08-05-23 The River of Life, Bereavement, Crucial Time of Existence, Meditation etc

Transcript Date: 8th May 2023

Responsibilities of Life

Passive thoughts this evening for those who suffer at the hands of others.

The human animal is a wonder of creation, and yet, he so often he forgets his purpose upon this world and the purpose of his life. Too many times we have spoken to those who do not listen or care about their responsibilities to others within this world.

It is a vast undertaking to lead a country, and a people, through times of hardship and troubles. Some will listen and devoutly speak to the Lord with kindness of heart and a feeling of obligation to their duties, whilst others betray their thoughts to God. They only want to wage war upon others to increase their earthly benefits, which will do them no good, for the only benefit that you will carry with you and forward into your next life, will be that of love, caring and comradeship.

It is at times like these that the world should listen and watch as others commit these atrocities within your world for no other reason than their gain. How can this be? Why would these souls turn against their own kind for the illusions of life?

Life is a battle, and you are sent to live a life upon the earth as men, so that you may learn the pitfalls and the benefits; so that you may strengthen your hearts with love and companionship; to learn that to beat upon another is a ridiculous situation, for they are all a part of you, as you are a part of them in spirit.

Your bodies are of flesh and separate from your being of spirit, and during your life, you must learn to love and respect each other and teach those of your youngsters the right way to live a life.

It is no excuse to say that you were carried away, or that you were influenced by others, for each of you have a will so strong, that you can overcome these influences. This is another part of learning within your life, to learn to have strength of character, to have strength to repel those of the dark forces who would happily create confusion within your lives, and within your beliefs.

Not many accept the existence of those of the light or those of the dark, for their thoughts are just upon this time of their life. They cannot conceive that there is another place waiting for them. It is not all doom and gloom, for as we have told you, you each have an opportunity to redeem yourselves and work to move forward spiritually. The rewards of this effort will be tremendous. You will not recall the lives that you have lived throughout the past years and eons before, because you are destined to move on, but at your own pace, with encouragement from those who watch over you in spirit. It is up to you to reclaim your senses and look beyond this ‘physical life’ to see that there is more to come.

Following the flow of life

Time is but an illusion, and it passes within an instant, for within this second it is now history and the future moves on, and you flow with it, like a twig upon a stream or upon the river.

And as you float down this river you must negotiate the rapids and waterfalls that confront you. The waterfalls are the pitfalls of your life, and when you fall, as a twig over this waterfall  you will be submerged at the bottom, but you will right yourself and float once more as you make the effort to resurface.

This reflects life, the strength and power of the rivers are the strength and power that is within you. The rivers of life flow forward constantly and never reverse, and each existence is a reflection upon your past existence, and you build, like the walls of your home’s, each stone, stone by stone, brick by brick, and you continue to build, and there will be times within these existences when things are apparently stagnant, yet the rivers still flow, and you are still the twig upon this mighty river that flows.

Do not give in because you feel like there is nothing more to achieve, there is much to achieve within life, and within spirit. Allow your waters to flow and do not be caught in the dams upon these rivers, for these dams represent the stagnant waters which do not flow, but just eddy in one place. And it would be difficult to release yourself from these eddies, but once more it is the strength and will that you possess that will once more set you upon your path, upon these mighty rivers.

And the river of life runs strong throughout many universes, it creates many different lifeforms, and many different situations. You should not be closed to the existence of other beings, some may be a reflection of yourselves, whilst others will be strange to your eyes, and we told you before, that they will arrive when the time is right.

Crucial time of existence

All of you that exist at this moment, in this life, are at a crucial learning stage. It is a crucial time for your planet and your own existence as a human being, but even if the human animal no longer exists in the physical, then the spiritual will continue on and you will continue to learn in many different places, in many different universes.

The light will continue to shine upon you all to encourage you to move forward and assist each other in your everyday issues and problems. It cannot be stressed enough, that these things must be taken in and learnt, and although many will not care, or read these words, they will reach out to all of them in their thoughts and in their mannerisms, for each of you have a guide who will relay these thoughts in a way best suited to the individual.

You must pull together in a united front against that of the dark that influences your world at this time. And why does the dark exist when there is so much light? The answer is to bring balance, the balance of life, so that you may learn right from wrong. And if you learn your lessons well, then this will be reflected within your future existences and incarnations. Never be afraid to question your life and make changes for the better, for change is good as you report with a loving thought to bring purpose to others and to help others in their aspects of life.

Suffering Bereavement

We see the troubles of many who suffer the despair of loss of a loved one, and you yourself have read their words, (Michaels Note: I am a member of a group called ‘Scottish Border’s Widowed Community, in which we share our stories and support each other), and you feel their pain as you have experienced the same thing. You must not give up hope within your life, your loved ones have passed beyond your existence, but they still exist, they are still with you, but in a different way and in a different form. They are around you all constantly and they will never leave you, for you are part of each other and this is a constant of the universe of life. In this context you never truly lose a loved one, but merely continue upon your paths, jointly, and with love.

How can you reassure those who are grieving at this time as the tears flow as the rivers of life? But each tear releases the pain that you feel, do not hold back the tears for they are an emotional release to assist you through these troubled times.

You cannot explain to those who have lost a loved one, a husband or a wife, or child, or a relative. You cannot explain to them that life goes on and you will learn to cope, but in a different way. Some feel alone and unable to continue on without their partner, but they must ‘let go’ continuing to hold their love tight to their hearts, and when we say ‘let go’, we mean they must move on, as their partners will move on with them.

It is a difficult subject to speak of, for your human minds and thoughts will not accept that this is a part of the living world, you are an emotional being, troubled by many things that beset you. Emotions are difficult to control and master, and they are a stern lesson in life. Redeem your thoughts of sorrow, anguish and anger, and allow in the love in the knowledge that your loved ones continue on, still with you, watching over you in a myriad of ways that you may not understand, or notice. But know that they are with you, always, and will share your life and help to steer you within your remaining years.

Life is precious and should be held tight to your chest, there is a time to release and let go, and there is a time to keep going and hold on tight. It is an emotional ride that has its ups and downs as well as its pitfalls, and you must be brave to follow these rules of life and continue on with strength to honour those of your loved ones who no longer possess a physical body, yet still coexist with you.

Sometimes you will surpass your life and you will recognise that there are special gifts given to each, use these gifts, not for your own selfish need or egos, not for gain, but to help others in the best way you can, for guidance will always be given to those who ask.

Inner universe of creation

Time has come for the world to look beyond this life and remember their beginnings.

We have spoken upon many subjects of life and love, we have told you many things of the aspects of spirit and of other creatures of the world who like you, explore the universe around them, yet, they do not find the inner universe, that part of you that you call spirit knows the location of this ‘inner universe’, it is not visible to the physical eye, or to the machines that you create. It is held within the light of the heavens, it is there that it shines brightly in a myriad of colours and vibration, and yet you cannot enter or see into these things of creation, and they are kept separate, deliberately, so that you may focus upon your lives and learn.

When you see the colours of light within the heavens and the creation of the planets and suns, then you will see ‘heaven’, but in your own physical way, and the colours are vast throughout the heavens, particularly where the stardust collects and the light reflects.

Creation continues on unabated throughout many worlds and many universes and you may never reach these places, for time is created to keep you separated until your planets mature and become one with spirit.

The vastness of time and space can be transcended in a second, in an instant, within the spiritual being. It is a thought that will transmit your very being and it is beautiful, and it is not to be used irresponsibly, but wisely and for the good of all.

You may temporarily enter these time zones by your very own thoughts, by your own focus. Take a minute out of your day to participate in what you may call ‘meditation’, or the quiet of your mind. Sit, and let go, for you have an ability beyond your knowledge at this time. And those who practice in these things will tell you that the time that they sit is not important, as they release all their earthly worries and concerns. Sit and listen and hear the hum of the universe, see the colours that may flash before your eyes, and the images presented to you, for they are all of spirit, to guide you, to bring you light upon your journeys.

Transmit this thought and love, share it with others of your neighbours close to you and your families. Share it with the world, send out the thoughts of positive love. It may seem insignificant to you at the time, but these vibrations of loving thoughts penetrate many within your world.

True love never runs smooth

There is a song that is sung, and the words spoken are ‘True love never runs smooth’, that’s what they say, and you know this to be your wife’s favourite singer, that of Gene Pitney. And the words reflect life and love and how this love has its ups and downs, and this is true of life. Should you take a minute to listen to this music, think about these things and reflect upon your own life and the love that you hold inside.

Love is never ending, never ceasing unless you shut it out, to shut out this love will bring chaos within your life, and we are not just talking about the physical love, but of the love and companionship of others through friendship and acquaintances. Let this sparkle of love shine, and when you feel that you are without love, then know that we are there, filling your life with love and hope. Some are alone and feel so lonely that there cannot possibly be any love, but there’s always been the love of their parents and families, there’s always been the love of spirit that walks with them and assists them through their trials of life. So never think that love does not exist, for it is always a constant within your lives. It is up to you to reflect on these things and allow it to be a part of your life, whether you have a partner or not, then know that we are there as a partner and we embrace you with our love.

We have coined a phrase from a song of life, and there are many songs of life that reflect the human aspect of your world. They are written by the artists of your life, and yet the words are given through focus and reflection. Equally there are many songs that are negative in their thoughts, but you must omit these from your mind and your life, and focus upon those songs that sing about love and wisdom. This will bring you joy in your life. It is a sad thing to see that many of your young are influenced by these negative songs and the words written within them, and yet as dismal as this may seem, as they grow and live their life, so they learn and mature for the most part, and those songs are put on the back step as they move on, realising that love is all around them.

Love is paramount, never ceasing, and like the eddies of the river it can be stalled if you do not allow yourself to have an open heart to all that are around you. Love takes many forms, the love of a human, of a child, the love of an animal, a loved pet, and the love of the mother Earth that you live upon. Many reflections of love, many facets exist and those of a negative thought cannot comprehend these things, yet are always given the opportunity to reflect on their own light.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, living your lives, for each of you have a path, but each of you also have free will, and there are those who shame themselves with their sins of life by taking others’ lives for no other reason than their selfish needs and thoughts.

Do not block out the love that is in your heart, for it was given to you before your birth, do not block out the words and songs of love, for they will help you to lighten the load of life.

We must leave you now and hope that you would have learnt a little bit more of your existence and that of spirit.

Be blessed in this knowledge. Amen.


29-11-22 Vibration of love, Time of great change, Peace through prayer, Education of the soul, Passing over etc

Transcript Date: 29th November 2022

Vibration of love

The vibrations that play (the background music) are a reminder of the vibration of life and love that can be transmitted through the thoughts of those with goodness in their heart. And they transmit this love in a way uncommon to that of the living world, for there is much to learn about the universe and about your souls being and existence at this time.

We are forever with you, always guiding you and watching over you, protecting you when you listen to the words of guidance that are given. And our presence is a strong as your own in this life, for we are not figment of the imagination, but a blessing to you, unseen, but not unheard should you wish to listen.

Time of great change

A time has come for a great change within the universe, and this change is of love, as love is a potent presence within all life. It may take different forms, but it exists as an energy of positivity that all can embrace when they open their eyes and hearts and embrace that love that is given.

The energy of love brings a promise of life in the hereafter beyond your world of men. It is love that you carry with you, it is this love that will guide you in your heart’s desires of union, companionship and families.

There is a vast family that you are a part of and in this union of spirit you will partake once more to re-energise your souls as you live your lives. This energy can be drawn upon at any time, it is the positive energy that will embrace you and guide you throughout your time upon the earth.

Peace to the earth through thought and prayer

Of course, the Earth itself is a part of the universe, and the energy that is held within you is also a part of the Earth herself. It is a living being, much as you are, and it can be damaged, as it is as fragile as your bodies. Bring peace to the earth in your thoughts and in your prayers, heal it with your love, as it will heal you when you are in need. She is there as your mother, the creator of all that you see. And the Creator has made this so, that you may explore the many facets of love that exist. Those of the dark shadows would intervene to break this prism of love, of light, and they will bring darkness to those who would give way and allow them in, but the light always prevails, much as the dawn breaks the darkness of the night and brings in the light that those of the living world can bathe within.

Vibrations of life

Complex things we are speaking of, for we speak of the vibrations that coexist within your lives, your very being vibrates at a rate of 20 kHz per second in your time, and it does not stop, even at your passing. Your bodies, even in death, continue to vibrate and life exists to consume your being and this was intended. The vibration of your spirit and soul passes over to that universal spirit, that universal energy of love. Do not forsake love, for it is there to bring you joy and happiness, even in the darkest of times.

(Infrasound. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK10924/).

Time of passing to the new dawn

Passover (Note: I think this was meant to be ‘passing over’) will come and go and the dark shadows that bring misfortune and misdeeds to you will pass your door as you radiate your love, for the love and light of our Lord. It will pass you by, as if a mist in the night, and those who do not understand these things will also be protected, for each of you have a time of learning and each if you have a time for understanding the purpose of your soul and spirit, and the fragility of your life that is given as a gift.

Some would say that this gift is painful and a burden that they find hard to bear. But teachings never come easy, it takes effort to open your hearts and minds and take in the knowledge that is given, even in the harshest of times and circumstances.

You are never alone, and all we ask is that you fill your hearts with love, so that when your time comes you will not fear that ending of life but look forward to that new beginning, that rebirth of your soul within the realm of spirit, within the realm of light.

Harbour no fears my son, for the new dawn that comes, for it brings much enlightenment to your world. And to the many masses out there who do not read or listen to the words, they will gradually come to realise that life is about change, it is about evolution and about learning.

Education of the soul – (Akasha)

Your minds cannot possess all knowledge and you are given limited resources to live your life, and like your schools, you are capable of learning much and we are there as a reference library to guide you when it is needed. As we say, not all knowledge can be held within the material world, but it exists and provides the means by which you may continue on in your education of the soul.

To sit and breathe the air of life, is to connect with the nature around you. This brings healing to your heart and soul if you find yourself in bitter times. Do not extinguish these thoughts for your busy lives, for there is always time to take a moment, to sit back and look at the wonders that surround you. Open your eyes, for there is much to see within the beauty of your world. Look to the sky and the evening sun as it drops down below the horizon. See the wondrous colours and the light that shines. These many colours are as beautiful as the rainbow in the summer rain. Take in this presence that exists, for the dying of the sun at the end of the day, for darkness that comes brings fear to many. But the darkness is just a figment of the imagination, for even in the darkness there is light, and as the dawn breaks in the morning, so the light will shine and refresh your minds and bodies and you will feel alive once more.

This is the vast circle of life; it exists in everything and everyone. Your life as a human being is much the same, for there is the Winter and the Summer, and the Spring, and each season brings its own joys, its own form of teaching. But as the days in your world begin to draw in and the evening begins to cool, and the sun starts to sink, so your thoughts will turn to the day’s events. For those of the aged, the older generation, their thoughts will turn to the years before and the memories will flood in, and as it does so, they will reflect upon their lives as you would reflect upon your day. This will not be understood until your own sunset begins to fade upon your lives.

Many die young and never reach this stage, and they feel irritated and cheated at how life brought (them) pain and sorrow, yet even in this pain and sorrow there is a lesson to be learnt. But you will not be accepting of these things, and if you are fortunate to live a long life, then you will begin to see these things at the end of the day. 

And once more the sun will go down and the darkness will reign supreme, but only for a short time, for that love and light can never be extinguished and will resume once more in a glorious sunrise with the birth of new children, new life, and with the birth of the sun warming the day once more.

Do not be afraid of the hazards of life, for they have to be faced with courage. Do not obliterate your thoughts of love with selfishness and greed, be open to others and give them your thoughts of love, so they too may understand that life is a journey which all must walk at some point or another.

Time marches on and waits for no man and you must adjust and adapt to these changes, as the nature of your world changes and adapts to the climate in which it finds itself. But you are resilient if you keep your love and spirit charged with a belief that you will overcome these things of life. Therefore, the darkness will never truly envelop you, for as time marches on it will fade.

Passing on – healing from bereavement

She will pass in a time to come and there will be much anguish and sorrow, and the pains of life will be felt once more for those individuals who cherish her love. We speak in general terms, for there are many who pass, who have only lived a short life, a medium life, or perhaps a long life, and the pain and the darkness will envelop you and the tears will flow, and as the tears flow, so they wash away this anguish. 

And time moves on, and things seem to get better each and every day, (but) if you allow this pain and sorrow to envelop you and consume your lives, then you will find it difficult to adapt and change, as all must. We’re not saying that it will be easy to open that heart of love once more, but it will take courage and fortitude on your part to realise that life moves on, and those that you have lost have now been reborn to a world of light and love. As we say, you will not accept this at the time, but you must find the courage within to open that door once more and allow in the light, and once you do so, gradually life will resume once more. Your memories will never fade and they will never leave you, your torment is only short lived when once more you will rejoice in heaven at the reunion of your family.

The greater family of spirit

We speak of families as an individual unit and yet you are all of one family, you have one father and one mother in life and in spirit. And sometimes in life families break up and disperse, but it is the thought and love of your family that holds you together. And as you are born into the world of men, so you are treated in the same way, you are disconnected once more from your love of spirit, but only for a short time.

Then your bodies grow and your minds mature as you begin to open that connection once more. Even the youngest of your children are aware of the spiritual world and its presence within the physical world. They exclaim to their mothers of the presence of a loved one that they did not know, and they are told that these things are of the imagination and that they cannot be so. And so, as they grow, their minds are shut off from the world from which they came. But their love remains just the same.

You are a part of the greater family of spirit, and from the minutest organism upon your earth that lives and breathes, to the largest creature that walks your earth; and we include all the human race, you are all part of this family of spirit, and the energy that drives your bodies and your existence is that of the energy of love and of the universe.

Never forget your place upon your earth, never forget your presence is there to help others in their need and in their times of sadness and despair. Open your hearts and minds to their needs and you will help them and yourselves to a better way of existence within your world of life.

Be aware of our presence in your daily routines, look to us not as ghosts or apparitions, but as spirits that guide you, for our light shines brightly. Do not discriminate against another or against life or death, for everyone is of the same source, and of the same being of light.

Vibrations – part of the living world

We spoke of vibrations, and we do so in colours and vibrations of light and these have the same effect upon your minds and souls. They are a part of the living world that you see and it is only those who open their eyes to see these things that will realise how much a part of the universe and the living world they are. Can you not see and believe in these things? We are sure that a positive outlook will bring a positive return to each and every one of you.

Light to extinguish the dark

Do not despair at the world at this time, for it seems as if evil is reigning supreme over all things in life, but it cannot exist while the light exists. For the light, as we said, will extinguish the dark and so it is that the evil of men that the good of men will extinguish their evil thoughts.

Terror on the streets

There will be terror brought upon the streets shortly, in London and districts of other cities, for there is an organisation that will not give up. They are relentless in their actions, yet they too can be brought to heel by the love of others and the joint comradeship and fellowship of you all. They cannot win and never will.

(Michaels note: I had Winston Churchill in my mind as I spoke the next few words) 

He once said that determination will bring results and determination of love will always win.

The time has come for you all to resist this evil, to shun the dark things that are presented to you upon the net and upon your screens of vision. To encourage your children not to watch these things of dark thoughts, for they encourage a negative response. You must embrace your children and the love of each other, for you are all the children of the Lord our father and of the spirit that you are a part of.

Blessings to you all, good evening.

Intolerance will breed intolerance; love will breed to love.

05-09-22 Unity, Advertising, Bereavement, Social Media, World leaders, etc

Transcript Date: 5th September 2022


Thoughts and bitter tears are a constant with some in their lives at this time. They do not understand the nature of life and the miracle that is given to you as individuals, living a life within this human body.

Life is not subject to rules and regulations, it is not a constant throughout all the universe, but there are those that exist beyond the realm of your world, and for those, they have found a practice of love in their being, and in every social aspect of their kind.

You are a young nation of individuals, and like children you fight and squabble, not truly understanding the meaning of your existence or the purpose that is given. For many, the bitter tears that fall do so at the loss of their loved ones, and yet life, as we say, is not governed by rules and regulations, it is given, and your souls existence goes on to another level to educate your soul in many different ways.

So, do not cry for those that you feel that you have lost, for they are with you all in a different form, not that of your bodies, but of energy of spirit and they continue on with their journeys.

For those who have recently passed, they watch over their youngsters and their loved ones to reassure them of their survival, their ability to communicate is stifled by those of the older generation, yet for the young, the channels are still open and their thoughts do not block the communication given.

It is seldom that we see anyone of your world commune together to bring peace to one another, to bring prosperity in life, and it is this that should be adapted within your world, because as a united race you can achieve many things, things that are said to be impossible. The unity of man, the combination of thought will advance your species beyond the present time.

Do not be afraid to associate yourself with that of spirit, for they are there to accompany you throughout your lives, and those loved ones that you miss so much and are so important to you, are around you constantly.

Many thoughts are given to guide you, but still, you feel helpless not knowing which way to turn or who to turn to for reassurance and guidance. We say this, turn to us and deny those that will tell you that you are foolish to believe in something that you cannot see or feel. You must have an open mind and a heart of love to accept these things we teach, to establish one united mind and consciousness that will achieve many things.

Weapons are not the answer

Do not be fooled by those who anticipate a time to come when man will diminish at his own hand. It is true to say that life is hard and there are many battles to be won. Your weapons of war are not the answer, unity and love, knowledge and understanding are the best weapons that you can utilise to bring peace in your world.

Your leaders oppose each other at this time, and they deny each other those things of life that would bring a moderate outcome for most. Their anxieties and fears will lead them astray in their efforts to bring peace. But there must be one who understands that unity is paramount to achieve peace within the world. Could this ever happen you may ask? We will say this, that it is up to you to open your hearts and minds, put away those prejudices and those ill feelings towards each other, help one another in the desperate times, for there are many in desperate situations throughout your world who cannot help themselves and the world continues on with a blind eye to these things.

Some small effort is made, but it is a token effort to appease those of the charities of your world, the truth lies in their hearts and by their actions. Do not deny those in need within your world with a helping hand and an open heart, do not see them as something ‘alien’ to your country, for they are a part of you as much as you are a part of them, and the energy of your spirit and souls should combine, for you are all from the same source of the divine.

Fractures occur when men close their hearts to these many obstacles of life, and the fractures widen as tempers soar.

You are an interesting species and you do not recognise your brothers and sisters as being of a communion of man, you do not see that love will bind all and temperance of mind will ease the situations within your world.


He will ask for recompense for his duty to his country, and his devotion flies beyond that of love. His heart is cold and he shuts out those weeping in the streets for their loved ones and for the basic needs of life. He denies all, the energy and power to assist in the lives of the many. He only sees his own needs and his name will not go down in history as being that of a leader, but of a tyrant, for he works tirelessly to achieve his aims in subliminal ways. 

Your leaders counter their actions by their standards and morals, and in a sense they all deceive each other, for they are all supporting their own initiatives. 

The United Nations of your world may come together as one, apparently! Yet their divisions are great. You must work together to bring peace to your hearts and minds, you must assist one another in your daily activities as the best you can to help those in need that surround your nations of wealth.

Target your emotions and aim to achieve solidarity in the union of light and love. Your thoughts that are shared will help in ways that you cannot imagine, for you are constantly connected to the universal spirit that guides your lives on a daily basis.

Scotland – Discussions about independence

Talks have begun for unity within your country, they cannot abide the segregation and the gap that seems to be widening at this time. There are those who wish to dispose of this unity and be a separate nation. She will not see anything but her own purpose, she will not stand back and allow the change to occur, for as unity of spirit, is paramount, so unity of your country is also needed to combat the many things of life. Do not fear her words as she calls for a referendum, do not look at her as someone being intolerant of her nation. Her words will only bring dismay. Unity in all aspects of life must be maintained, because once segregation occurs, so you become weakened, and that unity that gave strength will deny you the ability to advance your nations. This occurs throughout your world and you have seen the nations who have become independent, and they cannot support their own nations because of those that deny them the basics of life. Unity as one nation of your species is the only true course to take, it is the only action of those with a heart that can change things and bring peace once more.

