A Mothers Love – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


A mother’s love is never ending, a mother’s love is always there, a mother’s love is one of the deepest loves known to humankind, it is all compelling and can be heart wrenching when you see your child suffer so.  I am Mother Mary, the mother of Jeshua, my dearest beloved Son of God.  I am his counterpart, and I am so proud of him.  Are not all mothers proud of their sons, do they not hold a special place in your heart?

My message today is for all who have lost their sons, lost the love of their life, and lost a part of themselves in the process of seeing their son die.  I am Mother Mary, and it is my mission to look after all the mothers of the world, all the women in the world who have born children in and out of wedlock.  It does not matter to me how a child is born, only that he is born and can enjoy the love of his birth mother, but so often that cannot be so.

I was so lucky to have my beloved Jeshua at my side, and I am so proud of what he achieved in his short life. It was my greatest sorrow when he left, but I understood both our spiritual paths, even though this has often been misrepresented.

I am here to support all the woman of the world, who bear and raise a child on their own, for those who are out of wedlock and through no fault of their own have had to give their babies away.  Try not to distress yourselves my dears, because you did the best you could at that time, and many of those children went on to live very happy lives.  Now I must touch on the guilt you felt when you either handed over your baby, or aborted a foetus.

Life throws challenges to us all, but I believe the ones I have described are some of the most challenging, and one where most guilt is felt, and often carried within for many years. I have come here today to help relieve you of this burden of guilt, and it is my dearest Mary Magdalene who is also here to help me.  She understands so much about women and how they suffer, and indeed we suffered our loss together, two women who are strong, but still suffered having lost part of our Jeshua.

We were luckier than most, because we believed in life everlasting and our Jeshua came back to us many times in our hour of need, and I want you to know that your child one day will revisit you, either in the physical or the etheric realms. This may be through dreams, memories, or the sound of a voice from long ago.

You see every one of you has an energetic presence in the world and can be in contact with loved one’s that have departed.  You must not believe that you cannot forgive yourself dear ones, because this was all part of your path, part of your spiritual experience, although one that we understand is one of the toughest experiences you could ask yourself to go through.

We have no judgement upon you dear ones, and we come to you today to assist you and help you release your past so you may find peace. For others around you who witnessed your distress and may have assumed a parental role, and who may have forced you to take a course of action, that in your heart you did not want to take, now is the time to forgive them.

At the time, it was the only way they could see a way out for you and themselves, yes it may have appeared selfish and unloving because they denied you the joy of birthing your baby, but in truth they did not know any better.  Those were not so enlightened times and a lot of shame surrounded unmarried mothers at that time, and also the fathers that helped sow the seed within you.

Some of you went onto to birth other children, but you have never forgotten the loss of your first born, in whatever way this took place.  It is not for us to judge you, and we do not. What we wish to do is help you heal yourself from your guilt or if you have any feelings on unworthiness.

We know that until the day you die you will always remember them, and so many of you will enjoy a wonderful reunion. Contrary to most people’s expectation they will have no judgement upon you, knowing that you only did your best. For those of you who have lost a child through cot death or premature births, or have seen their children suffer terminal illnesses, we would say this to you.

Each seed of the child that came into your body and into your care came specifically for a reason, and that was to show you how much you could love another person and to experience a huge heart awakening. This is one of the most traumatic experiences that a woman can have, and one that often leaves a mark against her soul and can make her want to give up on life.  But my dearest ones, you cannot, nor should you, you are a mother through and through, and mothers have the gift of life, so you should not think of throwing your life away.

We are here to support your sorrow, and today we wish to impart a blessing upon all of you who have suffered in this way.  So if you are ready and willing, we will help you heal this past trauma. So, to achieve this to we have brought to be with us, my dearest son Jeshua, who has so much compassion for you all.


First, I would like you to imagine that you have been invited into a holy room of healing, where you will find me seated in the centre of the room, waiting to welcome you, and as you join us, it will be Mary Magdalene who guides you to your appointed chair and who will bless you.

We are asking heavenly archangels to come into the room where they will take their place at the back of you and will support you as we start our meditation.  

But before we do so, we will invite my Jeshua to join us, and as he enters the room he smiles and introduces himself to each and every one of you in this group, his eyes and piercing gaze, so full of love whilst taking note of the countenance of your face.  He will brush your heartbroken tears away with his hand and lovingly hold it whilst sending you his healing grace.

Now we will start our healing and we will ask you to relax as you hear our heavenly choir sing our Lord’s praises. 

We ask you to deeply relax as Mary Magdalene approaches you to offer you her powerful healing, so you may release your sorrow, despair, or any guilt you still feel as she anoints you on your third eye with a special healing oil she has prepared for you.  After Mary has given you her blessing, it is my turn, and as I approach you silently, please do not try and shy away from me, or turn your head so I cannot see your silent tears of sorrow.

As I move along the line blessing each person, Mary Magdalene will be holding the energy of Christ at one end, and Jeshua will be at the opposite end. This forms the power of three, and it is the energy that resides between the three of us that is a very powerful and can heal you in mind, body, and spirit, so you can finally forgive yourself of any past misdemeanours.

Then we will form a circle of light that will protect you, this circle holds the energy within the Christ consciousness, and as we hold this vibration you will feel this energy flow through your body, and in that moment, you have not only been blessed by the power of three but released from all yours sins.

Once more music fills the room and as we slowly retreat and walk back our seats, we will ask you to open your eyes and come back into your earthly bodies. Now you will have been transformed in mind, body, and spirit and are protected by the great white light forever more. Now it is time for you to leave the safety of this holy place and step forth knowing that you have been renewed in mind, body, and soul, and to know that no guilt or sorrow need accompany you on your forward journey.

God always forgives those who help themselves and will do so forever more.  Now go in peace my child and move forward knowing that you have been blessed by our Lord that is on high. Now the power of three will gather daily to bless all parents in whatever structure that might be, to ensure that you will forever feel loved and protected for evermore.

However there is one more lesson for you to learn. So as you have been blessed and have been asked to let go of the past, know that we walk alongside you at all times, and that anytime you will be able to connect with us again, to give you strength to hold on in the future.

So now we would like you to know that you have been released of the past, and hope you will find the strength and compassion within yourself so you can lead a productive and fulfilling life in the future.  For all those who have gone on ahead of you, know that they look down upon you with great compassion and love as we do, and they wish you to pick up the reins and live a most beautiful and happy life.

Now all blame and guilt has been removed from your energetic field. This has been a process that had to be taken to allow you ascend into the full awakening of your life’s mission and purpose on earth.   It was your karma to endure this suffering, but now this has been removed as you have much healing to undertake in the world.

This experience has brought much compassion, not only to yourself but all others that you will meet in the future. So, know that your experience was not in vain and this knowledge will be used so that you can do much good in the world.  We send you our greatest blessings for your continued good health and wealth, please remember that you may call upon us at anytime when you are sharing your gift of healing with others.

Bless you dearest one, I bless and hope that your heart will always remain open to the love of God and myself, Mary Magdalene, and my dearest son Jeshua, so you may continue your wonderful healing work for many years to come.

Mother Mary of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 6th May,2021

05-05-21 – Time to come to terms with the purpose of life, unconditional love, nature and balance

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Transcript Date: 5th May 2021

Personal Message for Michael

Once more it has come to pass that your world strives to free itself of its indignities. Your knowledge is great my son, yet there is much more to learn within the world of man and the world of spirit.

You are upon this path you have taken a few tentative steps towards that ultimate knowledge of creation. Your being was once intolerant to others, and your circumstances were great, but now this change has come to your being and you must relay this to others of your world, that although your lives may seem static and unavoidable at times, change will surely come in the way of enlightenment and within the power of your existence.

To acknowledge us this evening is your greatest achievement, and it must be the same for others, that they too will go within and join with us, for their guidance and the truth that is to be told.

You have become aware of many things of the world, those who are at a disadvantage and those who suffer so at this time. It is our will to help you understand that these things all have purpose in their own right. It may seem cruel, a cruel circumstance for those involved, yet peace will come to them in the world beyond yours. You must satisfy yourself that you are doing the best you can with the tools given before your birth.

Your interest in us has been great and because of this we have permitted you to view this aspect of spirit. You must share this knowledge to the world, don’t be afraid of ridicule, their words cannot hurt you, nor their actions. It is only you that can find the strength to fend off accusations from others.

Do not be afraid to walk the path of righteousness that is given to all. The blessings given within your life are many, but sacrifice must also be a part of living, in whichever way is deemed necessary. Don’t be afraid of the words we use, for they have great meaning, your people of the world today now have an ear to listen to many things of the light, for they tremble within their hearts at the misgivings of others.

The Concept of Love

The concept of love was born in a time before your world existed, it has reigned supreme throughout the universes and galaxies and amongst other life forms, maybe in a different way to yours, but still, it is of love. That joy of love and spirit can envelop you if you open your hearts and minds to these possibilities. Even in times of great stress you can sit within this peace and envelop yourself within its healing powers to your spirit and soul. You may not understand what we speak of, but there are many who know this to be true.

Take your time with your lives, be accepting of all, understanding of their connection to you, maybe not in a direct way at this time, but truly you are all connected through the consciousness of God and spirit.

Spiritual essence

To be of the elite at this time can be an incredible burden, yet many others who are in this situation have no care for their responsibilities to the population of your world, or of the planet on which they live. Each of you, no matter your position in life, have a responsibility to the earth, the mother that gave birth to your bodies and equally a responsibility to your soul and that of God who created you in his image. You must accept that you are all of a spiritual essence. Your belonging to the world of spirit is undeniable, yet you act as if you have no responsibility other than to yourself!

Nature will take its course

Desperate times are coming within your world and many will feel despondent at the growing situation that is evident at this time. We don’t just speak about your climate, but of mankind, who at this time swarms your earth in an ever increasing multitude.

Nature will take its course, as in all things of life. You may blame each other for the events of life, but the natural course will take its action to reduce the populations of your earth. It is not intended that you should overwhelm your world with your arrogance, it is not intended that you should act like a ‘swarm of locusts’ consuming every available commodity, for this will only spell your doom. You must take control of yourselves and although we tell you that the spirit is everlasting and will never die, there will be a consequence for your actions, both in this world and your own.

Love without bias

The energy of spirit is vast and your mind would not comprehend that ultimate being that oversees all life, but you know he is with you, you know of him, and you know him as the creator. And as the creator, he must control the way in which you live, open your hearts to him, accept him as that being of God.

You think you can dictate your terms to us and others, and that you can ignore things that are spoken of by those we speak through, but ultimately you only bring harm to yourself and your being. There is much love in the world and this should be shared without bias, the time has come to live a life with peace and unity and it is in this time that you must relinquish your ways. Bring purpose to yourselves and to others and share that love within, so you may openly respect each other with love and joy.

Time and time again we have issued you with the practice of love and you have become aware of your unity with the universe and that of others of the creation of the Lord.

They will come once more …

They will shortly come once more to invite you to ally with them, although they are of a different kind, ultimately they are all of spirit. Their ways are different to yours yet their beliefs are pretty much the same. They know of the creator of life in a different way to your culture. You must not be afraid of these things for only good can come of it. We understand your fears that there may be a disruptive element out there who may come to impose themselves upon your world, but you know that you are no different as a whole.

You may not personally be responsible for the actions of others, we understand this, and there are many good souls such as yourself and your friends who follow the light, yet the indignity shown to other forms of life, even within your own world, will beckon a similar response from them. Your nature, and the natural world that you live in is no different, it will respond to your negative attitude to its being.

Each has an allotted time span

At this time, you are aware of things occurring within your world, and as we have said, nature will take control once more, so as to keep the balance of life on an equilibrium.

This is nothing unusual and should not be feared, for you are spiritual beings living a life in the physical, each of you as an organic being has a timespan allotted. Some feel they are taken too young; some feel they have not lived long enough, yet you are allotted a time to reconcile your souls and to learn the lessons given.

They are hard lessons at times and it seems that the rich and powerful are not in balance with your lives, yet they too have many issues within their lives. Their wealth cannot help them, it is only love that will guide you in your lives.

Purpose and teaching

A burden is placed upon all, it is up to you to understand these things, this burden is not given as a punishment, but as teaching. When will the torments of this world come to an end you may ask, when will these things cease and peace reign once more within the world of men? We have to tell you that these things will, and can be reduced, but they are ever present because they are a trial and test for your individual souls. The horrors of your world are abhorrent to you, yet even in these things there is purpose, and we have told you that all who live their lives are given peace within the next.

Each of you have lived a life of purpose many times before, and there will be many more to follow, it is up to you to create a better world in which you may live now and in the future.

Disillusionment is rife within your world, many cannot see a way forward and many will not act upon their inner thoughts to bring peace to others, they force them to do things to their will and deny them their own power and life. This is not intended; it is not their place to do this. We will empower you with our love to give you guidance, and if circumstances overcome your life and you are unable to fight off these things, then look to us, don’t be afraid to speak to us and pray to us, for your words are heard, even if you may not think they are. You must have trust and faith in the life to come, you must not betray your soul by denying yourself a practice of love to all of life.

Personal Message for Michael

Your focus is lost this evening, we are aware of your earthly thoughts. We cannot help you if you cannot help yourself and we know your intentions are good, but believe us when we say that your words will be heard and the teachings given will be acknowledged in years to come. Your efforts at this time, although seemingly falling upon deaf ears, will ultimately ring true to those of the future.

It is not yours to live a life of luxury and of well-being, it is not yours to live without pain and sorrow, for these are lessons to be learnt. Do not be despondent at these words, but bring yourself peace of mind, knowing that you have done your best and we applaud your efforts at this time.

Be responsible for the things within your life and for those around you, the tears may fall many times and yet you know that there is a practice of love at work and in the safe sanctuary of spirit your loved one’s rest and await your return.

Your denial of your abilities holds you back, be reckless and do not worry as these things will cast a shadow over your path. Help yourself to a better way and a deeper understanding of our love. Amen.

In Recognition of Your Service – Jesus Christ channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


We recognise the work of our dear light workers on earth who are valiantly stemming the flow of darkness that is trying to flood your world. Do not doubt your efforts dear ones, they are not in vain. We know at times you struggle to find the light within when you are faced with the dark forces that come upon you from many different directions. We understand your struggle, we understand that sometimes you become overwhelmed by the responsibility you hold.

But now we wish to impart to you a knowledge and skill that will help you traverse through these challenging times. You see my dears; you have to believe in yourselves. We totally believe in you, as you are our dearest servants on earth who so bravely decided to incarnate on earth at this time of man’s greatest evolution.

So we say to you today, how proud we are of all your efforts, we know that being in the human body is not easy and sometimes you might wish to give up, as it can seem too much of a struggle.  But that is your human mind talking to you, not the spiritual warrior that is within you. Always remember that the dark cannot and will not penetrate the light when you keep yourself close to God.

This was my experience when I was on the cross and when I called out to my father in heaven to save me. Until I surrendered to his will, I could not feel the peace in my heart that I knew he so wanted me to have. He did not want me to blame my persecutors, but to keep my light strong within. With the help of my Mary Magdalene, I eventually was able to do this.

But now I do not wish you to have to go through the experience of the cross as I did, I did not resurrect myself so that you would suffer so.  Now I wish you to view your surrender to God as an act of love, not an act of subjectivity, but an act of worship, an act of kindness, and an act out of respect to yourself.  You see my dears, you do not have to suffer to serve your God or me, that is not the way now.

But many of you still believe this is the way forward, that you have to surrender to the many out dated rituals of a high church, or sacrifice yourself to their beliefs. I know this is a complex subject of much magnitude and so many of you have got caught up in the dogma, this is now not necessary for you to obtain your peace of mind.

You do not have to give your authority away to another, not to me, not to God, and not to your church.  Now this may sound a radical way of thinking, but I assure you, that if you are wishing to help the people of your world, you need only to speak of love. 

Love for yourself, love for all others, with no judgement is all I ask of you, and I know how difficult you find this request.  This is the challenge for all humans on earth, now you have to find your inner peace, your inner being before you can assist another find theirs. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t to those who insist they must find some sort of dogma or routine that must be cohered to.

I have told you many times, all you need is within you and not outside of you, many of you nod with interest and then ignore this advice, this has happened over many centuries.   But now with the extreme conditions and the self denial of your people to all that is going on around them, the only way forward is to love them and serve them to your best ability, and ask for the enlightenment of their soul.

There is now a massive awakening of mankind and within this process many are seeking answers, many are seeking an alternative way of living, and many are living in desperate situations.  It is a very challenging time for all the people of the world, and it is to you that I come to now and ask for your help.

But this is not help in the way you would normally expect me to ask of you, because now I am asking you to firstly come into yourself.  I am not saying that you should stop caring for your families and others around you, but what I am suggesting, is that it is your first and foremost responsibility to ‘come unto yourself’, to get to know yourself, to take responsibility and not allow yourself to be directed by others who you feel know more than you.

Did you know that each soul that comes to earth is born with their own innate intelligence? So why do you insist on giving your power away to others?  Do you really believe that your governments or any other governing body is going to save you?  Do you believe that it is your doctors and nurses that will work miracles over you?  No my dears, it is not any of these, because now it is the time of reckoning and now you will save yourself, and you will bring miracles into your own life. So, I hear you ask, how can I possibly do this on my own, I don’t how to achieve this, I need to learn how to do this, please help me find a way?

This is the way forward, know that each of you was born with a particular vibration, a soul purpose and a mission that is to not only serve God, but your own people.

For the people who are feeling sick in body or angry in mind and spirit, know that your healing can now come about when you decide to switch your vibration.

Understand that your body can be healed with energetic vibrations that will raise your cellular level and help heal the cells in your body.

Your body can heal itself, and spirit can heal, but now you have to come into this new awareness. When you start to open your eyes, clear your minds and become more open minded to all the new and wonderful opportunities that are now being presented to you, then you will start to understand the gifts that we are bestowing upon you.

First you must come into yourself and decide that you wish to heal yourself at a cellular level, this is not magic, it is a scientific God given gift that has been sent to you by God. But first you have to wake up and understand, that as your world is changing, so are your opportunities to receive optimum healing, so you may be healed in mind, body and spirit.

So in recognition of your service and dedication we have now made available to you a quantum healing system that you can merge into, learn about and create your own ‘magic’.

This is not magic but is a comprehensive and detailed scientific method of healing that is now available to all who wish to seek healing, not only of the physical body but to heal all emotional trauma and ancestral wounds.

It is time, it is time that man in his newly awakened sense and his hunger for full healing in mind, body and spirit that has drawn this wonderful healing mechanism into his vibrational field.

This as always been available but could not birthed until man was ready to take the next quantum leap in his thinking and was willing to raise his vibrational level so he may understand what was being offered to him. 

Quantum healing has been talked about and practiced for many centuries but this is the century when it comes into its own powerful state of being.  When you partake of this wonderful healing mechanism you can be transformed at a deep cellular level and will come into the highest possible vibration that currently exists on earth.

When you are within this high vibration, you will be able to heal not only yourself but also many others.  It will allow you to see very clearly the physical status of another being and be able to guide them to undertake a higher state of consciousness in their mind, body and soul, so when they have been able to integrate this, they will become complete in mind, body and spirit. 

This opportunity is available for all who seek this quantum healing. Some will take the opportunity, and others will bury their heads in the sand and carry on as before. Whatever happens you must always offer this, even if at the first opportunity it may be refused. This is only because fear has come into their consciousness and they are not wiling to trust the holiness of the spirit that is being offered to them.

But you must persist. The easiest way you can share this is by your own experience, as others will see the light that is within you, your shining confidence, your love of life, your faith, and your determination to help all others.  You have been given another chance to help heal the world, so you may enjoy your heaven on earth.  You see, when people are healed at this deep and profound level, it will help heal all ills that reside, whether these be within the body, the mind, or the spirit.

It is in within your spiritual essence where most imbalances lie and where much hurt is felt, and where sorrow can override all other emotions. How can you heal another when you are so sorrowful, how can you heal another when you are so angry, how can you heal another when you do not feel loved, or cannot love yourself?

So now my dear ones, you have the greatest opportunity to help heal the world of its ills, and this is in front of you right now. And for the ones who have seen this and understand my words today, it is your duty and our most urgent request that you share this with as many people as possible and partake of its healing power for yourselves.

You are our army of light workers and now you have at your disposal the greatest healing system that has ever been given to mankind. So please make full use of this opportunity, because this is a God given gift to the few who can help to heal the millions that are suffering in the world today.

This is our message to you today and our request to you today.  You are the front runners, and it is to you today that I make this plea, that you promote and share this with as many people as you can reach, with as many organisations that you know will benefit, and speak of it with all you meet.

This is the biggest transitional tool that has ever been given to man, but first he must raise his consciousness so he may understand the gift he has been given by the great white brotherhood of light for the healing for mankind. (Note: If you are new to the term ‘Great White Brotherhood – it is not a racist group! See this link for an explanation: Great White Brotherhood – Wikipedia)

We have given you a tool that can change the very fabric of man’s existence on earth, a profound healing of much magnitude that awaits your full confirmation.

We have given you this outstanding opportunity that can heal the very essence of mankind and bring him fully into a higher consciousness of his soul, his purpose and his mission here on earth.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 4th May, 2021


Consent – Mary Magdalene channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


What do you consent to, or what do you wish to consent to? Know there is a difference. You might not be aware of what you are automatically consenting to, and not always realising the consequences of your actions. This can happen in many areas of your life as you are always making decisions and constantly agreeing to take action, but if you were to think this situation through you might in hindsight have taken another direction.

If you are coming from a place of integrity on behalf of yourself and others, what you agree and consent to is very much based on you being aware that you might be being controlled, or that you might bow down to the expectations of others, who are making it clear that they expect you to take action that they approve of, because they believe it right for you.

Now it is time to stand back and take your time before you make important or even not so important decisions that may affect your future life.  It is time to stand in your sovereignty and be clear exactly what you wish to agree upon.

You may not be aware how many times a day you make a decision that gives others consent to take action against or with you.  Having clarity about what you agree to and how this might affect your mind, body, or indeed your spiritual self is part of your awakening.

This not the time to concur if you feel any doubt within, so always ask for more time before you make a decision either for yourself or your family, and make sure that you make the one that is right for you, no one else.

 Others might suggest that you are being selfish if you do not concur and agree with their point of view.  But now more than ever, it is important for all to come into their sovereignty and decide for themselves exactly what is the best decision that they can make on behalf of themselves.  Recently it has become clear that more and more of you are running with the crowd and not making strong personal decisions. It is important that you become aware of this, because later this may have many ramifications, and what seemed to be the easier and less confrontational route could become your nemesis.

We only speak to you of this matter because now time is of the essence. Your world is transforming extremely quickly, so rather than be swept along by the tide following the majority, it would be better for you to step back and consider all your options.  There may be other routes that you have not explored yet and more information could become available to you if you were to look into this matter more deeply and not take the easy route out as your first response.

Being mindful of your health your physical body, and your mental health is now extremely important.  You have to be alert to all the changes that are going on around you and be aware of all the options that are being presented to you, some of which are good and some that might not be so appropriate. You need to step into your power and stand your ground especially when you are being pushed by others to make decisions that you know in your heart you are not comfortable with.

It is most important to recognise your inner feelings of disquiet and follow your intuition, knowing that some will not agree with you and may want to pick a fight so that they can prove that they are right.

You must resist this at all costs and ask for the right to be able to make up your own mind. No one, whoever they are should have the right to try and coerce to do something against your will. This also applies to your friends as well as your nearest and dearest, be assured that if they have respect for you they would not ask you to undertake an action that you do not align with, nor believe is right for you.

It is your heart and your intuition that will tell you what is right for you.  Remember you are all unique, your body is made up of many different cells and not all bodies are the same. Some are more sensitive to certain substances and these may include medicinal applications, and others may also be sensitive to different types of food or herbs. You are all unique and no one has the right to dictate what you like to eat, or oppose your true beliefs on whatever subject is important to you.

The reason I am pointing this out to you is because the world you live in is changing so rapidly, I know it is hard to you to keep up and absorb all the information being presented to you at this time. BUT now more than ever it is important for you to put the brakes on if your intuition is screaming at you not to continue with anything that you feel might harm you.

Now more than ever it is important that you stand in your sovereignty, your integrity and power.  Standing firm on a subject that you feel is important to you is not about you being stubborn (whatever anyone else might like to say) but is about you taking control of your life, and making decisions that are in line with your personal integrity and beliefs about a particular subject or issue.

We understand that this can be difficult in personal relationships but now more than ever we ask you to consider the people around you, and allow them the dignity of expressing a well thought out repost.  The fact that you might not agree with them is showing a lack of concern that maybe coming from fear of loss of a person or a relationship.  Now you are being challenged to address any problems that are showing up in your relationships and for you to get to the core of the matter.

Self-respect within all relationships is deeply important, as well as deeply caring and respecting all others.  Do not attempt to take away another’s freedom, because should you do so, you will lock them in a cage and it will take away their freedom to express themselves.

The conditions around you at this moment are pressing many buttons within your personal relationships, now it is the time to examine why and what you might decide upon.  It is time for all to respect each other’s point of view whatever relationship you might have, and just because you are married or in partnership does not give you or anyone else the right to dominate or force another to comply with your wishes.

This would mean that you are trying to control another and take away their freedom, whether this is at the physical or mental level and it would still be classed as domination in one form or another.  This must stop because in all relationships there must be total respect for the other person, even if you believe they are being foolish. Because if you do not you will not allow them to grow into who they are meant to be and this will serve to only repress them.

Many people submit to others out of false loyalty, believing that if they keep the peace then conflict will go away. It will not, because the resentment and inner conflict will remain because you have not honoured what you truly feel inside of you.

I understand that my words may challenge you and I only put this before you to help you grow into the wonderful being you are meant to, because you should not allow anyone else to dim your light, keep you small, or make you feel unworthy. This is not a basis for a good relationship or for you to enjoy your own self-love, because you will have buried your own essence and submitted to another’s will and their insistence that they know what is right for you. This is domination and can be a form of bullying that will always ensure that you will acquiesce easily.

But now it is up to you to take a stand and come into your sovereignty, stand up for what you believe in and not agree to submit to what others believe you are. Do you see the difference? Now it is time to think about your own self worth, this is probably something you have not done in long time, but now this is the right time for you to do so.  You can no longer hide your light within. So many of you are wonderful light workers who have not yet found the courage to come fully into the light of your be-ing, because you are afraid what others might say.

Yes it is true that many may not understand you, but now the call for you to fully emerge into the light of your being is very strong and should not be ignored. Should you do so you will only dim the light that is within your soul, and ignore the very reason for you being on earth at this moment in time.

Many have been called, and yet many are still standing in the wings waiting to take the plunge. You see their wings have been clipped by others who might not want to see them rise up into the magnificent beings they are meant to be. Their light might shine too brightly on the ones that do not believe that others should have this freedom. This has been a core issue for many who have not yet gained their personal freedom because they were too afraid of offending their dear ones, or whoever was trying to control them.

But now they will rise up and this message today is to encourage you to take the next step to your own personal glory. You can be courageous and you can be worthy, you can be gloriously abandoned because you have realised that you are powered by a God so almighty so that no one else dare to try to put you asunder.

When you finally realise how powerful you are and when you realise that you are here on earth for an important reason, you understand that you cannot bury your talent, or your voice because of another who tries to make demand upon your very soul. Then you will step up and say ‘ I am who I am’, and in that in that moment you will be free of all restraint.

So now is the time for you to spread your wings, connect with your soul purpose and live life on your terms.  So if others should ‘tut’ or not understand you, know that we are here behind you supporting all your endeavours. The light will set you free, freedom in the physical, freedom of speech, and freedom for you to take action on whatever you so desire.

This is a wonderful time of self-realisation for many people, now as they finally understand that they have to break away from any restrictions that they have put on themselves, and others that may have put upon them in the past.   But they have to make the decision to take the reins, and take opportunities when they are presented to them. Never ever look back, with our support you can do this and you will become a brave warrior for the light, and will set yourself free for evermore.

Mary Magdalene

Anna Marie Croxson 26th April, 2021.

27-04-21 Covid in India, evolution of life, betrayal to the planet, reconnection etc

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Transcript Date: 27th April 2021

In reference to thoughts about the Covid crisis in India

The thoughts of many are echoes in the night that ring out to us with prayer and need. Your response to this situation has been one of caring, with great thought to those nations of your world, you are bewildered at this time with the sadness and loss where humanity seems to have gone adrift India.

Times are hard for many, yet there is hope for the future, that although you suffer at this time it will bring about a better understanding of unity within the world, within that place that you live. Together you must fight for the right to be heard, for there is but one Lord God in heaven who resides within you all and it is only your spirit that communes with him in a specific way unknown to many.

Your dreams and your thoughts are heard many times, we see you struggle with life and there seems to be no end to the torment of others. It is useless to say that all will be okay before ‘the change,’ as these things must come to a head to either awaken mankind’s mind or forever shut off the world of spirit.

We hope you understand these words, they are not bitter words, but just hope that you will come to realise that as a race of human beings and with the consciousness of spirit, you must awaken your higher minds.

Comfort, Temptations, Misguidance

As you see the rose, the peach of its colour brings warmth, hope and glad tidings for you all.

Don’t be despondent about the things of the world for it must evolve in a measure of time. Your life is one of progress, as is many of your world, they bring the light to others and shine the light of hope within their lives.

There are many temptations to misguide you within your lives and many will succumb to these things, not understanding why they are attracted, but they feel comfortable with their company. How can we intercede with their lives to show them, that although many things are there to bring you comfort, you must also look beyond the hand that feeds you, you must be aware of the despair and of your privilege at this time. You must not be short-sighted and only see the things that you want to see, you must reach out and help those of other countries in any way that you can. 

Other worlds evolve to form life

There are many worlds that exist with primaeval matter that grows at this time. Through the course of time these worlds will evolve to bring forth life, as it was upon your planet. Like the cells of your body, they have purpose for the whole. You must re-energise yourselves, re-energise your love, for this sustains your world at this time.

You must not be complacent about your time and what you have at this point of time, but reach out with your eyes to see the world as it truly is. There will come a time for all who wish to see these many things of other worlds and that of your own. This knowledge will fill your soul with the need to assist.

It is not often that we sit and talk, it is not often that we speak to many, but on this occasion, we would like to reach out to you, to bring you a welcome and hope for the future, not just of your life, but for that of the human race.

Torment of loss and hope as you grow

Torturous deeds indeed as the men of your world who seek power, trample underfoot those who they regard as ‘negligible’ in their existence. The torment of many who suffer at this time through the loss of their loved ones is great and felt as a great sadness by us. Who cannot be moved by these tragic scenes in your world? Only those who do not look or give a care, they are the ones that will not understand, that in time they could well be in that same situation.

Bring hope to each other, hope to yourselves, for your world still grows and is primaeval in many ways. The spirit of the world is young and in its youth, yet there is great knowledge out there, as was told before. You must access this knowledge to gain freedom of the heart, to allow yourselves to learn to live with one another in a way that is only special to that of spirit.

Not a time to close your eyes to events

Time has passed by so many and their lives are whisked away as if they never were, their loved ones cry out for their babies who are lost. Scenes repeated many times and seen by this world of spirit. They can only seek to comfort their loved ones through the word of prayer and this will empower your soul to bring you hope for others.

It is not a time to close your eyes to these events that happen constantly within your world. Allow your mind the freedom of choice and choose that of the light, and if you wish to see happiness reign in your world once more, then you must work together, you must be united as never before, because as the dark clouds gather at this time. Many will succumb and be misguided by their needs and wants of life. You must forego these things and reach out with your minds and your very soul to acquire the knowledge that is accessible to you, the knowledge of love, of spirit and that truth of God that lies within you all.


His knowledge and his wisdom are inherent in your bodies and soul, he is not a disconnected entity, you are connected with him constantly throughout your lives and your judgement will show you the way if you allow his light to shine within.

Tonight, has been a start to reunite the words of wisdom with that of the world. We thank you for your ability and presence this evening, and acknowledge to you our wisdom and love extending to all within life. Miracles can happen and they constantly do, you must pray for a better way, for better eyes to see with, only you as the living beings can make this happen. You may have the will and the compassion to help others, but it takes more than this.

Eventually you will all return to the light and you will see the errors of your ways, then you would see that there was perhaps a better way of living, of kindness to others, of caring. Put aside those grievances that you hold so deep within your heart’s, for there is no need for these things.

Your world of the physical holds many troubled times, there is much disillusionment spread among your people and very often this is the very thing that they succumb to and they lose their way. What makes you unique as a human being? Is it your spirit and soul, or is it the way you live? The thing that makes you unique is your ability to learn the knowledge that is installed within you, this in itself brings corruption, it will take a strong soul to go through life without an interruption of the dark, without anguish.

You look to the creatures of the world and call them ‘the animal kingdom’, yet their spirit and soul forms part of your life and gives you wisdom with their love and caring. You are all a part of the same spirit and energy, none of you in truth live apart from one another, for you all have a need of each other.

Betrayal to the planet

And we can speak about many betrayals of life, not just your kind, but to that of the planet and the creatures upon her. We need not dictate to you these things, for you know in your heart the wisdom of the truth that we speak. It is up to you, as a creature of the earth and as a spirit of the communion of spirit, to do the best you can, not just for yourself, for your own sake, but for others and their sake, no matter whether they are human or of the animal kind, as you would call it.

You must understand, as the Native Americans did, that each one of you are all a part of mother nature, you are all connected and belong to the earth. But your spirit and soul is free to travel when you are released from your bodies. How you travel will be dependent upon how you led your lives, therefore, this is why we say ‘what you make in life is what you reap for the next’. 

You must become a creature of the Earth for that is from where your body stems, you must respect the Earth and give praise for her bounty that you so openly abuse at this time. Do not look at the vegetables of your garden and see just a plant, for there is more to these things than the eye beholds during your life. They are the same as you, a part of nature, you are all part of the same creator and creation and you must understand that the manitou’s of these things live in everyday objects that you possess and see. (Manitou – Life force or spirit)

We talk about possession, ownership and you regard yourselves as being ‘well-to-do’ when you buy your habitats, when you think that you own the land that you live on, when you look at the furniture and what you sit on. Each and every item is not belonging to you, it is belonging to the earth, and although you have manipulated and torn apart Mother Earth to obtain these things, always remember that it was once part of a living being, a creature perhaps that roamed the earth as you do. You would feel yourselves hard done by if another nation from another world came to your planet and fed upon you and used your skin and bodily parts for their benefit. Of course, this would be an awful thing, but you must see that in your world, this is exactly what you are exploiting at this time. If you have to kill another creature, whether it be a vegetable or animal for your living years, and we know this is essential, it is also essential to give thanks for their being and their bounty. Do not look at it as a piece of meat upon your table or a vegetable upon your plate, do not regard it as just being an object that is there, think about what it was and the life that that creature or plant had.

Extreme thoughts, yet they speak of the truth, each of you are a part of nature and the ultimate creation of all the planetary systems, of all the universes and galaxies, you must understand that you have no more right than them to take life for no other reason than your pleasure. Give your bounty and thanks to those that nourish you in your lives. 

Positive thoughts and affirmations are given to you all this evening, dispose of those thoughts of the negative and allow your eyes to be opened by the light of love and the fellowship of all creatures upon your world. Amen.

We will speak again, there is no need to hurry. Satisfy your needs at this time Michael, be courteous to others and respect what they say and write. Your time is needed in many ways and we will call upon you once more to bring you words of wisdom when you have the need. Good evening, and may the Lord bless and keep you all. 

The Uprising – Mary Magdalene – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Many are your world are very troubled and we wish to bring this situation to your attention today. This is no surprise considering the great upheaval that has taken place recently, one that has had a great impact on many of you in different ways.  It is true to say that the events of the last year have impacted most of you in some way, although some seem to have escaped relatively unimpaired.

Now it is important for all of you to become strong and not look to others to get you out of the hole of your own making.  You may not agree with what I have said here, but I assure you that most of the disruption you have suffered during these past few months has mostly been of your making.

This is because over many years people have failed to take full responsibility for their lives, preferring to hand over any decisions relating to the state of the country to those who are in power. Now it is time for you individually and collectively to stand up and be counted, to rise up and start to take action.

What changes do you wish to see, what do you wish for your children, are you always going to agree with the ones in control or are you going to start thinking for yourselves and decide what YOU want. How do you visualise life in three to five years, do you think things will improve or get worse? Whatever you believe to be true, please understand that it is your individual and collective input that can make a difference.

It is time to understand that all have been responsible in some way for the state of your country, because most of the time you have been apathetic and lazy in your attitude, preferring to turn the responsibility over to another person, even if you do not fully agree with their policies or actions.

Now we are asking you to arise and behold a world that reflects who you wish to be, not who YOU have become.  Do not believe that following the masses is the way forward, you all have a brain, use it.  If you are afraid to stand up and be counted you can only expect more of the same, you have already suffered a lot, is that what you wish for yourselves and your family in the future?

You have the power to change anything you wish, you have the power individually and collectively to change any circumstances, every denial, and come into your sovereignty once more. What aspects used to make your beautiful country real to you, what do you treasure and what have you lost? You have lost freedom to take action and you have lost your voice that has been quelled by a demanding authority that does not have good intentions for you, however plausible they make it sound.

You must rise up and question anything that does not resonate with you, understanding that you do not have to swallow the bitter pill that is being offered to you, and one that could be a danger to you and your children.   You must learn to question more, you must question their intent, you must question how your food is produced, your must question everything that you know in your heart to be an untruth, but as yet have not had the courage to rise up and speak this out to those who would listen.

You have allowed yourself to be hoodwinked by others, you believe others in authority have more knowledge of what is best for you, but until you wake up and realise the danger you are in, you will not change anything and may live to regret it many years hence.

This is a vital time in the ascension of mankind, now he must decide to control his destiny, and not let others control him, even if some do have good intent. But I must reiterate that the majority do not, so you are the only one that can change what you do not like or what you do not wish to agree with.

So now I am asking you to examine your hearts, to go within and listen to your intuition. I am asking you to face what you have put off because you did not want to be seen as different, or difficult.  But now what is more important is that you are clear and decisive about what type of world you wish to live in, and make a decision on your future, not based on what others are demanding of you, but what you want for yourself.

Do not believe that one voice, your voice cannot make a difference because once you voice what you truly want and believe in, you will attract others of like mind, then an alliance can be formed, and there will be strength in numbers, so your convictions will be strengthened too. 

So, once you have decided what you want changed, start to take steps towards that direction, you must take action.  You can do something as simple as delivering leaflets, starting a community group, or simply being yourself and speaking the truth of what you feel.

You must be prepared to face the ones that would deride you, and who are so fearful they would never consider any change in their life.  They are the ones that will sink to the lowest level of survival believing they have no choice, they are the ones that will tear apart your argument because they are too apathetic to take responsibility for themselves.

Now we need leaders and ones that will speak up and take the lead. We need the ones that have the courage to know when things are wrong and decide to do something about it.  We need the ones that will challenge authority if needs be, state their case clearly and concisely and with passion and who will expect answers.

Many of you have lacked courage during the past few years, you have felt out of control and let others take your power away and dictate how you live. History is repeating itself, now it is time to stop the rot, and should you decide to not take action you will live to regret your indiscretion.

We know that a lot of you have taken this time to change and take action, and we are heartened to see that there are many movements that are fighting back and demanding answers. So know that you are not alone, but understand that we need more voices, more action, and more dedication to this cause.

Each and every one of you is responsible in some way for the current state of the world, and one way you can help is to make small but important changes in the way you live.  Many years ago it was your communities that stuck together with generations of people lived nearby. They were able to support their families, but now all this has changed with your never ending, fast paced, material orientated world that is fuelled by the need to constantly want for more. That is often an ego-based perception related to your survival.

This is not the way for the many people who are guided to listen to their heart and who have come to earth to make a difference. There are many people who feel isolated, not so much because of recent restrictions but because others do not take the time to interact with them or support the community at large.

Most of you live in your houses and some do not even know their neighbours, indeed it is known that some have died in their homes and not been found for many days. What sort of society do you live in, are you so selfish that you do not care for the people around you? Now you retort by asking if I wish to see a change how can I make an impact on the many other problems I see in our world.

The answer is my dears that when YOU change your attitude, when YOU show you care, when YOU take the time to help others, when YOU are happy, when YOU reach out to another, you do not just have an affect on the one you are dealing, with but all others around you.

You see YOU are setting an example, and it is YOU that will take the time to show compassion for your fellow man or woman by connecting with another who is not so fortunate. 

Until you change the very fabric of your society there will not be many good changes seen for the better, so know that it all starts with you. What could you do for another person today that would make a difference? Could you get some shopping for an elderly person, could you tap on the door and check they are okay? I know this may not appear to be a life changing event, but this the love that comes from your heart into the heart of another, and in that moment, you will have changed the life of another person.

You need to get out of your minds and into your hearts, you need to shift your focus away from yourself and seek to help others. You need to let go of your schedule and make sure you meet others who may need your help.  You need to be prepared to challenge what is not right, and take action so you can protect the ones you love. Many of you live an insular life and only think of yourselves most of the time. You close the door, put your television on and shut out the world.

You need to open your eyes to the bigger picture and get involved in your communities. Stand up and be counted knowing that you have made a difference somewhere, that you have made an impact, and could change another’s life for the better.

Now it is time for mankind to rise up and become the best that they can be instead of wallowing in the depths that have been of their own making in the past. There are no excuses now, it is time to step up and step out into a brave new world that you are going to help build, that you will make a   contribution to, and that you will have helped make a success. When people come together with a common aim they can move mountains and they can save a country that is on its knees, one that has lost its way.

So now we look to you to become the leaders in your world who can make a difference, who care, who are courageous, and who will not be stopped. These are the ones who believe in themselves, and will inspire others to rise up, and they will live in a world that they are not only proud of, but one they know that they have helped to recreate.

Now it is time for this manifestation to come into your reality, so do not sink your head in the sand and believe that you cannot make a difference.  Rise Up, Rise Up, have courage, take action, and know that you can help to make many wonderful changes that need to take place in your world today.

Mary Magdalene

Anna Marie Croxson 23rd April, 2021.

Illumination of Mankind – Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Many of you have been intimidated in some way or another, particularly during recent times. Now this has to stop and you must stand in your power, stand up for your own beliefs and realise that you count, you are here to illuminate mankind, not cower at those cowardly ones who are trying to bully you.

This is part of your journey of awakening that will illuminate yourself to your sovereignty and this is the purpose of your life here on earth. We need people of integrity and passion, the ones who make sure that life on earth is good for each and every soul. If you do not stand up to those who wish to dominate you or make you feel small, you will not be living your life purpose.

This means that you have to live with love in your hearts, because a heart that is overflowing with love will not accept the dastardly deeds that are being committed at the moment.  It is up to each and every one of you to challenge any wrongdoing you see, if you witness any act of violence, whether it of the mind, body or spirit.  

We do not like to see our dear souls crushed with such worry or concern, we do not wish to see your dignity stripped away because you have allowed another to use their power over you, or because you submitted to that gross act of misconduct.

A person who tries to dominate or coerce you into an action that you fundamentally disagree with must be put in their place, and you will have to learn how to stand your ground, like the great lionesses that defend their young with such ferocious protection. Now it is time for you to become as a lion heart, knowing that as you do so you will be protected by God because you are defending the people he loves.

Many of you are good souls who have suffered much at the hands of others, now it is time for you to rise up, come out of your shell and show your light to fight with all your might.  It is quite a holy act when you deliver to me and to the light, and decide to work with me to face every circumstance.  You will not fail when you are connected to the light. We are not saying this is easy, but will it get better the more you practice and with a determination to stand in your own two shoes and acknowledge your sovereignty.

You see when others realise that you are as strong as an ox and will not budge in your belief or stature, they will leave you alone, move on and try to coerce another pour soul. They always attack the weak ones, the ones who do not believe that they have the energy to fight or stand up to evil.  But when you ask to be illuminated, your light will shine so brightly it will pulverise the energies of those who would wish to attack you.

Then you become an example to others and you will give them the courage to do the same.  This is the only way you can face the dark forces, you must band together and form an alliance that will support your collective beliefs.  You must have the courage to state your case openly and with passion.  Having passion for a cause will give you much courage and will attract a following of like-minded people who are determined to change the world for the better.

