04-12-17 Message from an E.T. Guide, Beings at the Poles, Columbus, Capability Brown, Season of Joy etc

Transcript 4th December 2017

Let it be said, that man was once a blessed creature of the earth. His path has been led with torment, mistrusting and not understanding the being that he truly is. Let yourselves be of focus this evening, bring change to those who have no heart or compassion for those of love, for they exist in your darkest regions. Their bounty is not love, but that of hate and misunderstanding, but it is your duty to bring them the knowledge of the universe. That ever knowing knowledge that can be accessed through the thoughts of your mind’s. Continue reading “04-12-17 Message from an E.T. Guide, Beings at the Poles, Columbus, Capability Brown, Season of Joy etc”


17.11.16 Alien Abductions, Bible Passages, Arcturian Messages etc

17th November 2016

It came as a sudden shock to me that I passed at that moment in time to the heavens above. I was a man, a mere mortal who had denounced the saviour for my life of unworthiness, but I came to know and respect him as the saviour of mankind. My heart and my thoughts are with purpose now, as I am being guided by those angels of life and love.

It was well documented that I was once a tyrant amongst men. My life was popularised by many authors and their books, giving my name and priesthood a majesty that it did not deserve. Continue reading “17.11.16 Alien Abductions, Bible Passages, Arcturian Messages etc”

07-07-16 Chilcot Report, Alien Abductions, Terrorism etc


Tremendous amounts of pressure will be placed upon your shoulders and a responsibility of knowing your place in this world my son, let us take the opportunity to bring a measure of comfort to you in the knowledge that we surround you, caring for you, watching over you as you move towards your end goal. Your purpose has meaning to many lives.

Welcome James.

They watch you, some with envy, but there is no need as you all are part of the masters plan. Truly the novelty to bring messages from this side of life has worked wonders in your world of life, for it is no longer a novelty but a practice of will and trust, and through your guardians. We manifest our feelings through you to relay messages, upon which others will come to learn the righteous ways that their paths should take.

You were an example of devotion to spirit, not mitigating your circumstances by the influence of cash, nor him of a serious nature to bring the messages of the past and present to the fore.
( AUTHORS NOTE : Again I am told of my past life as H.B. Champion and his friend and biographer Rev. Jesse Babcock Ferguson, A.M., LL.D., Further information) Continue reading “07-07-16 Chilcot Report, Alien Abductions, Terrorism etc”