19-05-17 – Alzheimers, Space Launch, Battleships gather etc

Transcript 19th May 2017

(NOTE: The first messenger sounds very old on the recording of the transcript)

In the still of the day and the stillness of the night, prayers are said for the many who wander homeless throughout your lands. Allow them thought in your dreams, as you become one with the spirit of life. Let not your thoughts wander beyond that of the Lord, our father.

We have come many times to see the wonders of this world, to champion your mind and bring a thought of peace. Alas, how many will exist in your world that do not understand their purpose? We cannot betray their thoughts as they wander aimlessly through the woods of life, but let us inspire you, so that we may inspire them to be courteous and giving to those around them who would wish them the best of the day. Continue reading “19-05-17 – Alzheimers, Space Launch, Battleships gather etc”


18.05.16 Arcturians, Flight MS804 etc


Welcome James and the spirit of light.

Masquerades of people in power who don’t understand the needs of the nations of the Earth, they protect false profits as they clamour for the spoils of the Earth, their purposes and need are of the dark, their will is strong and ramifications will felt by them throughout the world.  (NOTE: Definition of masquerade to a cover up, to hide or pretend to be something you are not.)

Peace will come to the hearts of those who would listen to the words of the elders of the light.  We are the ones to vanquish the evil of corruption that sit in the seats of power within your nations.  Consequently we aspire to reach your men of wisdom, for knowing their knowledge will fill the hearts of man with the blessings of the Lord.  Through eternal strife man will find peace.

Mans heart is open to many influences of the negative, he must control his emotions in times of pressure, as the Fahrenheit (NOTE: temperature or heat!) rises in the East, to the West, temperaments will grow and reach a point of no return.  To us this is not a situation that we will tolerate, come with us now for a journey of love, speak your mind to those who would listen to sense and who have purpose in their lives, that is to say they follow the light with need and joy, knowing that prospects of new beginnings will bring peace amongst your people’s of the Earth.
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