01-07-22 Message for healers, Turbulent times, Form an alliance of light etc


Transcript Date: 1st July 2022


Transformations of light occur instantaneously throughout the heavens and your world, and in the same way men’s hearts are transformed in an instant; and their eyes are opened to many possibilities that lay beyond your earthly bodies.

And the heavens above will open their arms in a welcoming gesture as you pass from your world to this one of light. It has been said many times before, that men overrule their good sense in their actions and their deeds, if only they could see, stop and listen to that inner self, that higher being within, then perhaps the world will become a better place for all to live, where no one need suffer the agonies that are inflicted by wars and disease, hunger and thirst, or by men’s own actions against one another.

The subject of love and universal energy

We will speak this evening upon a subject close to our hearts, the subject of love and the consideration for others within your lives as you tread your paths as men and women. And we would hope that you too would begin to open your heart and mind and begin to understand that the transformation of your energy, from life to spirit, is by no means fearful. It is a wondrous journey, beyond which you cannot comprehend during your living years, yet you will see at a time of your demise.

Your spirit and soul are the union of a greater alliance of souls that are spread across your universe in one form or another. You would call them alien, as they are not of your world, yet you yourselves possess an intellect and a spirit and soul which are not of your earth, for it is the universal energy of the universe that lives within you, and through this energy your connection to that which you call spirit is great.

So many at this time search for answers of the truth of life and its origins, and it speaks volumes for those who seek this knowledge, for they are beginning to see that life upon earth is not unique, for there are many forms that seek you out to form an alliance across the heavens of space.

You may wonder how this could be possible. Let us tell you that life, no matter where it exists, is a form of spirit and its energy is universally connected to yours. Perhaps you cannot comprehend these words or understand that your house pets and the animals of your world are also uniquely connected to you through this energy of spirit, and you feel it through your love and your consideration for them.

Accepting others as equals

Those that do not accept others as equals very often find themselves in the dark and isolated. Their hearts become cold and they do not observe the rules set forth many eons ago in the form of the book. Yet there are many forms that have these same issues, some have managed to resolve their differences and form an alliance of love and compassion, whilst others, like many of your nations, still seek war and grievance against one another.

It is a harsh environment that you live in and it is only made worse by your negative attitudes and actions towards the world upon which you were born. Your physical forms are of this world and your actions against your world are detrimental to your health and your physical well-being. It is the same for your spirit and soul, your thoughts of a negative attitude towards the things of religion and spirit are detrimental to your own soul and spirit, and they darken and dim your ability to see that love is all-encompassing, no matter where it exists.

Form an alliance of light

Try to work together to form an alliance of light within your world, do not be tempted by the things that you see that would distract you from this course. Open your hearts to other creatures that exist, see them as living beings as yourselves and understand that their souls and spirit are as yours, no matter their form or the time that they may live, for even the shortest-lived forms have purpose and their time is of no consequence, because it is as equal as yours. Time is only measured by mankind and he is unique in his attitude towards his life and his purpose.

Only you can change your world with your loving thoughts and your desire for peace, it is only you, as the human being, that can bring peace to your world and unify it in accordance with the laws of the great one, the one you call God.

There is no retribution for the sorrow you bring yourselves. There is no peace for those who cannot bring peace to others, for your purpose is to live and learn in many different forms and it is up to you to advance your soul and your spirit so you may advance into a higher form of existence within the heavens above. So, transform your thoughts from that of the selfish one to the one who will give time to all within their world.

Think about others when you have your meal at night and how they starve at this time. Think about others as you drink and go about your lives without concern or worry in regards to war and turmoil. Think of others as they attempt to improve their lives. All these things are created by man and his inability to unite his world.

Your space exploration uses vast sums of finance that could so easily be used to bring peace of mind to those who suffer so in your world, to bring food to the table of those that starve, and we have spoken about the balance of life before, and at this time it is well out of kilter with the intended purpose of your beings. It is time to change your attitudes and seek out the knowledge within to bring hope to others of a better world to live in and the chance to expand your spirit and higher self.

Turbulent times ahead

Turbulent times ahead, when others seek retribution for what they consider to be grievances against them. And they will not stop until they feel satisfied at the outcome. What is it that drives these men to feel so aggrieved that they would perform such terrible actions against the others, those of the innocent? What do they expect to gain by the terror that they bring? For it will not compensate their egos or what they feel was a ‘wrong’ committed against them, it will only increase their isolation, and their terror will only bring grief to their soul and spirit.

Faiths not abiding with love and not advancing

Mohammed spoke of peace, and he assured his followers that they would walk upon the heavenly path that awaits all, and as we speak of these things we offer the greatest respect, for he was of peace and love. And it is with all religions, whether Christians, Roman Catholics, Judaism, Hinduism and all these faiths, that some use for their own purpose and means and do not abide by the love given within the books created. The Bible, the Koran, and the scriptures, they were all written for guidance for your nations upon earth. And they speak of times when men were enslaved, poverty and war was rife. What has changed we ask, from that day to this? What advancement would you say that you have had, not within your technologies, but within your love and compassion for each other and the creatures upon your world?

Would you argue that you have advanced and your technologies are great? Your medical advances, far superior than they were, although we question this! Nevertheless, we might ask you what advancement you have made to bring peace to your world. Many would say that they have advanced a long way, and once more we argue this point, for you only need to open your eyes and listen to the rhetoric of many, to understand that your world is not at peace, it has not advanced, nor will it, until you unite unilaterally throughout your world, condemning war, condemning hunger, condemning thirst.

Help each other advance

Help each other to advance, your time is granted for you to do these things, yet it shortens day by day as your world falls into the ever-deeper abyss that you have created for yourselves. We speak about doom and gloom and we cannot help but remark upon these things. We know that there are many of you that do see the light, that do want change and do want to be a member of the universal spirit and the universal man. We see this change coming forward day by day to counter your so-called ‘advancements’.  So, we will speak in a positive manner and tell you that the light is spreading, and we don’t just say these words to cheer you up, we mean this from the bottom of our hearts, the light spreads continuously and omits the dark days one by one.

The all powerful brought to their knees

We foresee a time when the magnificence of men, who consider themselves all-powerful, will be brought to their knees in shame, to ponder upon the atrocities caused in what they call ‘the name of God’. It is not of God’s doing, or whomever you deem the creator to be, it is by the action of those men, let the blame lay squarely upon their shoulders. You cannot blame another for your actions, for you are responsible solely for your actions, and we like to see those who gather now to create the light and sit within the light to form a coalition of love and understanding of this world and the one beyond.

Times will change

Times will change, but it will take a great upheaval before this can occur, the dark always comes before the dawn and then the light will displace the dark, and unity and love will reign supreme. But we tell you now, there will always be an element of dark, for there cannot be a world where this does not exist. A strange thing to say, but once more we talk about balance, and there must be balance, but the scales should be tipped in favour of the light and not of the dark as they are at this time.

Speak to us if you will in your sleep, in your prayers and in your dreams, hold us close to your heart and understand that the energy which makes you is a part of a greater energy that surrounds you constantly throughout your days and throughout your nights. Embrace this energy, allow it to filter through the darker elements of your being. Bring yourself love and not disillusionment. Help others where you can, just a prayer is all it takes, and a prayer is just words of love and compassion. Link arms now, in thought, visualise a time when peace will rule once more and the dark will be vanquished and not released, think of heaven and earth, as the two are inexplicably linked.

Bring peace to your world and yourselves this evening, amen.

New speaker

Motivation to bring peace

Rigid are their thoughts, those who deny freedom to others. Their unforgiving ways will bring purpose to others who seek a resolution to end the discrimination against their fellow beings. Judgement will be fair, and it will come in the form of their own making. Cruelty and despair are inflicted upon others in the southern regions of the states. An underground movement aligns itself with those of the past to bring terror to their own kind. The evils of men continue despite the actions from those of the clergy and of the good. Their exploits will be highlighted shortly and new motivation will become apparent to bring peace and to teach those, the extremists, that violence is not the way. We have hope that this will be so.

New speaker

Healers of the world

Bring her peace as she seeks the help of those healers that unite with clarity of word to help others in their times of desperation, in their times of need.

For the healers of the world unite to bring purpose to their existence, in a sense they are the doctors and nurses of spirituality, and their need is great at this time. They will feel the pulse of the energy that surrounds them, and they will ignite a storm of love as they interact with those they mean to heal or help throughout their lives. It is no easy task and it will drain their energies to the extreme, yet their thoughts and their courage bring hope to others for a better way of existence to come.

Trust in your thoughts, in the healing that you bring through the words and guidance, and the love that is portrayed from your being. The energies are felt by many others as they ask for assistance, and in truth, each man and each woman seek healing at one time or another throughout their lives, and they are put into contact with these people who can help.

It is a generous act, even if you pray for their health, to give yourself that moment and give them the time, they may feel a little better within themselves. Of course, not all will be cured of their illnesses, for each has a path to walk and experience, but life will continue on in the realm of spirit, in the energy of the universe.

Time will pass and many will begin to see that there is truth in these words, and each of you who offer help to another will be a healer. There are no records to be kept, there are no certificates given in the true sense of healing, for it is spirituality and the love that you emit that give healing to others, and even a few short words of encouragement bring healing and motivation to those most in need, even at the time of their demise, as they seek answers in hope that their spirit will live on, your words will grant them peace. Forever in their hearts will your words reside and they will welcome the love that you give.

No amount of time spent in this practice of love is wasted. Some are gifted whilst others seek the wisdom and knowledge, but you are all healers in a sense, you are all teachers of spirit and you were sent to help others in their time of need, for the vastness of spirit is immense.

Progression is based upon evaluation of your love and your life, each of you will progress, no one is left out. So, bring a sense of hope to others when you speak to them in the capacity of a healer or in a casual conversation. Let them see that you have hope in your heart and that your love is extended towards them at no cost.

And to the healers of the world, we say this, give your love freely, do not expect recompense other than that of love, for this is the greatest contribution that you will be giving.

Time has come for us to leave and we would like to thank all those for their thoughts this evening.

Tell your friends that their concerns and worries are needless, for we are there to guide them in their dreams and in their thoughts. He will observe a shadow that seems to linger frequently in the room in which they live, in which they sleep. The shadow is nothing to fear for it brings peace and love.

Good evening, amen.

The Lowest Ebb – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


This is the time when the flow has almost stopped, but can also be a time of profound realisation.  When you cannot make things happen however hard you try, so you are forced to become still and come within. You may feel angry and frustrated at the lack of progress but that will not get you anywhere except to distort your energy.

