04-06-23 Message of Love and Compromise, Cycle of Life, Meditation etc

Transcript Date: 4th June 2023

Loving Hearts, Open Minds and Learning Through Meditation

To all of humanity we would like to say this, that although your lives are hectic and your thoughts are many, spare a thought for those who can no longer be with you and send them your love through your heartfelt messages and your belief systems, for we know there is good within the world and that those who would cause harm and anguish are truly in the minority and cannot succeed within the light and love of those who truly care.

To these people who wish nothing more than peace and love to others, we send you our love and a greeting to help you through your lives. Never be ashamed to say that you are a part of the communion of spirit, and that your love and all your worldly goods pale into insignificance when it comes to the matter of spirit, and to that of the Lord.

We have sent many messages, in the past and in the present through those such as yourself, who bid us welcome and wish to communicate the love of spirit to the world. Never be ashamed of your place in the world and the ability that you display through the words given.

To those who aspire to become the same, we say this, do not give up, have belief and trust in us and the wisdom will be given in due course. It is through trust and love that your actions will show and shine like the stars in the sky, for like the stars in the sky, your souls shine a brilliance that is visible throughout the heavens, and we acknowledge your existence and your love.

To compromise, is to be blessed with a loving heart and open mind. There are many within your world who would compromise with others who would bring them strife. It is through this practice that the trust of each other will be gained and the knowledge will spread, the knowledge being that of love and consideration for others.

There are many who wish to hear words from those of other worlds, and they fantasise about what it would be like to encounter such beings within their life; or even to just take a glimpse at the possibilities beyond your present existence. We acknowledge their thoughts with love, expressing our love to them in the best way we can. Your knowledge of these things is limited at this time, and there is purpose in this, for you are the children of your race and you have yet to mature to begin the practice of ‘growing up’ and overcoming your many obstacles.

It is a process of learning and growing; a process of compromise and love; a process of living your lives in harmony that will bring this maturity to the fore, you know this to be true. And although you may say that you are an intellectual and that you have much knowledge of many things within your life, if you do not understand or have knowledge of spirit, and the beings of other worlds, then truly you have much more to learn, and much more to gain.

Through the practice of meditation, as we have spoken of before, this may be achieved. It’s a matter of you taking time out, even just a walk through the countryside of your world, to listen to the trickling water of the stream and the birds that sing, to listen to the nature of the world, the wind that blows through the trees, the sounds of the planet as you perceive them, these are the things that will bring you focus. We will not let you fall, we will not discourage you in these actions, for we embrace you all with a heart of love. Don’t forget, it is up to you to bring yourselves maturity through your actions and thoughtfulness for others.

We have spoken of the word ‘compromise’ this evening, and you may well understand the word in several ways, some will not compromise their position in life for the sake of others, whilst others will compromise in an argument and say that they are just as much at fault for the situation that has arisen. You cannot deny yourselves an open mind and heart, and you cannot deny yourself the love that is sent through the words of spirit, or the words of the gospel, as written by John 16:4.

(John 16:4. “But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you”.
Channels note; If you read into the context of this verse you will understand that it is a warning from Jesus to his disciples saying that even though Jesus and God are with them, teaching the Gospels to the world will ultimately lead to their deaths as they will not be liked, and they will be cast aside and condemned for their beliefs and convictions.
As a race of humans at this time, we have yet to learn to compromise with each other to make a better world, and those that cry out for justice and equality will be condemned by the authorities at this present time.)

You must apply your mind and your soul to these practices of love, and the compromise of maybe sharing a life with someone else, feeling compassion for them and helping them through their times of problems and troubles. It is not difficult to allow these things to flow, it is not hard to open your mind and your spirit and soul to that of the heavens above.

Leading a horse to water . . . assisting those who do not wish to listen

She sits this evening and wonders how it is that life has passed her by, or seemingly has passed her by. And she cannot understand how it is that her words never seem to fulfil others that she may converse with? She reaches out to those in need and helps them in the way that she can, and the only way possible to her knowledge. But there are many other ways to reach out to those in need, and if they do not understand the words that you speak, then a practice of showing them by example. We will be there to assist, and like many of your world who feel they are denied our assistance, we assure you that we are close by, always.

In life you may take a tumble and you may experience extreme circumstances whereby you cannot imagine another way of resolving your problems. Through the peace of your mind, and the connection of spirit, your problems and issues of the world can be eased and your troubles lessened.

It seems unbelievable that these things can be, yet this is a matter of trust, and if you were to be in a situation where you feel like you are enclosed and that there is no way out, then speak to us and ask for guidance, and it will be given. But you must have trust and open your heart and mind to these things. As the old adage goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.” And so it goes, that we can lead you to spirit for assistance, but it is up to you to open your mind and accept the responsibilities and actions given.

It is a difficult task to assist those in your world who do not wish to be open to these things of life and spirit, but at some point in their lives they will evaluate their situation, and their minds and hearts will become open, wishing to seek a way out of their situation.

Help and Healing When Needed

There are grim times ahead for many, and as the human race evolves, so the need for love and caring will increase. Many of you have open hearts, whilst there are those who have closed their hearts to others. They may have experienced extreme circumstances and feel that they are alone and that there is no way out. But there is always a way out, there is always hope. Once more, this is up to the individual, and they can be helped in many different ways of connection. Sometimes we will lead them to others who will, in a way not understood, assist them in their words. The situation may arise that these souls in need will recognise and grasp hold, to enable them to stabilise their thoughts and lives.

Truly there are many methods that spirit will (use to) reach out to those in need, and the tragedies of your world seem to increase and get ever more desperate, and although their lives may be terminated in extreme ways, at that moment of departure from your world they will be greeted with a warmth and love, so profound. And all those torturous things that they may have experienced, and all the pain and sorrow, will be put to one side and forgotten, as joy will be brought once more.

Healing is always available and accessible for all, you may feel it as a warmth in the pit of your stomach, acknowledge this feeling, this warmth, allow it to spread throughout your body, it may not save you from a life of turmoil or a life of pain, but it will help to ease your troubles.

When it is Time to Say Farewell on the Journey of Life

She comes this evening with thoughts and prayers for all those loved ones who have bid her goodbye. Her heart swells with love as she holds them close and caresses them with her love.
There are many families who grieve at this time and cannot understand why it is that they have been put through this turmoil of pain and uncertainty. It is common for them to become angry and lash out at those who would say “there are reasons for all things in life.” It is their lack of knowledge of life and that of spirit that led them to do these things, to lash out and become aggressive to those that they love, and they don’t mean these things, it is just that their mind is in anguish and cannot accept that life is a journey in which you learn to love, and you to learn to let go.

Each of you are on this journey, and each of you will be reunited once more, it is not a punishment from God or spirit; it is not something that you may have done that has brought this uncompromising sorrow to your life, it is life, and it is the nature of your world.
You see it every day, in the seasons of your earth, and in the birth and termination of life throughout the world of the animal kingdom, and even through the plants and flora and fauna of your world, everything is in a cycle, transitioning from one to the other, in an endless stream of life. Life never truly ends, it just exists once more in another form, in another place.

The transition of life has gone unexplained to many in this world, and they whisper words to the Lord, asking for the explanation of these things. There have been many texts written to explain these things, yet they have largely gone unnoticed or ignored. The words of the gospel speak of many things of wisdom to enlighten you, and although they have been enhanced by man, they still have basic truths that all should ponder upon and understand.

Cycle of Life for the Universe

Even the life of your universe has a cycle, and although you may not live long enough to see these things, nevertheless, universes are created and dissolved once more to become part of the heavens that surround your world. You see these things as meteors, stardust, and they travel endlessly, it may seem to you, throughout the galaxies of the heavens that you exist within, and eventually they become part of something else as they unite and create a new star system or Galaxy.

The vastness of time and space, you are unable to comprehend, as are many civilisations. And there is a reason for this, you must each pass through each phase of life, you must each journey this time parallel to others, but eventually you will progress and those in parallel with your life will join you and you will create new life. You may not understand the words that we speak, but we ask you to sit and think about these things. Do you truly believe that this is the one and only life that you will exist within? If so, how can you be so narrow minded? We implore you to open your mind and think of all the possibilities that exist.

You feel your bodies, and you know of your spirit and soul, because that is you! Yet even your spirit and soul, as you know it at this time, will evolve, it will join with others and you will be recreated as new, and yet you will still carry your personality of this time, but you will also carry the traits of others to enhance you, so that you may progress throughout the spheres of life.

Complex words you may think, and indeed they are, but there is nothing simple about universal life that exists within the many spheres of galaxies and universes.

Time Travel – Mind Travel

Many in your life fantasise about the ability to time travel, to travel to other worlds by folding space. These are just fantasies for your race at this time, but you can still travel, even though your advancements have not progressed to this stage, at this time. And you can do this through your own mind, for the complexities of your mind are vast and far superior to that of your material world, and anything that you can create. You have been equipped with a vast knowledge, that is mostly ignored or not tapped into. To expand your mind, to have the freedom of thought and heart will open up these corridors, and although it may seem insignificant to you, these things will advance you. The power of thought will carry you through your many existences and the life to come.

Withheld Knowledge and Destruction and Mayhem

We have spoken to you of other beings, and they wait for those with the ability to communicate with love and compassion, but at this time, the situation upon your planet does not allow these things to happen. It has occurred in the past, and your nations hold them as secrets that should not be disclosed for fear of the public response, but you are not children that need to be protected, for education is needed. It is only the ignorant, the greedy, and those who want the power that will not accept or acknowledge these beings and their need to help you through this time of your existence, but not just of your existence, for that will be short in comparison to your earth, but in the existence of your race of humanity. They deplore the situation they see at this time, as men of war create ever more deadly weapons to expand their territories, but they cause destruction, mayhem, they cause sadness and pain, and what was it gain them in the end? What satisfaction do they get from these things, they think their name may go down in history perhaps, but it will go down in a way that they do not wish and their spirit and soul will pay a price for the pain that they inflict upon others and their selfish needs.

“Will they be Punished?”

It may take time for them to understand the many things of life. Will they be punished? It is what hangs on many people’s thoughts, they will punish themselves in ways unexpected, but spirit and that which you call God will always be there to listen to them. How can this be? The devastation and death that they cause, the torture that they bring the innocent souls, how is it that they are given an ear? You find this hard to comprehend and to understand, but each of you have an opportunity to raise your vibration and bring your spirit and soul to a deeper understanding, to understand that persecution of others is not the way forward. Believe us when we say there is no excuse for these things, and what you do within your life will be represented in the next life.

Open your thoughts my children. Do not dwell upon those who bring terror, for they are their own worst enemy. Look to your own lives and assist those who are affected by their tyranny, assist them with love. Demonstrate your love, for this will demonstrate to those that bring terror that their way is not the way forward, it is through love and companionship, through compassion and caring of others. It is through the unity of your world to help one another, this is the passage that should be taken, and they will see in the time to come, but that doesn’t help those at this present time who suffer at their hands with their merciless persecution. For one man’s belief in his own greatness, he will understand in a time to come the things of his life, and he will pay a debt, as all most for their actions in their lives.

We thank you for your audience this evening, wish you well upon your journeys throughout the universal life that is given. Be blessed in the knowledge we have shared, and have hope in your heart’s that life is everlasting, and although your bodies may die, your spirit and soul will continue on in an endless cycle. It is up to you to improve your lives, not with the wealth of your existence or possession, greed of land or power, but within your love, for love will bring you joy everlasting. Amen.


15-01-22 Love, Guidance, Cycle of life, Adapting to change, Inner senses etc

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Transcript Date:15th January 2022

Michaels Note: This sitting was unusual for me because at the very beginning of the connection I felt as if I was floating 6 inches off the seat and although it slightly distracted me I continued on! It felt as if my bottom was moving freely from side to side, almost like I had been separated from my body, but not totally.

Love, Connection and Guidance

Tokens of love are given this evening to those who can see no way forward within their lives. We would like to give them our blessings this evening and a promise that we will be there whenever they need us.

Our connection to those of the earth is great, you are an extension of our love and the Lord’s creation. We bring you peace of heart and mind this evening, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, you may always speak to us to ask for strength and support. We will be there like a guiding light to bring you comfort in your darkest hour and in your need.

Many who have come to earth from that place of spirit, constantly remind each other of their beginnings, but there are those who forget, and although they live their lives in peace and harmony and bid a welcome to all that come with their whole being and their love, they do not remember, or seem to acknowledge the great ones who have brought them to this time of life. They should not despair, for not all will acknowledge us, for their lives are full of love and family, and this does not go against them in the grand scheme of things.

You do not wish to know about the terrible things that occur constantly in your world, because you only wish to see the good, and there is much goodness within the world that outweighs the combat of men; or the untruth given by those who would dishonour the great spirit of life.

Give blessings to one another, thank the Lord for his many blessings given to you. Do not despair when you come across a circumstance that you cannot seem to control, or deal with. Leave it in the hands of your spirit guides and they will guide you to a place of reconciliation, where you can sit and bring peace to yourselves through your thoughts, and the thoughts that they place in your mind.

To those who lose loved ones . . .

