12.06.16 – Tree Planting, Orlando etc


Welcome friends.

Troubled minds bear witness to the events which have occurred throughout your world in the past trimester (three months).

Purpose your mind upon the light that gives life and love and peace to man.

Welcome James.

We have purpose for your mind this evening, to focus upon the many of your Earth who at this time suffer in many ways, unable to bring purpose to their lives through the torment they suffer. Why is it that man needs to control man? Why can’t they just be content to live their lives with purpose?

We of the light will embark upon a mission far beyond your understanding in the coming days and weeks of your year. Continue reading “12.06.16 – Tree Planting, Orlando etc”


05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc


(NOTE: We asked if it might be possible for the identity of the beings who give the messages to be revealed, their reply seems to be within this evenings transcript!)

Puzzles of your mind are like pieces scattered within the cosmos. As you seek out the pictures, and the pieces of the pictures to put them together, so your minds will come to an understanding that a purpose far beyond your expectations have your need for us. Our wisdom is generated by the dove (NOTE: dove is symbolic of peace) that shines from your hearts and the wisdom of your minds. Compel us not to be your burden for we are of love, intent on the minds of defiance. Question your abilities with life my son, there are many words of wisdom that can betray your thoughts of mind. Continue reading “05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc”