29-11-20 Deeper Meanings of Love, Awakening, Self Awareness, Reincarnation etc

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Transcript Date: 29th November 2020

Transport your minds to a far off place, which you call your imagination, yet the realm of spirit is with you constantly, as if in the back room guiding you and watching your steps. Bring forth your thoughts of love and not of imagination, for we are truly here to walk beside you within the steps of life, to guide your thoughts and your being to a higher place and realm that is beyond your living years at this time.

The deeper meaning of love

Be blessed in the knowledge that love is around you constantly, it is your choice as to whether you permit it entrance into your being and your soul. Many see love in different aspects of life, yet there is a deeper love beyond that of the physical. Many cannot understand this, nor do they want to know of the spiritual love deep inside, yet they are an aspect of us, as yet to be born to the light.

Self Awareness

Your thoughts of life, of your being and your present situation are many. This is common amongst all your people of the world, it is not only unique to yourselves, but also to all living creatures upon your earth. And despite your thoughts about inanimate objects not having a reality or life, you must understand that all things are created of life. Even the most obscure things you could think of in your everyday lives vibrate with life constantly. Do they have an awareness? Not all, but life exists nonetheless.

Great Awakening

The creatures of your world who have no awareness of self being or of others, should open their hearts and minds, for their thinking is on a scale much higher than they would ever believe. It is only yourselves that can bring you down, your vibrations are so important and highlighted at this time. Consider yourselves not just of the humankind, but of something so spectacular that even the greatest minds upon Earth could not conceive. There is a great awakening at this time, when many turn to thoughts of possibilities beyond this world.

Those in despair, those who are overshadowed by illness and thoughts of discrimination, will find peace in a time to come. It is your responsibility as a fellow human to acknowledge these things and allow them the knowledge that exists, with which you can connect too.

Peace and Love versus Overrule and Conquer

Nothing is impossible beyond the realms of thought and love. Passive minds think of peace and love constantly, whilst others of your world do not see these things and will not permit them entrance within their lives, for they only see their being and their constant wish to overrule others within your world. Those passive minds who seek only peace and love will win out eventually, but it will take time and many aeons from now before their blessings will be bestowed upon the others of your world who see nothing other than to conquer those they consider to be below them.

Purpose of Life and Working Together

You are all equal in the eyes of God and life, you are all equal with different aspects of life. Do not allow negative things to influence you upon your way, hold tight to that thought of light and that being beyond your world, who created all in His image and in His time. Life exists full of purpose and reason, it is not a pointless exercise as some would think, for even in the depths of pain and despair there is a light that shines and can be reached within your thoughts and your mind. Although it seems elusive to many, they cannot see the wood for the trees, they must have hope and reach out beyond the dark forests of life, for there is a bright aspect that shines beyond your physical life. Your well-being at this time is reliant upon these thoughts, never give up, never give in, for your belonging is great within the world of light.

Time to speculate upon many things of your present day life. Control your emotions as you see them cascade over what you see as negative instruction from others. You are all equal and one of the same, you must work together to bring about equilibrium and a satisfactory way of life. It is those that obstruct and deny their feelings towards others, that bring desperation to many of your world. You must work together as one being, as one creation of life, for this is paramount for your survival as a species.

At present there are many in your world who walk their different lives, with different aspects of light and dark. They do not conclude that there is much in the way of possibilities beyond the life and existence they are living at this time, yet their thoughts of despair are felt by many others. In the regions of darkness in your world, there is always the light that will shine through and break this darkness. It is hard to imagine this and the possibilities therein, but you must act as one species, as one mind, as one clarity of thought.

Share Love and Peace

Share your emotions of love and peace, let it spread like a wildfire throughout your world to bring peace to others, who suffer the indignations from your peoples at this time. Even those of your controlling forces, those beings who are uppermost in your life (leaders), they too must follow a path and they must see in the end, that only love will reign supreme. Love and compassion, love for your fellow men and creatures of your earth is of paramount importance.

You may say that they (leaders) are ignorant of things and do not feel the pain felt inside by others, but they are equally like you, despite their position in life and the fact that they may feel they are over and above you in many ways, they are from the same spirit and soul as you, they are part of that soul energy that exists beyond your life.

It is time to open your eyes children, to the many aspects of life and of your being. You were created not just to feel pain and sorrow, but to bring joy to others. Some of you are of a higher aspect and you live your lives helping and guiding others through your thoughts and words. Some of you live your lives in a mundane way, just living from day to day, without a further thought of a future existence beyond your living years. Others do not see this at all, they see nothing but greed and avarice and seek power to control others, this is not the way, they were not given a life for this purpose, but they are influenced by many things around them and they feel like they are out of control.

But you have a will, you have power to guide your steps and ignore these  aspects of the dark and to bring your path of light to the fore. Never let your innermost feelings of despair spill over to affect those around you, bring them light and let them see that there is hope beyond this world of living.

Illness, love, end of life, losing loved ones and healing

At this time, many suffer with illnesses and they regard their life as being over, for they are seemingly doomed. But this is not so, they will be reborn to a world free of pain and filled with love and light. You cannot understand this perhaps, yet you do know that love is of a similar physical existence as your present lives, it can be felt and shared, it can infect others with love and light, in the same way as your viruses of your life.

If you do not understand these things, then think about love. Think about your love for your family and friends and how it affects them when you feel down and in despair, about how it affects them when you are full of life and love. These are physical attributes that affect many others of your world, it is not a tangible physical thing, but it is a powerful instrument that you hold within. This is your spirit, although you would not understand this, you are all connected between that finite light that shines within all of you.

Love and forgiveness, Love and Healing

Bring an aspect of love to others if they should torture you with their words and indignations, show them love and forgive them, for they are not aware of what they do. They will feel this energy of love come forth from you. It is the same with the healing process of your life. You feel like your time has come and you are doomed, as your practitioners of the world tell you, you have only a moment to live and continue on. Do not despair, look at it in a different light, look at it as being reborn to a world of beauty where you can no longer be hurt or feel pain, but you can share your love if you hold this deep inside yourselves.

Help yourselves to not be controlled by negative aspects of thought. Healing will come to those who have a positive attitude, these negative things that instruct you and persuade you that you are going to suffer greatly, only obstruct these healing energies. It has been said many times before about positive thoughts and positive energy, these things are tangible within your world, you can feel these effects if you have a deep belief. When you feel all is lost, do not despair, for there is always someone to help you through these times. If you do not seek these things out and you wallow in your despair, then truly your aspect of being will cause your demise.

Some things in life are unavoidable and your lives must terminate at some point. No one knows when this termination will occur, but we assure you there is nothing to fear, the pain and sorrow that you feel will disappear, as if in a dream and as you open your eyes to the next world beyond, your focus will be great, you will see many things beyond your earthy abilities. Do not despair children, for we are always here to love, help and guide you, in whatever extreme in life you walk.

Sight and Senses

Tobias once said that “Many walk as the blind man within life, not seeing beyond their scope of vision.” Yet there is so much more to see beyond the physical eyes of your life. We mean no disrespect to those who suffer with this condition (blindness) in your life, but they will understand that their senses are so much more than yours, as sighted people. For your senses, as we have spoken of before, are great and Tobias understood this. He tried to instruct others upon their paths and their abilities to bring this light to the fore, to this vision that lays just beyond your physical eyes.

It is not until you lose one of your life senses, that you understand there are other senses that come into play within your everyday life. You do not need to lose your current vision or the senses of your body to understand this. It is because you are cloaked by your physical being that you do not look beyond. We ask you as a race, to look beyond your current senses, to look within and bring those hidden senses to the fore and a whole new aspect of the world will open up to you. You will feel enlightened in a way that you never thought possible.

If you say you do not believe in the Almighty God or in the Holy Spirit that walks with you in your lives, then you are blinded by your sense of thought, for you are cloaked by others who will deny these things. But if you lift this veil of darkness and open your mind to give a thought to that ultimate being that walks with you, within your lives, then your eyes will be opened beyond your physical vision, you will see there is a better time and a better place to come.

Persevere with your lives, surmounting fear and darkness

We do not wish to tempt you into bringing this forth unnecessarily, for your lives are given full of purpose and reason, and the many lessons taught during your existence will be taken with you, beyond this veil of the physical. So please persevere with your lives despite the many setbacks you may encounter and the many pitfalls that are seemingly impossible to overcome. There is always a possibility of light, and assistance and guidance is there constantly, not just by those who focus upon us and the worlds beyond, but also by yourselves. It may seem an impossibility to climb these canyons of darkness, yet if you have the will and the energy, then you will surmount these problems and conquer your fears.

You are beings of spirit, you are not from another world of darkness, you are living lives filled with purpose and love. For those who do not see this and who dominate over others, bringing them despair, pain and sorrow, then they will return to a world not so brightly lit, they will have to relive their lives, perhaps as a victim instead of the master of pain, as the aggressor. Never fear us, for we will fill your lives with love and the warmth and energy that you will feel deep within your heart will expand, and as we have told you before, this will influence others in ways that you cannot possibly understand.

Vibrations (Frequencies) of Life

The vibrations of life expand and contract with your aspect of being. If you are filled with love then your vibrations are on a high note and they will expand and control others in the aspect of love, they will tame their innermost fears and bring equilibrium to their lives, but if you have the vibrations of neglect and darkness and you torment others, then you lower their vibration of life, you bring them down to your level. This is not acceptable, you must not inflict others with your pain, but bring them hope and show them that you are able to overcome these things, these many torments of life.

To the families who suffer loss or potential loss of a loved one

We would like to speak to the families of those who suffer at this time with loss or (the prospect) of future loss of their loved ones. Do not feel bad for them, for although their pain may be great at this time, there is a world of light waiting for them, a world of light and peace where pain will subside and be no more. If you are told that your days are numbered, then do not despair, but rejoice at what may be coming. But equally, if you have an aspect of light, then you must fight these thoughts, for sometimes a thought can affect your inner soul. If you are given a thought of despair, then that despair will surely affect you. But if you fight back with a thought of love and light, the thought of love and healing, then this will equally bring you back, sometimes to a point of recovery, and sometimes not. These things are part of your lives, and as painful as it may seem, all must suffer at some point to understand the greater things of your being.

Coax those inner thoughts of love and light, coax them to the fore so they may shine out to others and bring them peace and healing within their lives. Only positive thoughts and energy will relay healing to you. Those that attempt to put you down, you may rebuff with your positive vibration and thought of love. Constantly healing is brought to many, whether they are aware of this or not, they do not understand where this is coming from, they would say that they feel much better and as they do so their vibrations heighten, this gives them strength and courage to go on. As they feel these vibrations getting higher and higher, so their positive attitude changes and they feel that they are being healed.

When those who suffer and are told that they have a terminal illness, or that they have no hope of recovery, if you take these words in, then truly your vibration will be lowered and your thoughts of despair will set in when they are not needed. If you understand and can remember these things, even in your darkest hour, then you will turn back the tide, and if it is your time to leave the physical world, have no fear, for we are there to take your hand and guide your steps. Your practices of love should be held in high esteem, for they bring much positive energy, not just to yourselves or your immediate surroundings, but to the world in general. This vibration and healing will be felt by all.

Darkness attempts to overcome

Darkness will constantly try to overwhelm you and it is a battle of will to fight off these elements that would bring you down, but you have the strength inside to overcome these things, you have the power of spirit within you, whether it is in healing words or in healing actions, you can bring a positive thought and higher vibration to many if you hold that deep within your soul.

