05-07-16 Parkinson’s Disease, Ancient Remedies etc


Welcome James.

A massive outcry is to be expected before the coming of the Lord, let he who denounces Him understand that they will attract those of the negative acts on the net, creating a situation upon which there is no return for the black (negative) hearts are many within this world. Continue in your work bringing the light into the life of those who would hear your words and remark on their content, for it is healthy to have an opinion and to exercise your minds right to question those things of the Earth and that which lies beyond.

Our purpose is to bring forth the words to the many of your world in the hope that they will succumb to the light before their time is done. You have the knowledge to bring about change in this world, your masters will recognise the adverts of inspiration that you bring forth into the world, from the world of light. Continue reading “05-07-16 Parkinson’s Disease, Ancient Remedies etc”

03.07.16 – Crop Circle, Prince Harry and more


Welcome James.

Tonight we will give a sermon of love and respect to all who follow the light in the name of the Lord. Make it a practice to give thanks for each and every day. May His presence make you aware of His love and being to bring about your purpose of need and aspirations. A feeling to cleanse your mind, filling it with thoughts of love and joy, never regretting the path that you have chosen.

As we walk together upon the road of life my son, never let it be said that we didn’t achieve anything, as we have achieved so much to bring you these messages of joy, and wisdom to those who would otherwise have had their eyes closed to bring about a purpose of love, mandatory love.

You must exercise your will in the fragrance and the scent of Lavender. Continue reading “03.07.16 – Crop Circle, Prince Harry and more”

29.06.16 – Channelled Message by Guest Member

Channelling 29/6/16

Time is of the essence, seek out solace in a dark world. Leaders come and go but the truth remains. You all lead by example, no one is better, stronger, more capable. Let the people voice their opinions, power to the people is what’s occurring now. No need to sit in silence, nothing can remain the unsaid. We see the current crisis your population has spoken, yes it’s divided but views are being aired at last. Expect the unexpected is still occurring. Let your voice be heard, you all count. Power is shifting, no longer will you all be herded and ruled by fear. The truth remains stronger. Everything is coming to light for all to see. People show their true colours now (not always for the good of all). Mankind has to face his or her own challenges, issues, as well as embrace their talents and gifts fully. Wheels have been set in motion, tides are turning. All you can do is ride the waves, some ride the storms. Your fate is sealed by your thoughts, words, and deeds. The chance for unification is prevalent. Honour, respect and equality must lead the winds of change. Testing times are an opportunity for growth, so hold fast and trust, keep the faith.  Continue reading “29.06.16 – Channelled Message by Guest Member”

28.06.16 Brexit Protests, Spirit Rescue etc


Rome was not built in a day, a week, month or year. It was built on the foundation of slavery and greed, persecution, retribution and the sins that were committed therein were not of the Lords standing. That city of Rome that so many aspire to visit, it was where so much suffering was held within its walls, that even today it continues to radiate a mark of the men of violence who fought and swore an oath of allegiance to the Emperor Aurelius (NOTE: in the recording I said Alegus as I struggled with the pronunciation. This is the closest I can compare it with – Marcus Aurelius.)

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26.06.16 Blood Diamonds, False Prophet etc


Greetings my friends.

Welcome to our world, that which lays beyond in the passage of time within your life that is filled with purpose and need.

Be honest with yourself, with your emotions and focus as we supersede your thoughts in a franchise (contract) to bring peace to men’s minds who would read these words and thoughts.

Frankincense and Myrrh were thought of as precious gifts of love to Him who comes before the dawning of the light. You know His name as the Lord. He brings lessons to free the world. We have traveled many years in the hope that we are able to reconcile our differences with men of the Earth, for we are of the heavens above. Our point of view is that of reconciliation, peace and joy to restore your planets wonders and meaningful purpose as it was intended. Continue reading “26.06.16 Blood Diamonds, False Prophet etc”

23.06.16 Before our time, Oppenheimer etc

Welcome James and friends.

Cast your mind back since before time, when the Earth evolved from the rubble of the universe to bring a purpose of life to evolve upon its surface. It spun as the star spins today, blasting out its light, notifying the universe of its presence and its life. From this young planet evolved many species, many civilisations erupted from the bowels of the Earth bringing wonders and achievements that would so astound the scholar of today. Their minds boggle at the workmanship that was cast upon the Earth. The scholars, they read the books, pages filled with words that were written so long ago. They have embarked upon a mission to understand the universe and its milliwaves. (NOTE: We have no such word as milliwaves, but maybe we can interpret it as invisible energy that we cannot see or measure)

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Message from an ET

THIS IS NOT ONE OF OUR CHANNELS MESSAGES – however it is on the same lines and we felt it worthy of sharing.

I have originally stumbled across this message from this web site: Message from an ET

Having searched a little more for verification I discovered that the message seems to have originated in 2003 Further Information

The message can also be listened to with the addition of interesting film clips:  Film of the Message

The original source of this information appears to be by Mr. Jean Ederman, now 49, of France, who evidently works in the field of aviation.  Continue reading “Message from an ET”

21.06.16 – Arcturian Wisdom, Europe etc


Problems, problems.  Your focus upon man and Earth have a purpose and meaning of intent to watch over those of your fellow beings with a passion and love as comparable to anyone who would sit within these walls of light.  Your heart is strong and has a purpose to fulfil the mission that was set before you many eons ago.  Continue upon your path my son, as we walk with you at a stride with purpose and focus to demonstrate our willingness to act as emissaries of the light.  Clear your mind and focus upon the words as they flow like the waters of time, commence your journey on the path of many words.

It is a maze from which man must seek his own destiny and bring about a purpose of his mind, it was once said “The man who walks the path alone is the man that is a stranger to himself.”  The moral of this story is simple in truth, to be part of the world around you, to involve their hearts and minds with a purpose to bring love and joy throughout the lands of Eden.  Continue reading “21.06.16 – Arcturian Wisdom, Europe etc”

Channeling from A.A. Raphael 20.06.16

The following message has been channeled by another friend of the Cornish meditation circle…..

Channeling from Archangel Raphael on the Summer Solstice. 20/06/16

Roses are blooming, its your time to bloom. Time is of the essence so Go for it! Your heart’s desire calls you forward to dance to the rhythm of nature. It is nature ‘s heart beat, why wait? Push forward all endeavours. Ask and it shall be given, we want you to succeed and proceed. It is a new time ‘prime time’ so use it wisely, lead by example, as you give so earth/Gaia takes. Please help, do your calling. We need you to rally to the cause. Time is of the essence now – no time to waste, don’t look back, don’t hold back, just go for it (no time for fear). Just do what you want to do, don’t wait, don’t hesitate! Continue reading “Channeling from A.A. Raphael 20.06.16”

19.06.16 Arcturians, Co-Ordinates etc

Welcome James,

Come to learn, come closer my friend and let us interact.

Possibilities for a peace are given to your world of love and light, bring about a purpose of joy within men’s hearts and minds, allow them to judge the visions and the sounds of our voices within your world tonight, for we are of the light bringing a love and a joy for the purpose to all those who would listen with an objective view changing their ways.

We have come on a mission of love and a mercy this evening to enlighten you and your followers of the words of Abraham as he sits in His Heaven watching over those with tender thoughts of love and prayer, for His purpose is of need and a gratitude to those who worship Him on High. Never before has there been such an outcry within Heaven for a peace upon your earth, for all men deserve a life free of sin and filled with purpose. Continue reading “19.06.16 Arcturians, Co-Ordinates etc”