14-05-19 War of the Heavens, Family Values, Internet, Charles Dickens, Talks Between Nations of Other Worlds

Transcript 14th May 2019

Welcome my friend, please draw close that we may join minds once more.

Talks Between Nations of Other Worlds

Haphazard ways of many we have seen of late, for they do not understand their life’s purpose or the path upon which they walk. Many will be enlightened within the near future as talks begin between those of other nations of other worlds and those of Earth.

Too fantastic you may think, for you to become believers! But know this, that their energies circumnavigate your world many times and their collaboration with your governments will become strong once more, as in the past there has been a failure, a disagreement. But ultimately they will be the ones to inhabit your earth in unison (together) with that of man to bring you a better platform upon which to live, a safer environment. Continue reading “14-05-19 War of the Heavens, Family Values, Internet, Charles Dickens, Talks Between Nations of Other Worlds”


20-10-16 U.S. Elections, Canary Wharf, Churchill etc

20th October 2016

Ah, but the boundaries light are so far from your world of man. Listen clearly to my voice and acknowledge that I am Madam of the Light, who has come this distance to speak my mind of the Lord and his willingness to communicate with that of man.

Hearken ye to the Angels that sing and bring joy to those who sit in their churches, reading their books of their faith and issuing a statement of love to our father, our Lord in heaven. We welcome their minds prayers as they speak their words of wisdom. They are devoted in their practice, issuing statements of love that can be heard through the cosmos. Never fear that your words are not heard my brothers, for all who speak to him, Jehovah on high, will be heard as a premium message. Continue reading “20-10-16 U.S. Elections, Canary Wharf, Churchill etc”