So my dear ones this is a great uprising occurring on earth at this moment.  This is the time when people will say enough is enough, we will stand strong, we will not be moved, we will take action against you, we will not bow down to your will. State your case and make it clear that you will not succumb to their wishes, then you will find the ones that were so ready to attack will fade away.

You see they have sensed that your energy has changed and because you are charged with the love of God he has given you the courage to illuminate yourself for the betterment of mankind. Because if mankind does not change right now, the dark forces will move in and will make more mischief, so you must stand strong and when you do, you will be an example to the others around you.

We cannot reiterate how important this is at this particular time of man’s evolution.  Your freedom has been threated before and was dispatched after a long and bloody fight. Now it is not your armies that will protect you, it will be you that will protect yourselves as you assemble your own army of the light, now you will march to the beat of your own drum, no other.

This is the illumination of mankind, and he will have him understand what role he has to play, a role that he has been sent to earth to complete.  Now he cannot turn his back on himself and expect others to do his dirty work, he must face the music and dance to the beat of his own drum, not to any other.

Taking this strong standpoint will be a turning point for all mankind when they finally realise that they are the ones in charge and decide to take responsibility for their lives. They will not allow the ones in power to take over, they will challenge the people they once believed and revered. In the past it was easier to run with the crowd than face up to reality, now they are aware of the pain that was caused by their previous indifference.

Through your illumination you know in your heart that you must stand up and be counted now, nothing less will do. This is such an important time in the resurrection of mankind, it is time for man to restore himself to his full glory.

We are pleased to report that many of you are truly beginning to wake up to the truth of who you are and are coming back to God for the restoration of your mind, body and spirit.  Hallelujah!  This is the time to come into your full restoration and ignite the candle of love within your heart to show the world the light that burns so brightly within you.

Now you will illuminate others by your presence, and as you walk into a room, many will be drawn to the light that lies deep within your soul. Others will want to partake of your energy, not realising that will connected to Christ during their discourse with you.  At this moment you are not fully aware of the power you hold, or the affect it this has on all you meet. One day soon you will realise the extent of your power and will use it wisely, knowing that this has come from a sacred place of love, and is the illumination and energy of the Christ consciousness.

When you feel so much love flowing within you it will automatically touch all you meet, as the flame of love touches others in their hearts, they will start to feel the illumination of light in their heart.  And as you become a ‘Christed One,’ many you come into contact with will follow you, so they may also experience a deep love for all of mankind.

Love is catching, but hate represents desolation and fear. So now if man wishes fear to leave him he has to find the illumination of love deep within him, and he will.  Now the tide has turned and more and more of you will wish to catch the magic of feeling illuminated so you can be released from your fears and let go of the fear of past misdemeanours, whether they are personal, or ones that are presented to you through your ancestral lineage.

You will be God’s protector of humankind but before you can become illuminated you have to find a person whose example you can follow. When you have been ignited in the flame that is within the candle of love, you too will shine your light so brightly that others will automatically be drawn to you.

You are here to illuminate and help save mankind from himself, as many feel depressed and low at this time. It will be our amazing light workers on earth that will help these people and bring them hope for their own salvation, so they may step into their own journey of awakening.

We are here to support all of you on your journey, and it will be our band of light workers on earth who will show you the way. Have no fear, God is near, you have protectors and illuminators on earth that will help and show you the way forward.  All you have to do is ask for help and a way will be shown to you, and the good people of earth will come to your side to support you.

So my dears, this is a very important lesson. Learn to stand in your power, learn how to be strong, learn to love your sovereignty and learn to love all and trust all.

There will be many new people that you will meet in the future that will have a positive affect on you and will help change your life for the better. Be assured that this is the truth, for I, Mary Magdalene only speak the truth to you, as will my dearest Jeshua who now wishes to speak his truth to you:

‘Dearest ones on earth, I have so much love in my heart for you all, and I am pleased that Mary has spoken with such truth to you today. Please heed her words for she is a very wise woman of much experience in the needs of the human soul, and she understands the journey that lies before you.

I too will support you as you grow into the magnificent being you were born to become, and I look forward to seeing you grow and blossom into a beautiful light being of much importance that was born to help mankind.

These beings of light that are coming into the Candle of Love will help illuminate the world, and this is a very important step in the mastery of mankind during the mass resurrection of all souls on earth at this important time of man’s awakening.

You have been called to do this work on our behalf, know that the gate has opened as we speak, so that you may walk through the next portal for your illumination of life on earth.  Follow your heart dear ones and come unto me, do my word, be my disciple on earth as you come into heaven, your Lord Jesus Christ.

Dearest souls on earth, know that we are both with you through this most challenging time, but we wish to assure you that this is a most important time of transformation. All is not in vain, but part of a huge overall plan that will save mankind from himself, so he may step into the illumination of his soul and help save the world.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  17th April, 2021

Collective Dissonance – Jesus channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Most of you are consciously unaware of the effect you have on others by stating your opinions so forcefully, and because you think you are right and try to persuade another that they should agree with you, it is causing much dissonance within your society.  This is not a good reason for carrying on in this way, because at the moment you are not aware of the damage you are causing. Many of you are unaware of the damage you are causing because your ego is telling what you believe and speak about is correct, but this it is only your opinion.

Because of the acute conditions on earth at this time, this is causing great collective dissonance in the world, and it saddens me so much to see how much you are arguing with one another.  You see when you do this, it allows the dark forces to take over, they love it because this causes separation, despair, and discontent amongst you. This is fear speaking because you have lost your way and are seeking to find a group of people who will think the same way as you, so that you may feel safe.

At the moment because fear is rife in your society many of you are floundering not knowing where you are going, or what to believe or what action to take. This is a sad state of affairs and one I do not like to see my children involved in.  You will play to the dark forces if you continue to act like this, so now it is time to wake up and take responsibility for yourself, your families and your co-workers. Do not continue to run with the crowd or keep changing your allegiance.   Do you not know your own mind, can you not decide that it has be you that makes decisions about what YOU believe in, instead of following a crowd that does not know where they are going.

This has caused much dissent amongst you and has even divided what was previously a happy family.  When you are collectively challenged by an outside force it is time to pull together, to support each other, and give each the respect to make their own decisions without your interference or having to be the one ‘that knows it all’.

At a higher level of consciousness we can see that you are lost, and following others in a sheep like manner. But now you must realise the damage that you doing to yourself in terms of your mental health, but also the effect you are having on others. It is very important for you to realise that you all have an effect on people and situations around at this moment in time.

Your daily problems that you are dealing with are being experienced by many other people, know that you are not the only one.  Why do you think the world has been stopped, why do you think that you have been curtailed from running amok in the world and pillaging the planet of its resources? I wonder if you have an answer to this question?

Now you need to seek the deeper reason beyond your current restriction and become aware of how man has brought this upon himself, so he might learn to become more consciously awake.  I know these words will not be popular, but now it is time to speak the truth, and if I call you up short right now and get your attention, I will be assured that you understand the purpose of this message.

I know many of you would like to remind me that you are getting a raw deal and I do accept that your lives are challenging, but within this challenge there is a chance that you might wake up to the global affect that your previous behaviour has caused the earth to suffer.

This time I am not going to let you off the hook, because it is imperative that you wake to the truth of who you are, and take responsibility right now for all your actions, including your speech and behaviour. Many of you are behaving badly because you feel resentful and angry at the conditions in your life at this time, but behaving badly will not help you, in fact this will worsen your disposition and energetically disturb not only yourself but all others around you.

Remember you have a responsibility to care for your family and children and act in a responsible manner. If they should see you acting badly do not be surprised if this rebounds on you when they the start to mimic your behaviour.  You see when you take responsibility for all you do, you will not be so easily swayed by those whose opinions you seem to believe are the truth.  The time has come for you to become a thinker and a seeker of a truth that is right for you, and not mindlessly follow the majority of the crowd.

This is an important time in the awakening of man’s consciousness, it is the awakened ones that may challenge you to seek your truth. If you do not wish to engage that is your choice, but please don’t blame me or anybody else when your life goes askew. If you decide to turn your back on the truth and blindly take the easier route by following the masses, be aware that the masses are not sure where they are going, hence the confusion.

So now you, individually as well as collectively, must choose to take responsibility for your own life and let others do the same.  Do not judge them for their beliefs and actions, but respect them for the decisions they make. All of you must live your own lives and let others live theirs in the way they feel that is right for them at this time.

Judging one another or being critical is not going to help either as this only makes people feel more resentful and fearful.  The true message that is facing you, is that you do not seem to love and care for yourselves that much, and often you don’t care too much about others.  I am only saying this as a general collective statement, because I know there are many who do love and care for people, but there are also a lot who are unthinking and do not care that much.

Now you as a society will have to change your attitudes and core beliefs if you are to survive this latest challenge.  I have spoken to you many times about loving and caring for each other but many have turned away and closed their ears to my advice once again.  Unless you change your attitude to your fellow man there will not be a chance for peace on earth should you continue to have such a closed mind.

