06-11-18 The EU, Teachings of Jesus, Visitations, Message for the Young

Transcript 6th November 2018

Gratified we are that your practice continues in your bespoke ways. Let it not be said that those who follow the light do so in desperation, or for want of need, for there is a path for all to be joined in harmony, in peace.

Bring blessings to those this evening who seek sanctuary within the aisles and avenues of the church.

It has been a long time since we have seen many focus upon their path, but still we have hope.

Many generations within your world are lost and feel that they are without hope this evening, for they cannot see a way to master their lives and become one with a practice of goodwill and humour to others. They seek their answers through the media of your life, hoping to bring practice to many, and hope to their hearts as they shine their light within the avenues of spiritualism. Continue reading “06-11-18 The EU, Teachings of Jesus, Visitations, Message for the Young”


11-09-16 NASA, Dakota Pipeline, Rocket Ship etc

11th September 2016

With my heart and voice, sing out to those who have at this time, voids within their life. Sing out the praises of him on high, our father who sits in heaven. The Almighty God watches over us all as he brings us salvation to carry us from a bitter end by man’s own doing. Blessings to those who read these words with the mind of love and a practice for the welfare of their kin.

Please join us this evening as we accumulate the minds of the speakers who would give you lessons in life. Focus your mind in a way of love and light to bring purpose to your being. Many times we have come to speak, to bring news of future events that may affect your world of life. We have not come to bring fear into the hearts of men, but to bring the joy of love and knowledge of the master who joins us in this trimester. Allow us to intercede and integrate with your mind and body, to allow us the freedom of speech to those of your world who would listen intently at the words of the creator. Continue reading “11-09-16 NASA, Dakota Pipeline, Rocket Ship etc”