05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc


(NOTE: We asked if it might be possible for the identity of the beings who give the messages to be revealed, their reply seems to be within this evenings transcript!)

Puzzles of your mind are like pieces scattered within the cosmos. As you seek out the pictures, and the pieces of the pictures to put them together, so your minds will come to an understanding that a purpose far beyond your expectations have your need for us. Our wisdom is generated by the dove (NOTE: dove is symbolic of peace) that shines from your hearts and the wisdom of your minds. Compel us not to be your burden for we are of love, intent on the minds of defiance. Question your abilities with life my son, there are many words of wisdom that can betray your thoughts of mind. Continue reading “05.06.16 – World Events, Kim Jong Un etc”


29.05.16 – Disclosure, The Congo, etc


Frequently we have asked for man’s co-operation to connect with the universe of light and love for the purposes of love and goodwill to all men. We have seen these past days many things that trouble us in the universe, yours is but a small insignificant troubled world, you cannot imagine the vastness of time and space, how old the galaxies are that you occupy.

Our task this evening is to you, a message of hope to your nations.

We are told that man has fortitude and will to see through those days upon which men of war hurt each other, catastrophes are looming in the regions of the far South. Before the year is out, a new dawn will begin for some, for others it will end. But rest assured that all will receive an awakening of sorts.

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24.05.16 East/West Events, Princess Diana etc etc


Welcome James & shortly followed by Peter.

Together we will walk in the good times and the bad as you tread your path in this life of yours.  Have no fear of the circumstances surrounding the issues to the forewarnings given.

Together you will make a trio who will make a stand in the progress of man in the annuals of time, bringing together your purpose and need for those who serve the light and the Lord.

Reflections of light are mere shadows of the purposes that all must endure at this time.  A relative peace will come before the storm as you negotiate your paths of life, be not afraid as the trio for your strength will combine into one.

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