19-07-16 The Universe, Margaret etc


We are here this evening to bring you news of a great event in the forth coming times of your lives.

You are unsure of the meaning to which you have their side in this life. The path trodden thus far is of natural progression of teaching and learning. Your mind is comparatively young to cope with such emotions that come from beyond the living state. Target your emotions, allow the love and the Angels of light to enter your being with messages of joy and hope for the young, for the elderly and all those as they aspire upon the words.

We have been transformed recently to assist in the music of life to bring our notes of vibration to the minds of men who are many within your world, they listen intently to their mind not knowing from where the information has originated, for how can there be such things as spiritual guidance in the realm of men?

Figuratively speaking we are in a sense, beings of a different nature to yourselves, we come from a place that to many be alien. It is a world of tremendous beauty, of three satellites that orbit our planet, you call them moons. The Sun arises to our west and the day is long and seemingly endless at times, but our lives are nurtured by our love for freedom and peace. We are a dignified race who come to you before Lily this evening with words of congratulations to those who have become an open book and turned their minds to the many possibilities of life, within the many realms that exist in the many dimensions parallel to yours.

Your universe was formed millions of years in the past, it came from the dust of the stars, forming your planets in a random order. Your researchers, they discuss possibilities of a theory relating to a large explosion, for they see no other possibility of the creation of your universe. But imagine this, if one dimension was to cross another with such a force as to jolt the universe, this would cause tremendous energy to be released. Moon particles release their energy bringing about a formation of life within your atmosphere. (Moon Particles )

We are not Arcturians, we are of the light before time. Your memories are vast, but do not assume that all knowledge is of man, for there are many structures within the universes of life, some comparable, some totally abstract from your own ideas of ways of life. Do not be focused upon the flesh that you see, for there are other materials that bind together to create illusions of life as you know it. (NOTE: Angels Maybe?)

We cannot say how many nations that are exposed to greed and avarice within your world, but their doctrines of commerce will be announced shortly, to bring aspects of torment to those who have little. Why should those of little resource be exposed to such intolerant behaviour by those who have plenty? How can they be so bold as to think “Well that’s alright, they won’t care.” Their riches absorb the blows that will set upon them, humph, as they focus their minds to profit. They will be assured of a swift and bitter end in the crash in the fall of man.


Forthcoming events will unleash forces of nature that will torment all those within your world. You ask if there is hope, naturally those who have an ability will survive an onslaught of fresh re-greening. It’s a clean sweep to brush away those outdoor trends (or old doctrines?) of torment. Perhaps in a way you are lucky of having a foresight and knowledge and although your lives may end, there will be new beginnings that will set you on a road far beyond your imaginations. Your past pleasures will be gone and your new outlook will begin afresh. Hmm, we are aware of the fear this will bring and ask that you bring yourselves to a point of focus.

Do not allow us to upset your peoples of the Earth, but care for them in His words, they are necessary for understanding the bigger purpose that He ascends on your tiny planet.

Comparatively your minds are overwhelmed by the many things of life, never understanding the meaning of a true life, a life of purpose. How bizarre is it that you cannot understand that your life began in a flourish of love and spirit. You ascended to this plain to become a responsible being of the light and we applaud those who have reached a point in their lives where their aspects are open to all possibilities.

And to those who have destroyed lives in their quest for their own personal gain – well what can we say? You have committed yourself to a path so dark that you will need to be brought to an understanding that all life is equal regardless of state or rank. Be assured your misgivings will be dealt a blow to you, until you can reconcile your differences with a love and purpose of light to Him.

We have come across some details of importance and we stress that these need attention – it came to our notice sometime ago, that your men of power are willing to sacrifice the many for the few. Their bargaining behind closed doors would not have been seen by the vast majority of Earth, for their secretive ways are a response to their greed. We feel it necessary to overrule those things that have been placed by the almighty, regardless of colour and creed. They will dominate your species as best they can. Naturally there will be resistance on a focus of these mindless fools, but the efforts will be futile to those of wealth.

Don’t complicate your lives with the unnecessary things of so called value, as the one value is of tolerance, of being of the light. Negative thoughts should be eliminated by the thoughts of happy times. Comparatively, your minds are weak to the trinkets of life.

