists and collectively holds life in many different forms. It will be many years, if you succeed, before you understand these things. Your radar and telescopes are primitive, they do not see the real things, and much of it is done by guesswork or perhaps by educated guesses. Some of the scientists of the world and astronomers will be insulted by this, for they feel they have a good handle on the many things they perceive in space, yet the vastness of time and space is just a mere speck to your minds.

Start of life

Your doctors, physicists, scientists of the world speculate that life was given long ago and that the spirit of the human body is just merely the spark of life, but they never say or ask, where did this life begin, where did this energy come from and what brought it forth? They speculate that asteroids or perhaps comets had brought microscopic creatures to your world which sparked off that life, and yes life evolves, it grows, and in some cases, it is brought from another world, but they cannot explain the spirit and soul as much as they think they can.

There are many things within the universe and in many universes that are still a mystery to you and others. Your planet is young and it grows exponentially, yet at the same time you destroy it, not understanding what you are doing. Many are fighting these things at this time, trying to bring hope to others that perhaps someone in the authorities would listen. and yet their beings are only concerned with the businesses of life, with that which they call riches. What are the riches of life? It is life itself; it is the life of your planet. These are the riches of life; these are the things that you should all be aware of, and your spirit and soul are part of something greater than you could possibly know.

Even those, such as Michael, who practice the work given long ago, they only understand a fraction of what is possible. Through him and others, we will enlighten you as best we can, but it is up to you to open your eyes to the many possibilities of life that exists all around you, not just within your world or your galaxy, but within the billions of others that exist. The numbers of life are explained, and yes life is created by numbers, if you will. The complexities of each individual atom or neutron are vast, and you may look at these things under a microscope, and no matter how great your instruments become, it will be like looking into a never-ending voyage of discovery, for there are many things.

This man has considered these things as well, not truly understanding, but he has considered ‘What is life, and where has it come from?’ He understands the spirit and the soul, yet what was that life that created you all in the bodies that you exist in? In truth, you are the animals of the world, but you have been enhanced to observe many more things, and some would say this was the ultimate experiment, whilst others say it was the natural progression of the human brain. Yet do you question why it is that only the human species have evolved in this way? It was not a natural occurrence in the sense of the spirit.


There are things you do not understand, yet perhaps in the future will begin to. What we are telling you, is that there were interventions within your species, as you may intervene in other species to experiment upon them to ascertain what would happen if you were to introduce an extra chromosome, or if you were to change or alter their DNA in some way. You think you are unique in these things, but this has occurred many times in the past by other worlds who wish to see the human creature advance. For what purpose would this bring other nations? What would be the point? The point is for the spirit and soul that exists within.

You must not deny these things, and you must not hide away when we speak of other beings of other worlds, or deny them their existence. We are with you, we are around you all, around this world of yours.

We will bring guidance shortly, and a message to all about fruitful new beginnings that have been spoken of. At this time, you do not understand these many things, but can you not see that it has begun? Your climate, the viruses of the world, the downfall of your nations, and the pitiful torture brought to others by extreme measures, for no other reason than greed. We are sorry to see these things, yet we will be there when the time is right to guide your hand. As in all new beginnings you must suffer to reach that point of change. Do not suffer in ignorance, listen to the words spoken by those of a spiritual nature, not just of this man, but of others who work with spirit and understand the true being that is inside.


The healers of your world express their sympathy and love. They know that their love and their nature will bring healing to others. You are each individually healers of a type, but those that shut out the emotions of compassion and love, they are the ones who have yet to learn that life exists, not for your benefit, but for the benefit of all creatures upon your world, and of other nations of other worlds that may circumnavigate your globe.

New crop circle

Let us tell you about this, that shortly a circle will appear that will bring the flames of fire. Many will remark upon this, and you see the flames in your mind’s eye as they are drawn out upon the ground. Salisbury would be a place to watch for these things, and the flames of fire depicted within this circle will not be there to bring you alarm, but just to remind you that the temperatures of your world are extremely high. And who’s doing is this? Is it mother nature? Is it a cycle of change that has been experienced before? Yes, these things take cycles, but you have accelerated this and these flames are a warning in a sense, that you must reign in your adolescent ways, and understand that every one of you has a responsibility to each other, and to the world upon which you live, for there is no other place at this time, other than spirit that you may exist. Good evening. 

New speaker

Awareness of the properties of plants

Turmeric and sage, herbs of your world, thought to bring the tastebuds delight in your meals, but they have purpose. This was understood many centuries ago, that the herbs of your world had qualities to complement your beings. They bring health to you and many are still unobserved, not understood, and the benefits would reap rewards to your body and your ecological system. Remember that you are creatures of the earth and that your natural ways are set within your minds, it is only your indulgence that sets you apart from this natural awareness.

Do you see the animals of your world when they feel poorly? You note your dog’s when they feel unwell, they will go out and eat the grass and this neutralises the acids within their stomachs, they understand that this brings healing to their bodies. But who told them these things? Nobody, it is a natural understanding that you have lost. You look at the plants that grow, you change their ways and you change their biological purpose. You treat your crops with pesticides and insecticides, you breed plants, you breed out these natural gifts that were given to assist your bodies within your life upon earth.

It is time that you understood that the natural way of eating, and the natural herbs that grow all around you, are there to provide sustenance and nutrients to your body. They are not there to be abused. You cannot change their structure to make them disease-free, because they must stay varied, because this is what creates the immunity. It is the same for your bodies, you must stay varied, do not eat or drink things that you know are wrong and don’t bring your body sustenance. Eat healthily, we need not say this, as many of you understand, yet you still abuse your bodies with the negative substance of your world. You must bring yourself to balance, understand that you are creatures of the earth and that you have been given all that you need within nature, by the Lord above and by the spirit that occupies your body.

Creation is not a mystery it is there before your eyes, the natural world is a part of you, as you are a part of it, and to abuse it, as many do at this time, through their meddling and their poisons, is to abuse your own bodies and the civilisation in which you exist. This should be obvious to all. Your crops are modified so they become larger, more productive financially. They say it is to feed the world, but with their meddling they affect and transform the nutrients within those plants, so although they may grow larger, the nutrients are diluted, in a sense.

You must allow nature to progress. In your modern times you speak of organic foods, and this is the way to go. Although many of you cannot help but buy these tainted foods as they are less expensive. It is those of greed who drive these things, wishing for more profit than health to the beings of the world. Become one with your earth, the mother of your bodies, become one with nature and allow her to transform your life through her healings, through the natural medicines that are in abundance around your world at this time, yet are in danger through your meddling.

You see this in the jungles of your world as they are torn down for those oils they desire; they do not help you. The destruction of your forests for these favoured few, and we speak of many things. Bananas, the oils that create your modern-day food and preserve it. The destruction of the natural world is a terrible thing.

The wealthy of your world intend to enrich their lives upon other planets by occupying them within your solar system. They wish to say that, that planet is theirs, and they have the right to do as they like! No, this will not be allowed, and they know already of our interference within their plans.

Thank you for your indulgence this evening, we will speak once more. Grace and blessings are brought to you with a hand of friendship.

10-07-21 Hope in times of sadness, Purpose of everything, Universal spirit, setting minds free etc

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two now available from Amazon and other popular book sellers (Volume Three, to be with the publisher soon)

Transcript Date: 10th July 2021

Message to Michael

Resume your purpose once more, allow in the light and love of those that watch over you and guide you who are your guardians of life, so they may intervene and allow you purpose once more. You rebuke yourself in many ways, not understanding your true being or purpose, but this evening we would like to share a few things with you, that may be worthwhile and of benefit to you and others of your societies of the world. Listen now, allow our thoughts to be clear as we transmit and communicate through you, allow your mind to rest, to become one and focused upon our thoughts, our communication.

Hope in times of sadness

It has been a while since we have sat in communication and you have begun to wonder what it is that is expected of you. Do you not know of your purpose as a man? Have you lost track with sadness? All of you, at some point in your lives will lose your way. Many things affect your life in the living world, yet we bring you hope and tell you that your loved ones are safe and that you should progress without fear or concern, for they share your lives, as much as you live your life alone.

Do not bargain with us for the things of life, only for the love and knowledge and wisdom that is granted to you, to bring peace to others within your lifetime. Sit back now and remember the deed made long ago when you gave your service for others of your time. Don’t be ashamed to think that this may be an egotistical comment, it is not, it is your purpose, as is the purpose of others to heal and bring joy to others in whatever aspect of life that they have been endowed with. Never forget that you were born with purpose, and this must be relayed to others with your thoughts and your love.

Time has begun to close in, and you worry about many things, about your families, who would care for them, who would help them through those times when you depart your worldly existence? Be assured that they are well equipped for this task and although they may grieve and ponder upon the things that have taken place, they will know in their heart of the love that was, and continues to be.

Purpose in everything

Temper your thoughts, allow us a word. Your world is a mishmash of many creatures and beings within your societies, and we speak about progress often, this is because all of you, no matter who you are, or your location, you all have purpose, as you rely upon one another to bring you both comfort and support.

Do not deny the eyes that watch you throughout your life, we have been referred to as ‘The Watchers’ and this is a fairly accurate description, as we oversee your lives silently within the background, and although some may be guided and misled upon the wrong path, we are always there watching, always there seeing and looking to your future to help you reconcile your issues.

It was Abraham who said that life is a gift, and given to bring your spirit knowledge of the great vastness of the heavens. His words were many, many not written until centuries after, but men remembered the wise words spoken. Your history books would recall Noah and the great flood, and his purpose was given to supersede all temptations of life and bring hope that your species would survive in a better and new form.

This will occur once more, not as your historical records tell you, but in a modern way. You live feeling afraid of death in your life, but life and death are a cycle that you must endure. Your spiritual being will experience many things and allow your journeys to complete in the way ordained.

Setting minds free

Your minds are trapped with the daily routines of life, with the tasks at hand, and your business of living continues on. You must set your minds free from the prison that you are held in, the prison of your mind. Some would say that it is an easy task to let go of their mind and their purpose, whilst others find it difficult to access the information required. Your beings are ultimately that of a spiritual energy, the energy of the universe, and all things must come to pass within your life to advance your own particular spirit, if you will.

You have puzzled over these things Michael; you have pondered many things about the creation of the soul and the purpose that is brought to you all through his light and love. Your thoughts are many, varied and wide, as your thoughts are bombarded by others interpretations of life and spirit. But we say this, not just to you Michael, but to all of you, you must search out these things for yourself. Illumination is there, just open your minds to many possibilities, the many possibilities of the universe that surrounds you.

Greet those thoughts that enter with an open mind, but only the good thoughts, not those of the negative, as you ponder and reflect upon your spiritual being. Then understand this, that your makeup is of stardust and your spirit is that of the energy that created all life, that which you call the Creator, that which you call God, for you all exist within his likeness, not of a physical being, but as a spiritual entity that exists. You are all connected, no matter who or what you were born as, you are all part of this universal energy that you would refer to as God. It is your choosing whether you allow these thoughts to enter. It is up to you to find your way within the darkness of life.

At your birth, a blanket was pulled over your memories so you may begin afresh to live once more and as you progress within your existence, whatever that may be, then you add to that vast knowledge that you are a part of. When you awake to this world of spirit and your soul is free once more from that bondage of your body, then you will begin to realise who and what you are, and the purpose of your being.

Rejoice in the light that comes for you, for it will bring you peace and love, it will bring you hope once more of a new beginning to refresh your soul, so that you may progress ever further upon your journeys as individuals. As this entity, your personality exists still, you draw upon the knowledge of others to complete your purpose once you are reborn again, and it is this knowledge that is passed on from one to the other, to help each other as a whole, to new beginnings and new ideas, to accumulate the collective knowledge and allow it to be filed within the vast library of the universe.

You remarked upon your ability as being supported by your namesake Michael, (Henry B champion), and you see it as his spirit and soul that work through you. In part this is true, although you are an individual, you take on these tools, this knowledge of others and their abilities. It is there to guide you and assist your soul so that you may reach those higher realms that lay beyond. Help yourselves to find this great, vast web of knowledge that exists, allow it to feed your soul within your bodies, open your minds and hearts to all possibilities, not just that of the physical, which is only temporary, but of that vastness of love that you will return to once more.

You cannot stop progress, and even if you fall, we have told you before, that we will pick up the pieces and set you upon your path once more. This may be difficult to understand, but you must release your minds and know who you are, your true selves. Tap into this vast library of information and ask your questions, for they will be released to you.

Universal spirit

Have hope and not despair, we speak to those who suffer at this time with great sorrow and pain of their heart, you should not worry so, for their love continues on in peace and harmony. It is your pain that will continue in the physical for your time upon earth, and the compassion felt within your hearts is there to teach you to be compassionate towards others in a similar position. You weep and cry for your loved ones and you wonder how they are within the vastness of spirit. Be assured that their love and their being are safe and secure, and yes, they will move on and your paths will cross once more at some point within the future, but you are still individuals who must walk your path of learning. You must walk your lives in your separate ways and yet your loved ones will always be a part of you, as you are a part of them, for you are part of the universal spirit that walks within each and every one of you. Can you understand our words and what we speak of?

