Passing Through Grief with Grace – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


My dearest ones I understand your sorrow, and the grief you feel at the passing of a loved one, a dear animal, or if you have experienced a relationship that has come to its end.   Grief comes in many forms, too many to mention here, but if grief in whatever way has touched you, know that it will in time become one of your greatest blessings.

To feel grief you must have experienced love, and it is the feeling of never ever being able to love again that can cause you to feel so alone.  But the human spirit is strong, much stronger than you might believe in this moment, but trust me as I have experienced this when my beloved son was hung upon the cross.

I knew he was working with God to bring a new consciousness to mankind, but as the mother of a beautiful son I did not find this at all easy, and I too called out to God many times during this period of my greatest grief.   He told me to hang on, and said to me and that a miracle was about to occur, and so it was in time I was able to see that my son had been returned to me, but this time in a completely different form.

This experience is possible for you too, as you can experience your loved one who has passed in many ways.  You may hear a whisper, you may feel his/her presence, or smell a distinct perfume that reminds you of them or the perfume of their favourite flower. So whatever method they choose to let you know they are near you, believe they can come back to comfort you in a specific way that will be relevant to you both.

But when you are set so deeply within your grief it is easy for you to miss the signs that your loved ones are near you as the loss you feel is so overwhelming, especially if your love has been as deep and true as mine. But please understand that given a chance they will always strive to be with you, and will be a witness to your life without them.

They will understand the torture you felt when having to make difficult decisions that you took on their behalf, but they wish to reassure you that you did the right thing, especially considering all the difficulties that surrounded your person’s passing.

And although each person’s story is unique, there is a running thread that many of you experience and that is the feeling of guilt. Be assured that this is quite unnecessary, as most of the time events were beyond your control, especially when the person you loved took their own life.  I know this is one of the hardest situations to bear, but you must respect the decision they made, and not see it as a direct reflection of your relationship.

So many people who pass over come to me to get closure and a better understanding of their life on earth. I am able to comfort them so they can understand the reason why they took their own life or became sick. They are concerned how they left things with you, so I able to reassure them, as well as you, that all is well. And even though you have lost the physical presence of your loved one, you have not lost their love, or their regard for you.

And even if your relationship had its difficulties, or if there was blame or recrimination during their earthly life, be assured that this was for a reason. When they pass over this is explained to them in more detail as they are able to review their Akashic records, and so understand that what took place was part of their divine plan.

So if your beloved passed abruptly, and if there were any cross words spoken between you that now hang in the air, know that they want you to forgive them for any misdeamours, and you should forgive yourself for anything that was said, that you now might regret.

The most important thing for both of you to understand is that the time you spent together has gone. And although you are apart physically, the connection will always be with you, and when it is your time to pass, you will be reunited.   In the meantime know that they are at peace, and they wish you to be at peace knowing that they still love you. They want you to pick up the threads of your life once more, knowing that they are overseeing every detail, and wish you ‘bon voyage’ as they see all the new opportunities coming towards you. So do not put your life on hold, but try to accept that it will never be the same, and by accepting this rather than resenting it, it will help you find peace of mind once more.

So when you pray at night and think of your loved one in spirit, try to find the grace to let them go, even if you have to admit you might have done some things wrong, know that you did your best and now you can let God do the rest. When you are able to be in a state of grace, this acceptance will bring you closer to source, and open the door so communication can come forth to comfort you in your time of need. They too will have a greater understanding of the purpose of their incarnation on earth, and will be able to accept all was perfect and many lessons were learnt during that time.

It is easy to judge how others live their life, but do not be so quick either to judge them or indeed yourself. You might not realise the impact your person had, and you may hear many stories of their goodness and mercy that you were not aware of and how their words gave courage to others in their time of need.

Many people who have passed have led very full and productive lives almost right up to the moment of their transition, and they may have been planning even more projects before they moved on. Do not feel sorrowful but know they will continue their work albeit in a slightly different way. For instance if they were a healer on earth they will be expanding their healing work in heaven, and you may be a beneficiary of receiving healing for yourself.   If they were successful business people, or were ones that cared about the environment or animals, their skills and passion will still be used but now in a slightly different way.

So try not to fret if they passed early in life particularly if you feel that they did not have the chance to complete their life’s work. Know their God given gifts will be used to great affect and for the good of mankind, but this time from a higher dimension.  So if you can gracefully accept this as being true, it will give you a broader perspective that will allow you to move on, knowing they are safe and loved in heaven above.

Grace is acceptance, Grace is being able to trust God for the highest and best outcome, and Grace is accepting God’s will for your loved ones, as well as yourself.   So step into Grace, and say ‘Thy will be done dear Lord’, and let the peace of his love and understanding come into your heart for evermore.

Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ

Anna Marie Croxson 6th December, 2022©


Be Joyful, it’s Christ-Mass – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


What is joy, what is the belief you hold around the Christ-Mass time of this year?  Many of you this find part of the year trying, but it should be a joyful time for you and be the season of goodwill for all men, woman and children.  And yet often this is not what you feel as you have so much to do and no one else understands the stress you feel.  So what to do, how can you re-balance your life so that you can enjoy this most important and reverent time of the year?  You must learn to see the importance of the Christ light, for it is Christ that is so important, and what he stands for.

The Christmas that you are planning is often way off what he wanted it to be for you, so when you are up to your eyes with shopping, presents, and food, plus all other demands that you believe are part of Christmas, I want you to take a step back and see the truth of the stress you are feeling.

Christ-Mass is a holy time of the year as it was when your saviour was born for him to bring love and compassion to the world, and to all mankind.  This event is not meant to bring you hardship or pressure of any kind, it was meant for you to find the love of Christ within you, and for you to find a peace that passes all understanding.

The spirit of Christ light can be within you throughout this special period, and in the stillness of Christmas Eve I wish you to invite him into your life, into your home, and into your heart and it is then, and only then, you will understand the full meaning of Christ-Mass, Jesus came to save the world, and in these troubled times he can save you.  This is not a fanciful notion, but one you should ponder on, Christ came to save mankind many years ago and today he can save you, it is that simple.

All you have to do is release your cares and woes to him and ask him to bless you, and your family at this special time so peace may reign. Would it not be wonderful to know that all would be peaceful with those you love, no stress, no arguments, no recriminations, just feeling the love of Jesus Christ entering the hearts of all mankind.

This is the essence of the Christ-Mass, my son cometh before you as I speak, he walks amongst the masses as I write, and he comes to comfort you in your hour of need. All you have do now is believe that he can be with you at all times.  Call him into your life today, call him forth and pour out your troubles to him and feel him bless you heart with love, a love that you have never felt before.

Open the door and welcome him in to meet you, ask him to bless all that enter there, knowing that Jesus Christ is within each and every one of you once you have asked for his presence to be known to you.  What do you see when you look at your Christmas card and see Jesus in the Manager, do you see this just as history or are you starting to realise the truth behind his most important message.

Who are the three wise men, and why did they come to honour this babe in arms, because they knew of his power, they knew he was a saviour, and they knew he was the son of God.  Even then they knew the importance of this great event, even when it took place in a humble stable on a cold winter’s night.

How is it that many hundreds of year’s later we celebrate his birthday at the Christ-Mass not realising the true significance of this event but the importance of Christ being born on earth?  How have we come so far away from the truth of his coming to earth to save us, and yet so often in our lives we walk away from the truth of his being.

So today as you are preparing for your Christmas celebrations take some time to reflect on the true meaning of having Jesus Christ in your own life.  Does he have a presence within you, or is he just a figure from the past that you do not recognise. What do you tell your children about Jesus when they take part in the nativity plays at this time of the year? Does this really honour him, and do they really understand what role Jesus plays in all your lives, whether you believe in him or not?

You are so far removed from the essence of Jesus that in your modern society this is only recognised once a year, or at most perhaps once a week at Christmas or other religious gatherings.   Do you forget about him as you rush through your daily life with all its trials and tribulations? And yet he has never left you, he is always with you but so often you are unaware of his presence, until you need his help.

How often do you kneel down in prayer to thank him for his service, thank him for his kindness, and thank him for the wisdom he imparts to you?  How do you recognise Jesus in your life, is he someone who is always there for you, or just a vague figure in the distance that you know you can call on in times of need?

Whatever Jesus represents to you at this moment, please know that at the Christ-Mass time you have a unique and special reason to come into his presence, to feel his love, and to honour him by your recognition. He will never fail you, he will always love you even from a distance, and he can be with you and in whatever form he presents himself to you is perfect.

So become as one at this special Christ-Mass, ask for his love to protect you and your family, ask for peace to come into your home, ask for peace to reach all your friends, ask him to bless and protect you all at this most special time of celebration, the celebration of his birth. Now he has brought forth this special message for you all.


‘My dearest children of the Earth, do not fret, do not worry, do not scatter your energies so you feel so worn that you cannot enjoy your beautiful Christ-Mass.  Go quietly dear friend, come into the stillness, and see the Star of David up above, and know that all is well.

I bless you with my Love, and I bless all who you encounter, and all of whom you love with all your heart.  I AM in your heart, I AM in your life, and I AM amongst your troubles making all crooked places straight for you.  I AM with you when you sleep, and I AM with you when you lie your head down at night, so think of me and ask me to bless your brand new day.

I AM the blessed Son of God, I AM proud to be his Son who came to save the world of its troubles, care’s and woes.  And it is at this special time that you may receive my blessings of love, and as you speak of me do so with reverence, because of my love for you and all of those you care for.

Bring my presence into your home on Christ-Mass day, and as you do so see the light that shines in the darkness, see the light of me on your Christ-Mass tree, and watch as your children look in wonder at the beautiful lights.

They see the light of God when you do not, they see the Christ Light when you do not, and they see only your   goodness and mercy with a childlike faith that you have lost. So now it is time to reclaim that childlike faith and wonder, it is time to bow down to me with a childlike faith knowing that I can heal you, and all who are precious to you, not only at this special time on earth, but at anytime now and in the future.

But the Christ-Mass day is a most special time of the year when the energy of Christ can manifest so easily, and when the masses take time to worship me. And it will be my own goodness and mercy that will be dispensed out into the world at this most special time of the year.

In reverence to me you will find me, and in prayer to me you will find me, in thanks to me you will find me, and even during your concerns you can find me.   Take time to be with me, take time out to find the peace and stillness that will come within you, at this most special time of year.

Have a blessed Christ-Mass and know that I am with you as you celebrate this Mass, and the birth of Christ on earth. I have come to heal mankind of all ills, all pain, all cruelty, and in my name this will be healed as requested by you. And in my name all will find peace as requested by you, and in my name there will be peace on earth as requested by you, I AM, Your Lord Jesus Christ’.


Anna Marie Croxson 30th November, 2022©

29-11-22 Vibration of love, Time of great change, Peace through prayer, Education of the soul, Passing over etc

Transcript Date: 29th November 2022

Vibration of love

The vibrations that play (the background music) are a reminder of the vibration of life and love that can be transmitted through the thoughts of those with goodness in their heart. And they transmit this love in a way uncommon to that of the living world, for there is much to learn about the universe and about your souls being and existence at this time.

We are forever with you, always guiding you and watching over you, protecting you when you listen to the words of guidance that are given. And our presence is a strong as your own in this life, for we are not figment of the imagination, but a blessing to you, unseen, but not unheard should you wish to listen.

Time of great change

A time has come for a great change within the universe, and this change is of love, as love is a potent presence within all life. It may take different forms, but it exists as an energy of positivity that all can embrace when they open their eyes and hearts and embrace that love that is given.

The energy of love brings a promise of life in the hereafter beyond your world of men. It is love that you carry with you, it is this love that will guide you in your heart’s desires of union, companionship and families.

There is a vast family that you are a part of and in this union of spirit you will partake once more to re-energise your souls as you live your lives. This energy can be drawn upon at any time, it is the positive energy that will embrace you and guide you throughout your time upon the earth.

Peace to the earth through thought and prayer

Of course, the Earth itself is a part of the universe, and the energy that is held within you is also a part of the Earth herself. It is a living being, much as you are, and it can be damaged, as it is as fragile as your bodies. Bring peace to the earth in your thoughts and in your prayers, heal it with your love, as it will heal you when you are in need. She is there as your mother, the creator of all that you see. And the Creator has made this so, that you may explore the many facets of love that exist. Those of the dark shadows would intervene to break this prism of love, of light, and they will bring darkness to those who would give way and allow them in, but the light always prevails, much as the dawn breaks the darkness of the night and brings in the light that those of the living world can bathe within.

Vibrations of life

Complex things we are speaking of, for we speak of the vibrations that coexist within your lives, your very being vibrates at a rate of 20 kHz per second in your time, and it does not stop, even at your passing. Your bodies, even in death, continue to vibrate and life exists to consume your being and this was intended. The vibration of your spirit and soul passes over to that universal spirit, that universal energy of love. Do not forsake love, for it is there to bring you joy and happiness, even in the darkest of times.


Time of passing to the new dawn

Passover (Note: I think this was meant to be ‘passing over’) will come and go and the dark shadows that bring misfortune and misdeeds to you will pass your door as you radiate your love, for the love and light of our Lord. It will pass you by, as if a mist in the night, and those who do not understand these things will also be protected, for each of you have a time of learning and each if you have a time for understanding the purpose of your soul and spirit, and the fragility of your life that is given as a gift.

Some would say that this gift is painful and a burden that they find hard to bear. But teachings never come easy, it takes effort to open your hearts and minds and take in the knowledge that is given, even in the harshest of times and circumstances.

You are never alone, and all we ask is that you fill your hearts with love, so that when your time comes you will not fear that ending of life but look forward to that new beginning, that rebirth of your soul within the realm of spirit, within the realm of light.

Harbour no fears my son, for the new dawn that comes, for it brings much enlightenment to your world. And to the many masses out there who do not read or listen to the words, they will gradually come to realise that life is about change, it is about evolution and about learning.

Education of the soul – (Akasha)

Your minds cannot possess all knowledge and you are given limited resources to live your life, and like your schools, you are capable of learning much and we are there as a reference library to guide you when it is needed. As we say, not all knowledge can be held within the material world, but it exists and provides the means by which you may continue on in your education of the soul.

To sit and breathe the air of life, is to connect with the nature around you. This brings healing to your heart and soul if you find yourself in bitter times. Do not extinguish these thoughts for your busy lives, for there is always time to take a moment, to sit back and look at the wonders that surround you. Open your eyes, for there is much to see within the beauty of your world. Look to the sky and the evening sun as it drops down below the horizon. See the wondrous colours and the light that shines. These many colours are as beautiful as the rainbow in the summer rain. Take in this presence that exists, for the dying of the sun at the end of the day, for darkness that comes brings fear to many. But the darkness is just a figment of the imagination, for even in the darkness there is light, and as the dawn breaks in the morning, so the light will shine and refresh your minds and bodies and you will feel alive once more.

This is the vast circle of life; it exists in everything and everyone. Your life as a human being is much the same, for there is the Winter and the Summer, and the Spring, and each season brings its own joys, its own form of teaching. But as the days in your world begin to draw in and the evening begins to cool, and the sun starts to sink, so your thoughts will turn to the day’s events. For those of the aged, the older generation, their thoughts will turn to the years before and the memories will flood in, and as it does so, they will reflect upon their lives as you would reflect upon your day. This will not be understood until your own sunset begins to fade upon your lives.