Fortescue, hmm, now there was a man he created so many things that nurtured mans mind. (Possibly this man: Adrian Fortescue?) Humans encyclopaedias are many who speak of him in his glorious ways, that he once came to your England to a tumultuous welcome. Why would your narrow minds think that he was unable to travel the world? For he came many times upon the shores of many lands to oversee the forth coming events of man. Fortescue knew well of the scriptures, he had studied them in great detail, scouring them for the minutest detail pertaining to him and his life in England. Many, nay, may not know how obscure he was in those times. His name, although strange to many became a friend to their hearts, minds and souls. You call him Jesus of Nazareth. He is the chosen one that brings the message of love to witness once more a new beginning within man, to bring a purpose of peace and hope to all who would let his light in. (The Unknown Years of Jesus )

Don’t allow your minds to ignore the warnings or the blessings of his coming. Scary maybe, in many aspects, but the light of his being will shine brightly to many lives.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Hmmm, doctorates again, to celebrate a mans purpose the education of his mind is essential to his being in life. There are many aspects that bring a man to focus upon the purity of love and life. We have forecast many times that man is under an illusion of the things of life, but open your hearts and minds, feel the need of his love within your soul. There are many present here today who would witness many extremes of life. Their attitudes are harsh towards the extremists that bring terror and shame to your world, for their focus is of hate, their need of greed is only matched by the need of love. Tormented their lives by others, who give them an illusion that theirs is a purpose of the Lord. How can this be? To take a mans life without due care and attention to bring him to an end in such a bitter way, how can they imagine that this is gods purpose? For God is of love and peace and for the welfare of man and all creatures who live upon the Earth. His focus is upon those who bring misery and shame, for they must justify their actions in his presence.

Be not ashamed of who you are my son, a beacon of light that shines out bringing hope to many. Tell this to your people, that we of the light bring an opportunity for all to receive his blessing.

Chimney stacks may fall.

Brussels will be the centre of attention, as once more outrageous acts of war will be brought to the innocent lives of many. Hopeless devastation caused will dissatisfy the nations as they forecast an end for the terrorism beset upon your planet. Fortitude is needed, for these coming events of horror. We cannot exactly say how these events will occur, but the minds of men who plan such evil deeds, their thoughts betray them in a way they cannot understand. (NOTE: The three of us are aware that our thoughts and actions are heard and observed, we recognise that questions in our own minds are very often answered in the channelled messages, even if we never speak them, so indeed, thoughts can betray us!)

Beware the railways, the tracks that move under the ground for they are a worrying concern.

Brighton’s festival is a happy, joyful time which will bring respite to many of your world. (NOTE: 6 – 28th May 2017 Brighton Festival)

Compel your minds to peace, allowing us to judge those of negative thoughts and purposes.

The death penalty will be imposed upon those who have caused devastation, mmm, but this will bring turmoil in your nations, an aspect of disagreement will be announced shortly. A split will occur with an enormous amount of ill will being brought to those nations. Hmmm, for tolerance should not be ignored to those of ill will.

We have mentioned money once before, it is the evil of the world that brings joy to some, misfortunes to others and your need of it is great, as it occupies mans mind to increase his finances to bring a life of pleasure. It will not bring relief from stress, how can such an illusion bring happiness for those who want, want more. Never being satisfied with the gifts given for their life’s purpose.

Jointly you will assume responsibility for the wellbeing of those in despair. Humph, you find this hard to believe in your present life, but never be closed to the permutations that life brings, as it throws curved balls to all who live it. Some with focus, some without, but joy will be brought to all and paid in kind for their efforts in their lives.

Joyous times indeed, for those mayors are elected by a promise of hope and the need of the population for London will bear witness to a happy event in the forthcoming celebrations of her romance. Smiles will fade into significance, as she turns a corner and waves with a happy expression to her nation, with a gratitude of love for her being. (NOTE: could this refer to the Lord Mayors Show – 12th November  and maybe something like the Queens wedding anniversary on 20th November?)

Elaine was once Margaret, she nestled in comparative wealth, with a outlook of life of wild laughter, fun and joy. Her husband had brought many things to her life, he was a man of meagre means comparatively, yet her love for him spoke volumes to the many that understood their relationship. Margaret, she was known for the party girl. She expressed her devotion and love to her homeland many times throughout her life, with a an eagerness and willingness to accept her roll by her sister. Her passing was with enormous gratitude and her life, for her suffering was great. Those times of joy and abated love of abandonment took their toll on her purpose. She waved her hand with great respect to those of money and purpose. Her lacking was in the love of the people who needed reassurance. She was aloof in her ways, abound the luxuries for all to see. She came to us as she began with life, with nothing, knowing to begin a fresh start. The worries and issues had gone. We now elixir her mind to focus upon her purpose of being, she was a slave to bureaucracy as is all who work within their grasp. An easy life you may say, and so it was to a degree, appointments to be met, satisfactory murmurings to be made. Humph, her dogs by her side as she sat in the gardens contemplating her life and the misfortune that had been brought her way, but her inner self was a sheer delight and her buoyancy far beyond others, with those negative aspects set against them. So being of wealth is not necessarily the being of happiness, as your life is behind closed doors never betraying your secrets to the world, or sin. (NOTE: We think this is referring to Princess Margaret).

Grateful times ahead with gratitude and thanks for giving devotion to those beyond your world who have a motive of love, to bring peace to your people.

Eastern provinces are those targeted by new beginnings. For he will relinquish his power as the pressures of the people grow upon his shoulders. He never thought such things could be, to be brought down by the peoples of his country who tarnish their name in his evil doings. He beckons others, of other nations to join him in assistance to control the masses, but his power is relinquished. There’s no one who wishes to band with him. He cannot understand how this came to be, for his dominance was great, as was his cruelty of wickedness. He sits there aloof, master of his kingdom, on his throne and seat of power dictating rules as if no other mattered. Bureaucracy will deal a blow so immense, his mind will be beset with anger, creating frustration that before he relinquishes power he will muster his forces to put down those who are set against him in the streets.

Hmm, we are no longer in control of minds of matter. Our beings only exist in the light. Our gratitude is great to serve him who oversees those of life. Truthfully we hope that your new beginnings will bring a sense of fellowship and love to mankind and the beasts of burden upon your Earth.

Triggered emotions will fire up a storm in the east, causing the west to beat a hasty retreat. As the storm grows, like the feathers of a nest, they will scatter in the winds until they can no longer sit together in unison in that nest.

They betray each others minds with negative thoughts, they’ll be of common onslaught, that of N.A.T.O. was to guarantee peace to the world, but it has failed in its duties to secure these turbulent times. Figuratively it has no meaning, no longer, but just there as a distraction to those of war.

You call it a nation of despair, we call it a nation of need of love and tolerance. Their leader will fall before the crowds of anger. Never let it be said, that man!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Truly negative, your responses to our call for peace as we circle your planet, your Earth, in our ships of gold searching for an answer to give man hope of pastures green. We are under no illusion that it is a task of immense proportions, for there are many splits within your nations. We need to bring a focus, to a point on the ground were a silver circle, a formation of doves will appear in the late August of your earth.

Never disrespect your Mother Earth, for she is the one that bears your burden of life. How many times have we said this before? That your meagre lives are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yet you seek gratification for your efforts upon your planet. Know this, gratification can only be given to those of purpose and a will to open their hearts and minds. Truly, we announce to you our intentions of involvement upon your planets structure and movement. We are unaware of any illusions that may be focused our way, why has man taken so much from her and given so little in return? For you cannot take, if you don’t give.

Concrete evidence is given of the meaningful purpose of these words.

Valerie has come to the conclusion that she would like to sustain her connection with those troubled minds who came before her. Her radiance will enable them to see their paths of light on their well beaten tracks of life. Hmmm, she has given many respite in their minds of worry, easing their burden with her love. Continuance of her ways is essential to bring purpose to others who have a need for the light. She now will not deny her special gift of love. Her doctrine will be accounted for in a book she will write in the autumn, talking of recent love and goodwill to men, as she creates a work of art with purposeful meaning to many. She documents many things of love and essence. She cannot cope with it all, and is reliant on those closest to her for their support and willingness to give. But she must relinquish, hmmm this energy, to rest her mind for a short time. As any man can only do so much within one life.

– – – – – – – – – –

Religious formats are questioned by many in the forthcoming conference of those of religion. They will determine a method by which all men turn to God in a manner befitting Him. They are guided by the influences of man and not by spirit. A showdown will occur when they are confronted by the facts and not the fiction, or the doctrine set before them through eons of mistrust and misplaced hearts.

Their eyes will be opened as she brings comfort to all.

Never let go of your minds values, of how to speak volumes to the nations my son.

Our time is done, a rest is required. God bless