So it is best to accept with as much grace as you can to master the ‘status quo’ because in truth you cannot do anything else but seek peace within, and become at peace with your existing circumstances.    The wise ones knew when they experienced a hiatus to stop everything and listen to their inner guidance.  Man rarely stops for anything including traffic lights, and this is when the internal rage starts to simmer and often leads to boiling point.   What is the point in this because all it does is make you and others around you feel much worse.

Best accept that for the moment you are on the inside lane of life meandering through along without a care in the world. But instead you get yourself all worked up in frenzy because ‘nothing is happening’ in your reality and that is correct, but in my reality it is not, because our architects are drafting great plans and the angels in heaven are busy working on your divine plan as we speak right now.

Occasionally they may drop the next piece of this giant jigsaw into your mind so you may appreciate the deeper meaning that lives behind the confusion that you feel. Because it is the feeling of not knowing that confuses you the most and can make you irritable, instead of you gracefully and gratefully thanking me for respite you could be enjoying at this moment.

Let go, and let God. I keep repeating this but so many do not wish to hear these wise words for it is in a time of stillness that the true magic is created.   The magic of miracles can come unexpectedly, almost at the same time when you are ready to give up because you feel your will has been thwarted.  This attitude slows down the feelings of appreciation of the real truth. But never were so many so wrong, as they let their impatience for movement overtake their conscious mind.

It is true that I witness this state of affairs with some sorrow as once again you have allowed yourselves to sink into a mire of despondency that is only of your own making. The lesson here is patience, have patience with me to take care of the finer details that you cannot see in this moment, nor can understand at this time, but in the future you will.

There is a plan afoot, a BIG plan that at some level you cannot comprehend, the only conflict you feel is within you and nothing to do with the condition you find yourself in at this moment.  Life is in a constant state of flux, so when the wheels start moving again you will hardly be able to keep up, let alone find the time to moan.

So I would advise you to enjoy this period of respite, close your eyes and thank you for the rest you could enjoy whether or not you do so is entirely in your hands.  Be still and know that I am God, I am your saviour, I am your faithfully servant as indeed you are, and together we can and will move mountains so you can achieve your mission on earth.

So when you are ready to crank up the engine and speedily go on your way be sure to remember what you leant during your period of stillness patience, peace, and purpose. Having the patience to allow what is meant to be unfolds itself at the perfect time; peace to bring stillness into your being, and the purpose that will drive you forward that will help you complete your mission on earth.

So do not drive yourself into the ground or wear out your engine, so that even when you try to crank it back into life it will not start. But take a deep breath and thank me for the imposed rest you have been forced to take and then let the rest be, in my time, and with good grace accept the inevitable.

Acceptance is the key, it is the only way forward now and will help you to relax into the experience of ‘doing’ nothing, particularly useful as you are re-training your brain to accept the inevitable slowing down of time. Slow and steady wins the race, so be like the tortoise that always takes his time to smell and inspect each blade of grass on his journey to his ultimate goal and completion.

Anna Marie Croxson 14th April 2022

28-05-22 Vibrations of life, Relationships, Meteor, Instincts, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard etc

Transcript Date: 28th May 2022

Time to focus on what you make of life

Express your concerns, not to us, but merely put them to one side to allow the freedom of the heart and the mind to expand in ways that are misunderstood by many, for the love that you hold inside is ever present and grows with each life as you complete your journeys.

It is a wondrous thing to be born into the world and experience the things of life. Yet many would disagree, as there is much mayhem at this time and so much misery. You must share these things equally in order to bring about a solution that is fair to all. Life is not just about your time, it is about sharing your experiences and making your world a better place in which others may experience life within the future. By ‘others’ we talk of your families, your loved ones, your children, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. For at this time, what you make your world is what they will experience, and wouldn’t you want to better place for them to grow and expand their soul’s purpose? Wouldn’t you want to grow with them, knowing that you have helped upon their paths of life in some small way?

Time is precious, for some it is fleeting and it seems as if the world flashes by. Time is what you make of it, in attending to your families and your loved ones, enjoying their company and bringing hope to others that you may meet upon your journeys of life. Time is tangible, as we have mentioned before, as is love, as is the spirit that you hold within.

Natural instincts and sensing the vibration of others

All these things are of a vibration and each of you affect each other by the vibrations that you emit, not just by your expressions, but by your feelings, and if you extend your feelings of love to another, then they will feel this, just as the animals sense your feelings towards them.

As the human race, you are far away from your beginnings and your animal instincts, yet they still exist if you would just let them come to the fore. With these instincts you will find wisdom and knowledge, you will find your path that has been designated to you and you will live a life of purpose, trusting your senses as you meet others on a daily basis.

It is not hard to imagine that you are a part of the animal kingdom of your world and that your natural instincts play a part in your everyday life. There are times when you hear that little voice in the back of your mind guiding you, correcting your thoughts, helping you with issues of life. You call it a voice, and yet it is guidance from above and your senses pick up on these things. You must open up your senses, practice using them, and when you meet a stranger, allow your senses to reach out to assess how they feel towards you.

Many have experienced a time when they have met an individual and either taken a dislike or a liking to them instantly. These are your senses coming into play, yet you are unaware of their purpose and how they work. Their purpose is to alarm you, or alert you to danger or to friendship, to guide you and help you cope with the issues of life.

Long ago before man reached the stage at which he is now, long before what you call ‘the modern human’, man roamed the plains of many countries of your world and his wisdom spread. There were no boundaries, other than what he made for himself. In today’s age, in which you call ‘modern man’ the supreme creature upon earth, you are ‘jailed’ in a sense, by the restrictions of life that you have created for yourselves, you have not brought freedom to your thoughts, to your love for one another, you have sentenced yourself to a life of ‘circumstance’ in which some suffer greatly, whilst others feast upon the riches of the world. We have spoken of equality many times, but you are all creatures of the earth and you are all equal in your life patterns.

Do not exclude anyone who wishes to stretch out the hand of friendship, for companionship should be uppermost in all aspects of life. Do not allow your anger to overspill and sour a situation in which you find yourselves, for once more you affect the other with your vibrations, and the vibrations they feel will bring on a defence mode, in which they too would become hostile. Reach out with the vibration of love and friendship, and if an amicable answer is not found, then work upon these things, work to bring a resolution of peace and love.

Relationships for a reason

And we would say this for the relationships of your life, you were brought together for a reason and if these relationships should flounder, then work as best you can to resolve the situation. But in some cases, these relationships are brought to teach you a lesson in life and you must move on from that lesson and resume life once more in a different way. But never hold anger or bitterness within your heart for what developed and occurred, for this was given for you to learn. To forgive is the greatest thing that you can give, even if you do not wish to speak, then hold that forgiveness within your heart and do not antagonise the situation further.

There is much turmoil within many families and this is sad to see, for there should only be love, for you all exist at the one-time to help each other and to respond to calls of assistance when needed. There is nothing confusing about these things, it is only your inner selves that can cause a blockage. Do not allow these walls of resentment to be built, do not barricade yourselves in so that you are unable to move and your situation becomes untenable. Knock down those walls of resentment and built the blocks of love within your family once more, with an open heart and open mind. Forgive the wrongs that were done to you, for forgiveness will assist you within your lives.

Anger – The double-edged sword

There is a quotation that “the sword of anger is a doubled edged weapon” and you will only harm ourselves when harming others with your anger. This quote will help you to understand how you only harm yourselves by tormenting others, do not be ashamed to say sorry and ask for forgiveness, for this will help in the relationship.

Reference to Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial

You see topical events of today that alert you to these things, and they display their anger and torment for all to see. You sit within your homes taking one side or the other, but in truth, these things are of a personal nature and you cannot judge another without first knowing the situation. This applies to all within life, do not judge those who oppose you, or cause you affront, do not speak of anger, but speak of friendship and love.

We call upon you to think on these matters, as it may be your own personal situation at this time.

The thoughts of Commodus

Commodus has thoughts of love and has much to say on these matters, for in his time he caused unrest and brought despair upon many within his actions of leadership. History says a lot about many men who have led your countries and brought them to the brink of disaster through their selfish actions and their heartless thoughts. They continue to this day, to reign terror upon those within the countries they rule.

Unnecessary weapons

Their positions are tenable at the best of times, yet their actions deny others the opportunity of bringing a solution to the situation. Your men of money and power agree to disagree on many things, particularly upon the weapons of your world at this time, for their thoughts are not with those who suffer at the hands and actions of those who would dismiss their lives. We would like to emphasise that these weapons are not necessary, they are not needed in a world that would communicate with each other with love and decency, with respect for each other’s lives.


Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in which many reside, yet there are those who would bring dissolution to those of this city. At this time, they mean no harm, yet their thoughts are varied and wild on how to bring the city to its knees. You call them terrorists and their actions are futile even though it may cause much suffering, for although you see these things of the world, of wars and terrorism, of actions against the innocent, they are in the minority, and it is up to you to declare war upon them, not war of weapons, but war of love and understanding. We are not asking that you love or understand those who create mayhem within the cities of your country, for they are wayward and are lost in confusion. It is up to you to search for these individuals and convince them of their wrongdoing and their misguided thoughts and actions.

Desperation drives many to do things that they would not normally do, and it’s only through the actions of your governments that they react in this manner. Yes, there are those who will not comply to the status quo, there are those men and women who have no care, but for their own lives. It is an awful thing to think of and accept, but should you accept these things? No, you must work together to bring a solution, satisfactory to all in the world at this time.

Truth and positive affirmations will always bring a result of a positive nature, and do not allow your emotions to rule your life or your world, for these are the things that will bring an end to many of your race.

Guiding light – meteor?

A guiding light will be seen in a fortnight of your time (around 11th June 2022) It will spring from the heavens as if by magic and your authorities will be alerted as to the brilliance of this object as it passes through the skies above. We often speak of these objects, but we do so, not to alarm you, but to alert you to the fragility of your world, and how if you do not make the most of the time that you have with love, with family, friends, then one day it may come to an end and all that you were, would no longer be. But we speak of this object, not recognisable by many, and its impact will alert many to the dangers that exist.

Your men of science have rockets deploying many measures to estimate what dangers there may be, and they will bring their focus and attention upon this one very shortly.

Do not be afraid, for these objects disappear and disperse many times within your atmosphere. Some may reach their destination upon your earth, this one will make landfall, but with minimal impact upon your population. Do not be afraid of these natural wonders that you see, for the make-up of your universe is great in its splendour.

Target your emotions and do not allow fear to overwhelm you, for many things can occur but rarely do. Have hope for yourselves and your futures. Good evening.

My son commeth before you – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Today is the day of my son coming before you, he has told me that now it is the time for him to be seen by all, and in whatever manner that might be appropriate for you.  You see there is not only one way that he may be seen by you, because many of you might wish to see him in a different way, a way that feels right for you.  So not all of you will see him in the same light, the same colour, or the same form.

The form of Jesus whether it is in the physical, mental, or is experienced as a spiritual union, will be highly personal to you at this particular time.  You may feel his presence, or you may experience his compassion and the peace that he can bequeath to you.   Whatever your wish is, it is his command, and he will find a way to come into your life and make his presence known to you.

For all souls especially at this time on earth, having this information and knowing that he can be present and can protect you from harm is very important.  He can lift the burden that feels so heavy on your heart, and he can lift the guilt from your conscience that never needed to be there, and he will help shift your perception and release you from all your fears.

My son, my dearest son, I call upon you now to speak to us, to speak to the people of the earth and for you to bring them your compassion and love.  They need to hear you and feel your presence for so many feel alone, and are carrying their burdens alone, and are feeling weary and downhearted.

‘ My dearest kindred souls, my dearest dear hearts on earth who are suffering at this moment in time, a time when the world and the people of the world seem to be eternally suffering and cannot see anyway out of this situation.

This is not only an individual problem but is also a collective one.  The soul of mankind is weary, and is feeling the collective burden that mankind is experiencing at this moment.   But I am here today to bring you a message, and bring you comfort that will help lighten your load, lighten your heart, as I part the veil so that you may see a vision of peace, not suffering.

You only see in the physical in your material world, you see the effects of past misdemeanours that you are now witnessing. Therefore all people need to take personal responsibility particularly at this time of a higher conscious awakening. It is time to act with integrity, and to be in love and have compassion for others, because without compassion for yourself and others, your soul will start to wither within.  And it is in this barren state of mind that many of you find yourselves, and therefore are questioning not only your own motives, but also the motives of others.

My dears it is time to look within first, and find compassion and love for yourself, for you cannot help others or indeed understand their pain without you first addressing you own core issues.   This is not a time to blame your self for the past, or carry a burden that is not yours. It is time to feel the love of Jesus Christ in your heart once more, and then you can be healed within, and so will any negative influence that may be around yo

I know for many this sounds so simple, but this is at the heart of my teaching. To love and have compassion for all but so often in the past my request has fallen on deaf ears, or there may have been a misunderstanding of this simple truth.

Many believe that this truth is so simple it cannot possibly heal all the ailments of the world, and think that there would need to be a more complex solution to l help solve the difficulties facing the collective consciousness at this time of man’s greatest awakening.

But I tell you here and now once more, that it is only LOVE that will heal the world and this starts with you, and ends with you.  How you love yourself, how you love others, how you respect others, and how you show compassion and forgiveness not only for yourself, but ALL others.  When you are able to do this you become as me, and you start to walk and talk the truth of my Father God, the one who has asked me to speak to you today.

You believe that my second coming will heal the world, but I am telling you I am available to each and every one of you TODAY, but only if you decide to ask for my help.  Sometimes you come to me deeply troubled and are healed, but in time you become forgetful of me and I leave your consciousness, or rather you leave mine.

You see our relationship is like most and thrives on love, but man often turns his back on love whether it is with his fellow humans or his connection with the spirit world.  Once he feels strong enough he takes back his power and does not always use this wisely, believing that he is all-powerful and can survive on his own.  But then when things go wrong he comes back to seek me  for my help once more, and yet all this could have been avoided if he had kept his connection with me strong and secure.

So know that if you are lost you can be found, if you are in the wilderness I can guide you home once more.  There will be no recrimination, just a gentle reminder to come back to the source of all love, to surrender to love, and to vow to heal all those that come to you for help.

This will mean you have to walk and talk in my name, and immerse into the heart of the Christ consciousness. To help others awaken to the Candle of Love that I have placed in their hearts, so they may also help heal my people who are suffering in the world today.

I too have suffered, but you do not have to go through a similar experience to receive redemption and find the love of God within.  God is with you every moment of the day, in the same way as I am with you. There are also many of guardian angels, past loved ones, and many archangels willing to help you when you put your trust in them.  You have an army of wonderful people willing to assist you in whatever way they can, all you have to do is ask and trust that we will come forth to help you.

We are here to help mankind but first you have to decide to help yourself  and you must ask us for our help, this is very important point to remember.  A sincere request is never rejected even if at first you do not believe that your prayers have been heard.  All prayers are heard and responded to and the outcome will be for the highest good of all involved.

It is true that some souls may have to depart, if they have not already done so. And although this is difficult for you to accept you must understand that it was part of their soul’s purpose to depart at this particular time. Now you can help this soul move on when you are able to release them with love and without regret.

If you are meant to journey onwards without them that is also part of your soul path, but this does not mean that you are alone because they are always with you. So don’t let your grief overwhelm you so much that you shut down the connection to the spirit world that can help to bring you so much comfort and joy.

When you find love for yourself then you will automatically feel compassion for others. This is what love can do, it opens hearts so they can be healed. It opens a channel for forgiveness, and most importantly it will help you find peace of mind. And when you have peace of mind then you will find that you can be at peace with others. Accept that they have their own path and it is not for you to try to save them or to teach them what is right.  They have to find their own way, and if you should decide to walk and this may be the kindest action you take, because they will be forced to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their life.

A lot of burden and guilt is caused by a misplaced loyalty that is often caused by another’s expectation that they can put upon you. It is time that you understand the truth of the matter so you do not take on a burden that is not yours. You are not here to save anyone, but you can help show them the way of the truth, and the light.

Man makes life complex by over thinking, if you are overthinking you cannot have peace, if you are blaming another there cannot be peace in your heart. If you are feeling a victimised then peace walks out the door.  But when you come unto me, and ask me sincerely to help you, them I will give you the reassurance you need.

I can help to relieve the burden that you carry but you have to have faith, faith in the power of my love, faith that I can make all crooked places straight, and most importantly faith in my Father God who can bring you the miracle you are praying for’.

I thank my son who has spoken these words so please heed these words of wisdom and act upon them NOW, especially should you be feeling troubled. We know that many of you are in this state of mind at the moment, but now you can take this opportunity to rise up into a higher consciousness. We are here to help you make this transition that will enable mankind to transcend the darkness he is experiencing at this time. This will also help to raise the collective vibration of mankind so he can heal himself and find peace and the love of Jesus Christ once more within him.

‘Without your faith you are nothing but an empty vessel looking for a port in a storm, but never finding your way out. The way forward will be shown to you when you put your faith in the Lord because he is merciful, as he was merciful to me.  Have faith in God, have faith that a miracle is coming to you even if the skies look dark and grey.  Know that as you walk in the shadows faith can lift you out of the despair you are feeling right now. Put your faith in me and in all those who care for you, the unseen souls who have passed into the light but watch over you each and every day.

You are not lost even when you walk among the shadows you can be lifted up into the skies of heaven. And the angels will take you up into the heavenly realms where you will meet with your loved ones once more. You will learn how to create heaven on earth,  learning to have faith in the unseen wings of light that are supporting you every single day of your life’

Believe in us and believe in yourself, and believe that you can be renewed in my name. Just ask and I will come to your side to heal and uplift you. In my name make your request and I will heal your heart and bring you back into yourself and bring you back to life so you may serve not only God but all others who will come to you for help.

Become my servant on earth, and let your heart rejoice that you have been found once more, to live a life of love, a life of peace, and will find peace that passes all understanding, and the peace of God will remain in your heart forever, Amen’.

Anna Marie Croxson   22nd May 2022 ©

21-05-22 Reconciliation, Frequency of time, Migrants, Discrimination, Extended hand of friendship etc

Transcript Date: 21st May 2022

Time for reconciliation

Triumph will overcome those who bring fear to the world of men, where the love of the many will outweigh the dark thoughts held by some; and indeed, the actions given against those of the innocent. A time has come for reconciliation within your world, in hope that you may join together, hand in hand, to bring comfort to one another and peace to your hearts and to those of your loved ones.

Joy is never felt more so than at this time when the union of man join together to condemn those who bring fear and terror to others. Hold the love within your heart, reach out to those who need you most and allow them to feel that love radiate from your souls and your spirit, this radiation of love will join as one, and hope will be brought once more to your world at this time.

Many ask for forgiveness for their sins and their crimes, forgiveness is always given to those with a genuine heart and a purpose in mind. You must strive to ignore those symptomatic feelings of arrogance to one another, you must strive to ignore those of the dark who call to you and tell you things that should not be heard. Hold the light within your heart and bring yourselves purpose as men and as beings of spirit, for you must hold strong at this time as things escalate beyond man’s control.

Many humorous thoughts will be given as to the situations at hand, but there is no humour in war and turmoil. Joy is the only thing that should bring a smile upon your face, not hate or grievance towards others, but love in your heart, and to demonstrate this love will show your strength and bring you ever closer to the realm of spirit from whence you came. Within this realm there is held a great love and a great union where all will share in peace beyond your world.

Times can be hard for many as they struggle with their day-to-day routines and lives, they find it hard to deal with aspects of life at this time and they see others who condemn them for their weakness, for “why should we give when they do not help themselves?” There is no truth in this, you are born into your situations to live a life, but to be ridiculed and mocked by those of wealth and power was never intended, for their souls have gone astray in their purpose. We speak not of all, but of those who would have an arrogance towards those they regard as ‘lower classes’.

Not all are blessed with gifts of love and a future of promise, for life is a struggle for each and every one of you, and if you are born into the world of wealth and power, then look to those beyond your world to see the truth of life, for this in itself is a lesson to be learnt and your arrogance will only block this lesson and lead to aggravation for yourselves in your soul’s purpose.

We do not wish to mock the wealthy or the powerful, for there are those who bring purpose to their lives and share their love with people. But we must not ignore those who would wish harm to all, their dark thoughts must be smothered and eliminated from your world if you are to progress as a species, as the human race.

A time will come when all will see that men share a common purpose in life, and that purpose is to live with love and focus upon your world, to help your world and to ease your problems, so that others may see there is a better way in a union of life.

We do not forget the birds and creatures that exist alongside you, for you are all the animals of life, whether you know this or not. It is your spirit and soul, no matter what your species, this is your continuation and your purpose, to join together and live in unity.

There is no survival of the fittest, but survival of those who are willing to compromise in their lives to give all to one who has nothing. This has great purpose, not just for your life and your existence at this time, but for your spirit and soul. We do not ask that you empty your purse, but to share equally with other nations your love and your abilities to help them.


There are those who clamour at your gates to find freedom and justice within your country at this time, yet they are scorned upon by many of your countrymen as the immigrants of greed. But we ask you to put yourselves in their position, and although there are the few, as in all realms of life, that will make use of the situation, for the majority there is hope that you might welcome them to ease their burdens of life, and in a way you all carry these burdens, some more so than others.

You must befriend your countrymen, you must embrace those who seek purpose in love and in freedom from persecution of others, it is only through your union as man and spirit that these things can be achieved.

The time has passed for many this evening as they relinquish their lives and return to the world of spirit to continue their journeys and navigate the oceans of life, and as these streams of spirit flow, so they will once more gather the energy and the love to continue on in another aspect of life.

Discrimination and ways of worship

You are plagued at this time by disbelief, and many fight amongst themselves as to the correct way to worship those of the heavens and the stars. You must find your way with peace and love, not hatred or discrimination for others in the way that they practice their love and their acknowledgement of God and spirit. You must not allow the darkness to overshadow your lives, but see them as equals, in an equal purpose of love, trying to find their way within life and within the spirit.

You are all blessed with a deep inner knowledge of these things and you are free to practice at will, your love and expressions of compassion. It is up to you how you worship those that you see as being ‘superior beings’, for you are all equal in life, you are all equal in spirit, despite those that say that there are many levels to which you may aspire.

Universal energy of spirit and light

Spirit is not about segregation; it is about the love and the joy of togetherness. It is about taking the knowledge that you have learnt and using that knowledge to help others in the frequencies of love and life. For your spirit is of an energy, a form that is unknown to you, it seems hard to believe that such a thing exists. Yet all life is created of this energy. Your planetary systems and the universes are all created of this energy, and its purpose is twofold, and that is to support you within your lives as beings upon the earth and of other worlds, and it is also there to support you as the spiritual beings that you are, for you are all equally part of this energy, this universal energy of spirit and light.

Do not condemn this man for the words that are spoken, for he merely paraphrases our words, but the truth is there to be seen if you would open your eyes, minds and hearts to these things. It is never hidden and it has never been hidden. The truth will prevail for all within time, and until that time you must carry this faith deep within your heart and know that you are part of something so much greater than your existence at this time.

Times are hard, as we have spoken of, and we see the many who suffer, and it is not just a poor that suffer, it is all realms of life, and it is this union of spirit and companionship, the union of friendship that will assist each of you and support you throughout your time within this life. You must not scorn those who ridicule you and bring you displeasure, for there will come a point in time where they too will wish for this same understanding and love.

Complete your missions in life that you were assigned, and we speak about this as if you are each given a separate course to take, and it is true, there is a course of learning for each of you and your lives are continuation of your spirit and soul. Do not deny this, for it is the truth and, in your hearts, you know this to be true.


Time passes so quickly and time is a frequency in which the existence of many will reside.  There is much knowledge that is not known to your world at this time, and this knowledge should be gained through your spirituality and through your focus. You disturb these frequencies of time as you bring imbalance to your world, but it can be restored once more, as in all things of life.

Knowledge and wisdom are great and they will feed your soul and your spirit, and we talk of you as having a soul and spirit, this is the energy that you hold within, this is the energy of your life that also operates at a frequency of existence. The frequency of colours and of your sight, the frequency of your healing, it is all united and combined and is all from the same source, the energy of the Creator, whose frequency radiates throughout the universes and worlds that exist.

Do not be too desperate to learn about these worlds, for you must establish a frequency of love within your own, of compassion, and of the fellowship of your kind. You cannot run before you can walk, and at this time your nations struggle to walk, therefore, it is impossible to run. There is a moral to this story, and we do not need to explain this, for it is up to you to think about.

Other nations look upon you and they observe your lives in their own way, some of these nations have learnt their lessons and they have advanced to observe life within many other regions of the numerous solar systems that exist. And they use the frequency of time and space to transverse these parallels, shall we say, for the earth as part of your solar system and the solar system is part of the universe, and each universe generates its own energy, that in turn joins to build, how can we explain, a ‘super’ (colossal) body, a region far beyond your reach. This body has no name in your words, but it unites all the universes and generates its own energy, you could in effect call this, ‘the energy of creation’, and yet it extends far beyond this, but can you stretch your imaginations to visualise that you are merely a speck in the ocean of life, a speck in the ocean of existence? (It is appropriate to use the work of the late Vangelis who passed on 17th May 2022, to illustrate our ‘speck’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoW8Tf7hTGA)

The extended hand of friendship

And there are many planes upon which life exists and unite, many are like you, young and inexperienced, and are struggling to find their way. Then there are those of advanced races who watch over such nations as yourselves. They are seen within your sky’s and are deemed as ‘intruders’ for ‘this is not their solar system nor is it their planet’. But don’t do yourselves an injustice by not accepting their existence, for it is an injustice not to accept the extended hand of friendship of another nation, but you cannot extend your hands to others of your own nations at this time, and this is an injustice to all who live upon your world.

You must unite in condemnation against those who attempt to disrupt life and the balance of life, and if you do this and accept that there are greater things than yourselves, then you will begin to learn to walk at a pace and help each other.

Truly, there is such a vastness, an expanse that will overwhelm your minds, but knowledge is learnt through the progression of time, it is learnt through experience and through having an open mind and balance within your lives.

Your souls will pass from this world and you will die as the physical being, yet your energy will live on within this realm that you call spirit, and you will travel many times to many places, and those that succeed are the ones who have brought balance to their lives. Each of you will learn at your own pace, nothing is excluded nor forgotten, for you are a part of that universal energy.

I wish I could explain more of the many wonders and regions beyond your world, (but) I feel that it would fall on deaf ears at this time, for there are many who do not wish to believe, or do not wish to see. There are those that you commune with that are open minded to accept these things, and we will endeavour to instruct you in these things, but it will take time and a measure of love to all.

New speaker


The economic situation will worsen for many and they will find no comfort in those that exert their power over them. In their demonstrative ways they will demonstrate and argue the points of government in the hope that they might realise the desperate situation in which they exist.

Many struggle with their lives and it does not help to gloat about wealth and power. Those companies, those conglomerates that work in opposition to life, they must stop their purpose (of profit), but how can the common man put the brakes on their gloating?

Disruption and mayhem are not the way

War and deprivation are not the way, they must be shown in a more purposeful way. Demonstrate your willingness to accept a helping hand of those in power who would help, but do not bring dishonour upon yourselves by disrupting your nation and by causing mayhem, that in turn will only affect your own lives. There are other powers to be that could lend a hand and bring down these corporations that dominate your lives, yet they step back at this time, for they do not feel that it is time to show their hand.

The secret societies of your world whisper behind your backs, they do not like what they see in these demonstrations, these actions against them, and it has always been the case in your societies that there have been those who withhold secrets from you for their own purpose and gain.

We have spoken about the unity of the human race and until you find the truth within your hearts and souls, then this unity will always be segregated. How do you get these men of power to listen? What truth can you (speak) that will bring justice to your actions? It seems impossible, yet there must come a time when this frivolity should end and each of you will look to one another for your own personal survival.

Your demonstrations of race and colour are another example of extreme segregation within all societies, you are all the same spirit and soul, no one is above the other. Even in your own aspects of life, the rich man is no better than the poor man and vice versa, it is only through your actions of life that will establish a position within your existence at this time.

Do not expect us to intervene, for it is your path to tread. But for those who fall victim. we will be there; we will be there. Help yourselves to a better way if you can. Amen.

New speaker

Formula of life

There are many ways to explain your universe and your existence at this time. It is true that the energy of your spirit and soul resides within your bodies, but there are formulations of mathematics that can explain much of your world and the reasons why you exist as a physical being, in which your spirit and soul exist. It is the fundamentals of life and they could be as simple as A, B, C or 1,2,3 the mathematics of life are tied in to your very existence. Your bodies make up and structure are ruled by these very things of mathematics. All in creation has a formula of life.

Trigonometry is a way of explaining these things and there are many mathematical formulations that have been found, the chain of molecules that hold together to form your beings are all ruled by the things of mathematics. Numbers are a common way of explaining (these) things, and the numbers in nature can be seen in the leaves of the trees, in the leaves of the plants and the grass. The petals of the flower, threes and fives, are called in your world, ‘prime numbers’ and there is a reason for this. as their pattern repeats many times, in many forms of life. These formulas are discovered very often through mathematical equations, and the same numbers that you see within the petals of the flower also make up your molecular structures.

Your bodies are of this earth, and each life form is of the planet that they were born upon, do not expect to see a miracle of life. Look for these patterns, use them as a common denominator. Seven is another number that should be sought, for it is a number well-known to many.

The fragility of your life and the experiences that you have are all part of a greater equation that can only be explained with time. As we say, time is a frequency that can be travelled.

Go now, do not concern yourselves with the horrors of your world, for in time all ills will be cured, and if peace cannot be found within your world, then it is certain to be found within the realm of spirit, where peace and love reign supreme. Good evening.

Tonight, we have explained much of life, there are many things that many will not understand, yet will understand in a time to come. Unite in the power of love, for this holds the secret of love and peace that all seek within their lives, no matter their species.

LIGHT HEALING VISUALISATION – based on part of the transcript of 8th May 2022



Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, if the weather is warm, it would be perfect to be outside in nature.

Take a moment or two to just focus on your breathing, gently breathing in calm and releasing all tension from your body.

As you sink into a relaxed state, you may find that your breathing naturally slows down.

As your body relaxes, allow your mind to visualise a light inside your body, right in the middle of your chest, deep within your heart area:

Hold this light deep within your body, within your heart and soul, see it radiate out, to fill your mind, body and soul with the love of creation and the healing properties held within.

Speak to your heart, allow it to open up this light so that it will radiate throughout your body and mind. See the light and feel the warmth of the healing that is held within . . .  as it radiates out to fill your body, it will begin to extend beyond of your body, you may begin to feel a little warm, this is just the heat pushing out any negative vibrations that cause the issues of your bodies. Feel this heart of love and the heat, the light within, feel it warm in your body.

See the colours of green and purple and hues of light that will bring your body peace and longevity. Sit with focus to see this light. Visualise it in your heart. See the illumination as it grows and spreads throughout your body. Feel its heat and its healing warmth, from your head to the tips of your toes.

Sense the peace in this solitude as you sit quietly.

Feel your body become lighter as if you are floating upon air and allow these healing energies to continue to radiate, bringing peace to your mind, your body, your spirit.

Sit now, think of nothing, but focus upon the chakra of love, the heart chakra in which this warmth radiates from.

Feel energy radiate out from your body, and as you do so, share these loving healing thoughts to those around the world today. Compassion in your heart as to their plight at this time, you may not be able to assist physically, but the pool of love will comfort them.

