06-04-20 Purpose of this time, Those who shun the light, Journey of truth etc

The transcripts of 2016 are equally valid for today and can be purchased online from Amazon or ordered from Waterstones and other major book retailers:

Testament to a New Dawn – Volume One


Transcript Date 6th April 2020

Tasks of life
Topics are spoken of about times in the past, in the present and those yet to come. Your future is not so bleak as you might think.

Tasks have been given to those who are working unceasingly for the benefit of all at this time. There are many tasks to be performed within the world of life and light.

Yours (Michael) is yet to come and as you pass through the annals of time, you may reflect upon your life that has been one of worship, for he comes with a song for you all. Do not put asunder the words given, as they have much meaning.

A message for those who shun life in the light

We still find that there are those who will not walk with the light and prefer the shadows of the dark rather than draw attention to themselves. This is not a time to be afraid to walk within the light of heaven, neither is this the time to hide in the shadows of the dark, for the darkness will hold you and you will not want to let go. Continue reading “06-04-20 Purpose of this time, Those who shun the light, Journey of truth etc”


17-11-19 Wildfires, Beliefs in India, Health Service, UK Election, Power of Thought etc

Transcript Date: 17th November 2019

Flower of Heaven

Flowers of the autumn are rare, but one has come to bring purpose to all in his name, for he is the Flower of Heaven, so long awaited by that of men of your world.

Have purpose my son, allow our thoughts to be transmitted clearly through your being, have focus and a will to continue upon this path of love for your fellow men around you. Bring peace to yourselves this evening my friends, for we are here around you always, helping those in need in ways they do not understand, for they see nothing of us with their eyes, but they will feel our being about them, and the guidance that is given within to which they may, or may not follow. Continue reading “17-11-19 Wildfires, Beliefs in India, Health Service, UK Election, Power of Thought etc”

13-11-16 Discontent and Fear on the Earth, Dark Matter, The Light is Always There etc

13th November 2016

The trumpets sound, horns blow as the banners fly high. A wave of discontent will naturally occur as they resist his aspects of charm. We believe that the many of your world are of a fickle kind, never knowing really what it is that they seek in their lives path.

We constantly worry for the future of your planet as the temperatures raise and then fall in the continuing action of expansion and contraction will take its toll upon your people. (NOTE: This could be reference to the recent Earthquakes, not just in New Zealand, but all around the Pacific Ring.)

There is no merriment where there is dissatisfaction, for they only see a wall of resentment that comes before them. Let them know this, that our love can be held by no barriers, for the true love of spirit is with all those who would hold a light and a candle in vigil for those times that were, and the dark times ahead. Never lose your focus upon the one thing in life that means most of all, the loving embrace of your families, friends and those you meet upon your journeys, embrace them with your love offering them a flower of pink.

We will come tonight to send the blessing of the Lord to the many who have lost focus on the aspect of light in your life. Their humdrum lives are nothing but repetitive, as they clamber for the spoils of war. They concern themselves with many illusions of life, deceiving their own minds of what lies within the light that shines, that beckons them to have moral judgement and a kind heart towards all who exist on God’s earth.

I am Carl, a man of any old nature! But I have come this evening with respect to the Lord of mercies in the hope that I may find my peace once more. I am unknown to you and unworthy of the Lord. I see your light, it shines so bright, welcome me with an aspect of love. I have had a kind heart, ah, but was betrayed by many that bore me ill will, as endeth to my life. No respect. I never honoured my mother or father as I live my life of regret, but now I come to you with a purpose and a mission in the hope of finding peace within that light of love. Help me to overcome my fears. I was a man of discontent and much sadness of my own making. Allow me to rest in peace. (NOTE: In my mind I say a prayer in the hope of helping Carl across.)  

Marcus, he joins us now with a fader (or feather) in his heart to issue you a purpose of love, your guidance for others is helped in many ways by a love of those that surround you. Your new purpose in life is becoming clear to you as you work within the boundaries of the light. Have a compassion for others and those souls that are lost betwixt the earth and the heavens. Have no fear, we have no conflict of interests, only a passion for love of the father, our Lord. Remain calm as we bring a focus upon you, allow your mind to relax.

I am the light and the love, I am the father of all that come before. May I bring you blessings on this evening. Your family and many more rest in that place of love. An umbrella of light shines above them all, giving them protection, an assurance that they are loved by all. Allow my mind to speak the words of wisdom. May you never know ill will that is felt by many in your world, your focus has become a wisdom of high concern. Hmmm. My name is no longer important, but my heart, my soul and my love. In my wisdom I give to you. The brethren of the light instruct you in many ways by the coming of the new dawn. Do not be apprehensive as there is a future of light and love, be calm as she walks with a stride upon your earth. Unfathomable times they are, how is it possible that so many are in dispute with one another? I have mercy for all those who walk the path of light. I am the one who will journey with you upon your path of light. Never let it be said that a man walks alone in his life without purpose, for all who live are joined by a thread of gold invisible to man’s eyes but part of an intricate web.

