07-01-21 Dimensions, Space and Time, Astral Travel, Light is Life, Purpose, etc

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Transcript Date 7th January 2021

Let us begin this evening with reference to your lives, know that you’re yesterdays and your tomorrows will be filled with purpose in time to come.

Seeking purpose

Many wish to have purpose within their lives and they seek out the things they believe will benefit them through the many avenues of life, but to a large extent the spiritual realm where true purpose is, is ignored by the vast majority. But, there are those who are beginning to see the light and they are beginning to understand that their lives are filled with purpose, not just their ambitions within life, or their careers, as these are only for the short lifespan of that person. There is something more tangible to their existence, and they are beginning to see this comes from the light and is given to one and all without bias.

Be prepared

Be prepared for things that you will face in the future. There are many with misgivings and shortcomings within their lives who will not see the tremendous change that is about to occur within your world. The unbalance is great at this time and their awareness of these things is masked through the media of your life. You must open your eyes and be accountable for your actions within life. There must not be mistrust, but trust and faith of the Lord.

We decree many things upon your world and issue many obligations to fulfil. Many lose their way and lose track of time, they think that this short time on earth is all there is and all that they need to know. The shortcomings are great and your belonging to this world is but a mere speck of time, for there is much more to be explored within the kingdom of heaven.

Let go your of biased self, let go of any hatred you may harbour and the injustices given to those around you. We speak to those who cannot see a way forward within the light of heaven, for they exist for this time only, they are short sighted in the extreme.

We bless you all this evening with love and life and although many circumstances of life will catch up with you, when your time comes you will know of your purpose and the reasons for your existence. Do not ignore those around you, do not be resilient or resist their advances when they ask for help. Do not become isolated within your own troubles, but bear witness to those around you so they may see a way forward.

(At this point Michael’s dog disturbed him – so he continued a few days later.)

Transcript Date: 10th January 2021

Celebrating lives of those who have passed

Tonight we celebrate a special time within the many lives in your world, for their thoughts turn to their loved ones who have recently gone to that world of spirit. It beckons you all, and in time you will follow like the sheep who follow the shepherd of life.

Bring purpose to one and all within your lives and to those you meet throughout your time on this earth. Help us to understand your needs and purpose so we may assist in the ways required at this time. Do not think of us as ghosts of the past but of spirit that assist and guide your lives in ways that are thought of as unfashionable at this time.

It is with a heavy heart that we say these things, we see much in the world today of non-belief. Your thoughts are for the material world that surround you and your immediate families, yet there are so many who are in need at this time. Do not deny yourselves the focus of looking around at your world, at your closest neighbours, for there is much required at this time when your lives seem restricted in so many ways. Tonight we hope to bring you news of many things, so you may spread the word to the peoples of the world, that life exists beyond this of the physical and exists within a world that you call spirit.

Dimensions cross in space and time

Dimensions cross. There are many dimensions existing within the same space and time. This is hard for you to understand, but you will be equipped with this knowledge in a time to come, for what is space and time? Is it tangible? Can you feel it, touch it? How do you know of its existence, for it cannot be seen or felt? Yet you measure time by your instruments of earth, not understanding that time itself is a precious commodity to be used wisely by all who exist at this time.

Your measure of time restricts you in many ways, for you commit yourselves to a routine, a daily routine, from which you do not wish to break. This causes confusion with many minds. You see it as a clear reflection of time and you do not question when it is time to rise in the morning or go to sleep at night, these things are a natural function within your lives.

In spirit there is no time or space. Your bodies will not be as they are now, you will be of energy and you will be able to traverse these places in time and space, these many spheres of existence. It will culminate in a greater knowledge if you wish it to. Equally, many choose to return and continue their practice of life upon your earth, but they are not granted this if they do not have a purpose in mind. You must have a willingness to accept our teaching and our being, for we too are as real as you, yet we are unseen to the men of your world.

Do not describe us as ghosts or figments of the imagination, we are part of you as you are a part of us. Life holds many secrets beyond your present knowledge and if you unfold the leaf of time, you will see that many civilisations were exactly as you are today, feeling lost in your communities, not understanding the purpose of your being or the reason for your existence.

Time will explain all and it expands endlessly through the universes of life. It cannot be traversed at this time, yet some advanced civilisations have an ability to enter the next dimension through thought and their voices are transmitted, as are ours, to those receivers within the planetary systems. It is not for you to question why this is so, for life is part of the great experiment, it exists ‘because’, and just ‘because’. You cannot know the reasons why your conscious mind is alerted to these things, for it will elude you, it will deny you its knowledge and the fundamental reason of life.

Light is the Source of Life

In the beginning there was light, this light gave life to your earth, as it does to many worlds within many solar systems and within the many universes. Light is the source of life and of your spirit and soul, it is the energy that enables your physical being to exist. It cannot be underestimated, the finer details of these things, for light is life, and life is light.

Astral Travelling

You must circumnavigate your globe in whatever way possible. Look upon the many things that exist within your world and as yet you have not explored or experienced. You wonder how you may do this because you are unable to gather the finances to do these things, but in truth it is not necessary to travel your world within this existence, you can travel the world  within your thoughts and your compassion, within your minds, for you are of that universal energy and always a part of you will exist within that realm of heaven, that place beyond yours.

Do not underestimate your abilities, or your ability to travel. It may trouble you to think about these things and you may wonder, “How can I achieve these things?” It is a matter of focus and thought. Some call it ‘astro-planing’ whilst others call it an ‘out of body experience’, both these things are true, you leave your body for a very short time, yet to you it seems like a lifetime. In truth it is merely a blink of the eye.

Sometimes your spirit and soul will leave your body for a rest and you will be unaware of these things, then you remark when you awaken how it seemed that you were in a different world, in a different time and place. These things are not so much imagination as actual fact.

(At this point Michaels dog was disturbing him!)

Do not let the interruptions of life disturb you, for there are many in your world who suffer these interruptions and they linger, not realising that their time is just merely a phase.

Do not exploit yourselves for the things of life, do not consider yourself as a one-time event only, for your spirit and soul are energy, as we have spoken about, and that energy will transverse time in ways quite unexpected to you.

Your mind of thought will interrupt you on a daily basis, never allowing  a moment’s peace within your life, yet when you sleep, and you are fully relaxed, you are awakened to another world. Although it seems to be within your mind, sometimes you experience unexplainable things, inexplicable to many, you may meet those of spirit, not necessarily dressed in the way that you are, or the manner in which you would expect, but you will know that you are in the presence of this spirit. You will awaken feeling refreshed, yet with puzzlement in your mind. Some ignore these things and let it go and carry on without a thought, whilst others will focus upon them and wonder what it was that had occurred.

You must realign your lives with that of nature; you must not disguise your thoughts within your daily routines. You must focus upon your being and the being of others to enable you to circumnavigate your world with a peaceful heart and good intention.

Allow us not to disturb you this evening, for there is much need at this time, but be blessed in the knowledge that we will be there to assist when needed.

Carol Ann

Carol Ann has a heart of gold and is in much need at this time. She may not be known to you or by others, yet her heart cries out for attention for she lives within a sheltered home, not being aware of the outside world, but wanting to know others because of intimidation. Frankly she lives a sheltered life. She will not venture out to explore the world around her, for her thoughts are many of self-delusion. Give her a thought this evening if you will, bring her peace in your love and a prayer in your heart that she may find peace once more and open her heart and mind to the world that exists around her.

Desperate times for many when they seek resolution within others. Seek resolution within your soul and we will assist those of your world, in different ways maybe, but our thoughts are with you, and our blessings go with you throughout your lives. Amen.


06-06-19 Hope, New Beginnings, Light and Dark, D-Day Anniversary, Power of Thought, etc

Transcript 6th June 2019

Hope is Given

Hope is given to all this evening, it’s not apparent to some, yet many will see inspiration within their lives, for hope is given to all for the new world to come.

Be blessed with purpose, put out your hands and neglect not those who beg and enquire as to your well-being, for your lives are intertwined beyond which you cannot understand, for there is a realm, another world of peace and love yet to come to you all. Continue reading “06-06-19 Hope, New Beginnings, Light and Dark, D-Day Anniversary, Power of Thought, etc”