20-10-16 U.S. Elections, Canary Wharf, Churchill etc

20th October 2016

Ah, but the boundaries light are so far from your world of man. Listen clearly to my voice and acknowledge that I am Madam of the Light, who has come this distance to speak my mind of the Lord and his willingness to communicate with that of man.

Hearken ye to the Angels that sing and bring joy to those who sit in their churches, reading their books of their faith and issuing a statement of love to our father, our Lord in heaven. We welcome their minds prayers as they speak their words of wisdom. They are devoted in their practice, issuing statements of love that can be heard through the cosmos. Never fear that your words are not heard my brothers, for all who speak to him, Jehovah on high, will be heard as a premium message. Continue reading “20-10-16 U.S. Elections, Canary Wharf, Churchill etc”


26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc


Sanctify your mind before He who comes before you this evening, to declare His love upon those of the light for their wisdom and judgment in all matters relating to that of Him, Our Lord.  Welcome friends, (EVP ” to all Gods platforms” – E.V.P. = electronic voice phenomena)

We have seen for many years the trials and tribulations of men, his fortunes won and lost with battles of the heart, but he has neglected and has missed his golden opportunity to become one with the nations of the many around your globe.  You sit in your dwellings feeling secure and illuminated (informed) by those who tell you all is well.  Their forecasts are wrong, they don’t understand the options before them and they cannot conceive to listen to one another’s rhetoric, for theirs is the way that they will tread regardless of who or what is in their path. Continue reading “26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc”