15-01-22 Love, Guidance, Cycle of life, Adapting to change, Inner senses etc

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Transcript Date:15th January 2022

Michaels Note: This sitting was unusual for me because at the very beginning of the connection I felt as if I was floating 6 inches off the seat and although it slightly distracted me I continued on! It felt as if my bottom was moving freely from side to side, almost like I had been separated from my body, but not totally.

Love, Connection and Guidance

Tokens of love are given this evening to those who can see no way forward within their lives. We would like to give them our blessings this evening and a promise that we will be there whenever they need us.

Our connection to those of the earth is great, you are an extension of our love and the Lord’s creation. We bring you peace of heart and mind this evening, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, you may always speak to us to ask for strength and support. We will be there like a guiding light to bring you comfort in your darkest hour and in your need.

Many who have come to earth from that place of spirit, constantly remind each other of their beginnings, but there are those who forget, and although they live their lives in peace and harmony and bid a welcome to all that come with their whole being and their love, they do not remember, or seem to acknowledge the great ones who have brought them to this time of life. They should not despair, for not all will acknowledge us, for their lives are full of love and family, and this does not go against them in the grand scheme of things.

You do not wish to know about the terrible things that occur constantly in your world, because you only wish to see the good, and there is much goodness within the world that outweighs the combat of men; or the untruth given by those who would dishonour the great spirit of life.

Give blessings to one another, thank the Lord for his many blessings given to you. Do not despair when you come across a circumstance that you cannot seem to control, or deal with. Leave it in the hands of your spirit guides and they will guide you to a place of reconciliation, where you can sit and bring peace to yourselves through your thoughts, and the thoughts that they place in your mind.

To those who lose loved ones . . .

Heartfelt greetings are given at this time to those who lose loved ones, for it seems a cruel world at times to take those that are closest to you, particularly the young and the innocent. Their time was done, for their souls march on regardless, encompassed with peace and love, healing. Each of you at some point within your life will reach this point, whereby you must leave the world of men and crossover to the world of spirit. Do not fear this time, for although it seems a disastrous event, once you get to the threshold of that door you will understand, and peace will overwhelm you and your body will cease to be, and you will drift as if on a cloud unseen to that place of spirit.

Time of change

We bring you love this evening and a hope of a better future for all, not just of mankind, but of creatures of earth and all living occupants of your world. For there will come a time when the dominance of man will cease to be, for change comes, sometimes radically different, but change will come to all. And do not fear this time of change, for it is, in your words, ‘evolution’. It is when the soul progresses and the bodies of your world adapt to the changes at hand.

So much torture and disillusionment at this time. But we are here to shed light upon you, to allow you the knowledge of heaven and the great beyond that you can only see within your imagination at this time. Allow your thoughts to wander and explore the realms of the spiritual world, the realms beyond yours. You will see that life continues on unabated by the antics of men or other creatures of other worlds, for life is ever-changing, ever evolving, improving upon itself constantly. This is the purpose of life for your soul.

You take a time to adapt to these things, and your bodies, mind and soul acclimatise to the new situations given, and you learn many things that will allow your soul and spirit to change and progress. It is not a strange thing to think of, for energy is ever changing and moving. And the heart of love grows larger, and expands to envelop all around as you allow it to grow, and allow the love in, for love is the one constant within life that cannot be changed. It is an awesome power to behold, for it will conquer all who would anticipate a time of conquering your soul and your being. Love is the weapon by which you will win your personal battles within life.

Do not see your neighbour as an enemy or as a foe, because they are as you, they are as adaptable as you, and your thoughts of love will ring true to them, clear as a bell. They will conquer their fears that bring them anger and torment, love will do this in ways that they will not understand and all they need to do is accept these things as the truth.

Your beings were created from matter. Your spirit and soul is that of energy, that is ever constant, ever changing, progressing always to new levels and new heights.

You must never doubt yourselves, or the presence of God and spirit around you, you must never doubt that your loved ones see you and walk with you in your lives. Life is short, but the spirit and soul will live for ever in that place of peace that you call heaven.

Gather your thoughts this evening and bring purpose to your life Michael, for a time will come when you will be needed, along with those who walk with you in your life. Your work will change and evolve. Your spirit and soul is restless at this time, yet we are here to support you, to bring you knowledge, knowledge of love and peace of mind. Do not dictate to those of your world these things, but gently, softly caress them and talk to them, so they may understand that their lives are as yours, filled with purpose, filled with love from the great spirit above to the depths of your heart.

Time advances and extreme circumstances will occur within your world of life. Many will fear these times and they will look for a gateway to peace where they can escape the turmoil of your world. You are creatures of the earth, no different to the animals that walk with you. You must bring to bear a purpose of peace and love, unity in these things will bring you strength in that time to come. 

Conquer fears, commit to peace and love

Men fear many things of the world and beyond, but they do not fear for their souls. Yet, you should be ever adaptable and ever conscious of your beginnings, not of your birth upon this world, but the beginnings of your spirit and soul, the energy that you are. For you must conquer your fears of one another, you must work and strive together, to bring your world peace, to work together as one as a family unit, to help one another, no matter where you come from, your colour, your creed. Even the animals of your world whose welfare should be at the heart of all things, for you as human beings were blessed with the knowledge of the things to come.

The creatures of your world live their lives, and many fear you, for you can be cruel as a race of beings. This does not come from your spirit and soul, so why do you allow these things to enter your minds? Many of you are not cruel, we know, but there is the minority in the world who will never read these words or listen to what is spoken, and their cruelty will go on unabated, until such time as they themselves leave their bodies to face the truth of their actions.

Commitment to peace and love should be paramount within your minds. Take your world, give it a breath of love and understanding, and all things that men have created of the negative will seem unimportant, for they will see a better way and a better place to live for now and the future. 

Do not allow your responses to these words to be of negative thought, take in what we speak of, and although you cannot change the world as an individual, you can change the world united within the light of heaven upon earth.

Many gasp at these words and they will criticise them, with a response not worthy of them. They cannot understand how unity can be attained at this present time, yet unity can be attained at all times, whether those times are within turmoil, or within love. 

Never allow your minds to wander to the depths of depravity that some will permit their souls to go, speak to them of the truth of the light. They may retort with names and criticism to you, but you should retort with love, do not bring yourselves to their level, smile to them, change the subject if you will, but once more integrate these words of love in another way.

Blindness of anger

People’s anger blind them to a positive reflection of their soul. This anger can well up within them, and swell and grow, until it consumes their very being. And even at the point of their passing, when they realise how wrong they were, they would blame their bodies and their human mind. But this is your responsibility, your soul knows the truth and if you ignore the words and you only do wrong, then you are responsible for your actions, and no other. 

There are great influences upon you all, and that world of the negative would love to enter your thoughts, to sway your path so that you may be disorientated. When you feel this coming on, then sit and ask for help and it will be given, not directly, or in ways that you may understand, but it is given through thought. Never doubt your spirit and soul and the words given through thought, for these are blessings to one and all. Amen.

New speaker

Cycle of life

Memories of the past can linger with many and sour over time. And these thoughts bring bitter tears. Happiness and joy can still be attained by those who reflect upon the past. For the future, in a sense, is not written and they can bring change through a positive attitude. These lingering thoughts of the past should be put to one side, do not allow them to fester within your mind or within your spirit and soul, give them an audience and acknowledge them, then put them to one side, for they were in the past and not in the present or in the future, unless you allow it to be so.

Be determined in your own minds, determined to bring joy to others, to those that you pass on the street, to those acquaintances of long ago who may reappear.

Many things operate in cycles within your life, your very being as you know operates in the same way, in the cycle of life. You can observe these things within the nature of your world, just look at the trees and plants, look at the seasons, to see in the spring the regrowth and rebirth of many of the species of your world, even your own species go through these same seasons. 

Rebirth of your soul is somewhat disregarded within your lives, you see the new born baby, it is a creation of your love and of your bodies, but the energy that the new born possesses is of rebirth from that of spirit. You take a part of you with you and you take a piece of others, and in a sense, this recreates and refreshes your soul, just as you would refresh the waters that had turned sour.

Replenishment of love and understanding will grow once more, but your understanding of the world that you came from and go to, will diminish as the years pass by. For there are many influences within your world that would blind you to these things, yet deep within your soul lays the truth.

Your energy will go on and you will take on the energy of others to live a new life, and so the circle of life will continue unabated, and even if your physical beings no longer exist within the world at this time, imagine if there was no human being, what would happen?

We can tell you this, that your life, your spirit and soul and will continue on and as in all things of life you will be regenerated and reborn once more, maybe to a different time and world, but your memories will fade during this time of change.

The love that you feel now for your loved ones, your partners in life, your children and families, your pets and creatures of the world, that will continue on within you. You may forget their names and how they looked in life, but how they looked in life is unimportant, as are their names, because that love you carry with you for them will be recognisable when you too pass to spirit. You will know your loved ones, not by their features or by their facial expressions, you will know them in a way that you cannot understand, and cannot be explained at this time. We would call it a sense, a ‘sixth sense’ and you will call it recognition of the soul.

Trusting inner senses

Animals that walk your world already have this sixth sense and they know of your feelings towards them, they do not need to understand your language to know whether you wish them peace or whether you wish them harm, their senses will tell them and they are very acute. As the human animal, many of these senses have been dimmed, for you have found a new way to entertain yourselves. We have no other way of describing these things, but you must regain your senses, you must sit in the quiet and listen and understand that spirit and soul that you are.

Some people within your world will blatantly ignore these things, for they feel that they know what they need to know, and when the time comes there is nothing more. This is a sad reflection of your times, as your spiritual beings, your religions, seem to be dying. Religion is a man-made creation to worship the spirit of the creator, and it doesn’t matter how you worship, it doesn’t matter how you perform these things, as long as your heart and soul are of love and tender wishes to others.

Your senses tell you many things that words cannot tell you, and these things, these senses that you possess will assist you in the world to come, to recognise those of your loved ones. Many do not understand their feelings and assistance is sometimes required to help them to understand these things. Your loved ones who have crossed over, will for a time be with you, and you will feel their energy, not really understanding what it is, or the power within to understand these things. They will try in various ways to gain your attention. Some will acknowledge these things and pass them by, excusing them as, ‘just a coincidence’, but there are many of you who would acknowledge these signs and understand, your heart will tell you this, if you would only listen.

Bring peace to yourselves, open your hearts and minds and allow those instincts that you possess to guide your steps in life, and you will not go far wrong if you trust these senses, as the animals in your world do.

We will leave you now and hope that you will understand the words spoken. Good evening.

Calling God into your life – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It’s not complicated you know, in fact it is rather easy, a little bit like turning a handle so you can open up a new doorway. You see so many of you are troubled to your core, and many do not know the next best step to take.

So if you feel confused come unto me and seek a safe harbour, for I will never forsake you. You are safe with me because I have your good within my heart, I am here to help you to grow so you can see matters more clearly and I will reassure you, even in your confusion and distress, that all is well.

So it is important first and foremost to be able to find peace within, and only you can do this with my help. So many of you believe that making contact with me or any other ascended beings, including your ancestors, is difficult. But I wish to assure you that if you set the intention and truly wish to hear words that I can speak to your heart, then I will do so. But you have to unlock the door to your own heart, and send out a clear intention to me, then I will know that you are sincere and wishing to know more and are seeking my guiding light.

Humanity is at a crossroads, a major crossroads of an awakening consciousness. Some call this the Christ Consciousness, but it does not really matter what label you use, because I am always here and you can call on me at any time. It is often in a time of crisis that I am called to help you regain serenity and peace. It is in a world that seems determined to rock the boat that can make you feel unsafe and lose confidence in yourself. That it why it is now even more important to take your power back and seek self-enlightenment, then you can grow strong once more and I will be around to assure you how much stronger you are in your faith than ever before.

Let go, Let God, surrender not to the will of God but the goodness and mercy that I wish to impart to you, but it is also true that I need you to ask me for help, because without you asking I will not know of your true intention.  So you see, first of all you have to set the intention within you, and when  I can see the flame within I will know that you are serious about having this relationship with me.

I can be your friend, a wise counsellor, that will help you see the path we recommend, but because you have free will, the ultimate decision will be yours and many believe that to do this will be difficult, but in truth it is not.  So sit yourself in a quiet place and Breathe in the breath of God, and then close your eyes, and you will feel my presence and love wash over you that will bring you to a peaceful place, where all good can be revealed, all problems can be shared, and all worries put in proper proportion.

So many of you worry about the detail, the how, the when, and yet the very essence of loving God is to trust me with your life, because I can literally save your life once we have straightened out your mind-set.  Often you are influenced by other people, but now you must learn to question yourself and ask what is it that you want?  So if you are feeling restless you have to come within to find the answer, as all answers are found within, and found by your faith in me, knowing I only wish you goodness and mercy.

So now you must be merciful with yourself and stop beating yourself, or indeed others. Be kind to yourself and congratulate yourself on your achievements to date, for they are many and the ones that I appreciate, as I see all the effort you have put in on my behalf, and will do so again in the future.

The future of mankind is in his own hands, and yet he mostly looks outside of himself for all of his answers.   He looks to family, friends, and sometimes the politicians for his answers. But I assure you, when I look deep into your heart you will know, and when you make contact with me I will whisper words of encouragement in your ear. So a life that is devoted to me is not one you will regret, as you will at many times be aware of my presence, and a way will open up for you. You will find it hard to believe the bounty I have granted you.

Because of your dedication and faith, everything you need right now is being granted to you from me. You have proved your trust and faith in me many times over, so now it is time for me to recompense you for all your efforts, a steadfast servant of the light who is always willing to serve, as indeed you are at this moment.

So I would say to all who are ready to become a willing helper of the Lord, that his mercy will rain down upon you and you will see ‘the light of your soul’ within all the goodness and mercy that will be brought to you forthwith.

So a life living with the Lord is joyous beyond measure, is beautiful beyond measure, and it is here with me that you can find peace within, and I will steer you into safe harbour and my winged servants will be there to greet you both on Earth and in heaven above.

A message from God

Anna Marie Croxson 11th January 2022.

Breath of God Meditation available on request

CHRIST RETURNING TO RENEW MANKIND – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Many of you have asked when I am returning and the answer is not right now, but I may appear in other ways you might not expect.  I have not risen again to come to earth in the same way as before, but I will show myself and other masters will show themselves to you in many other ways, and so it will be with our help you might find the path that is right for you.

So many of you are in a state of flux not knowing which way to turn or what to do next.  Do you know what the answer is?  I doubt it, so now I will tell you.  The answers you seek will not come from an earthly visitation from me, although many of you will experience something similar but in alternative way.

However, there are two ways that you can help yourself from overthinking, that will help you find peace within.   You have to find a method to come back into yourself, because that is the only place where all the answers lie, and will help you connect directly with source.  You can also say a prayer, you can pray to me or my God and ask for grace, and ask for the burden that you feel so deeply to be lifted from you.

Do you understand that this is the only way forward? So it is by you taking responsibility for yourself and not always looking for answers from an outside source. It is this connection with divine source that is of much importance, and it would be prudent to listen carefully to these words of wisdom.

We have told you many times, that all you need to know is within you, and by connecting with divine source in this peaceful way, it will allow us to give you additional messages that will often confirm to you what you already know.

This is called taking your power back, God is there to help you and he knows that now is the time when all must seek their own source of peace, their own stability, and their own resources. You cannot help another unless you are in a good place yourself.

Of course, there are always challenges of some sort or another, but when you have learnt how to keep yourself in balance, somehow these challenges will not appear so large or menacing, because now you have the resource within you to find peace within.  When you are peaceful, your creative thought process will work more fully, and will provide you with the answers you seek, and it may be that we can send the right people at exactly the right time that will help you onto the next stage of your journey.

Try to think of life as a spiritual adventure, an adventure that might take you to places you were not expecting. But remember spirit knows your divine blueprint much better than you, and will often set up a detour of protection that will keep you safe from danger.  You may find the delay or the detour irritating because it does not fit in with the plan you had in your mind, so if you find yourself in this position, I would urge you to accept this with grace knowing spirit has your back.

In time you will see and understand much more and be very grateful that we took something from you that you were not expecting.  It is in these moments that we urge you to find grace within, knowing spirit is much wiser than you.  Your life on earth is for a purpose, and many are struggling to find their purpose.  Some of you thought you had it all worked out and then it was swept away almost overnight.  I know how challenging this is and would advise you that during this time, keeping your connection to source open is absolutely vital for your overall well being.

You never carry your burden alone, although some of you still insist on carrying a cross on your back. This feeling of having to suffer comes from past lives, and when you realise that a lot of what you suffer stems from your ancestral heritage, then you can do the work and help heal these ancestors’ who left the planet with a lot of unfinished business.  Many of you are not only clearing ancestral baggage, but are able to offer spiritual healing to all those who went before you, so they to can be released of their guilt.  So in this lifetime we want to make sure that before you pass on, you do not take any baggage that will have to release when you ascend to the spiritual realm.  This life path is all about clearing the past and opening up a clear path before you that does not relate to guilt, unnamed or misunderstood historical family stories.  Now this path is about you fully standing in your own power in love and light.

When you do this, you then become an inspiration to others, a leader, a star maker, a broom that can sweep anything clean.  So if you are feeling burdened but are not quite sure why, or if you feel you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, I suggest you look at working on your ancestral heritage and it there you will find the missing link.  It is a wonderful act of love to do healing with your ancestors, because you are not only releasing yourself, but also all those who have passed before you.

This is karma in action, and as you release yourself from karma, then the cross from your back will slip off so easily you will hardly be able to remember or feel it was ever there. This is part of your life on earth experience, and this is a massive clean up act for all who are on earth at this time. So come clean, and come correct, and then you will find yourself complete. 

You may wonder why I am talking to you in this way, but know I am encouraging you to become a person of courage, a person who is confident, and a person who will complete their own healing.

So now I come before you, I will appear to you in many different ways. For some it will be reading messages such as these, for others it may be through dreams, but for most, it will be when they decided to make a deeper connection to source and have decided to find their own way home, in their own way, and in their own time.

You see nothing is set in stone, and part of self-empowerment is being able to learn about yourself in your own unique way.  You must learn to do what is right for you, not what other people expect of you, so discernment is key in whatever you undertake, and whoever you undertake it with.

So I think what I am saying is not what you were expecting of me, because you might have expected that I would come and save you. But I am not here to save you, I am here to assist in your own self-empowerment, to bring you into the fullest essence of not only who you are, but who you believe you are, and to know what you can become.  You see, you are the only one who knows you, no one else does, even though they may try and persuade you otherwise.

What is you want, what do you want to achieve, what do you love doing, what makes you happy, where do you want to be? Do you know that you can change anything in an instant? First you have to know what you want, and not feel bad about feeling this way.  It’s not being selfish to come into your own power, because not only you will benefit, but many others around will also gain knowledge as they watch you change and grow.  Because that is when you become a leader and have found your own light within, and your north star that you will follow until the end of time.

My goal is to empower you, empower you to find self, empower you to find your soul within, and connect deeply with the wisdom it wishes to share with you.  Within everyone there is a need to be loved, but first you have to find and ignite the love that is already in your heart.  Many of you have shut down, having been hurt, and you might shy away from the ones who wish to open you up so you can start to love once more. 

There are many meeting soul mates at this time, but are turning away from the light because they do not wish to face the fear of being hurt as they were in the past.  But you need to understand that now these people have learnt more about themselves and their path, and if they have done the work on themselves and you have too it could be a most beautiful and beneficial partnership. 

So many are wary of being hurt, but you cannot be hurt when you love yourself, because you know who you are. If another does hurt you, you will understand it is because of the hurt they are feeling inside and that this has nothing to do with you.

Everyone is here to learn self-love, and forgiveness, and more importantly to empower themselves and develop a healthy self esteem.  This is an egotistical stance because that is not true, this comes from a healthy form self respect and a loving regard for all without judgement.  So if another treats you badly and you cannot see any change, or do not believe that they can change, then you might have to decide to walk away.  Only you will know what is right for you, and when the time is right for you to make a major change. All I would ask you is to have an open mind and try not to feel so fearful when love knocks on your door once more.

It can be one of God’s greatest blessings to send you a soul mate that totally resonates with you and also has great respect for you as an individual.  And if you have done the work on yourself, then it may be that you will attract people of like vibration.

God that will know when it is the right time for this person to appear in your life, and they may appear when you are not expecting anything to happen, and you may wonder why this has taken so long.  But do not question this, just accept with grace the wonderful gift God has sent you. He has sent this person to you for a God given purpose, and together you will be stronger, more purposeful, and much more effective together than apart.

Only God knows what is right for you, and if you have made the connection with him you can ask him to give you prompts along the way. Sometimes these will not very subtle and you may get a surprise, but he will have got the point across so you will know what needs to happen next. 

So my advice to you is that from this day forth, as we enter 2022, you decide to make your connection with your God, your guide, or who ever you like to connect too. Make this a real priority, and let this become your guiding light, remember to connect them when you need support and then make your own decision.  Spirit will always support you whatever decision you make, and even if inadvertently you go a little off track, they will always oversee the journey and try to guide you back onto the right path.

This is a subject of much complexity, and humans can make life much more complex then they need to by overthinking the problem to its death.  So try to step back and remember the more peaceful and calm you can be is the key to clarity.   So when you find yourself worried or angry know that you have to come into yourself, connect with spirit within, find a new focus, and not be diverted by what others think of you, nor expect from you.

Self-empowerment is the name of the game so give yourself a chance to breathe, a chance to find out who you really are and what you want. This is a chance to connect deeply with yourself, so coming within is so important because it is the key to a life well lived, a well thought out life, and one that will give you immense satisfaction when you decide that you are in control.

With God’s help you can live the most amazing and most satisfying life that you could ever have dreamt of but is now becoming a possibility.  So, dare to dream big, dare to be brave, dare to believe in yourself and in your God above, and it is then that all your dreams will come true.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 30th December 2021

Do not lose heart – channelled message for the New Year from Anna Marie Croxson



This is not the time to lose heart, this is the time to become strong in your faith, and totally trust me.  For I have your well being in my heart, and I also have faith that you will trust me with your greatest concerns.  I have need of you at this troubled time on Earth, and as a leader I need you to be strong and steadfast, not just within your countenance, but so that you can feel me deep within your heart, even in in those moments when self belief walked in the door.

And it is on those days that you must come unto me once more, and you must hand your life over to me. For you are also spirit and you have the strength and courage to persevere, even when the road ahead seems to offer no solution for your current dilemma. But often the dilemma you feel is within your own mind. Temporarily you have lost your way, lost your belief in the goodness and mercy that I am waiting to shower upon you. So if you had not experienced the darkness how could you have helped another with the same affliction?   If you had not been tested how could you assist those going through their greatest trial?

So see your challenge as a gift from God, and know that when the dark clouds appear, the door to heaven and peace within is open to you.  So today shift your your mind-set and watch the dark clouds disappear, because I am sending you not only my blessings but also many miracles. But in that moment when you lack faith, and you feel yourself slipping away from me, you must take action to bring yourself back into the heart of God, for all you need is there, in my heart and in yours.

And in this place of our shared heart space, there is no fear, there is no loss, there is only you having faith in the All-mighty, and it is the strength of the All-mighty that will save you from the self destructive mind games that you engage in during periods of despondency. So now is the time to rise up, step out of your mind, and come into the heart of yourself, and find the soul within. Come only to me and reach out for the hand of God that will comfort you in your hour of need.

I will never fail you, although others might do so, and you might even fail yourself at times. But now is the time to come into your ‘mighty self’ and save yourself. Your trust in me must become infallible because that is what I am.  I am your powerhouse; you can draw the power of trust into your heart at anytime.  I am your Father, and will never let you down because my ways are miraculous and mighty beyond measure, and it is only your thinking that keeps you feeling small and lacking in self belief.  So today resolve to change your mind-set knowing that with my help all is possible.  All you need has already been given to you, but only you can believe in the bounty I wish to give you.

So do not feel the loss of me in your apparent lack of faith, and do not lose yourself in your doubting and somewhat illogical mind-set.  Decide today that you will set yourself free once and for all, so you may live the most abundant life in all the ways you desire and deserve, but now this choice is yours.

Anna Marie Croxson  2nd January, 2022

A reminder from Messages for Mankind: Just a reminder for the many who struggle with the name or word, ‘God’. This can be a huge trigger term for many who remain stuck with the image we have as a child of a separate all judging entity who inflicts punishment or praise and seemingly allows the innocent to suffer while the rich gather more luxuries. Try looking inside for this God energy, it is not a separate ‘being’ – it is us – we are learning to reconnect to our own higher consciousness or higher mind, the part of us that is interconnected to everything – each other, our earth, the cosmos, even other beings that we have no understanding of – we are all a part of a great pool of understanding, creativity and awareness if we just reach for it deep inside ourselves. Once we find this connection and realise that we are all part of one huge ‘God’ or conscious ‘energy’ it is for us to rekindle the love, both for ourselves and all around us – time for us to take responsibility back, that we, as a whole, cause our own problems, not an external ‘God’. Sometimes they are problems that help us learn and grow. Our current life is but a dot in time, only part of what we are – it is helpful to expand our thinking, step aside from our individual personality, seek that place within where we can connect with everything and realise we are not alone – we are part of a great collective if we but open our hearts and minds to each other and all that is around us.

02-01-22 Message of love, Ancient Civilisations, Floods, Purpose of floods etc

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Transcript Date: 2nd January 2022

Message of love from the ‘Beings of Light’

Call us if you will, by the name given long ago, by your ancestors and by those generations of other civilisations long ago. We are here to guide you within the purpose of love and light, to guide your words and your thoughts as a teacher would to a student. 

Bring blessings to those who look upon your work and acknowledge us in their own way, for our thoughts are transmitted through you, to them, to those of the world who have an open mind and practice (of love) to the world which you call spirit.

It was a long time ago that we came to your world and established communication with your kind. It was then that their eyes were opened to new prospects and a new way of thinking, to bring joy to one another with unity and understanding of the natural world that surrounded them.

They fought us initially, but as we sang our praises, they listened well and they prospered in love and knowledge. This love and knowledge is not lost and can be regained by those of your world today, and we assemble many to listen to our words, to our thoughts, for we are the beings of light and we will never leave your thoughts, we will never leave you, for we are radiant in our appearance and give you blessings this day. 

The many who worshipped us understood our ways. Today you might call us ‘aliens’, perhaps ‘angels’, but we were delivered for a divine purpose to guide mankind throughout his turmoil and his life. We continue this work with an open heart and mind, with an aspect of love. This work will never cease and it is brought through others to guide you in your lives.

We cannot recreate the world as it was, but you can move forward to the new beginnings with love in your hearts for your friends and companions, for the strangers you meet upon the street or pass by, for there is a loyal connection between you all that will never die, but will be sustained through love and purpose. 

We brought to you a man of hope, who brought joy to others throughout his life who were in turmoil and lived in poverty. We have brought many teachers to your world, you may not have shaken their hand, but you know of their words and of their teaching. What can we tell you that you will understand? How can we explain to those who will not listen?

We have hope and we reach out to them throughout the eons of time in ways they may not understand, or for that matter believe. Their understanding is only lost for a short time, because when they re-join that world of light, that sanctuary of peace and love, then they will see their misguided ways, they will see and believe, for they will be part of that universal love of spirit. 

Many perceive loss as an ending within life, but it is just a beginning of a new life. 

And time rolls on, and you move between the world’s living your lives, constantly learning, teaching and bringing together others for a deeper understanding of that mystical world that you call spirit. They are no stranger to romance, for love begins in the heart and flows through your aura to reach another. As you reach out with this love, so you will attract another of a similar quality and mind, and you breathe love into your life through the words spoken and through your actions.

Do not forget that you were born of love and your life is a continuation of this love, do not lose this love or lose hope with bitter tears and sad goodbyes, for as your life continues on, so this love continues to grow, slowly for some, more readily and speedily with others, readily available to all who wish to share. 

Some would remark upon love as being passion. There is a deeper love other than the physical attraction, it is your journey and your purpose to reach out and find this love deep within your soul. Can you imagine how the world would be without the tears? It would be miraculous, but each has a journey of love.

Look deep within yourselves, within your soul and your hearts and minds to find your path upon which you must journey. There will be setbacks and there will be emotional outbursts, but always, we are there as a guiding light within your lives.

Tragedies will unfold and many will speculate that these things, these times should have been anticipated by the leaders of your world, and at this time they sit upon their hands not acknowledging the needs of others who suffer with the torments of man. But you need to share your love and compassion, you cannot sit upon your hands and watch other countries of your world become disillusioned and poor with love. Freedom of the heart and mind is needed in many places of your world, and the freedom to express that voice within that only wishes to echo love and companionship (must be heard). But many are subdued, subjected to torment for their race, their colour or their religion.

We will embark upon a journey shortly to teach you and enlighten you in a way that will be surprising to many. Our knowledge is great and we hope to share it with you so that you may become, not just the children of the world, but the elders of the future who carry much responsibility, not just your generation, but to those many generations to come after you. 

You will all be a part of this, for as we have spoken, you will all live once more, but what sort of future would you have and how would you change things at this time to make a better world for all those who will come and exist within life?

Do not be afraid to be outspoken, as Jesus was not afraid to speak his mind to the apostles and to those who enslaved others. The same things re-occur constantly throughout the generations because you have not learnt that the true love lies within your heart, and the only way to gain peace is through love. 

Joyful beginnings are brought to some who find this focus and this purpose, and they are uplifted with this joy. Their hearts, minds and souls soar with delight and they wish to share it with others despite their disparaging remarks towards their purpose. Do not be afraid to speak your mind, do not ignore us when we speak to you to give you these words of praise and love. We are open to your thoughts and we are open to your love, if only you would free yourselves from the burden of life and offer this love in return. We shall resume this teaching at a future time, but for now, be content with the words given, for they have great depth of meaning and truth of the heart. Amen.

New speaker

Floods – Waters of Purpose

Waters will spring from the Earth as if by magic. Many will wonder where these springs arise from, for they were not aware of their existence before. The waters that rise within these springs have much purpose within your world, to bring life to those barren areas that you call deserts, and the deserts will blossom and bloom with grass and flowers that have not been seen for many an age. 

The sparkle and the clarity of the water will remind them of the life that was, before your time on earth. The springs that bring life will bring purpose to some, they will squander these springs not realising that it is a gift from Mother Earth to the peoples of your world. The rains will fall and reinforce these springs of life and the floods that will occur will renew life, as well as take life. For each of you have a time and a reason for being.

The waters will wash over the lands of many countries in a tidal wave that has not been recognised for a time in living memory. Could this be revenge of some sort? Could it be a reminder of the fragility of your world? 

Combat your fears, for many leave your earth every day, in every second, but they will live and be born once more into the world of man and to many generations to come.

The floodwaters will recede, and with that will the fear that they brought. Will men forget once more the fragility of your world or will they begin to understand that they have contributed to this unseasonal weather and unseasonal eruptions? 

Many know of these things and have suffered greatly within the floods of your world, and there was a time as you know, of the great flood that swept across your world, sterilising the Earth and allowing new growth. The time of Noah, the time of Grandia.

(Grandia – from the Latin word grandis, which means ‘large, great, grand, aged or old’.)

Many nations and religions understand this and know of this time, your science confirms these many things, and they say it was a natural occurrence. We can only say that there is truth in this, but these things are accelerated by your actions, by your misunderstanding of your purpose.

Neglect our words if you will, and you will seek comfort in other things of life, forgetting the words spoken. But these things will come back to haunt you and serve as a reminder, not just of the fragility of your earth, but of your souls and spirit.

Let peace and love reign once more as the rain falls from your sky and washes clean the Earth. Allow the love to rain from your hearts, to wash clean the souls of others and bring them joy and prosperity in the waters of love.

Combine your hearts and minds this evening. Bring temperate times to your lives and not torment.

We speak on behalf of many nations who ponder the purpose of man and how he walks to his own destruction through his ill-gotten gains. Many wish to observe, some wish to help, whilst others will encourage, for their need of your earth.

It is only your love and purpose that will sustain your civilisation, not the money, nor the precious gems of your earth, or the metals that you forge. It is the love that you forge with others that will bring stability and sustain your present beings.

We have spoken much of love this evening, let love be your weapon of choice and not the arms that others bear against their own nation.

Despair not, for we mean only love and peace. Bring yourselves hope and joy in the New Year and if these events should occur, then trouble yourselves not, for life will begin once more and you will always be a part of this life.

We thank you for your time. Good evening.

26-12-21 – A message for 2022 and beyond – Prophecies, Space Junk, Turning points etc

Volumes One, Two and Three of Testament to a New Dawn, containing the best of the transcripts and more, are now available from Amazon and by order from other major book retailers

Transcript Date 26th December 2021

You see before you the son of man, the cross, a symbol of love and unity. His sacrifice was great for the many of your world, not just at that time, but for all time to come. 

The sun may rise once more to bless your world with love and light, and as the sun shines within your skies giving you life, so the son of man will rise once more to breathe life into his spirit, to regain and capture that heart of love within. 

Inner Journey

Come now, walk with us upon a journey so unique, that those who do not understand will claim it to be an illusion, but know that we are here, not as an illusion, not as fiction, but as fact. We walk with you throughout your daily lives, guiding you, caressing you with our love, feeding you the knowledge of the universe, if you would only but listen. 

To see us in our glory, close your eyes and imagine that you are drifting away upon the wind, feeling loved and caressed, having no fear. Begin to see with your third eye the world beyond, the world of light that emits and radiates light and love throughout your world.

Blessings be to Him this evening, who was born at this time and in this hour, millennia ago.

Travel your world and see the many tortures of life that now exist, it is no fault of his or your own, it is the way humanity is falling at this time, and it seems to be like a freefall with no cushion to soften the blow. But there is a cushion to soften the blow, and it is the love of God and spirit that exists within each and every one of you. Harness this love, bring yourself joy at this time, in the season of love and the unity of families. 

Some will leave their lives at this time and you grieve for them, but know their life had purpose, as did their ending. Know that they will continue on in an aspect unfamiliar to you at this time, for their love continues on, no one is forgotten and no one should grieve. Be filled with the embrace of love, be happy for them, for they have found peace beyond your world of man and the world of illusion. 


A time has come to tell you about many things of both spirit and of the future. Do not Let it be your future that will terminate your life or the lives of other creatures upon your world, let it be your life and love that shines out to unite man in a mission of love. Help each other with the burdens carried during your life times by each and every one of you, allow these burdens to fall away like the leaves that fall from the tree at the end of their season. A new season will begin for most in the next year, make it a season of love and bring joy and happiness to others through your love to your neighbour, your friends, to your family and to yourselves. 

Many have lost focus and their faith wanes at this time, for they can see no future other than the one that exists at this present time. But there is hope, as always, in men of purpose, that they may change the minds of the leaders of your world, that they may help to heal the wounds, the many wounds held inside by those of your world. These wounds run deep and we have told you that love is the healing, the healing measure that is needed. Caress them within your thoughts, and at this time of year when you look forward to the future, look forward in your hearts to a better way of living. Communicate with others who you may not have seen or spoken to before. Grant them peace in their lives, and your love, as you speak with them about the world beyond.

It is time to give up your worries and troubles, it is time to release all those needless concerns that you carry as a burden throughout your lives. Don’t squander this chance of love, of release, but unite to bring the world renewed vigour within the next seasons to come.

Ancient Prophesies

Tablets were written long ago describing many things of which you call the ‘ancient world’. Their discovery will be heralded soon and released to the world, but the knowledge held within will be restricted by those who work in service to the Lord and do not wish all to be revealed (the church?). Why should this be? Why should men of your world withhold these secrets from you and not release them as was intended, for these tablets are full of teaching, they are full of knowledge and gratitude to all who lived at that time and within the future, your time. They convey secrets of life, about healing, the word of the Lord and the teachers that have come forward throughout the ages, not just within your historical memory, but far beyond that. 

You count your years as the four seasons, and the years to come you say is your future and the past is forgotten, you should not forget your past and if you rediscover these tablets, then do not allow the secrets of the ancients to be frittered away by your fear of loss or control. 

Look for these words if you will Michael, find them within the universe, speak them if you can, and the paragraphs held within should be noted, as they tell of the future far beyond their date of writing, far beyond their time. How could they possibly know of the future and that which is to come many will ask. This is impossible, as the future is not written, but hold that thought, hold that for a second and relay this thought to your years of life, have you not spoken of déjà vu when things seem so familiar and not so strange?

These things are written, and as your time progresses throughout life you will begin to understand that in a sense, you knew of the occurrences within your life, your feelings told you of these things, yet you ignored them, putting them to one side not acknowledging that perhaps things may have been preordained within your lives.

We have spoken of the sorrows and the chaos that accumulates at this time; these things have been foretold. We told you of the plague that inhabits your earth at this time, yet many have ignored them as being words of men and women that cannot be authenticated. But these things have come to pass and they will once more, but if we tell you that if the progress of man slows any more, and he does not look to his fellow man and creature, then it will come to pass, as in the day of Moses, that another plague will be released to bring focus upon the men of earth. Many will try to hide these things and not admit to being involved, but there is cause, not a just cause, but a cause to reduce the population at hand.

How can we prevent this, how can we avoid these things? It is by reaching out with your love and light and we will assist by guiding their minds to the love and light to correct their thoughts of misguidance. We will relay the words of love to them as we relay them to you this evening, and you receive these words acknowledging our existence and love.

We do not wish to continue to speculate upon the sorrows of the world, but to let you know that there is a brighter future and it can be attained by mankind, it can be pursued within your hearts and within your minds of purpose. We cannot tell you the outcome, for it will bring you fear, but know this, that whatever the outcome, the light of heaven and spirit will always remain and give you a welcome. We will not permit man to destroy the earth or the creatures upon it, but we will intervene to prevent those of wealth and power from disrupting the plans laid down long ago.

We spoke of ancient civilisations beyond your scope of knowledge and your history books, and there were many of long ago, way, way before recorded history as you know it. And these beings, these creatures of that time, advanced. Some civilisations collapsed and were gone in a few millennia. You yourselves face this very same dilemma, but there were other civilisations that grew in the strength of the light and in the knowledge of spirit and they embraced each other and they found that technological events were able to escalate their civilisation to a higher level, and they became that which you call spirit. Their bodies were no longer needed for they were able to use the thought within, use their mind to bring power and to move objects of great proportions. They elevated themselves through the light and love of the Lord as they knew him at that time, and they worshipped the Lord and gave praise for their abilities.

You on the other hand, in this day and age, are yet to find your feet and we have hope for you, as we did for those civilisations who progressed and now visit your world many times from where they ascended to. 

A lesson from Chernobyl

The world has gone through many disastrous events and civilisations have come and gone due to natural causes and disasters, but never has it disappeared because of man or any other creature that may have existed upon it. Nature will survive in your times; it will continue on and take many millennia to recover if you do not change your ways. 

There is much evidence of this in the place called Chernobyl, that was seemingly destroyed by the reactor that exploded with that poison released into your atmosphere that you call ‘energy’.

Some of your powerful leaders are misguided in thinking that this is a clean energy, it is not, it is not to be used, and the uranium they enrich within these chambers is dangerous, not just to you, but to future generations of your world, it must be ceased immediately or you will see Chernobyl once more.

Would you know that this could happen once more? Perhaps closer to home than you would imagine, for they will not use the renewables that you call the wind and the sun, and the waves of the sea. They will not look for clean energy, for their purpose is of greed at this time. You know this in your hearts and you see it constantly on a daily basis.

Nature will consume all the wrongs that you do, and we spoke of Chernobyl and how nature has overwhelmed that deserted place now, it no longer has the human inhabitants and nature is free to roam and adapt. This will happen if you do not succeed as a civilisation. You will be gone, but nature will survive and we will populate your earth once more with the seeds of life, to spring from your earth and the waters, to gain life once more in an intelligence that you will not know. We ask you, no, we implore you at this time to badger your leaders, to tell them not to do these things. Use nature if you will, but in a kind manner as we have spoken of, within the winds and the sun and of the power of the waves in the ocean, the ocean that you pollute at this time exponentially, you cannot imagine what horrors you are bringing upon yourselves. 

We are sorry to have to tell you these things at this time in this new season, but let it be a season of awakening and not of sleeping, let it be a season of joy and not grief for others, and those that are lost through the man-made horrors of your world. 

The vaccinations will hold back a few, (from dying) but they will not contain the horrors that have been released by mankind. Those who are protected (by spirit) will continue on, and those, loved ones, who are lost to this virus, we take their souls and spirit and caress them and give them healing, as we caress those who cry and mourn for them and give those also love and healing. 

We cannot say which individual will survive and which one will perish, it is the nature of your world and of your bodies. But to continue to consume these so-called ‘energies of the earth’ will only lead to more mayhem. We speak about the minerals of the earth, uranium, the coal, the oil which you consume as a greedy person at this time, it is relentless, and we hope we have spoken words that may reflect within your minds and give you much thought this evening.

We have purpose for you Michael, to relay these things for a time yet, an unspecified time, but know that you will be granted the wisdom from within, as a favour from us to those of your world. Amen.

New speaker

Children of the future will change the world

The commonwealth of man is paramount as are the creatures of your world, it has been spoken about this evening. We hope that your ears are open and that your eyes, your heart and your mind are also open to this change, do not let this be the epitaph of your time.

The children of the future will terminate the ways of the present, for they see the dangers and they are the children of your world and of the future. Do not betray them in these times of consumption of the poisons of the earth, give them a future as you have had a future of life, do not deny them theirs, for they will bring change, and the children of the future will behave in a different way to yours at this time.

Evolution occurs constantly, slowly, but surely, and the mind of your being is the vehicle that carries the spirit. It is the spirit that brings purpose to the individual. 

Your eyes are opened to the many things of life and many are swayed from their purpose by the greed of man. But those who are strong, those that can survive these times and continue on as was intended, they will change your world and defeat those men of power and greed. 

As the obstacles fall away through a tidal wave of despair and disillusionment, so these young minds will take root and grow like the tree upon your earth and their branches will spread far and wide to reach out to those places beyond your world.

The olive tree will grow stronger (the olive – a symbol of peace), and its roots will establish within the ground, the olive groves will become one and reach out far and wide. Tentatively the branches will touch other branches of other trees, of other worlds, and we speak to you in ways that you may understand, and as these trees of life unite so they will begin to bring purpose to one another. 

As in all things of life there are the parasites that cling and grow, and if these parasites are not corrected, then the trees of life will not meet. The tree that continues to grow and allows the parasites to grow upon it, those are the trees that will wither and die, but to speak of dying is the wrong phrase to use, for there is no true death of the spirit and soul, other than what you do to cause disillusionment.

Many forms of life

There are many platforms of life, many universes not seen as yet, and as men reach out with their telescopes to see these things, they think because there is a specific distance that life should exist upon, then these planets will exist with life, but they are not open-minded and their generalisation and will narrow their field of view. Your technologies may bring you purpose, but they will not answer all questions about that of the spirit, for we are within, we are you, you are us and you cannot bring down this light, for it will shine bright throughout the ages to come. 

John the Baptist

Relinquish your ways at this time and John (the Baptist) would tell you to repent to free your soul and your being of the ill-gotten ways. He would like to speak on behalf of spirit: 

“I spoke many times to the crowds about unity and the one who would come, and I spoke of repentance to free your soul from the torments of life. Many times, I was heard, many bickered with me and argued the points of life, but I defended myself with the light of heaven that shone within my soul. I was chosen to give the word, the coming of the Lord, and I gave the word without fear of reprisals from (King) Herod, at the time of my life, he was a sinner and he knew it, and even he in the end began to understand the truth of my words, but as in your time, those that held power overwhelmed his thoughts to goodness and he was consumed by their illogical actions, and my time was cut short.

And you are told many things of the past and of the Scriptures and my time was great, but you did not know that Herod was reluctant, but he was overwhelmed by means of the rich and powerful. Would you let your soul become damned if you are afraid of others and what they may do in your life? They may take your life, they may cause you much pain and sorrow, but they can never take your spirit and your soul, they can never reach that love within and they will try as hard as they might, and they will think that they have succeeded when they terminate your life, but they have only opened the gates of love, as my gates were opened for me and I was welcomed within the realm of spirit and heaven once more. 

Repent if you will, your ways, do not accept persuasions by others to do wrong. So much temptation in your lives. In comparison ours were gentle times, but you face so much more and you need guidance in many ways. Help yourselves to repent by not accepting the convincing arguments given these days, by the repeated influences upon the screens of vision. Repent and reject their ways so that you may see the glory of heaven and the Lord. 

Do not fear for your physical life for it is only a short time, a short measure of time. It is your spirit and soul that you must nourish with love and purpose. Fill your soul with the teaching of life, look to the world around you and see and observe. Learn and continue to bolster your spirit and their purpose, their souls with your love. Thank you for your blessing this evening. Amen.”