You take on a part of others energy. Simplified, you are a part of everybody and they are a part of you. You will each draw on your experiences to walk your lives, there are the influences that will affect your lives and reflect upon the darker times, but you must battle through these things. Some will make mistakes and these are once more present, ever present within your lives. You may take the wrong step and you will learn by these things; some will not learn; they continue and their soul becomes ever darker and dimmer to us. Yet salvation is there for them at a time in the future, for they will take on in their next period of life, a path of the lighter side.


Some speak of karma and retribution, you bring this upon yourselves, it is not a terrifying thing to fear, you will simply live a life to reflect upon those things of your previous lives, but not in a conscious way, you will not remember these things, but your soul and spirit will know of these things and you will progress. Be calm now, be at peace and at one with each other, this will assist in the healing of the world.

Valerie, she comments upon you this evening, speaking to guests within her home. She and her husband progress upon a journey in a different way and they reflect on your situation. But as we have said, each of you have a path to walk. It is not to be feared, bring yourselves hope that the future may be bright.

New speaker

Messages for Michael regarding his late wife and two dogs

Welcome home Michael, you have been clouded with sadness, as are many in your world. Do not reflect upon these things, but know that they are safe and home once more, as you will be, when your time comes. They send their love and special wishes for the family. Your hurt has been great, yet many others suffer the same pain. But we will speak of you this evening. Her passage was traumatic to your eyes (Beatrice – Michaels late wife) and you will not forget the struggle as she fought to survive. These things affect those of the family who live, as they see their loved one struggle to breathe, to continue on, yet the body will yield and the soul will be released despite your efforts. At that time, when all you can see is a struggle for life, their inner being, their spirit is in a different place to that of their body. Their outward appearance is deceiving. You should not concern yourself with their physical passing, but know that they are spirit once more.

Do not hold guilt or shame for the decisions made. The love was there and held, and you should know that they walk with you, your dogs in heaven and the creatures that shared your life are all part of you, connected to you, always. Hard decisions are made that break your heart, that torment you and cause you pain. These are lessons of life and compassion, the lesson of compassion is important, as is any emotion that you may hold within your lifetime. You must remember these things once you return home, for they will assist your passage. Those that have given you these lessons will also learn of love and emotion, and pain and sorrow.

All creatures have purpose

The creatures that share your life are born of the same energy and spark of life that you are, and although they may seem inferior to some, their purpose is great, for they overshadow your lives with love, give you joy and comfort, and that is their purpose, that is there being. You may refer to them as angels, and some are led astray, but they are led astray by mankind, those darker elements that reduce them and teach them, not of their purpose by which they were born, but by their master’s purpose. You see this cruelty inflicted upon the creatures of your earth; they seem impossible to eradicate.

One day, we hope that all will achieve a higher status of spirit and understand these things, and eliminate all these tortures of life, not just of humankind, but to all creatures and the earth, or whatever planet they may exist upon. You must reach out to your higher selves to understand that all life has purpose, even the lowliest creature that you may see, the insect, and the smallest germ or viral infection, each has a purpose, each has a job that assists another species within your life, and you, as human beings are also responsible for other creatures of your world and beyond.

Many lessons are taught throughout the existence of your soul, which is everlasting. Advancement can only be gained when the lessons are learnt. But never fear your lives. You leave our world to live a life in the knowledge that we are there, but you soon forget because your purpose has to be paramount for you to learn, therefore you are blanketed from the truth, so that you may find your way once more and learn the lessons that are required of you.

Healing brought about through love

Healing of the mind can be brought through love, temperance and tolerance. There are many physical ailments that may affect your mind and seem to make you do things out of the ordinary to others, and yes, as organic beings you will suffer in many ways through the influences of other organic creatures, or illnesses shall we say. Your bodies are not perfect and they will become ill at some point, but it is that deeper understanding of love that will help heal these things, it is only love that can remedy the many illnesses of your world, of the physical body.

You do not understand these things or yourselves and what you are capable of, we will instruct you in a time to come. Be blessed in the knowledge given this evening, gratitude is given for your assistance.