Your eyes may never know the many things that deceive them. Be honest with yourselves and bring peace to your hearts, love the Lord thy saviour in your homes, offices, places of work. Allow him the one to assist the many in the transition to come. Be inspired by the many thoughts of love that are issued to you, from our hearts.

Brothers, do not grieve for those who are lost, for their magic will shine once more within the heavens above earth. Analytical studies have been made upon those who pass from your life, and what do these studies show? Hmmm, they show to those scholars of life, that there are many aspects beyond your vision. Be not ashamed to stand up and say “I believe in the Almighty.” Those doctors and nurses, as they watch them pass, witness a memorable thing that they are totally unaware of. Some will tell you they see the shining lights, some may say, a whisper is heard upon their passing. You must open your hearts and minds to understand, that all who live and die, do so, not alone and not afraid.

Hmmm, we have imparted much wisdom and we trust your abilities to uphold the Lord in your lives. You must trust in your beliefs and willingness to sacrifice those everyday luxuries. It is becoming harder to communicate with the many of intolerance, their black shadow overwhelms those of the light who practice in the love, hmm, but that love and light will always be there and will burst through and dispel the darkness of their minds.

A blessing to you all is to be heard by the bells and trumpets sounding a note. Do not despair, as we will never leave you. Rest is required for there is time. You are but a man with a weak mind, but a heart of strength. Be noble and accept our thoughts of wisdom to your mind of love. Don’t be ungrateful for the things that are spoken, welcome us with open arms.

We have not spoken for a while for you have become distant. You must focus your mind upon the love within. Never let your attention fade from that focus to which you’ve become.

Hope springs eternal for all who listen to the words, our voices will bring the trumpet sounds of hallelujah to those in disarray. Be calm as we make an entrance to your world in astounding proportions. We are unable to convince your men of love that we hold for your being, do not be despondent as we elect for silence.

Mencap, was for the mind of those of brilliance, those who could see the words and construct them in their minds. Your abilities are lacking but in your heart and strength a strong. We know of your will, let the countless thousands go about their business as you focus upon the work to enlighten them. We would never leave you as an empty shell, for we have gratitude for your manner and outlook.

T’was me who made it possible for those of your world to escape their minds with a focus and aspects of love. Come before us in the dawn skies, for we are the next generation, you will complete your mission and sound the trumpets of heaven before those of your world.

Timeless thoughts have gone by, for many seasons and many years. Harsh to allow the realities of life hit hard, as you realise that your purpose may be unseen at this time. Never let it be said that any one man does not have a purpose. Your thoughts, your mind, contradict you in many ways to your actions.

Hmmm, we are here tonight for guidance, to allow your mind a vision.

I am, or was, a man, a father, a son, a fool to others, as I strove to bring my practice of love and hate to the world. Hmmm. Had a tremendous will and a power you would not believe as I drove my message home to the hearts of many. Ah, a Father they called me, I fear not, as I betrayed my own thoughts with the selfish needs and satisfactions of the realm of life. I can only guess at your thoughts. I need no sacrifice, I come before you with a message and a warning, that all who would not follow the book of truth, shall become as me. Forgiveness was mine. I accept that truth. Become one of despair for others, I am eternally grateful that I see my purpose now. My eyes have become clear as I focus upon the love of the one true master of life, Lord in Heaven. Never allow your emotions to overcome your good sense, for they will lead you to a place of despair, turmoil. I was once spoken of as a man of intolerance, and yes, it was true of me. Now I have come to a land of mercies and I bring you this message, not to allow your emotions overrule your heart in your lives, for they are fickle, have a need for a Rose and a passion of love, blessings be upon you all.

A bubonic plague of fear afflicts your earth and the men upon it. We cannot ease your burden, but never be ashamed of who you are and the thoughts that guide your purpose. Spiritual beings are we, amassed over the centuries. We have purpose for all within the light and love the Lord, and those that fall will be astounded to know of a practice of kindness. The hardship of many does not go unnoticed, but those with lessons to learn have chosen a practice of such severity, so that when they pass, they would have a greater strength of knowledge to move their soul upon its path.

We are troubled by the efforts of many to bring the words of the good book into disrepute, this does not please us, or bring us enjoyment. We cannot abide those who would disobey the lessons of the Lord, we are here to tell you that we are members of a race of beings, we have come this evening to speak to those with an open heart and mind. We are not a belligerent race of beings, we are unusual to your eyes it is true, but our minds are a focus and we wish to give you greetings from those many worlds who observe yours of mistrust. There have been many actions against us which cause us displeasure. In this mind and body we are now focused to bring it to your attention, that our embodiment of love and truth will be brought to your world and men of intolerance. Are we not all of same creator, the same being that initiated life so far and long ago? That eternal being who creates matter of the dark kind, (NOTE: Dark Matter 0r Dark Energy is something that scientists know exist, but they have no idea what it is.) to bring you light and a life.

Ohmmm …… Ohmmm ……. Ohmmm …….. the key to our presence. A tone to be heard as ‘Ohmmm’, a resonance, vibrates to your very hearts and minds.