The Supplicant – John the Baptist speaks through Anna Marie Croxson


(One who is found wanting)

What is it you wish for dear child, what is your heart saying to you, what is your dearest wish? These are the questions that are asked of me many times over and I feel your frustration and feelings of denial. But this need not be so, because I do not have any power over you, I cannot always bestow what you want until you know of yourself, and your own your destiny.

You see, until you have investigated your deepest desires and until you are sure of your mission on earth I cannot come to unto you until you have full clarity of your purpose.  Many will tell you what to do, many will suggest ideas to you, many of you will bow down to the lord thinking that it is his will that will be done, because that has always been the way of the supplicant.

The supplicant believes that he/she has to bow down to the wisdom of God, and in truth that has always been the way. But now we ask you to seek your own wisdom within, and then when you have that knowledge, we can assist you.  You see now the world is changing and the old ways are no more, you do not have to rely on God for your wisdom, you have to find your source within and rely on yourself.

Having said that I will still be your wise counsellor but now I wish you to follow the wisdom that you have inside of you. So do not follow another blindly and give your power away to another because that is not self-empowerment. And because you yourself are all powerful, the balance of our relationship has to change to being much more equal.

So now envisage me as a wonderful faithful friend and servant, see me as your protector and a guiding light that will always be there for you, but now also see me as your partner, the one that will assist, guide, encourage, but will always leave you to make your own powerful and accurate decisions for your future.

Now is the time for your self-empowerment, and for you to step up without reservation and have full confidence in your abilities.  You do not need a ‘God Head’ to guide you because you are master of your fate, but know but I will always be near, as well as being in partnership with you. So see us as equally matched, after all you will be acting in my likeness and inspired by my presence in your life.

I am not your ‘Lord and Master’, I am your equal and like all good partnerships we will support each other.  Do not feel you have to look up to me and ask me for directions at every turn, but see me as a wise counsellor who loves to support the ones who have gained enough confidence to go about their business, knowing that they are capable of many great and wonderful achievements.

Like all disciples, I, St. John the Baptist, had to learn this same lesson and stand on my own two feet.  I had to pave my way in the world alone, I had to believe in myself as well as believe in my God.  It was not an easy path but it taught me self-reliance and so I was always assured that I was on the right track.

As you know, you have been brought to earth for a specific purpose and now you are meant to become leaders in the spiritual revolution that is taking place at this time on earth.

Leaders must be like lions in a pack, they must have full confidence in their abilities and have an inner knowing that they are right on track.  They will not hesitate, even when there are tough decisions to be made, and they never look back or beat themselves up for the things they believed they have done wrong.  They have learned to stand in the power of the lion energy and without any fear of moving forward to face whatever is presented to them.  And yet I revered our dear Messiah, he was a big part of my life, and his teachings were very dear to me. But I was always encouraged to face the world on my own and not rely on him for every word of encouragement. So slowly I learnt not to rely on him, but  assist him, not to look to him for every decision, but make my decision based on what I knew about him and how he might want me to act. I was not dependant upon him, in fact I was the one to talk about his vulnerability too.

You see at the end of the day everyone has to find their power within, they must become self reliant but also understand that they will be supported by spirit who will applaud every courageous decision that they will take.  You do not have to be meek or lowly, nor seek confirmation in all you do, but you will have to learn to stand on your own two feet if you are to become a leader in the world.

The old way of being in fear and always looking to source for your every confirmation is not the way of the powerful person you are becoming. The one that stands in their power, and one who knows their power, and one who uses their power with compassionate love for all.  This is how far you have come my dear ones, you do not need the Lord but he needs you to do your special work on earth. You are the empowered one, and you do not need to be the one that hides away or does not feel good enough to show your face to the world.

These words may shock you and they are meant to shake you out of your complacency, let go of the belief that everything you do has to be agreed by God himself before you can make a move. Now the decisions you make have to be under your own steam and now you must be able to demonstrate that power of the Lord flows through you, but without being reliant upon him to provide your every need.

Because of the problems in the worlds current situation, this now demands that people of power stand up to help resolve these problems that urgently need your attention.  The time when you could say that this is not my responsibility, or would wish to hand the problem back to others, it is no longer viable, because now you have the power to untangle all problems you may encounter.

Many of you do not have a good amount of self-esteem and are always looking to others to make decisions for you. Now this has to stop and you have to learn to be self reliant, because until you have learnt this lesson you cannot be of service to others. You must be strong, you must be courageous and you must be certain of whom you are and what you have come here to do.

You do not need another to sort out your life, because you are very capable of doing that yourself, so do not take the stance of the supplicants of old who always deferred to the one they regarded as having more wisdom than themselves.    We are all one, we are all equal, and the hierarchical system of old will no longer work in a world that is striving to bring peace to earth.  We are all equal in God’s eyes, equality is an important and integral part of the composition of the new world that is emerging, and no one should have more power over another.

It is a fact that powerful men and woman have held the majority of power in the world, and look where it has led you. So individually and collectively you must decide to hold your own power, otherwise the world will not be able come back into perfect balance once more.  All men and woman have to learn this vital lesson during this incarnation as you have been brought to earth to help redress this imbalance.

It is true that most of you will believe that it is the will of God that you are following, but it is not, it is the will of the people and what the people of the earth wish, for that will be the driving force to their own resurrection, and God will support you in these endeavours and will applaud every act of self-reliance that you make for yourself.

You are his children and he is your Father, and like all good fathers he will leave you to find your own way in life, but will always be your rock of comfort whenever you need it. He also knows like all good fathers, that his children have to learn to find their way and independence, whilst finding their own soul journey and purpose in the life they have chosen.

And as in many human relationships, it is the parents, that at the right time, stop being the protector and will look on with pride at what their children has singularly accomplished themselves, and as a diligent and wise father, he has supported you whilst giving you freedom so you could find yourself.  God is deeply proud of each one of you as he was with his Son Jesus Christ who led such an exemplary life, as may you.

If you were to follow the life of Christ’s teachings, and if you were to become aware and understand that compassion and love for all were all he wished for, then you will realise that all you have to do is to follow his example, and it is then, that God will be best pleased with all your efforts.

You do not have to suffer or feel the sins of your fathers. Now like Jesus you have to step up into the role that you agreed to undertake when you returned to mother earth.  It is a great privilege to be of service to mankind, knowing that God and Jesus Christ fully support you as you grow into their likeness, and so you can become as them and able to spread the word of God.

So it is to you today that I send my most heartfelt blessings and wish you much joy as you traverse and explore your exciting journey on earth.  It is with great delight that we witness the rebirth of your soul on earth, knowing as we do, that you will bring many blessings upon others who are seeking to find the love of God, the love of GOD that we know lies deep within all your dear hearts.

St. John the Baptist      

Anna Marie Croxson 3rd March, 2021

Become a surrogate for Christ – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson

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Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two by Michael Champion: now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers


My dearest ones, you all have so much more power that you realise, and you are our most powerful beings that live on earth at this time of much disquiet and unrest in your world.   That is why you are on earth at this time, so that you can help man evolve into the highest vibration that he can muster.   You see it is in our plan that the ones of earth will help to raise the vibration of the world right now.

So perhaps now you will start to understand the responsibility you hold for yourselves as well as others.  Many of you are looking inwards and are trying to work out how you can survive in a world that has seems to have turned itself upside down. So as you go through this process, a greater understanding of yourselves and others will take place. 

Man is at a crossroads and now he has to make up his mind, to stand in his power or to walk away.  Will you listen to others who wish to distort your thinking and remove your power, or will you tune into your intuition and listen to the voice of God?

Now it is time for all who are willing to learn, to listen and hear the word of God, and know that he has much need of mankind at this moment in time. But he needs man to become more awakened and more assured of his purpose in life, instead of drifting on a lifeboat bobbing about with no clear sense of direction. This is a critical time on earth and it is time for all to become awakened within, and not to drift along in life with no clear sense of purpose.

So it is to the ones who are willing to awaken that we put our focus upon, and we are now are asking them to step up to the mark. Many of you feel confused and are not sure of your life purpose, but now it is time for deep introspection, particularly if you are beginning to realise that you are not happy with your life at the moment.  Now is the time to make sure that you take steps to make changes so you can live a more positive way.

It is time dear ones to take your courage in both hands and ask the Lord what he wishes you to do, to ask him how you can help, so he can give you a more purposeful direction for your life. Many of you do not believe that you can make a direct connection with God, but I assure you that this is available, if and when you set the intent to do so, so will you do it now?

The spiritual realms need you as much as you need them and now we are in the process of building partnerships with the people of earth at this time of critical mass awakening.   Are you up for the job, or will you walk away believing that you do not have what it takes to become a servant of our Lord? All we ask is that you look deep into your heart and if you feel called, to take the first step to make the connection.

Many discussions have taken place in the spiritual realm and through these writings we wish to make you much more aware of how easy it is to make a deep spiritual connection with source.  The most important thing to remember is that you must set the intent and feel this intent deep within your heart and soul with true purpose.

I can understand that many may feel confused by the prospect of this statement, but I assure you that for all who are willing, a way will be shown. The power you hold is immense for you are a spiritual being walking on earth, you came from spirit and were born for this purpose.

 Many do not understand their purpose and are living what we would describe as mundane lives without much direction.  They tend not to feel very satisfied with life and have a vague sense of disconnection with life in general.   It is to these people who are in the process of waking up that we send this message to you today.

You see, man thinks he is infallible and that life can go on as before, but with the new world coming towards us at such a pace, it is demanding that humans make the changes necessary to keep up with the inevitable challenges that lie ahead.  Is it not better to be prepared? Is it not wiser to address the inevitable and decide now, to make a life of good purpose and happy to be in service to all, including yourselves?

Now our dear Lord Christ would like to discuss this subject more fully and hopefully this will enlighten you further.

Dearest ones who reside on the earth at these most troubling times, we now call upon you to help all mankind at this time of critical mass awakening of the human psyche, one that has never been experienced before.  This situation has man feeling confused and somewhat lost, as he feels he is living in a world that has changed so dramatically that he no longer feels in control.

But it is by him experiencing this feeling of being alone and lost that might propel him to seek more of what he wishes for himself, and for him to look deeply into his heart and ask the question that has been laying in wait for him to acknowledged. Now man has to come within himself, and has to awaken himself to the inevitable changes that he will have to make now and in the future

There is no way back now, because life will not be the same. This mass awakening has taken place for a universal purpose that will awaken all who are willing to seek their own spiritual path and undertake their resurrection.

Man has blinded himself to the truth that lies within him, and whilst everything ticked along, even if his life was not perfect, he made the assumption that all was okay and would remain the same for evermore.  This was the illusion that had man believing that the life he had led previously would still exist, now he has to realise that this no longer exists, and that the new world emerging will change his world for evermore.

But now he has no choice because the awakening world beckons him to his illumination, and asks him to look within and find his true purpose in the earthly life he agreed to participate in.  Now the world is in a state of great flux and all must realise there are many lies and traitors in your world who wish to control you, but now it is time to take your power back and be in control of your own life.

It is to you that we seek and ask you to illuminate yourself, find yourself and ask yourself how can you serve yourself first, and then how can you serve your fellow man.

If you did not realise it, you are all one, but in this moment in time you believe that you are separate, and that is what causes division between my people.

When man awakes to the goodness of the love that is in his heart he awakens the goddess within and the god within, so this process starts to help balance the male and female energies that lie in the mind, body and spirit, that is an essential part of the path to man’s evolution. 

So it is to the dear men, women and children of the world that we ask to become more illuminated in their thinking, so they may become our leaders and speak the truth that needs to be heard in your world today.

All deceit and lies must now be challenged and not allowed to fester, because now more than ever it is important to preserve a world where your children and future generations can thrive both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This is a clarion call to all who live on earth at this time, to let go of your complacency and wake up to the reality of these changing times.  You are the potential leaders of your world, where you can make a difference. You can become my surrogate in a world that is becoming more aware of the energy of the Christ consciousness that is permeating your world daily.

So we need men and woman of Christ who become like me, act like me, and serve me as I serve myself.  You will be like my disciples of old, but now in a totally different way, because you live in a modern and more different world that is materially very different.

But the cause is the same as it was many aeons ago, and that is for you to become in my likeness, so that people may see the Christ light within you. So my dearest ones this is your challenge, do you think you are up for it or will you shy away thinking you are not good enough?  I say to each and every one of you that has been called forth in my name this very day, and the fact that you are still reading, this is my assurance that you have finally found me and might let me enter your heart.

I will welcome all you meet on your journey upon earth, and as you become the embodiment of Christ on earth, I will support you every single day as you go about your daily endeavours. Now you will realise that there is no great learning involved except for you to learn how to love your brother and sister without judgement and set your intention to only love one other in my name.

As many of you know, love is the heart of my mantra, love is at the heart of every action and is the solution to all the problems of the world.  You do not have to be a professor of science or study my teachings for many years, because all you need to do is to carry the love of the Christ consciousness in your hearts for evermore.

Many are being called at this moment in time and a lot will revoke my invitation, but my wonderful people on earth, it is up to you whether you decide to respond to my clarion call or not.

Bring peace to earth dear ones, bring peace unto yourselves and follow the intention of the Christ consciousness wherever you are at this moment in time, this is all I will ask of you now at this critical time of man’s awakening unto himself. Your Lord Jesus Christ.

My dear ones, I St. John the Baptist am here to assist you on this quest for your illumination, so you may become a Christed being of much influence in a world that is desperate to experience love in their hearts. And now I would ask that you seriously consider our approach and request for your help.

The world you are experiencing at the moment is one of desperation, and many have no faith or belief, and are feeling very lost and alone within the changing landscape of your world. So agreeing to become a surrogate for Christ is a great honour and responsibility that will be bestowed upon many, should they make the choice to come into their own souls resurrection.

But we also respect your free will and will always offer you our love whatever choice you make, and you will always be welcome to return whenever you feel the call to come home. So be still and know that I am God, so now come into your heart and ask the questions you have been waiting to ask during many previous lifetimes. This is this your time now and only you will know that within yourself, no other.

St. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  24th February, 2021

The Prodigal – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson

Also available from Anna Marie Croxon ‘God Spoke to Me’

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two by Michael Champion: now available from Amazon and by order from other popular book sellers


Do not weep for the ones that have walked away, do not weep for the ones that are no longer with you at this moment in time, but rejoice that they are your own flesh and blood and know that they will return someday.

Whatever has been taken away always returns, and the one who is not close to you in this moment will in time be closer.  The prodigal will return renewed and restored to their present glory. No one is lost to you even though they may have deserted you in your quest to keep them contained, but remember they are your flesh and blood, and that the blood of Christ runs through their veins.

So whatever you are suffering at this moment in time, come into Christ. His loving heart will envelop your sorrow, your guilt, and your longings. Let not your sorrow be deepened by your circumstances, and but stand in love until your loved one returns with a repentant heart, know that love never dies, and that your hope for restoration should never die.  Expect a miracle, expect full restoration of the soul, and expect the love of Jesus Christ to enter their heart and for the Holy Spirit to enter them also.

You are not their protector and you do not own them, somehow they have to find their way back to God and feel him in their hearts. The longing you feel will not go away until you relinquish all your fears and believe in the will of God, because my dears this situation is one that exists between them and their God and will lead them to their path of resurrection.

So today when you might be feeling lonely or sad, I say this to you. They are not your responsibility so do not carry any guilt, do not carry any distorted perceptions, know that you have done your best and now you need to leave the rest to God and his child.

You are only part of the story, and all of you have your own individual paths even though you are connected by the family blood line. But sometimes you have to let go of the ties that bind you, and allow the other soul to find their freedom of expression so they can find their own way home.

Your job is to keep close to God and pray to him, believe in him and believe in the miracle that will bring your loved one back home. Many will have become fully awakened as they progressed on their pilgrim’s journey, and slowly, step by step, they will find their way back to themselves and to Jesus who now would like to speak to you about this sensitive subject.

‘ Dearest Children of the Earth, do not think that I ignore your troubles or am ignorant of your pain and suffering. I am so aware of all of you and see everything that is happening to you, but now is a time of great illumination for mankind and sometimes suffering has to be undertaken for you to realise and see the light that resides in you as well as all others.

I know when it is a dear loved one taking this journey that it is most difficult to bear and my heart goes out to you every single day. I would ask you to come unto me during this period in your life, and I will soothe you and give you hope that your loved one will return to you.

This of course, I cannot fully guarantee, but your prayers and the prayers of your family are very powerful, and the most important lesson here is for you to hold love in your heart for the one that has departed.

Do not hold yourself responsible for their actions, because now they must follow their souls path and partake of their own resurrection. As they are part of your blood family I know it is difficult to break the ties that bind you, and in truth you do not have to do this. Hold onto your faith at the highest level, and do not judge another’s action, many of which are born out of fear of reprisal and anger. You may not fully understand the heart space of another or their inner anguish, their disgust with themselves, and their low opinion and despair. It is within this despair that they believed that it was better to leave before they did more damage to you and others.

And it is because they love you that they have taken this decision because they felt that they had let you down and were not able to match your expectation of them, so remember there are always two sides to any story and both have value.

Blaming another is not a wise move even though you might feel righteous given the circumstances, but I would implore you to only find love in your heart for this soul. Should they call on me for help I will respond most whole wholeheartedly and will attempt to bring about a softening of their heart centre, so they may come to learn how they can forgive and love themselves first and foremost.

This is the first and most important step they have to take and they are the only ones that can decide make this decision, it is not for you to try and do this for them. This is something they have learn to deal with on their own and now is not the time for you to attempt to take over the situation because you feel you know what is best for them

They are the only ones that can deal with their own situation so let them grow into their own restoration so they can find their own way in life once more. Have patience dear souls and understand they have not forgotten you nor have stopped loving you, they have only stopped loving themselves and see themselves as lost souls who nobody else can help.   But I can help and that is why your prayers are so important because it keeps the love link that connects us all, and when love is present that is when solutions are found and followed.

