19-07-21 Environmental concerns, Properties of plants, Respect for animals, Teaching the young, Crop-Circles, etc

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Transcript Date: 19th July 2021

Life experiences

No more should be spoken about the things of the past, the regrets that many of you hold. It is the future that should be observed, because that is the path you must take within your earthly lives.

Never be ashamed to say you have sinned or that you have regrets, as many do within your world. The cleansing of the mind, body and soul is paramount within your lives as a living being.

You have experienced many things of hardship, you think of the loved ones who you perceive as being lost, yet they still exist around you, constantly guiding your steps in the hope that you will find your way clear to live a life of purpose, as a human being and as a creature of spirit. You are all coexisting as one within the world beyond, but separated within your living years to experience the lessons that are needed to progress your individual souls and purpose.

Tonight, we wish to thank many for their healing practices, for their love of others and their resistance to temptations that may be put their way, for theirs is of a true heart of spirit, and they understand the belonging of each and every one of the living world, regardless of their position in life.

World events

We have come this evening to speak about many things, of intolerance towards others, of indignities set against the innocent. Your world has seen much of this torture, more so these days, with the advent of the media of the world, but they do not tell you all, for they feel sure that you should live a life of bliss, unaware of the suffering of others. Yet it is part of your being to understand your positions in life and how fortunate you may be.

To be fortunate in life can take many forms, not just the wealthy West, but of those that you regard as ‘Third World’ countries, those who still live within the forests around the equator and live a simple life, yet theirs is full of purpose, no different to yours. Their lives are exactly the same, to experience the things of life, love and compassion.

Learning right from wrong

It should be noted that many act irresponsibly and are seen as fools within your world, and to criticise them comes easy to most. But you should remember that each of you have a purpose and a path to walk, and this path is one of learning, and eventually teaching, should you come through with a great knowledge. This knowledge should be shared to each of those individuals who still act irresponsibly, not in a forceful way, but in a gentle persuasive way, so they may begin to understand how fragile life is. As young people of your world they may feel invulnerable, they may think that nothing can touch them, but they must realise that you are all fallible, you are all a part of each other, and a weak link in the chain will bring chaos to your world.

This has been seen before and will occur again. We implore you all to search your hearts and souls, to search for the right things to do within your life, to be responsible, not just to yourself, but to others that you may encounter in your days of life. Purpose has been brought to all, and an assurance of life beyond this life is guaranteed to all, but only those who see the right from wrong will truly understand the ultimate purpose of life.

Growing imbalance of the world

Your world is in balance at this time, but steadily the scales tip and you seem unable to rescue yourselves from this precarious position. We have spoken about balance before and how imperative it is that you keep the equilibrium of your world, of nature, of your own being. You cannot have it all your own way, you must share your world and share your lives, you must be responsible for each other in a caring and loving way, and not be reckless with your life, so that it would affect others within theirs, causing them illness, perhaps even death of the body. You each have a responsibility to each other as the children of the world, and we cannot condone those who would choose to live their lives in an irresponsible manner. But they will learn, as sure and as certain as life will end.

You must begin to take your responsibilities to heart and listen to that voice within for guidance and reassurance. Tonight, once more we have spoken about life and the meaning of your lives. No matter your species, each of you have a purpose and a responsibility to each other to fulfil. Your lives cannot be paramount to yourselves only, you must share equally the compassion and love necessary to balance and bring equilibrium once more to your world of men. To the world of nature, it seems obvious, we have spoken about these things before, your climate changes exponentially at this time, the heat rises and the walls of your social world start to collapse. You realise that you are not invincible against mother nature and the power of nature, you must observe your processes, even down to personal responsibility, you must think of others. Do not be careless with your lives, causing the extinction of others through your practices of, carelessness, shall we say.

The animal world looks to you and sees a race of creatures that do not seem to care. Mother nature takes the same view, and as you have witnessed, she will fight back until you begin to realise, and many of you do. We do not say that you are all blind to these things, how can you be? But your governments still dither, the governments of the world still bicker between each other, asking which is the right response and how much will it cost? It is imperative they learn that the cost is negligible against the cost of life upon earth and of the planet. You cannot convince them, for it seems impossible to reach their thoughts. Yet perhaps there will be one who will bring peace to the nations of the world.

Future United planet – caring for each other

In time, we foresee a united planet with a single government, but this is many decades, perhaps centuries away. But you must begin now to share equally the responsibility of the burden that you have put upon the climate of your world, and those of your kind and of the animal kingdom. You each blame each other, you sing from the same hymn sheet, declaring that you are ‘green’ in your purpose, and so it is that many are observant of these things, yet there are many who will still ignore, you have witnessed this upon your media.

Their response to their world echoes nothing but ignorance in their behaviour, they collectively join together, and once more, this is an irresponsible thing to do, and you know of what we speak! You must look after each other as a brother and as a sister, you must treat everybody as if they were your mother and father, and your family of life. In truth, you are all the family of spirit, and one day you may become a brother or sister, the father or mother of those that are around you at this time.

Each stranger is a family member, each creature of your earth that brings you joy in your life, and those of the wild, are of the same spirit. We have told you this before, they feel the pain and the misery just as much as you do, they yearn for freedom so they may walk without the fear of shots being fired, yet your men still regard them as worthless creatures, not worthy of respect. We know this is the minority once more, but we cannot stress this enough. Many are beginning to see the pain inflicted upon the creatures as well as your domestic animals, and it hurts us to see such torment being issued. What right do they have to take the life of any living creature for no other reason than what they call, ‘sport’, or because they just can?

Many have made mistakes, including this man, he understands this, and his regrets are many. Each of you must look back upon your lives and understand that, yes, you have made mistakes, but these things are not held against you if you learn your lessons within life. You must bring peace to your heart’s and understand that the spirit within flows with love. The turmoil of your lives may overrun you at times and you make mistakes, this is understandable, for how would you learn if you did not make mistakes within life, or whatever existence you live in. But you must learn from these things, and if you regret the things that have happened knowing that they were wrong, then you have learnt, and it is up to you not to make that same mistake once more.

Teaching children

As children grow and learn, they see aspects of the world and learn from the parents and other adults around them. It is the adults, parents, and the grandparents that all have a responsibility to the young, because they are fresh to your world, and what they see you do, they will do, ‘monkey see, monkey do’, isn’t this obvious? So, it is a responsibility that you undertake as young families, to teach them the things of life in the way that it should be done. You cannot expect them to live your lives for you, you must teach them responsibility, and we do not mean to teach you how to suck eggs, but I feel and we feel that there are many within your world that seem to have a lack of understanding at this time. They allow their children to roam wild as the creatures of the jungle, they have no control, and this will get worse, because those children will teach their children the same. It is your responsibility now to reign in your misbehaviour, to reign in those bad habits, it is up to you to change and teach your children the right things to do. They are born innocent and it is your teaching that will corrupt.

Teaching dogs

This goes for all creatures, we speak specifically of the animals in your life that you keep domestically, dogs, they are not born vicious. It is true they have a nature of the wolf, yet for the most part they are social animals and your family is regarded as a pack. But if you teach that dog cruelty, viciousness and not love, then that dog will be corrupted through no fault of its own, because it only wishes to please its master. Consider these things, they are not emblems to walk around with and say “Here’s my dog, look how vicious he is!” Rather, take your dog for a walk and see him treat and greet people with love and respect, as this is what he does. He creates love and respect, and it is only you, the bad apple, that will spoil the rest.

Respecting working animals

We can say this for all animals that are mistreated, those that carry the burdens of life. It is all very well to say that people do not understand their suffering and that they use these creatures for their daily business, it is not good enough. You must understand that they have feelings, they suffer pain and torment. Psychological punishment will bring them down, such sadness can be seen within these creatures by your own eyes, as they see the sadness and joy within yours.

You are no less a creature of the world, your being is that of spirit, as is theirs, but your physical being is that of an animal of the world. Remember this, each of you have a responsibility to one another regardless of your species. Bring peace to yourself at this time, knowing that the world suffers greatly from many forms of illness. Be tranquil of mind knowing that peace will come to one and all after the suffering of your lives.

New speaker


They started by saying that he was a fraud and not somebody who would come to power with the noblest of thoughts, yet corruption was all around. This could be true of many within your world, your leaders observe many things that your eyes do not see, it is their responsibility, as they were chosen to lead your peoples, it is their responsibility to you that is paramount, yet they take in the spoils of war. Greed and avarice have overrun their good intentions and they join with each other to celebrate their lives and the things that they have achieved!

Sadly, many do not understand their position, and you are aware of these things. The opportunities and obligations in life are many, as was spoken. The obligation to each and every one of you, by each and every one of you.

Observation by the Arcturian’s

We observe your world with great curiosity. It brings us no pleasure to see the turmoil in which you live and the massive destruction of your earth, created by your men of need. We observe many things around your planet, and we can do this in a single stroke, with speeds unrecognisable to your world and thought to be impossible. Yet our ships circumnavigate your world. You know us as the Arcturian’s, those beings of another universe, the Boote’s constellation will bring you the truth of our words.

We have not spoken for a while; we have seen many things that have brought us dismay. We are teachers of your world; we have been once before and will once more will return. That which you call spirit, is the same spirit that exists within us, but with a ‘higher being’ if you like. We learnt many aeons ago about life and how we should behave, we were much as you in the beginning. Our history was as raw as yours, and you are only at the beginning of your journeys, yet you bring your Earth to the brink of destruction through your ignorance. There must come a turning point, and we can intervene if we wish, but at this time we must let you develop as you should.

Our wisdom is spoken by many, they publish our words and we thank them for their indulgence, just as we thank you. Their words are many and some are able to link in to a greater or lesser extent. Do not think yourself unworthy of these things Michael, for you speak for us the words that we transmit, and we issue warnings many times. You have felt our presence around you today, constantly. You think this is your family wishing to support you within your life, and yes perhaps this is so, but we are also a constant companion, alerting you to things that we think you should bear witness to.

Crop Circles

The circles (crop circles) of your life are constant at this time. many of the media disregard them as being hoaxes, and yes, we will not deny that there are those who would deny you the truth, but the complexity of some of these circles surely must bring you to a thought, that no human could possibly achieve this on such a grand scale, in such a short period of time. Yet many are blinkered to these possibilities. Why do you we not show ourselves? Why do we keep ourselves so secretive? It is not acceptable at this time that we do this, for your world is within its youth and your beings will feel fear at our presence. Yet we constantly make ourselves aware in subtle ways, that you might be educated, shall we say, to the existence of other creatures who are superior in many ways. We don’t mean this as a ‘boast’ in your language, but merely to say that we have learnt, and we now commune together in relative peace. It is our mission to watch over your world, as it is others.

Collective civilisations

The beings of light are one group that you know of, but there are others who equally share this responsibility. We have told you of the collective of the civilisations that exist, you may think this is far-fetched and you call it ‘science fiction’, but what would you know of the truth? Your governments are secretive, some of them are aware of our presence and are constantly watching us with fear in their eyes and their hearts, not understanding what the purpose of our presence is, and they would deny us our given right to speak as independent creatures of other worlds.

Can you understand this? Do you believe in what we say, or would you rather shut your eyes and imagine that the human race and the creatures upon the earth are unique and there are no others? Do you really believe this as you look to the stars at night, and understand that each of those stars is a sun surrounded by planets that are inaccessible, even in your so-called modern times? Your telescopes reach out and read the vibrations of colour, they read the sound that is made by these worlds, but they do not.truly understand the complexities of these things.

The universe is like your body, it is built of billions of galaxies and universes, each one supporting the sun and planets. You call them these things, but you can compare them to the cells and nucleus of your body, to the nucleus of your cells, there is comparison within these things, you just do not understand the many possibilities that there are.

We have tried to speak about these things before, we openly tell you that your planetary system is one of many that exists and collectively holds life in many different forms. It will be many years, if you succeed, before you understand these things. Your radar and telescopes are primitive, they do not see the real things, and much of it is done by guesswork or perhaps by educated guesses. Some of the scientists of the world and astronomers will be insulted by this, for they feel they have a good handle on the many things they perceive in space, yet the vastness of time and space is just a mere speck to your minds.

Start of life

Your doctors, physicists, scientists of the world speculate that life was given long ago and that the spirit of the human body is just merely the spark of life, but they never say or ask, where did this life begin, where did this energy come from and what brought it forth? They speculate that asteroids or perhaps comets had brought microscopic creatures to your world which sparked off that life, and yes life evolves, it grows, and in some cases, it is brought from another world, but they cannot explain the spirit and soul as much as they think they can.

There are many things within the universe and in many universes that are still a mystery to you and others. Your planet is young and it grows exponentially, yet at the same time you destroy it, not understanding what you are doing. Many are fighting these things at this time, trying to bring hope to others that perhaps someone in the authorities would listen. and yet their beings are only concerned with the businesses of life, with that which they call riches. What are the riches of life? It is life itself; it is the life of your planet. These are the riches of life; these are the things that you should all be aware of, and your spirit and soul are part of something greater than you could possibly know.

Even those, such as Michael, who practice the work given long ago, they only understand a fraction of what is possible. Through him and others, we will enlighten you as best we can, but it is up to you to open your eyes to the many possibilities of life that exists all around you, not just within your world or your galaxy, but within the billions of others that exist. The numbers of life are explained, and yes life is created by numbers, if you will. The complexities of each individual atom or neutron are vast, and you may look at these things under a microscope, and no matter how great your instruments become, it will be like looking into a never-ending voyage of discovery, for there are many things.

This man has considered these things as well, not truly understanding, but he has considered ‘What is life, and where has it come from?’ He understands the spirit and the soul, yet what was that life that created you all in the bodies that you exist in? In truth, you are the animals of the world, but you have been enhanced to observe many more things, and some would say this was the ultimate experiment, whilst others say it was the natural progression of the human brain. Yet do you question why it is that only the human species have evolved in this way? It was not a natural occurrence in the sense of the spirit.


There are things you do not understand, yet perhaps in the future will begin to. What we are telling you, is that there were interventions within your species, as you may intervene in other species to experiment upon them to ascertain what would happen if you were to introduce an extra chromosome, or if you were to change or alter their DNA in some way. You think you are unique in these things, but this has occurred many times in the past by other worlds who wish to see the human creature advance. For what purpose would this bring other nations? What would be the point? The point is for the spirit and soul that exists within.

You must not deny these things, and you must not hide away when we speak of other beings of other worlds, or deny them their existence. We are with you, we are around you all, around this world of yours.

We will bring guidance shortly, and a message to all about fruitful new beginnings that have been spoken of. At this time, you do not understand these many things, but can you not see that it has begun? Your climate, the viruses of the world, the downfall of your nations, and the pitiful torture brought to others by extreme measures, for no other reason than greed. We are sorry to see these things, yet we will be there when the time is right to guide your hand. As in all new beginnings you must suffer to reach that point of change. Do not suffer in ignorance, listen to the words spoken by those of a spiritual nature, not just of this man, but of others who work with spirit and understand the true being that is inside.


The healers of your world express their sympathy and love. They know that their love and their nature will bring healing to others. You are each individually healers of a type, but those that shut out the emotions of compassion and love, they are the ones who have yet to learn that life exists, not for your benefit, but for the benefit of all creatures upon your world, and of other nations of other worlds that may circumnavigate your globe.

New crop circle

Let us tell you about this, that shortly a circle will appear that will bring the flames of fire. Many will remark upon this, and you see the flames in your mind’s eye as they are drawn out upon the ground. Salisbury would be a place to watch for these things, and the flames of fire depicted within this circle will not be there to bring you alarm, but just to remind you that the temperatures of your world are extremely high. And who’s doing is this? Is it mother nature? Is it a cycle of change that has been experienced before? Yes, these things take cycles, but you have accelerated this and these flames are a warning in a sense, that you must reign in your adolescent ways, and understand that every one of you has a responsibility to each other, and to the world upon which you live, for there is no other place at this time, other than spirit that you may exist. Good evening. 

New speaker

Awareness of the properties of plants

Turmeric and sage, herbs of your world, thought to bring the tastebuds delight in your meals, but they have purpose. This was understood many centuries ago, that the herbs of your world had qualities to complement your beings. They bring health to you and many are still unobserved, not understood, and the benefits would reap rewards to your body and your ecological system. Remember that you are creatures of the earth and that your natural ways are set within your minds, it is only your indulgence that sets you apart from this natural awareness.

Do you see the animals of your world when they feel poorly? You note your dog’s when they feel unwell, they will go out and eat the grass and this neutralises the acids within their stomachs, they understand that this brings healing to their bodies. But who told them these things? Nobody, it is a natural understanding that you have lost. You look at the plants that grow, you change their ways and you change their biological purpose. You treat your crops with pesticides and insecticides, you breed plants, you breed out these natural gifts that were given to assist your bodies within your life upon earth.

It is time that you understood that the natural way of eating, and the natural herbs that grow all around you, are there to provide sustenance and nutrients to your body. They are not there to be abused. You cannot change their structure to make them disease-free, because they must stay varied, because this is what creates the immunity. It is the same for your bodies, you must stay varied, do not eat or drink things that you know are wrong and don’t bring your body sustenance. Eat healthily, we need not say this, as many of you understand, yet you still abuse your bodies with the negative substance of your world. You must bring yourself to balance, understand that you are creatures of the earth and that you have been given all that you need within nature, by the Lord above and by the spirit that occupies your body.

Creation is not a mystery it is there before your eyes, the natural world is a part of you, as you are a part of it, and to abuse it, as many do at this time, through their meddling and their poisons, is to abuse your own bodies and the civilisation in which you exist. This should be obvious to all. Your crops are modified so they become larger, more productive financially. They say it is to feed the world, but with their meddling they affect and transform the nutrients within those plants, so although they may grow larger, the nutrients are diluted, in a sense.

You must allow nature to progress. In your modern times you speak of organic foods, and this is the way to go. Although many of you cannot help but buy these tainted foods as they are less expensive. It is those of greed who drive these things, wishing for more profit than health to the beings of the world. Become one with your earth, the mother of your bodies, become one with nature and allow her to transform your life through her healings, through the natural medicines that are in abundance around your world at this time, yet are in danger through your meddling.

You see this in the jungles of your world as they are torn down for those oils they desire; they do not help you. The destruction of your forests for these favoured few, and we speak of many things. Bananas, the oils that create your modern-day food and preserve it. The destruction of the natural world is a terrible thing.

The wealthy of your world intend to enrich their lives upon other planets by occupying them within your solar system. They wish to say that, that planet is theirs, and they have the right to do as they like! No, this will not be allowed, and they know already of our interference within their plans.

Thank you for your indulgence this evening, we will speak once more. Grace and blessings are brought to you with a hand of friendship.

10-07-21 Hope in times of sadness, Purpose of everything, Universal spirit, setting minds free etc

Testament to a New Dawn – Volumes One and Two now available from Amazon and other popular book sellers (Volume Three, to be with the publisher soon)

Transcript Date: 10th July 2021

Message to Michael

Resume your purpose once more, allow in the light and love of those that watch over you and guide you who are your guardians of life, so they may intervene and allow you purpose once more. You rebuke yourself in many ways, not understanding your true being or purpose, but this evening we would like to share a few things with you, that may be worthwhile and of benefit to you and others of your societies of the world. Listen now, allow our thoughts to be clear as we transmit and communicate through you, allow your mind to rest, to become one and focused upon our thoughts, our communication.

Hope in times of sadness

It has been a while since we have sat in communication and you have begun to wonder what it is that is expected of you. Do you not know of your purpose as a man? Have you lost track with sadness? All of you, at some point in your lives will lose your way. Many things affect your life in the living world, yet we bring you hope and tell you that your loved ones are safe and that you should progress without fear or concern, for they share your lives, as much as you live your life alone.

Do not bargain with us for the things of life, only for the love and knowledge and wisdom that is granted to you, to bring peace to others within your lifetime. Sit back now and remember the deed made long ago when you gave your service for others of your time. Don’t be ashamed to think that this may be an egotistical comment, it is not, it is your purpose, as is the purpose of others to heal and bring joy to others in whatever aspect of life that they have been endowed with. Never forget that you were born with purpose, and this must be relayed to others with your thoughts and your love.

Time has begun to close in, and you worry about many things, about your families, who would care for them, who would help them through those times when you depart your worldly existence? Be assured that they are well equipped for this task and although they may grieve and ponder upon the things that have taken place, they will know in their heart of the love that was, and continues to be.

Purpose in everything

Temper your thoughts, allow us a word. Your world is a mishmash of many creatures and beings within your societies, and we speak about progress often, this is because all of you, no matter who you are, or your location, you all have purpose, as you rely upon one another to bring you both comfort and support.

Do not deny the eyes that watch you throughout your life, we have been referred to as ‘The Watchers’ and this is a fairly accurate description, as we oversee your lives silently within the background, and although some may be guided and misled upon the wrong path, we are always there watching, always there seeing and looking to your future to help you reconcile your issues.

It was Abraham who said that life is a gift, and given to bring your spirit knowledge of the great vastness of the heavens. His words were many, many not written until centuries after, but men remembered the wise words spoken. Your history books would recall Noah and the great flood, and his purpose was given to supersede all temptations of life and bring hope that your species would survive in a better and new form.

This will occur once more, not as your historical records tell you, but in a modern way. You live feeling afraid of death in your life, but life and death are a cycle that you must endure. Your spiritual being will experience many things and allow your journeys to complete in the way ordained.

Setting minds free

Your minds are trapped with the daily routines of life, with the tasks at hand, and your business of living continues on. You must set your minds free from the prison that you are held in, the prison of your mind. Some would say that it is an easy task to let go of their mind and their purpose, whilst others find it difficult to access the information required. Your beings are ultimately that of a spiritual energy, the energy of the universe, and all things must come to pass within your life to advance your own particular spirit, if you will.

You have puzzled over these things Michael; you have pondered many things about the creation of the soul and the purpose that is brought to you all through his light and love. Your thoughts are many, varied and wide, as your thoughts are bombarded by others interpretations of life and spirit. But we say this, not just to you Michael, but to all of you, you must search out these things for yourself. Illumination is there, just open your minds to many possibilities, the many possibilities of the universe that surrounds you.

Greet those thoughts that enter with an open mind, but only the good thoughts, not those of the negative, as you ponder and reflect upon your spiritual being. Then understand this, that your makeup is of stardust and your spirit is that of the energy that created all life, that which you call the Creator, that which you call God, for you all exist within his likeness, not of a physical being, but as a spiritual entity that exists. You are all connected, no matter who or what you were born as, you are all part of this universal energy that you would refer to as God. It is your choosing whether you allow these thoughts to enter. It is up to you to find your way within the darkness of life.

At your birth, a blanket was pulled over your memories so you may begin afresh to live once more and as you progress within your existence, whatever that may be, then you add to that vast knowledge that you are a part of. When you awake to this world of spirit and your soul is free once more from that bondage of your body, then you will begin to realise who and what you are, and the purpose of your being.

Rejoice in the light that comes for you, for it will bring you peace and love, it will bring you hope once more of a new beginning to refresh your soul, so that you may progress ever further upon your journeys as individuals. As this entity, your personality exists still, you draw upon the knowledge of others to complete your purpose once you are reborn again, and it is this knowledge that is passed on from one to the other, to help each other as a whole, to new beginnings and new ideas, to accumulate the collective knowledge and allow it to be filed within the vast library of the universe.

You remarked upon your ability as being supported by your namesake Michael, (Henry B champion), and you see it as his spirit and soul that work through you. In part this is true, although you are an individual, you take on these tools, this knowledge of others and their abilities. It is there to guide you and assist your soul so that you may reach those higher realms that lay beyond. Help yourselves to find this great, vast web of knowledge that exists, allow it to feed your soul within your bodies, open your minds and hearts to all possibilities, not just that of the physical, which is only temporary, but of that vastness of love that you will return to once more.

You cannot stop progress, and even if you fall, we have told you before, that we will pick up the pieces and set you upon your path once more. This may be difficult to understand, but you must release your minds and know who you are, your true selves. Tap into this vast library of information and ask your questions, for they will be released to you.

Universal spirit

Have hope and not despair, we speak to those who suffer at this time with great sorrow and pain of their heart, you should not worry so, for their love continues on in peace and harmony. It is your pain that will continue in the physical for your time upon earth, and the compassion felt within your hearts is there to teach you to be compassionate towards others in a similar position. You weep and cry for your loved ones and you wonder how they are within the vastness of spirit. Be assured that their love and their being are safe and secure, and yes, they will move on and your paths will cross once more at some point within the future, but you are still individuals who must walk your path of learning. You must walk your lives in your separate ways and yet your loved ones will always be a part of you, as you are a part of them, for you are part of the universal spirit that walks within each and every one of you. Can you understand our words and what we speak of?

You take on a part of others energy. Simplified, you are a part of everybody and they are a part of you. You will each draw on your experiences to walk your lives, there are the influences that will affect your lives and reflect upon the darker times, but you must battle through these things. Some will make mistakes and these are once more present, ever present within your lives. You may take the wrong step and you will learn by these things; some will not learn; they continue and their soul becomes ever darker and dimmer to us. Yet salvation is there for them at a time in the future, for they will take on in their next period of life, a path of the lighter side.


Some speak of karma and retribution, you bring this upon yourselves, it is not a terrifying thing to fear, you will simply live a life to reflect upon those things of your previous lives, but not in a conscious way, you will not remember these things, but your soul and spirit will know of these things and you will progress. Be calm now, be at peace and at one with each other, this will assist in the healing of the world.

Valerie, she comments upon you this evening, speaking to guests within her home. She and her husband progress upon a journey in a different way and they reflect on your situation. But as we have said, each of you have a path to walk. It is not to be feared, bring yourselves hope that the future may be bright.

New speaker

Messages for Michael regarding his late wife and two dogs

Welcome home Michael, you have been clouded with sadness, as are many in your world. Do not reflect upon these things, but know that they are safe and home once more, as you will be, when your time comes. They send their love and special wishes for the family. Your hurt has been great, yet many others suffer the same pain. But we will speak of you this evening. Her passage was traumatic to your eyes (Beatrice – Michaels late wife) and you will not forget the struggle as she fought to survive. These things affect those of the family who live, as they see their loved one struggle to breathe, to continue on, yet the body will yield and the soul will be released despite your efforts. At that time, when all you can see is a struggle for life, their inner being, their spirit is in a different place to that of their body. Their outward appearance is deceiving. You should not concern yourself with their physical passing, but know that they are spirit once more.

Do not hold guilt or shame for the decisions made. The love was there and held, and you should know that they walk with you, your dogs in heaven and the creatures that shared your life are all part of you, connected to you, always. Hard decisions are made that break your heart, that torment you and cause you pain. These are lessons of life and compassion, the lesson of compassion is important, as is any emotion that you may hold within your lifetime. You must remember these things once you return home, for they will assist your passage. Those that have given you these lessons will also learn of love and emotion, and pain and sorrow.

All creatures have purpose

The creatures that share your life are born of the same energy and spark of life that you are, and although they may seem inferior to some, their purpose is great, for they overshadow your lives with love, give you joy and comfort, and that is their purpose, that is there being. You may refer to them as angels, and some are led astray, but they are led astray by mankind, those darker elements that reduce them and teach them, not of their purpose by which they were born, but by their master’s purpose. You see this cruelty inflicted upon the creatures of your earth; they seem impossible to eradicate.

One day, we hope that all will achieve a higher status of spirit and understand these things, and eliminate all these tortures of life, not just of humankind, but to all creatures and the earth, or whatever planet they may exist upon. You must reach out to your higher selves to understand that all life has purpose, even the lowliest creature that you may see, the insect, and the smallest germ or viral infection, each has a purpose, each has a job that assists another species within your life, and you, as human beings are also responsible for other creatures of your world and beyond.

Many lessons are taught throughout the existence of your soul, which is everlasting. Advancement can only be gained when the lessons are learnt. But never fear your lives. You leave our world to live a life in the knowledge that we are there, but you soon forget because your purpose has to be paramount for you to learn, therefore you are blanketed from the truth, so that you may find your way once more and learn the lessons that are required of you.

Healing brought about through love

Healing of the mind can be brought through love, temperance and tolerance. There are many physical ailments that may affect your mind and seem to make you do things out of the ordinary to others, and yes, as organic beings you will suffer in many ways through the influences of other organic creatures, or illnesses shall we say. Your bodies are not perfect and they will become ill at some point, but it is that deeper understanding of love that will help heal these things, it is only love that can remedy the many illnesses of your world, of the physical body.

You do not understand these things or yourselves and what you are capable of, we will instruct you in a time to come. Be blessed in the knowledge given this evening, gratitude is given for your assistance.

The Release of Your Suffering – Jesus and Mary Magdalene channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Dearest souls, now is the time to address the release of your suffering, there is no need to carry the burden anymore.  I am here today to help assist you, as is my dear Mary Magdalene, and together we will work with you to release you from your deepest sorrow.

It is true that many have suffered, but now at this wonderful time of man’s evolution it is important to decide to release any suffering in this life, or past lives, or with any other ancestral links that may be present in this life.

It is true to say that many of you are unaware of the ancestral links that bind you to the past, not only to your own past, but your ancient ancestral past where the genes, or the distress and problems that others faced in their life times, has now come back to you to be faced and dealt with.

The reason for this, is that at this time of higher conscious awakening is that you do not need the baggage, the heavy cross that sits upon your back, that drags you downwards. So now you have the opportunity to partake in the wonderful healing that we wish to offer you today.

If you are feeling troubled in any way you will need to come into the silence to sense where the pain in your physical or emotional body is coming from, and write this down.  Next, I wish you to write down the emotions you are feeling and allow you mind to wander so it can pick up the threads, that are not only in this lifetime, but others.   As you sit quietly you may get flashes of inspiration or see a shadow or a face appear to you. You may also be given a link via a smell that is familiar to you that may give you a clue of who is around from the spirit world.

As you sit with this experience feel no rush to complete this session, as we wish you to immerse yourself and face your fears.  These fears may appear very large and somewhat over whelming, but do not let that deter you as you let the tears of release and a fuller understanding occur. It is important that you use this time to grieve any loss that has occurred, and when you are ready to be healed you can give us a sign.

All you need to say is:

Dear Jesus I need your help, and I wish to release all my fear and pain that I have felt in this life, and all other past lives.  I ask to be released from my ancestral karma and ask that you help me release the burden that I feelPlease show me how I can forgive myself, and any perpetrators that I feel have violated me in any way. Please help me atone any sins from the past and release me from the guilt I feel, and any remaining deep within my heart. Amen.

My dearest souls, your prayer will be heard, and we will answer by asking you to find a place where you can be quiet and will not be disturbed for at least half an hour.  Now settle yourself and prepare yourself for a wonderful healing release.

Dear one, I know the burden you carry, so do not feel you have to express this to me.  Firstly I will ask you to relax fully in the chair you are sitting in, then I will request you sit in the silence for a minute or two, close your eyes and imagine that I am standing in front of you.  As you sit in the silence you will feel my presence, and calmness will overcome you as I approach you.

Now look into my eyes and see the compassion that is there for you and all mankind, I rest my hands on your shoulders and look deeply into your eyes holding your gaze and whilst I direct my healing energies towards you.

Relax and feel the healing flow through your body washing away all tension, all fears and allowing the release of all the hidden emotions that have caused your deep trauma.

Now I ask you to sit quietly as I invite Mary Magdalene to join us. Mary is a healer of great power and is now wishing to anoint you with her very potent healing oils.  I invite her to come and stand next to you.  Firstly she will read your auric field, and will direct the healing ointment and her healing prayers to you that will help alleviate your suffering.   First she will anoint you on the forehead, and then she will take your hands in hers, feel the rush of compassion and warmth as she hold your hands and hear her speak softly to you, her voice caressing and soothing you as the healing takes place.

Next I come to join her so we may give a powerful healing jointly using our male and female healing energy so this can clear your auric field of any imbalance of past or present trauma. As we quietly stand either side of you, feel our protection and our love that will be with you forever more.  Now it will be Mary that will ignite the ‘candle of love’ in your heart that will open your heart to all the mercy and goodness that is available to you right now.

As you feel your heart centre open know that you are now connected to the Christ consciousness energy for evermore, and that you can always call us in through the ‘candle of love’ meditation that has been given to you.   The ‘candle of love’ will enable you to connect you to this source of love and light at any time.

Now please open your eyes, and know that our love is with you at all times and that you never walk your path alone. When you are ready, stand up slowly and walk out into the fresh air and inhale some deep breaths.

To maintain the healing energies that you have received it is advisable to connect with the ‘candle of love’ meditation as often as you need so you can remain in the direct vibration of the Christ consciousness healing energy.

Know that in this moment your life has changed forever, and even if you face challenges in the future, you will never again feel so alone or lost. Now it is up to you whether you decide or not to keep the contact line open, but be assured that with your dedication to the light you will be blessed at all times.

This blessing and healing is available to all that seek our help at this time of man’s greatest evolution and he seeks his ascension on earth.  We understand that these are very challenging times as the world undergoes its great changes.

But we assure you that in time these changes will be for the betterment of mankind as his illumination and ascension takes place.

Do not be fearful dear ones, because the path you have taken has been necessary for you to ascend to the highest vibration that you wish for, if you are willing to be our servant on earth. But to become my servant you had to undergo your healing before you could help others.

This you have done, and now we ask you first to reflect and rest after this great healing before you attempt to heal others, so it was very important to get your own house in order before you attempted to heal others. 

When you next resume your healing practice, please feel that you may call upon us to assist you, particularly if you are dealing with difficult and persistent conditions.  Remember to protect yourself from any negative energies that may be released, and clear your energy field after your healing session.

Remember that you may only offer healing with the full agreement of the person that has requested your intervention and they must to be in energetic agreement for this healing to take place. If you are offering distant healing always make sure the recipient has given their permission before starting any healing practice.

If you wish to use the ‘candle of love’ meditation as a pre cursor to any healing session, this will help you align the energetic imprint of the Christ consciousness, and allow us to come into and assist you.

Dearest souls, mankind is going through a very deep period of illumination of not only himself but also many others, and many are seeking to clear their field of any negative influences from the past or in the present.  As this awareness grows within, you will be asked to conduct many healing sessions.

I would suggest to you that before embarking on these healings you always check in with your guide or divine source for additional information about your future client.

These deep healings are very profound, and you may be surprised at the fallout that may occur, so always make sure you have your support team around you at all time.

We are very conscious of the role you play in the healing of mankind, and wish to thank you for your dedication.  It is possible that the demand for your services will rise exponentially, so it is particularly important that you have put in place a daily self care routine to ensure that you can work at your optimum level without draining your own resources.

Know that you are part of a great healing team that is embarking on extraordinary healings that will help bring mankind into full alignment with himself, his heart and soul purpose. So many feel at a loss and are not sure what they have to do next, many are suffering great personal loss and enduring many personal problems. 

But know that this is part of their ascension journey and that they will need your support at this time of great healing on planet earth. So it is with great love that we wish you to know that you may call upon us at anytime, and that we will be at your side in a moment.  Please do not hesitate to ask us to assist you, do not believe that you are being too needy, because we understand how challenging life on earth is at this present time.

We are also aware that this can take its toll on your own energetic field, and may need our support. It is very important that you fully understand the energetic imbalance that is rife at this time on earth, and would suggest that you also send out healing to the earth and its people on a regular basis.

Being a light worker can be demanding and you will need to be alert to the different energies that surround you at any time and be willing to send out the light regularly.  This will help to not only protect you, but all others you meet, and it will help to create a harmonious arena where you can work most competently and effectively.

All the healing work you have undertaken is done in our name, and we wish to thank you for your dedication and the efforts you make to heal mankind and all the people of the earth at this great time of man’s resurrection.

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

Anna Marie Croxson 2nd June, 2021

A Bright New Shining Star – Jesus, channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


The time has come for you to be a bright new shining star in this troubled world.  You are my counterpart, and a leader of men, now it is time for you to show your true colours.  It is not enough to stand on the side-lines, it is important to fully come unto me and do my work.

Many of you have been through tumultuous times and are now emerging as strong leaders and strong warriors of the light, this I now need you to be.  Strong in word, strong in action, and to have the strength to dedicate yourself to this task, and I will tell you now that this is no easy road, but is one that will demand your full attention.

Your challenge is to remain focussed even when the world around you is in chaos, and even if you seem to have to endure a myriad of differing situations that take your time and energy. So now it is important that you learn to balance your energy field so you can cope with this onslaught, that not only may affect your physical body, but also your emotional being.

It is not enough to say that you are a believer, because now your belief must shine through like a bright new shining star that will shine in the dark for all to see.  It is my light that you must carry within, so all will see the light and love that you carry in your heart.

It is now that this great revelation will take place not only in your heart, but in the hearts of all who meet you and seek your counsel and advice, as many are lost, not only to themselves, but to others.

This you will understand and be their guiding light so they can return back to their own lighthouse to safety. Many are confused, disorientated, and challenged by the recent events that have taken place in your world, and so many will call you forth for sustenance and assistance, and your lovely heart will open to their needs and you will bring healing and peace to those who are in pain.

So, it is to you that I turn to in this great hour of need, and for your human counterparts that are so troubled and lacking in the light, you can fill their hearts with love.  It is to you that I turn to first as you live life on planet earth knowing that you have been sent for a reason, and that is to illuminate mankind to their own goodness, their own mercy, and their own salvation.

Now it is time to undertake this task with much dedication, as this is the turning point of mankind, this is the time when man must awake to his own divinity, and this he can do with your help. You are a front runner, a spear holder of light that will march forth in my name, and you will leave no stone unturned, and you will never give up.

It is to you that others will turn to in their distress, and who will seek enlightenment in my name, and so it is to you, my disciples on earth that need to become the new bright new shining star that can help to save mankind, and help mankind understand the purpose of his resurrection.

And it is to you that I now give my strength of purpose and my messages of hope that you are transcribing as we speak, and it is to you that will spread the word, and have the people of your world understand that there is hope within divine intervention.

And it is to you that will assist with this divine intervention, who will step up and step fully into the role I now request of you. Because you are divine light, you are a divine light that shines your light so brightly that people are drawn to you as soon as they meet you and you hold the energy of the Christ consciousness, the energy of Christ deep within your heart.

Many of you do not realise how deeply embedded you are within the Christ consciousness, but I assure you that you are a deeply committed Christian being of much magnitude.

So my dearest disciples of earth I applaud and commit you to your commitment in my name, and I will assist you in this task of much magnitude and will give you the fortitude to complete many tasks in my name. You are my light in the world and you are my soul twin flame upon the earth at this time of man’s greatest crucifixion.

Many of you are at this time are unaware of the role you have to play and often do not use the skills I have taught you because you lack of confidence, and sometimes have a lack of understanding. You have been called, let me be quite clear about this, so do not underestimate your abilities to heal others. You have been brought to earth to specifically heal humans of their indifference, and their pain and sorrow.  So many of you do not realise the light that you hold within and shy away from this commitment.

But I assure you, you have been called as wonderful light workers on earth at this time, and will bring in the light that will ensure that others are healed when their time comes.   This is a great time for the illumination of mankind, the greatest awakening of man’s senses, and the great awakening of his heart.

There are many who walk in front of you to seek your help so do not turn a blind eye and walk the other way.  This is a life of service my dear one, make no mistake, so please keep alert at times, and ask me to speak through you as you deal with another’s pain and sorrow.

I know you can get distracted in a world that offers many different situations that you need to be aware of, but those my dears, are the skills that you are developing at this moment, so you will be easily able to move from one situation to another with ease and grace. For some it is   emotional release, for others is may be a trauma release, and for many it will be a guiding hand that will be needed towards the next step they might need to take.

Your roles will be as varied as the colour of the rainbow and your skills will be tested to the limit, but with my help you will overcome all the challenges that you face with courage and conviction, knowing that I am ever near your beautiful countenance.

I understand that you may find life challenging, I know that you sometimes wonder why you agreed to this path, that seems to have need of you to assist others, and often it would appear without much reward, but I assure you, your reward is being my one of my brightest shining stars that the world has witness to.

My dearest ones you are much needed and everyone that comes unto you will be touched by the beauty of the Christ consciousness that rests so beautifully in the rose of Christ that sits in your heart and also within all my beautiful disciples on earth that gather in my name, sometimes singularly and others in groups that have been formed for healing purpose.

All of you are valid and have a special role to play within the great matrix of the world during this time of great illumination.  For the ones that walk in your world unenlightened, you will enlighten them, with not only your love, but your graceful thoughts and acts of utter and complete kindness.

And it is this wave of love sent out that will help to heal the world in its entirety, because now there is no other way. The people of the world have to be healed, have to become enlightened, and now it is time for the greatest healing of mankind to take place.

Many in your world believe in only death and disaster, and in the dastardly deeds of others, but now the dark is being challenged by my leaders of light, who not only heal the sick and needy, but will also challenge the dark forces that threaten to overcome mankind at this moment in time.

This is a crux point on the world stage, and so it is the leaders that will lead my light filled army to save mankind from his ignorance and indifference and who will help save your world from its peril.

These are extraordinary times, and it needs extraordinary people to step up in their own unique way, and to live their own unique mission that will help save our world.  Never in the existence of mankind has there been such an important time, you are being brought forward to learn, not only to heal yourself, but all others.

When man sees and understands that he can be at one with the universe, then his misunderstanding and his judgement of others will fall by the wayside. He will only see the light in all its glory, as he sees his own path that is not only his own glory, but is the glorification of the world.

You are on an amazing journey of enlightenment that will not only involve yourself but many others, hundreds of others who will listen to your words, are also listening to mine as these words are spread across all lands and nations.

I am the word, I am the light of the world, and now it is you I turn to help uplift humankind, and to bless all humankind and forgive them for their sins, that they might have committed in the past. Do not judge these dear souls, dear ones, for they have all played their part in a myriad of different ways that at this moment you might not fully understand.

All you have to do now is concentrate on the light, be the light, love all you meet, and assist all who call upon you for help and carry the light of Christ deep within your heart, and within every action you take on my behalf. I hold your soul in the highest regard in the human race, so now you must play your part and become my energetic counterpart and become a leader of mankind.

Honour me, honour the cross of love that you wear on your heart, and honour all you meet with kindness and respect. Turn no one away who asks for help, however difficult you might find this to be, only think of another’s suffering, not your own, because it is I that will heal your suffering, no one else.

Do not look to others for help, for when you ask for help it will arrive unbidden. I will support you in your hour of need. Be not fearful dear ones, all your needs will be met most perfectly when you have faith in the almighty, and you will be supported in every way possible, and in more ways that you can possibly imagine.

Be of good cheer and find the joy that has left your heart knowing that you can reignite the flame of love within in a minute.  Do not carry this burden on your own but ask me to walk beside you, and I will. You never walk alone dear one, you never walk alone.

A host of angels is always surrounding you as you do your work and as you live your life, do not surrender to the fear of others, or indeed your own indiscriminate fears that may arise from time to time. Whatever happens you will be fully supported personally, and within your role as my disciple, that I promise you, now and for evermore.

Be at peace dear one, come unto me to find peace once more, do not let the burdens of life overwhelm you but seek me and I will come and anoint you with my healing oil that will help resurrect your soul, and give you the strength, both physically and mentally so you can complete the task you have been assigned to by me.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 17th June, 2021

04-06-21 Reason for life suffering, Love conquers all, All life from one source, Truth within etc

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Transcript Date:  4th June 2021

Allow the words to flow like the streams and rivers of life so you may follow these paths and bring peace within your lives.

Reason for suffering – finding peace within

There are numerous pitfalls within your world, and many suffer as this time. Needlessly to some points of view, but they are necessary for teaching, guidance and the progression of the soul within. Each of you are created of energy, and that energy needs to learn in order to focus once more within life and to bring love and joy to others. The progression of the soul is paramount to your being, because this energy is within and should be released. Help us to understand your needs, bring us peace within your hearts and never let go of your purpose.

We have had many thoughts regarding your problems and issues, but these things should not worry yourselves or anyone else at this time who live upon earth, for there is a progression of life that you must follow. Sometimes life becomes difficult and hard to bear, and your peace of mind is disrupted by the illusions of your earth. But each of you have an ability to go within, to seek out that source from whence you came. It is not a difficult process; it just requires peace of mind, thoughts of love and the need to communicate with your higher being.

Today has seen many troubles throughout your world, and they continue at a pace. These things can very often can be avoided, yet they are not, because many do not adhere to thoughts of peace and love. Today will be no different to any other day within the future, unless you redeem your love and fill your lives with hope for each other, and not just yourselves. Work together to bring peace and comfort to all you come across within your lives, for each of those you meet are a part of you, of that spirit beyond. If you cannot comprehend these meanings, then you must understand that you are all from that same source, your lives are different in the physical, yet in the spiritual you are of that same energy. The illumination that you will sit within is dependent upon your learning and your forgiveness of others who would betray your thoughts of love.

Many of your civilisations suffer greatly, as you well know. Their thoughts of peace and love are great, despite their situations. The wars and turmoil of your world can only continue until change is brought by those who would lead you, their thoughts are not of love at this time, but of self and self-interest.

Choosing wisdom

You must choose wisdom to guide your steps in life, don’t betray yourself by listening to others who would influence you, telling you that your freedom is paramount, and that you may do as you wish, regardless of the authorities that guide your steps. You see, there are many today who don’t believe in the almighty, nor the spirit within, they feel that their freedom is paramount and nothing that will inhibit their thoughts should not be allowed to enter and get in the way. But you are a nation of creatures that must obtain this deep knowledge within, you must show your humanitarian side to each of your loved ones and to those that surround you within your neighbourhoods and circles of life. Don’t be a testament to others leading by an example of ignorance, for ignorance is your doom, not just as an individual, but as nations and of people of Earth.

Hope is given despite these gloomy forecasts and outlooks, for we know that deep within your heart’s, despite your wilful ways, there is a light that glimmers deep within your soul’s, and you know of this truth. It is only your conscious mind that will withhold the truth from you, but you must battle with this conscious mind, put aside your needs of self, help others, even in the smallest way.

Understanding existence as a spiritual being

Many cannot perceive their existence as a spiritual being, for all they understand is the physical at this time. The truth is there, as we have told you, you must go within to seek the truth, to seek the purpose of your lives in order to bring hope to others, with a better attitude and outlook within your living years. We cannot emphasise this enough, you must obey those inner thoughts, for they guide you from the dark into the light.

Today has been a remarkable day for those in other countries of your world, for some have listened to those inner thoughts, yet they are stifled by others and are not permitted to bring those thoughts to the fore. Your world will, and must change, for doom is written upon it at this time, and it is not just the ignorance of spirit and the being that sits within that will cause these things, but those who are the disobedient of your world. They call themselves ‘freedom fighters’ and they don’t perceive the truth within the scriptures, for their thoughts are of anger and war, and they will terminate many with their destructive thoughts.

Their minds cannot perceive a time when the light will reign once more and their dark thoughts will be abolished to those dark plains and worlds beyond yours, but you can bring them hope and love in many ways, maybe not directly, but indirectly, by showing the love, and demonstrating that love to others of your world. Demonstrate your love to the planet and the creatures that live upon it, don’t allow your thoughts to think that you cannot change these things, for you all have an ability in abundance to do this, to bring hope to one another and to the world in which you live.

All life from one source

Many creatures suffer at the hands of your kind, this is unnecessary, their freedom is just as valuable as yours and their lives are just as worthwhile, for they too are of the spirit within, that which you call ‘the spiritual world’. Their energy is a part of yours and you all equally share this energy of life given by the Almighty. Its origins are from long ago, life was created long before the universes were set, parallel to your galaxies, and the universe we can speak of as being circular, a disk if you will, yet its vastness is beyond your comprehension, for there are many, many universes that possess life. All this life is created from that one source, that which drives your thoughts and your energy.

Speak no ill will towards others or those from other worlds, for they will consider you an abomination if you should continue your hostilities. When you leave this world of spirit and enter the physical, it is true to say that you do have freedom, but it is up to you how to use that freedom and to use it well.

You must understand that everything that has life in the Lord’s creation is from the same source, you are not separate from the creatures of your world or other worlds, you are part of the energy of this world upon which you live. This energy is universal and drives, not just what you see as living creatures, but many things that you see as obsolete, or perhaps not possessing a life!

Who are you to say that life does not exist within the rock beneath your feet? Who are you to deny others their right to live with freedom of thought and love one another? There is much dark energy evident within your world at this time that would deny these things, but it is your love that will destroy their ambitions, it is your will to be together and work together as one to annihilate these extremes that disrupt your lives, for they are of the dark world and they have come for this very purpose, to destroy what is good within life. Would you let them do this? Or would you stand up and say, “I am of the light, I will fight for my right of existence within love and peace, I will not destroy you unnecessarily or needlessly, but I will bring you hope in my love and demonstrate that love openly to you”?

Lose fear of death

Many are dominated by fear and cannot express these things, it takes courage to stand up to the foe and deny them the right of dominance over you. Your freedom of thought is destroyed by their doctrine and your power is taken away, but you must regain this power, and once you understand that your lives are short and that they have purpose, and even if your life is short by your standards, that its purpose has been fulfilled in making up a small part of that body of light that will defeat the darkness within your world.

Do not be afraid of death, for it is a transition of life and you will find that even in the greatest torment, that there will be peace within, even at the moment of your passing. Never fear that which comes for you, for you will pass through this dimension of what you call spirit, and once more you will regain the ability to live, to strive and walk forward, to bring peace to others, with that deep-set knowledge that is held within you all. Open your minds, bring yourselves peace to find the path within to help others and yourself. Find the courage to live and face up to these challenges and know that even if it brings your death, you will live forever more.

Those hopes and dreams that you have as families, as young families, can be best served by your courage and your love of the light and the truth of the Lord that sits within you all, for you are a part of his being in all creation. You will find the courage to pass on this knowledge to your children and let them know that the strength inside should be of the light and not that of the dark. The temptations of life should be shunned and put aside, for there is a greater satisfaction in the love and equality of all. Bless you all this day. Amen.

New speaker

Truth within

The truth has been spoken, and we ask you to observe these words and look within. You may not comprehend the meaning of them or how they would affect your lives, but deep inside you will know their true meaning and the truth of what is spoken. Do not be put off because these words come from a human being such as yourself, do not allow your thoughts to intrude and say, ‘well, these words are of one man’s imagination and thoughts’, for it comes from deep within, and if you wish to know the truth, then you too must look within and obey the thoughts of wisdom that guide you within your lives, for they are given with love, filled with purpose for your being and your soul.

There are many who listen to the words of light, there are many who practice the light and are yet to look deeper within to find the truth and the meaning of these things, but it will come to them, and it is your practice of love, as was spoken of, that would change your world. You may physically destroy each other, but you will not change that being within, that evil that sits within these soul’s, it is only through love that you can change these things.

Only love conquers darkness

You may bomb other nations, you may shoot the people of those nations and destroy their lives, but you must look to the love, for it is only love that will conquer these dark thoughts.

We are not suggesting that you are one of these who would do these things, but your practice of love and your demonstration of togetherness and strength and love will change their ways unlike anything that you can do in the physical. To torment them and torture them will only bring them resolve, it is through the light and love that will change their ideals and their ways. Even those who bring destruction to your world, and suffering to the people and creatures of your world, even those are given the opportunity to change their ways if they so wish. It is those of the light, not just those who you call the mediums of your world, but those light-minded hearts and filled with love, these are the things that will change these dark thoughts and the darkness that overshadows their lives.

Try to understand, that all carry that same light within, that same energy from the source that you call God.

Good evening. 

Soul Survivor – Jesus – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


You may not realise, but it is your soul that survives the many incarnations you live on earth, often it is man’s perception that he has to survive come what may.  This belief often makes you struggle more than you need to because you do not always understand the truth that is in your soul, and that the very essence of you survives the physical form, and when you die you only leave behind the form that supported you, so that you could live life on earth in human form.

So my dears, you see you are a survivor, and whatever happens in this lifetime is for a reason, for your inner growth, so you may find a deeper understanding of whom you really are.  So many of you get stuck in the belief that you only have one life to live, and do not always accept the purpose of reincarnation, or the karmic debts that sometimes you may have to pay back.

I am here today to give you more clarity on the cycle of life, death and rebirth, to help you to understand more clearly, not only the purpose of your soul, but why you come to earth time and time again, to learn and sometimes relearn karmic lessons, or as I prefer to call them experiences.

The whole of one’s life is an experience, a mystery, a path of the unknown, and many of you struggle to find your real purpose of your life on earth.  You tend to stay in the energy of the mundane, those minute details that you believe that are so important in your life.  But if you could see the larger picture, if you could reach for the stars, if you could develop a more questioning mind, then you would realise that life is limitless, and there are many possibilities that could open up for you, if only you could understand the whole purpose of your life, not just a fragmented segment of what you call life on earth.

I wish you would reach for the stars, I so wish that you would be able to understand and trust what I say to you, and know I only say this to lift your spirits and heighten your awareness to what might be possible for you.  I want you to wish upon the stars, I want you to have magical and perfect moments of illumination, so that you finally realise you are never alone, and that there is a galaxy that supports your life on earth, and more importantly supports your mission.

You may not be aware that it is the soul within that will reveal the mission you carry deep within your heart, sometimes without you even realising this. It saddens me to see you so connected to the mundane and its petty details, so you seem unable to raise yourself up away from this monotonous state of mind.  Look to the stars, look at the galaxy, is this not most beautiful, does it not touch your heart, do you wonder what heaven might be like for you, if only you dared to dream?

You see, not many of you are dreamers, you doubt, you do not believe that the impossible can become a possibility with the help of the stars, and of course my help as well.  Once you start to realise that you do not work alone, but have a great spiritual team behind you, you will lose the fear that used to make you feel so sad and afraid. But first you have to raise yourself up into a higher vibration, and many of you believe that you cannot, or do not want to make the effort.

To come into a higher vibration, and to actively remove yourself from people who have low vibration is a decision that only you can make. This is an act of self-love, a way of preserving your soul, your mind, and ultimately your future life. Do you see that it is you that holds the key to your future happiness, and that this is not dependant upon others to give you the love that you crave, because you can attract this  to you with your heightened sense of self-worth.

When you start to understand that it is you and only you that can change the way you feel, and it is you and only you that can decide you are going to feel and think about life in a much more positive way, that can then bring about the changes you crave for.

This is not only about you becoming more aware of yourself, but is about you connecting probably for the first time to your heart centre. Because when you allow yourself to feel, when you allow yourself to grieve, and when you allow yourself to be happy, then you have found the key to your inner freedom.

No longer will you listen to the voices of others who wish to manipulate or control you, believing that they know best.   You may have also experienced this behaviour in your childhood, or from a partner, or spouse where you allowed yourself to be dominated which resulted in your self-worth hardly being recognised.

This is a call to the resurrection of your mind, body and spirit, this is a call for you to fully wake up to who you are, not who others believe you to be. You see you will not be able to help others fully or in any depth until you have cleared up the trash in your life and this can be emotional, physical, or just having to deal with a long held beliefs or angry feelings that eat you up inside.

Can you be a healer for others when you are in such a state of turmoil? My dears I am not judging you on your state of mind, nor do I not recognise the trauma you endured, but now it is time to come into alignment with the stars, let your karma be paid, so now you can step into the sunlight of the dreams that have been buried under the neglect you suffered.

There are many people who are at this moment realising that they have to not only save themselves, but be the saviour of their soul.   You cannot live in this duality any longer, now you have to come off the fence, decide what you want and do it regardless of what anyone else says.  It is entirely up to you to ‘make up your own mind’, and not be compromised by others opinions or promises. Now it is time to stand in your power, then the threats and dominance that you attract so easily will fade away.

The way to your resurrection is to come to me and ask for help, if you feel troubled you may ask for me to come unto you and heal your troubled soul. I am always here and my door is always open, but now it is you that has to walk through the door to greet me. I wait with baited breath praying that you will have the courage to renounce your sordid sins, renounce your shame, and finally at long last know that you were not always to blame.

You were playing out a karmic debt that carried a very low vibration, and your mind and body got used to being in that vibration, you were so sunk so low in its essence that you literally drowned yourself in those muddy waters.  Now I can see that you have taken steps to rise up, and you have walked a portion of your journey, but that is not all. Now you have to come ‘all in’, and promise me that you will never look back with any regrets, and that you will forgive your perpetrators once and for all.  Bless them for their deadly acts because they agreed to act out their deadly actions against you, so you could resurrect yourself to be the holy on high, the high priestess, the ascended one.

Do you believe that what I have just said could be the truth of where you are in your ascension process, do you not understand that I have seen everything that happened in your life, and for you to know that I do not judge, I only love you, and now I only wish to help you be healed of your deepest wounds? Now it is for you to come unto me and renounce yourself to me so you can be cleared of all murky waters that have surrounded you, and stopped you from becoming a clear channel for my love and healing.

My dearest ones please do not see yourselves as tainted or tarred by a brush that will never leave you. Remember it is your spirit that lives on, it is your soul that has survived every experience that you have had, whether you considered this to be good or bad, but now it is time that you make the decision to save your own soul, and become a soul survivor.

And it is when you make this momentous decision in full faith that you will be completely healed and when the magic takes place. But you have to be willing to renounce everything to me so you may be healed.  I wish you to become a true follower of my faith and preach this to others. I want you to receive the ultimate healing that will reduce your pain to passion, and your fear to fortitude, and I wish to transmute your sorrow in a song of joy, of deep gratitude as you realise that finally you are free of your past, and the ones that did not serve you well.

Redeem thyself dear one, redeem yourself in the name of The Lord and all will be redeemed within you and around you, and then your resurrection will be complete in mind, body and soul and you will be totally renewed in my name. Then you may call yourself a disciple of Christ, and spread the word of the Christ consciousness, and become a shining example of the light that now resides in your soul.

There are so many that have led troubled lives but now it is time to rise up and use this time as your greatest opportunity to heal yourself of all ills.  Now the world is ready for you, and you are becoming ready for it, but you have to take this last step on your journey to salvation.

My dearest ones, you are a child of Christ and no one can put your asunder, but first you have to become cleansed of your demons forever. Will you take the chance, and will you redeem yourself in my name forever more?  I wait to hear the knock on my door so I can welcome you into my healing sanctuary. Here you will find not only myself, but also my beloved Mary Magdalene who is waiting to bring her healing gifts to you.

Bless you dear child, bless your courage and fortitude of the past, now set yourself free for evermore.  Bring yourself to me, set down your armour and let me heal your heart, body, and soul so you may finally transfigure any past hurts or demons that caused your suffering.   Now the suffering of the past is over and you are free, and feel as light as a bird that flies in the sky.  The mantel of fear has dropped its shadow, and now you can live your life within the energy of the Christ consciousness forever more.

Jesus Christ

29th May, 2021

The Moon Tide – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


As the moon tide flows in and out, as the waves of the sea run in its rhythm, as the female cycle reflects the moon on earth, so all can come into a vibrational alignment with the rhythm of earth.  When you become aware of the power of the moon and the power that it has over everything you do, every action you take is related to the moon.  When you come within the rhythm of the moon then you become a moon goddess and a woman of wisdom and mystery.

It is to the women of the moon that I, Mother Mary talk to today, it is women that can become powerful leaders as their connection to the cycles of the moon enhances their sacredness and reflects their deep wisdom within.  It is the moon that often reflects the sacred wonders of a woman’s heart and soul, and it is often this sacred and wonderful element that reflects their deep love of Jesus Christ.

My dearest son Jesus Christ also has within his soul the energy of the moon, and he understood the cycles of the moon and its power.  Often he would endeavour to preach his words of love during this powerful time, and would connect to his divine feminine whilst doing so.  This is often a tricky and deep subject to discuss because the mysteries that are held in the moon magic are sacred to us all.

Mary Magdalene is a high priestess of the moon energy, she understands not only the depth of the cycles that women are engaged in through birth, life, and death, but she can also heal the broken hearted, and has saved many a woman from the heart break of a lost child.  

But there is much more about the moon and its power that many do not understand, it is a force to be reckoned with and respected. It is one of the most powerful energies that can integrate itself with earth at a most intense and profound level, and it is this power that is revered by many people on earth.

But now many more are becoming aware of its power of transformation and its ability to heal the world of all its ills.  It is to the women of the world that we turn to because they understand the power they hold, not only for themselves but all of mankind.

Many of you are forming groups that wish to acknowledge the power this has over you and others, and are basing your spiritual practices around the rhythm of the moon, so this can provide a very powerful base for healing as you connect with its magical powers.

The magic of the moon is well known, but the mystical magic of the moon is less understood, and now it is the mystical magic, the magic of illumination, the magic of creation, and the magic of its power that is the most revered and sought after.

Witches in the past used moon magic in their practices and were often punished for their beliefs, and many women hold that memory in their hearts today. But now it is time to rejoice in the power of the moon, so do not turn your face away because of any persecution that took place in the past.

Now the world is in different energetic magnetic field and the moon is asking you to trust this energy and the magic that it wishes to integrate within you so you may carry the power of the moon that will help heal the world.

You can use the energy of the moon as a magic healing wand, there is no black magic here, only the moon offering its gentle caress, wrapped up in a powerful force of love.  So much has changed in your world and now you are   becoming much more aware of the lunar cycles and how they may benefit your lives. When you harness the lunar energy you are literally drawing towards you it’s cyclical expression, its magic, its power, and force.  This lunar force is very powerful, it allows you to dream, and helps you to manifest your deepest desires a powerful level.

It can assist in the manifestation of your greatest desire, the one that is deeply connected to your heart centre.  In your meditation bring the moon energy into your heart centre and feel the expansion of its energy enlarge your heart and soul.  You will find your healing energies expand, and you will find yourself automatically working within the rhythm of the moon cycle.

This experience is quite magical and soon you will feel the magic within, this is when you can create miracles not only in your own life but also in the life of others. The moon power is one of the most strongest and powerful energies that you can connect with whilst on Mother earth.

It is true that many women in the past sat in circles and worshipped and prayed to the moon. They would ask the moon for help with healing and for fertility within their bodies, and fertility for their groups, and many of these groups only lived by the moon cycles of old, that were readily understood at that time.

Now the magic and power of the moon wishes to expose these gifts to you so you may harness the magic within.  The moon is asking you to connect and bring this energy into your daily life, living by the cycle of the moon is very powerful, and we encourage you to participate in this ritual.

When you sit by the sea and watch the waves, or when you are sitting in nature by water, know that the moon energy is always around you, and you may call upon this for your healing, for your wisdom, and inner insights.  It will provide messages of much substance that you can use in your healing work, and it will give you more power and a lot more certainty than you have ever had before.   When you connect with your own lunar cycle, use this to come into closer contact with the moon, this will strengthen not only your mind but also your body and spirit.

It is the spirit of the moon that will bring you into a heightened awareness of your soul’s passion and mission and will give you the sustenance and confidence that you have been craving. Many women belittle themselves in relation to the conditioning and beliefs that were carried by you and others in previous incarnations.

We wish you to be proud of your ancestral heritage and the women’s movements that you were part of. Now at this time we call in the moon goddess in this your present incarnation, so you will find this an acceptable way to create your own healing essence.

People on earth often have many false concepts about the moon and the effect that it has had in the past, and some are frightened of its magical powers believing it to be like the old witch energies.  But this is not the truth, the magic energy of the moon is about empowering the people of earth so that will bring them into its magical alignment, so they can use the power of the moon wisely, and become some of the wisest woman that walk the earth today.

These women are great healers and when they use the magic and power of the moon, they enhance their power to heal others.  This has always been possible but now the magic of the moon needs to be recognised, respected, and renewed as the energetic vibration of earth rises to match its magical power.

This was always respected in the East and now it is the West that needs to catch up and realise that in the past they turned their backs on this great gift that was for their own illumination, and to assist them on their spiritual journey of enlightenment.  It is when the women of the world become enlightened that men get frightened, and try to control their power as they feel their own power diminishing.  But when a woman’s power is only used as a basis for love, and for the purpose of healing of mankind, then the men of the world would do well to welcome this wonderful powerful healing resource that will help heal the wounded hearts of all.

Let our women arise in their wonder and to their own beauty, and their own power.  Let them recognise their God within, and let them be and so they can develop and magnify their true healing powers.  Let the women of the world heal and give them space to come into their magnificence so they may enlighten the world.   Let our men not be afraid but be able to open their hearts to the love that is on offer and accept the healing that is so freely given. Help them to acknowledge not only the power these women have, but the deep respect that they have for all who come to them for help.

It is now time for the divine feminine and the divine masculine to blend their divine energies so they may heal themselves, their relationships, their families, and help to heal all others. It is time now that the men and woman of the world can benefit from the magical lunar energies that are flooding the planet that will help to soothe your soul.

This is the time of man’s illumination, and of the integration of the species, both the male and the female twin flames that were brought to earth to not only heal themselves but many others.  Now it is to our men that we look up to with such loving eyes as we witness these gentle souls arising, as they feel the love of their women knowing they are held safe in their loving arms forever more.

It is these women that we look to take the lead, to be not afraid of their menfolk or their mockery, understanding that it is only their fear of losing their power that is making them act so strangely.  It is time for the men of the world to trust the women they have around them, for they are enlightened beings with much power who only wishing to bring peace and harmony to all.

So, encourage your women folk to become the beautiful healers they were meant to be, and for them to become the way of the truth and light for all who beckon them to themselves.  Be proud of your women folk, accept their goddess energy with grace and support them, and be proud of them and yourself, and know that you are an enlightened and powerful man.

Listen to the moon that speaks to you and and listen to the wisdom you hear within your heart. Do not put yourselves asunder because of any doubts that might lay upon your heart.  Now it is time to rise up and to become a lunar light of love in the world. You cannot go back to the old ways because you have been transformed into the highest vibration that the moon can offer now and forever more.

And as you are now an enlightened woman of the world this is your destiny, and now destiny calls you to receive these words with our love, and our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful healing at this time of man’s greatest awakening.

Mary Mother of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 26th May, 2021

The sense of being sense-less – Jesus channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


I wish to remind you that you all have to be much more aware of what is happening in the world, a world that currently is in so much turmoil, and yet so many of you are turning your face away not wanting to see the truth of this situation.

There is no sense is remaining sense-less, you must stop refusing to see the truth of the dimensional split that has occurred in your world.  Now it is time for all who live on earth to take personal responsibility for all your actions, and become more fully awake to what is going on around you.

Now you cannot run away from the obvious, your world has changed, and you have to change with it or be lost forever in the dense matter of your own making.  There are many sitting firmly in the middle, the ones who cannot or will not make a decision to swing this way or that.  This is a dangerous place to be because you are much more susceptible to the ones who may wish to influence you.

It is very important that you understand the seriousness of remaining in a senseless state of mind, this mode of conduct relates to the people who seem incapable of grasping the true nature of what is happening staying in a permanent state of flux, and who are not prepared to take responsibility for themselves or make any firm decisions for their future.

They see what is happening and are feel confused and somewhat alienated by the constant and differing amounts of information that they read and hear all the time, not really knowing what to believe, and it is in this state of senselessness that grave mistakes can be made.

Now it is time for the people of the world to wake up and consciously decide to take charge of their lives.  This is not the first time that I have asked you to become more aware of what is going on around you. In fact I have been asking the collective consciousness to do this for many a century. Now it is even more imperative because your world is on the tipping point of its own destruction, and you will be part of this destruction unless you taken action to save yourself and your planet.

We cannot help you unless you wish to help yourself, and there are many that are diligently working to help people like yourselves to their own illumination.  So many have cut themselves off from their feelings, and have buried the regrets of the past, but have no thought of changing their life in the future.

The state of the world at this moment is now insisting that you look at the truth of what you have created. This is not a pretty picture, because you have consistently ignored our warnings of pollution on earth, yet you still go ahead mindlessly distributing your litter, destroying your landscapes, and cutting down millions of trees, and for what purpose?  What is this senseless act that makes you wish to destroy our beautiful planet, what is the senseless act that man has done only to profit himself and no one else.

Did you not realise that every time you cut down a tree you are cutting off a source of oxygen that helps to keep you alive? Do you not realise that every time you buy something that is covered in plastic or wrapped in plastic it will end up in landfill? How much more land will you ruin by dumping your rubbish, how can I wake you up to the fact that you are not only killing yourself, but your planet.

You will not escape Mother Earth’s condemnation of your unholy actions because you cannot act so irresponsibly and not pay the price for your senseless and selfish act of arrogance against this beautiful planet. If you could look down upon your beautiful earth and see the damage that I see, you would be horrified beyond measure, you would be repentant, and I hope you would be wholly ashamed of the torture that you have inflicted on planet earth.

It is time to resurrect yourself and your planet, the place that gives you a home whilst you live out your incarnation on earth. Have you not realised that you have come to here to live a spiritual purpose, and not to senselessly ruin your earthly home? Why do you think there is so much disruption on the earth, and why do you think humanity had to be halted from their ruinous actions to make them see sense?

And yet once you have your freedom back you immediately repeat the same old and unthinking way of living, proving that you are indeed senseless to anything else except yourself, your own needs and you own priorities.  And these priorities do not seem to include looking after yourself, your earth, or indeed many of the people around you.

It is your selfishness that concerns me the most, it is your mindless acts of indifference that worry me, and in this moment I do not see much change, all I see is you repeating what you have always done with no thought of the consequences of your actions.

This is showing me that you are completely unaware of your frame of mind which certainly comes under the heading of being sense-less, and having a complete indifference to the suffering that you are not only causing others, but also is having a great impact on the world at large.

So having been curtailed from enjoying the freedom that you once enjoyed. Now my question is this; When your freedom is returned to you, how are you going to change? Are you going to think about what you could do to make life better, will you become more considerate, more unselfish, and want to work for the good of the whole, and not just think about yourself?

Because unless you start being unselfish and begin thinking of others before yourself, and try to construct an ethical and responsible way of living in the future, you will no doubt still be classed as a sense-less being only caring about themselves, but sometimes who act irresponsibly towards others.

I despair of you, don’t get me wrong I love all of you, but now I have to bring these acts of unbridled selfishness to your attention. The reason that I am doing so is to warn you about the consequences of your actions. I am alerting you so you can save yourself, because mankind is in great danger at this moment. Unless you wake up fast you will face the consequences of past actions, let alone continuing to bring them into the present.

On the other side of the coin, I know there are a great many good people in the world who are trying to awaken others. I applaud your actions and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your good intentions. Unfortunately you are in the minority, and although you are holding a wonderful vibrational healing for our planet, we need ALL people of the earth to wake up and take this responsibility.

Recent events have shown you very clearly the disastrous state of your world, and yet you tend to blithely ignore this and seem to want to carry on as before. I am warning you that should you do so you will regret your senseless act of betrayal, that will bring much suffering to many over the coming years. And should you believe that I am spreading fear, I assure you that I am only warning you of the possible consequences of your actions.

So are you going to change? Are you going to wake up at long last, I guarantee that if you do so will be horrified at what you see and wish to make amends. But whilst you are buried in the sense of being sense-less you will remain in the status quo, in a mindless state that will no longer serve you.

Do you wish to live in a world that is disintegrating as we speak, and decaying in front of your very eyes, and yet you turn a blind eye, and resolutely walk the other way refusing to see the destruction that is facing you. Do you wish to be responsible for that destruction, the destruction of your homeland? Until you realise that you could lose everything, until you realise that you could lose your life, your income, your health, your families, and everything you hold dear, just because you did not dare to care, just because you did not dare to ask questions, just because you could not be bothered to make the changes you now know are necessary.

What will it take to shake you out of this apathy, do you have to be threatened once again in the same way as the previous year, and yet might you still consider carrying on as mindlessly as before? What will it take to wake you up, what do I have to say that will shock you out of your apathy? When will you grow up and take responsibility for yourself and all others, and decide to make a contribution to the planet and its people.

You are all one, but you believe that you can still be separately selfish, but when you come to realise what is happening to you, is also affects all the people of the world. Hopefully now you will become more fully consciousness of the world around you, and begin understand what contribution you can make to save your precious planet.

You may resent the words I have spoken here today, but I make no apologies if it proves to be successful in making you more aware. I would like to believe that this is a possibility, but as I observe the world in its current state I very much doubt it, but I am hoping that I will be proved wrong in my assumption.

Now it is up to you to make me eat my words and prove I was wrong. Nothing would make me happier, but as I have a duty of care for the people of the world, I have to take the necessary and often a most unpopular stance to make you more fully aware of the truth of the matter.

So in closing I wish you all God speed dear ones, I hope you will find the love and compassion that you seek. I wish all to live in peace and have love for each other, but mostly I wish for you to come into the full consciousness of who you are, and understand what part you need to play, and accept personal responsibility for your incarnation on the earth.

It is my desire that all people of the earth live in peace, learn to live peaceably with others, and for all to respect and love the planet they live on. So they can contribute to the health and well-being of all species that you all share together on your beautiful planet.

I also wish for you to become more enlightened and understand what you came here to do, and not live in isolation or cut yourself off from people that might inspire you.  I wish you to know that no man is an island, and even should you wish to do so you cannot avoid this fact, and will have to find a way to live peaceably together, and for the collective good of mankind.

I rest my case.

Jesus Christ

21st May, 2021

Brave Hearts – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


I salute your brave heart dear ones, your courage and your willingness to serve our Lord and my son Jesus Christ.  It is the brave warriors that I speak of who do such sterling work on earth to help the troubled people of the world.

I know many of you find yourself in difficult situations, some of you are not well, some are bereaved and many are struggling financially.  It is to the people of the world that I address this message today, the ones who are finding it difficult to carry on in their everyday lives.

So today I wish to send you a message of hope, I wish you to know that as much as I know you might feel hopeless, there is always a way out of your difficulties.  Now you must seek within, and you must seek your Lord your God for your salvation.

Many have turned their backs on their spiritual source of help, not understanding that there is always help at hand.  Now you must hand your burden over to God, seek his presence and ask for his help.

Many of you do not believe that you can talk directly with God or any other spiritual presence, but I assure you that this is possible.  So, you must seek the answers that lie within your heart, and always follow your intuition.   Sometimes this is difficult I know, because there may be others around you that have an opinion, but this is only because they wish to help you, not harm you.

But you can know within you what you need, where you need to go, and how you will be guided by the great white brotherhood onto the next step you might need to take.  So always listen to your intuition and follow this guidance implicitly, even if at the time you are not sure why or where it might lead you.

This is about having faith in your father God and no other. This is about you understanding that you never walk alone, or have to make every decision on your own because there are many that will be sent to help you. But first you have to ask for help, you have to pray to your Lord and seek his wisdom and seek reconciliation with him.

You are braver than you believe dear ones and that is why I have called you my brave hearts, because you keep going against all odds, and always have a smile on your face even when the tears flow down your cheeks as you suffer in sorrow.

So today I remember you, I see you and my heart goes out to you in your sorrow and remorse.  Now you must never feel guilty and remember that whatever happened you did your best in very difficult circumstances. Sometimes these situations are sent to you so you may grow and learn many a difficult spiritual lesson.

But I have seen you rise up and decide that you will not be beaten by life’s travails, you have picked yourself up and risen again to face another day even though you are not sure how you are going to cope.

It is time to ask for our help, and it with me Mary, Mother of Jesus that you should come to when your heart is breaking, when you believe that you cannot take any more suffering, or you feel so lost and alone with your tragedy that you do not believe that anyone else can understand your suffering.  Dearest one I understand so clearly, a mother’s love is both a blessing and a curse, and when the curse strikes you must turn to me for comfort

I would also suggest that you approach my dearest son Jeshua and ask him to heal and bless you. He will anoint you and hold you close to his heart and you will feel soothed by his comforting arms. My dearest Jeshua has helped many people all over the world and he can help you, so ask him to comfort you in your hour of need.  And it will be my beloved Mary Magdalene that can sooth you with her oils, and it is Mary Magdalene that understands the trials of the divine feminine and the broken heart that is within you.  So, my dear, know and understand that you can call on us the trio of light, the brotherhood of light, who will move swiftly to your side at this most urgent time.

Always believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and know that the light can heal you in mind, body and spirit.  Healing of the spirit can be very complex but not for us, we have trained in this modality over many light years, but now you have to learn to ask for our help and know that it will be given time and time again.

We are here to help heal humanity of its ills, but we need your compliance and willingness to come to us and receive your healing.   Many find this difficult, you may come to us through your prayers, your meditation groups, or you yourself may call out to us.  Healing from a distance is something that we have been doing for a very long time, and even though many do not understand how it works, I can assure it could be of much benefit to you.

You see your body is made of up of energy and so we can tap into your energy body, we can see the imbalances that are there whether they are of mind, body, or spirit, and once we have your blueprint then we can then focus our attention on the week spots that are causing you so much pain.

So now you are learning about the power of distance healing, the power that is available to you from heaven above, and the power that is also within yourself.   So you see once you have received this beautiful healing you will find peace within, and you will be given the courage to carry on knowing that are never alone.

You are not the only ones that are being tested at this time of the resurrection of man’s soul, this time on earth is very challenging for many, but you do not have to fight this on your own.   Come unto us dear ones, rest your weary head on our shoulders, come and be healed and feel the love of your Lord our God and all in the spiritual realm who wish you to be healed and restored to your glory.

The experience of being resurrected and receiving this most wonderful healing will also be of benefit to others around you as they witness the change within you.  Now you will walk tall, you will speak with wisdom, and you will gladly and willingly work with your challenges knowing that as you do so you will inspire others to do the same.

You are an inspiration my dear brave hearts of this brave new world that you are creating as we speak. You are the new trail blazers and will be the ones that will not be stopped when you fully realise not only the purpose of your resurrection, but your God given mission here on earth.

It is your mission that is most important to us and we wish to help you not only realise your greater purpose on mother earth, but the ramifications of your healing journey.   You are a leader, an inspiration, and will inspire many others to come to us for their healing, and for them to follow your example. This is very important work dear brave hearts, and you have been sent to earth for a specific reason and that is to raise the awareness in many other so they may resurrect themselves.

So it to you today that we come with our request, and this is for you to know that we need not only your presence on earth, but for you to use your unquenchable spirit so that you can follow your life’s purpose.  There are many that have come to earth for a specific purpose and this is to follow the Lord, to preach his words to others and become in his likeness. This is a task that not many are willing to take on believing that they are not worthy enough to speak as their Lord, nor not skilled enough to speak his words.

But my dearest ones all you have to do is set the intention to do so and his words of wisdom will follow, because we speak in many tongues that you will hear first and speak of later.  This is not difficult we assure you, and when you trust this process you will be assured of the result that you requested on behalf of another.

Now you will have the confidence to know that it is the Lord our God that is speaking to you and through you, and you will understand that you have become a channel of wisdom on behalf of our Lord.  Many may query this with you, but be assured that what we speak of is true.   Only God and his son will speak their truth to you, all you have to do is believe that what you are receiving is from the source of all wisdom.

Many people will be amazed at the words you speak believing that they come from your own heart, but you know that these words come from divine source, and that you have been connected through the will of God.   If people challenge, mock, or deride you do not concern yourself because you are doing God’s work and his alone. There will be people who will not believe you or even understand you, but being the brave heart that you are it will not rock you, because your are being sustained by your faith in our almighty.

We stand apart from you with some amazement as we watch you carry this mantel with so much pride as you honour the word of God, and speak of him with such reverence.  And it is this reverence that is noted by others as they watch you in action, taking to the podium quite naturally now, and your heart being fully opened whilst being being sustained by God himself.

So we salute your dear brave heart, we salute your courage and your faith in the God of whom you are so proud, and we can see that you are at ease as you proclaim our words to the waiting crowd. It has been our greatest pleasure to watch you grow to become a wonderful christed being that walks upon the earth today. You are a shining beacon of light encouraging others to follow in your footsteps as a leader in your society.

Now at this time of great uprising our dedicated followers of the light are indeed marching to the same tune as our Lord and master.   Without your help we will be unable to reach the many whose hands are reaching out for help right now.  It is you and your unquenchable spirit that is leading man forth so he may reclaim his wonderful soul purpose on this earth, in this his most important incarnation.

It is the light army of the ‘Christed ones’ that are leading this great resolution for the resurrection of mankind, and without your dedication and support this mass healing on earth would not be able to be undertaken.   So it is to all our brave hearts that we send our message of thanks for all you undertake on behalf of mankind. We bless all your endeavours and give thanks for your presence on earth at this time of man’s greatest awakening.

Mother Mary of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson    9th May, 2021

A Mothers Love – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


A mother’s love is never ending, a mother’s love is always there, a mother’s love is one of the deepest loves known to humankind, it is all compelling and can be heart wrenching when you see your child suffer so.  I am Mother Mary, the mother of Jeshua, my dearest beloved Son of God.  I am his counterpart, and I am so proud of him.  Are not all mothers proud of their sons, do they not hold a special place in your heart?

My message today is for all who have lost their sons, lost the love of their life, and lost a part of themselves in the process of seeing their son die.  I am Mother Mary, and it is my mission to look after all the mothers of the world, all the women in the world who have born children in and out of wedlock.  It does not matter to me how a child is born, only that he is born and can enjoy the love of his birth mother, but so often that cannot be so.

I was so lucky to have my beloved Jeshua at my side, and I am so proud of what he achieved in his short life. It was my greatest sorrow when he left, but I understood both our spiritual paths, even though this has often been misrepresented.

I am here to support all the woman of the world, who bear and raise a child on their own, for those who are out of wedlock and through no fault of their own have had to give their babies away.  Try not to distress yourselves my dears, because you did the best you could at that time, and many of those children went on to live very happy lives.  Now I must touch on the guilt you felt when you either handed over your baby, or aborted a foetus.

Life throws challenges to us all, but I believe the ones I have described are some of the most challenging, and one where most guilt is felt, and often carried within for many years. I have come here today to help relieve you of this burden of guilt, and it is my dearest Mary Magdalene who is also here to help me.  She understands so much about women and how they suffer, and indeed we suffered our loss together, two women who are strong, but still suffered having lost part of our Jeshua.

We were luckier than most, because we believed in life everlasting and our Jeshua came back to us many times in our hour of need, and I want you to know that your child one day will revisit you, either in the physical or the etheric realms. This may be through dreams, memories, or the sound of a voice from long ago.

You see every one of you has an energetic presence in the world and can be in contact with loved one’s that have departed.  You must not believe that you cannot forgive yourself dear ones, because this was all part of your path, part of your spiritual experience, although one that we understand is one of the toughest experiences you could ask yourself to go through.

We have no judgement upon you dear ones, and we come to you today to assist you and help you release your past so you may find peace. For others around you who witnessed your distress and may have assumed a parental role, and who may have forced you to take a course of action, that in your heart you did not want to take, now is the time to forgive them.

At the time, it was the only way they could see a way out for you and themselves, yes it may have appeared selfish and unloving because they denied you the joy of birthing your baby, but in truth they did not know any better.  Those were not so enlightened times and a lot of shame surrounded unmarried mothers at that time, and also the fathers that helped sow the seed within you.

Some of you went onto to birth other children, but you have never forgotten the loss of your first born, in whatever way this took place.  It is not for us to judge you, and we do not. What we wish to do is help you heal yourself from your guilt or if you have any feelings on unworthiness.

We know that until the day you die you will always remember them, and so many of you will enjoy a wonderful reunion. Contrary to most people’s expectation they will have no judgement upon you, knowing that you only did your best. For those of you who have lost a child through cot death or premature births, or have seen their children suffer terminal illnesses, we would say this to you.

Each seed of the child that came into your body and into your care came specifically for a reason, and that was to show you how much you could love another person and to experience a huge heart awakening. This is one of the most traumatic experiences that a woman can have, and one that often leaves a mark against her soul and can make her want to give up on life.  But my dearest ones, you cannot, nor should you, you are a mother through and through, and mothers have the gift of life, so you should not think of throwing your life away.

We are here to support your sorrow, and today we wish to impart a blessing upon all of you who have suffered in this way.  So if you are ready and willing, we will help you heal this past trauma. So, to achieve this to we have brought to be with us, my dearest son Jeshua, who has so much compassion for you all.


First, I would like you to imagine that you have been invited into a holy room of healing, where you will find me seated in the centre of the room, waiting to welcome you, and as you join us, it will be Mary Magdalene who guides you to your appointed chair and who will bless you.

We are asking heavenly archangels to come into the room where they will take their place at the back of you and will support you as we start our meditation.  

But before we do so, we will invite my Jeshua to join us, and as he enters the room he smiles and introduces himself to each and every one of you in this group, his eyes and piercing gaze, so full of love whilst taking note of the countenance of your face.  He will brush your heartbroken tears away with his hand and lovingly hold it whilst sending you his healing grace.

Now we will start our healing and we will ask you to relax as you hear our heavenly choir sing our Lord’s praises. 

We ask you to deeply relax as Mary Magdalene approaches you to offer you her powerful healing, so you may release your sorrow, despair, or any guilt you still feel as she anoints you on your third eye with a special healing oil she has prepared for you.  After Mary has given you her blessing, it is my turn, and as I approach you silently, please do not try and shy away from me, or turn your head so I cannot see your silent tears of sorrow.

As I move along the line blessing each person, Mary Magdalene will be holding the energy of Christ at one end, and Jeshua will be at the opposite end. This forms the power of three, and it is the energy that resides between the three of us that is a very powerful and can heal you in mind, body, and spirit, so you can finally forgive yourself of any past misdemeanours.

Then we will form a circle of light that will protect you, this circle holds the energy within the Christ consciousness, and as we hold this vibration you will feel this energy flow through your body, and in that moment, you have not only been blessed by the power of three but released from all yours sins.

Once more music fills the room and as we slowly retreat and walk back our seats, we will ask you to open your eyes and come back into your earthly bodies. Now you will have been transformed in mind, body, and spirit and are protected by the great white light forever more. Now it is time for you to leave the safety of this holy place and step forth knowing that you have been renewed in mind, body, and soul, and to know that no guilt or sorrow need accompany you on your forward journey.

God always forgives those who help themselves and will do so forever more.  Now go in peace my child and move forward knowing that you have been blessed by our Lord that is on high. Now the power of three will gather daily to bless all parents in whatever structure that might be, to ensure that you will forever feel loved and protected for evermore.

However there is one more lesson for you to learn. So as you have been blessed and have been asked to let go of the past, know that we walk alongside you at all times, and that anytime you will be able to connect with us again, to give you strength to hold on in the future.

So now we would like you to know that you have been released of the past, and hope you will find the strength and compassion within yourself so you can lead a productive and fulfilling life in the future.  For all those who have gone on ahead of you, know that they look down upon you with great compassion and love as we do, and they wish you to pick up the reins and live a most beautiful and happy life.

Now all blame and guilt has been removed from your energetic field. This has been a process that had to be taken to allow you ascend into the full awakening of your life’s mission and purpose on earth.   It was your karma to endure this suffering, but now this has been removed as you have much healing to undertake in the world.

This experience has brought much compassion, not only to yourself but all others that you will meet in the future. So, know that your experience was not in vain and this knowledge will be used so that you can do much good in the world.  We send you our greatest blessings for your continued good health and wealth, please remember that you may call upon us at anytime when you are sharing your gift of healing with others.

Bless you dearest one, I bless and hope that your heart will always remain open to the love of God and myself, Mary Magdalene, and my dearest son Jeshua, so you may continue your wonderful healing work for many years to come.

Mother Mary of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 6th May,2021