Complete your mission’s, children of life, help each other to a better way of living and of being, then your enlightenment will be great. It is time to leave you. We hope that we have brought you much thought and hope this evening through these words.

New speaker

Transformation and Rebirth

Never doubt your innermost feelings or senses, for they are there to guide you and bring you hope within your lives. Even at your termination, think of this as your rebirth into a world beyond, think of it as an adventure with a positive mind and attitude and this will reflect upon your being. Do not despair, for all that live must change and move on. But your beings and you personalities, your aspect of life, you yourselves will not change, but evolve and transform as the butterfly from the caterpillar.

Words that should be taken in, look to your world, look to your nature to see this transformation in action, it is constantly changing around you. The leaves that fall off the trees seem dead and gone now, but they will come again next spring, they will burst out with new life and vigour. The insects of your life, as we have mentioned, form cocoons in which they hibernate and when the time is right and the change has occurred, they too will burst into life with much beauty to be seen.

The trees and plants of your life wither and die, as it may seem to you, yet they continue on within their seed or within the ground, which is their roots. And if you visualise your life and your being as having these roots, tubers and rhizomes, and all the energy of your life that you have lived, (will), at the end of your days, seep back into these roots, they will be stored and never disappear. Then when the spring comes once more and love and warmth returns, so they will burst into life once more, just as your beings will burst into life within another aspect of your physical being, maybe on this world, maybe another, for there are many worlds unknown to you.

Energy and vibration carried to the next incarnation

Even the world of spirit seems as an illusion to many. But your stored energy, of your vibration that you have built upon during your living years, will fill your lives within the next incarnation, you will unconsciously remember these things and it will guide you upon the right path. Although these dark times seem depressing to many, there is always a brighter aspect to be seen. So think of yourselves not just as a human being, but as a part of nature, and re-growth will occur once more, with much vigour if you store these thoughtful and loving vibrations.

Do not wither and die with the aspect of cruelty from others who dominate your lives to bring you misery and pain, for they are the ones that will wither and die, they are the ones that will begin again in a much lower aspect of life. Do not be one of these creatures, help them, do not feel pity or hate for them, help them with your vibrations of love and allow them to see that there is a better way. Even if they have brought unforgiving thoughts and actions to others, there is always hope of forgiveness if they should ask for it.

There is never a termination without hope. Do not think of these words that we speak with determined minds, as being dark, for they are of an aspect of the light and we merely wish to teach you that your lives are not at an end, but will shine once more with beauty and grace.

Each time you live, in whatever aspect that may be, you build upon these, things, you call them ‘levels of vibration’ and there is much truth in this, for the brighter you shine within your lives, the brighter the future will be within spirit and future incarnations.

We will leave you now this evening and hope that you will think upon these things, not as part of this man’s (Michael’s) imagination, for we are truly here. You do not sense these things because you do not open up your hearts and minds for the most part, but there are many who are open to these aspects of life and they hear these things within their own being, and they understand, as this creature of life does. Do not deny them your thought. Amen.

The Seer Cometh to Comfort – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


The seer will come to you as if in a flash of deep intuitional insight, and this information may not come in answer as a direct response to a specific question, but more a general pointer for the way forward.  All of you have the seer’s presence within so that you can ask questions at anytime. 

This information does not come from the angelic realm but is in a place deep within you that holds your own wisdom.   Sometimes the light has to show the own wisdom that lies deep within your soul, the seer is only the mouthpiece for your soul to remind you who you are.

The seer may come to you at anytime, perhaps when you need a broader picture, a deeper enlightenment, or even a new wonderful idea. The seer wants you to be creative and not restricted by the world that you live in, to get ‘out of your mind’ and go into the part of your soul that is creative wisdom.

The seer is an unseen good friend that lies within your intelligence, but this is often masked by the everyday tasks that you are in embroiled with. So many of you do not feel free because of your day to day concerns that seem to be of paramount importance. But I am here to assure you that you seer’s wisdom is of the most upmost importance that you need to hear.

Many wonderful teachers in your world connect with the seer’s wisdom on a daily basis and this is why they are in such demand to help others. They seem have a fountain, an  inexhaustible supply of wisdom that comes from their lips. But it is because they are connected to this higher source of wisdom that has so much perception and can see much further into the future than you can.

And although you are not given the gift of being able to see your journey ahead, many of you have a clear blueprint of what you wish to achieve, and some this can be achieved much easier when you contact the seer within you.  The seer is able to guide you on your daily decisions, give you intuitional nudges that will push you firmly onto the next step of your journey.  The seer is just like having a best friend on tap, so you may ask the question, “what do you think, should I take this path or go with the other options?”

The seer comes from a wonderful source that will bring you a heightened sense of awareness, no longer will you feel alone or as if you are walking in the dark, no longer will you feel abandoned or confused, and no longer will you believe that you are alone.

How do you find this wonderful friend who resides within you, and how are you able to access this source of love? This is question many of you will be asking for sure. First of all I would wish you to know that reaching out to your seer is not at all difficult, and now I will show you how you can do this.

I would like you to imagine a beautiful garden, one perhaps you might have visited or sat within in the past, a place where you found you could reflect on life and be in the stillness.  Create such a place in your mind and we will start a meditation to meet your seer’s soul. Settle yourself quietly, walk towards your favourite spot and sit down. Clear your mind of any worrisome thoughts that may appear and have your questions ready, and so now get ready for the meditation below.


Firstly I would like you to become aware of your senses, smell the beautiful flowers, run your hand along the petals and feel the softness of the plant and smell its beautiful perfume. Next take a deep breath and if you have used the Breath of God meditation, practice this now.  Take a sip of water, give thanks for it quenching your thirst as you feel the coolness soothing your throat, at the same time listen for the sounds of the birds and nature’s animals that surround you.

Now finally find the stillness within and when you are ready ask your seer to join you on the bench you are sitting on.  You do not have to introduce yourself for the seer knows you very well, and has the history of your past lives in the palm of his hand.  Feel his presence near you and ask him to help clarify the questions you may wish to put forth regarding your current situation. Ask him to give you an overview of the position you find yourself in, and to give you guidance on what might be the next best action to take, if any.

Tell him the thoughts that are troubling you, because as you speak of your problems, just by talking to another can bring you much clarification. In truth you already know the answer but often fail to follow your intuition, mainly because it may not make practical sense to you in that moment.

Know that it is okay to feel confused, you might feel somewhat irritable that you have asked and not found an answer in the past, and could be a bit fed up with waiting for a sign. The signposts are always there, but they may not point to the signs you were hopefully expecting.

The seer will help you see through the muddle of your thoughts in the same way a good friend could, and by sharing this information you will feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders and your mind will start to clear.  Sometimes the obvious is presented to you and you might find it difficult to believe that something so simple could be part of the answer. Do not try and solve the whole puzzle but concentrate on the next step you might take, and let the seer guide you gently to the next one.

There is no rush, only humans think they do not have enough time, or have to complete a task so speedily.  That is not the seer’s way and he may encourage you to daydream so that a fuller picture of your vision may emerge in more specific detail. Often when you allow yourself to daydream, many more ideas will flow spontaneously, rather like a spinning wheel on a roulette board that will stop when it is meant to.  What do you see on the roulette, do you think you might gain a fortune, or will you take another route?

Too many of you concentrate on having a lot of money and this is nothing to be ashamed of, but do not make it your first priority.

Living from your heart and fulfilling your souls mission is the most important task you will ever undertake and if you do this, the rest will follow. This could include more money, or new souls who will come to you offering their specialist skills, and who will appear at exactly the right time to help you quickly onto the next stage of your journey.

The universe will guide you, and it is the seer within that is your guiding light, prompting you and giving you the courage to become who you are really meant to be.  Sometimes you are not aware of this but having the seer at your side will help you split the wheat from the chaff.

Cultivate this wonderful relationship because it will keep you in good stead for the rest of your life. The seer is a source of wisdom that will connect you to the wisdom that lies deep within you. But be aware, that you can miss this if you are too worried or having concerns about your future.

The seer will stand by your side, a faithful friend who so clearly sees your life path and will nudge you gently and help you take the next step or face a new challenge that might just seem too daunting. He will help you believe in yourself and will be there to encourage and help you grow into yourself so you can achieve your goals.

See your seer as your best friend in spirit, who is always on your case and has your back and all your interests at heart, unlike some others that may be around you. So do not put your faith in man, but seek the seer who will be there at every turn. He has an inexhaustible supply of good advice, and all you have to do is accept it and put it into action.  Taking action on your hunches (the seer advising you) is a skill you need to learn and benefit from on a daily basis.  Otherwise it will be like having a good friend on tap and ignoring any advice they may give you.

The seer will never give you bad advice, and may sometimes  recommend you to hold back on making a final decision. He is the master of universal timing and you will never make a mistake again if you learn to take the seers advice.

The measure of comfort that you receive will compensate far more for the time you take to connect with him as part of your daily ritual, and as your relationship grows through this wonderful connection, you will gain more confidence and feel able to make intuitive decisions of much magnitude.

The seer is a bit like having a magician working with you as you discuss your plans. And as you ask for his help he may magically put a new idea to you, send a helpful person, or you may receive the exact amount of money you needed that magically appears as if from nowhere.

You are all living in extraordinary times and now you need this extra helping hand from divine source and let this wonderful divine soul guide you every day to enable you, so you can easily fulfil your souls mission at this time of man’s greatest awakening to himself, and his purpose on earth.

 Spoken by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 25th November, 2020

24-11-20 Enlightenment, Changes in the Solar System, Reincarnation, Evolution, Truth and Validity etc

Testament to a New Dawn – Volume Two (The Book of Love) is now available to pre-order prior to its publication date of 4th December from Amazon

We would like to thank loyal supporters and new followers of the messages.

All work is without any financial reward, so your help by buying a copy of the published transcripts is much appreciated and valued.

Transcript Date: 24th November 2020

Troubled times indeed, when men see each other as a threat to their common existence.

Many paragraphs and phrases have been written about the wars that have come and gone within your society, within your world. Yet what has been the outcome of these things? An ever more darkening of the practice of man.

A show of hands in worship of the Lord would bring the light once more into the world of men, to help them see a better way forward within the future. It is of extreme importance that men learn to live together once more as a family of man and not divided as enemies of the world.

Creation and attempts to recreate extinct species

You exist because of the extreme conditions created long ago. The chemical warfare is that you practice is extreme in its measure. The chemistry of life is a natural phenomena, which can only be recreated through time and space, it cannot be reconstructed within the laboratories of your scientific communities, even though they try to animate many things of times past. It is sacrilege to attempt these things, for they should be well hidden and never used again.

Dark Arts Must Stop – Facts Hidden in Catacombs

The practices of the dark arts, these acts must stop. It is becoming more widespread within your communities of these days, as you plummet ever deeper into the abyss which you have created. Your populations grow exponentially at this time and we can only say this, that a light, a torch is needed to illuminate the way out of the abyss once more. If it is not seen, then you will become lost in those dark tunnels and your terrain upon earth will seem blank and non-existent to many.

Do not compare us to the angels, for they exist far beyond the boundaries of your world. We are of the light and your words describing us are fairly accurate, yet incomplete, for the facts are hidden from you in catacombs under the cities of your earth.

Changes within the Solar System

Space and time will unite once more to affect change within your solar system. Stars will seem to glimmer less as the atmospheric changes occur, as if a coat had been placed over your earth. These mammoth changes will be brought in response to your negative attitudes towards other species surrounding your world at this time. A glimmer of hope is seen in this bleak darkness, that many will once more react with gratitude for the coming of this change.

Evidence of the Past – Evolution?

Our thoughts are seldom heard, yet we are reacted to when evidence of past civilisations are rediscovered, but like cavemen, you are blind to their meaning. Your thoughts cannot conceive the many attributes to life or its past and varied existence within the solar systems that surround you.

Have a thought of care when you demonstrate your unwillingness to share your planet with others, even of your own kind. For this demonstrates the arrogance of man. You consider yourselves to be the rulers of your world, and it would seem plausible that this is the case, yet a migration of minds entered so long ago to change the creatures of the world into what you have become today. You may call it evolution, but perhaps a step further was taken, the evidence of which is kept well hidden within these catacombs beneath your cities. They strive to keep these sacred secrets, because control is vital to the men of the earth, yet you have free will to examine these things within your minds eye, within that connection you have to the eternal spirit of which you are a part.

Reincarnation or Becoming Part of the ‘Light’, Enlightenment

Do not observe us as being alien to your world, but as a part of the family of man who existed long ago. Our purpose is not to bring you strife, but to care for you and guide your steps within your living years. Your energies will disperse in a time to come and become part of that which you call ‘the light’, you will still exist as an energy, your personality will not change until you are reborn to this earth or elsewhere once more. The steps that you take and your progression in life will determine the outcome of your future existence. It is hard to explain these things, because it is hard for you to understand, when everything seems as if it is in the here and now, yet there is a greater existence beyond this world of life.

Human compassion is lacking at times and yet many foresee a brighter future when many will come together once more as a species to exist with cooperation and in coexistence with other nations and other worlds. But this is in the far off distant future, but this change is occurring at this moment, as many more become enlightened as to their being.

The One

Your religious groups and organisations speak of the ‘One Being’, the one true God, this is not a fable, but a fact. Your stories of Him reach far and wide around your world, around your globe. His existence lives within you and your cooperation and acceptance of this being will guide you throughout your lives, for you are the children of the world of spirit and your acceptance of your elders is vital. Your acceptance of His being will enlighten you and make your life so much lighter with love and joy.

Passionate words and phrases are spoken. They culminate in a great deal of teaching. Your past teachers who entered the Earth’s atmosphere from that world of spirit, as you would call it, have brought you great insight into many things that lay beyond your present time. As you observe and listen to them, your minds reach out to focus upon the words and listen to what is said. Many understand and many more do not, for what are these words? What is their worth in your life?

We see a significant amount of change within this attitude and we have hope that a new beginning of sorts will come shortly to your world of men. Many praise Him upon high and give their loving thoughts to him from deep within their hearts. These people have hope in their trust and belief. It is those that the words do not reach who we call out to.

Forget the stories of an ‘imaginary being’, for there is no wisdom within those words. We tell you now, direct from source, that there is much to be learnt when you look inward and reach out to that source, that life-giving energy that you call God. Welcome this knowledge within your hearts, welcome Him with love and adoration, for he guides your lives in so many ways, unseen and unheard.

Your fragile lives are an extension of your soul, you experience many things of torture and pain and you witness sorrowful things within your world as others torment their fellow man and the creatures of your world. Isn’t it time, that as children of spirit, that you walk with your head held high and begin to listen to these things that we tell you? Your lives exist because there is a need, a need for you to go further within that love and light beyond.

Do not be tempted by the many things that would saddle you within your life, we talk of the negative things that would bind you and hold you down, holding you back from your progression. Many will not hear or listen to these words, many will not read or speak of them, but there are the few who will understand the deepest meaning within them.

The Koran, Masters of Wisdom, The Vatican

The book that you call the Koran, it was written long ago, its words were generated by the Masters of Wisdom, they spoke about many things of the creator, the Lord Allah. Their purpose was to teach the followers of this Master, the words were listened and adhered to, and still are to this day. He was one of many teachers sent to your earth. We speak of him, because you should accept that these many teachers, including your own Lord Jesus, were sent to your earth to give you hope and love.

Those that control your world will deny you the truth and knowledge of these things. The Vatican gives you hope that you will gather once more within the light of heaven. In a sense this is absolutely correct, for your energies and personalities will linger on far beyond the world of light and dark, beyond this time of earth in which you live.

Masters of life who dictate terms

Too much spoken of perhaps, many will listen but not understand. As we reach out to you, we bring you hope of a new dawn to come. Never let the masters of your life dictate terms and conditions that are against your will, do not rebel, for there is always a master to be listened to, but do not let them dull your senses and overshadow your belief. The community of man must once more rise with dignity and love in their hearts. We speak as if all are guilty of these sins, but of course they are not, we direct our thoughts only to those who would have a will to prevent this change.

Teacher to come

The time has come for lessons to be given once more by a teacher of life, his coming will be soon and his reflections of the light will be great. Your masters will adorn him with love, as will yourselves, but their suspicions run deep and they will question his words as they did before. (As the Pharisees questioned Jesus long ago).

Bring peace to your minds and silence to your thoughts as you focus upon this being. A tremendous change of love will occur within his presence. Have hope children, of a better future to come, have the will and courage to change your world so that an attitude of love and companionship may exist once more within your kind and extended to all other life forms, no matter from where they come. Be blessed in this knowledge and have hope. Amen.

New speaker

Seeking Proof, Meaning of Life, Validation and Faith

Keywords and assumptions, not be taken in by many, for isn’t their wisdom lacking in truth and honesty? ‘Where is the proof?’ you would ask. Show us these things so we may understand and believe once more. But truly, faith should be held within your hearts and your minds, this is the strength and tolerance of intolerance. Do not doubt the wisdom that is spoken of because there is seemingly a lack of evidence to your eyes and ears.

Your souls reach out in many ways and you misunderstand the meaning of life. It is there to bring you purpose and teaching in a practical sense. We bring you hope in the validation of our words, for it will occur soon when the evidence will be obvious to all who sit within the love and light of our Lord. Do not bring us thanks for your circumstances in life for these are filled with purpose and intent.

Many will choose not to listen or look deep within for the answers they seek, but will look for the pleasures of life to compensate for things they lack within their lives. The love that can be found within your being and for others will bring satisfaction far in excess of the material things of your world. It will bring you peace and hope in your hearts, and joy to live once more within the communion of man and spirit and to the worlds beyond that your beings may reach. They will rejoice that you come in peace and not war and salvation of yourselves.

Planetary alignments and reaching far off galaxies within your mind

Your planetary alignments will form the shape of a heart in time to come. This will happen soon and many will remark upon these wonderful things and how the heavens rotate to form these images. You will look to the stars and see many things of many world’s, yet all you see is the brilliance of the star that shines, the sun that is at the centre of these galaxies and far off distant places that you will never reach. But you can reach within your minds and within your souls if you look within.

Transform your thoughts, not of the practical things of the world, but of those of the spiritual kind, as you would call them. They will bring you pleasures and treasures far beyond any wealth within your world. You cannot look within and bring yourselves focus, you will say. It takes practice to do these things, have trust and faith that your mind will know what to do, you must open the sinews of your mind to bring focus to yourselves. Know that our love is there and will be encouraging you.

It is time to go, we hope that we have reached someone with a mind to look and ask these questions. Do not deny Christ’s existence or his purpose, do not deny your love for God and the spiritual realms that surround your world, for they are an inner world within yours, they are within you. You are an extension of our love and being in a physical form. Hard to believe isn’t it? That an energy, a force of life, of light, can reach out and occupy a physical form within a world, but these things are not impossible. You must not see yourselves as a physical being, but as that of spirit. When your time comes you will find the answers you have been looking for, many will be shocked, many will still deny these things despite their minds eye. Your loved ones will reach out to you and bring you hope. We hope that you will understand these things and accept them within your lives, until then, good evening.

New speaker

Inner Guidance

Measurable forces will be seen within your life should you wish to open these channels of your mind. Many cannot see, including this man, for they are elusive to you, yet he is feeling our energy. It is not a matter of seeing or touching in the physical, you must feel with your senses and your inner self. These things guide you many times and they will be vital within your lives. Bring yourself a practice of will to accept that these things will guide you.

An example is been given recently, not just to these man, but many of your world who have listened to these guiding thoughts. They are not of the imagination, they are of guidance from other beings that you call spirit. Have a care not to listen to the dark words, many will tell you that these things do not exist for they greatly exaggerate their circumstances to draw you in and deceive you. The black arts exist within your world, but your hearts must be strong and filled with love and light. This will be the defence mechanism by which you will overcome these things. Thank you once more for your tolerance and purpose. Amen.

New speaker

Your being feels strange to us! You also feel strange with our presence, you feel the effects upon your body as you wring your hands. Do not be overcome by fear, for our intention is not evil but of good. We have gratitude for your practice and for others who also work to connect to us. Your practical minds should be put aside and not think of the obvious, but think in terms of possibilities far beyond your physical world at this time. We appreciate your gratitude and your love, and we welcome you with open arms.

To one who sits alone

This evening we would like to speak of one as she sits at home alone, unable to share her love for fear of ridicule from others. It is not necessary to fear that of the physical, for your internal spirit will overcome many obstacles of life. Truly they will speak of you in terms that are not of your liking, but they cannot change your will, they cannot change your hopes and dreams and your aspirations to connect with that of spirit. Have courage my child, and we speak to the children of the earth to have courage to look within.

‘The Seven’

We are of the seven that speak at this time and I am the one voice to speak to you through this being of life. We offer you nothing in a practical sense, but we offer you much within love, and we cherish your thoughts in return.

Many hardships are felt within your world and many suffer at this time, not knowing which way to turn to find help or assistance. But a prayer is merely a thought that is extended to us, if you wish for assistance and guidance, then look within, ignore those who would ridicule your life and your lifestyle, bring yourselves purpose in your love and grace for God and the beings of light.

Let us help you to understand that your lives are not of the physical, but of the spiritual energy that exists within. A time will come when men will look to these things and a positive attitude to them will be brought, as they focus upon the seemingly impossible and yet the plausible fact of life. Truly we welcome you into our realm of light, and your beings, no matter where your existence at this time, will be welcomed in a time to come.

Keep an open mind and heart and a thought of love for us. Do not deny us our presence within your lives, for we are there to guide you. Your connections may be weak, but you can strengthen these things through your dedication and thought.

Thank you for your attendance this evening and we give you blessings of the Lord and the angels above, and your spirit guides and guardian angels that walk with you will be the mediums of your life that guide our thoughts to you. Amen.

Spear of Destiny – Mary Magdalene and Jeshua channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


You all hold a ‘spear of destiny’ within your heart. Do not believe that you have no real purpose in life because I am here to assure you that you most certainly do.  Everyone born on the planet at this time has come here for a reason and to play out a certain set of circumstances with a destined outcome.

Many of you are ‘star seeds’ sent from other galaxies, but you are only starting to remember and to realise this, and although you live in a physical and very material world, the essence of you is from another sphere, and it was in this sphere that your destiny was proclaimed.

Many of you, I know are finding out about your own ‘spear of destiny’ and as you allow you spiritual side to emerge from your consciousness, you are learning to be more open minded about your life path. This is a time of great awakening for the humans on earth, and it is with all the present troubles in the world that your purpose will emerge most profoundly.

You may not be aware at this moment in time, that your ‘spear of destiny’ is already within you waiting for you to acknowledge its presence, and for many of you this may be quite a revelation that you are indeed connected to galactic light beings. A lot of you have been experiencing bodily changes which has helped you come into this new awareness, and as your body absorbs the new codes of light, you will find yourself becoming lighter in mind, body and spirit, realising that there is purpose emerging from you and one you cannot deny any longer.

This is the time of man’s greatest awakening, not only to his higher consciousness, but also to his own conscience that is now alerting him to all new possibilities, and now many new events are being experienced. This had to happen to make him more aware of the cosmos and his part in its evolution.  It is not just the evolution of mankind that is important, but is it also about the evolution of the cosmos and all who live in her.  We understand that you might find this explanation a little confusing, so let us simply explain how the ‘spear of destiny’ may appear to you.

It represents a longing that you have held in your heart for a very long time, and within more lives than you can remember.  A lot of you have been brought back to live the ultimate life of many lifetimes, a culmination of previous lifetimes and experiences that are now leading you to activate the ‘spear of destiny’ within you, and now are all destined for many wonderful and exciting adventures ahead.

It is only when you understand this concept, that you realise that you have been working towards this truth most of this life, and during many other previous lives.  Now it is time to find out exactly what is your purpose in this life is meant to be, and activate it so you can carry out the plan that was designated to you.

Some of you may turn your back on this opportunity but have no fear because, even if you do not take up this option in this lifetime it will be presented to you again, albeit in a slightly different form. So if in this life you started a project and for what ever reason it was not fulfilled, you will be given a second chance to do so.

If you feel you have failed in the past you may be reluctant to restart or even consider reawakening a project that caused you so much heartache. But we would encourage you to rethink your attitude, because the time is right to now to bring this forth. The failure that you experienced was not your fault, you did your best and learnt many valuable lessons and will not make the same mistake again, because now you have a greater understanding and a lot more compassion for your fellow man.

Compassion and love for your fellow man is the ultimate recognition of you being part of the whole, and it is only when there a separation in your consciousness that divides you from the truth that you are in fact all one. This was part of the lesson to bring the truth of who you are fully into the light. Previously many of you were hiding your light, afraid of being mocked and worried about fully standing in your power.

You may say it was the fault of others that made you fail, that you were not appreciated for your gifts and that no one understood you. Part of that is the truth, but the other side of the story is that you lacked compassion to see the truth in all people.  Now you realise that many of your associates at that time were suffering and coping with their own demons and could not find it in their hearts to join you in your vision, because they were afraid of the responsibility.

Now you will become a leader of men, you will not fail, as you march fully forward, ready for any challenge that will present itself, and you will step fully into your ‘spear of destiny’. Nothing or no one can stop you achieving the goal that has been set before you.

Your energy is rising, your faith is strong, even if at this time you may feel a little weak from all your previous endeavours you will be given the strength to march on to a glorious outcome of much magnificence. Now it is time to march forward and claim your victory, there is nothing that will hold you back, and no one, nor any condition or circumstance that can prevent you from reaching your goal.

When you feel this energy in your heart you will understand that you have been blessed by God for keeping your faith intact for many a long year. You will be blessed from on high for keeping your vision safe in your heart, and protected from the ones who might want to destroy this, that is why you protected it with your life.

Now it is time to bring this dream into reality, to march forward with an absolute knowing that you will succeed most magnificently with God’s help, and knowing that the way is now open to you to complete your task.  The timing of this operation was critical, not only for you, but for the greater good of the whole. You have learnt to not always work in isolation, even though on occasions you have had to do so for a good reason. 

Sometimes it has been necessary so you could concentrate fully on the task in hand, this you have done my dears with excellent results.  This in itself has given you much courage and self-belief that will be the essential ingredients for your future success.  Self-belief and your connection to a higher source of power are paramount for your success in the future. If you are not able to believe in yourself, then why should others?

But now you realise at long last that you are not working alone, either on the earth plain or within the spiritual realm, and now you are attracting like minded people that have been sent to help you. So your faith in God has been strengthened most profoundly during these past few years. 

Now you are a ‘power house’ of love and light, and your aura shines as bright as it can be, showering everyone you meet with your warmth and compassion. If you had not failed in the past, if you had not come into your heart centre to find out who you truly are, you would not have become the wonderful ambassador that you are today.

So my dears take heart as we send our congratulations for all your hard work and perseverance that will now pay off. You are indeed a light worker of much strength and perseverance and this will be of much benefit to you in the future. You are now within a your ‘spear of destiny’ and have risen triumphant as the phoenix, your head held high, and with your path now fully open for you to move forward and fulfil your wonderful mission on earth.

Now the door has opened and it is time for you to step up into to the new consciousness that is appearing before you. And as you do so you will realise that like all births you have come through the labour, delivered and birthed your new consciousness, but also the mission that lies within your own spear of destiny.

Many of you have only realised this fact in recent weeks and are now becoming fully integrated with this truth, and so it was important for me to confirm the truth of the matter to you. Now my dearest Jeshua wishes to share this important message with you.

‘ My dearest souls, and servants upon the earth, I am so blessed by your presence, and I am so proud of your dedication to finding your own truth.  I know it has not been easy for you to birth your soul and to find the truth of your soul’s purpose, but know that this has been the most important exploration that you have undertaken in this lifetime.

Now is time for the glorious outworking of all your hopes and dreams, and it is only your courage and dedication to this cause that has brought this about. We need dedicated servants of the light at this time of this great transformation in your world, and you were sent as one of our emissaries for our special mission for peace on earth.  It is with great delight we watch you as you move forward with an even greater purpose and passion to achieve your goal.

It is now time for the greatest awakening of mankind to take place, and for peace on earth to reign for evermore.  Please do not be afraid of the darkness, know that the light is stronger than the dark and is dispersing the darkness as we speak. And it is because of all your collective efforts to maintain the light that will help us bring peace to all mankind”.

So now dearest ones we leave you with our love, and for you know that we are always with you as you take the next step forward into your own ‘spear of destiny’. So God speed knowing that many blessings will accompany you as you step forward to achieve this great mission on earth.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

21st November, 2020.

20-11-20 Cruelty of Hunting, Coping with Covid, Life Paths, Marriage, Religions etc

Volume Two of Testament to a New Dawn

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Transcript Date: 20th November 2020

Spark of Light

Focus your minds upon a world not so far in the distant future, a world where peace and love reigns supreme. Many concern themselves with the days and the nights of their living years, they focus upon the many things within their immediate surroundings, never giving a thought to those in need on a daily basis. But gradually that spark of light is beginning to dawn on many, they are beginning to see a better way through the words and phrases of those who speak with us of spirit. If you cannot bring your mind to consider the meaning of the word ‘spirit,’ then think of us as your ancestors, your loved ones who have now passed and crossed the veil of life to the next world, for although we are of energy, we are also spirit.

Meaning of ‘Spirit’

The word ‘spirit’ means so many things to different people. It can mean the courage to move on, to overcome adversity within your lives. It can also mean those who have passed beyond the grave to this side of life. It is a word symbolic of courage and fortitude. You should not regard us as a figment of the imagination, but hold us deep inside yourselves, for we are there to bring you this courage, we are the spirit of life that goes before you and greets you with a welcome in a time to come.

The Future is Bright

It is not hard to imagine that your race have many other considerations at this time. Thoughts turn to their immediate futures and lives as they struggle with life, in extreme circumstances in many cases. We always bid them welcome, even if their thoughts are not with us at this time. Eventually, in a time to come they will learn and their thoughts will turn to what the future may hold. The future is bright, it is not dismal, it is not the bleakness of death, but a wonderful place that you would call home once more.

Life Journeys

Your journeys and arrival upon earth are no mistake. Your bodies generate and reproduce others of your kind and they are as the blank page, with words yet to be written and lessons to be learnt. It is up to you as the elders of the world, as their parents, grandparents, teachers of life, to uphold the Lord and his laws and teach them balance and the right way to proceed. For as the blank sheet, whatever is written, it is taken in and given out in equal quantities later in life.

Cruelty and Hunting

Sometimes in life, cruelty to one another brings extreme measures of pain and sorrow, not just to your kind, but to those of the animal kingdom. Those who hunt them with their guns and rifles, who take aim and in their sight see a creature of life, what is your purpose to deny them their right to live? Why do you hold them with disrespect and with arrogance? You shoot, fire your weapon at them and they fall, do you not feel ashamed for this? For they are as you, living a life. To all must come a death and rebirth, but all must live in peace and without the burdens of guilt.

If you have shown dishonour to other creatures of the earth through these practices of hunting, then take a minute to consider the life that you have terminated within your world. What plans did that creature have? Or do you just think it just grazes in the fields without any thought or hope or future, without thought of family? You would be wrong about this, for they have hopes and dreams like you. It may be of little consequence to you when you see them graze upon the meadow, you think what future do they have? All you see is a target! Do you understand the suffering that is caused through these things, would you give them an escape to allow them to walk freely once more without fear of man?

These are questions so vast and they should be given due respect and consideration, for as a species, do you not do the same to your own kind without thought of their lives, their hopes and dreams and their families? It is a pitiful way to lead your lives, but if you follow the light, have compassion in your heart, with love and a willingness to allow all to exist within peace and happiness, then your life too will be filled with joy everlasting.

We have spoken once before about the balance of life and if you should tip this balance with your arrogance, if you feel that no matter what life exists, it is your right to deny them theirs, then you will also be denied a place within the light. As the children of your life, you will return to return once more, either of the sadness that is felt by that creature of life, or as the being that you are, learning to accept that all have a right to live in peace and harmony.

New speaker

Marriage and Soul Mates in Spirit

Joyful times to all, marriages and awakening in the thought of light within their mind. Your blessings for others are great within your life should you hold them dear to your heart. The unity of marriage is like a flower that blossoms, sometimes it withers and dies, yet it will return full of love and lessons learnt. The bond of marriage is a bond of your souls, and although circumstances sometimes decree that they do not work out as expected, be sure to know that you will find the one, your spiritual soul mate in the end.

Some feel that this will never happen and they feel unloved and unwanted, their expectations wither and die within time. But you should never give up hope, for if you do not find your soul mate within life, know that they are there walking with you every step of the way. Many twists and turns of life occur, paths are misguided and you are led in a direction not intended, but there is sanctuary for all, there is always hope. Be guided by your thoughts, for they are not imagination, but they are our words to overcome your troubled times of life, do not deny them a place in your mind, but follow their lead, for they will guide you to that right path upon which you should walk. The avenues of life will be adorned with a spectacular demonstration of love and goodwill.

Coping during this time of the virus

Some say that they cannot cope with the situation at this time. It is true, many will suffer greatly, not through the virus, but through the secondary causes it brings. All too often we have seen your civilization, your world takes too much for granted, they have not suffered as many do in other parts of your world. They demonstrate their arrogance to life, by not respecting the will of others and the call to bring balance once more. It takes courage to lead a life of balance, it takes courage to have the will to respect others and their wishes.

 At this time, many disapprove of your leaders plans, and although they seem in disarray, they do have purpose. What if in a scenario, you find yourselves once more plagued with that which you call the Black Death, what would you do then in its times? In these days, what you call your modern day, would you continue to embark upon a selfish mission of demonstrations of will, would you ignore the warnings given and call them a mere fable, or would you take heed of these warnings?

It seems to us that many of your world today think of only themselves. At this crucial time in your lives a valuable lesson is being given, yet the youth of your world, not all we may add, but a vast amount, seem to not have the desire to obey. Is it any wonder that the laws of God are not obeyed with the attitude of today? Who is to blame for these things is it God, is it spirit or is it yourselves? Do you fear the answer that may come? If so, then take courage and admit that you are wrong to deny others the right to live, no matter their age or place in life.

Do not live in arrogance or ignorance, if you feel the need to be with others to live in an outlandish way with disrespect for caring for your elders, then you must pay the price. Do not expect to be given leniency if you cannot uphold the law given. Although many feel that there is a conspiracy of will going on within your life, you must think about these things more deeply and understand that these are lessons given to mankind, and if you do not have the will, the collective will to battle these things head on, then you must succumb in time to come.

Freedom of Will

Freedom of will is given in many things of life, and these things are the freedom to choose between the light and the dark and the path that you take. It is not the freedom to do as you like within your lives, for you all have been born with purpose and you need to follow these things, but if you should deny them and enjoy the pleasures of life, then there is a price to be paid irrespective of your rank, or where you live, or who you are.

Look to others of your world to see the degradation and the sad eyes that look from their bodies, their shells of life. Look to them and see how they hunger for the freedom to do as they will, to eat when they please, to enjoy each other’s company without fear from others who may deny them their lives. Look to your world, not to the West, but to other countries. Do they not deserve your consideration? Do they not deserve the same benefits as you? Yet they are denied as the wealthy man and the powerful collect even more wealth and power, or so they think.

The True Path to Freedom

It was spoken long ago that the meek shall inherit the earth, and we applaud those words, for there is much truth within them. It is not those from those far-off countries that will suffer, but the arrogance of the West, the place in which you live at this time. Is there a pathway to freedom? Is there a cause worth fighting for? We would say yes, the path of freedom lies in your heart and your tolerance to others and your love of all. Your path of life is there before you, and your choices are stark and obvious.

Do not claim that you are an angel of life unless you have worked and practiced these things. There are many who sacrifice their lives for the sake of others and you count them as heroes, you stand back and applaud them. Many do not realise the privilege that they have been given within life, do not forsake these things, for it could be that you will be in this position, the position of fear and hunger.

Target your emotions, do not bring shame upon yourselves, but deliver a purpose to the world through the eyes of love. Do not compare us with those of your world, for we exist in another. Compel your minds to bring peace and purpose once more to all, work together to fight the battles of life and not ignore the lessons taught, for if you ignore this time and continue on your path, then surely that path will lead to much regret and sorrow.

We do not wish to dictate to you, all that you should know already. But sometimes as a parent needs to speak to their young ones, we need to speak to you to give you guidance and thought to what you are doing and the ultimate price that may be paid, not by yourself, but by others of your world.

Look to each other, don’t see them as strangers for they are part of the same family of spirit as you are. Your leaders have obligations to care for you in many ways, and many neglect these things with their ignorance and arrogance. It is time for a change, it is time that you begin to live as was intended long ago, for if you cannot, then truly your nations will fall as they have done many times before.

Misled Words of Religions

Not possible you think, we are modern man, we have much knowledge and we know many things. We conquer science in many ways. But truly there is more to your lives than you could imagine, there is more than just science and speculation. Your churches teach you many things, and many respect their words, and the words written within the Koran, within the Bible, within those religions of your world, the Hindus, the Buddhists. We can mention many more, and they all ultimately have the same aim, that is to seek your deliverer, our Lord God, or by whatever name you call him, for he is the creator of all life and all of these factions, religions, work towards reaching that ultimate being. Yet they are denied the truth of many things by others of your life. They are misled by words, not of wisdom but of warfare. They practice their worship, not in the knowledge that was intended, but by those who would turn their minds upon the dark path. Who is right or wrong? It is for you to answer these questions, it is up to you to look deep within and find the courage to seek the truth of your life and your never ending cycle of life to come.

Seek these many things, and although they may be vague to you at this time, there will be much to learn within the future. Your life will teach you valuable lessons that you will take forward with you. Even the bleak times upon your earth are valuable lessons to be learnt. Your world, as you see it, is broken, not by mankind, but by a will of faith, but know that all who trust in God, the creator of life, all will find a place within heaven.

Do not allow the thoughts and deeds of others to be practised by yourself, would you jump if they told you to jump off a parapet, or would you think first and think I have a will of my own? “I will decide the rights and wrongs of it.” You know the answer to this question. It is the same with faith and trust, you must take a long hard look at your inner self before you leap, either into the abyss or into the light. It is your choice, children of life. The answers are there and will be given shortly to many who have prayers and focus.

Work Together

Hope for a better future, work towards this as companions in life and not as enemies. Work together to conquer the things of your life, do not be parted by those who would persuade you of other things. We speak specifically of the virus at this time, for there are many with malpractice who wish to divide thought and tell you to go to the streets and demonstrate your purpose and free will. What they do not tell you, is that they do not do these things themselves, for they are like you, afraid of the future. They have purpose in what they do and we will leave it to you to decide these matters. But if you decide upon the path of light, and the right path, then compassion and love shall be yours. Do not deny others the right to live through your arrogance, your ignorance of life.

You are here in this world for a short time and every day and every minute counts, it matters so much for your future. If you listen to these beings of the dark who post their negative thoughts upon your net, then be sure that you will be led upon a dark path and your regrets will be many later, when you realise. But it is never too late to turn and walk the other way.

Forgiveness is great. Have hope and peace in your hearts. Good evening.

Breath of Life – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Many of you have forgotten how to breathe properly and expand your lungs to gloriously open up your being to the light within.  You have compressed yourselves within your fear and this constricts you whole body, including your breath.  Your breath and the oxygen you breath in is vital for the health of all the organs in your body.

Fear is the most damaging of emotions and in your current world situation, fear is rife. Fear is taking over the emotions of the people of the world like never before. You cannot live with this amount of fear without doing irreparable damage,

not only to your body, but your mind and spirit.

We call your breath, ‘The Breath of Life’, but many of you take this body function very much for granted in your daily lives, expecting it to function on its own and in its own time, but as the fear constricts your breath, it restricts you as well.

Many of you are feeling exhausted and tired of life, this is not only on an emotional response to the trauma you are witnessing, but because you are not using your breath properly. This now needs to be addressed and for you to come into a greater awareness of how your emotional state of mind affects the efficient working of the body.

By being more present and mindful you can change the way you feel and your state of mind, but it is now time for you to take charge of the way you live and make changes that will benefit you in all areas. You are the master in charge, do not forget that, you can make of yourself what you will. So what changes do you wish to see? Do you want more money, do your want better health or even to repair a relationship?  You may ask why I am asking these questions and how do they relate to the breath, and so I will answer you.

Your breath is at the very heart of your body, without your breath, you do not exist and you will pass on. So see how critical this is, without your breath you die. I know I am stating the obvious, but many of you take the breath for granted until you experience a shortness of breath, a lack of oxygen, or an illness that often displays a malfunction in your body.

By taking time each day to thank the breath that is occurring, and making sure that you are breathing properly and deeply is absolutely essential. Taking long slow breaths helps to calm the nervous system, but at a deeper level you are connecting to a source of light from whence you came.

Remember when babies are first born, they have to make the journey from the sustenance of their mother’s womb to enter a world where they must take their first breath to survive. Because you are automatically born with this breath it need not be an excuse to not realise the importance of its proper function.

Your breath is a gift from God, and as such must be respected and looked after, not treated in the way that some of you treat your cars, by not putting enough fuel or water in the system. The fuel that you put in your body helps you to become strong and helps the breath to do its work of providing oxygen, so that your cells can repeatedly renew and keep you healthy.

So becoming more mindful of your breath is very important, because stress can diminish this vital part of your body very quickly, in fact in deep stress your breath can stop immediately, before restarting again to resume its duties.

The breath is directly linked to your soul, your soul is a part of you that you bring back into each incarnation and the soul is imploring you to be mindful of your breath so that it can keep you alive in this incarnation. You have been brought back to this life to serve the world, but first you must put your own house in order, otherwise you will expire and die in the mire of your own neglect.

Concentrating on your breath is very important practice, and to help you we advise you to practice “The Breath of God” which will help you maintain the correct oxygen levels that you body needs. We suggest that you undertake to follow this daily, not only will this help maintain a good flow of oxygen to your body, it will also calm your mind, body and spirit as it helps you connect to the divine source of your being.

Thank God daily for your breath, thank him for bringing life into you, thank him for your very existence on the planet at this time of man’s greatest awakening. Every part of you, the physical body, your mindful state, and your spiritual countenance is being examined within the higher states of consciousness so you can perform your duties at the most optimal level of perfection.

Many of you believe that you are imperfect, you see yourselves as imperfect, but you are perfect in the eyes of the Lord, but he wishes you to take responsibility for the way your live your life so you can carry out your tasks as diligently as possible.

Many of you are clearing ancestral patterns that have been carried down through many centuries and you are helping to clear the way forward so that a higher level of conscious awakening can now take place. You are moving into a higher dimension of consciousness that will allow you to visit many other dimensions other than the earth plane.

So of you are becoming aware of this and are finding the truth of who you are, and by using the Breath of Life exercise, your connection to God and all other realms will be strengthened. You will, by practicing this, become much more aware of other dimensional frequencies and dimensions that you may visit in your sleep state.

When you sleep, the level of oxygen that you breath in is of vital importance, as that will assist in your astral travel.  Do not be afraid of this, because you are fully protected and it is good for you to meet these other beings of other worlds as they have much wisdom to impart to you.

You are inter dimensional beings and it is only when you are living in the denser vibration of earth that you struggle.

Remember you have been brought to earth for an important purpose, and that purpose is to become a being of light whilst in a human body. Many of the other elemental beings that you will meet in your astral bodies do not have that particular challenge and that is why they come to assist you. Remember who you are, a spirit of light and love, a messenger for God and the Kingdom of God.

The vulnerable human that you believe you are does not exist, only in your mind and because of your human experience, but now you can rise much higher than that, and by using the “The Breath Meditation” you will strengthen, not only your body but your whole auric field including all your chakras.

You are a unique being on earth and are not just ‘one of the crowd’ the very fact that you are reading this means that you have been gathered in by spirit to find your true mission and purpose in life.  Do not doubt my words and say you are not enough, you have all the tools that you need at your disposal and the ‘The Breath of God” is one of them.  

You are being shown the way, the truth of who you are and the light that resides within your soul. We are hear to help you on your spiritual path, you are never alone, and nor will be ever alone, and if you feel alone at this moment in time, remember that this is an incorrect belief that you carry and can be remedied immediately by using the Breath of Life Meditation.

(“Breath of God Meditation” will be sent separately on

request to: colretreats@gmail.com)

So my dearest ones there is nothing to fear, nothing that you cannot do, nothing that you cannot achieve with God’s help, so stop struggling on your own, stop believing that you see in your world is real, and stop believing that you are a victim and cannot change anything that you wish.   This is part of your personal growth but also part of your path to become a fully awakened being of much magnitude.  My dearest Jeshua and I Mary Magdalene, send you our love and wish you God speed on your journey of remembering who you really are, and what you are about to become, a beautiful light being that is filled with God’s love.

Spoken by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  19th November, 2020

Surrender to the Light – Channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


Surrender not to the will of others, but to the light. Your whole focus should be directed to the light, because it is the light that will set you free of your demons. There is no other way now, man has freedom of choice, but what he chooses now for himself and his families is vitally important.

Because when you lay down your arms and surrender to God you give your life over to the light of your being. Instead of struggling on your own, you decide to partner with the great divine light that oversees the whole of mankind.

In these destructive and tumultuous times it is now even more important that man makes a decision as to what side he is on. Does he wish to continue to see death and destruction in the world, or will he only seek peace within? 

In truth this is a very simple question and one that not many will ask themselves unless push comes to shove, and that time is now. Because if man does not lay down his arms and seek the wisdom of God, he is lost, lost to listening to the voices of other men who wish him no good and only wish to lead from ego, power and their intended destruction of mankind.

So laying down your arms is not a weakness, you are not giving in or handing over your power to others, because you have decided to have a partnership with a higher power, and so become allies with the power that oversees the whole of humanity. This is a decision that many humans will be forced to make in the coming months that will help stop the destruction of your world.

What outcome do you wish for, war or peace?  What type of world do you wish to live in? The one that only offers lies and deceit and that wishes to confuse the minds of men, or would you rather listen to God who only wants peace for you and all others?  This is the question that all will face very soon, because your world is disintegrating so quickly that all will be forced to look within and seek their truth.

There is no escaping the truth now, because the foundation of your world has, in the past three decades, been built on lies, deceit and extensive cover-ups. So you have never known the truth of the matter. But now these exposures are taking place daily to the horror of most well meaning humans beings, who cannot comprehend or believe what they are seeing.

Horror upon horror is now a reality that they cannot escape from, it is these horrors that will bring the majority of mankind to its knees in despair. Now mankind has to make

his most important decision and decide what path he will follow or what leader he will believe in, if any. This will create a real feeling of consternation within him, as his whole world has been turned upside down and has become an alien world, not of his own making.

But of course all have to take some responsibility for the state of the world, even if not directly involved.  Until man takes upon him some personal responsibility for his actions, how can he reasonably ask that of others? And why does he expect people in power to behave well because  he cannot see the true reality. Now he has to become true to himself and ask what he really wants to see in a world of his choosing.

This also begs the question, how can he serve the world, rather than just look after his own interests first? This selfish attitude with no thought for others has helped deconstruct the world, and has created the difficult situations that you are facing the world at large today. So if you do not like what you see, if you want change and desire a better world, what are you going to do about it? Are you still going to follow leaders who will lead you astray with their convoluted acts and indiscretions, or are you going to take your power back and decide for yourself what you wish to achieve?

This is why we say ‘lay down your arms,’ remove your defensive attitude to life and ask for help from the great white light. When man turns to God, he becomes powerful within his strength, your strength, not mine dear lord, I lay down my arms to your wisdom, I lay down my arms and seek surrender and peace in my heart.

These are the words of a wise man, a man who has come into himself, and seeks the right answers, not only for himself but others.  He seeks to find good in the world, he seeks to help others, and more importantly he seeks to find peace in his heart.

The world is longing for peace, and the people of the world are desperate for peace for themselves and their children.  Ask yourself what world are you making? Many people are asking how will our children survive this madness?  Surrender your life, lay down your arms, drop your ego and your need to be right and seek a better way forward. Learn to surrender to the will of God, and ask for his wisdom to support the new life you intend to build for yourself and your loved ones.

Change is inevitable at this time in man’s evolution, and now he has to change otherwise he will die a death within himself, there is no escape now.  Facts have to be faced, and man has to acknowledge that he has plundered his earth, acted selfishly and without a thought for others and now he wonders why the world is so troubled.

It is because man has only thought of himself, his own gratification and his own power. His egotistical expectations always came first, but now he needs to turn to the true source of wisdom that lies within him. That time has come now, a time of introspection and inspection for all he had done or not done in his life up to this present moment.

Lay down your arms, lay down your ego, lay down your pride and ask the dear Lord to help resurrect you out of the ashes of a world that has burnt itself out with its useless regard of self and nothing else. Rise yourself from these ashes, rise like a phoenix and do not look back at the destruction you have caused, but become determined to follow the lord into the light.

Resurrect yourself out of the darkness, take no heed of others who may try to dissuade you of your new invocation, and lay down your arms to God and receive the love he wishes to dispose upon you. God forgives all men, woman and children, he has seen your struggles, and he has witnessed your despair, but it is only now you have acknowledged that you are so distraught and angry about life. It has taken this monumental shift in man’s consciousness for him to lay down his arm and return home to God.

Breathe in the breath of God, sleep easy knowing all is well within the everlasting arms. Know at long last you have come home forevermore, and now can sleep with peace in your heart. The struggle is over when you lay down your arms to the everlasting love of our Lord.

Many find surrender difficult, many a war has been protracted by the pride of man who would not accept his defeat graciously. But what he did not realise at that time is that neither party won the battle, and the only prize was by pillage of another’s land, or take another’s wife, or to gain more power and conduct more sacrilegious acts.

Mans pride has often got in the way of him behaving in a respectable and kindly way with others. This is why your world is in such a state of flux. Man has lost his way in the mire of his desire, not thinking of others and not respecting himself either. When you lay down your arms, you feel you are lost in another’s power, but when you lay down your arms to God it is a very different matter. God only want you to empower yourself, God only want you to live a life that you love and to use the gifts that he has bestowed upon you.

God does not seek power over you, even when you have exposed your heart to him. He wishes you to find a new power of love, and a gentleness of heart, a willingness to serve others, and for you to feel peace in your heart.  Is it not worth laying down your arms to find peace at long last?

Finally man is realising that he cannot do this on his own and he is beginning to understand that his life will become much richer when he partners with God.  So seek and you will find, but you can only find peace by looking into your heart, taking responsibility for your life, and coming into a holy alliance with God.

A very wise man recently commented that man has lost his way because he has forgotten who he is and has forfeited his relationship with God. He suggested that we practice the breath of God.  You could do no better that to surrender to your God, and breathe in the breath of God daily.

Connection to this great source of wisdom is available to you right now. We suggest you lay down your arms and surrender yourself and your life to God. Breath in the breath of God daily, make him your first contact in the day. Be with God, pray with God, live your life through God, and surrender your life to him right now.

Peace is possible in your world, peace in men’s heart is an available option, but you have to take the first step to surrender your life to God. What price for peace of mind, why not open your heart and surrender to your God?  What other option is there in this world that is so troubled it is literally killing itself with its ego? This is your choice now, do you believe you can be saved, do you also believe that you can help save your world from total destruction?

The answer is clear, lay down your life to God and surrender to his love, surrender to his heart, and surrender your mind, body and spirit to the total resurrection of your soul.

Lay down your arms now dearest ones, and find the peace you so desperately seek within your hearts for evermore.

Spoken by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  16th November, 2020.

NB: ‘ The Breath of God Meditation” will be included in the next reading called The Breath of Life.

15-11-20 Meaning of ‘Created in His Image’, Energy, Consciousness, Purpose and a Message for Carol etc

Transcript Date: 15th November 2020

Revelations of the Bible

Revelations have been spoken to guide your people within the world of men. The book of love illustrates many stories that should be adhered to within your community of man, but alas there are those who would ignore these words and call them a tale of fiction, of untruth. Yet they do not see the depth of meaning and teaching that they bring.

How do we convince your population of their existence as spirit within our world? For they and yourself are a part of us, the communion of spirit. It is not hard to imagine that the vast majority of mankind would turn to the light in times of need, they do this many times, wishing to be relieved from their daily chores and aggravations of life. We cannot tell you everything, other than to ask you to read that book of love, the Bible as you call it, Matthew 15 – 16 should be observed by your peoples, so they may focus their mind upon the light and the being of love that created all within the world today.

Population and Indiscretions

Your population is vast upon the planet and it grows exponentially at this time. There are many who feel they will overwhelm the planet, overrunning it with a negative attitude. This has already begun to a certain extent. Do not be ashamed to open your mind and heart and observe things of the world today, see how man beats upon another with false claims and indiscretion, his attitudes are not of love, but of greed and self need.

Pitiful scenes are played out in many areas of the world that are unseen to you in the West. They commit heinous crimes against humanity and offensive to the Lord. There is absolutely no need of these things, they are not becoming of your spiritual being and although not all are guilty of these things, the lack of knowledge and education spark off many indiscretions against their own kind.

We have only seen this within the human race of your planet, they torture one another with extreme violence and disregard for all who cross their paths. Do not allow this to become your path, observe the things of your world as a witness, but you must open your heart and minds to the possibilities of resumption of peace and forgive those who have trespassed against you, for it is told within ‘the prayer’ that this is so and it should be practised by all. (The Lord’s prayer.)

Seldom have we seen men of peace bring their thoughts to the fore, for they are stifled by those who do not wish for peace, for what profit can there be in this for them and their like? Yet the love shown by the many will eventually inherit the earth, for the dark will be overwhelmed by the light that shines so brightly within the love of man.

The Meaning of ‘Created in His Image’

Your spiritual beings are created by love, they are formed in his image if you will. We do not speak of the physical being, for there is no physical being, but merely a spiritual being as an energy. This energy exists all around you and may be accessed by all if they so wish, to quieten the mind and bring yourself focus is all that is required. Do not think that it is not possible, for you are creatures born of the light and you will return to the light in a time to come.

Help yourselves to a better way to bring peace to your world once more, to bring peace to your hearts and love that you hold within. Purposely we have spoken to you of these things so you may understand that life was created long ago, not by your physical beings, but by your spiritual selves that inhabit your bodies. The transition of life is great, the constant renewal of your being is ever active within the realms of spirit. We call out your names as individuals and you may or may not hear us, but you are aware through your feelings and senses that we surround you.

Do not resign yourselves to the problems of the world, do not think that you cannot correct these situations, for they are great within your world. It is through the medium of love and the collective consciousness, that these things will be resolved in a time to come. Although it seems an impossible task, it is not beyond reality.

Our consciousness is the same as yours, we do not exist within the body of creatures of the earth or other worlds, we exist within the many levels of energy that surround your world. You may not have noticed these things, yet you do remark upon them at times, in passing sentences saying, “Did you feel that, it feels cold!”, “There is a warmth about me and a sense of being watched!”

These things are sent through your senses and your thought. The mind is a powerful instrument that can change many things of life, you can influence people merely through this thought and we say ‘mere thought’ yet it is so vast. The collective consciousness is so powerful that it would change the will of those who deny you the right to live in peace and harmony.

If you do not understand these words, then please at least consider them. Think about the things that may have occurred within your life that you have questioned, yet have found no answers for. There are many we are sure. It is up to you to look within to find these answers.

Power to Change the World

We make no promises of advancement within your human race at this time, only to say that you have the power within to change the will of the world. Do not think of it in terms of a physical change, for this is not possible at this time. Think of it in terms of your mental attitude and the way you greet people in the street, your friends, neighbours and family. Let them see the love within your eyes, let them feel your being, for they will sense these many things just as the animal of the world senses your intent towards them.

You have lost a vast amount of this natural ability, but it still remains and is waiting to be tapped into. You cannot see a way forward, these things are mere illusion to you, yet they are as real as your sense of touch and vision. Combat your souls, do not allow the darkness to enter and obscure the vision before you, for there is much to see within this world that you call spirit.

The energy exists all around, this man (Michael) feels this energy, it surrounds him, penetrating his aura, allowing him to communicate in a way that is unusual to many. His appearance is of no consequence, it is as you, it is his spiritual being that reaches out. Have you ever sat and wondered how these many things work? It is so easy, simple in many ways, just a moment of quiet meditative thought is all it takes.

