22-03-20 Binary Code, DNA, Arcturians, Arrival, Unity

For more relevant messages in print see ‘Testament to a New Dawn’ 

Transcript Date: 22nd March 2020

(There are some faint knocks at the beginning of Michaels recording
that he perceives as something like morse code)

Message from passed loved ones

Tonight we would wish to speak on behalf of those loved ones who have crossed to this world of paradise, for they wish to bring hope to their loved ones at home and abroad, to give you hope that you may regain your humanity once more and bring peace through unity with one another.

Unity – The Arcturians

Unity we have spoken of and it is the unity of spirit and soul that is of greatest importance, for you each possess this and yet you neglect the teachings given through the thoughts of your mind.

There are no other parallels within your world except for those other beings who circumnavigate your planet at this time. You are an animal, a creature of Earth, just as they are of their universe. They greet you with a welcome this evening and they understand the necessity for calm and peace. For the microorganisms that invade your bodies at this time are released from the cosmos to bring you enlightenment of how people should unite. Continue reading “22-03-20 Binary Code, DNA, Arcturians, Arrival, Unity”


01-01-2018 Political Events, Binary Codes, Formations of Ships, Walking the Path of Light etc

Transcript 1st January 2018

Travellers, steamers, walkers of the night.

You were once a boy who asked nothing of this world other than respect than respite from my weary, weary years of trials and tribulations.

I have travelled many roads and seen many things of fortune and misfortune. The gravity of the path I walked was one so steep it could barely be climbed by a man such as myself. However that road became much lighter, as I walked in the path of light, followed the words of spirit and those that have gone before me. Continue reading “01-01-2018 Political Events, Binary Codes, Formations of Ships, Walking the Path of Light etc”

A theory regarding message of 11th October 2016 and 25th October

Regarding message of 11th October 2016

I have attempted a possible theory to try and understand following paragraph given to us by our ET friends containing mathematical equations.

“2×2+4 = 6, in an equation of mass far beyond your understanding, the algorithms needed to assess this sum are as follows: 2-4=6 tricky you think, but not if you understand that the four equals proportions that are equal to whole. An equation of binary code will also be a part which follows a sequence of numbers, 11 01 10 10 01 to (or 2) a mathematical equation of figures. Combine these numbers to form the answers are needed. Your minds will need focus.” Continue reading “A theory regarding message of 11th October 2016 and 25th October”

11-10-16 U.S. Election,Binary Codes,Words of Wisdom etc

11th October 2016

Of wisdom and the light you are. Your being exercises the fragile truths between the life of men and that of spirit and of God. Welcome to the world of light as we take you on a journey, a splendid memory of many past regressions. For your journeys have been great to bring you to this point in this time. It is not just the medium who has stepped on this earth once before, but all who read the words and listen to the wisdom held within.

Know the truth of their being, for they can no longer hide the truth from themselves.

Continue reading “11-10-16 U.S. Election,Binary Codes,Words of Wisdom etc”

Trying to Make Sense of Binary Codes

Kevin will tell you that he is no mathematician, but curiosity regarding the binary codes in the messages of 27th and 29th September led him to do a little number crunching and searching. He makes no claims regarding the accuracy of his findings but hopes that it may prompt a ‘light bulb’ moment to anyone who may have a further insight. The numbers have been given in the messages for a reason and the correct answers should be found. Kevin will carry on searching for any other possible answers and welcomes anyone else to chip in. Continue reading “Trying to Make Sense of Binary Codes”

29-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Binary Codes etc

29th September 2016

Greetings friends, I am one of those who have come before to bid you welcome. Your planet Earth is of interest to all societies of the extra terrestrial world and you yourselves, were once a part of the great master race of beings. Their focus was upon the heavens above and their star signs still exist to this day, the expressions of their being.

We have to insist that you call a halt to the murderous intent of those in Syria. How can you stand by and watch such awful things happen to those souls in the street and houses. You have witnessed much on the box of vision and your heart goes out with heartfelt with emotions, but this is not enough my people, you have to bring a moment of joy to their lives, sing out your voices, let your praise be heard by the Lord Almighty in heaven, as he watches over those who suffer indignations at the hands of their evil master. Continue reading “29-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Binary Codes etc”

27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc

27th September 2016

Mercies are great of the Lord upon the peace of mind.

Tumultuous times exist within your world today. Man against man, brave against brave, with no mercy or surrender. Countless times we have witnessed such terrible events upon your earth, merciless killing, shameful behaviour and misgivings of many. Corruption that’s rife throughout the regions of your world as men clamber for the meagre resources that remain. Continue reading “27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc”