19.06.16 Arcturians, Co-Ordinates etc

Welcome James,

Come to learn, come closer my friend and let us interact.

Possibilities for a peace are given to your world of love and light, bring about a purpose of joy within men’s hearts and minds, allow them to judge the visions and the sounds of our voices within your world tonight, for we are of the light bringing a love and a joy for the purpose to all those who would listen with an objective view changing their ways.

We have come on a mission of love and a mercy this evening to enlighten you and your followers of the words of Abraham as he sits in His Heaven watching over those with tender thoughts of love and prayer, for His purpose is of need and a gratitude to those who worship Him on High. Never before has there been such an outcry within Heaven for a peace upon your earth, for all men deserve a life free of sin and filled with purpose. Continue reading “19.06.16 Arcturians, Co-Ordinates etc”

07.06.16 Trigonometry, A New Contact etc


Tonight’s guides were John, James.

X marks the spot, his deliverance in the outcome will have purposeful meaning to all. (NOTE: I think we may be safe to presume this is referring to the forthcoming referendum)

Your lives are expendable my son, to those who think their will is all that matters, they have no compassion or understanding of the light held within each soul, each life. Your understanding and will to serve is welcome to see, by us the Arcturians. The members of the race, for all to see as your world spins upon its axis.

We commence with our task to enlighten your world with psalms that praise, with thoughts of love, as we guide your hand through the dark realms that besiege your world at this time. Allow your mind to empty and let us extinguish the thoughts of fear. Continue reading “07.06.16 Trigonometry, A New Contact etc”

05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc


(NOTE: We asked if it might be possible for the identity of the beings who give the messages to be revealed, their reply seems to be within this evenings transcript!)

Puzzles of your mind are like pieces scattered within the cosmos. As you seek out the pictures, and the pieces of the pictures to put them together, so your minds will come to an understanding that a purpose far beyond your expectations have your need for us. Our wisdom is generated by the dove (NOTE: dove is symbolic of peace) that shines from your hearts and the wisdom of your minds. Compel us not to be your burden for we are of love, intent on the minds of defiance. Question your abilities with life my son, there are many words of wisdom that can betray your thoughts of mind. Continue reading “05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc”

31.05.16 The Arcturians, Animals etc


Broken hearts and dreams are many in your world of troubles, despair, anguish they scream out into the night, fear us not for we have come bearing greetings and love.

Needless to say we are pleased with the progress and the continuing work to enlighten mans mind to our purpose and need. Into your souls the purpose, a combination of will is required to achieve a satisfactory conclusion as we approach your earth. We will transmit utterances of respect to those of the light. We need your complete willingness to serve His purpose of light, for we bring a measure of goodwill and comfort to your planet. We know of circumstances surrounding issues of war, their reasons are given as excuses to battle those who would disrespect the Lord and His people. ( evp ” Roland ” ) (AUTHORS NOTE: EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena heard on the recording, I believe this link may be Roland )

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29.05.16 – Disclosure, The Congo, etc


Frequently we have asked for man’s co-operation to connect with the universe of light and love for the purposes of love and goodwill to all men. We have seen these past days many things that trouble us in the universe, yours is but a small insignificant troubled world, you cannot imagine the vastness of time and space, how old the galaxies are that you occupy.

Our task this evening is to you, a message of hope to your nations.

We are told that man has fortitude and will to see through those days upon which men of war hurt each other, catastrophes are looming in the regions of the far South. Before the year is out, a new dawn will begin for some, for others it will end. But rest assured that all will receive an awakening of sorts.

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18.05.16 Arcturians, Flight MS804 etc


Welcome James and the spirit of light.

Masquerades of people in power who don’t understand the needs of the nations of the Earth, they protect false profits as they clamour for the spoils of the Earth, their purposes and need are of the dark, their will is strong and ramifications will felt by them throughout the world.  (NOTE: Definition of masquerade to a cover up, to hide or pretend to be something you are not.)

Peace will come to the hearts of those who would listen to the words of the elders of the light.  We are the ones to vanquish the evil of corruption that sit in the seats of power within your nations.  Consequently we aspire to reach your men of wisdom, for knowing their knowledge will fill the hearts of man with the blessings of the Lord.  Through eternal strife man will find peace.

Mans heart is open to many influences of the negative, he must control his emotions in times of pressure, as the Fahrenheit (NOTE: temperature or heat!) rises in the East, to the West, temperaments will grow and reach a point of no return.  To us this is not a situation that we will tolerate, come with us now for a journey of love, speak your mind to those who would listen to sense and who have purpose in their lives, that is to say they follow the light with need and joy, knowing that prospects of new beginnings will bring peace amongst your people’s of the Earth.
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26-04-16 (Mother Teresa and Others)

Tolerance and ignorance, they are a combination at odds with each other. So what is it then that makes man so blind that he cannot see his way through the forests of love, why does he speak ill of those past for they cannot answer? His wisdom is of no consequence to the higher vibrations which pass through you this evening, concern yourself not with the thoughts of others, for they are as children looking to the master for guidance and reassurance in these turbulent times in your world of matter.

Be not afraid as we gather around you to stress on a point of view for those of the Earth.

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19-04-16 (Earthquakes and Arcturians)

Welcome James and friends.

You speak of peace, love, and honour for the righteous path which you walk to fulfil your purpose before the life of man. Complex your thoughts (‘welcome Peter’) to the outrageous memories of those of ill will, their path is in the dark, to their end they will march as blind men never seeing the light, never knowing the love that shines within. God radiates in all men who walk the Earth for he is a part of each and every man upon the earth.

We neglected to speak of other memories of the past before you, let us begin the evening with worship to the God of the light in the heavens. Many times we have spoken through men of the Earth to warn of the dangers of times to come, never heeding the words that are sent, for his biological path overrules his mind, when it fades within awaken your light with love, honour, respect.

Go to your tasks knowing that we are of the world beyond yours, our masters by which your world was formed millennium ago.

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