New speaker

Misused technology

Truth will be spoken, and the tablets spoken of will be hidden from view, from prying eyes. But the truth will out through the words and wisdom of spirit and these cannot be hidden or pushed to one side, for they are blessed with his light and love.

Your strength to continue on must be paramount. Allow no thoughts of worship of idols other than that of the Lord.

Many things are hidden from view and the truth will be told in a time to come. Many books and paragraphs will be written of this day and it will be the equivalent of the dark ages of your time. Do not allow it to consume you, you have been given knowledge in the past 200 years, knowledge which has been misused, like a spoilt child with so many toys, you do not wish to know how they work or what their purpose is, you just wish to use them for your own needs and when they are no longer of use then you destroy them without understanding their purpose. 

The technological advances of your world are being used in the same way at this time, recklessly, misunderstanding their purpose. Advancement, progression, science would say it is from the human mind and the abilities within the likes of the human animal, but we will tell you this that it is the spirit and soul that allow these technological advances. 

You may present an autopsy and tear the mind of that individual into shreds to search for these things, you will not find them within the physical remains, they are of spirit and soul, that intelligence beyond your world that is accessible to all, yet is seldom tapped into.

Frequently we have told you that technology should advance with love and care. Do not be brash with these things, for they will turn upon you in the blink of an eye.

We wish you well in a new season of joy and hope that the year ahead will bring love and happiness to you all. Some will suffer the loss of their loved ones, but know that peace will be brought to them should they wish to open their hearts and minds to the love of the Lord and spirit. But nevertheless, they will be embraced by our love and guided.

Turning points of 2022 and beyond

The year 2022 will be significant in many ways, there will be many turning points within the union of man. Many will demonstrate their purpose through love, but be misunderstood by your authorities. We foresee much grief to come, as those of a gentle mind and heart, those of wisdom attempt to change the world policies.

Governments will fall, including your own. New people will take their places and form new governments, but still the influence that is hidden from the public view will continue, and those who have good intentions will be influenced, persuaded and misguided once more. The unity of man can only be bought through love and justice, it cannot be brought through subversion or suppression of the thoughts and minds of those who only mean good. If you wish for a united country and world, then you must be open with each other, let go the need of greed and the need of land, and objects. 

Space junk

Stop polluting your atmosphere (space) with those objects that clutter your atmosphere at this time, many will come back to earth and many more will stay. You clutter your universe with your so-called advanced machines, some are of use whilst others only bring torture. Others will disintegrate and just pollute another part of your world, shall we say. When will it end? When will a government of love be established and unite with others in the common practice, and a common goal of humanity and life upon your world? When will you stop to see the wrongs and begin to correct them as you can do in many ways?

Be a part of this your New Year’s resolution people, not just of the new resolution, but make it a promise to spirit and to yourselves, that you will change your ways, for everything that you do contributes in the long run to the whole. We will not bring you retribution, but we will bring you love in the hope of a brave new world to come. Amen.

New speaker

And speak we do, about many things, we know that many will not listen. It will fall upon deaf ears as the seed fell upon stony ground, and the wheat that is cast will not fertilise or be stimulated into life, but there are those, as always, that will fall upon the fertile ground and begin to understand, and they will grow, they will overwhelm the stone upon the ground and as they decay and future generations grow, so they will nurture the ground upon which they were born and eventually the stony ground that could not carry life, because of its harshness and hardness, eventually will be overwhelmed by those generations who were able to grow and succeed and they will form the soil upon the earth. And they will bury these stones, these hard unrelenting stones, they will bury them deep within their earth and the world will flourish once more into a magnitude not seen for many millennia. 

Your spirit and soul will continue on, do not let your world fall victim to your times of pollution and aggression. We ask this in the name of our Lord, in the year of 2022. We bring you hope and we will be constantly at your side, just ask for guidance, listen to those inner thoughts that will guide your lives and you will not go far wrong. Blessings to you all from the guardians of spirit. Amen.

New speaker

Message from a nurse (Alice or Alison?) to her mother and husband

A message to my mother. (it should be noted that this energy of this lady was low and difficult for me to bring through, but we got there.)

A message to my mother. I departed your world a short while ago, I was of the female. Alice, Alison, it is hard to speak to you. I worked as a nurse, and I nursed many. I rose within the ranks of my profession and became a sister of the ward.

I cannot tell you of the many regrets that I have, but I can tell you of the joy that was brought to me upon my passing. My family are still within the world of living, my mother, still within the world of living. My father has joined me and we unite to shine the light and love of the family unit upon my mother and our loved ones.

I was a nurse within the hospital, Belfast, a general hospital (later I was told in thought that this was the Belfast infirmary!) And we saw many things of man’s violence to each other, but none as in your time now.

I was taken young in the years 58/56, my husband weeps for me constantly. Let him know I am here and by his side constantly. Tell him of my yearning for him. Our son grows well, a daughter was lost, yet I have regained her once more. If this message should reach him, tell him of my love and of our unity that will never end. I know the chances are minimal, but I need to speak.

My worship of the Lord was great within the catholic faith but I have come to learn that there is only one faith, and that is the love of the Lord. No matter how you worship him, all is relevant and one. I will leave you now. Marion, a name known to him. Goodbye my Love.

The Lantern of Light – A Solstice Message channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Be the light, broadcast the light, and let the light be your only friend.  Discard all other thoughts that may distract you from being the light filled and spiritual person you know you are, so you may share your love, your light, and hope with the world.

Be a lantern that is filled with light and let that overflow and permeate all you meet and dissolve the darkness with your light, because you are my ‘lighted lanterns’ that bring my goodness and mercy to all mankind. Now more than ever it is important that you keep the light burning brightly within you and even when you might be tempted to feel doubt, you must remember that only you can bring the light back into your soul.

So set the intention today to become a light worker of much magnificence, and be determined that no one will ever put you asunder, nor have influence on your mind or body.  You are in control of what you think and feel and must retain a high level of self esteem within you, knowing that I hold you safe in the palm of my hand and nothing can hurt you.

When you bring the light within, you have called in the angels of light who will protect you. They are aware of every worry, every struggle, and every doubt that appears, but when it does, know you have the strength to turn it away when you ask for heavenly help to assist you.

You do not walk alone, and yet for many these are very lonely times as the earth undergoes this major transition as well as the people that inhabit the earth, but remember you are part of the whole of earth and heaven above, and as such are protected.

Even when the ones who wish to damn you seem to be ahead of the game, remember it is the light that works its magic on their senses, work you cannot see nor possibly understand, and it is the magnitude of this strength that make all of this possible. They work from another dimension to help the earth and its people survive this great transition, so you must play your part on earth as one of our most gifted and valued light workers, whose work is of the highest value, and one we respect and have great admiration for the courage you have shown in the face of adversity.

So it is today as we approach the holy Christ-mass that I wanted to come and stand before you, and I want you to feel my presence in your life.  Know that your prayers are answered before you speak them to me, know that for all of you who have worked so hard in my name will be blessed beyond measure, and soon you will see the miracle that you have been asking for.

I want you to know that no prayer, no thought, no longing goes unnoticed by me and the council of light because you are of great value to us, and as such we will support your heavenly endeavours that are taking place on earth as we speak.

And for those who wish to bring their mission to fruition, soon you will see the door open so you can step forward into the sunlight of your dreams. For your dreams are mine also and you were brought to earth to make this dream come true right now. So as before, I would remind you that you do not walk this courageous path on your own, I and my heavenly and earthly helpers will join you on your journey to hold the light for mankind, to bring healing to mankind during this transitional time on earth.

You have been placed exactly where you are for a divine purpose of the light, a purpose that only you are aware of at this time in your evolution, but much more will be revealed as it is time to launch your mission to the world.  So do not think small but make your dream as big as you can imagine, for nothing is outside our power to make this come true. So do not let the human limited mind keep you stuck, but begin to dream big, knowing everything is possible with my help and more importantly, undertaken for my purpose.

So many of you are on the brink of a great adventure of your choosing, we have planned this together many aeons ago, but you might not remember this at this time, so you will have to trust the divine to guide you to the next stage when the time is right.

Faith in action is what you will demonstrate to others and for the doubters who think you are mad, and the ones who are wondering why you seem so assured that your dream will come true, will respond in wonder and amazement as they see what you planned taking shape in front of their eyes.

And then they too will start to wonder what they can achieve and will be inspired by your unorthodox approach to life and the passion that they feel lies within you.  So as you decided to follow your soul’s purpose all was revealed to you at exactly the right time.   We did not want to overwhelm you so did not give you the whole picture at once, but this told you to trust in faith and accept the journey and its revelations step by step, and now you are so nearly there, and the grand vision is slowly unfolding before your eyes as we speak.

Some of you gaze in wonderment at your creativity and may wonder where all the ideas come from. So I wish to assure you that it us that holds the blueprint, and now at this auspicious time as we approach the year 2022 all will be revealed to you at the exact time that is scheduled on your mission’s blueprint.

So when you feel there has been a delay, this has been for a purpose, because if had we given you more information you might have skipped an important step of the process.  The process of illumination is one that human’s find hard to grasp, the human heart wants all to unfold in its entirety so you know where you are going.  But you will be shown the next step and must step out in faith knowing that we are guiding you safely to your ultimate destination.

The exact destination may be unknown to you at this moment in time, but take heart, for we will illuminate you at the exact time of its planned unfolding.  Remember that nothing is impossible with our help, so do not take the burden and carry it yourself, because in truth it is a joy to behold when enlightenment strikes you and the truth is revealed to you in all its glory.

This will feel like a miracle to you, but the miracle was always there and the answer has always been waiting to be revealed at the exact time of its destination.  So it is when you worry, when you question, and when you do not trust us to deliver your salvation, that you start the internal dialogue with yourself that causes you to worry more. With me, all is possible, with me at your side all will come to fruition, all your plans, all the disappointments were part of you learning to trust divine source with your life.

And as you undertook your trial of learning, others were watching with disbelief as you carried on regardless, not really knowing the outcome but trusting me with your goodness and mercy.  Now it is time for that deliverance to become real in your world, and now it is time for all that you wished for arrive on your doorstep with so much ease and grace that you will wonder why you ever bothered to doubt or worry about the future.

Now it is time to rejoice as we bring you good tidings of great joy and abundance that will relieve the burden that you have been carrying with such faith and fortitude.  Now blessings of much magnitude will rain down upon you, and bring you into the fullness of our glory, so you can accept this with much gratitude, all that we promised, and now you will walk into the promised land of your dreams forever more.

So now it is time to march forward your head held high, your faith bursting at the seams, your focus on your goal held in such fervour, you wonder how you could have ever doubted me in the past when I assured you that all was well.  Now all has been revealed to you, but understand the reason for the delay was nothing to do with you, but only so each and every detail of the divine plan could be delivered to you at the exact moment in time that was scheduled on this divine blueprint.

You cannot hurry a plan of this magnifiance and if you had tried to do so you know that you were lacking in confidence and faith in the part that we would play in this great orchestration of your life’s path.  Each and every minute detail had be carefully planned by us, and you have followed each instruction with great precision, so know that there was a valid reason for the delay that you believed you experienced at that time.

But in truth there was never a delay that was only a figment and belief in your imagination. Because all was well, but you had to learn certain things along the way as we could not reveal the whole truth to you at that time.  But now you are stronger and more determined than before, you have grown into the stature that was needed to take on this great mission. Before you would have become overwhelmed at the magnitude of the plan being revealed to you if this had been shown to you ahead of schedule.

So be assured today that all is well, and all will be very well, and know that your blessings will be of a such magnitude that will take your breath away, and even you might find this hard to accept, the magnitude of the blessings I send to you.  So know as you come into Christ-mass I wish you to come and speak to me at this special time on Earth, and at this special Christ-mass time that will bring you so many heavenly blessings.

So make some time to become quiet and go within, ask me to join you, ask me to speak to you, ask me to reassure you, and ask me to bless all the endeavours you are about to take in my name, and in my fathers name.   For we are one, and we look upon you with great love and appreciation for all you do for us, and all of mankind.  We acknowledge the great service that you have undertaken and will undertake in the future, and we wish you to know that the divine always rewards efforts, particularly when they are done in great faith.  The greater the faith the bigger the reward, because you are aware that the reward you receive will ultimately be for the good of mankind.

So today at this time of Christ-mass I wish you to come into the silence, I wish you to bless yourself in my name knowing as you do so you receive my holy blessing that will permeate all your future endeavours that you will undertake in my name, and for the goodness and mercy of mankind.

You are an angel of light and a warrior of light that no man can put asunder, and you are protected by God as well myself your Lord Jesus Christ.  Of this fact I assure you, of my love I assure you, of my miracles I assure you, and now it is with the goodness and mercy that you hold in your heart for all mankind that I assure you that I speak the truth of God himself. This is what he wishes for you at this time of your own great awareness and healing, and with your help and dedication the healing that you offer mankind is on his behalf, and mine also.

Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 21st December 2021

18-12-21 Message of love and unity, Looking within for all knowledge etc

Transcript Date:18th December 2021

Find the vastness of space within

You may travel around the world at this time and you know this travel will take you to places around your globe, but look within to travel the vastness of time and space, to look deeper into the eyes of spirit and to know yourself as all must do at a point in time.

Look to the stars and the beauty that is seen, of the light that shines and glimmers in the darkness, for this beauty has passed through millennia, and what you see is a reflection of the past.

Look back, deeper into your mind, to see those stars and the reflection of yourself that is written within. For you are blessed with this universal knowledge that exists within and around you all.

At this time your hearts may ache for those that are seemingly lost, yet look back into this darkness, to the sky above to see the stars that shine, and know that as the stars reflect their energy, so your loved ones reflect their love to you.

Time immemorial has seen many pass from your world, many who have underachieved in the aspects of spirit and their relationship with the Almighty, but their eyes were opened, and they began to see that there is a different way to exist beyond your world of men, there is a place of beauty that exists, where no man or woman, no child or creature should suffer the torments of life within the physical.

Purpose of pain and sorrow

Why do you live a life of pain and sorrow? What could possibly be the purpose of transcending these times? It is for you to understand that this purpose has been brought, for you to understand those that live around you and within your family groups.

We feel this does not adequately explain the suffering, particularly the suffering of the young and innocent who seemingly have had no life, yet their purpose was brought into being to help others.

You see those young ones tortured and their lives are dealt a blow, and they pass from your world knowing only anger and no love. Their time will be great within the realms of heaven and those that torture the innocent will also find an equal for their soul in a time to come.

Such terrible things occur constantly throughout your world and you hear of just a small proportion, you are outraged at those who commit these venous crimes, but these crimes are committed constantly on a daily basis around your globe. Yet no one seems to turn their head or bat an eyelid, because they are unaware of the suffering of many in your world.

Open hearts and reflect

It is time to open your hearts and minds to reflect upon these things, and as you sit in comfort within your homes, then reflect upon their situation, where they have no home, no refuge, no food or luxuries to help them throughout their lives. The medicine they need is available, yet not. The greed and avarice of your men of wealth staggers us. You should be a union of beings, you should come together and unite to fight these evils of the world, and although there will always be the extreme one or two, their purpose can be corrected if they are raised with love and an open mind and open eyes to see the world around them.

You feel there is no hope for these creatures of torment, yet we give them hope in a time to come. Blessed are those, the meek of the earth, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those of the creatures of your world, for their burdens will be lifted in a time to come. And blessed are those who lose their loved ones at such a seemingly important time. Remember this, that rebirth occurs constantly, it was not just Jesus who rose within the three days, but each of you will rise once more and relive to fulfil your purpose if necessary.

Do not be tormented by these things, because we speak of religious matters. They are true words that should ring throughout your being, they are filled with much purpose. Do not turn your eyes away from the words, but look to him and know his love is for you and for all upon your earth.

Aspects of love and connection

Aspects of love are seen within the unity of a marriage, and of a union and you learn to grow and understand each other. Sometimes these things fail, but still you learn, and if you are fortunate enough to love again, then it is your duty to correct these things so your union may thrive. We ask this also of spirit and God, that your reasoning and your love be diverted also to this being of creation.

Each of you are a part of the union of spirit, each of you are connected beyond your capacity to understand. For unity is divine, as is love for one another. It is time that you understood that our creation, our being, is of the unilateral love that you give, and we are sustained by this love and given hope that the human race may at some point in the future, understand the relativity of this connection.

Relativity within all creation

Einstein understood the meaning of relativity, he explained it in simple terms, but many misunderstand and say that this are scientific terms, but relativity exists within all forms of life and in all creation. For what you give, is what you receive. This is also true of love, it stems from the heart, from the centre of the universe and your being and it opens out like a rose in bloom. There are many petals within this rose, there is a stamen in the centre, and the stamen is the fruit of that rose. You will bear fruit within your lives and in the love of your children and of your families. Do not allow this rose to die, because if you do, the fruit of love will be lost.

You must sustain this fruit by your love, and your gentleness will caress this rose and hold it tight to your heart. Never let go of this rose, nurture it and allow it to grow so  you may bloom as the universal spirit that you are.

Times come hard to some, they find it hard or even useful to understand these things, yet there is meaning in everything that we tell you. There is truth in our words as we speak them this evening, and we offer you this unilateral love with the kindest and deepest thought that we can give. Perhaps you will understand this, perhaps you can conceive such a thing within your lives. Your love is not just for your family’s, but for the family of all creation. You must share this love in your actions, in your thoughts and in your prayers. Never allow your emotions to overrule your good sense. Never allow the negative to demand things from others they cannot give.

To receive love, one must give love

To demand love, you should give love with forgiveness and tolerance. The universal creation of love is not just a figment of the imagination, it is a being within itself, and you feast upon this love to nurture your spirit and soul. Feast upon this love to bring your life’s purpose to a conclusion satisfactory to all. Do not allow those around you to leave your world disillusioned and depressed as they don’t feel your love, do not allow them to leave your world with anger in their hearts. If they should pass with these torments of life, then you should know they will be healed and the healers of your world have a purpose and duty to do the same things within the physical. Love is healing and healing is love, you all have this ability to share these healing blessings.

Some restrict their movements within life not wishing to encounter others at this time, not wishing to endeavour to help in the appalling circumstances that overrule some of your fellow creatures. But know that you are protected and guidance will be given if you commit to these tragic scenes with an open heart and hand to offer help and a solution.

Allow the bitterness of your lives to pass away and fill your life with the sweetness of love and the creation that surrounds you. Look to the planet upon which you live to see the beauty within the sky and the clouds, to see the beauty in the creation of all that lays before your eyes. Do not close them or be blinkered by the trinkets or negativity of your earth, of your life. Each of you has a responsibility to each other and as you leave this place of love to embark upon the journey of life, you must absorb this light and love and release it slowly to those that you meet upon your travels.

Yes, you are all on a voyage of life, no one is exempt from the things of life, the tragedies that will unfold, the love that will envelop you and the light and love within your heart that you have brought with you from spirit will always shine out, even if you try to mask it within thoughts of neglect.

Why help cannot be given

We spoke earlier about the torture of children and how their parents and elders end their short lives, we feel it is necessary to explain these things, you cry out to spirit and God and ask why these things should be committed. It would be difficult for you to understand the reasoning behind these things. We see these terrible things first hand, and truly we do not condone them, but we are powerless whilst you are in life. We can only guide and assist, we can only speak to the minds of those who commit these abominable crimes, but their hearts and their resolve is shut, it is difficult to reach them.

Those that suffer at the hands of these evil people, they will find beauty and love, their eyes will be open to a world of light and healing. They will be cosseted with love. But you might say that this is no comfort, because of the terrible things that have occurred, and they occurred because of the dark hearts that exist within your world, they are influenced, they are encouraged to commit these things and their good sense of justice is thrown out or blinkered. Those of the innocent who suffer will find peace.

New speaker

The realm of knowledge is within the mind

The passage of time is great for many, and they work to reason with life and understand their beginnings. But their depth of knowledge is minimal and this knowledge can only be achieved by the structure of love and devotion to spirit. It cannot be achieved through disruption or through the books of your life, it is in experience to sit within the quiet of your mind to see these things and to understand them in ways other than the written word. It is a knowledge that can be gained through truth and honesty, through love and devotion, and once your eyes are opened to this vast realm of knowledge, then your heart will be filled with love and a deeper understanding in the unity of man and of all creation.

In time, those who may come to your world understand this deep unity, and it is through their knowledge that you too will gain an understanding of this vast knowledge. It is not hard to understand, for this knowledge is gained through love and unity. It is not difficult to comprehend if you have an open mind. We can give you words from these archives, Jesus spoke many of these volumes to those who would listen, but you are able to access these things this evening, at this very moment in time. The words are simple to understand and are filled with such deep emotion.

Predators and disillusion

The predators upon your earth are those who wish to disillusion you, but you can fight back with the knowledge of time and the knowledge of love. The sages of your world experience these things and offer their learning to you through the written word, through the spoken word.

Offer a pledge of love and healing

Offer this pledge to the world this evening, that if you understand love then you understand spirit. To offer help and healing to those who are in need, look to the centre of your core, to the chakra of the heart, see the heart as it beats and as you fill this heart with love and healing thoughts, allow it to expand to reach others throughout time. It travels in an instant and can be given to heal those in need. Your needs are many, yet is not required, for it is only that truth of the heart that is required for you to live your life.

Anno domini . . . . .  (Here follows a few words of Latin – we have the recording if anyone can decipher and translate them)

Words you do not understand, yet they have great depth of meaning to those who read the Latin word. We are not an illusion and you are granted an audience this evening to welcome those with an open heart. We spoke of travel this evening, travel with your heart now throughout the vastness of the universe, see the stars as they fly by, seemingly endless in the distance. The light radiates out and as the stars pass by the truth is known. See the stars that approach, the planets and the solar systems, know that you are part of this being of love. Through the stratosphere you may travel, let go, let go.

Time has no meaning and it is but an illusion given to you within life. No matter how long you measure your life, it is not the true measure of your being, it is but an instant, and microsecond of useful time.

Do not be afraid to express your love, offer shelter to those spirits and souls within your heart of love. Reach out to the light of the Lord and know that his love travels with you. Do not be afraid of the coming, for it will arrive shortly. You may expand his love through your hearts and your greetings to others, through your attitudes, through your actions.

12-12-21 Walking a path of unity, Pamela Kiddey and Doris Stokes, Messages for readers etc

Transcript Date: 12th December 2021

Walking the path of light in unity

Triumph you may over light and over the dark, but there will always be a challenge in life to bring you purpose and to guide your steps in a forthright manner becoming of Him, the Lord in heaven.

It is a task sometimes to walk the path of light.

 As your friends see you, they thank and admire you for your strength of purpose, for they feel weak to a degree, but these are the ones who cannot open their hearts and minds to believe, these are the ones that need and receive help through the words given and by their guardians of life.

You must not bequeath a reason to hate, but a reason to love. Each will live their life as intended in the glory of his name. The commonwealth of all the people in your world unite in condemnation of the ruthlessness of those who torment people’s lives and those who are tortured to excess, as are the creatures of your world, by many of your kind. One day it will come to pass, that all will realise that you are ‘one’ and not separate entities within life.

All creatures have purpose

Even those creatures that you deem to be of the lowest level are just as worthy as you. They walk this earth with the same blessings as you do, yet you do not admire their simplicity and their purpose of being. Attenborough has explained many things in the connections of these creatures to yourselves and to the world abroad. You must listen to his words for they reach far and wide, but still many ears are closed to these things, for many feel that life is given to them to do with as they please. This is not so, life must be led with purpose and conviction to help one another throughout each individual’s lifespan.

You are not given a free hand to do as you will unto others, the creatures and the world upon which you live, you must understand this if you are to rise above your current level of understanding.

Do not be tempted by those who will tease you with things that are of the negative. Smile to them and say that these things have no purpose within your life, but they will not understand for they have already succumbed to these things, do not give up on them, hold out your hand and lend them an ear, because at some point within their lives there will come a time of recognition.

You must never give up on your purposes in life, however small and insignificant they may seem. Each of you and each of the creatures in your world have purpose as we have told you, this can be hidden for a time and you may feel unworthy to carry these burdens of love, but no one is unworthy of His love and the love of others. No one is left alone to fend for themselves, unless they shut out the light from their hearts. But even so, we will be there to guide and correct their path once more.

Tumultuous times

Tumultuous times ahead, many bring blessings to each other in this season of joy, but they must remember, and you must remember, there is a time when joy will be brought once more in your world. June and July are months of light and sun, and they will bring purpose to him, he (Michael) is unsure of the meaning of the words that he has heard, but they will become clear to him as the light shines upon his brow.

Of whom we speak, you may or may not be aware of, but his words will soon be heard and times will change for the better as the rose blooms once more upon your earth. Do not betray his thoughts of love and give him your heart and soul and mind to enlighten and empower you with purpose as you live your lives.

Desperate times, many will say, when men look to one another without purpose. They dishonour each other with violence, greed and negativity. It is up to each individual to recognise and see the light that shines to avoid despondency in their lives and in others.

You may not recognise these thoughts and you may give them a wide berth and not wish to see, but the truth will be spoken, as was always given in the past and in the present.

Messages and visualisations

She will record a voice that is heard and wonder why this voice calls to her with a blessing! It may be misunderstood, and the carol she sings will focus upon these things that were spoken of.

Truly you must release your thoughts and give those of the negative a wide berth, do not be tempted by the restrictions of your life and do not cause others grief at this time, or any other.

You record your voice many times to sing out the phrases given. The teachings and philosophy are great and will come once more. To those who sit and focus within, we will speak to you with words that will spark your imagination and bring you purpose.

 True, we cannot be seen within the physical, but we can be heard.

 Again, you may see us in your dreams when your eyes are closed, your soul will visualise these things. Take no notice of your mind that wishes to interfere, for you are a creature of two parts, one is that of spirit and the other is of the earthly body that the spirit inhabits. How can you tell these apart, you wonder? We say this, it is only your belief and truth that will guide you in these things. Your mind may be controlled by others in a subliminal manner, and you could say we guide you in much the same way.

There is a continuous battle between good and evil, of right and wrong and it wages war within many who stand on the side-lines, not taking one side or the other. Stand on the side of light and you will be released from those torturous thoughts that are given, you will be freed from burdens of life and the inequity of others towards you during your lifetime. But stand within the dark, and you will be lost in a maze not understanding your purpose any longer, and it will take time and guidance to bring out of this situation.

Help those in need Michael, help them to understand that our purpose is good and that we bring all blessings, all of you are blessed with our love, not just at this time, but always. Your feelings are real, never neglect the thoughts that cross your mind that guide you during your lives, never forget to help others who are in need, in whatever way and by whatever means you can, for these things will bring truth to your hearts.


Valerie and Kevin travel back this evening (Sunday) and they will see a light in the sky. They will look to one another and asked what could this be, many will see this light, many will not have the deeper understanding that they do of the many things that are possible within the realm of life. You too have an equal understanding of these many things and you will all be brought purpose once more within the light to welcome others who are lost within the dark. Your lives are a bond, a union, as are many others to you. You are all connected in ways that you do not understand or ascertain at this time, but can you not see that your lives are connected beyond your family and to the one in the street, to your neighbour and to those you haven’t met as yet? They come to give you guidance and warmth of love, respond in kind to this warmth and you will be cosseted throughout your life and rewarded, not with the material things, but with the love of heaven.

To those this evening who ask and say a prayer, wishing for word of their loved ones, we hear your voice and your voice carries upon the wind and upon the waves of light to the souls of those who have gone before you.

Message from Ray

Ray speaks this evening to his loved ones, for they cursed his time, he was not a gentle man, but his blessings were many despite his outward appearance. His voice echoes through time to ask those who knew of him for forgiveness, to be that which he couldn’t be in life, one will understand. Names are not necessary for these things will reach those that matter.

Be blessed in the knowledge all things that occur, are meant to occur. Even the most disruptive of times and harrowing situations can be thought of as lessons for the soul and spirit. Many will not agree and say that these things are brought to them unnecessarily, for them to lead their lives in such pain and sorrow. They take little comfort to know that joy will be brought in a time beyond their lives, but this is true, comfort will be brought and they will understand in a time to come.

Temper your hearts with kindness and a thought for others, for your belonging is great within the world. Each of you have a belonging and purpose as we have said, this message goes out to all, particularly those of the narrow minded. Focus upon your love and the love of others, and your dreams may come true.

Teachings from many sources

Tandem in thought this evening, your words are echoed by another, the salvation of your world will become ever more evident within the future. As time passes, so the men of the world mature, but it will take much displeasure before this enlightenment is attained. The teaching of God and spirit to others through the words written is great. More is needed, for actions speak louder than words. Although your purpose Michael, is not the same as your counterparts, you will still be in need to others in a time to come. Do not allow your mind to think this is ego, for we speak clear and true, not just to you, but to each of you, to help you understand that we walk by your sides.

Evolution was great in the past, and evolution of the mind will be greater still in the future. It will take much practice to sit and focus upon our words, and you will be blessed in knowledge not given to others, but this knowledge should be expressed in a material form so that it may be seen and adhered to. Like others, your regrets are many, yet they are forgiven within the light of heaven to bring your soul purpose. You must bloom like the flowers of life and radiate those colours of love and being so others may see the glory of this.

New speaker

Combat your fears Michael, for we are here, the conscious mind speaks to you and denies us, but there is truth in our words. Do you understand this?

This is the battle of life, this is what you have come to learn and understand. It is a battle that should be won with trust and faith, truth and honesty. Do not deny us because your mind wishes it so, have faith in your purpose. Dry those eyes, do not allow the tears to fall with bitterness and regret.

Message from Pamela Kiddey and Doris Stokes (Pamela and her husband co-wrote for the British Medium, the late Doris Stokes)

Pamela speaks to you in ways that you do not understand, she has purpose for many and guidance for those who might adhere to her words.

“My dears, those of you who live in this life, the life of man at this time, do not be swayed from your path of light. I was once spoken of as an author of life, I wrote the words many times of trust and faith and truth of heart. He accompanied me as your namesake Michael. He was there for me when my time came. Doris made me aware of many things in life and that of spirit. She spoke the truth and was heckled many times by those who called her ‘false’. They accused her of manipulating the audience. You know this is not true, for she spoke the truth as you do. My guidance has been with you and those of you who will listen. The words are written so many times in so many languages throughout the world, yet are seldom read. This is because mankind has not opened his heart to who he truly is, to that spirit that dwells within your body, the one that you call yourself, your soul.

It is an outrageous thought to think that one lives within the other, yet this is the way of life, we exist within you and guide you in many ways through that which you call spirit (thought), those that listen will walk a life of truthfulness and honesty and their rewards will be great in love. Their needs in life are minimal, but those who wish for more and have a dark heart will only find dark rewards. As spirit and as a soul that once lived, I will watch over you, watch over the three of you and all of you who will listen to the words spoken. You cannot understand the truth of these things at this time, yet I tell you this, when your eyes are open to the light and His being, the truth of your lives will be revealed in full colour, like the colours of spring they will shine out and your soul will blossom. Your love will extend to others through this same means, through this telepathic way.

You each have this ability and Doris and others understand this, they refer to themselves as mediums, and mediums are messengers of life, but each of you has this ability to reach inward and touch that true self that lies within. Your hearts and minds must be open and you must call to one another through the medium of love and caring. I will leave you now, but know that the truth will be spoken and the words will be heard. You are an author of life, as are your companions.”

Message for a mother from her son

Bring her purpose in your words as she speaks of her son at this time. She cannot bear the thought of not hearing his voice, but she must know that his soul and spirit are with her, deep inside her being. He has spoken to her in words that she would not have understood, she cares for the nature and the wildlife around her and he sees this, he sees his mother as a wondrous creature who gave him life, love and understanding even in his darkest times.

“Ma, I speak to you at this time through the voice of this man, to tell you of my love for you and the family. Know that I will be with you in the season of joy and how we celebrated those years ago, a bottle or two, three four perhaps, ha ha, we had such times, and those memories will linger and bring you joy in your thoughts. I wish you to know that although you caress my things, there is no need, for I am with you in your everyday life. I am with those of my loved ones, my family, and you are my blessings and I hope I am yours. Go with life Ma, and love, as you were intended to do. Speak no more of sorrow, but of joy and rejoicing life as I did, do not have any worries for the future for your path is written, and although you suffer tears of heartache, know that the joy you brought me see me through many times of hardship. I will be with you to assist in your life as best I can, but you must dry eyes, speak no more of your sorrow, open your heart to others in a way unbecoming of me. Your love is great and I will love you so much more, as always. Your Tinkerbell, your son. Remember from my youth the name of Tinkerbell? God bless and have no fear, no longer. Life is a gift that you gave to me and I now give it to you with all my heart.” Amen.

Message from Rosemary to her sister

Rosemary wishes to speak to her sister, and the kind thoughts given during her time of life. Tell her this, of my love, my compassion for others was great, but seldom noticed, but I knew of your love and I return it in full. We were wicked in our ways, but came to an understanding of forbearance for others. Life is given and it seems as if it is taken in the most inappropriate times and situations, but we live our lives in the ways that we wished. This will be hard to understand and I say to you now, my thoughts are with you, my love goes with you now and forever more. And thoughts of the rose garden and the memories of our travels will remind you of the joys that we shared together as sisters and life and share once more we will, as spirit.

Go now and pass the messages, know that your purpose is not done, but will continue on. New relationships will bring you purpose and joy perhaps. The future seems to be not set. We assure you that things are as they meant to be and are set with great purpose in mind.

Try not to understand the thoughts of those who might bring you down, understand the joys of nature that surround you and bring you love. Peace will come to all who ask for this love. We are forever with you, have peace in your lives. Amen.

