06-11-16 Bob Hope, The Unknown Soldier

6th November 2016

Come forward my children and speak no more of the negative within your hearts. Allow the wisdom of our mind to burn bright, to sparkle and shine, illuminating the way, a path for others. Ours is a practice of love, we do not find it necessary to …. (The channel was disturbed at this point and we restart again a few moments later)

Though mercies of paradise will shine throughout your lives as your mercies and tender feelings go out to those of the world. Those who have lost their focus were merciless in their manner towards their fellow humans. We are not of the dark but we cast a shadow of love. The gloom you see before you is not that of the dark, but of the light emerging as the dawn breaks, so the sun illuminates the sky of the East. Continue reading “06-11-16 Bob Hope, The Unknown Soldier”