Writing the path of life

We have spoken about many things of the future and you puzzle as to how this is possible. And still you do not see that life is written as a book. But the story changes constantly dependent upon the actions of the characters written within. It is an open book for your minds to explore, and the passion of your world to dedicate themselves to their own being without showing compassion to others, or sharing in a given manner. These things will cause what you may call ‘writer’s block’, and they will stop the story in its present form. You must have a free will and a free hand to write the story of life, you must open your hearts and minds and meditate upon the issues of life, for this focus of meditation brings purpose, not just to the individual, but to the spirit that you all possess.

A time is coming when man must once more oppose each other with frankness. Even though the majority of your world wish to live in peace, this will be ignored. We do not wish to cause you stress with these thoughts, we need not draw a picture at this present time. Your love is paramount to bring an end to these things and the story of life will once more be written with love.

New speaker

Another writer of wisdom

She writes this evening and speculates that her words may be given and read. Her thoughts are many and deep as she wonders how it is possible that her dreams and aspirations seem to occur constantly within her life. The writing is good and she will share, to give many thought within their lives, she will explain the true purpose of the work that she does. 

She does not compare herself with any specific being, for she has an open mind and heart and love to share with the world around her. You know of this person and you allow her thoughts in constantly as you share a passion to write with respect and purpose. 

Speak to her and tell her that her words are true. We will connect with her and she will think about what is said and dwell upon the words in hesitation. But a free will and a free hand should guide you. Write your novel in the way that you feel it should be, break open those hearts of stone in your special way, in your loving way.

She will ask forgiveness and ask that no demands are put upon her, for she is shy and retiring. But one such as her should be open and permit those who ask her about these things, permit them to know who she is and her purpose in this life. 

You are all united in one task, and this is the purpose of your lives. You have experienced sadness, you have experienced pain and suffering of the mind and soul but you have come through, and your end purpose is yet to come. It may be within another life, in another form, but know that your travels are combined and shared, and that unity will not deviate, even at your passing.

(Referring to a widows and widowers group that Michael has contact with)

Dry those tears my dears, for your loved ones rest easy and their spirit and soul soar in delight as you laugh at the memories and thoughts given long ago. Some of you are devastated by the loss of a loved one and it seems so unfair, and as one put it, “Life is cruel”, but this is not so, it is a lack of understanding the purpose that brings these thoughts. Do not accept that life is cruel, for life is given with purpose to all, to encompass it within their lives and to learn.

Your social skills are many and she brings them to bear at this time, creating a page for those in desperation and in need of comfort. You can assist in these things in your practice, but you must have heart and will to do so. It will not come easy Michael, you need to share your thoughts, you need to open their eyes to the alternative of life, which is to live on and learn from your sadness and sorrow and the pain that is given, to help others rally once more to live their lives in peace, knowing that the love of their loved ones is around them and fills their hearts and minds constantly.

Yours are no different, and they accompany you through each of your days, your worries and concerns are theirs, but they bring you a purpose to move on. Your skills are needed, as are those of the healers of your world, combine together your thoughts and bring purpose to those in need once more.

You are blessed with this knowledge. Amen.

New speaker

Temptations from advertising

Do not trouble yourselves with the horrors of the world and the temptations held within, for there are many negatives that will want to sway your thoughts to bring you down, so that the authorities can manipulate you. And we do not talk of governments, but those of the advertisers of the negative substances within your world. 

Everyone needs an escape, and we do not deny these little intolerances, shall we say, but do not allow them to consume your lives, they will not improve the status quo, they will not help in the adversity of your life, they will bring you down to the level of those who wish to control you and your financial situation. 

Do not believe them when they tell you that life is for the taking. Life is for the giving; it is for the positive minds of those to help others break the habits that have held them tight for so long. 

You see it every day in the commercials of your TV’s and listen to it on your radios as they persuade you to enter many things, and they persuade you that you have a chance of changing your life through the monetary system of your world. Having money is purposeful, but in excess it can damage your lives, it can bring sorrow and anger, it will destroy your life as you know it at this time. 

We would say this, be content with what you have, be content when you see others who are so much more devastated by life, and know that your being has been granted a purpose and a passage of life, and is given all that is necessary.

To look beyond your means for the sake of greed will not bring joy or happiness. It is for those of a negative mind who will corrupt you and bring you solace. Seldom do we speak about these things, yet it seems a necessity at this time. Help yourselves to a better way of living and give thanks for your situation, no matter the pain you may be suffering at this time, and remember that there is always someone worse off than yourself. Transmute your anger and your greed and your life will be easier, good evening.

New speaker

Charting a course through life without stigma

Tonight’s teaching will not go down well for many, and they will be abstract in their thoughts and their comments, but you shouldn’t allow their thoughts and their comments to override your good sense. Maybe one day they will understand the truth of what is spoken about and perhaps they will not! 

It is up to each individual to chart a course within their lives, to promote goodwill and love in the best way they can, even if it is just to help a stranger in the street. These positive vibrations expand and encompass others, and as they see them and feel them expand, then they too will think, ‘there is no harm in being courteous and obliging those around you, and there is no stigma attached to those who bring love to others and assist them within their lives’. The stigma only occurs in those minds that are blocked, and the hearts that will not give, and they will only torment themselves with their outrageous thoughts. But gradually they will learn, as they see that others continue on without a care of what others may think, then they too will begin to mellow in their thoughts of anxiety, of greed and of self, will diminish. 

You only harm yourselves by your negative thoughts and words given to those that you do not know.

So, release the negativity within you and allow your spirit to soar and connect with your higher self, for the colours of purple will wash over you, and your senses, will be heightened as you accept the vibrations of love.

Social media

Text no more to those who bring you discontent, do not issue words of a negative nature upon the posts of your social media. Yes, even those things we see as they are written within the atmosphere and within your mind, and it is in your minds that we read these things.

Be clear and positive in nature and bring hope to those who do not understand the purpose of their lives, ignore the posts issued to wear you down and bring you down to the level of those of the negative. Those negative posts that attack others in mindless thought. It is not your place to accept these writings, nor to act upon them, write them off, delete them, do not give them purpose by sharing. You may think this is an unusual subject, yet we are aware of all your daily activities and the net upon which you work and write. 

