A theory regarding message of 11th October 2016 and 25th October

Regarding message of 11th October 2016

I have attempted a possible theory to try and understand following paragraph given to us by our ET friends containing mathematical equations.

“2×2+4 = 6, in an equation of mass far beyond your understanding, the algorithms needed to assess this sum are as follows: 2-4=6 tricky you think, but not if you understand that the four equals proportions that are equal to whole. An equation of binary code will also be a part which follows a sequence of numbers, 11 01 10 10 01 to (or 2) a mathematical equation of figures. Combine these numbers to form the answers are needed. Your minds will need focus.” Continue reading “A theory regarding message of 11th October 2016 and 25th October”


11-10-16 U.S. Election,Binary Codes,Words of Wisdom etc

11th October 2016

Of wisdom and the light you are. Your being exercises the fragile truths between the life of men and that of spirit and of God. Welcome to the world of light as we take you on a journey, a splendid memory of many past regressions. For your journeys have been great to bring you to this point in this time. It is not just the medium who has stepped on this earth once before, but all who read the words and listen to the wisdom held within.

Know the truth of their being, for they can no longer hide the truth from themselves.

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