Meditation and Focus

Many say that their minds, their conscious minds are too busy, yet it is possible to put these things aside and focus upon things of the light. It takes willpower and courage to sit there alone and communicate with what you call spirit, it frightens many, yet there is so much love given in these sessions.

You cannot assume that we will stand before you in full body to speak to you, for it is a matter of trust and faith. Inside you know of these things, you feel them and you feel that it is right, although many still deny their own feelings and shut out these possibilities, for all they see is the physical world around them and their senses of the human body. Cast aside your mind, allow our thoughts in, let us speak to you in rhymes and words of love, so you may understand that our focus is upon you constantly throughout the world of man.

Unblocking the Source of Life and Knowledge

Together you can change many things. You can move mountains and change the streams and rivers flow, for life flows as a river, it has many tributaries that connect it to others, and so this is like the collective mind of man, of your spiritual being. You may block these tributaries with your mind and then what occurs is just one focus, not able to see the others that surround you, you are shut off, alone upon a path that you tread, sometimes afraid, not knowing the truth. But unblock the dams from those tributaries, let them flow into the main arteries of the river, and like your bloodstream, they will give life and they will give knowledge of your spirit and soul.


Have you ever sat and wondered about your being? Is it your conscious being that creates the everyday events in life or is there more to this? You feel yourselves and do you accept that you are greater than you think, or do you think that this is a one-time event for everyone. Do you not know or understand that your energy continues on? Energies do not die, they live on despite the demise of the carriage that holds them, in this case your body.

Just as you recycle the waste of your world, so we recycle your soul, but this is not of waste, this is of positive love, of positive energy and when we use the term ‘waste’, this is just to help you understand.

It is up to you to bring purpose within your lives once more, as one human race, as one being of spirit. Do not oppose those who have different objectives and are taught in different ways by other leaders of religious movements, for they too have one goal and that is to reach the ultimate creator of life so they may sit at his feet and ask of him what they will. But this can only be achieved through their own mind and thought, through their own energy and being.

Energy, Orbs, Shadows and Lights

How can we prove these things of energy, how can we show you that this exists? Sometimes people observe the orbs of life and they remark upon them, saying how beautiful they are, the colours of the rainbow sits within them. Others see a flash of light or a shadow that walks across the room just out of their vision. These senses await you and it is up to you to open the door to allow in these things, so you may see that there is a greater purpose within your life, not just of the living, but of your spiritual being that will continue on beyond that of your demise.

Teachings, Truth and Validity Within

Teachings are great and just like the pupils of your schools, some will qualify and rise to a higher education. Do not linger within the depths of life to ignore these things with a negative attitude towards others and the creatures of your earth, including Mother Earth herself, for she gave birth to you and she gave you purpose. Your mind and spirit fill your bodies with love and energy, also with much purpose.

You view each other with great suspicion, even those, you call friends. You  look to one another and say ‘What is her purpose?’, ‘What is the advantage that he searches for?’ Do not view each other in these ways, but view each other as one of spirit, of that great cloud of light that sits above all of the universes in existence.

You may enquire many times about the truth and validity of these things, but you will not find the answers unless you look within, into your soul’s heart, into your soul’s depths. You are of energy, this is the creation of ‘The Creator’, and when we say you are of his being, this is our meaning, your energy is a part of that great creator of creation. Do you not see these things?

You have many names for this being, you search in your different ways, shutting out all possibilities of knowledge from other ‘religious organisations’, as you term them, but equally you are all one of the same, walking the same roads searching for the answers and truth that lie within.

Distractions of life

Some will deviate and be tempted by prosperous times of their life upon earth. This occurs many times with all forms of life, no matter their origin within the planetary systems of the solar systems, so vast that it will beleaguer your minds. Yet all are created from the same energy, regardless of the species, even the vast amount of species upon your earth.

If you treat those that you call the animal kingdom with disrespect and pain, causing them great sorrow, then you must expect to receive the same in a future time to come. You must learn the quality of love, you must learn to live with all of creation, not just humanity, but of all creatures and living things upon your world and upon others.

Teachers may come

A time will come when teachers may call from far away, unfamiliar figures to you. Their thoughts are not about overrunning your world, but of love. You have a term for this within your own world, you call them ‘missionaries,’ who go to convert those that you call ‘primitive’. They have the same aim, to enlighten you about your being and they will be repelled in just the same way as your men repelled those missionaries of life and continue to do so. Welcome them and issue them with your love, for they have great knowledge to impart upon you.

Your spiritual being requires knowledge to continue on. Do not live in ignorance and violence. Help one another to a better world, to live with peace and gratitude for those blessings given by this almighty creator who expands his wealth of knowledge to all. Do not become overwhelmed by the mediocre things of life, for they are nothing compared to your spiritual being and your soul. Take your future in hand children, look to one another, not as an enemy, but as a friend and a fellow being of the light.

We say this from the bottom of our hearts, that we love and adore you all despite your many mishaps and misgivings. Do not betray our love, but bring purpose to yourselves and us through your very being of life.

Fear of Death

It is not a hard thing to welcome a neighbour or friend, or to hold out your hand in welcome and greet them with a smile and love in your heart. They will sense your love, even though they may not be aware of it at the time. There are many who have passed from this life full of fear and trepidation at the future and what lays beyond. They say in life that they do not believe in another world, yet they fear it so! Is it not a silly notion? To fear something you say you do not believe in? Of course, their very being understands these things, they fear because they have shut out these things within their life and not opened their hearts and minds to others. Their spiritual beings call out for assistance and we are there to guide them as are many of your world.

We have spoken many times about the calling of those of your world to assist in these matters. Some quite frankly abuse these things, whilst others have  deep and open hearts to assist in any way they can. We do not mean criticism to any of you who work within the light, all we are saying is that these things are given to you for the purpose that you will walk your lives and assist your fellow spirit.

What is the purpose of life? Seven Levels of Heaven

Why do you need to live these lives? What is the purpose of great suffering in many parts of your world and other worlds? What purpose could there possibly be in these things? We have told you before that they are teachings given to you to progress your soul within the many levels of spirit.

The seven levels of heaven are vast in their being and to advance you must first learn and experience that of the physical to understand pain and sorrow, to see things of the world to teach you, to bring balance to your lives through love and understanding. If you fall upon the wayside towards the negative aspects of life, then we will be there to assist, but it is up to you to see, it is up to you to open your hearts and minds to us, it is up to you to learn about these things. If you cannot learn within this life, then you must return, many times if necessary, to live those lives once more and bring your soul focus and acceptance to the light beyond.

Form Groups and Allegiance

Complete your missions, form your groups with allegiance to each other. Follow the things of the light, to help those of the world who do not observe at this time. For like the rivers of life and the tributaries that join them, all will become one at the end of the journey. At the end of the journey there will be such a welcome, that you will wonder why you have not seen this before.

You can experience these things within life if you just open your heart and mind, do not turn your head or shut your eyes or ears to the things that you may hear or see in regards to these matters, have an open mind and allow the thought in.

Examine your lives of the past, we don’t mean that of way past, but in your present lives, and as your years advance, look back at them and see the path you have been led upon and the truth that has been told to you. Look at the mistakes you may have made and if you have learned by these things, then put them to one side, for they are not held against you in the future.

Bring yourselves hope children of a better world, of a more peaceful life and existence for all creatures upon your world. Amen.

New speaker

Message for Carol

Carol has many thoughts of disillusionment at this time. She considers that she has been forsaken by our side of life. But we do not forsake anyone. Her loved ones come forward at this time to bring her a message so she may understand.

They understand the problems of the world and how she could not be there to hold their hands in their time of need and their love for her is great.

She would understand the doll that was given to bring them comfort in their dying days. Her mother wishes her to know that she is proud of her daughter and her purpose at this time. Healing will be brought through the many words of others.

Her father was deeply disrespectful of many things of life, but he has become one of the light and rests within peace and within her company, for no matter where you are, who you are, you are all as one.

Carol, do not despair, I am with you by your side. You will remember many days of your youth when I cradled you in my arms and brought you peace within your agonising times. Do not think of me as gone or departed, for I am still here. I see you every day as you work throughout your life for your children and your husband.

Too many times I have helped you reconcile your problems and as though from thin air, the resolutions seem to appear, but you do not consider the communication of our minds and thoughts, that of our being.

Your fuse box is an issue! Finances are at a premium at this time, for you are a nurse of life who brought comfort to others and to myself within those final days. I now rest here in peace and it is for you to understand that myself and your father will never leave your side. He betrayed your love at times, or so you thought, yet in his heart you were his dearest daughter.

Sometimes in life we say things and do things we do not mean. We are overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life and our lack of care at times seems immoral and unloving. But truly, from the bottom and depths of our hearts we loved you.

Do not despair my dear, things may be hard for you to cope with at this time, but our blessings are with you throughout these turbulent times. We are not there to assist any longer and we hope that we have given you the courage to face your life and future ahead. 1964 would be of a celebration, October 15 is a date of memorable things to you. Do not concern yourself as to our well-being now, for we know your depths of thought are with us, even though your aspects of belief are meagre at times. We assure you of our continued existence and our love and respect for you as our daughter of life.

We will welcome you once more in the future years to come. Grace has become a beautiful granddaughter to us, as is Josh. Give them our love and they will tell you of our appearance, of our presence within your life. Listen to them, for all should listen to their children who speak about innocent things. They speak the truth, they are not blocked by the many things of life, they have open minds and react differently to that of the adult. We send you our love my dear, do not despair for we are with you.

New speaker

Be grateful for the times that you have together, do not deny each other love and peace. Do not live in ignorance or in shame, become one as a family of life and as a family of spirit. We leave you now this evening, but embark upon your lives with hope in your hearts that a new existence is waiting for you. It is up to you to learn the lessons of life, to progress and to advance within spirit.


We are the seven that speak this evening.

Deliverance (The Path to Ascension) channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


You are being delivered from your sins, from the sins of past ancestral lines and your sins in this life. But do not be dismayed that we talk about this, because at one time or another we have all sinned against ourselves, including others. It is part of life and should not be dismissed or be anything to be afraid of.

God does not judge your sins but you tend to judge yourselves too harshly. Many of you have been doing your best in somewhat difficult circumstances, but these experiences are all part of your journey to ascension, but know that you are always forgiven in the eyes of Christ.

These are troubled times my dears, so it is today I am able to bring you good news about yourself and the world you live in which has been undergoing such a transformation. Inevitably this has brought up many difficulties and sometimes unwanted truths that you have had to behold.

But this awareness is a critical part of your ascension journey, where you have learnt many truths about yourself, and many illuminations have taken place. You may not always be aware of the transfiguration that has taken place within you, but I assure you that it has, and with much effect.

You see many of you decided to come on this journey of exploration many aeons ago, but in the physical body you might not have been aware of it in this lifetime. Many of you have been called back into this physical incarnation especially for the purpose of ascension, so you may become a leader in the world that has a great need for transformation.

A lot of you deny your status and skills, somewhat putting down your potential, but I can tell you, I know your destiny, and deliverance is coming to you right now. You will fulfil the destiny that was written down many lifetimes ago, and you will be delivered of any difficult circumstances you are still undergoing. All these experiences have come to you, so you may know the truth of who you are and what you came here to do.

Many of you have been brought to a higher level of awakening during these past few weeks and to some it may have felt part of a hellish journey, but this assisted you to get rid of the dross and shed a skin that no longer served you.  Others may have had a more sublime experience, both are worthy and will have served the same purpose.

Do not compare yourself with others, because each of you has a unique journey to travel in your quest to become a master. Many of you do not realise that you are on the path of becoming highly evolved spiritual masters of much potential.

So we have been assisting you with this process and your deliverance into the 5th dimension is now nearly complete.  But it may take some time for you to fully adjust to all the changes as you still live in a physical body that has to catch up with where you are placed right now.

This is all quite complex, so do not be afraid if you feel yourself ‘slipping back’ into your old ways, because during this time of adjustment this may happen occasionally. But it will only be fleeting reconnection. Soon you will be winging your way fully into a new dimension of love and light.

Many congratulations are in order as many have had a somewhat troublesome journey when you thought you might never rise above the mire that seemed to reflect your life at that time. All of the experiences were in perfect order to enable you to learn the lesson that was in front of you.  Many of you have passed with flying colours and deliverance has been given to you with our grateful thanks.

No one said the path of ascension is easy, but many of you have completed a large portion of your ascension so that you can move up to the next level of your spiritual awareness.

All on earth at this time have come here with a specific purpose but first the dross of past lives, ancestral influences, and any other issues had to be worked through and disposed off, so you could obtain entry to a higher level of consciousness.

Moving into these higher levels of consciousness will also assist and give you more clarity about your life’s purpose and the mission that you came to earth to fulfil. Many of you have been struggling with this, and have not until now acknowledged the God given talents you were born with.   But now a greater illumination about the role you are about to play will come into being, and you will be guided by the higher beings of light that will come to assist you and move you forward without fear.

Fearful emotions have held many of you from realising or being able to fulfil your true potential. Often you have not believed in yourself and given your power away to others.

Now you have worked on your karma and through this most recent deliverance, you will be able to access and understand the gifts you have been given.

Many of you have been frightened to acknowledge the power you hold and have held back from exploring its potential, not wanting to appear different to others.  Now it is time to stand in your own power and show your authentic self to the world with pride.

All of you have been given selected duties that you agreed to undertake from a previous incarnation, and now you have been delivered an option to commit to a new path of ascension.  Many may feel scared to stand up and be counted, but there will be no judgement upon you as long as you are willing and able to do the best you can.

You will not be working alone on your task and many dear souls with come to assist you, both on earth and from spirit, this is not the time to ‘go it alone’. There are many who will be strong leaders and be happy to be in charge at the helm, although they too will attract good people to assist them so they can complete the task they have been allocated.

All of you are very special talented people brought to earth to assist us with our peace mission. Know that your special skills are badly needed at this time, so please do not shy away from bringing in your unique gift that will almost certainly help many others on their path of ascension.

You have been delivered of your demons, delivered of your fear and delivered of any doubts about your efficacy.  It is time for you to realise that you are an important part of the cog in the wheel that is helping to transform humankind at this critical time on earth.

So my dearest one, I implore you to join us on this new journey of discovery, where you will find greater enjoyment and fulfilment that hitherto you have never known before.  Now is the time to step on the train that will take to your new destination. For some of this may mean a physical move, for others only an energetic move within your expanding consciousness, but all of you will play your part in different ways and each will be a perfect part of the whole.

Some of you may find yourself taking a completely new direction in life and one that you had not planned or even thought about before.  Others will find a door that opens so they can fulfil a long held dream. All are perfect in their own way, and you will be guided what route is best for you.

There may be a few surprises along the way, but do not let this unsettle you. Maintain your close link with spirit so they can show you the benefits of their suggestion.  You have free will and do not always have to accept what is being put in front of you, but we would urge you to carefully consider the decision you intend to make next.

We will guide you to listen to your intuition very carefully, as it is your guiding light and it is important to feel your way, and listen to your gut feelings, because that is trying to get your attention regarding the next important step.

Many of you might feel you are at a cross roads and that is normal, particularly if the plan that you had in your head does not seem to be working out.  If that is the case, then listening to your inner guidance is critical at this time, as spirit may want to guide you in a different direction.

You must follow your heart and listen to your own wisdom. Do not always listen to the opinions of others, because what they want or expect from you is often their priority. You must listen to your own inner promptings and be brave enough to take the next step without the necessary approval of your nearest and dearest.

You may be asked to take risks and some will be more willing to do this than others. This is an act of bravery and vision, and a person who has a certain self assurance and faith that will encourage them to take this leap of faith, even when they are not assured of the outcome.

Whatever path you decide to take, we will support you in any way we can. We will not put judgement upon your decision, but may try to help you see the bigger picture if appropriate. Now it is time to think big, but some of you might be tempted to hold yourselves back by thinking small and keeping yourself safe.

Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet but to have faith in us and yourself, and to follow your inner promptings first, this we assure you, will put your onto your new path of deliverance and freedom much more quickly.

The choice is yours dear ones, so know that we are always here for you. Be of good cheer knowing we support and protect you as you embark of your exciting new journey of enlightenment.

Spoken by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson   15th November, 2020

Truth Will Be Told – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


There are many lies and deceptions in your world and now it is time for you to become discerning and seek the truth of what you are being told.  Many of you will shy away from this suggestion, preferring to bury your heads in the sand, but if you do, you will not be not fully participating in life as it is presented to you at this moment in time.

For those of you who are willing to awaken to more truths about the universe and the changes taking place, it is time to stand up and claim your power.  So you will know the truth within you, the power within you, so you will trust your intuition and use your power to take right action.

Seeking the truth in any situation will give you clarity and will bring you calm and peace in situations that are most challenging.  When you seek to know and understand yourself better, you not only seek the truth of who you are, but have a great deal more compassion and a better understanding of the world at large.

As Jeshua has said, ‘I am the Way of Truth and The Light’, and it is by following his example that you will find your inner power and peace within.  No one else can do this for you. Some will be able to give you consolation and good advice, but ultimately it is for you to seek the truth in any conversation or situation you may find yourself in.

On the world’s stage many truths are being revealed to you, some of which are shocking beyond belief, and it will take time for you to absorb these truths, because many of you are still in shock at what has been disclosed to you.

This is a time of mass clearing of old wounds, a clearing of ancestral patterns, and now you are being given the chance to clear yourself of anything that might hold you back, including the influence of your ancestors.

We know that the child who was abused in whatever way, is likely to become the abuser. Now this generation is responsible for clearing the mess from many past generations, and it is your ancestors in spirit that will assist you with this task. But first you have to know the truth of the matter, and now it is time for the truth of all things to rise up to be healed.

This can be within yourself, your families or in the collective. No matter where past misdemeanours may have taken place, they must be now be exposed and be healed before the world’s greatest healings can take place. 

So healing yourself and your trauma is now paramount, forgiving your parents, your ancestors, or your friends, for any past misdemeanours is most important, and must be done now.  The way has been cleared for a mass healing of humanity, and we are here to assist you in this task.

You may balk at this suggestion knowing that as you look deep within yourself you may not like what you see.  It is time to forgive yourself first, time to know that you have done your best, often in very difficult circumstances, so do not beat yourself up, but forgive yourself and others for all that has taken place before.

Understand that much abuse comes from fear, a fear of being loved, a fear of being seen as inadequate and a way to increase power of others. This is the old way of living and now is not acceptable in any shape or form.

So part of finding the truth is to be able to forgive yourself and others. This you may find hard to do particularly if the crime in question has been particularly traumatic. But it must be done dear ones, for you to be able to clear your path fully for the ascension that is now taking place, individually and collectively in you world.

Many of you still live in fear but try to suppress this, now it will not be suppressed and you will be forced to look at it in one way or another. When you know your truth, it will enable you to accept yourself for the beautiful person you are, but if you do not see yourself as beautiful inside and out, then another will not. You cannot buy love by favours from others, you cannot buy love with your looks, you can only gain love for yourself when there is no self-judgement, and a forgiveness and acceptance and accepting the truth of who you really are.

This may feel like a formidable task, and one you might want to shy away from, but you have help at hand and we are here to assist you. If you feel alone and do not think you can cope I have given you ‘The Candle of Love Meditation’ that you can download.  In this mediation you will be given the opportunity to meet Jesus and myself Mary Magdalene, and will experience a deep and profound healing.  Many of you have read how Jesus in the bible healed so many people of their ills, whether it was of mind, body and spirit, and he can do the same for you today.   Use this meditation to help you release any shame, low self-esteem, and be willing to forgive any trespass that may have been made against you in the past.

Getting to the truth of how you feel, and releasing this will help with any depression or anxiety that you feel within, and when you face the truth of who you are with courage and fortitude, you will be released from all past ancestral misdemeanours, and any current patterns that are causing you distress.

Much of what you have suffered has come from the past and many of you will not have realised this fact until recently. Knowledge is the truth of your being, and now we ask you to seek out this information and bring it to the surface so you may be healed. This journey of transformation demands that the truth is looked at square and fair in the face before you will be able to heal its afflictions.

Your world and life today is changing rapidly and will never be the same.  Now look back into your past to find the truth but do not let it become master of your life, because all afflictions can be healed in an instant, but first you have to face the truth of where you are at this moment in time, and be open to being fully healed in mind body and spirit.

Taking this action is part of the part of the process to ascension, and we know it takes courage for you to face your demons, but we will stand by you as you undertake this cleansing process. We are here to assist all of mankind clear any undesirable conditions that will hold you back from having the benefit of being able to from live in the highest vibration possible.

Energetically your world is changing and you have to change with it, so you can benefit from all the new and positive energies that are being downloaded to all people seeking ascension. Not all are ready, and if this is the case, you must follow you own path in whatever way is right for you. Do not follow the crowd but find your own truth within and then you will know exactly what action you should take

If you are unsure, seek guidance, listen to your heart and forgive anyone who has hurt you in the past. This is the first step in honouring yourself, taking your power back so you can become a powerhouse of light and love.

Many of you are confused at this moment, but by seeking the truth of who you are at a soul level will give you the clarification you are seeking. Healing is now taking place at a very deep level within all parts of humanity, and that is why the world may appear to be in chaos. But in truth it is not that way at all, underneath all the darkness, the light is shining and bringing the world a wonderful healing.

Many of you will be experiencing feelings and emotions you have never felt before, but understand when your body feels different, know that many light codes are being downloaded to you. Do not worry if this feels strange, because in time your body will adjust to this new level of light that has entered your body. All is well.

But you have to do the work, and dig through to the truth of who you are, so you can be healed of all misdemeanours in your past or present, then the clearing and healing can take place. This universal healing that we speak is of a very high vibration and is seeking to bring out any dark displacements that are still trying to hide. But we assure you they will not be able to ignore the ‘spear of light’ that will penetrate the darkness and bring it to the surface.

The world and everyone in it has to be able to accept their own healing, to become a light being. Many of these people have previously committed dastardly deeds that you may well view with some horror, indeed they view their indiscretions in the same way, now they have realised what horrors they have inflicted upon others.

This mass healing and awakening is now coming to a climax, and no one will be spared its discerning eye, as this will allow all people on the planet to be healed.  Many will be dragged kicking and screaming, as they cannot face what they have perpetrated, and some may take their lives ignoring this offer of help, but at some point in their future incarnations these will have to be faced.

This may seem a grim subject, but in truth it is the path of joy, and so many will be released of their demons for ever more and instead, a path of joy, abundance and peace will fill their lives, and they will have peace in their hearts for all mankind.  That is our mission for all to have peace in their hearts, for all to live peaceably together, and for all to live by the words taught by my dearest Jesuha, for now and evermore.

Spoken by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson  11th November, 2020

The Candle of Love meditation document is available by request via email: colretreats@gmail.com