Your feelings and your anxieties are all felt by us and the vibration and the colours of your being. Listen to our words, ignore the posts of those that will darken your thoughts, even to those of your society that lead your country at this time. You may not agree with their decisions, but do not oppose them with negativity, for this only creates negativity and will not advance your race any quicker at this present time.

New Prime Minister

She will announce her measures shortly, many will disagree and argue the point, but who is to say whether she is right or whether she is wrong? Indeed, any leader of your world may be tarred with the same brush, but perhaps some are trying their best to bring a favourable outcome.

Never allow the negative thoughts of others to darken your thoughts and bring you down to their levels.

Thank you for your obedience, good evening.

08-11-20 Colour Healing, Illusions, Internet Lies, Love and Hope

Transcript Date 8th November 2020

Colour Healing

Spectrums of analysis will be researched soon in the fight against that which plagues your world at this time. When we speak of the spectrum, we speak of colours and the healing qualities therein. You know of these vibrations and their abilities to cure your ills, but equally colours are a visual stimulation that would bring peace within your minds.


Many troubled souls at this time see a bleak future, they cannot bring themselves to look at this future with despair. Their hearts are torn and their minds shattered by their disillusionment at this time. They cannot see a future whereby their freedom will not be inhibited, so they feel a need to resign themselves to self-pity. This is not of their making, this is created by the imbalance of man at this time, where one beats upon another with the many illusions of life.

“Where is the hope,” they say, “what is the point of continuing on in a world filled with no love?” Yet there is so much love there to be tapped into.

We cannot say that their desperation will ease shortly, but they must be aware of our being. It is your work as beings of the light, to bring them to the rescue, to help them resolve their issues in their dark days and nights, so that peace will once more reign within their lives and they may see the veil of darkness lift to reveal the light and the beauty within.

Too many despair, they sit alone without a welcome for others, for they feel it would not be reciprocated. So they sit alone to wallow in their sadness, in their belief. How can you reach such souls with just mere words? We ask you to pray for them this evening, pray for them that the light would shine upon them, to bring them focus once more within their spiritual being.

Do not harbour fears of ridicule when you speak about these things, for they are the truth, a blessing is brought to all who would sit and focus upon our words. Do not refrain from saying what we speak of, these things are for guidance and for those who have trust and belief that their lives will change for the better.

Those who do not see are deluded by the beings of today. Tell them of these things, have not fear to speak of them, for we are with you to guide you and your words to allow them a focus once more, so they may see a better time to come. Tell us not of your fears, for you should hold no fear of the future.

Illusions and Untruths

Many terrifying things are spoken of these days. The illusion is the untruth that is spoken of, do not disregard the words of those who are there to help. We understand there is a mix of truths and untruths at this time, it is hard to distinguish between the two, but open your hearts and minds to seek the balance and the truth, for it will come to you. Open your eyes to see the way once more through the realms of darkness that besiege your world. Do not let the illusions of life bring you fantasies and unrealistic options.

Guard yourselves against those who would extinguish your light, for they only seek the truth of those who spread disillusionment. They do not understand the fears they hold inside, so they let them run riot within their lives to hide the truth that they fear so much. What is there to fear within their lives? For it is just a short period, whereby they must learn to trust in the world beyond.

Lies spread across the internet

They hide away, not wanting to be seen, but they wish to be heard nonetheless. So they encourage others to speak the words of disillusionment by spreading the lies across your net.

You must take note of their actions and not be disillusioned by the poisonous words spoken. You will know these things in your heart. Disregard those who bring confusion to your lives, they have no purpose, for they are lost souls who condemn others who walk the path of light.

Why would we speak of these things about disillusionment, sadness and the bitterness of tears that flow? We wish to tell you once more about the delights to come. So you must hold strong, hold fast in your lives, do not let your anchors of belief become dislodged, for if they are you will float upon that water, that sea of disillusionment.

From disillusionment to love and hope

It is hard to tell the many about these things, as their trust and faith is almost gone for the most part. Yet we inspire yourself and others to speak of these things in hope they will listen to the verses and rhymes, to the words of love that will reach their very souls.

You cannot dissuade them from their path’s by brute force, but you can speak to them of love in terms that they may understand. Satisfaction would be brought as their tears flow and they realise that the undertow of light will carry them forward and give them hope once more.

Time of bereavement

A time of bereavement will come for some as their loved ones souls pass beyond the veil of earth and life upon earth. Know this, that they live on with purpose and their illusions of life are lifted as the veil of light  greets them in the new dawn to come.

Many will disregard these words in disbelief, but nonetheless, it will ‘strike a chord’ within them, so they may think of other possibilities, not just within this life, but in lives to come. They hope that the souls of their loved ones will be carried forward to ease their grieving, so they may find happiness once more and bring the light into their lives.

(This trance session was cut short due to Michael being disturbed by his dog)

10-09-20 A Personal Message Regarding Bereavement

Transcript Date: 10th September 2020

This is a beautiful and poignant message to a young woman known to Valerie. Her husband passed to spirit just over two years ago. This week their beloved horse died bringing her more pain. Although the message is primarily for her, it has meaning to everyone who feels the pain of bereavement.

Trophies are many within the communities of your world and we give blessings to those who acquire trophies of love within their hearts, so it is with valour that we speak these words to you this evening.

Bring forth those memories of the past, do not let them fade with time, for they have valuable lessons for all, even within your short lives the many things that you recall of the past are important to you and to others who seek your guidance. It is for you to look and to believe that there is a way forward and a future for all within the world of men.

There is a need of belonging, a need of hope and faith at this time. Have trust in your hearts with a degree of tolerance for all, that you may find this sanctuary, this peace within.

Tonight we have thought of many things that we may speak of to you, yet so much has been spoken of. Is it possible to recollect the times of spirit and that which has gone before? No. We fear that your minds are not yet able to bring this forth without the assistance of focus and communication with us.

Yes, she cries this evening for the one she loves, and you (Michael) worry that the thoughts you speak are of your own making. Toby (The name of the horse has been changed by spirit!) is tonight safe and well, she must bring peace to her mind, for her husband will stay close during this time.

You progress as well, as he sees the bitter sadness of tears. Have hope for the future, for the past and present are connected in many ways. We have spoken before to alleviate her fears and tensions in life. Many fear that these things pass her by as she negotiates her daily routines of life, filled with such sadness and sorrow, unable to release or free her mind from these events.

It cannot be said enough, in the strongest terms possible, that life goes on beyond that world of yours, and although you suffer loss at this time, he is there to keep you strong. The bridle that lays unattended brings you much sadness as you mourn this loss.

And this man (Michael) speaks about things that he knows of (Valerie had told Michael of this woman’s recent heartbreak after both Michael and herself were feeling the presence of her late husband very strongly around them.), yet he is unaware of the detail. Come let us sit together in the presence of all that is Holy and ask that she may find happiness and peace once more in her life.

She cannot find it in her heart to ask for his presence at this time, for she knows he is at peace, but he comes nonetheless, to whisper words of comfort, to bring her joy in her tears of sadness. Although this is not much comfort to her at this time, she will begin to understand the many things of life that befall many men.

Brushstrokes are seen as she paints a picture in her mind, a portrait of love that can only be shared with those of true heart. Her marriage was short, yet much meaning was given. She wishes to know why this should have happened once more to her, what has brought her to this point in life with such sadness and sorrow that once more afflicts her.

We will give her strength this evening, for she must understand that times past must not be relived, but celebrated for the time had. We spoke of the bridle and the horse that she rode with him in those many exhibitions. She cannot understand or believe that such an animal could bring such sorrow, but you must understand that you are all connected, this creature will canter on in the fields of heaven.

She wishes to bury her close by, so that she may visit frequently and remember those times of pleasure when she and this horse were one in union.

(Andrew speaks)

“I feel your pain and your sorrow, I’m there to hold your hand in ways that you will not understand. Yet you feel my energy around you my dear, our love was a token given by circumstance. We shared a dream together that we would walk in the fields and prosper in love in many ways. Alas, it was not to be. I can give you this rose, this flower as a token to tell you of my love and the many things I wish I had said long before this time.

Can’t you see my darling, that I still see you, I am with you in so many ways unimaginable to you. I guide your steps and your decision that was made, was made for love, to honour her ( the horse) in the way that you wish is greatly accepted.

Be gracious when strolling through the fields of love, for they will gather once more in a time to come. I cannot speak of the many things that brought us together, we called them circumstance and chance. Our love blossomed and bloomed as we strolled through those chambers where we had met. I do not bring you fear, but love, as I caress your hand and stroke your face as you sleep. You stir and brush your hair as if you felt a touch upon your head. This is how I caress you now, and your unawareness is not so unaware as you feel my touch.

Do not look to this man (Michael) as ‘gifted’ or as a ‘charlatan’, for I will reach out to you through his words.

I cannot tell you of the pain I suffered, but the pain of losing you was greater than I ever imagined. Do not let our troubles beset your life, help yourself to a better way. How many times must I tell you of my love? You were my true love, and as we rode together across the fields we looked at each other with such passion and purpose. Your eyes followed me many times as I strode forward and I glimpsed you, oh so often, with a smile upon your face.

I took a glancing blow when riding one day and your concern overwhelmed me as I laid on the grass, a little stunned, shocked perhaps, but we gathered our senses and laughed at the situation, for we knew we were one, at peace with each other.

I have left you with a terrible burden my love, I cannot even hope to comment on how I feel at this moment. But I am assured by others that your search for peace will be fruitful. You look to my ashes, the remains of what I once was and who I was. Know that I am not there, this is only of the physical part of me for I am here around you constantly. You speak to me and I listen, I answer, but you cannot understand why you do not hear. I will give you signs that you will see and as I spoke of the touch upon your hair, of your head, it is my caress, as my energy is with you always.

Speak to me no more of sorrow and grief, of the pain that you hold inside, for I am your husband and you are my wife.

How can I express these words so that you will believe? We had pet names, this is hard to reminisce through this man. But I am aware of your words and your love. The butterflies will bring change so you may understand this message, as we loved those fields through which we wandered to see those insects and the creatures of life that surrounded us constantly, we disturbed them and they flew from the grass and the petals of the flowers.

I hope my dear, that you will understand my concern at this time. Do not grieve for your loss for she is with me as we ride through the avenues of spirit, filled with love, awaiting a time in the future. Do not consider this as the last straw, for there are many more straws to be taken. I would so much love to be with you, and you ask me to appear to you within the streams of life. Our circumstances are great, our love will bind us together throughout time.

My watch that you hold cannot be a measure of me, for time will pass, and joy will come once more. “

New speaker

Messages of great concern, great sorrow are held by many of your world as they lack understanding grace. But should she understand these things, then perhaps a new time is beginning, a time of healing, as the touch of a hand upon the shoulder of a loved one, as the caress of a child to the mother, healing is assured for all.

Although your heart breaks and you regard us as simple minds we will not betray you. Your thoughts show your love, and this is good, and to all who grieve the loss of a loved one, we ask of you this, do not shut your hearts to the love that is shown by others within life or that of spirit, do not allow your grief to swallow you within that darkness of love, for there is light in love.

At times you will ask of us for unnecessary things to appear before you, to give a sign. This takes great energy. We always do our utmost for those who suffer at this time, do not allow your suffering to overshadow your love and good senses, think of it in terms of new beginnings, not just for you, but for your loved ones.

We understand that you think that there is nothing more left, as this man (Michael) feels the same sometimes, but we assure you there is great joy to be had in your sorrow. Do not become overwhelmed by the pressures of life and those that surround you, those who would pressure you to do things that you do not wish to do. Tell them that you are an individual soul, that your life is your own and their dominance over you must cease.

Your thoughts are with your animals at this time, and we still speak to the one who lost her treasure. Hold her harness and think of her, she was brown in colour, white flashes and freckles upon her nose, you caressed her so gently as she slipped and passed over. Your touch brought her great comfort and she looked at you with such sorrowful eyes, you could not help yourself but to break down. She rides in this world now, strolls along freely, not alone, but joined once more to Andrew. He will secure his harness, not of bridles or straps, but of love as they ride bareback throughout the pastures green. Do not be saddened, for he is not alone, as you are all not alone upon your passing.

Your grandmother wishes you well, she issues you with love, love at this time, she understands your burdens Victoria, your namesake. If parting is such sweet sorrow then such joy will be found upon the reunion.