Many die young and never reach this stage, and they feel irritated and cheated at how life brought (them) pain and sorrow, yet even in this pain and sorrow there is a lesson to be learnt. But you will not be accepting of these things, and if you are fortunate to live a long life, then you will begin to see these things at the end of the day. 

And once more the sun will go down and the darkness will reign supreme, but only for a short time, for that love and light can never be extinguished and will resume once more in a glorious sunrise with the birth of new children, new life, and with the birth of the sun warming the day once more.

Do not be afraid of the hazards of life, for they have to be faced with courage. Do not obliterate your thoughts of love with selfishness and greed, be open to others and give them your thoughts of love, so they too may understand that life is a journey which all must walk at some point or another.

Time marches on and waits for no man and you must adjust and adapt to these changes, as the nature of your world changes and adapts to the climate in which it finds itself. But you are resilient if you keep your love and spirit charged with a belief that you will overcome these things of life. Therefore, the darkness will never truly envelop you, for as time marches on it will fade.

Passing on – healing from bereavement

She will pass in a time to come and there will be much anguish and sorrow, and the pains of life will be felt once more for those individuals who cherish her love. We speak in general terms, for there are many who pass, who have only lived a short life, a medium life, or perhaps a long life, and the pain and the darkness will envelop you and the tears will flow, and as the tears flow, so they wash away this anguish. 

And time moves on, and things seem to get better each and every day, (but) if you allow this pain and sorrow to envelop you and consume your lives, then you will find it difficult to adapt and change, as all must. We’re not saying that it will be easy to open that heart of love once more, but it will take courage and fortitude on your part to realise that life moves on, and those that you have lost have now been reborn to a world of light and love. As we say, you will not accept this at the time, but you must find the courage within to open that door once more and allow in the light, and once you do so, gradually life will resume once more. Your memories will never fade and they will never leave you, your torment is only short lived when once more you will rejoice in heaven at the reunion of your family.

The greater family of spirit

We speak of families as an individual unit and yet you are all of one family, you have one father and one mother in life and in spirit. And sometimes in life families break up and disperse, but it is the thought and love of your family that holds you together. And as you are born into the world of men, so you are treated in the same way, you are disconnected once more from your love of spirit, but only for a short time.

Then your bodies grow and your minds mature as you begin to open that connection once more. Even the youngest of your children are aware of the spiritual world and its presence within the physical world. They exclaim to their mothers of the presence of a loved one that they did not know, and they are told that these things are of the imagination and that they cannot be so. And so, as they grow, their minds are shut off from the world from which they came. But their love remains just the same.

You are a part of the greater family of spirit, and from the minutest organism upon your earth that lives and breathes, to the largest creature that walks your earth; and we include all the human race, you are all part of this family of spirit, and the energy that drives your bodies and your existence is that of the energy of love and of the universe.

Never forget your place upon your earth, never forget your presence is there to help others in their need and in their times of sadness and despair. Open your hearts and minds to their needs and you will help them and yourselves to a better way of existence within your world of life.

Be aware of our presence in your daily routines, look to us not as ghosts or apparitions, but as spirits that guide you, for our light shines brightly. Do not discriminate against another or against life or death, for everyone is of the same source, and of the same being of light.

Vibrations – part of the living world

We spoke of vibrations, and we do so in colours and vibrations of light and these have the same effect upon your minds and souls. They are a part of the living world that you see and it is only those who open their eyes to see these things that will realise how much a part of the universe and the living world they are. Can you not see and believe in these things? We are sure that a positive outlook will bring a positive return to each and every one of you.

Light to extinguish the dark

Do not despair at the world at this time, for it seems as if evil is reigning supreme over all things in life, but it cannot exist while the light exists. For the light, as we said, will extinguish the dark and so it is that the evil of men that the good of men will extinguish their evil thoughts.

Terror on the streets

There will be terror brought upon the streets shortly, in London and districts of other cities, for there is an organisation that will not give up. They are relentless in their actions, yet they too can be brought to heel by the love of others and the joint comradeship and fellowship of you all. They cannot win and never will.

(Michaels note: I had Winston Churchill in my mind as I spoke the next few words) 

He once said that determination will bring results and determination of love will always win.

The time has come for you all to resist this evil, to shun the dark things that are presented to you upon the net and upon your screens of vision. To encourage your children not to watch these things of dark thoughts, for they encourage a negative response. You must embrace your children and the love of each other, for you are all the children of the Lord our father and of the spirit that you are a part of.

Blessings to you all, good evening.

Intolerance will breed intolerance; love will breed to love.

PRAYER FOR PEACE – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson



My prayer for you is PEACE

And that in the STILLNESS of your heart

You will FIND ME

Your everlasting SAVIOUR

For I AM the LIGHT in your soul

And when you find the LIGHT

You not only CONNECT with me

But to the eternal SOURCE of your being

And it is when man becomes PEACEFUL

He becomes a WARRIOR

Not for the darkness, but for the LIGHT

And it is these Men and Women

Of much courage and determination

That I seek, so they may help HEAL the world

And bring PEACE into the ONENESS of all

And it is to you I bow down in GRATITUDE

For all your SPIRITUAL endeavours on Earth

You are the PEACE MAKERS

Working with the DIVINE SOURCE of all there is


Go forth and HEAL the hearts,

Of every Man, Woman and child


This is my dearest WISH now,

And forever more

Anna Marie Croxson©

Let your spirit speak to you – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It does not matter what others say to you, let your spirit speak to you, listen to that inner voice, the one that is nagging you to do something, to listen, to take heed, it is your spirit that wishes you to listen to the wisdom of the ancients.

This wise knowledge is available to all and yet so often ignored, often through ignorance of a presence that is within you. Some call this God, others may call it intuition, but it really does not matter what label is given, it is there to serve your highest good, and to support you in your hour of need.

So many of you are confused, whether to go this way or that, whether to stay or go, or are struggling to make any firm decision at all. Of course there are times when you need to hold back and review the situation, especially when there does not appear to be a clear path opening up in front of you, but there are other times when you know you have to take action, but do not because of your fear of the unknown.

Your spirit knows your life path, your spirit knows everything there is to know about you and much more, it has access to all the lifetimes you have lived and understands you much better than you do yourself.  So in times of need I would encourage you to first listen within, and debate later. I know life can be challenging, but that is what makes it so interesting, especially when you realise it’s only your perception that creates a dark cloud of depression over you.

But you must also realise that a beautiful rainbow is behind the dark cloud that so affects you, so change how you look at your current circumstances, and know for sure that change is on the way.

It is during these challenging moments that you will learn to be still and come within, and it is in the void that you will in time find the answer you are seeking.  Perhaps the answer will not come today, perhaps you will only get a little glimpse of what could be, but do not let your hurry to a solution cloud your judgement, or throw away the chance to see the illumination that you seek.

When you are immersed within the dark cloud and feel depressed, even the most sprightly spirit soul will not attempt to push through the darkness to reach you.   But if even in the midst of darkness you can see a chink of light, a flash of sunlight, concentrate on that with all your might, and watch it slowly grow bigger and bigger, obliterating the clouds in front of your very eyes.

I know this is not as easy as I make it sound, but I assure you that if you ‘speak out loud’ and are willing to hear your spirit speak to you, it will, and in no uncertain terms.  It may be at first there is just a glimmer of hope, a thought of something you had not considered before, that you could now explore, or you may get an intuitive nudge to make that call, or go see someone on the spur of the moment.

When you get the call to you must act even if you are not sure where you are going, just get in the car, or start walking   and ask to be taken to where you need to go.  You may fancy a cup of coffee and as you sit down at your table you see a friendly face in front of you, and it is that friendly soul you were meant to meet on this particular day.

Perhaps you share a similar story, perhaps you were there to comfort her, not the other way around as you first thought. Perhaps you made a great new friend that day, but you will never know unless you take the chance to listen to the still small voice that urges you out of the darkness, and into the sunlight of your dreams.

And if your dreams have been squashed, or if someone has let you down, or should another unjustly attack you, these events can all be overcome by changing your attitude.  And if you listen to the spirit within it will help you gain a new perspective.  Perhaps you were there to learn something, or perhaps you had to learn not to trust everybody at face value. So this may have been a lesson for you to ensure you do not make the same mistake in the future.

Your spirit only wishes to protect you, and knows that you must forge your own way forward. Along the way there can be some nasty bumps along the road, but it is the challenges that you face that make you much stronger than you have ever been, so see each lesson learnt as a victory, and congratulate yourself for confronting the problem head on.

It takes a brave person to know when they are wrong and admit it, and it takes a wise person to know when to speak, or not.  Watch what comes out of your mouth because once uttered those words can never be retracted, and even an apology can leave a nasty taste in the mouth.   So do not utter (or even think) bad things, even though it might be tempting in that moment to respond.  But if you do, the only person you hurt is yourself, because you are showing your vulnerability and the power that another has over you.

So decide that next time you will be stronger, knowing that you can gently extract yourself from the situation without any hurt feelings on either side, then you will have won the battle.  Later you might review the hurtful words spoken to you and wonder why the attack took place. My dearest one please understand it is not you they are attacking, it is their fear, their hurt, their feelings of shame, that prompts such an unhealthy reaction.

I know the shock of an unexpected attack can be very upsetting, but try not to let this affect you. Sit quietly and reflect, and try to release your anger by understanding the hurt and confusion the other person is feeling. It’s possible that you may have inadvertently made an innocent remark that acted as a trigger, one that could not be contained any longer, and you just happened to be in the firing line. But do not take this personally because they too are probably wondering what made them act with such disquiet and lack of respect for you.

So in every circumstance, how you perceive this or whether you feel it is good or bad is up to you. So let your soul spirit guide and comfort you especially if you are feeling confused or lost. Your person may wish to apologise by saying ‘they didn’t really mean it’ not realising the damage that has taken place, but this will always be remembered in the heart of the one who was attacked. But you must remember to acknowledge that it happened, but do not linger on it, and bless them because they maybe totally unaware of the hurt they caused you.

There are of course some occasions where an attack is calculated, and if this is the case you must terminate the relationship and not allow yourself to be placed in such a vulnerable position again. Walk away when you know that this person is toxic, but should you decide to stay, know that they will only use you as a punch bag, as the cycle of abuse repeats once more.

So is it not nice to know that you have a wise spirit inside you that can help guide you through the challenges of life? You never walk this path alone although many believe they do. But in truth, spirit is with you and they witness all your challenges as well as the joyful times, so know that your heart will heal, and will sing once more.

One day you will wake up and feel different, and you might wonder at the feeling of lightness, something that you have not experienced for a very long time. See the rainbow over your head, and know that heaven is smiling on you as it can see all beautiful blessings heading your way, ones that will change your life forever more.

Do not ever give up hope, there is always a way out, there is always another miracle on its way to you.  God is aware of everything, he asks you to have courage to believe that you are being supported in every way, and in every single day of your life forever more.

Anna Marie Croxson 17th November, 2022 ©

16-11-22 True Meaning of Love, Love as spiritual emotion, Same sex love, Fear from lack of knowledge etc

Transcript Date: 16th November 2022

Understanding the true meaning of love

Welcome my dears.

Trespass not upon others as you walk your lives, have tolerance in your hearts and think of the new beginnings to come when your bodies fade from this world and a new life starts within the realm of heaven, for each of you are welcome within this realm of light.

Expression of love from Jesus

It wasn’t so long ago that our love was expressed through our actions and our deeds, when we brought you love through the focus of one whose birth will be celebrated shortly. His love and his redemption remain the same, and he wishes to share this with you, the peoples of the world, whom he was once a part of. As you know, he was ridiculed by those in authority who could not see that his words were true, and his faith in the Lord above was paramount to him and to you all. Forthright were his words that he spoke in those times, and they remain relevant, even at this time when your world faces such turmoil and disillusionment caused by those who would ride recklessly over your existence.

The world is a different place now, where love seems to have vanished, compassion seems to have been replaced by self, and love has been replaced by the obstacles and articles of life. You must re-join this light once more within your thoughts and redeem your souls, you must replace the wants and needs that your body and mind crave, for all will be provided with what they need to survive and to move on spiritually, as was intended.

Todays mind of fear and lack of knowledge

Today’s minds and thoughts ring out with fear, fear of what may become of them, and because of their lack of knowledge in all things spiritual, they feel they have no recourse, nothing to buffer their fears and bring them peace of mind. But we are a constant within all your lives, we do not bring you fear, but bring new hope, we do not bring you disillusionment, but enlightenment if you would take our hands and lead us to your heart’s desires.

Strength from love

Families are the pillar of strength that you all must look to, that universal bond of love created within your family stemmed from that of spirit, for you are a part of the family of spirit. Your bonds of love will sustain you throughout thick and thin and through the seemingly impossible days to come. It is only love that will give you strength to continue on, there is nothing else that can replace this, but courage of your spirit and soul must be found once more and combined in a union of love, not just with that of your families, but with that of your brethren of life.

Tonight, we wish to walk you through the aspect of love, so you may see that although love can be of the physical, its main purpose is of the spiritual. The physical is nothing but a passing phase, and through the physical existence of your souls you will form this union, this bond of love, and nothing, but nothing, in the world can break this, even those who beset you with cruelty and inflict wounds upon you, that love, that silver umbilical of love cannot be broken. 

Do not defend yourselves or your reasons for love, for those who cannot feel this love will try and abrade you with their reasons for abstaining from love. They are lost souls, lost in a desert of darkness, but all who come to the light, and see the light, will be saved and given hope once more.


Sometimes there are those souls who need the guidance of others, even those who live their life at this time, and their purpose is to re-establish the light within these lost souls, their light will shine like a beam of brilliant love, and these lost souls will be drawn to this beam of love. They will be a little dubious about entering, but for those who have the purpose to help these lost souls, it will be up to you to encourage them in and give them hope, tell them that there is no fear, no redemption nor persecution for their lives, just merely a reflection of what should have been.

Sometimes we speak in riddles that some of you may not understand, and you liken us to an energy of spirit, and this energy is part of your energy and we dwell within your love, within your respect, not just for us, but for others who may be a part of your life, no matter how briefly the union is, that union of spirit is there. 

A passing hello to a stranger is all that is needed for you to communicate with that person, that soul, and they will remember many things of their life in many brief meetings such as this. They will remember if you were to be responsive and say hello, smile and greet them with your love, for love is not a figment of the imagination, but a physical essence that is felt and received with love. Sometimes this is rebuffed and you will find yourselves in a situation whereby that soul, that spirit, will not return your love, but ridicule you for your efforts. Do not ignore them, do not pass them by, but pray for them within your heart and soul, that one day they might see the light of love within their own existence.

Spirit of love is the pillar of strength

There are many things to speak of, many things to tell you about and all will be revealed in a time to come. But until that time, your lives will continue on with fears, hopes and sorrows (and these) will be many, but all the time you keep that word of God and the spirit of love within, then you will succumb to none of these pressures of life, you will be a pillar of strength, a pillar of strength that even Samson could not break, for your light is strong in the love that you hold for others.