And remember this, this situation is primarily their journey, but this is also a journey for you so you can learn more about yourself. During this time you will learn patience, faith, and you might develop much more tolerance for yourselves as well as others.  When you are tolerant towards another you will be acting out of love, and will give the other person a chance to prove themselves, so we would ask you not to jump in with your judgement or any criticisms.

We understand so well that this situation is not easy for you but you do not always learn lessons when life is easy, but when troubles come you have to dig deep within and in time this will strengthen your faith and trust in me.

Dearest ones I applauded your courage and your conviction at this time of your greatest concern, and I do assure you of my presence that is within both of you, but both of you have to be willing to see the goodness in each other and not always want to be the one that believes that they are right.

So now go forth in full faith knowing I am standing at your side in the good days and the bad. Time will show you that all can come good with enough faith and trust and I know that you will able to step up to the mark at this time of your greatest challenge’, Your Lord Jesus Christ.

My dearest ones you are not alone, I know at times you wonder why this has happened to you but I can assure you that even through the dark days, and even the days when you may lose hope, we will be ever present when you have faith in us and know that we can help you.

It is one of the most challenging times when you lose a loved one whatever the circumstances, but whether they have departed to spirit or are still on the earth plane living out their incarnation, we are always here to help you through this grieving process.  When you are in direct contact with spirit you are never alone and you will receive extra courage to take you through this time of your greatest testing.

Believe us when we say this because it is tempting when you are feeling so low so let your faith sink under the weight of your sorrow, and then you may never return to the love and support of the everlasting arms of the spirit world that long to support you.

All will be well, and although the journey may seem long and arduous we assure you that if you keep your faith you will cope and be able to come into a much deeper understanding of the true truth of this situation. Often it is only after the event has passed that a full realisation and wonder will come to you, and you will drop to your knees in reverence and joy as your revelation is revealed to you in all its glory.

Some will say that this was a gift from God, a gift that you would not have believed was at all possible had you not experienced the might and wonderful love of God during this time of great revelation.  And so as you undertook this journey of faith you realised that you truly became a child of God, and that God was taking care of everything that was happening at that time, even if to others this appeared a disastrous situation.

You see this situation did not just affect you and your immediate family it also had a positive effect on many other people who gathered their own strength from the strength that you showed at that time.   And that is the greatest lesson that was learnt, to trust God and in his mercy you were saved further suffering.

So my dearest ones this is a time for congratulations as we see how you have made this testing experience become a victory of faith, and it is unto you that we send our deepest love and admiration as you have passed this test of faith, which is the ultimate test for your love and trust in God.

When love reigns supreme is makes all crooked places straight, because the ego is dimmed and vanquished in the face of love. So love yourself, love your God and love all you meet with an open and non judgemental heart so you may express true love to all you meet, and revere yourself as you have become a true child of God, and have become in his likeness for all to see.

St. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.Anna Marie Croxson  22nd February, 2021

You are your own Messiah – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


You have an inner wisdom that can guide you through life and you have no need to look outside of yourself for guidance, because if you can accept that you have the inner qualities of a Messiah, then your innate wisdom will show its face to you.  You see my beloved Jeshua knew and understood his inner messiah because he knew his path was to be a saviour for mankind.  

Now you too can become a saviour for mankind in his name, and he is asking you today to contact your inner essence and find the Messiah within you.  All of you without exception can find your Messiah within, and this can also become a wonderful healing tool that you can add to your already extraordinary skills.

All the power you need is within you and it is by connecting with your inner Messiah that will help you form a closer link with Jeshua and many of his associates.  At this time on earth there is a great uprising, and a greater awareness to the power that you hold as a human being of the earth today.

But many are frightened by this concept, and wish to ignore their inner power in case they are mocked or not understood by others.  It does take courage to come out and show your true colours and not all will understand. But this is the most important thing to remember, because if you ignore your inner calling, you will not find any deep satisfaction in life, there will always be something missing that perhaps you cannot put your finger on.

So today we are alerting you to this fact so you may progress to a higher spiritual level of awareness should you wish to, but this is not mandatory, because you have free will and we are only here to highlight the possibilities that are open to you.  My dearest Jeshua also has a few words on this subject that he would like to discuss with you:

‘My dearest Christed ones on earth, you are my special envoys of peace and hope for all mankind.  It is very important at this time of world crisis that all who are called come together, strengthen their spiritual bonding.  When groups are formed with a common purpose it helps to strengthen the power of the group concerned, but to be able to do this you will have been able to find your own inner faith, your own messiah, and will have recognised the special gifts that have been given to you.  

Then you will be ready to join others of like mind and spiritual awareness, and together you can form a fireball of spiritual energy that can be expressed out into the world within your wonderful group energy that will send out love and light to all.

These initiatives are desperately needed at this time of the world crisis. Many believe that it is their politicians and leaders that will help solve this problem, but I assure you it is not in their remit to do so.  But it is within your remit to help heal the world now, at a totally different level of awareness, and that is love in action.

As you know, I have been saying this for many centuries and it is now for you to realise that love is the greatest healer on earth that its people can experience. But now during this greatest awakening of mankind, he has to realise for himself the truth of the love and compassion that already lies within him.

You see many of you have been called but did not feel quite ready to take on this new responsibility, this I understand, but now I am offering you a chance to come within and meet the wisdom of the great messiah that resides within you. By making a connection to this wonderful energy you will automatically become connected to me as well as my dedicated followers, many who are now coming forth to impart their own messages of wisdom.

This is a critical time on earth and one not to be taken lightly and so now it is to you I turn to, my beautiful souls on earth, who have already done such sterling work on my behalf.  I know that you may find this latest challenge demanding, but I assure you it will also offer amazing rewards for yourselves and for others, and this can truly be life changing if you are able to accept our latest request for help.

Many of you are totally aware of the intention of the second appearance of myself in the world, but for now I am coming to you within a form and content that is now directly available to you.  Many of you on earth have opened your hearts to send your messages out into the world, and now their hearts are fully open with the good intent of helping to heal the people of the world.

Each one of you has a special mission and although your individual missions are personal to you, the overarching mission is to impart love and understanding and to work with compassion for all you meet. This is the basic foundation of all people that work with, and who function within the Christ consciousness energy that is flowing with such grace across all continents in the world. And so whoever receives this message today is being called forth and will be able to offer their special work on our behalf.

So my dearest ones, I am calling upon you today to request your help at this time of great urgency in your world.  Do not be frightened or believe you cannot cope because all you have to do is to connect with your own candle of love within to make a huge difference to all you meet.

You see, when you set an intention I hear your call and I see your energetic intention to help me in all we can do together. This is a partnership and I am your Messiah, and when you connect with me you can ignite the energy of your own beautiful soul messiah within you.

So my dears, I leave you with this thought. Will you come unto me, will you assist me in this great worldwide peace mission that we are bringing into the world right now? If so I await your call most happily and look forward to connecting with you and your beautiful soul. Your Lord Jesus Christ’.

Dear ones I implore you to heed our masters word today and intend yourself to become a masterful one of great love and intention, not only to save yourself but our world that is in great need of this interaction at this time.

This is a heartfelt plea of much magnificence and it is to you all that we wish to bring you this opportunity of connecting with our Lord Jesus Christ, our own dear Messiah.  By offering to come within and to connect with his energy you will easily be able to flow into the stream of the Christ consciousness that holds the energetic intention of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. 

For all his followers, this message today is of great importance because the tidal wave of disparity that exists in your world must be healed, and man must be healed and be brought into his own consciousness so he may awaken. This is vital to the success of our mission to bring peace to earth. But it is man who has to awaken first, and it is to you our dear souls on earth who can help awaken others to this truth that will help them see the light and create their own light within.

Now this mission is gathering momentum and our army of worshippers are waking up to the clarion call that is now gaining so much momentum.  We know and respect you all, but if we did not inform you of the current situation you would not realise the enormity of the task ahead, so that is why we are asking you for your support.

Together we will form the new messiah’s of the world who will come together in his name, and like before, when he was in his incarnation on earth he will lead mankind out of the wilderness and into calmer waters. But this is no lightweight task and it demands the dedication of the enlightened ones, the ones who are reading this message today.

In some ways I believe this is mirroring our historic story of old, but now with a much more enlightened perspective. All who are on earth at this time have been brought here for a specific purpose, and many will serve their purpose at a time that is right for them.  But first we had to alert you to the possibility of you coming to help us, and like you who often asked for our help on numerous occasions, now we are asking for your assistance that will help bring our mission for peace on earth to its successful conclusion.

So my dearest ones our plea is simple and yet profound. Now my dears you have to find yourselves first, you have to find your place in life and follow you hearts desires, and then you will be able to fulfil your souls purpose in this lifetime. But now in the collective there is a bigger picture emerging and even as you diligently go about your spiritual journey by fulfilling your life mission there is now a much bigger call to action emerging that you may engage in, and there is a collective mission on earth that you can help fulfil with your wonderful generous hearts that are so full of love.