Poetry is great and has purpose to ease the soul of the burdens of life, to allow you a fanciful free journey across the avenues of love.

Andrew speaks:

“Don’t “Complain when I say I miss you so, for that pain we share is but a moment in time. A time will come when all ills will be renewed, and the burdens gone and in the hour of your love, of your need, I will whisper to you lines from Wordsworth, of the many poems that we had read. This man’s knowledge is little, but I will impart upon you the words of Burns and many others, Thompson, was of great importance to us and his words are not known by this man, but you will understand, little by little, things will get better and I will walk with you throughout your life.

Accept the things that I’ve told you and know that they are with love, now and for always my petal, my sweet flower who has the fragrance of love all around her.

Goodbye for now my dear love, do not cry for me, for those tears are the tears of love and they will gather in a pool for us both to share. Think of the times we shared and not those that we have not, for we continue tethered in our journeys of love. “

Ah, the streams of love, how it brings tears to the eyes of those who have suffered greatly. Do not torment yourselves, for these things have purpose beyond your expectation, beyond your lives of the present. A time will come when all will realise that life revolves around this love, this deep-set unity that is within all of you, even the hardest of minds can find love in one form or another and not of hate for family and friends, and although they might deny this to you and their hardened shells will become as hard as steel, they cannot help but think about these things, but still they deny them.

Appearances can be deceiving in many ways, even the sternest of people that you come across have a heart of gold, it just needs to be tapped into with the strength of love and compassion from others. You yearn and for a time of peace and it will be forthcoming, but strife must always come first. But have no fear of this, for what sense would there be to be afraid of a better future?

Gather your thoughts and senses Michael, open your heart to those who require assistance at this time. Many will not believe but many more will try to understand. These times are hard and changing, you look to the skies and heavens and ask, “What is the purpose, what is the meaning of all this that we survey at this time.” We tell you this, there is great teaching held within every aspect of life and in every aspect of the life that you walk. Do not shut out these teachings, shatter that shell of steel for it is not necessary, to show your love and concern is not a weakness, but a strength of heart.

We ask of you only this, that once in your lives you will look within to see the truth, then the meaning of life will become clear as you release your family and friends to spirit. A hard way to learn you may think, but it is of a natural kind. The truth will be taught in many ways, it is only those who look and seek for this, that will find their way and it is up to you to guide others to the truth that is spoken.

Do not despair at the loss of your loved ones and those you call ‘the animals’ for you all equally share that possession of spirit and soul and will reunite within that place beyond your physical life.

Tap into that inner strength, you will bring hope to others as many do through the words of comfort. We have spoken of things tonight, of personal things to one in particular. Yet we speak to you all, to share this information so you might understand, that although life seems unbearable at times, hope and trust in us will bring you back into that purpose of being.

Shame on those who ridicule us as a figment of the imagination, for they know no better than what’s in front of their noses at this time. But we will teach and we will reach out to them in many unexpected ways within their lives. Their hope is lost, for they can see no way of reaching out to that which is invisible to them. Everybody has faith and trust in someone or something, do not deny yourselves purpose within your lives, grant yourselves peace of mind so you may lead a life of purpose to bring hope to others in ways totally unexpected by yourselves.

Do not fear your words my son, for they are from the heart and even if not accepted by some, they will bring focus to others through their teaching. It is not for you to question the thoughts within your mind as the words gather a pace. Do not question them, but accept them and give them with love, so that others may see your practice of love within.

We have hope for you all as a race of individuals and as a collective, for once more the collective grows in opposition to those who have a will of power and bondage over you.

Do not gather your weapons, but your love and understanding. Reach out with these things and you will bring about change. The ignorance of many in your world postpone their thoughts of love and acceptance to others, they will learn that they are not the all powerful beings that they believe they are, their money and power are nothing, for we have told you that the true value is within love and compassion to your fellow kind and all species of life upon your world. It is much misunderstood as they hunt them for trophies, not thinking of the connection that you will have.

Do not despair for the world at this time, we have hope for you all. Blessings to you this evening. Peace is granted to those who look for the light and open their hearts and minds to spirit and most of all, to God and the angels of light.

Begin the new day afresh, cleanse your thoughts of despair, of misgivings to others, and if they have brought wrongs against you then look to them, not with anger, but with a kind heart and forgiveness if you can, for this will bring you peace within your lives and help them to understand that their grievance aimed towards you was unnecessary.

Tell her this, that their hold will not last! She will gather strength and determine a path of her own. Her concern is with the creatures that she watches over, and they appreciate this in ways she does not understand, but she must not let others to dominate her life. There is a path of purpose and she will greet it in time.


19-03-18 – Winston Churchill, Energy, Healing, Bereavement, Creation of Life, Judgement etc


19th March 2018

Surpassed are the many things of life that bring temptation to many within your world. The minds of the masses are focused upon those things of life that bring torment and pleasure, there is much to learn for all who have purpose in this world.

The blessings sent to those who wish to communicate in a manner of love.

Deepest sympathy and wishes, you feel a loss and it is sad for many who lose their loved ones at this time, but they should be aware of the love and peace that awaits them as they cross that barrier of life to once more become an arbiter of the spiritual realm from which you all have emerged in a practice of learning. Continue reading “19-03-18 – Winston Churchill, Energy, Healing, Bereavement, Creation of Life, Judgement etc”

15-09-16 Life Before Man, E.T.’s Shot Down, Columbus etc

Thursday 15th September 2016

Abandoned by fear are the many as they struggle to raise their children in the desolate streets of those cities where war has become a mindless action of man, no compassion given.

Their thoughts, a peace, a truce, will not last, but for those who struggle to live in such terrible conditions, a peace will be awaited eagerly. For it is a burden upon the people of those cities. Why is it the innocent always suffer at the hands of tyrants, men of glory. Those who would destroy without a second thought as to the damage done to the hearts, minds and souls of those who dwell within.

Damascus will also witness a massive outcry in the Dawn of the Doves as a new day awakens. For he will no longer tolerate the appalling mess that exists within your world. Continue reading “15-09-16 Life Before Man, E.T.’s Shot Down, Columbus etc”