Dreams and complexities of life

Memories of past times bring many feelings of sorrow, and the riddles of life can be complicated to even the most logical of minds. Your slide rules and calculators, and those of science cannot begin to understand the complexities of life and the spirit that is held within all creatures upon the earth. They will say that your dreams are an aspect of your day’s life reflected in your mind, replayed as a repeat to emphasise to you the story of your life. But your dreams, although sometimes are a reflection of your days, are also a reflection of your soul and spirit, and although they seem complicated and fleeting, there is much to be learnt if you sit for a while and reflect upon what you have seen and heard. 

It is the way that we communicate through your spirit and soul, to your human mind there is a link, a silver cord that keeps you forever connected with that of your higher selves, and if you do not understand the dreams or the purpose of your life, then sit for a while in the quiet and link through the thought of your mind. It is not easy, but it is up to you to open this energy centre (the crown chakra) and allow our thoughts to enter. 

Your dreams are visualisations of what could be if only you would allow it, your dreams are purposeful in many ways, and some would say that they don’t dream, that everything is a blank, but this is not so, everybody, even if you do not remember, have dreams.

World leaders and current affairs

Your world leaders express much concern at this time, not wanting to involve themselves with those of the dark that seem to torment and provoke unnecessarily. We cannot help but speak of these things, for they are the current affairs within your lives, each of you harbour a fear that perhaps one day, hell itself will be unleashed upon your world through no fault of your own. 

It is only love, compassion and understanding that will prevail and prevent these occurrences. We cannot promise you a future life of peace without pain or sorrow, without hurt, for your lives are led in an aspect of teaching, and you must learn through these experiences and then carry on this teaching throughout your existence as a spiritual being, as a soul.

Continuation of the soul

A time will come of course, when that of life will evaporate from the earth, in many, many, many millennia from now, life that once was will be forgotten, forgotten for all time. But your soul and spirit will live on, and by that time, many, many, millennia from now, we would hope that the lessons are learnt and that the souls that resided upon your planet Earth will come together to join as one pillar of light. And even if life is extinguished from your planet in that time, bear in mind that there is life throughout the many universes, and your spirit and soul, that energy that you possess, will move on and create another world in which we would hope that the lessons of this life will teach you to be a better soul, more loving, more creative in love and unity.

Man’s purpose was founded long ago in a time so distant to you now. The excitement of life overwhelmed that of man and he became independent in his thoughts and actions. His true beginnings were lost for all time, but your spirit and soul, their spirit and soul, still retain this knowledge, and it is up to you to seek this within your own selves. It can be found with persistence of love.

Do not deny us, for life was started long ago and the creation of man was no accidental, evolutionary event. It was given that you would assist in your planets growth, like the caretakers of your gardens today, you must regain this knowledge, you must begin to understand, that as the keepers of this garden of earth it is your responsibility to yourselves and for future generations, for all life upon earth, it is your responsibility to keep it safe from that of man’s desires.

A mighty task indeed, but in the union of love and companionship you can combat these things. Do not let it pass you by as if to say, “Well, there is nothing I can do to prevent these world events”, but this is not true, you each have a say on the future of your garden. The Garden of Eden was thought to be an imaginary place, but you live within that garden now, the earth was the Garden of Eden where life existed and grew unabated and evolution took place as life replaced life and brought improvements.

Love as a spiritual emotion

Your spirit and soul was given to this life, look now and see the results! Is this what you wanted for this time, or did you want a place of love where your children could grow without fear, where you can communicate with other species of life through your loving thoughts? Love is felt, not as a physical emotion, but as a spiritual emotion, you cannot hide your true feelings, no matter how hard you try, for each if you have an ability and a sense of knowing. Have you ever met somebody and for whatever reason they didn’t seem to be quite right? There was something about them that you could not fathom and you have taken a dislike. There have been times when you met others and their love reaches out and calls to you like a magnet and you are drawn to them, as a wife is drawn to a husband, and vice versa.

These are your senses at play to guide and instruct you, and this is how life continues on. You know in your heart that there are events and places in your world where your love and compassion is needed at this time, these should be uppermost within your minds, they are not disengaged from your lives, they are not separate units of beings or nations. They are of spirit and they are a part of you as you are a part of them. Would you wish to continue to see them suffer, or would you wish that your world come together in a common practice of love and compassion to assist all in need, no matter the circumstances, no matter their colour, their nation or their beliefs, this is what you should aim for, this is what your lives are intended for, to bring about this union of love and compassion. And when you do so, if you do so, then you will be rewarded tenfold with love and light and life beyond that of Earth.

Her cries can be heard as she weeps for those days when love seemed so fleeting and passed by without acknowledgement from others. Yet your spark of love became united and became one in unity of love. Times like these require a great deal of effort to overcome, and this spark of love between a man and union of woman, and between that of others who have other persuasions, should not be frowned upon, for their love is true and they are ridiculed by those of the heterosexual community, even yourself have spoken words unbecoming. 

You must all join in the union of love and you see the physical side upon earth and think that it is wrong for a man and a woman to love the same-sex, for a man to love a man, or woman to love a woman, and you ridicule them for this love, yet do you not love your son if you are man, do you not love your daughter if you are a woman, your mother and father? 

You see, that in the physical these things become obstacles and the true self, the spirit that is held inside, is not seen by some, yet in spirit there is no difference to differentiate you between the male sex and the female, there’s nothing that divides black from white, or any race that you see in the physical. For the spirit and soul that you carry is not biased, it is pure energy of love and spirit, yet it is corrupted in so many ways, so easily.

You must all learn to love one another, do not ridicule those who find love in different ways to yourself. Love is everlasting and can be fleeting, if the darkness penetrates, do not allow this to penetrate, and if you find yourselves thinking detrimental things about others then take a moment and reflect upon your thoughts, put them to one side and understand that as spiritual beings there is no difference, there is no sexual difference, there is no colour difference, you are all of the same spirit, you are all part of the creator, that which you call God.

Come now, put these assumptions aside, the assumption that they are doing wrong, because they are merely loving a fellow spirit, and perhaps in a previous existence, that fellow spirit that they see as a male, perhaps they were a couple that you would call normal, between a man and a woman, perhaps in a previous life they existed together and their love has been carried through, and they recognise through their spirit and soul that energy of love that still unites them.

Do not be narrowminded or short sighted, welcome all forms of love for all forms of love create an energy that would bring healing to the world and to yourselves, to help guide you through the darkest of times, through the events of the world to come that are not seen as yet. Evolution will bring this love and nurture it, but it is up to you to allow that love to flow and not to be obstinate in your ways, do not ridicule others for what they see love as, for true love is of the spiritual kind.

Help yourselves to a better way with love without bias, good evening. Amen.

New speaker


Persecution is rife at this time, and as the words have been spoken, do not persecute another, for you do not understand their point of view.

In your everyday lives you may subconsciously persecute another, and that fleeting thought is there but for a moment, yet that thought has an energy that reflects upon others. You can affect another’s life by your intent, and even if you do not speak the words of contempt to them, they will feel your contempt and they will not understand why you come across in this way.

Thoughts, although not part of the physical, do exist and can affect another. Therefore, it is instructive to learn about love and about how your thoughts can affect another in ways that you do not understand. You know of the pheromones of life in which attraction attracts another through an invisible sense that your bodies receive. It is the same with thought, you don’t have to say anything to bring disappointment or disillusionment to another, equally if you radiate love and smile, then these actions will fill their hearts and soul with joy, and their day would be much better from meeting you,

Lessons that you should all learn for no one is not guilty of these things. Even as you reflect upon those who bring war and terror upon others, your thoughts of love can temper these things, and it may seem impossible to you, yet this is the truth and is spoken as the truth. Do not deny yourselves the ability to share the love within your heart, for it will bring rewards to you in many ways, but if you continue to condemn others without knowing the reasons for their reasoning or their ways, then you may be in some danger of putting yourself in their place. Do not deny us these words, think about them as your daily lives pass you by, for the communion of spirit resides within you all, now and forever more and within his light and love. Amen.

New speaker

There has been much sadness this evening, put away those thoughts of sadness Michael, and your fears for the future, for all will be well, not just for you, but for all who live at this time.

The truth has been spoken, worship love within your hearts and share that love in equal amounts to others, and when you need a shoulder to cry on, look upon us, call us, and we will be there to make things seem just that little bit better.

Don’t be afraid to speak to us, for we are the spirit of love and connect with you constantly, guiding you throughout your daily lives as you commute to your work and as you commune with your families, be that family of spirit and love for ever more.


11-11-22 Message of love, New World, Abandon fear, follow paths etc

Transcript Date: 11th November 2022

Today, there has been an aspect of love for those who have fallen throughout the eons, for those who have fought for the light to live freely upon God’s earth within His creation.

Together you must stand, now at this time, to fight for your freedom of heart, to voice your independence and the union of spirit that is held within each and every one of you.

Terrible nights may follow and peace will be hard-won within the minds of many, yet they will battle on, not knowing what drives them, but knowing that the spirit of God is within them. It is their right to live in peace and harmony, as was always intended for the world.

A blister, a bubble will burst, and from it will ooze a fountain of love. Many will be astonished to see such things occur in your world, but like all things, it cannot withhold that poison within, and it must be freed to allow the goodness to heal that wound once more.

Do not feel threatened by the intention of others for your lives are precious and are held within our light. You may have experienced many things, with many terrible circumstances occurring, but you must hold strong to that deep devotion within, to the spirit of the creator, the Lord God.

Temptations are many and it is the strength of your will that will overcome these temptations of life, but you must harness that of the light and love of the universe to give you the strength to continue on against all adversity that may be set against you.

This is not the time to panic, nor despair, it is the time of change and this change will be welcomed throughout your world. Your leaders will not understand why this is occurring, those of the wealthy and plentiful will withhold their funds, for they fear for their well-being. Yet you cannot hold the wealth of the world and allow it to belong to one-man or one-woman, it must be shared, as your thoughts of love to those that surround you must be shared. And in this communion of love, this communion will vanquish those with selfish needs and dark thoughts.

A time is coming when a new world will begin, one that may contain less immorality, one that may oppose those of power and dark minds and bring in the light and love of the Lord through their beings and their very essence. Do not be afraid to fear those who would trespass against you, allow the fear to pass and hold that inner strength that you may overcome these pressures.

Dark times indeed, when men shelter from the love within and they are afraid to express their common welfare to others. It has become fashionable to ignore those of the spiritual world, of which you are all a part and from whence you all began. Your physical forms enable you to perform the tasks assigned to you, and you follow these tasks unknowingly, but you have the will to resist, and should you shut these things out, these tasks of life, then you will miss this opportunity to bring love and light to your soul. No one is forgotten, no one is passed over, even those of dark minds have an opportunity to redeem themselves in the passing of their spirit from this earthly plane.

Do not obstruct your passage, follow your path with love in your heart and deny those who would obstruct you, who have vantage over you, for they will learn in a time to come, when they will see that their purpose was not to obstruct the light of those who wish to love their brothers and sisters, but to assist and join in with that communion of spirit.

Such sad times as these have never been seen before, when men of the earth struggle to survive in adverse conditions caused by those who are short-sighted and have no aspect of love towards their fellow beings.

A change must surely come, and like all change there will be pains, growing pains. Do not be afraid to open your hearts and accept these changes, for they are there to bring openness and wisdom to your hearts. Do not neglect your fellow beings with a selfish attitude, do not become shallow in your thoughts and reject that of the light with denial of their existence, for you are a part of this light and spirit and you will become, ‘a spirit’ in a time to come.

This life that you live is a privilege, it is an opportunity for your soul’s journey to learn and to teach. And these opportunities are seldom won without pain or sacrifice, for what is pain? Pain is of your physical form, but there is also the pain of your spirit, the pain of rejection of these opportunities by your own soul. Allow the freedom of your soul to guide you through your lives, allow us, the guardians of your spirit, to intervene and help when necessary. You will not hear us with your physical abilities, but through your senses and your soul, through your mind as we speak to you, giving you guidance, giving you love.

Times are hard for many, and they feel there is no way out, that there is no shelter for them, no refuge from which to shelter from the onslaught of the world. But there is always shelter within that of God and Spirit and this shelter will provide you with strength to soldier on and to bring purpose to your spiritual self. You must not give in to these pressures, but be adamant that you will maintain a decorum of love and obliterate the thoughts of others as they scorn you.

Many are homeless at this time and their prospects seem to worsen. Assistance is always given to those who would ask, and it may not come in an obvious form or in a way expected, but it is always given, and there is always an opportunity to escape the trials of life by following the advice and these opportunities that are given. A hopeless case you may think, when you have no job and your family look to you for providing the basic needs of life. How can you find an opportunity when there is none? But there is always an opportunity to do good, to help others, even in your own time of need when the pressures seem insurmountable.

You were born a child of life and you possess the spirit of God within you. You have a path to walk and you have trials and tribulations to overcome. No matter what the circumstances, there is always an opportunity of assistance, it is up to you to open your hearts and minds and ask for these opportunities.

Times seem bleak and you despair, even at the words we speak. Why, you may ask, was I born to suffer in this way? And the answers are coming, but as we say, there is always an open door to our hearts and our guidance. Never shut off your hearts and soul from us, for there will come a time when you too must leave this earth, and everything, and all the questions you ever wanted to know about, will be answered in full, and you will understand, that your life, as harsh as it may have seemed, had purpose to develop and progress your spiritual soul and these opportunities will come again and you will freely ask to be returned, to endure other lessons of life to progress your soul.

You may wonder why you would do such a thing if you had suffered greatly in life with pain and illness, or discrimination and all the ills of life. Why on earth would you want to return? But when you are released from your life, your being, you will understand why, and you will willingly move on. You will not stagnate and your spirit will not rest, for each of you have a path to walk. And you wonder how you do not know of these things during your living years, your memory of spirit is gone, and there is purpose in this, that you may walk your life, not feeling abandoned. You cannot walk your lives without love to some degree.

(Michaels Note: It took me a while to understand this line, but basically what they are saying is that if we knew that we had come from a beautiful place to a world such as this, then we may feel as though we had been abandoned, when in actual fact we are never alone and are always loved, and this is the lesson we have to learn.)

Abandon your fears of hopelessness for light and love are always abound and around you constantly, tell them this, that life is a gift given, and should be welcomed no matter the extenuating circumstances that you may find yourself in.

There is always help and the opportunity to help others, never give up hope, never give up life.

Bless you all this evening, the truth has been spoken to share with you all.

Faith is Your Fortress – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


When are unsure of what direction to take, come into FAITH.

Having faith is your fortress, a place where you can find peace once more, because without faith, you will be lost, not only to yourself, but also to me.  I know when you are worried, and I understand why it is hard to have faith when you cannot see your way out of your situation. But I want to assure you that if you learn to participate in this routine discipline, you will always have a valuable tool at your disposal, and this will enable you to find peace in any situation.

Faith is about being present in the moment, the actual moment you are living right now, not thinking about the past or the effect you think this is having on you, but concentrate on coming into the present moment, and being grateful for all you have right now.  You cannot live in the past unless you choose to do so, as your future is unknown to you at this moment, so learn to be in the present moment.  When you can do this you will be eternally grateful for all you have, as you realise that it’s not what you don’t have, but what you DO have in this moment that is the most important.

Sometimes you concentrate on the minute details of life, struggling to understand things that in time given a chance will easily pass you by. These are only passing clouds just waiting to fade and leave you in peace, and knowing this will help you cope much better. Be grateful for the health you enjoy, even it it’s not as perfect as you might like it to be, and be thankful for the people in your life who love you. If you have animals in your life be appreciative for the unconditional love they give you.

Be thankful when it rains knowing mother earth needs this water to nourish her, and to replenish the water supply so badly needed. There is so much to be grateful for, if only you would stop and take the time to notice all the abundance around you.

When you stop running and take time out to be in your own quiet space and can control thoughts and not let what others think of you matter, then you will be well on your way to finding perfect peace within.  But without this discipline being put into place you will not achieve inner peace without a conscious effort on your part.  So when you face a problem do not panic, but sit down calmly and hand your problem over to me, then pick up the reins once more and take action what you can achieve today, and STOP worrying about tomorrow.

Do not let your subconscious thoughts rule you, and be aware of any negative thoughts or feelings that try to dominate or overshadow your day.  You are in control of what you think and feel, and also how you react to others should they wish criticise you. Remember they too maybe struggling with their own fears and doubts, and you may be surprised to know that they may see you as having it all together.

You see nobody really knows what another person is feeling deep down inside, so it is only when they have reached rock bottom that its likely their true feelings will emerge. Most of the time you may not understand the inner turmoil that others are coping with, and they may not be able to share this with you, being afraid that you might not understand.

When you realise that every human being at some point in their life will experience a whole range of emotions that can range from intense happiness to devastating grief, then you will realise that you are not alone. Each experience is unique to each person, but in your lifetime most will experience varying degrees of the similar emotions and you will only be able to share this with others in a way that honours you.

So feel compassion for the one’s that might want to make an inappropriate remark, not realising how much this might hurt you. Try not to judge anyone that seems to be acting inappropriately, because you do not know the truth of their situation, and they might not want to share their deepest grief by trying to cope with their burdens alone.

You are not the only one who may be suffering, you are not the only one who can feel alone but no one else can take this experience away from you. This is where faith comes into play, so if you are feeling are worried or have a problem, you can connect with me, and in the silence we share I can bring you comfort in your hour of need. I am already aware what is going on in your life, so you do not have to express your suffering to me, but you can ask me to help relieve your suffering.

It may be that just by asking for help you will feel the burden lift as you share you fears and concerns.  I am an open book, I will not judge you I only love you, and it can be during these difficult times that you can feel the most unloved. Now you must turn to me in your hour of need, knowing me as you do that you do need not carry this burden alone, and can spare yourself the heartache of trying to do everything under your own steam, instead of asking me to help guide you.

Ask and you will receive, so please don’t sit there sobbing on your own believing nobody loves you, because I love you and am here to support you every day of your life.  So learn to come into the stillness, and be willing to converse with me and as you do so you will start to feel some relief knowing that I am your friend, and one that will never disclose your inner feelings to anyone else.

Many humans do not trust each other, so if you have gained full trust in a relationship this is very precious.  You can trust me with all your worries and concerns, especially when the road ahead seems uncertain and you are not sure of the next step. This is when you need to tune into your intuition and let your gut feelings guide you, but extreme worry and fear can make it difficult for you to think calmly, so and now you must learn how to move out of fear and into FAITH.

It is by demonstrating to others that you having hope and faith in the unknown, and are trusting in God for the best outcome. But they may be feeling fearful on your behalf because they love and care for you, they may find this situation challenging to witness the degree of faith that you show so clearly.

Many will challenge you, as they may not understand how you can be so calm whilst appearing to dealing with such dire consequences. So I wonder what you answer might be? Would it be that you will explain that you have full trust in me as your Father God, or would you state that you know that I have a plan for your life, and that you trust me enough to show this to you at the appropriate time?

Whatever your response is your words will be appropriate, correct, and true. Being able to demonstrate your faith is the most powerful and effective way to show others what it means to have faith. So they can observe and learn from your example, as well as being witness to the many miracles that have appeared into your life, the ones you prophesied that would appear in such perfect divine timing.

Anna Marie Croxson 1st November, 2022 ©

God, Guide me to my highest good – channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It is music to my ears when I hear someone ask me this question, because then I know that they truly wish to follow my guidance and the divine plan I have for their life.  This takes a lot of courage and requires a loving heart, an open mind, and the courage to act and take the honoured path of least resistance.

This shows me that this person is coming out of their ego and into their heart, and wishing to follow divine guidance so they may fulfil their mission. To have the willingness to hear my words, even if these are not ones they want to hear but through their acceptance of my wisdom they are willing to take the next step presented, knowing it is for their highest good.

To open their heart so courageously and listen to the wisdom of divine source shows me that this person has evolved to a state of grace, acceptance, and profound wisdom.  This does not happen overnight and many a dark night of the soul has been experienced, that has brought them to a point in their lives when they are fully committed and listen to the guidance that comes to assist them

Now many opportunities will be open to you, we will present you with the best option that is suited for you at this particular stage of your journey.  Sometimes when this happens you may become concerned because you cannot see a clear way forward, and it might be that your faith in God is tested during this time of change.

Also there may be other people around you who are being negative and might try to stop you from expanding and growing. They may resent you for being so brave, open and willing to take the next step in true faith. You must understand that when you are in this position of trust, you might push the buttons of others, who cannot share the same level of faith that you have achieved by your own dedication.

This situation may come to a head and you might find that it is time to walk away, as the negative energies being directed to you are overriding all your natural feelings of joy and anticipation, and can pull you down into a mire not of your own making.   There are only so many negative vibes that you can stand, so knowing when a relationship has ended, or needs to be ended is very important, so it will not hinder your growth and future potential.

So when you ask me to open a door for you, so you can step forward onto your new path, do not be surprised if this happens quickly, and perhaps not quite in the form you expected.  Now it is time to be flexible and open-minded, and be willing to take a risk not quite knowing where you are going. This is the path of faith, faith in me knowing that I only have your best interests at heart, and it is your inner belief that will squash any negative thoughts that might try creep in.

I only send you angels, and the angels will help you take the next step in your evolution. So trust me knowing that as long as you stay open minded to all possibilities, I will assist you. It is only when you are in resistance and determined to have your own way that you can block the goodness and mercy that wants to come to you.

So the trick is to know that you will not always have the complete picture until the time is right. I can see far in advance, and will in good timing bring you the result that you are seeking. You might have to face is that this may not appear in the form you thought it would, but that is no bad thing. Just trust me during this time, as this will allow the road to open up before you in a magical way, ways that you never have imagined might be possible.

Trust me with your life, trust me with your finances, for I know exactly what you need, and always trust me to deliver the ultimate plan that will serve your highest purpose. The beautiful plan you have in mind has come to you direct from the spiritual force that has guided you since birth. If you would look back on your journey, the twists and turns, the situations that did not work out, as you now realise these events led you to experience a beautiful unfolding of your spiritual gifts.  So know that all chapters completed, and as all challengers were overcome, now all rewards you receiving are in my name.

So do not worry about new events that are unfolding in front of your eyes as we speak, but be as a little child and put your hand in mind as we take the next step of your journey. And as we walk hand in hand, you and I talking over your options, whilst enjoying the friendship of like-minded souls who love being in each other’s company.

When you see me as your Father/God, a father who looks over you in a similar way that your own dear Father did, and see me the God force that has been overseeing your life from the day you were born, and will do so until the day you wish to depart.

So now I would like to ask you some important questions. Where do you think you are on your time line at this very moment? Are you feeling excited or discouraged? Are you allowing your heart to take you to the next stage? Or are you still listening to others who wish to control you.

I think you already know the answer, because you have already demonstrated to me that you are open to new ideas, as well as a new challenge.  But I wish to reassure you that the next stage of your journey will be much easier than in the past, much more fun, and with buckets full of love thrown in for good measure.   The rewards for being so dedicated to spirit will overflow to you in so many ways, more than you could ever imagine.  Now I only want you to expect the very best as you truly deserve all the riches that God can bestow upon you.

My dearest child you have earned this so expect an abundance of love and comfort to come your way. You deserve to become the best that you can be in my name, and in my name only. So enjoy the journey, as it is taking you to the next level of awareness where you will use your amazing natural gifts that were given to you by God.

Don’t listen to the ones who wish to pull you down, or who tell you to be sensible, and not to daydream.  Of course be sensible, but allow yourself to day dream in the same way you did as a child, believing that all your dreams would come true. And they will and this I promise, I will only provide all you need that will support your highest good, so you can fulfil the mission that has been given you.

Believe that anything is possible with our assistance, and in the goodness and mercy of the divine plan we have set before you and know that we are supporting you and encouraging you every inch of the way. This is where faith comes into play as you listen to our words, and have enough faith to take the next step as you evolve by having no fear, but only feeling joy and wonderment as you watch the magic appear.

Wonderful times are ahead, the wonder of which you might find hard to behold, but behold it you will.  At first you might think you have dreamt the reality you now stand in, but I assure you it is real as it is to me. Heaven on earth, and blessing upon blessing will rain down upon you, and no one could deserve this more, our most beloved and blessed servant of the light.

Anna Marie Croxson 2nd November, 2022©

Divine Attraction (Old Souls Reunion) channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It is true that many old souls will be reuniting with their beloveds, and yet I feel that many of you do not see a way in which this might happen. I am here to assure you that this reunion is a possibility, even though I know many will doubt my words, and some might want to reject the one that loves them the most.

‘Surely not’ I hear you say. Once bitten, twice shy and some of you will not be ready, or willing to take the risk of being hurt once more.  But I wish to alert you the possibility that this time around it might a very different type of love.

Both of you in your separation have grown into very different people, and some are more spiritually aware and more defined and confident now about their life and purpose.

So know that the ties that bind you together is at a much higher level of existence, and so you will be able to create a magical and magnetic attraction, but it will be up to you whether you wish to consider this soul contract renewal.   Some of you will never ever forget what they consider to be a betrayal, but others will be more open minded and forgiving, particularly if they feel that what happened was from a lack of maturity, rather than any wish to hurt the other person.

Whatever your viewpoint, I am speaking these words today to warn you that it is possible that your soul counterpart may seek a reunion, may seek your forgiveness, and may ask you to understand why they acted in a particular way.  It may be may be hard for you to understand why they went into another relationship, or why they moved out of your vicinity so stopping any contact.

Have you considered that they might have found the whole situation too painful and decided to run away?  Not really understanding or knowing what to do next. You might only see the situation from your own perspective, but I would urge you if confronted, to hear them out, and give them the time of day to explain their side of the story. You might hear something that will help you understand more clearly, and so feel able to forgive them for the past actions, which at the time you felt were hurtful and uncaring.

You must realise that very rarely is another person’s pain understood, you have not walked in that person’s shoes, you have not had the same childhood experiences, you do not know what they really think and feel because so many put up a mask to hide the pain they are feeling.  Their pain has nothing to do with you or what you did, but you might inadvertently through the attraction that was between you both, have instigated a fear of them being hurt.   When a magnetic passion between two people is that strong it can cause fear, because of strength of the emotion felt at that time.

This can cause conflict between both parties, both wondering what they should do, and feeling confused about this sudden feeling for another who seems so familiar to them, and yet they have only just met.  Sometimes these meetings come at a time when one of them is going through a crisis, and this can bring even more fear and confusion into what appears a chaotic and challenging situation.

But I wish to reassure you that you were meant to meet at that time because you are old souls that have live together in another lifetime, and that it why there was an instant recognition of your twin flame, even when this meeting came out of the blue and turned your life upside down by what you felt was a chance meeting.

This was no chance meeting as it was two souls who were meant to meet again to conclude outstanding business from a previous life. The fact that the union did not work out at the first reunion is of no matter. But what matters now is that you recognise the importance of this meeting, and are now willing to give this union a second chance.

There might have been a very good reason why the first reunion did not work out. It may well be that you thought the odds were stacked against you. And yet if you had both listened to your hearts and acknowledged your true feelings openly to each other, the outcome might have been very different.

All is not lost as now you have a chance to re-open your heart but this time with compassion, an open mind, and being prepared to listen without judgement to what your beloved wishes to say to you. You might be very surprised to hear that he/she has never been able to forget you, despite what happened, despite circumstances that seemed to confirm that you had lost this person forever.

But I assure you that as a twin flame soul union, you are never lost to each other even through death. This deep soul union is intact as the cord that lies between you, and can never ever be broken, as you both recognised the twin flame   that stood before you.  But you must also be aware that you both have free will and you can turn your back if you are not willing to hear their side of the story, but would it not be fairer to at least hear them out, rather than lose the love of your life?   This choice is entirely yours, but I can assure you that even if you should dismiss this opportunity in this lifetime, it will present itself again because the magnetic link is always present, even if you live miles apart or time and distance separates you, you will never lose the connection that binds you together.

There is also another aspect to this situation I would like you to consider as many assume that this will be a romantic relationship, but there is another element to this partnership that you need to be aware of.   Twin flames are often brought back together for a specific spiritual purpose. Together they can become a power of love and light as they support each at a very high energetic level of spiritual awareness.

When this occurs these two people are brought together to serve God’s purpose, and when they both understand this, then the union is complete. But when they first met it may be that one of you did not understand the complexities of the union, nor the responsibilities that this involved, and therefore did not give the union a chance to thrive.

Inevitably this union is often highly sexually charged and initially the feelings they have for one another override anything else. This often makes for further confusion, but this is an important part of the relationship as it offers the chance to establish a balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energy. This is a very powerful healing spiritual energy that will help them spread their loving magical blessings to everyone they meet.

They can become a couple of great power, God’s power, and will often find themselves uniting in a joint life purpose that has been planned for a very long time. But unless they give their personal relationship a chance to thrive, they will not discover their individual and joint life purpose that they were meant to live in this lifetime.

This is why I am asking you to reconsider the possibility of a beautiful twin flame reunion, knowing that I have set this up so you might both meet again to fulfil the purpose I will set before you.   It is possible that one of you is already quite spiritually evolved, and will intuitively understand what I am saying, so they can be instrumental in guiding their beloved through their own spiritual awakening to the truth of who they are.

For those who are awakened and open-minded this can be a very joyful and fulfilling experience, and one that will give both parties a chance to evolve and mature into the spiritual warriors they were meant to become.  The power of love in this beautiful reunion is so profound that they will wonder how they ever thought of renouncing the relationship in the past.

The twin flame will always honour and see the beauty of their counterpart that stands before them, as they both realise that they were brought together by God for this specific purpose. This is why I ask you to reflect on these words hoping it will give you both a different perspective and fuller understanding of how important this relationship is.

The powerful emotions that you feel for each other will be transformed into a powerful love that you will share with others.  You will open people’s hearts to love, you will be their confidants in times of trouble, and you will demonstrate the joy of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies by being in perfect balance.   And it will be this example of love that will empower others to live and learn to love in a similar way, so they too may understand the powerful force of God’s love for his people on Earth.

Anna Marie Croxson 28th October, 2022©