30-10-18 The Balance of Life, Shadow Selves, A Hurricane etc

Transcript 30th October 2018

Gestures will be brought forth this evening as we look upon you within this house.

Glad tidings are brought to the many who persevere their lives through the sick and continued troubles that would sway their course. Their neglect of the light is never far from their path, yet they inspire others to focus upon the words and the lessons given.

Tonight we would wish to bring joy to those who would humour us with their love, bring joy to our hearts as they listen and read the words given, and be blessed in the knowledge that the truth will be open and honest. It is unfair to regard us as beings of another life or world, for we are the same as you. Continue reading “30-10-18 The Balance of Life, Shadow Selves, A Hurricane etc”


12-09-18 Trance Session with 16 Friends in Cornwall – Angels, Trigonometry and a Monk

Trance Session in Cornwall – 12th September 2018
Witnessed by 16 friends.

Aspects of love are drawn together this evening, and we will speak to you as members of Earth and spirit. Bring your thoughts to focus together and help us to intercede with your lives in ways misunderstood by many. We are the beings of light, and we come this evening with many aspirations of your planet. We have hope for you and bring you messages of love, and commune with you through our being. Bring us not displeasure and thoughts of ill will, but in hope and love and joy, we can help the many if they were to open their minds and hearts to the many things and aspects of life that are far beyond your comprehension this day.

There is much help needed throughout the planet of man, and we can assure you that the many will be granted peace this evening as they cross the barrier of life to another place beyond yours. It is commonplace among your people to say that no such thing exists beyond the realm of life. We would like to assure you that many things of light exist within your life and around you constantly, you are part of a great being of existence, and are not uncommon throughout your universe or amongst others. Continue reading “12-09-18 Trance Session with 16 Friends in Cornwall – Angels, Trigonometry and a Monk”

10-07-18 William Wordsworth, Churchill, Intuition, Balance of Life, Truth etc

Transcript 10th July 2018

Accompany your thoughts today, not only with the pleasures of the visual of life, but that which lies deep within your heart and soul. For your purposes are true, and your coming together was forecast long ago, before time began.

How is this even possible, you may enquire? Well, we have seen many things of your future, and we know of your past. Believe this when we tell you this, that all possibilities exist within the realm of life in spirit.

Hearken to these words from a master who once roamed your earth. He was a poet by name, Wordsworth, and he brought many a tear to an eye through his extreme thoughts and indignities even, but he was a masterful, orchestral person with words. Continue reading “10-07-18 William Wordsworth, Churchill, Intuition, Balance of Life, Truth etc”

24-01-17 U.S., Weather Warning, Suspicious Minds etc

24th January 2017

A word from the channel: First of all I would like to thank you all for your interest in my work with spirit and the messages that spirit have given us all to learn from. Just recently my faith and trust in spirit and God has been tested to the full as I lost my father in April last year, 2016 and more recently my mother who passed to spirit on the 6th January and just a top that of we were told that our dog has a condition that only gives him a year or two at most on this earth. To some it may seem strange to have this concern for what some would term “just a dog”, but if you have a heartfelt love for animals you will realise that we are no different to them as they have souls just as we do and are worthy of the same love that we give to our families and friends. I would like to ask you to bear with me at this time as my focus on spirit through trance has been somewhat, understandably hard to focus on. I will still continue to sit in trance, but at the moment it may only be on occasion, approximately once a week. I am sure after a period of time my connection to spirit will once more resume on a regular basis. Thank you once more for your love and interest in spirit through my trance, make God bless you all and like me when times get hard, do not lose faith as we know through the transcripts, through faith, that life continues and the next I mention of love, Michael.

Transcript of Message on 24th January 2017 Continue reading “24-01-17 U.S., Weather Warning, Suspicious Minds etc”