04-12-21 Unity, Divisions, Healing, Krishnamurti, Homelessness etc

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Transcript Date: 4th December 2021

Meeting of strangers

Strangers on the shore. Many people meet and have purpose within their lives and within the union that they form, strangers pass you by and you nod a gesture of hello. Do not be afraid to speak to those around you, they will bring you a blessing within your life. It is hard to imagine a time when no one would greet each other with a warm welcome and a smile. In your day of living, in your world as it is, there are still those with a positive outlook that would change the world around them with a smile and welcome to others who are drawn to their circles.

Words to Michael

Temptations are great, and many, but your focus is required this evening to continue your journey with purpose and vigour. Your strength of heart will enable this path to continue and lighten your mind with love of those close to you, they form part of spirit, your belonging to them is great.

Correspondence will be sent soon to enlighten you upon the subject in which you talk. You will speak on behalf of others to give them guidance, to show them the truth of their lives. There are not many who would seek your counsel, but there are the few who dedicate their minds to reading the passages given. Your welcome is great within the spiritual realm, and we ask you not to give up all hope, but to continue on in a forthright manner so you may speak in words so clear, they will ring like crystal.

Put anger and frustration aside in the season of love

Do not beckon forward those who might bring anger in your lives, look for the love of the ones closest to you and bring them joy in this season of love. We speak to you all with these words, so your anger and your frustrations may be put to one side for a time, for it is a time in which Jesus was born and he gave his life for you all in his time. A bold sacrifice, a sacrifice of love, his joy was great as he re-joined his father in heaven once more. This joy will be brought to all of you as you depart your world and re-join your loved ones with a sense of well-being, of fulfilment in love that will overwhelm your soul.

Paragraphs are written and many will read the words given, we hope that you will find satisfaction in the knowledge that your life was given in service. Your friends are also deeply spiritual and their love for you is not spoken in words, but in the spirit of friendship that is given. You respond in kind, and they know of these things. You will be joined once more to bring purpose to help others, and we hope you do not regard this as a task, for it is a joy to be undertaken and the enlightenment will be great. Sing the songs of love and praise for him within your hearts, for it is through his being that you will once more resume your life of purpose.


Togetherness brings fortitude to your lives, separation brings displeasure and this has been found in many cases within those of your world. Despondency is rife with many who have lost their way, and they seek a response from those who seemingly have knowledge of the world beyond, the world of spirit. It is yours, and it is Valerie and Kevin’s, along with your group to bring these joys to others. You all have an equal responsibility and a task to respond to the words spoken within your minds. Each of you have a responsibility to each other, to help each other in times of need, to bring joy to those who have lost their way, or feel that they have been put asunder and neglected within life. There are many who feel this way. as they feel shut off and isolated with depression.

Divisions due to Covid

The times you live in are not easy and the virus consumes many, and many feel it is not necessary to take advantage of the things given within healing, they do not believe that it is necessary to consume the pharmaceutical poisons, as they call it. But sometimes there is worth in these things, and although the spirit is strong and the soul would initiate healing through love and the energy of spirit, sometimes the physical remedies are required.

We hasten not to teach you to do things you feel that you shouldn’t, for it is your lives and you feel it deep inside the path to take. We dictate only to those who do not have self-worth, who would cruelly torment others in their ways, not regarding them as fellow beings or fellow spirit, disregarding their health by the actions they take.

We have noticed some deliberately infect others, simply because they do not have a care and they think selfishly, that if they are to suffer, then why not others. It is a strange position to take and their love is lost for one reason or another. We would  speak to the souls and ask them to see the greater picture, to see that you are all connected and each of you suffer in your own ways on your paths of learning.

It is a strange thing to think that you must suffer these things in order to learn, but sacrifice is necessary if you are to progress your soul. We do not take pleasure in telling you these things, for within your being and within your soul you have already undertaken this journey of fulfilment, a path of learning.

Healing given

We stroke the brow of those who suffer with illness at this time. We surround them with energy and love, and one wishes of this energy, for her time of suffering has come. Those around her who wish of love, bring her this healing energy through their love. The connection is strong within the families of life, for you are all as one. Healing thoughts and energies can be given at any time, wherever you may be. If you feel it necessary to ask for these things, then that is a special thing, but each of you hold the power of healing thoughts and love within, the universal energy of healing is around you constantly. A positive attitude to the situations you find yourself in will always result in a satisfactory way.

Some will lose the battle and seemingly lose their lives, but the truth of the matter is that no one dies, this is a myth created within your world, it is a misunderstanding of life, for life exists beyond your physical world as an energy that can transform at will. Do not shut out these things, give your heart fully to those who suffer at this time, give them your healing love and your wishes will be granted.

She will rise soon, unaware of the situation that was. Her thoughts will turn to her sister as she felt her love, even though her eyes were shut. Many do not understand these deep connections and it takes something radical to bring this home, and they will learn of their ability to love and its healing power.

False Idols

Do not worship false idols in your world, do not give them your soul and your power. It has been seen that some worship these fallacies, these figures. There is but one supreme being who lives with you constantly throughout your lives, you share his energy and his being, but if you shut him out for something of the physical then you shut out the love and life that is given, you will become lost, and tragic things will seemingly occur. But the light always shines, it is a constant within your lives and even if you fall, the light will glimmer to gain your attention once more.

Do not dismiss these words as a falsehood or fallacy, for we speak the truth to guide you within the heavens of life. (Michaels note: I visualise a golden cross at this point.) You see the cross before you and the angelic beings that surround you and bid you welcome.

Interruptions occur and are frequent. You must respond only to our words that we give you this evening.

Jiddu Krishnamurti? Jiddu Krishnamurti – Wikipedia

(Michaels note: Another visualisation at this point of a classic American vintage car). A classic car is seen, it is the 1920’s and Hinduism is strong within their country, their belief is great in the power of the earth and spirit and they see many things of other places. His time was great in that place of New York. He wrote many things of a spiritual nature and condemned those who would condemn him, but only with love in his heart. His words were great and he spoke of many things forthcoming within your world. Many did not know of him during his time as he sat in his apartment writing the words that were given.

He spoke to many of the spirit and soul. Many admired him whilst others scorned him for his forthright manner when speaking about these things. He wrote many books, and they are still read today and people admire him for his words, but they are but pages in a book and they do not understand truly his obedience to the Lord and spirit above.

He was a taskmaster and wrote many things. His work he said would never be done and he would walk the realms of spirit with light and love in his heart. His blessings were many. Some regarded his writing as novels, something to be read and discarded, yet their meaning was great. You know of who we speak, an American medium and spiritualist, a man of great standing in your time.

Can you not see where this is going? For there are many who follow in his steps, many do not commit their lives to this work, yet seemingly understand and follow these things. You have to look deeper within your hearts to find the truth within, to search out the secrets of life and spirit and tantalise your thoughts with the knowledge that you are always and forever connected.

‘The Guardians’

The Guardians we are, the Guardians of Spirit, and our work will commence once more to enlighten others to his being, for there is much confusion within your world.

You see life as black-and-white, but there is a spectrum of colour that is unseen to most as they walk their paths of life. Many will enlighten them and attempt to open their eyes, but still, they are blinded to this love, to this spirit. Your work has just begun, along with your companions. You must strive to reach those minds through your thoughts and your writing, you must guide them to the light. Time is not on your side within this existence, but you know that time is irrelevant and you will once more be given the opportunity to work within the light as a team, as a trio.

Do not be afraid or fear our words, for we speak the truth and we will always be there to welcome you within your dreams of sleep, within your lives. You must band together to bring a satisfactory outcome to your lives. You felt as if your work was done and you felt ashamed not to continue, but here you are, love in your heart with fond memories of your loved ones. Love cannot be described, for it is fulfilling.

Regarding someone known to us who has had a recent head injury

Tell her this, that her time is not done, you know of who we speak for she has asked of her sister. Her injuries are severe but will ease and she will speak of things that she has seen, for we visited her during her time of sleep. She will not be understood and they will not understand, but we speak the truth and she will know of these things. Her sisters love is great and we tell you this, that healing will be given where it is necessary, she should not fear for her loved ones, for she walks the path of light and once set upon this path you will see wondrous things, you will feel things that you have not felt before, a tap on the shoulder perhaps hmmm may alert her to someone close, it is a family member, Rob, perhaps Bob. The father will bring her joy and many join him to watch over her. All your families gather round in your times of need. You must never dismiss the feelings, the sensations that you may experience, for they are there with love. Rejoice in this knowledge and you will live again to exist once more as a family group, for no one is parted.

The following words are not understood by Michael, is there a linguist who can correct the spelling and offer a meaning? – Sham, Hashem tal-a-ashem  –

Go in peace now, we live your lives through the memories, create new beginnings and spread the word of our Father in heaven and that of spirit and of your true being to others of the world. The time has come for a new beginning within many to see a different way, a different way to practice love without hate or intimidation.

Your earthly temperatures will change and moderate, as your lives will also follow this pattern influenced by the earth upon which you live, Amen.

Teaching, learning and understanding (Specifically about a very troubled lady seeing Valerie for healing)

Troublesome hearts come together and ask for help and assistance, and it seems that the whole world is responding at this time. The truth lays before you and the path of light is for all to follow. Guidance will be given as you tutor these people, these souls. Lend them a helping hand and the arguments will come and go as to the validity of your words and teaching. We speak of Valerie who organises many things, and the responses to her questions are good. She asks this evening “How can I help these souls to understand our purpose given?”

There is one who has many questions and she can never seem to absorb the answers given. She asks Valerie for evidence or perhaps proof of these things, but she will not open her heart at this time for her wounds run deep and it will take love to heal these ‘superficial wounds’, shall we say. Time and patience is what it takes, to never give up and never let go, that is your purpose. It is your being and your path with your loved one. Joy will be brought once more as she regains love in her heart, without the dark thoughts that run deep.

Your battles will be many and many will be won, some will be lost, and this is a natural process of events. Your world consumes much in the way of the negative, particularly at this time. Do not allow these things to supersede your thoughts of love and caring, do not allow them to block out the images of goodwill towards men. Charity begins with love, you feel obliged to give at this time, but to give throughout your lives is no bad thing. Give and you shall receive and we speak of the positive love and not of the negative things of life.

Many will twist the words to suit their needs and they persuade you upon a journey of disillusionment, bitterness in your heart ending with frustration and heartache, do not allow these things to enter your heart, do not allow the negative substances of your life to influence and open the gates to these things. It is your own responsibility to walk the path of life with love and a tenderness of heart. Always be aware of your surroundings and those that are around you, do not give them bitterness, but talk to them sweetly and they will understand the love that is held inside.


There are many who walk the streets this evening without homes, without a fire to sit by, no warm drinks to consume. Give these souls a thought and look to your lives and understand that the blessings that you have are many and should be shared with a warm heart and with a giving heart.

Do not think because you do not see these things that they do not exist, for they are rife within your world. People in many places of the world struggle throughout the year, they do not understand your season of joy, for theirs is a different persuasion, but they know the pain and sorrow of life and they see the inequality of your world.

Many are content, whilst others are consumed with anger and ridicule. You must work together and live as one, not segregated by your religion or colour, your country or your region. Become a legion of love, united in battle against that of the dark and allow these energies of love to radiate out to the world within your thoughts and within your heart.

We leave you this evening, God bless you all. Amen.

She asks for a reading and you will satisfy her needs, do not be afraid of the questions asked and the answers given, for they will be many. There will be a time to understand these things, Be blessed in this knowledge.