So I leave you today with this request. Seek to find your own Messiah, seek to come and speak to our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and seek to come and assist us with this great world peace mission that we place before you. It is with our great love and dedication that we attend to you at this time. We are aware that many are struggling but if you would just take time to connect with your inner Messiah, all crooked places would be made straight and you would be able to receive the illumination you so desperately crave. So today I leave you with this message for your enticement, your appraisal, and hopefully for your confirmation.

St. John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 18th February, 2021

14-02-21 Time, Struggles of Life, Time to say ‘Farewell’, Pamela Kiddey

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Transcript Date: 14th February 2021

It is with thought that we communicate with you this evening.


You aspire to enlighten others upon their road of life, and you awaken many memories of this life, of past, present and that to come. We wish you well upon this journey, as it is a task that few will take.

Bring yourself ease of mind, relax into the world in which you live and do not hasten, or rush these things, for purity of thought should be gained before it is written. Have hope that our wisdom is with you and that a guiding hand helps you upon your way, for she walks within your life, unseen by you, yet heard within your mind, with trust and faith.

You all walk your lives in industrious ways, helping each other through the worst of times and bringing peace to your loved ones who rest at this time. Do not be afraid to speak to them, for they exist within what you call the universal spirit of life. The energies of your bodies never cease to exist, but become part of the whole at the time of your bodies passing.

You are an organic race, and like all organic creatures of matter, your bodies have a limited time, but the spirit and soul walk on with unlimited time. Eons can pass in a blink of an eye, it is a matter of perspective. You currently measure time by your daily routines and by your conscious mind. You map out your life in these ways, yet curiously it is not necessary, for life passes within a blink of the eye and time is of no relevance. For what is the passing of time? Can you measure it, other than by your instruments and clocks? How do you measure it? Some would measure it by the years of their life, while others by the hours of the day. It is a simple question of perspective.

Purpose and intention

Do not be afraid to walk your life with purpose, have an open mind and aspect to all the creatures that live upon your world. In your minds eye you have seen the horse. This animal, this creature, has power and strength, it carries the burdens of life for humankind upon its back and it does this at a stride. Its mind is dominated by the structure that you give it, and in this we talk about the training, and the mind of the horse, and it’s will are strong, yet it gives way to man’s intentions (or instructions). Like the horse, you too as individuals have strength, you cannot tame the wild, but it can be tempered with love and caring.

Never let go of your thoughts of love, or the peace that connects us to your mind and soul, for purpose will be brought to all in the conclusion of their lives.

Struggling in the dark

Desperate times call for desperate measures, some say as they struggle for survival within your world, and they suffer greatly, unknown to the eyes of many. Their life is not one of peace, but they are content at their being, for they know in their hearts, that although life can be hard, it can also be tempered with that of their loved  ones and the love that is held inside.

Too often we have seen many lose hope within your world as they look at their desperate times and see nothing but a dark tunnel which seems never-ending to them. They wonder how they will ever escape this bleakness, this tunnel of dark. It is true that it is difficult to see the way clear, but imagine what it is like for those with no sight, for they are permanently struggling within the dark and yet they cope. They have a great attitude to life because they adapt to the conditions at hand. We would reflect this within those lives upon your world who think there is no hope for them and see only the dark, and not the light ahead.

You must adapt and cope with these problems as best you can, for if you do not, then you will forever roam the dark tunnels of the negative. Help yourselves to a better way, enlighten your mind’s with the thoughts of love and bring special greetings to those who would greet you from the world beyond yours.

The time for farewell (message for Michael)

The time has come for us to leave you, to wander your life filled with the teachings of our love. You wonder why this is, can it be real, that after all this time nothing more will be said? Your heart feels despondent, as if a cruel whip had struck you across your back, but we will still be there, our thoughts of love will be with you and much greater than before.

You  must continue your journey to watch over others as best you can. The words are written, and the truth has been spoken. But if you wish for a release, then we are there to listen to your thoughts, for your mind needs time to adjust to your life.

She will continue to walk with you, guiding your steps and your thoughts as you write the words. But have no fear, for time is short and not measured by the days or hours. It is measured by your love and the work that you carry with you. (NOTE: A personal message received by Michael from the late Pamela Kiddey on 9th February below will make sense of this.)

Trust and faith in us is paramount, and although our words will be few, you will still hear us and we will give you a response.

The trio of life will continue on and you will make your ways within life. You will travel your own separate paths, but united at the same time. You must not fear the steps ahead, or the things we say. The world that you know will continue on despite the many mishaps of the human race, it will lead itself upon one path or another.

Many feel dejected at their inability to assist, and we would say this to them, do not give up hope, for a promise has been made of His return and the light will shine once more to illuminate your world. These words are spoken this evening with much love.

We feel your regret Michael, but do not punish yourself, for we are there, and although the words may be few and far between, they will still be written in many other ways. Your work is done, but do not fear for your life, for this has time yet for you to seek out a peace within your mind.

Tell the others that your words were great and were given by us to lighten their loads of life, to assist them upon their own personal travels and journeys in life. Do not be disheartened, but feel empathy for those who have not touched that of the world of spirit, they do not understand or believe as you do, for they will tread their paths and be instructed by unseen hands and words.

We ask you once more to say a prayer of love, that we may hear your voice call out to us with respect and love, as we call to you within the world of men.

We have spoken this evening and you are filled with much thought, but never fear, for we are here to walk with you and to take your hand when your time comes.

It is fair to say that none of you will ever walk alone, and like the stallion of life, you must be strong and bear the burden that you are given.

Temptation is given to many by the wisdom of those who focus upon spirit, and the temptation is to ignore their words. But you must listen, and listen carefully, for they speak the truth, and in time they will begin to understand the purpose of their lives and the path upon which they trod. 

9th February 2021

Message to Michael from Pamela Kiddey – co-author with Doris Stokes, British medium

Pamela speaks:

Your words are spoken true and simple, it is a task to write of these things when your knowledge lacks, but you learn, as we all did, to accept the truth of these things. In that light, I will undertake the task to assist where I can within your thoughts, to give direction.

You must learn to walk before you run and the pace is slow, it must be taken steadily with no exception, for you must learn to control your emotions and your eagerness. Perhaps we can start at the beginning, to produce a novel based on truth. Then make a list of the various subjects to be involved within this task.

You must be dedicated in this and clarity of mind is of the utmost importance. I will guide you within your thoughts as requested Michael, do not lose heart at your inability to write well, for it will come together as we work together.

I will be with you as requested and I will take notes on your behalf that you should listen and learn. To make a start you have begun, but more clarity is needed, more focus is required. Do not accept things at face value but investigate and search out the answers, so you may be clear in your words.

You have written so much already, but this task will be of a different kind. To tell your life story would be a vast amount of information, much of which will be unnecessary, so stick to the point, search the value of each subject, then ask yourself, does it fit within the purpose at hand?

I can only assist you in this way, and as you accept me, so I will be there in your thoughts and in your dreams. It may not be apparent at this moment, but give it time, and like all upon earth, in spirit time is of the essence, although it is not rushed, we do have limited time to speak, for the energies drain and refreshment is needed.

Do not overwork yourself or stress, let it take its time, let it be a mission of life to accompany your present mission. You have time, nothing but time, so slow and steady will be the aim.

Write with pen in hand if you can, let my thoughts guide your hand, so you may see my thoughts, for there is no greater joy than to write in this way, and even though your education is lacking and your abilities are not so sharp as mine, you will understand what is written and coherence will come.

Your mission is great in life, as much as my friend Doris, but you must work hard with the nature of kindness and goodness of heart.

Tell your friend that he does not dream of me for your sake alone, but equally for his and his wife. Tell him his thoughts are clear and they channel many things that he should understand. His presence is welcomed in this world of light, as is your wife’s. Work together as I worked as Pam to Doris.

Never respond to anger with anger, but with love and acceptance that those who cause strife will only bring harm to their own nature and being.

We will walk hand-in-hand and we will call to each other through the night, record your memoirs as I did, and bring hope to others that their lives are filled with purpose, particularly those who have a lack of understanding.

To write the novel you must be precise. Help yourself in the learning process, the title should be called “To Feast in Heaven”. Your path is the subject and the feast in heaven is the feast of knowledge and love, for we feed upon the love that is abundant within the light, as you will and as your friends will.

Stay calm and collected, never let an opportunity pass to write down the words I give. We have made a start, continue, many times you will repeat things, but clarity will come later in that post edit.

Fill yourself with confidence and hope, never let go of your dreams, for this is what drives you ever onward, ever upward. “Ever onward” would be an apt title! Cherish it, for it is not taken at this time.

Be blessed in your work and acknowledge my presence in your life, go with peace of heart and collect your data carefully. Read and reread, give to others to read if you must, but clarity is of the essence.

I will prevent your thoughts from wandering and I will intervene when required. Go with love Michael.

To this end we will meet in that place beyond. Practice your medium-ship as she did, with love, without bias, without self. For you all work together within the realm of heaven and you are issued with the practice of love to the world beyond.

She will come to assist with your readings, and they will call for you, hoping for satisfactory answers, but they cannot always be given, for those of the earth seek many things other than just love and hope.

Stay focused and become one with the light. I am your friend, an author of life.

Come unto your own … channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Now it is time for you to come into yourselves, to appreciate yourself and most of all to be kind to yourselves.  So many of you do not believe in your inherent good, or the gifts that God has given to you, that is part of the inheritance of who you are, a person that has been formed by God and one who will undertake to do God’s work.

Many of you do not realise the reason you have been put onto earth at this time, to serve God and no other. It is my role now to educate you to accept your true power, so you can come into the fullest essence of your beautiful self.  You see, until you fully appreciate and love yourselves, and until you believe in your own inherited goodness, and until you are merciful towards yourself, you will not be able to harness your inner power.

To be a servant of our Lord it is necessary for you to learn these valuable lessons about yourself, but many of you still listen to the voices of others who might persuade you that you are otherwise.  Now it is time to ‘know thyself’, and accept yourself exactly as you are, which is how God made you, no other.

For as much as others might want you to conform to who they believe you should be, you must become aware that this agenda is in fact only serving them, not you.  But until you know and accept yourself exactly as you are, then it is likely that others will still attempt to change you and have power over you. That can make you become powerless, so you become the instrument of another, and by not understanding this process this will not serve you. 

So now it is time to accept all the goodness and mercy that lies within you, then you will be free of others opinions or any demands that they might wish to put upon you.

Now it is time now to face yourself, and see yourself as a wonderful, giving, loving person, that you know you can be. Is it now time to step up, knowing that as you appreciate the gifts that have been given to you, you will become a child of God. Is it not enough that you have been chosen to do this important work on his behalf, only to reject him because of your own lack of faith and self worth?

So now let us examine your own goodness, let us assume that you do not believe that you are inherently good because of some past misdemeanour, or because you believed an untruth that another told you, and so assumed that you were this person.  And what about mercy, have you not shown mercy to others, but not to yourself?  Do you believe that you are not good enough to receive another’s mercy, including God’s belief in you?

It must be said that God in his mercy has spared you from many a trouble that you are unaware of you, he has re- directed you onto another path, just when you were about to embark upon one that was unsuitable for your souls purpose on earth. On numerous occasions he has saved you from embarrassment and he has given you the knowledge that you needed at that time. God in his mercy has saved you many times, even though you were not always aware of his presence and his love for you.

God in his goodness has sent you the most incredible gifts that sometimes you are hardly aware of, because you would prefer to listen to the words of others who do not recognise the wonderful gift that he has passed onto you, and this gift is one you do not use as much as he would like.

But the greatest gift he has given you is his unconditional love, but so often you are not aware that he stands behind you, praising you when you do something amazing, and supporting you when you do not believe in yourself, not understanding that it is you that needs his unconditional love.

Now it is time to become more aware of his presence, our father who art is heaven, is with you every hour of every day that you spend on earth, as well as myself the Lord Jesus Christ. We are your saviours and you are our saviours on earth, but before you can save others, your must learn not only to save yourself, but appreciate the goodness and mercy that lies within you.

Firstly you must remember that you are a child of God, and although it is often to man that you look to for your recognition, it is not man that can give you the love and appreciation you crave. Firstly you have to come back into yourself, come back into your heart and learn who you are, and what you came here to do. This I know is not always so easy for you in human form, but I assure you that it is necessary for your life on earth at this time.

Now it is time to stand in your own two shoes and be proud of who you are and how far you have come, and to appreciate all that you have gone through with grateful thanks, and to have an appreciative mind set, because it is very important that you appreciate and love yourself first, before all others, except for your God.

I am here today to say to you that I, St. John the Baptist honour your gifts. the special gifts that God has given you, and I wish you to accept my love and appreciation for all that you do. Now I wish you to honour and appreciate yourself, you are a wonderful human being doing sterling work on earth, so do not let any situation, any person, or any organisation tell you any differently, because you are only answerable to God, and only God.

When you realise that this is the truth, then you will be free of others who would wish to contain you, or restrict you in any way or indeed have an opinion on you.  They may have an opinion, but if you let this affect you, you will become powerless. So why would you want to give your power away to another, especially to one that does not respect the gifts that you have been given by God?

So today this is a reminder to honour yourself, honour your gifts and know that you are a unique soul in the world that has many important gifts to share with others.  Do not dare hide your light under a bushel, or crawl away feeling beaten by the bullies in your world. Stand up for yourself, and stand up for your God, the one that made you so you could come into your own goodness of heart and mercy that makes you such a special soul.

It is now time to stand up and claim your power, because you have the power of God within you right now.  Do not let any other put you asunder or rob you of your peace of mind. Do not let another take away the beautiful essence that you were born with, and certainly do not let another tell you what you are capable of, or accept any influence that they intend to use against you.

Start believing in yourself wholeheartedly and know that God above all others loves you and believes in you. You are his representative of his goodness and mercy on the earth.  Who else can he rely upon during these troubled times. So now it is time to put your troubles away and come into your own goodness of heart and mercifully help others who are less fortunate than yourself.

Now my dearest Jeshua wishes to impart his own message to you.

‘Dearest children on earth, I wish to praise you for your courage and fortitude during this most challenging time.  It is important for you to realise that you were brought to earth specifically to help mankind, to understand the power of love, and to release hate.  In this way you can help God with the goodness and mercy that you hold in your heart that will affect all you meet.

You are an earth angel that has been brought to earth to spread your wings of light and endow others with your unconditional love.  You are a servant on earth that acts upon the wishes on behalf of myself, and my father who art in heaven. Now we wish to thank our dearest friend and confidant St. John the Baptist who wishes to bless you with his love today.

And it is to St. John the Baptist that I turn to for my wisdom, and so you can you allow yourself to be within his presence so that you may receive the love and wisdom he offers to us all. 

Because you see, all of us are learning many valuable lessons both in spirit and on earth, but now it is most important that we work together. With God’s love we can help to save the planet that is in such desperate need of love at this time of man’s greatest awakening.

So now it is important to ask God to come to you once more, and to step into your life so you may dispense the goodness and mercy he has granted upon you at this time of man’s greatest challenge that he faces at this time on earth.

All people have to face themselves and bring themselves before God so he may dispense his goodness and mercy that is available to all, should they wish to receive this great blessing that is now available to mankind.

But first man has to awaken into himself, and accept the inherent goodness and mercy that he can find within himself, should he want to use and take advantage of this revelation designed to help mankind’.

So my dearest one it is my greatest wish that you partake of this great gift that is being given to you with so much love.  And it is my greatest wish that these words will inspire you to take action and accept this great blessing that comes from on high knowing it will be used for the blessing of all mankind, and for all who seek the love of God in their heart.

St. John the Baptist and Lord Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 13th February, 2021

Atonement – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


I wish for you nothing better than to receive your atonement that will release your spirit, deny all ills, and any injustices that may have been brought against you. This will also clear the slate of any of past misdemeanours, and will leave you free to advance yourself on the spiritual plane. 

This is a time of great cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit and of the earth.  There is room for improvement, and it is now necessary for all beings on earth to realise that to ascend they have to accept this process. It need not be hard dear ones, just a willingness of spirit to become the best that you can be.

We are not judging you, or insisting upon this great opportunity that lies before you, but we are making you aware of these great changes that are taking place on earth at this time, and for you to realise this needs to come into alignment. So as well as cleansing yourself, this process can assist you do your wonderful work on earth in the easiest and most pleasurable manner.

We do not want to see you stressed or in denial of the great abilities that God has given you, but there is a process of cleansing that has to take place, and this is at the individual, collective, and planetary level.  No one is spared the great revolution that is taking place on earth at this time of earth’s great renewal.  And like the earth you can be renewed so that you may operate at your optimum level of efficiency, and also at the optimum level of your spiritual awareness.

As man evolves to become a more awakened species, he also will become aware comes of his soul’s purpose. It is then he will realise that the old way of living does not work for him anymore. Now he must seek change and make adjustments so be can become aligned to the higher energy of the vibrations that are collectively being experienced at this moment in time.

But should he stay stuck and resolute and keep his feet in the old world that was so familiar to him, he will not progress in any way.  Now we need people who are willing to make these changes because they understand, not only their spiritual purpose on earth at this time, but the importance of the opportunity that is being given to them.

Earth is vibrating at its highest resonance at this moment in time and it is time for the humans on earth to catch up.  To do so you need to bring yourself into the resonance and harmony that is available to you, and it is your soul that is calling you to make this change, to adjust to this vibration and not to ignore your calling.

Many are being called at this moment in time to step up into the greatness of their spirit, yet many are still in denial believing the old ways were best. They are also influenced by the current events that are taking place, and have become enshrouded in the dense matter of the dark. But we would assure all people of the light, because of the work you are doing on behalf of spirit, that you will be protected at all times. Now it is Jeshua who wishes to speak to you on this subject.

My dearest ones, my cherished ones, I want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and how much I admire the courage you have shown during these difficult times on earth.

You have withstood criticisms against you, and have you have withstood many a storm that has come your way, and now you have emerged triumphant, and are becoming a true representative of the emerging Christ consciousness at this most enlightened time on earth.

Our message today talks of atonement, and we bring you this message to let you know that you are now free of the past, and anything that might have been trying to hold your wonderful self from stepping forward so you can complete your mission upon earth. You all have individual and collective missions that now need to unfold, and these will be of great benefit to mankind.

Many of you still believed that you were sinners, now and in the past, and we wish to assure you that all karmic debts and learning that you needed to go through to reach the wonderful place that you are in. And the atonement of your sins of the past has now been activated to clear not only your physical body but the very soul that resides within you.

Your soul has been directing you to experience your karma so you could release it in this lifetime, as well as clearing past ancestral traits that were not serving you or others around you.  Your ancestors have been praying for your release of their sins of the past, knowing and appreciating that you have come to earth to help with a major ancestral clearing that had to take place at this time.

This was no lightweight task and many felt very bowed down by the task in hand that carried a very heavy energy of the past.  But now this has been released from your auric field, or should I say with our help you have helped to release yourselves to become the brightest shining star that you are today.

Therefore I now say unto you go forth and multiply, and let your God given gifts be shown to the world, without any need for grand gestures nor to engage the ego, but only to show the wonderful and true spirit that lies within you, so you can follow the path that has been laid before you.

Now we wish you to know that we are all supporting you and cheering you on as you feel the light flow into your body and literally feel like you are floating on air.  At the same time even during this realisation, you realise that you are now free to achieve whatever is in your heart.

But we advise you to take steps to stay grounded, as there are many challenging energies that might wish to attract, and distract your attention.

So now it is time to focus only upon your purpose and decided how you can achieve this with our help.  We wish to partner with you as you launch yourselves, and can provide much assistance if needed. This experience will also help you become acquainted with other like- minded people who will come to support you on this grand new adventure, please remember to ask for our help at any time.

So it is with a very light heart that I wish you God Speed on your new adventure where you will serve the good people on earth that are seeking enlightenment and love.  We would ask that you listen to the still small voice within that will help direct you at all times, and to know that you are never alone on your quest.

This partnership with myself, Mary Magdalene, as well as our Father will flourish as we call you into our higher vibration of Love.  There are many others who will come into play including my dear friend St. John the Baptist who is here today as my friend and confident whom I totally rely on, and he is so willing to serve you as well.

There are many here who have served lifetimes on earth and they very much appreciate all your efforts and dedication, as I do, especially at this most challenging time on earth.  Bringing our peace mission into the hearts and souls of men is our mission and you will help ignite the Candle of love within all that come to you for help.  Remember that you have been put on earth for this mission and now this is being launched with rocket like precision to all parts of the world.

You will see major players emerge on the world stage who will talk openly of their faith and their dedication to bringing peace to all.  These are men and woman of much valour, courage, vision and inspiration and you would do well to follow their example and pioneer spirit.

But for now I bless you and thank you all for your inspiration and dedication to this cause that has been so dear to my heart for many a long time.  Now I believe that it is time that my dream comes true as well as yours.  Your Lord Jesus Christ’.

Dearest ones I wish you to know, as has been suggested that I am willing to support you all in your spiritual endeavours.  You all have a special place in my heart, I am heartened by your response to these messages that are being sent out to you, and these will be continued for many years ahead to enable us to support you more fully on your personal path of fulfilment.

Now take some time for reflection, and reflect most deeply upon what you wish to achieve. And even if at this moment you should feel quite daunted by this prospect, do not dare to think of giving up but call on us in your hour of need.  And even at this moment if you are not quite sure of what direction to take, or when to take appropriate action, call on us for guidance and we will gently take you to the next step.

Remember you are never alone as you travel this new path, and there will be much support from your human family and well as your spiritual family. The earth needs as many enlightened people to step up right now, so just be content to take the next step however small, and see where it leads you.

We can see your life plan, and even though you have free will, we will, through these conversations, endeavour to guide you further as you bravely embark on the next stage of your journey on earth. Go in peace dear ones knowing you are fully protected and guided by the ones on high, and know these messages are sent to guide and support you for evermore.

Jesus Christ, and St. John The Baptist

Anna Marie Croxson 9th February, 2021

07-02-21 Arrow of unity, The Silk Road, Environmental Disasters, All paths lead to the same road, etc

Transcript Date: 7th February 2021

As the arrow flies

As the arrow flies, so our hearts meet and combine to bring strength to one and all. Blessings to be, blessings to Him upon high. Amen.

Lightworkers and loved ones

Valiant are those who work their wonders to establish the light within your world. Your purpose was brought from long ago to bring others hope, to bring joy to their hearts so they may understand that the living spirit continues on.

Let it be known this evening that your loved ones watch over you to bring new hope and joy in their absence, for although they are not seen by your eyes, they see you and follow you with love in their hearts and tenderness in their thoughts.

Hold strong and fast in love

Times have been hard for many, and times in the future will reflect this. There is always hardship to be faced with in your world, it is part of the human path for the human animal that you are. You should hold fast and strong together, bring that inner strength forward to let others know that you will not be deterred from your path, from your promise of love.

It has come to our attention, that many who live this day do not understand the purpose of life. They whisper to one another about things of the spiritual world, yet they will not speak out loud for fear of ridicule.

Pat has become afraid of those who might torment her with their words, but she has strength in her heart, she is an example to be followed by all, for when your love for Christ, the Lord in heaven is strong, then no one can defeat you and no one can bring you down.

Regardless of your times and the attitudes of men, all those who work within the light must stand the test of time and the trials brought to them. You must work together to form a strong union, so you may resist these attempts to bring you down. We hear many things that are spoken of in the privacy of your homes, your words are heard by us, but not necessarily by others. We respond in kind to your requests, for your thoughts issue many aspects of need, of love, peace and health.

Shelved plans for one

Let us bring this to your attention this evening, as one has spoken of her wishes to succeed with her plans that are shelved at this time. She cannot bear the thought that her words will not be heard, yet she continues on relentless. She has spoken to others asking for their guidance and whether she should continue upon her path. The answer was given and she continues on.

Never speak ill of others – all paths lead to the same road

Never speak things of the negative about others, bring a loving heart to those who do not understand and give them your strength of arm so they may hold the power inside and have determination of mind to ignore the ridicule and speak out on behalf of the Lord.

It has become apparent that many of your world follow a different path at this time, but all paths lead to the same end, they merge into that same road that all must follow within due course. It is your attitude and strength that will continue and carry you through in desolate times.

We speak as one this evening, as a group to bring new hope. Do not let things of life overshadow your being, for you must be a tower of strength and demonstrate your love openly so others may see. Seek no recompense, for you are worth more than any treasure upon your world.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road is well known, it was a passageway for those who bartered their wares. They roamed backwards and forwards, back-and-forth, not disturbing the land upon which they walked, for they used natural means to carry themselves and their wares through the roads of China and beyond.

Tibet and the ways of the monasteries

Tibet was also considered part of this route, and in their monasteries upon high, the monks still worship and chant to the music that plays. They understand the value of silence, they understand the value of self worth, they do not wish any riches from the outside world, but only to bring peace to the world.

Theirs is a true faith, open to all who can understand their ways. But because they exist in a different place and their ways are strange to the men of your world, so they are not heard. Equally they are not shunned, but their words ride over the thoughts of man.

Isn’t it a shame that so many of your world, particularly your part of the world, do not understand these things, for it is healing to sit in the quiet, to meditate and listen to the chants so your mind may drift and your soul may bask within the light of heaven. To bring peace of mind is to bring health to your bodies and to your soul. To sit within the quiet and drift is a heavenly experience that only a few practice. For the world of man has become incandescent to those that walk at this time, they cannot see the value of the simple things of life, of the natural world that is around all of you.

You must bring trust to your hearts, follow your heart and know that these things are good. The value of nature brings a peace of mind to all. Let no man put this asunder, let no thoughts disturb you if you should sit within this peace.

Listen to the words spoken and relay them without fear, without concern of others. We relay these messages to you and it is obvious to some that they have great meaning. You must reach out your arms and invite the world to listen. You may not be aware of how this can affect others, but we assure you, the words spoken will reach out and grab their imagination and to the hope they have inside.

Releasing a loved one

No tears now, you must release her from your memory, for your thoughts of her are great and she appreciates your candid expressions of love. You will not part, for you are part of each other. She loves you intensely, yet she must cradle another in her arms. It is not a betrayal, but a belief of her strength that she must move on.

Interest sparked in words of wisdom

You spark the interest of many with your words and thoughts of wisdom. Through us we give you the truth. The Lord cometh once more to teach the world the right way to live. There will always be those who would doubt his word, and there will be those who will sacrifice their lives for his trust and faith. You must learn to live together and be of an open mind, having a care for each other to bring others strength through your thoughts and your wisdom.

Higher mind communication

Your minds meld at this time and your thoughts can be carried over from one to another without expression with your voice. Constantly we speak to you through this method and many remark about that voice at the back of their mind, this is who we are, this is our guidance should you listen.

Never let your thoughts betray you with negative words, never be irresponsible to your fellow man, give him your love and blessings everyday so they too may walk within the light of heaven. Is it any wonder that the darkness overwhelms your world when many no longer believe? Their trust is gone and their faith fades, but we know that this will make a return, for your world cannot sustain its ways at this time.

Unity through tragedy – environmental disasters

A terrible thing must occur to unite your world, even at this time of chaos and distress you still work independently, not coming together. We wonder what it would take to achieve this. A tragedy will unfold shortly and you may witness many things of your world begin to deteriorate and disappear. The oceans will leave their mark and the seas will swell. This will bring fear to many low-lying countries and those of the coastline. But whose irresponsibility brought this? Many will argue it is a natural course that the climate changes severely every millennia or so. Ten thousand years is but a blink of the eye, just as your world if you do not care for her.

Australian deserts will burn with the heat, forest fires will erupt. Many will survive, although they will be traumatised by these events. They will ask, why has the climate changed? The reason is clear, we need not tell you about these things, for it is obvious to your eyes and your ears if you just listen and open your eyes.

The traumas of your world will be felt by many and the trials and tribulations will be attributed to anything but your way of living. In the tropics, they will swelter, the tribes who exist deep within those forests but still unknown to your world at this time, will not understand, they will pray, they will ask God to deliver them, not understanding that it is their own kind, the humankind who advances these things.

It was written that desolation will wreak havoc within your world, and you have not, as a whole, deterred from this path. You obstruct many with goodwill and faith and your country’s leaders will not listen despite the pleas heard. As a race of beings you seem to be united in many things but the natural way of living. It is with deep regret and sorrow that we can see these things, and although you may not as an individual be able to change things, we have told you that to be united is the strength.

Bring peace to your earth children, do not allow these monstrosities to be built that will pollute your world and your atmosphere, for life will go on with or without you, your world will evolve once more as will your souls, but will you learn the lessons during this time? We fear not, but we ask you to bring hope through your thoughts of love and peace.

The arrow of unity

We greeted you this evening with the fable of the arrow. The arrow that is fired from the bow will fly straight and true, but only if its feathers stay united and solid. At this time you are like the arrow without the feather, and your actions fluctuate as you travel, not knowing which way to turn or to point. Allow your flights to grow and give that arrow strength through your arm so that it may fly straight and true to the hearts of many.

Peace will come, everlasting for all, but this is no excuse not to do the things you should at this time.

Message to Michael

Write your words, allow them to hear your story. Have trust and faith and guidance will be given. She watches you with interest Michael, for she was a writer of her time. Her descriptions of life were unique, but she was unheard. She shunned her fame for the truth that her words held. Bring justice to your life, and if this is through your words and your memories, then write them down so that they will be remembered.

Each has a story to tell

Each if you have a story to tell, each of you will write your words and tell your story to the world with the memories you leave behind and with thoughts of love about your lovely families. If you are not forgotten, then you will live forever within those minds, but never fear, for if you do not write these things, your memoirs will be kept safe within that of spirit and you will live on despite the trials and tribulations of your life.

Happiness of heart is essential to bring joy within your lives. Some will say, “I am alone, I have no one to share my life with!” But you are wrong, there are many who would willingly share your life and although you do not see them or hear them, they surround you every hour of the day and every hour of the night. They may come to you in dreams and you will laugh and cry with them to bring purpose to each other. You may remark upon these things and not think of them as being real, but just as a fleeting moment within your period of sleep. But what is time? What is a moment of time? When you dream in your sleep, you dream in a mere split second, and to you, in that world of dreams, it could be a lifetime.

Time is irrelevant, only your spirit and soul has relevance. Trust in the things you are seeing and the things that you are told within your dreams, for this is the natural way of guidance. They tell you that dreams are merely the events of the day or the year, yes, a lot are triggered by these things, but there are those times when your dreams seem so real, so plausible. Those are the times that are relevant to you, those are the periods of time when you sit within spirit. So, do not fear your death or your time, for when your eyes close you will enter a new world, a world of dreams, where dreams come true, where love is abound and there will be no boundaries to keep you held. Extend this love at this time with your thoughts, bring hope to yourselves, for mercies are great and it is only you that hold yourselves in contempt within this world of spirit. 

Second Coming – John the Baptist and Jesus channelled by Anna Marie Croxson

THE MESSIAH COMETH – John the Baptist and Jesus


I prophesised the coming of the Messiah and now I do so again.  This is commonly known as the ‘second coming’ of Jesus, and an event that has been anticipated with much reverence and excitement in your world.

I am here today to tell you that he has come to you, all of you wherever you are in the world.  His presence is around you, his presence is always with you, he is your lord and master and as such he will never leave you.

I was the one that knew he was coming, he was the great Messiah that transformed the world many aeons ago, and so many have revered him ever since that time. But it was his crucifixion that has held the world so spell bound ever since and it took place in that most humble of places in front of so many worshipers and traitors.

Now the great Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ has come with me here today to bring you this message, and he says that I must be the one to bring this forth to you, not himself.  And he says this for a reason, and that reason is that many have heard his words in the past, and will do so again in the future, but now he wishes to bring in other people like myself that have important messages to share with you.

And although I brought in the original message of his coming, I was not always recognised as a man of God, more a prophet and some considered a heinous one at that.   I knew in my heart that this great man would arrive on earth to change the world. But even I was surprised at the turn of events at that time, and even more surprised when I witnessed our dear Lord Jesus the likes of which I had never witnessed before, and will never witness again.

It is the crucifixion that remains in the memory of so many, and not his good works.  He is an extraordinary man whose life has been depicted sometimes inaccurately for many centuries, now he wishes to tell you that he is coming forth again to help save the world, as he tried to do some many centuries ago.

But this time his coming will be much different because the world is a very different place at this particular time of its own evolution. Man has lost his way and like the sheep of old many are confused and lost.  But now our dear Lord says: 

The men and woman at this time of earth are undergoing a great revolution, but now this is not of the body, but of the mind.  The mind is the most powerful tool you have and yet you are ignorant of its strength and power, and you let the others pollute your minds without a second thought.

So you wish for me to appear on earth again and come and save you, but this I will not do until you decide that you can save yourselves.  It is up to you that I now hand over this responsibility, and until you are able to deliver this unto yourself I will not be your Messiah.

These are blunt words I know and many may be shocked by them saying I am renouncing you, but I am not, you are renouncing yourselves, and will do so until you willingly bring yourself unto me.  Do you see it is you that holds the power, not myself, do not look to others to give you power, but seek inside of you for all that you feel is lost to you.

You do not need to see my physical form in your world to feel safe and loved, because that is already happening within you should you wish it. But so often you have turned away from me by not acknowledging my presence.

Until you are able to recognise that I am always with you and that you always can have my presence in your life, there would be no point in my physical presence on earth because you do not need an event to celebrate my coming. The only celebration you require is your acceptance of me in your daily lives, not a spectacle whose image you can cling onto.

I was made in the image of God, my father in heaven and you too are made in the image of God, and what represents my second coming more than anything is that you finally understand this truth.   You see many of you have lost your spiritual compass, you are lost and you seek a leader but the leader is within you. Everything you need is within you, and when you realise this you will know that you have accepted my ‘second coming’ into your life, and then your life will change for evermore.

So now do you understand that the second coming of Jesus does not mean that you will witness a physical representation of him unlike the last event that I prophesised so accurately. But now you can witness this event by asking him to appear in your life, by wishing him to enter your heart and anoint you. That is a very different occasion because now you are willing and eager and are making a direct request to him, your Lord and saviour.

And it is by making this declaration to him that he will be willing to come to you, to enter you and make you whole.  But now this is no conversion to Christianity as before, no apostles to nominate, no last supper to witness, and no crucifixion to attend.

This conversion is very different because this time it is you that converts yourself, and it is you that wishes to change and who will request that Jesus comes into your life.  You are inviting him in, you are not being persuaded to believe in any dogma, or indeed any formal religion, but you will be blessed by the lord and he will come to you only when asked, and then you be a willing participant in the ceremony of his ‘second coming’ into your life, and into the lives of all who command this.

This is his message to you to day, that his second coming is within your responsibility and your power to command him to come to you, to enter your life, to change your life and to love having him in your life. In many ways he is still your saviour but now you have to ask him to bless you and for you to be willing to have a relationship with him, a direct and powerful friendship of faith.

One of my reasons for being here is to ask you to look into yourself and see what is missing.  Are you happy, are you satisfied with your life or are you seeking something that you feel is intangible and that you cannot see.   Do you feel all at sea, have you lost your spiritual compass, do you feel lost and alone and tossed around by circumstances that are out of your control.

The irony of this situation is that you have everything within you to turn you life around, and you can save yourself literally in minutes should you decide to do so.  When you decide to invite Jesus into your life you will be drawn in to experience the beauty and light that lies within the Christ consciousness, and the light that was missing in your life will be ignited again.  I am here to help you ignite the candle of love within, and in some ways I am appearing as a disciple of our dear lord, but this time with a very different message.

He is now bringing in the knowledge of people like myself and Mary Magdalene and many others who will appear later on as part of a new initiative that will help awaken the people of the world. And it is through these words that we can reach many more people to become aware of the nature of the ‘second coming’ of Jesus Christ.