Transmit your healing thoughts now. Allow it to radiate like the sunburst, knowing that light travels at a great speed and penetrates the bodies of all. This light will bring the healing necessary at this time.

Rest now and feel energised. Know that your thoughts have been good and that you have assisted in this pool of healing love and light.

Go with God’s grace whomever you deem this to be.

When you feel ready, bring your awareness back to your physical body and your attention back into the present moment. Make sure you feel fully alert before you recommence with your day.

08-05-22 Importance of love, Harmful Agricultural Methods, Depression, Healing with light, Light visualisation etc

Transcript Date: 8th May 2022

The importance of love

It should be known that love is the only true way of advancement for the spirit and soul. It is this love that binds the spirit together and brings hope for your world and all life upon it.

The truth is often spoken, yet ignored by the majority of the inhabitants of your world, for they cannot perceive there is truly a world beyond yours, beyond your present existence of life. Yet life exists throughout the cosmos. Through each galaxy life exists in a myriad of forms and it beckons you in its being. Life cannot exist without love, and although the world may at times seem harsh and cruel, as in nature, it is the love of spirit and its companionship that hold you all as one, one of the creation, of the creator, that master you refer to as God.

The existence of this Holy Spirit is within all of you, and although many, indeed the vast majority, deny it at this time, this spirit of love is always held within, waiting for you to release it, so you may engage together to bring purpose in your lives and peace to those many nations who suffer at this time.

It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of love, and the guidance given through the words spoken, not just this evening, but in the past and the future to come. Although many may deny these words and speak about them as being ‘untrue’, they must open their minds and hearts and accept the truth that lies within. For if you cannot believe in a better way, in a better time to come, then truly you will be lost within the darkness of the beyond.

Even those who do not believe and have no thought of these things, they are never truly lost, for they are guided with wisdom and love. But it is up to you to accept these things and allow your existence to continue within the light. Do not hold onto the fragile existence that you live at this time, or the things that you possess and treasure so, for they are not the treasure of love, they are of the material world, and it is only through your co-operation of spirit that we may enter to enlighten you towards a new beginning and the creation to come.

Offer up your love without bias or prejudice. Come to us to see that there is a better way, and your mind will become fertile in all aspects of love and comradeship. Because as we have told you, you are all of the same creation, but the misery you bring upon yourselves and others are of your own making and of no others.

Spectacle within the heavens


Tonight, there has been a special event that occurred within the heavens. The spectacle will be seen by many and heralded as the new beginning as the light passes across the Earth’s path. It was not so long ago that men feared such things as comets, for they brought a harbinger of doom, or so they thought. But they are merely part of the cosmos and part of the creation. They are not to be feared, for they generate life in an unspecified way that is not common to you. Their energy continues on and drives them through the universe. They travel for millennia, but eventually they have a purpose to fulfil and they will collide with another.

A terrifying thought to many, that one of these objects may collide with your world. It strikes fear in the hearts of those who watch for these things. But in truth, all in creation is part of nature and it should not be feared, for even the passing of your souls will continue on beyond the physical effects of these disasters. We are not forecasting a collision, merely a near miss that will not be seen beyond 14th of June. It will alarm many as to your current situation, and how fragile your planet truly is. If life exists within the extremes upon your planet, then this can exist anywhere.

Healing and focus on unity

Tonight, we wish to thank those with healing wishes for others who suffer at this time. We wish to thank the group for their prayers this evening and for giving special thoughts to those of the Ukraine and other countries of your world who suffer at this time. They pool their thoughts as one and issue their love, not just to their loved ones, but to all of the world and to those of mankind, in the hope that the love will be seen and healing will be given.

We will endeavour to pass on this healing, and although it may not be obvious to some, it always reaches its destination and brings hope to those who suffer at this time, for it is the will of the soul to continue on, and although times may seem dismal to many, there is a bright light that shines beyond the darkness. Trust in us and we will endeavour to heal the wounds of your world, of your race. We will attempt to bring peace, and this can only be brought through love and understanding.

Your peoples live segregated lives at this time, and they do not unite as a nation, as one nation upon the earth, and for as long as this fragmentation occurs and they continue to live apart, stating that their country is theirs, and theirs alone, then there can never be peace within your world of men. It must be brought together in a union, a union of love, of caring and of concern for each other, in the equalisation of the resources of your world, to help one another and not strip the earth bare for greed and their own need.

You must never let go of the focus that you hold upon spirit and God. You must never allow your emotions to overrule your good sense when you communicate with people of other countries who seem to be determined to disrupt the status quo of your world. Share your wealth so that others may receive a new beginning in their lives. Do not speak harsh words to those who you deem as your enemies, for they are your brethren in spirit.

Many will not understand these words and take in the importance of what we say this evening, but allow it to sink in, use your own words if you must, as our words seem strange to many.

This thought, and the communion of thought is powerful enough to make change within the physical of your world, and we say this, that it is your energy of spirit and soul, the energy of thought that will achieve this seemingly impossible target at this time. It is the communion of spirit that you all hold that will influence and sway others dramatic decisions. And if the worst should happen, and you see terrible wars break out throughout your world, do not lose hope. For there must come a time when the human spirit realises that they are all one. We cannot allow life to be extinguished upon your world, and it will continue on, even if it is in another form, another intelligent form.

You were given the gift as the human being to adapt and change your world and to allow it to thrive, and we are dismayed at this time, because this has not happened as yet. For the success of your species, you must fight the demon with love and bring purpose to your lives, allow the light to fill your life and issue it to others with love and consideration.

Learning from nature

Adapt to your conditions, adapt to the nature of your world to bring hope for future generations that will exist upon your world. Civilisations come and go and they change in their attitudes.

We say once more to look to nature, and although at times this can be violent, it is not of greed or of want, it is not of self that they struggle to survive, or they consume one another. They only do so when they follow their natural instinct and it is done only for the benefit of their survival. Men on the other hand, and we need not point this out, destroy for no other reason other than for greed or for want and to spread their territory as they will. This is not a natural process and this must change. Evolution must be allowed to progress in a peaceful way, in a nurturing way to your species and to any other species of your world and the earth itself. Contemplate these things if you will. Good evening.

Climate Change

Tempests of the ocean will accumulate shortly, as your climate enters a new era of change. It is part of the natural world; the seasons come and go and life flourishes and diminishes. But the seasons roll on in an ever-continuing chain of events. You have much influence over your world and the conditions that you live in, even the smallest change can be made by the individual, and this contribution to the collective will help ensure that nature continues on unabated by man’s controls and his controlling nature. You cannot withhold nature, for it will march on regardless, and if you try to hold back the natural world, extinguishing the natural process, then you will surely regret these actions.

Poisoning the atmosphere to create rain and harmful agricultural methods

The chemicals are sprayed in the air to ignite clouds of rain, these chemicals are harmful to life, but they seem to only care for the downfall that is created and what is contained within. These waters are of no consequence to them, for they must irrigate their crops in whatever way they feel is required. The natural process of your earth and your weather has been ongoing since the beginning of time, and it isn’t until now, until the human race, that the atmosphere has been poisoned and contaminated with the man-made chemicals, supposedly to create a better environment in which your crops can grow.

Crop rotation is nothing new and it doesn’t need the help of your chemicals, we have spoken about the natural way and this should be looked at once more, for the erosion of your earth is great at this time and the dirt beneath your feet, the earth that you stand on, will become like dust, as you will, should events and your actions at this time be not curtailed and permitted to continue.

The leaders of your world approve of these methods at this time and there is much pressure upon your world to produce the food required, and even your modified crops which seem to hold a better prospect will diminish, for it is only the natural evolution that can change their harvest.

At this time, we see many who have a total disregard for the food upon their table, and they treat it as if it is a gift for them only. Yet many starve within your world, many go without night after night, children crying with swollen bellies and pain in their stomachs for the lack of food and resources that they need. But still your men of greed hold back their wealth and do not contribute significantly to their needs. Their own countrymen, their leaders and elite walk by them in the streets, aloof to their problems. They are seemingly not interested in the wealth that they hold and the poverty that they see each day.

Sharing resources

We speak once more of greed and of the sharing of resources, we cannot understand that as a nation of human beings that you do not watch out for each other, but continue upon your separate ways. Perhaps one day it may dawn upon the human race, that the only way they can exist is to share their resources, not just in food or wealth, but to share the resources of innovation. For there are many hidden stars of your world who have ideas that will assist your race.

Your wasted resources in fuelling your rockets to explore the worlds beyond yours, all this is a waste of time! You must rectify the problems of your world before you look beyond your universe. As we have said, your wealth is in your love and compassion, and nothing else will do.

Harbour no fear

Harbour no fears about the things spoken of this evening in the words given, they are there for you to think about and trust in them. We spoke about the near miss of the comet and how your world is fragile to these many things of the universe, but there is no need to fear, for life will continue on, even at the end of your world, in another form, another new beginning. Life itself is never stopped and will be a continuation of your love.

Speak your mind if you wish, for your thoughts are good. They must be transmitted with love and with the trust in which they are given to help others. Take no notice of the dark ones who would try to swamp your life with desperate thoughts. They come when you feel at your lowest point and they speak to you, telling you things that are not true. Your guidance is guided by the light and not by the dark. Abide by the light and ignore those feelings of desperation and solitude.

Depression and the healing power of nature

Many in your world feel these things, and they feel as if they are a target for those in power. They feel they are not understood and are given no audience to speak about their troubles. Depression is a disease of the mind, it gives access to the dark thoughts, and it is not easy to fight these things, many use (prescribed) drugs to help, and these are good, but it is your will, your strength of character and spirit that will bring you through ultimately to a better place.

It is easy for us to say these things, and indeed this man knows about these things through bitter experience. But you must have trust and faith in yourself and in the guidance of those of the light to shake off these gloomy thoughts. It is difficult, and help is required. You can help yourself by looking at nature through your window, see the sun if it shines and feel its warmth upon your person and how this light of the sun radiates throughout your body and your mind and it raises your spirits in its radiation of light and heat. Take in this love of the sun, open your door, and if you cannot stand to go outside, stand at your door and breathe the air, take in the sounds of nature around you, if you are able. Even in the most populated areas, nature is with you and the sound of birds and of the wind and the rain, but do not let these gloomy days get you down, allow the sun’s rays to penetrate your body, not in a way to burn you or to affect your health, but in the way of illumination of the spirit, to raise your vibrations and make you feel as if you are on top of the world, these thoughts will suppress the dark thoughts that wish to overwhelm you.

Just sit in your garden if you have the opportunity, or if you don’t, lean out your window taking in the air and look to the skies during the day or evening, at night, and think about your life, for you are not doomed, you all have a bright future and the things of life that get you down should be put to one side and given to the light for healing. Although many do not trust in these things, we do implore them to think about the better days ahead, for there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dismal your life may seem at this present time.

Valerie speaks to many who suffer with this condition and they find it difficult to search out this love and light that we speak of, and she helps with her words that she speaks. There are many such as her, who bring healing thoughts to those who have worries and troubles and concerns with their life. Life is short lived, do not allow the darkness to inhibit your ability as the spirit and soul, raise your vibration and fill your life with light, do not allow this darkness to penetrate your soul and bring you down to a level of theirs, where everything seems hopeless.

Stand equal

Do not be demoralised by the thoughts that you are given, for you are as equal as anyone in your world, as anyone in your species. You are all equal despite what you may think. Don’t let the rich man put you down by demanding more from you. Let his words of anger and greed pass over your head, do not acknowledge them, stand your ground and let them see that you are a human being, a free spirit and soul as much as they are. Their domination over your lives cannot last, and if your spirit and soul have the strength and conviction, then tell them how you feel and how wrong it is to heap the problems of the world upon them.

Landlords and the plight of some tenants

The landlords of your world and your country do not concern themselves with the tenants that they house. We cannot say this for all landlords, but even if you are kind and gentle to your tenants, have a heart and look at their plight. Do not think that because you are their landlord, that you can determine their fate, for it is not your position to determine anybody’s fate, it is not your position to throw out the helpless of your world, one day you may be in a position whereby you also need the assistance of others. The homes that you own and charge the rent for, are given with purpose, not to increase your tenancy or the rents for your own benefit, do not allow others to live in squalor while you live in the lap of luxury. This is not the way, and we know that some who will read these words are tenants and we know that some also are the landlords, do not be the landlord of aggression, but be one of love and consideration, generosity.

We have spoken this evening and we ask you to think upon the words spoken. We offer you our love and guidance, it is there for your calling whenever you need us and in the times of gloom, we will be there to shine the light.  Amen.

Injections of light and the cures of natural light


Injections of light will be commonplace shortly, commonplace amongst the wealthy of the world. This light that is injected into the body by artificial means will help in conditions that are common at this time. The new medical miracle will be heralded and the men of science will say that this is the way forward, for the treatment of light holds many cures. It is the light of the natural world that should be enhanced, for this light will also bring cures that your medical science cannot remedy.

Light healing visualisation

Hold this light deep within your body, within your heart and soul, see it radiate out, for you need no injection of light, just the light that you hold within and that you shut out, unwillingly at times. Allow this light to radiate out, to fill your mind, body and soul with the love of creation and healing properties held within.

You must speak to your heart to open up this shaft of light that will radiate throughout your body and mind. See the light and feel the warmth of the healing that is held within, and as it radiates out of your body, you begin to feel a little bit sweaty, but this is just the heat pushing out the negative vibrations that cause the issues of your bodies. Feel this heart of love and the heat, the light within, feel it warm in your body.

See the colours of green and purple and hues of light that will bring your body peace and longevity. Sit with focus to bring this light. Visualise it in your heart. See the illumination as it grows and spreads throughout your body. Feel its heat and its healing warmth, from your head to the tips of your toes. Sense the peace in this solitude as you sit quietly. Feel your body become lighter as if you are floating upon air and allow these healing energies to continue to radiate, bringing you peace to your mind and to your body, to your spirit. Sit now, think of nothing, but focus upon the chakra of love, the heart chakra in which this warmth radiates from.

Feel your energy radiate from your body, and as you do so, share this loving healing thoughts to those around you of the world today. Compassion in your hearts as to their plight at this time, and when you sit in your comfortable surroundings think about them as they struggle in their lives. Although you may not be able to assist physically, we have told you about the pool of love that will comfort them.

Transmit your healing thoughts now. Allow it to radiate like the sunburst, knowing that light travels at a great speed and penetrates the bodies of all. This light will bring the healing necessary at this time.

Rest now and feel energised. Know that your thoughts have been good and that you have assisted in this pool of healing love and light. Go with God’s grace whomever you deem this to be.


02-05-22 Healing Flame of Love, Disease from Diet, Damage to soil, Shield of Light etc

Transcript Date 2nd May 2022

The Healing Flame of Love

The candle of light burns bright in many at this time as their thoughts reach out to those in need throughout the world, for there is need of healing within your world of men. It is through this healing, the light of this candle burning within your hearts, will free men from the torments of the world today. Allow this candle to burn bright, visualise this candle with the runs of wax which drip down the sides and into the saucer beneath. See the flame that burns bright within and look to the centre of this flame, for in the centre of your soul and your body, is your heart and the love exudes from it.

The candle is a symbol of peace, like the dove. They work together within your beings to instruct you within your lives, to bring you hope of a new dawn to come and His light that will shine throughout the world of men, enveloping all the creatures of the earth and beyond.

Tonight, we speak about the metaphorical candle and the light that shines from it, the light within that represents the love within your hearts. But this light exists beyond your world and can be reached through your thoughts and prayers. Never be ashamed to sit quietly and speak to the wisdom of the universe, for the angels and guides that walk with you throughout your lives, work with you constantly, ever changing and constantly evaluating your lives to bring new purpose, and a need of this love in return.

Finding faith for those who suffer

To those who suffer this evening with the regrets of life and love, don’t be ashamed to release your emotions, not in anger, but with a concerned heart. Allow your thoughts to wander the realms of spirit and ask for revelation within your lives and it will be given. Ask for love to be returned and it will be given. Your lives are created from that being of love, and to that being you will return. Some will have lost their way whilst others have strengthened in their faith and trust, no matter which it is, know that you will be welcomed once more and given the opportunity to further your spirit and soul.

In times past, man has desecrated the faith that he was given, even in this modern day and age in which you live, this faith is still being abused for the benefit of others, yet the vast majority who worship do so with a good heart, trust and faith, and their needs are few compared with those of want. Be humble in your lives and in your aspects, be honest and truthful, so that others may see you are a being of the light.

Illumination of truth

We speak in terms of the light, and when we do so, we talk of the illumination, the illumination of the truth that lies within. It is a term commonly used to refer to spirit and God, and the enlightenment you receive from these energies is great. The light, as in the candle, illuminates your way, and in this illumination the truth will be told and your path will be seen so clearly, as if even during the evening and night you were walking within the light of day. This truth will reach your soul and your heart and begin to open your eyes as to your being, and the truth of your existence at this time.

There is a reason for all things, those that are created by men of evil intent and cruelty to others and the animals of your world, they are created by themselves and they do not see the light, for they are walking within the shadows. But others can illuminate the way by shining the light upon their paths so they may see a better way to travel within life, other than to torment others with extreme punishments of war and greed.

Never allow your thoughts to stray from this path of light. If you doubt what we say, then focus upon your being and your inner-self and the illumination will be bright and will overwhelm you as you begin to realise that you are not just a creature of the earth at this time, but you are part of creation and the Creator. You are of the universal energy that surrounds, not just your living world, but all in creation. So, when we say ‘to be within the light’ or when you say ‘you work within the light’ understand the true meaning, for it is a blessing to all to walk within this light and to see the path of truth before them.

There is much to be said about spiritual wisdom and the religions of your world, they revolve and are centred upon trust and faith. You must be determined in your actions when you speak about these things, for it is not a whimsical thing, it is part of creation, and you are a part of it, as it is a part of you. So have trust and faith, do not doubt your feelings or the voice within that will guide you throughout your lives. His light will shine upon you and His being is constant within your lives, we speak the truth as always.

Time of Chaos to a New Dawn

Be prepared for a time of chaos and confusion that will seem overwhelming within your world and within your lives. Do not speculate upon the outcome, for it was written long ago that the world would once more see a change in its creation and in its being. Your lives are precious to you and you should view other lives as being as precious as your own.

It is disturbing to see that man has not learnt from the past and continues to war with each other, creating unrest where the innocent will suffer. They say that ‘never the twain shall meet’ and that is between good and evil, yet the world is confused and good intercedes with the evil in the corruption of man. For although your wars are devastating to many, many look on and do not quite understand the suffering that is caused.

There is much turmoil that meets the eye and your news media hide the truth from you to spare you the suffering that is received by others, but you must see and understand in order to appreciate and learn that there is no gain in causing suffering to others, or to yourselves. You must unite as a species once more to eliminate the pain and suffering, you must begin to work together to bring about a new dawn, a new world, where the young may grow in peace and learn by your example.

In truth we have hope for you, yet our hopes are dashed time and time again. For there are those of your world who do not see this truth. Their narratives are small as they convince others of their country in their true purpose to free their minds, to free their souls and bodies from those that they deem as being dictators. How many times must you endure these pains and sorrows? How many times must the victims call out before you respond with a helping hand to ease their turmoil and their pain and suffering?

It is not easy to appreciate these things when you live in comfortable surroundings, but you must engage in thought, in caring thoughts towards them, and see them as they suffer. For they are bearing the brunt of what could be faced by all humanity if times do not change.

Bring hope to yourselves and to the children of the future, do not allow the whimsical men of the world to dictate and rule over you with their monstrous behaviour. Demonstrate to your children the love and caring that you feel, so they may respond and understand that a caring heart will always win over those of the dark. It is your responsibility to look after your world and your men and women who live upon it. It is your responsibility to care for the creation of the Lord in whatever form it may be. A hand will be given to help in these situations, but first you must find this trust, this truth within yourselves. Amen.

New speaker

Diseases from our diet

She responds with delight upon her face as her name is called, and there seems to be a glimmer in the darkness that surrounds her, for she suffers with the condition of dementia, as do many of your world. Where seemingly your loved ones no longer exist within your plane of life, they exist within a world deep within their minds, in a different world to yourselves. It is a debilitating disease in which the onset begins slowly, but increases steadily as it begins to overwhelm the mind. The symptoms cause distress to families of those loved ones and they seek answers to this illness and the issues that it holds.

Many ask, “Why do these diseases still exist, why are they common in the world, particularly at this time when your science seems to be at a peak?” These diseases have cures within the natural substances found upon your world, they are caused by yourselves, by the additives and the ingredients that you consume through the manufacturing processes throughout your world. For some of these processes are faulted and the process is contaminated by the cheap substitutes used to conform to your laws.

There is only one way to live a life relatively free of such illnesses, and that is to be natural in your being, do not consume the things that you know could cause harm. Eat in a natural way if you can, to avoid the substances of life.

The crops that feed your world are grown continuously and the soil beneath erodes and becomes infected with the microorganisms that will also affect your bodies. And like your bodies, the soil will wear out, decrease in fertility and goodness, and as it does so, so your world of men who consume these products, that which you call bread, will also begin to diminish when the effects of these microorganisms affect your bodies.

We understand that you must eat to survive, you must consume only the natural goodness of the vegetables of your world, but food consumption grows at an exponential rate and not all in your world are able to have the luxury of food upon their tables. You must find a way to conserve the energy of your earth, not through your chemicals and biological substances, but in the natural way. Your race grows day by day and this puts pressure upon your consumption of food.

Many see their lives being overwhelmed by work and their pastimes and hobbies. they do not dedicate enough time to work with the earth that they may have and not all have the luxury of being able to do this, but there are ways to help, there are ways to ease the problem and the burdens upon your bodies, consume the natural products if you can.

When the time comes to focus on the world beyond

A time will come for all when they need to focus upon your world and beyond, to the next life that is waiting for them, where goodness is the only profit gained, love reigns supreme and your purpose will be brought once more, to live a life as ordained by that of the light. You must not be scared of this prospect, nor harbour fear in your heart, for it is the natural thing to live a life and to move on.

Have no fear of your future Michael, for your future will become your past and your past will become the future once more. For all things in time evolve and revolve in a circle that we have spoken about, that circle of life. Do not communicate your fears to those of your life, let them hear the words of goodness and the prospects of the new form and being to come, when love reigns supreme and your thoughts are free to enable others to live in a better way within the physical.

Many feel fear at the prospect of their passing, including yourself, yet you know the truth within, and this guidance we must give to others through you and through your life. Attempt not to speculate upon your time, but begin to work a practice of love and initiate a program of learning and teaching for others in whatever way you can. Follow the example of others who have no fear, for their trust is absolute. You feel that your trust is also absolute, yet doubts creep into your mind now and again, and this is the human condition, the battle, the one true fight in life, is to overrule those thoughts that would bring you down, this is the battle between light and dark and it is endless for all that of spirit. It is a battle in which you must be strong and overcome the weaknesses within your human form. It can be a hard battle to be won, yet if you truly fight this battle with love, then you will win over those thoughts that will bring you down and demoralise you within your lives.

Shield yourselves with light and love

Protect yourselves from that of the dark, shield yourselves with the light and love of his truth. Hold him close to your heart and he will be your knight in shining armour that will defend you against all things of the negative. See the light that shines and allow it in to overwhelm your body and your soul, you are a warrior of the light, as are others who follow the words. All those who work in the name of the light must shield themselves for there is always torment that will attempt to sour their minds and their being. Be strong in your wisdom and thought, have a care for others and allow them the knowledge that you hold within and the truth that will shine from your heart. Never be afraid to access this wisdom, for it is held within the consciousness of spirit that surrounds and envelops you all in your lives. Allow it to shine, even in the darkest of times when everything seems helpless and there is no hope, there is always hope within the light and it will bring you much purpose and relief from these negative thoughts.

We are of the light, and you are a part of the circle of light. You must endeavour to embrace those who can only see the gloominess of the dark, it is your purpose as a group to bring joy to others and allow them to hear the words of wisdom that are spoken. This is your path, this is your purpose, to all who hear and read these words.

No one man is a castle, for it takes many to build the fortress of light. No one man can defend others from those of the dark, for it takes many to illuminate and overwhelm this darkness. This is the truth and it is spoken so that you may hear the words of wisdom and knowledge that is held within that heavenly light and within His being.

Hold fast as times begin to whittle away at your soul, hold fast that light and hold it brightly within your hearts. Be kind to others who you meet, bring them joy and happiness within their lives, for the time is short lived upon your world, yet everlasting within the heavens above. With knowledge comes the wisdom and the truth.

Good evening. Amen.

In the gentleness of peace comes illumination – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Be gentle with yourselves dear ones, do not rush or hurry your illumination, do not fear that you are doing anything wrong, but come into the centre of stillness to find your peace.  This is the most important action that you can take, So do not worry, but find your peace within and then the illumination that you seek will come to you as you relax and trust in me, and that will give you the guidance that you seek so ardently.

But when you are rushed or feeling worried it is difficult to find the source of love that you seek, because it is your anxiety that overrides all your emotions.   So still your beating heart and know that I am here with you, even as you are struggling with your emotions.  This is a lesson, to be kinder to yourself when being challenged and stop and take a deep breath or several deep breaths, slow down your breathing and then your heart will stop beating so rapidly that is caused by the fear that you feel within.

Most fears are imaginary and you may think this is a rather trite way of me explaining what you are feeling at this moment. But I assure you that when you learn to deal with fear you will have conquered the dread of the darkness surrounding you once more.  So it is imperative that you seek help and do not try to conquer this on your own, so try to connect with others who have felt the same way and see how they are now. A bright shining star is what you will see, and this will give you the encouragement to know that you can do the same, and to know that you will recover your equilibrium all in good time, and you will be given the tools to conquer the irrational fears that come to haunt you.

I understand how difficult this can be for you, and so now I ask you to be brave and ask for help from others who have suffered the same. This will help you to not feel so different to those who you consider normal who do not understand what you are going through. This will help clear your mind so you can start to make decisions that will ultimately change your life for the better.

Deep depression is one of the most challenging situations you can deal with as you feel so out of control. But when you have the right tools in your arsenal this will help you cope, then you will feel a sense of relief and will be able to start taking charge of your life again.   A great way to do this is to start helping others who are suffering in the same way, and this will help you not feel so alone with your own problems.

It is true that if you are able to make contact with divine source through prayer or meditation or by whatever method suits you best, this will help centre the energies and bring you into your heart space.  It is true that many emotions may come to the surface, because grief has to be released to heal your wounded heart. But like the river that flows that gets blocked by a damn, if you block the emotions then the natural flow of grief cannot be released so you might find healing within.

It is hard for those who have coped a long time with sadness and grief to confide or even admit that they are struggling. But the emotions or hurt will not leave you until you recognise their presence and allow healing to take place.  This may entail not only forgiving yourself but others, even when you feel you could never forgive someone for the hurt they have caused you.  But somehow you must try and find it in your heart to forgive, and should you wish to ask me to help you this will assist you find some relief of all those pent up emotions.

To do this all you need to do is sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and become still within.   Listen to the silence and start to pray and ask me to heal your broken heart. Think of the person you are missing or the one who has wounded you so, and ask me to help you not only forgive them but also heal your heart so you can find peace once more.

If you have been wounded by another in mind, body, or spirit know that anyone who attacks you is hurting inside from their own wounds, and it may be that inadvertently you have reminded them of who they are and what they stand for.  You may have stated a truth that they were hiding from themselves, and you may have not realised that you had opened up a festering wound that they were trying to mistakenly hide from view.

So it is that we all affect others in different ways, this is why we have to be so careful to think before we verbalise our thoughts, because once the words are spoken they will be embedded into another’s heart for all time.  So this matter of emotions is one that most humans find most difficult to conquer either within themselves or by witnessing this in others.   Emotions have to be allowed to flow and be expressed but this is not always carried out in the most appropriate way, and many a casual word has wounded a dear soul who is struggling to comprehend why they were singled out for this attack.

If you wish to speak a truth make sure you deliver this in the kindest way possible and not with any intention to hurt.  It is so easy to hurt another, as you know yourself because of what has happened to you in the past. So now it is time to stop this cycle of wounding forever more, and speak your truth with a view to finding clarification for both parties, do not blame another without first seeking the real truth behind the situation.

Many of you make assumptions often fuelled by others wanting to gang up on some poor unsuspecting soul who is being used as a scapegoat, a ruse often applied by others who only want to play the blame game.  If you have been party to this in the past please do not ever do this again, as it may rebound on you at a later date without you hardly realising the cause of your distress.

So if you have a problem you need to solve and are not sure what next step to take next come unto me. Come into the sanctity of your heart that will always have the answers you seek.  Come into contact with the divine and pray for enlightenment and know that in time this will come. Sometimes you have to be patient not only with yourself, but all others as you let the universe gently guide you to the right solution, know that the answer is always waiting for you to receive it at exactly the right time.   If you feel that you are not getting the answer you seek, you need to find the silence within and ask your higher self for the answer to the question you have brought forth.

Answers are readily available to you when you are ready to receive them, often you believe that you are ready, but in truth you are not.  You cannot move very far forward in life in you are still feeing resentful or have a grudge against another, this is not good karmic energy and it would be wise for you to arrange to deal with this outstanding matter straight away.

So all in all there is a lot to learn about others as well as yourself. Therefore it advisable to learn more about yourself first before deciding to attack others with your righteous and wounded feelings that may be ill founded. Now is the time for love to have the highest place in all your endeavours, and for you to learn to heal yourself of any wounds that might be festering in your breast. True peace can only emerge when you can find it in your heart to forgive yourself and others with unconditional love. And because you have found the God source within, instead of feeling miserable and unloved you will have found the holy grail of the love of God so you can rest in peace, be at peace, and be in love not only with yourself but all others.

All this good work will pay off because now you have seen the light, and let the light of God come into your heart.  You feel peaceful, you feel enlightened, and no more will depression darken your door because you have found the love of God, and only wish others to find the same peace that you have found.

When peace is in your heart you will not even think of blaming another or seeking revenge, this will feel so alien that you would not dare to venture into that old territory.  Now you are a peaceful warrior only seeking the light, and seeking to see the light in others.  You do not feel destructive nor wish to impinge your previous dark feelings upon others.   You have become a way shower, and the love of God is strong in your heart and mind.  You are warrior in mind, body, and spirit and so no one will seek you to harm or attack you in any way, knowing that you are impregnated with the love and protection of God.

Now you help others who suffer the same affliction that caused such a deep shadow on your being, because you have found your way out of the wood and into the sunlight of your dreams.  If anybody during that dark time told you that you would be resurrected so completely you probably would have laughed at them, and yet here you are right now, a bright shining star, a star that brings peace and love to all mankind because you sought release, and because you were determined to dig yourself out of the pit of darkness that surrounded you at that difficult time.

Now it is time to give hope to others, to encourage them to open their hearts so you can assist and heal them and bring them back into the light.  Let the light shine, let the light heal all you meet and bring them home to God, to divine source, so they may find their light within, and the peace and illumination they seek so desperately.

Healing hearts, healing the wounded whether it is in mind, body, or spirit is very important now.  Let them know they are loved without condition, let them know that they too can be blessed and totally healed of all their ills.  Pave the way for goodness and mercy to overtake and heal these poor souls many who have served their country, and who feel discarded and useless and desperate to their core.

Be the light bearer that will illuminate the heart of mankind, that will give hope and bring blessings that only you can with your wonderful love.  With your newfound optimism and courage you will be able to help many others who feel lost and alone. Bring them out of their vale of darkness, and shine your light upon their heart so their souls will feel the release and love of God that they seek so fervently.