Heartfelt greetings are given at this time to those who lose loved ones, for it seems a cruel world at times to take those that are closest to you, particularly the young and the innocent. Their time was done, for their souls march on regardless, encompassed with peace and love, healing. Each of you at some point within your life will reach this point, whereby you must leave the world of men and crossover to the world of spirit. Do not fear this time, for although it seems a disastrous event, once you get to the threshold of that door you will understand, and peace will overwhelm you and your body will cease to be, and you will drift as if on a cloud unseen to that place of spirit.

Time of change

We bring you love this evening and a hope of a better future for all, not just of mankind, but of creatures of earth and all living occupants of your world. For there will come a time when the dominance of man will cease to be, for change comes, sometimes radically different, but change will come to all. And do not fear this time of change, for it is, in your words, ‘evolution’. It is when the soul progresses and the bodies of your world adapt to the changes at hand.

So much torture and disillusionment at this time. But we are here to shed light upon you, to allow you the knowledge of heaven and the great beyond that you can only see within your imagination at this time. Allow your thoughts to wander and explore the realms of the spiritual world, the realms beyond yours. You will see that life continues on unabated by the antics of men or other creatures of other worlds, for life is ever-changing, ever evolving, improving upon itself constantly. This is the purpose of life for your soul.

You take a time to adapt to these things, and your bodies, mind and soul acclimatise to the new situations given, and you learn many things that will allow your soul and spirit to change and progress. It is not a strange thing to think of, for energy is ever changing and moving. And the heart of love grows larger, and expands to envelop all around as you allow it to grow, and allow the love in, for love is the one constant within life that cannot be changed. It is an awesome power to behold, for it will conquer all who would anticipate a time of conquering your soul and your being. Love is the weapon by which you will win your personal battles within life.

Do not see your neighbour as an enemy or as a foe, because they are as you, they are as adaptable as you, and your thoughts of love will ring true to them, clear as a bell. They will conquer their fears that bring them anger and torment, love will do this in ways that they will not understand and all they need to do is accept these things as the truth.

Your beings were created from matter. Your spirit and soul is that of energy, that is ever constant, ever changing, progressing always to new levels and new heights.

You must never doubt yourselves, or the presence of God and spirit around you, you must never doubt that your loved ones see you and walk with you in your lives. Life is short, but the spirit and soul will live for ever in that place of peace that you call heaven.

Gather your thoughts this evening and bring purpose to your life Michael, for a time will come when you will be needed, along with those who walk with you in your life. Your work will change and evolve. Your spirit and soul is restless at this time, yet we are here to support you, to bring you knowledge, knowledge of love and peace of mind. Do not dictate to those of your world these things, but gently, softly caress them and talk to them, so they may understand that their lives are as yours, filled with purpose, filled with love from the great spirit above to the depths of your heart.

Time advances and extreme circumstances will occur within your world of life. Many will fear these times and they will look for a gateway to peace where they can escape the turmoil of your world. You are creatures of the earth, no different to the animals that walk with you. You must bring to bear a purpose of peace and love, unity in these things will bring you strength in that time to come. 

Conquer fears, commit to peace and love

Men fear many things of the world and beyond, but they do not fear for their souls. Yet, you should be ever adaptable and ever conscious of your beginnings, not of your birth upon this world, but the beginnings of your spirit and soul, the energy that you are. For you must conquer your fears of one another, you must work and strive together, to bring your world peace, to work together as one as a family unit, to help one another, no matter where you come from, your colour, your creed. Even the animals of your world whose welfare should be at the heart of all things, for you as human beings were blessed with the knowledge of the things to come.

The creatures of your world live their lives, and many fear you, for you can be cruel as a race of beings. This does not come from your spirit and soul, so why do you allow these things to enter your minds? Many of you are not cruel, we know, but there is the minority in the world who will never read these words or listen to what is spoken, and their cruelty will go on unabated, until such time as they themselves leave their bodies to face the truth of their actions.

Commitment to peace and love should be paramount within your minds. Take your world, give it a breath of love and understanding, and all things that men have created of the negative will seem unimportant, for they will see a better way and a better place to live for now and the future. 

Do not allow your responses to these words to be of negative thought, take in what we speak of, and although you cannot change the world as an individual, you can change the world united within the light of heaven upon earth.

Many gasp at these words and they will criticise them, with a response not worthy of them. They cannot understand how unity can be attained at this present time, yet unity can be attained at all times, whether those times are within turmoil, or within love. 

Never allow your minds to wander to the depths of depravity that some will permit their souls to go, speak to them of the truth of the light. They may retort with names and criticism to you, but you should retort with love, do not bring yourselves to their level, smile to them, change the subject if you will, but once more integrate these words of love in another way.

Blindness of anger

People’s anger blind them to a positive reflection of their soul. This anger can well up within them, and swell and grow, until it consumes their very being. And even at the point of their passing, when they realise how wrong they were, they would blame their bodies and their human mind. But this is your responsibility, your soul knows the truth and if you ignore the words and you only do wrong, then you are responsible for your actions, and no other. 

There are great influences upon you all, and that world of the negative would love to enter your thoughts, to sway your path so that you may be disorientated. When you feel this coming on, then sit and ask for help and it will be given, not directly, or in ways that you may understand, but it is given through thought. Never doubt your spirit and soul and the words given through thought, for these are blessings to one and all. Amen.

New speaker

Cycle of life

Memories of the past can linger with many and sour over time. And these thoughts bring bitter tears. Happiness and joy can still be attained by those who reflect upon the past. For the future, in a sense, is not written and they can bring change through a positive attitude. These lingering thoughts of the past should be put to one side, do not allow them to fester within your mind or within your spirit and soul, give them an audience and acknowledge them, then put them to one side, for they were in the past and not in the present or in the future, unless you allow it to be so.

Be determined in your own minds, determined to bring joy to others, to those that you pass on the street, to those acquaintances of long ago who may reappear.

Many things operate in cycles within your life, your very being as you know operates in the same way, in the cycle of life. You can observe these things within the nature of your world, just look at the trees and plants, look at the seasons, to see in the spring the regrowth and rebirth of many of the species of your world, even your own species go through these same seasons. 

Rebirth of your soul is somewhat disregarded within your lives, you see the new born baby, it is a creation of your love and of your bodies, but the energy that the new born possesses is of rebirth from that of spirit. You take a part of you with you and you take a piece of others, and in a sense, this recreates and refreshes your soul, just as you would refresh the waters that had turned sour.

Replenishment of love and understanding will grow once more, but your understanding of the world that you came from and go to, will diminish as the years pass by. For there are many influences within your world that would blind you to these things, yet deep within your soul lays the truth.

Your energy will go on and you will take on the energy of others to live a new life, and so the circle of life will continue unabated, and even if your physical beings no longer exist within the world at this time, imagine if there was no human being, what would happen?

We can tell you this, that your life, your spirit and soul and will continue on and as in all things of life you will be regenerated and reborn once more, maybe to a different time and world, but your memories will fade during this time of change.

The love that you feel now for your loved ones, your partners in life, your children and families, your pets and creatures of the world, that will continue on within you. You may forget their names and how they looked in life, but how they looked in life is unimportant, as are their names, because that love you carry with you for them will be recognisable when you too pass to spirit. You will know your loved ones, not by their features or by their facial expressions, you will know them in a way that you cannot understand, and cannot be explained at this time. We would call it a sense, a ‘sixth sense’ and you will call it recognition of the soul.

Trusting inner senses

Animals that walk your world already have this sixth sense and they know of your feelings towards them, they do not need to understand your language to know whether you wish them peace or whether you wish them harm, their senses will tell them and they are very acute. As the human animal, many of these senses have been dimmed, for you have found a new way to entertain yourselves. We have no other way of describing these things, but you must regain your senses, you must sit in the quiet and listen and understand that spirit and soul that you are.

Some people within your world will blatantly ignore these things, for they feel that they know what they need to know, and when the time comes there is nothing more. This is a sad reflection of your times, as your spiritual beings, your religions, seem to be dying. Religion is a man-made creation to worship the spirit of the creator, and it doesn’t matter how you worship, it doesn’t matter how you perform these things, as long as your heart and soul are of love and tender wishes to others.

Your senses tell you many things that words cannot tell you, and these things, these senses that you possess will assist you in the world to come, to recognise those of your loved ones. Many do not understand their feelings and assistance is sometimes required to help them to understand these things. Your loved ones who have crossed over, will for a time be with you, and you will feel their energy, not really understanding what it is, or the power within to understand these things. They will try in various ways to gain your attention. Some will acknowledge these things and pass them by, excusing them as, ‘just a coincidence’, but there are many of you who would acknowledge these signs and understand, your heart will tell you this, if you would only listen.

Bring peace to yourselves, open your hearts and minds and allow those instincts that you possess to guide your steps in life, and you will not go far wrong if you trust these senses, as the animals in your world do.

We will leave you now and hope that you will understand the words spoken. Good evening.