11-11-22 Message of love, New World, Abandon fear, follow paths etc

Transcript Date: 11th November 2022

Today, there has been an aspect of love for those who have fallen throughout the eons, for those who have fought for the light to live freely upon God’s earth within His creation.

Together you must stand, now at this time, to fight for your freedom of heart, to voice your independence and the union of spirit that is held within each and every one of you.

Terrible nights may follow and peace will be hard-won within the minds of many, yet they will battle on, not knowing what drives them, but knowing that the spirit of God is within them. It is their right to live in peace and harmony, as was always intended for the world.

A blister, a bubble will burst, and from it will ooze a fountain of love. Many will be astonished to see such things occur in your world, but like all things, it cannot withhold that poison within, and it must be freed to allow the goodness to heal that wound once more.

Do not feel threatened by the intention of others for your lives are precious and are held within our light. You may have experienced many things, with many terrible circumstances occurring, but you must hold strong to that deep devotion within, to the spirit of the creator, the Lord God.

Temptations are many and it is the strength of your will that will overcome these temptations of life, but you must harness that of the light and love of the universe to give you the strength to continue on against all adversity that may be set against you.

This is not the time to panic, nor despair, it is the time of change and this change will be welcomed throughout your world. Your leaders will not understand why this is occurring, those of the wealthy and plentiful will withhold their funds, for they fear for their well-being. Yet you cannot hold the wealth of the world and allow it to belong to one-man or one-woman, it must be shared, as your thoughts of love to those that surround you must be shared. And in this communion of love, this communion will vanquish those with selfish needs and dark thoughts.

A time is coming when a new world will begin, one that may contain less immorality, one that may oppose those of power and dark minds and bring in the light and love of the Lord through their beings and their very essence. Do not be afraid to fear those who would trespass against you, allow the fear to pass and hold that inner strength that you may overcome these pressures.

Dark times indeed, when men shelter from the love within and they are afraid to express their common welfare to others. It has become fashionable to ignore those of the spiritual world, of which you are all a part and from whence you all began. Your physical forms enable you to perform the tasks assigned to you, and you follow these tasks unknowingly, but you have the will to resist, and should you shut these things out, these tasks of life, then you will miss this opportunity to bring love and light to your soul. No one is forgotten, no one is passed over, even those of dark minds have an opportunity to redeem themselves in the passing of their spirit from this earthly plane.

Do not obstruct your passage, follow your path with love in your heart and deny those who would obstruct you, who have vantage over you, for they will learn in a time to come, when they will see that their purpose was not to obstruct the light of those who wish to love their brothers and sisters, but to assist and join in with that communion of spirit.

Such sad times as these have never been seen before, when men of the earth struggle to survive in adverse conditions caused by those who are short-sighted and have no aspect of love towards their fellow beings.

A change must surely come, and like all change there will be pains, growing pains. Do not be afraid to open your hearts and accept these changes, for they are there to bring openness and wisdom to your hearts. Do not neglect your fellow beings with a selfish attitude, do not become shallow in your thoughts and reject that of the light with denial of their existence, for you are a part of this light and spirit and you will become, ‘a spirit’ in a time to come.

This life that you live is a privilege, it is an opportunity for your soul’s journey to learn and to teach. And these opportunities are seldom won without pain or sacrifice, for what is pain? Pain is of your physical form, but there is also the pain of your spirit, the pain of rejection of these opportunities by your own soul. Allow the freedom of your soul to guide you through your lives, allow us, the guardians of your spirit, to intervene and help when necessary. You will not hear us with your physical abilities, but through your senses and your soul, through your mind as we speak to you, giving you guidance, giving you love.

Times are hard for many, and they feel there is no way out, that there is no shelter for them, no refuge from which to shelter from the onslaught of the world. But there is always shelter within that of God and Spirit and this shelter will provide you with strength to soldier on and to bring purpose to your spiritual self. You must not give in to these pressures, but be adamant that you will maintain a decorum of love and obliterate the thoughts of others as they scorn you.

Many are homeless at this time and their prospects seem to worsen. Assistance is always given to those who would ask, and it may not come in an obvious form or in a way expected, but it is always given, and there is always an opportunity to escape the trials of life by following the advice and these opportunities that are given. A hopeless case you may think, when you have no job and your family look to you for providing the basic needs of life. How can you find an opportunity when there is none? But there is always an opportunity to do good, to help others, even in your own time of need when the pressures seem insurmountable.

You were born a child of life and you possess the spirit of God within you. You have a path to walk and you have trials and tribulations to overcome. No matter what the circumstances, there is always an opportunity of assistance, it is up to you to open your hearts and minds and ask for these opportunities.

Times seem bleak and you despair, even at the words we speak. Why, you may ask, was I born to suffer in this way? And the answers are coming, but as we say, there is always an open door to our hearts and our guidance. Never shut off your hearts and soul from us, for there will come a time when you too must leave this earth, and everything, and all the questions you ever wanted to know about, will be answered in full, and you will understand, that your life, as harsh as it may have seemed, had purpose to develop and progress your spiritual soul and these opportunities will come again and you will freely ask to be returned, to endure other lessons of life to progress your soul.

You may wonder why you would do such a thing if you had suffered greatly in life with pain and illness, or discrimination and all the ills of life. Why on earth would you want to return? But when you are released from your life, your being, you will understand why, and you will willingly move on. You will not stagnate and your spirit will not rest, for each of you have a path to walk. And you wonder how you do not know of these things during your living years, your memory of spirit is gone, and there is purpose in this, that you may walk your life, not feeling abandoned. You cannot walk your lives without love to some degree.

(Michaels Note: It took me a while to understand this line, but basically what they are saying is that if we knew that we had come from a beautiful place to a world such as this, then we may feel as though we had been abandoned, when in actual fact we are never alone and are always loved, and this is the lesson we have to learn.)

Abandon your fears of hopelessness for light and love are always abound and around you constantly, tell them this, that life is a gift given, and should be welcomed no matter the extenuating circumstances that you may find yourself in.

There is always help and the opportunity to help others, never give up hope, never give up life.

Bless you all this evening, the truth has been spoken to share with you all.


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