‘Testament to a New Dawn’ Volumes One, Two and Three, featuring the transcripts of 2015 to 2021 now available to buy from Amazon and Waterstones.

We appreciate your support, this project has been totally self-funded by Michael Champion. All proceeds will be invested straight back into publishing future volumes for the benefit of humankind.



Love in its purest form is vital if humankind is to transcend its current environmental, political and health issues. ‘The Book of Love’ is packed with invaluable guidance, philosophy and prophecies for anyone seeking spiritual progression and an aid to steer them through current turbulent times.

This volume contains transcripts of recorded messages received from Ascended Masters, E.T. envoys and other beings of light, during light trance, by Michael Champion.

Some predictions within the transcripts have already occurred during the compilation of this book, others are yet to be fulfilled (e.g. Covid 19 was predicted in November 2017).


“As your world culminates in this time, the truth will be heard, as we have remarked before. You may call it ‘The End of Days’, but we call it the ‘New Beginning’ and in your words: ‘A Testament to a New Dawn’ to come. Be guided, not by your fears, but by the light that shines within you and others.”

 The message is strong, humanity must awaken to the realisation that major change is inevitable, we are urged to notice the peaceful inner guidance within ourselves in order to progress.

‘Time of Revelation’ is packed with guidance and prophecy, transcribed from trance (telepathic) communications with ‘Beings of Light’ and Envoys from other realms and dimensions, in addition to some well know names and friends from spirit. These beings are reaching out to us with a growing sense of urgency, we must change, but their help will not be forthcoming unless we allow it.

This volume contains topical information that impacts on all of our lives including, environmental issues, Coronavirus, understanding energy, healing, mathematical formulations, crop circles, philosophy and guidance towards our own true ‘awakening’.

The book offers us significant reasons for our personal and collective suffering and the importance of knowing that we are not separated from the eternal web of life, love and consciousness, that we may call God.

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