You needed a new image, a new proposal, and so we have come forth as messengers to help you understand more of the evolution of mankind at this moment in time.   The world is in great confusion and that is part of the evolution of mankind, and these words are part of the evolution of mankind that will help lead him onto his glorious new path of awakening.

It is no mistake that I am here today talking to you, and it is to you that I invite to welcome Jesus Christ into your life once more as your new messiah, the messiah that will help heal the world once again. Now he requires your active participation, your willingness to change, and your willingness to forgive your fellow man so you may all receive peace in your hearts.

This great ‘second coming’ is truly about man coming to witness himself, his thoughts, his deeds, and his sometimes unfortunate behaviour. But when he realises that he has the power to change himself, then he becomes a powerhouse of love with the assistance of our dear Lord Jesus Christ who will stand at his side blessing him with his presence. So I confirm that this is the ‘second coming’ of Christ, and with our Lords blessing and assistance you may change your life for evermore. Jesus’s message to you is:

Do not cry over your sins but renounce yourself to me. Do not say you are not good enough and do not deserve me, because all can be made whole when they request that of me.

Do not believe that you do not have any power, because you can become a most powerful person on earth when you ask me to join you.   This is my second coming, my second coming into you at your request.  I will not place myself in front of you unless you request my presence. I will not make any demands upon you unless you request my presence.

It is by requesting my presence that I will come to you and bless and anoint you into the Christ consciousness. This is my second coming when you give me permission to enter unto you, so you will receive many blessings, and I only give blessings when they are requested.  Ask and it shall be given, repent and you shall be forgiven in an instance. Do not let regret rule your life, but come unto me to be healed of all that ails you.

Do you see dear ones the responsibility that lies within you, and no one else.  Now our great messiah is willing to be in your life, he wants to come unto you, he wishes his presence to be within you, but now it is only with your request, and that is in your power to do.

Do not wish to follow him like disciple, but become a willing partner in his mission for peace on earth, and so become a powerful messenger in this his revolutionary ‘second coming’ into the world that is now taking place as we speak.

St John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 4th February,2021

03-02-21 Life purpose, Inner Guidance, Time of change, etc

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Transcript Date: 3rd February 2021

Purpose of life

Feelings of regret are felt by many as they pass through their lives, drawing ever nearer to that time when they must return once more to the world of spirit. They look back upon their lives feeling regret for the things they should, or should not have done. This is the purpose of life, it may seem strange to many, but these are the lessons taught and learnt by that individual.

Many do not focus their minds on the things of spirit and beyond, and they live their lives wishing for better times and things to have happened. Yet you are given what is required, what is needed for your time. Sometimes these things can seem harsh and undeserving to you as an individual, but these things are given to yourself, by yourself, so you may progress beyond the realms of life and further your spirit and soul to the many planes of existence that lay beyond your life at this time.

We speak many times about these things, trying to reach those who will not listen. It is a task to be had by all those who reach out to spirit and God. Not all will succeed and not all will find fulfilment within their lives as you do, but they try nonetheless, and they are guaranteed that in a time to come, their wishes and concerns will be met and fulfilled.

Look beyond the physical world

Through these times, when the passion is lost for that of God and spirit, you must look beyond your physical world and bring yourselves hope once more, for there is always going to be the good with the bad, it is a balance of life as we have said before, but you must endure to redeem yourselves within that light.

You may or may not believe the words that are spoken, yet your inner self, that person that exists within knows of the truth, just set them free and do not be afraid to allow the thoughts of the inner person to come forward, for they speak the truth. The situations of life cannot always be helped, they go back and forth, not truly understanding the meaning of life and its purpose. But we will continue to attempt to reach you through the channels available, to bring you a calmness of mind and peace everlasting. It is up to you to give us a welcome and give these things a chance so they may assist.

Each of you possess a spiritual being and your guide who is with you constantly to help adjust your lives and put you upon the right path, yet many seem immune to their inner thoughts, they do not listen to the things they should, but the guide is there to teach you and instruct you with silent thought.

Prayer and Guidance

Your prayers may be answered one day, but many will go unfulfilled, you cannot bargain with spirit or God for these things, for you must always show a willingness of faith and trust at all times and be a part of that amazing structure of life. Soon there will be many who will turn to see the things that are spoken of and the truth will ring through loud and clear. They will wonder why it is they are drawn to these things, but in their mind, their conscious being will deceive them, asking them not to follow these inner thoughts and needs, but you must have strength and courage to continue on. Allow our voice to come through and guide you in the sure steps that need to be taken.

The sick, disabled, homeless and suffering

Blessings are given this evening to those who suffer from many kinds of illness and disability, to those of the homeless who suffer silently and are not heard; to those from other countries far beyond your reach or knowledge who suffer greatly with the plague at this time. Their needs are great, and they look on to see the wealth of the world frittered away upon needless things. Can’t you understand that you need all your strength to seek out these things, to see around you in the wider world the suffering that continues at this very minute?

Wealth of the world should be pooled

We give them blessings, but their material needs are great, and the wealth of the world should be pooled in a fund that can assist without bias of colour, religion or race, without bias or greed. There are many who exist that feel they have fulfilled their tasks of life and they have great wealth, more than they need. We would ask you, how much do you need? We do not speak of the common man, but those who have wealth beyond their needs, they must turn their back on their greed and find a better way to unite the world in a common interest, that interest is love and compassion for all.

We have spoken this evening about things of wealth once more, the material wealth of your world is in great demand. Unfortunately the wealth of love for spirit is lacking, the wealth of love for God is lacking also, and he is your divine leader, the one who will lead you upon your path of life when you need him most. When all seems lost, despair seems to set in and you begin to disbelieve even more. Those negative thoughts will tell you that there is no help, so you must help yourself. This is not true, you must have faith and all things take time and all things come full circle, it is a matter of time, a matter of trust and faith that is of the utmost importance.

So, bring your thoughts to bear, not upon the things that you wish for and cry out for, but for the things you do not understand, for those of your world who suffer greatly. Your world suffers with a lack of vision for the future and the times are for now and not for later, what will your grandchildren think in the years to come if they should survive your world today? You have a responsibility to yourselves and to them to make a better world now, and this is brought through your love and compassion.

Energies of the world

The energies are great at this time, they fill your world with much faith and many look to the realms of heaven to look for signs of change. They have hope that beings from other worlds may come to assist, but it is yourselves who should change now and not be reliant upon others. They will come when you begin to show signs of self-assurance, of love and caring for each other.

There are those of the negative from many worlds around you, who are pleased to see you in the ways of the negative, but equally, there are those who are good and wish you well. Never let go of your thoughts of obedience to Him, bring your lives to fulfilment through your love, not just for your family, but for the world in general.

You may not know about many things that exist around your world, or the inner being that you are, but we teach you so that you may think about these things and observe the situation around your world at this time.

Short sighted men of power

Candidates will come forward to relinquish his position in life, they will bid him farewell with a self assurance of their own mighty being. They are short-sighted men who worship nothing more than the devil and their sights are set upon your world to bring about chaos and mayhem. Their thoughts of love do not exist, for they only wish for the riches of the world and the power that can be held within that. It will come to an end, all these things of monumental greed and power. We have told you that they will not succeed, nor will they, but it is up to you all, it is a matter of love that will change your world.

Many would sacrifice their lives to stop these people from running your lives in stupendous ways. They will stop at nothing to gain this power and freedom, as they see it. Wars have come and gone and have been spoken of many times in the past through the words of your Bible. A time of change is coming, which many feel at this time. You yourself know about these things and that change must occur to eliminate the criminal actions of these beings who are the negative.

As time progresses, things will change

As time progresses, things will change, seemingly slowly, yet they will progress, nonetheless. The light always overcomes the dark and we hope that you will succeed in your lives to fight these battles of strength, and of truth. Do not be afraid, for the past cannot hurt you in the present, although uncomfortable at times, it will be much better in the years to come.

You will look back on the days of your life and remember the good times, so allow those bad times to filter away, but never forget the lessons taught. You must all hold each other’s hand in unity and not in segregation, you must fight together as one, as a whole, to bring purpose once more to your world of men. A mighty task indeed, but we have faith and trust in you, as you should in us.

Ever deeper the rabbit hole goes, and the deeper you slip, the darker it becomes. Your minds will begin to lose hope, but reach out your arms and grasp the roots within the ground. Hold onto that root, for this root will give you growth, and as you grow, so you will rise within this rabbit hole and blossom once more, to shine the light, to illuminate the darkness of your world.

Should you ever happen to come across a soul who is tortured with pain and sorrow, allow them a shoulder to cry on, allow them to speak about these things if they wish, for the pain seems cruel at times when we lose our loved ones, yet you must remember that they reside once more within a place of love and beauty beyond imagination.

We care not for the innuendos of others who do not see these things and will ridicule those who work within the light. They call them charlatans, people who can rip you off with their scams. We cannot deny there are the few that exist, but for the vast majority, the truth lies within their hearts and they strive to overcome these negative thoughts. Those who ridicule will put them down in any way they can to cause disbelief, but you must never give in to these things, never give up hope, for your purpose is good. Bring a thought of love to others in your world at this time.