Today I am here to try and waken you to the consequences of your actions, the consequences of your ignorant and unacceptable behaviour that is creating such negative dissonance in your world. Do you not realise that unless you make an effort to treat each other in a reasonable and thoughtful way you will only get more of what you are experiencing at this moment.  In other words YOU have to change right now, or accept the consequences of your present behaviour.

I am a man of peace, and I guess you might be surprised and a little resentful that I am speaking to you in this tone of voice. I am doing this so you might listen, and this will ensure you fully wake up to the consequences of your actions, because most of the troubles in the world have been brought about by man’s dastardly actions against his fellow man.

Remember, treat others as you would like to be treated if you wish to gain the respect and attention of others.  You will not get their attention if you blame them, criticise them, or are aggressive towards them, because they will just turn their back on you and walk away, and who can blame them?

So my dears if you are still reading this I will know that I have got your attention, please take this message seriously.   If you do not take the time to change your ways you will pay the consequences. If you keep blaming God or me or anyone else, you are not taking responsibility for yourself.  It is time to grow up and understand that you are responsible for yourself, and not expect anybody else to sort out your life. Now you must do this on your own, and when you finally understand this, that is when your life will change, and the people around you will change then you will be able live life on the same vibrational frequency as others and be at peace.

All I wish for you is peace in your heart, peace in your home and peace in your world. But you will have to find a way to find peace, and to love and respect all you meet, and agree to disagree in a kindly and respectful manner. I do not like to have to talk to you like this, it is not how I wish to discourse with you, but times are tough and so I have had to get tough with you to get you to see the truth of what is happening. So when you realise this, you will not only change yourself but will help others to come into a more peaceful resolution with one another.

I love you all so dearly and I am so unhappy to see your distress and to see you in so much fear, but until you decide to change, then life will go on in the same way. Is that what you want? I don’t think so, but there is no magical wand that will come along and make it all good again.

There are no politicians, no doctors, no friends, nor bosses that you can heap the responsibility onto, now it’s down to you and only you can decide how you wish to live your life and what you want to achieve in the life that you have been given.

There are many good people on earth who do sterling work holding the light for you, but they are feeling depleted and losing hope that they can help others to find their own love and light within.  So, if you get an offer of help, make sure you take it up immediately as the opportunity may not come around again.

This is the challenge I am throwing out to you. I have warned you that time is of the essence, and it is vital that you listen to these words and understand how important they are for your ultimate survival.  If you should decide not to make any change in your life then you will face the consequences, and remember, you will always be given the chance to change, but your options and time are running out. Decide not to live in fear anymore, look at the facts that face you and make your own decisions and stand by them regardless of what other people may say to you, be strong and confident and stand in your own two shoes.

Set an example to your friends and family and see the relief in their faces when you decide to take the lead and stand strong in your belief.  It is time to grow up, and grow into yourself, and to show the world the truth of who you are.  Listen to your heart for direction, trust your instincts for they will not fail you, and know that this is not a message that you should ever ignore.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 12th April, 2021

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You are my counterpart – St Paul – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Jesus told me I was his counterpart, I was to be his voice in the world, and so can you.  You see, now is a very important time in the history of mankind and it is a beautiful time of the awakening of mans soul.  The uprisings you are experiencing are part of your soul’s evolution to the goodness and mercy you have within you. 

Many of you are feeling strained and unhappy, yet if only you would take time and space to bring you back into yourselves, you would start to find inner peace.

So many of you have lost your way and feel estranged from each other, there are so many differing opinions and many feel cut off from the humanity of mankind. Sometimes you feel like that you are living in a foreign country with no friends or family around. These are difficult times indeed, but one that you must overcome. This means that every individual must find his or her way back to the truth of who he or she is and learn not to listen to the opinions of others that are often based on false promise.

These are challenging times, we understand that so well, because we too have lived a life on earth and know how difficult this can be.  But we do not want you to lose hope or believe that you will not have an enjoyable life in the future.   I know at times life looks bleak and it certainly feels as if you have lost your ability to laugh and feel joy in your heart.

This is why we ask you to take the ‘inner journey’ into the conscious awakening of your soul and learn to listen to the words of my master, our dear Lord Jesus Christ once more. I assure you that his loving words will bring you comfort once more, and even if you are new to his teachings, be assured they will resonate with your heart, a heart that has been closed for so long.

So now he is asking you to be his counterpart and is requesting today that you listen to the words of wisdom that he would like to impart upon you:

My dearest troubled ones on earth, do not despair, do not believe in the fear mongers, the ones that would wish to take control and destroy your peace of mind.  Now it is time to find your inner light within and come back to me.  I preach that to love all is to serve all, and although many have forgotten to love others and indeed themselves, this is the first lesson that you need to be reminded of.

You see, so many of you do not like yourselves, let alone love yourselves, you listen to others who have an opinion on you and distort the truth about you. So now I am asking you listen for my voice of truth in your ear and I will lead you back so you may experience a peaceful heart and loving mind.

I know that some of you have strayed and have not given much thought about me, your lives are so busy that you have forgotten that once I existed, for many have known me and prayed to me in the past.

I call you the forgotten ones, not forgotten by me, but you have forgotten how to love yourselves first and give yourself time to find yourselves and your joy in living.  I witness your sadness and struggles, and I so want to help you in your hour of need, but now my dears it is time to help yourselves.

When you make the decision to change your life and make love the central thought of each day, then your life will change, your vibration will change and then you will attract others of like mind, who wish, like yourselves to be healed in mind, body and spirit.

It is no hardship for you to try and find me, you only have to ask me one more time. I am alert to those who wish to regain their contact with me and wish to become my counterpart on earth, so that they too can spread the word of love.  Learning to love each other unreservedly is a very important way to live, because there is much judgement in the world and too much disillusionment.

But I doubt you realise that at the core of most people is a loving heart, as yet unopened to its fullness, as they are unable to comprehend how much they are loved and adored by us.  Adore yourselves dear ones, adore your loved ones and feel our adoration bless you heart.  Feel us come close to you now dry your tears knowing life will get better, but it is time for you to wake up and see the beauty all around you.

Get out of your mind and come into you heart, listen to your heart when you make your decisions. Do not judge another whose struggles may seem impossible, because they cannot see the path ahead and only feel desperation.  You have been placed on earth to help others, even if in this moment you do not believe a word I say.  But I understand your hesitancy and I know you seek a different life, otherwise why would you be reading these words?

Your life can change in a flash and you can feel different within minutes when I bless you with the power of my love. I do not judge you, nor should you judge others, for that will bring you onto the path of disillusionment and fear.  My dearest ones, come to me with your problems and ask me to help you, and as you feel your fear leave you, know that you have been blessed by me your saviour. And so as you have been blessed, so you may bless others and speak of me to others and share the love you feel in your heart.  

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling that you are loved and I assure you that you are in my name.   Bring your people back to me, share your experience and tell others how blessed you feel now you have found me again.  Tell them to renounce their fear and come into the everlasting arms of love once more.

Do not let them feel afraid because of their past deeds, but tell them to reconnect with me and I will bless them so they may start anew, and will lead a new life, one that has my love in their hearts.  All are blessed and many see me in their dreams and see my face when they pray, I am a very present presence in more lives than is understood by those who still feel lost.

Because of what is happening in your world it is more important now than ever to shepherd your flock back to me, teach your families to have faith in me and know that I am ever present in their lives. A family that lives in faith is blessed indeed, and they will bless all they meet as their light shines for all to see.

So will you carry my beacon of light, will you become my counterpart and offer love to all you meet.  Will you become a saviour to mankind in a world that so desperately needs to feel my love rising again in their breast? Will you stand tall and speak of me unreservedly, proudly saying my name with reverence and love to all my children on earth?

Will you my dears, having had your own deliverance, pass the wonder of your faith and shining countenance onto others?  Will you become my saints on earth to help heal the earth and its people?  Do you understand how many people are troubled and need your help, the ones who are seeking a kindly word and a caring approach so they may find an answer to their problems? The world and its people are starved of love, starved of hope and many are feeling depressed and desolate at this difficult time.

That is why I am asking you today to make your contribution to the people of the world who need so much love. Walk amongst your people as I did, spread my word as I did, and be proud to be my counterpart in a world that is so dependant upon the love you can give to others in need.

Dearest ones, the timing of this mission to bring peace to earth is now desperately important. I thank St. Paul for bringing this matter to your attention, because it was St Paul who undertook his own mission to spread the word of God, who is assisting me right now so that we can achieve our mission to bring peace on earth to mankind.

As Jesus has spoken to you about our mission to bring peace on earth, now you are being called to ascend into a higher consciousness, and we welcome you into the body of the Christ consciousness that is enveloping the world as we speak.

But there is much work to be achieved right now, as we need to inspire others who are unaware of the bad vibrations that they are sending out at this moment. The vibration of fear, doubt and desperation is affecting many more people than they would like to believe within the collective consciousness of mankind.

It is important that the vibration of love and the words of Jesus are used to counteract the lower vibrations that are affecting your people and all life on planet earth.  To achieve this transformation for peace on earth we need our earthly beings that have become more aware of the part they can play in the absolution of mankind.