Be the soul that makes the first move, show compassion and understanding. Tell them that they can trust you because you have undertaken the same journey and are here to bring them home to themselves.  Thank you for your service dear ones, thank you for your courage to be seen, and to show yourselves and your light to others, so you can help heal the world of all it’s ills, of all it’s fears, and bring these people back to themselves so they may feel whole once more.

Anna Marie Croxson ©      27th April 2022

26-04-22 Mother Mary, Talks between leaders, Orbs and flashes of light, Anger and love etc

Transcript Date: 26th April 2022

Seldom have we spoken about the time to come, when the purpose that was brought to you and others to a bring focus on things for the men of the world to see, that the universe is a vast expanse of knowledge and the world of man should see that their lives are short within the physical, yet everlasting within those planes of energy that exist around you constantly during your lifetime and beyond.

Mother Mary

Tonight we wish to speak of one, Mary, who once came with purpose in her life to bear the child of love, so he may roam your world during his time to preach the gospel to those who would listen. She sits with us this evening in prayer, and in hope that these words are not spoken in vain, but are given as a mother filled with love and a purpose of caring to those who suffer at this time. She speaks to you with purpose this evening Michael, so you may inform others that His coming will once more be heralded by the star that flies across the sky so brightly. Its name is Halley, and you understand the things that we speak of. But know at this time, as the star flashes across the sky that it will bring a warm reunion of your world to that person of love. (Halley’s comet is forecast to return in 2061but METEORS FROM HALLEY’S COMET are seen each May: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, source of the annual eta Aquarid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on May 5th and 6th. Rates could be as high as 30 meteors per hour in the southern hemisphere, but only half that in the northern hemisphere. The best time to look is just before local sunrise when the constellation Aquarius is high in the sky.)

His being is with you all throughout your daily lives and it only takes your acknowledgement to bring his purpose to the fore in guiding your steps of life. Do not be afraid to awaken this energy of love, for it exists within all of you, even those in troubled times. Their love and union is great, it is not a masquerade, nor is it false hope to believe in these things, for we have spoken the truth, and Mary sits hand on heart hoping that you will hear the words and heal the wounds of life.

She is your mother and the creator of life, as are all the women of your world, they hold a treasure inside, which you called the womb in which life is ignited and grows, and this life will be born to your world in the hope that you will receive it with love.

Tonight many women observe these things as they think of their young ones in the wombs of their bodies, and the love that is extended can be felt, even within this short period of time when their life has just begun. For life begins at the very instant of conception and does not end until that life is extinguished to be reborn once more.

Doubting hearts

Within the hearts of many there lay doubts as to the truth of the spiritual realm and the connection that it holds with your world, for it is a deep bond that will never be broken. But alas, can be stretched at times. You must release your love and unite wholeheartedly with each other, hold this bond of love tight to your chest and allow it the freedom to express itself upon others, for you are the children of the world and your purpose has been brought once more to relive a life of purpose.

Talks between leaders

Hope has been dashed this evening as they argue and talk about things that you may not hear of, and in their thoughts, should not concern you. Yet all humanity is united in the affront given by those who disrupt the peace in anger. It is an affront to him, our Lord, that they should argue and bicker so amongst themselves, because as they do so, so they forget his being and the love that is the bond of mankind and all creatures in existence.

Together let us pray that they can extinguish their fears and unite once more in a bond of friendship, no longer bickering about the challenges ahead, but instead, bring change that may help others of your world. A mighty task indeed to be given to so few angry men of your world. But our support is with them and they will not understand their thoughts as they begin to release their anger and torment and to release their grip upon other nations so they may unite once more in agreement as the fellow men that they are.

Replacing anger with love

Angry thoughts are expressed by many, and this negative energy exudes much unrest in your world. Your union, your bond, is of humanity and spirituality. You must realise that anger is a waste of energy, it has no purpose, for it will drain you and leave you hollow inside and a hollow heart can never appease another. It takes love to fill this void, to extinguish the anger that is held inside, to allow you to see reason and understand the nature of yourselves, your being. You must abolish all thoughts of anger, need and want. Coax that heart of love, that it may ease the tensions in your world and within yourselves and do not be afraid to announce this love as a proclamation to all who will listen.

Thoughts for one who is poorly

Tender thoughts this evening for one who is poorly, and it seems she has lost her way at this time. Her health diminishes as she holds back the truth from her loved ones as to how exactly she feels at this time. They hold her hand to bring her comfort, and in return hope that they also receive these comforting vibrations.

Life is extinguished many times throughout your world, not through hate or war, but through the natural course of your lives. Regrowth is given once more, as in the nature of your world. It is nothing to fear when a loved one becomes poorly and seems helpless, and their situation grows ever dimmer by the minute. But you know that we will be there to bring comfort to that one soul as she slips away beyond your earthly realm. The heartache that is felt, that which you call grief, is a pain that is unrecognisable to many, yet at some point within their lives they will experience this pain and understand the fragility of life and how it is seemingly impossible to hold on to that moment in time.

Yet time itself has an end, it cannot go on forever. Within a moment of the day, as the time passes to the next minute, to the next hour, to the next day, so it will continue to live its moment and then move on. It is not gone, nor is it forgotten, as you will not be forgotten in the minds of your loved ones.

So bless her with your love and understand, that although she seemingly slips away from you, there is light on the other side and she will be granted that everlasting peace within the world that you call spirit. Focus upon your love and your thoughts of healing for her, for this will help her in the transition of her life.

There is much comfort brought through the words of love and healing, and for those who receive these thoughts, they too are helped along the way. Unseen or unheard by many, yet felt by those in need. It is this very healing that you can also issue to the world and not just to your loved ones, but to all those who suffer at this time. It is your healing thoughts and love that give them strength to cope with their various situations, and although they do not know you or understand where this feeling of love comes from, they will embrace it and allow it to evolve within their lives. No matter how unworthy and feeble you may feel, all thoughts of love and healing are valid and give strength to all those who need it.

Come to us with your thoughts of love, bring us your thoughts and prayers so we may understand the situation you find yourselves in, for there is no situation that cannot be resolved with a thought and a prayer of love and healing. She will succumb, there is no stopping this, but life will go on.

The continuation of life

March is the season when you look forward to spring, when your hopes are renewed and your life seems to be brighter, and as the months follow into spring and into summer, so life will flourish, and as the season moves on, so autumn may come and things seem a little slower, a little duller, but still you walk in stride throughout your lives. Then the winter months, November and December, January and February, things slow down and many wither away, as you must in the winter months of your life. But we have told you the seasons that you see upon your earth and in nature are the same as your lives, and you will flourish once more.

So tonight, bring hope to those who suffer in the everlasting chain of love, and the circle of life that encompasses all who exist in whatever form they may be born to. The truth has been spoken and she will come to no harm as she drifts past that earthly veil.

Mother Mary and connection to ‘The Trio’

I was once a mother; Mary was my name. I bring you hope for the future, for your families and your loved ones and all who exist at this time.

You call upon me so you may receive a reason for my existence at this time. My energy surrounds you, and your mind tries to reason with the feelings that are felt. It is the energy of love that surrounds you at this time. Your family bid you welcome and bring you hope of a new future to come, and although you may feel dubious about the purpose of this energy, you will understand and know of its purpose. Bring hope to those who also have an understanding of the energy that surrounds them. It is seldom felt by many, but those who make the connection will know of this energy that exists around them.

This evening you are connected as a trio, and you feel this energy, and it feels as if you have an object in the bridge of your nose, allow it to help you in your connection. You may call this your third eye chakra, and it is at this point within your mind that you focus upon the world beyond the living, this alternate world that exists all around you constantly. This energy increases as you think about this world, allow it to absorb your mind.

Chris or Christopher has a reason to speak this evening, and he speaks with a purpose in mind. Bring forth your energy of love, allow your focus to sink ever deeper into that place of love and spirit. Never regret the things that are taught to you, for they are given to you with purpose and love. A bond exists between you three, a bond which is unrecognisable to many, yet at this moment in time you all feel this energy within your third eye, as it sits there waiting for you to use in your practices of healing and spiritual bond.

The room seems dark and the candles seem to flicker in a specific way, as if they burn brighter and then dim. The hallway seems to be illuminated, but there is no light by artificial means. You are in a position of transcending your minds and allowing our energy to filter into your physical mind.

Tell her that the diamond she wears has no great purpose and will not lose its lustre as it sparkle in the light. The diamond that shines within the mind has many facets and each of these facets have a purpose to reflect the light of love to those who hold it dear.

There is one who feels a problem within their left shoulder, and this feeling is unique in its tenderness, as it tingles within. This feeling is not of the physical, but of the subtle changes in your spirit, you feel it in your meditation and as this pain grows in your left shoulder, you will become aware of who we speak, because this is an issue this evening. And it seems as though the troubles of the world are never ending, and your practices of love continue on despite the issues that beset you within your life. Hold those practices dear to your heart, allow the healing energies to flow to remedy the pain within your shoulder. Do not let them overwhelm you, for the truth lays within and the bond of love and friendship will be held dear by those who connect this evening.

She stops to think about the messages that are sent, she will speak to her husband and ask him if he understands the meaning of these things. He is wise and he will attempt to translate them the best he can, for he speaks of much wisdom that is held within his person and his spirit.

You are all connected, whether you understand this or not and you feel this energy surging this evening, and the candle brightens and dims as the energy pulsates through that room of love.

The room dims and the orbs are seen, the sparkles of light that represent the souls and spirit of that place as they come forward to receive the healing and the messages given from that place of light. They transform these messages into words so you may understand and believe in this evening, do not disrupt this sequence of events, but allow it to flow.

They will speak about these orbs and the flashing lights which are seen within their room and they seem to transform into hazy colours of purples and blues and unify in a colour of gold, then vanish as quickly as they came. These orbs of light are the union of spirit and they come to welcome you and your beings at this time. Allow your fear to diminish and have no fear of what you see, for these lights radiate love and they correspond to your requests of healing as they are given in prayer.

The loved one that we speak of is elderly and her thoughts are with her son this evening, for his blessings have been many and she holds dear the things, the thoughts that he has spoken to her. You must not lose hope, nor should she, for there is much love between them and the angels of light shine upon them. The orbs seen this evening in the room that they sleep in will bring memories of long ago.

She has spoken about many things of the past, some are of regret, but mostly of love and family. Take her hand now in spirit, welcome her to the angels of light as they whisper in her ear tender words of caring and love. Do not let the fear overwhelm you, for love is ever present within the universal love and light. Amen.