Men and woman who are stuck in the lower vibration on earth need to be assisted to move into the light of their being, and all followers of Christ and his word are being asked to step up and become more consciously awake so they can shine the light of Christ on all they meet.

The mission for world peace is now gathering a pace as our light workers are coming forth to assist us in the greatest homecoming of Christ to all people of the word.  This great movement of light workers needs more assistance and support as they carry the mantel and the candle of love for all within their hearts.

We ask you to step up and join us in this essential mission of light that needs to permeate the earth during its greatest transition, and for the people who are undergoing their own transformation.  All light beings are being called forth to step up and lead the charge, to support our army of light workers that will help them fulfil the most important task that has ever been undertaken by so few, for so many.

Now you are being called forward to assist us to bring the love and light of Jesus Christ to all you meet, regardless of their stature or standing, for all are equal in our eyes.  All must be given an opportunity to transform themselves without any judgement upon them, because it is the love of God, that with your help, will transform them into a being of light and love.

We send you our dearest blessings and thank you for your valuable assistance. Know that we will be by your side as you allow yourself to be used by us to bring mankind to his fullest enlightenment that will allow him to live in peace for evermore.

St. Paul the Apostle

27th March, 2021

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Mary Magdalene and Jeshua channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


The human mind can be very limited in its thinking and so when you underestimate yourself and your ability to move forward, then you underestimate the power of spirit, and how spirit can move you forward to your next destination.

This is very common aspect of human behaviour, and it is up to you to change your energy, your thoughts, and your behaviour otherwise you will stay stuck.

Whatever your circumstances you must know that we care and love you, and that you are never alone whatever is happening however frustrating or difficult the situation might appear to be.  But you must realise that nothing within your reality is stuck, even though it may feel that way to you.  Life by its very nature is ever changing and you are changing with it. But if you insist on feeling like a victim that will stop you from moving on because of your negative approach and lack of trust in spirit, who often will protect you from making bad decisions.

But you must realise that this is not all about you, because you do not live in isolation, and have to interact with other people all the time, that is part of being human. Now more than ever you have to learn to live harmoniously with others, even if your situation feels challenging. If that should be the case you will need to learn to be flexible but importantly understand that your spiritual team are working behind the scenes to create your best opportunity, for not only your spiritual growth but so you might understand the purpose of your soul path more intimately and ultimately more powerfully.

You see the challenges that  you feel are only in your mind and if  you underestimate or do not trust our power to assist you, you might block your path through negativity and as the old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  You must learn that even when life seems unbearably tough you must learn to be resilient to any thoughts of depression or low self esteem, and bring yourself back to source, back to the love that you know is always there for you.

It really is a matter of trusting the divine to guide you and there is a delicate balance between trust and right action.  Yes there are times when you need to be proactive and take immediate steps forward, but there are also times when introspection and more of a inner trusting of spirit, a dance with the divine life plan that is far more important.

This inner awareness of the delicacy of this twin partnership relates to how much you have grown from being a human living in the physical on earth, to being a divinely guided inspiration to others. In this state of mind you will never underestimate your own power to create what you want, or indeed deny the divine of their most wonderful support.

The desert you see that has no horizon in sight is of your own making, when the monkey mind allows doubts of your survival to creep in and destroy your peace of mind, that is when you lose your power, lose your faith, and lose your peace of mind. What does it take to trust us fully?  What do you need to face that makes you feel so insecure and unhappy, and what do you need to feel safe?

You see when you understand that you are not treading this journey alone and that the almighty is always with you, it is then you will find inner peace, knowing that all is working out beautifully for your best and highest good.  And even when life seems to have turned against you, or the people around you do not seem to understand, all you need to do is to try and understand yourself first and not blame others for your unhappy state of mind.

You see all these experiences come to help illuminate you more deeply into the beautiful spiritual being you are becoming, and it is this spiritual growth that once learnt, will help you to enlighten others.  My dears the way of spirit is not always easy, as I know all too well myself, but trusting the process and not allowing yourself to sink down into believing everything is lost is imperative for your sanity.

You cannot help others unless you have gone down the road of exploration into your higher awareness. We watch and pray for your good recovery and a new lightness of spirit, so know that we watch over and care for you each and every day. You are a wonderful being of light who has decided to incarnate at this most interesting time in man’s evolution, that will allow every man and woman to come into their spiritual heritage, their sovereignty, their beautiful spiritual hearts.

Nothing is in vain, so do not blame others for your discourse, your stress, or your inaccurate perception of what is going on around you.  God knows what you need to grow into, so being challenged is part of that growth. But do not despair, be of good cheer, because as you grow more into yourself and into your God, your life will be unmatched within the inner contentment and joy that will be felt inside.

You will feel bullet proofed against any adversities in the world for they will not touch you as your faith is so strong, and you will become as strong as an ox and be able to face the mighty ego of its displacements.  Ego is rampant in your society at the moment but when faced with the pure force of the love of God it is no match, and will wither and die.

That is why you our dearest light workers on earth are such an important part of our mission for peace and we could not achieve this without your help.  Many of you have turned back to God during these past few months during the crisis that has hit your world, a crisis that man has brought onto himself by his inability to not only serve himself, but his planet and all of mankind. 

But there are those who have decided that ‘enough is enough’ and want to help themselves as well as assist others into the awakening of mankind to a higher level of consciousness. You see the situation that you now face has been going on a very long time and it is only now that a good many people have decided that their lives have to change, and will change for the better.

It is no surprise to us that this great wave of new consciousness is spreading through your lands, and even though in the physical it can look messy and unproductive, and might even feel like that circumstances are getting worse rather than better, we assure you that they are not.  It is only the dross of the old that is being stripped away, and this is happening in the collective consciousness, as well individual minds of all thinking men and woman of spiritual substance.

It is a very interesting time in the evolution of mankind and this will inevitably brings up challenges that need to be faced. We wish to assure you that you are indeed our wonderful spiritual warriors doing exceptionally hard and sometimes demanding work, for which we gratefully indebted to you, and we thank you deeply for all your efforts on our behalf.

Now we wish to bring you some good news and it is my dearest Jeshua who now wishes to speak to you:

‘ My dear people of the earth, I know at this time many of you are finding your circumstances rather trying, sometimes uncomfortable and are longing for a change for the better.   I am here to assure all of you that the difficult times are leaving and the sun is on the horizon.  I know that many of you feel physically tired and battle weary, but know that you are so close to a major break through of magnificent proportions.

Through your dedication we have been able to stride forward with our intention to bring peace to earth, and it is you our light workers on the earth that is making this dream a reality. Without your time, dedication, and support our dream of bringing peace to all on earth would not have even got off the starting blocks.

You have played a critical role by showing the world your dedication to the light, and by bringing in your light force into the world.  I see many lanterns on earth and look on with pride at your many achievements you are our ‘light army’ who carry your mantel with pride knowing that you work for the light and no other.  

You do not know how much this gladdens my heart to see such a wonderful response to our clarion call, and as we speak there are many more faces turning to and being called into the light that is going into the deepest part of their being. Quite simply without your dedication we would not be making the inroads that we have been able to particularly during the past few years.

For everyone who shows their light to others is a light worker of much magnificence, because it is their light that can literally change others, and that helps change the rest of the world.  Loving each other, helping each other, and being tolerant of each other is so important especially as you all have faced quite difficult, collective and individual challenges during these past few years.

Now the collective sun is appearing on the horizon as we speak, and more and more of you are gathering together in my name.  As many of you know I have been preaching the word of God to my people for many a year, many a century, but it is only now that my words are being taken seriously and action is being taken. This is truly wonderful to see and that is why we are speaking to you today to assure you that your efforts have not been in vain, and to let you know that the tide has turned in the right direction at long last.

So these words have been spoken to give you the encouragement you need to carry on your good work, to have trust in me and trust in your God. All your efforts have not been in vain I do assure you, and we are most thankful for your steadfast and loyal support that is helping to create peace to earth right now’. Jesus Christ.

So do not underestimate the power that you hold in your heart, the power that you hold in your actions, and the power that you hold within the physical world you live in. You are the game changers, and because you live in a physical body on earth you are in a unique position to change the world.  And as more and more turn their faces to the light, so the light will shine stronger and brighter in your world.  Every one of you is important, so do not belittle yourself or feel that you have no role to play, because I assure you, each and every one of you is important and part of our mission for peace on earth.

Without your individual and collective efforts we would not be making the inroads that we are doing at the moment. So our message to you it to ‘keep on keeping on’ with your quest for peace and love in your own lives, and peace for all others that you meet on your journey on earth at this critical time of man’s evolution. Each and every one of you count and we know you all, love you all, and want you to know how much difference you are making just by being you, and by sharing your unique and wonderful gifts with all others.

Now this is the time for a great celebration as you step into your greatest liberation, your greatest achievement, and your greatest love for life for the life you have on earth. Well done our dear brothers and sisters of the light well done. Now it is time to step forward knowing we are sharing each step, each victory, and each achievement with you every hour of every day of your beautiful life on earth.

Mary Magdalene   

Anna Marie Croxson   7th April, 2021