09-10-16 Antimatter, Earthquakes, Fracking, Young of our World etc

9th October 2016

Once more we meet upon the plain of life, where souls of men aspire to spirit and the Lord our God in heaven. Many it seems are lost to the dark side of life, unsure of their path’s or their being. They extinguish their minds of all thoughts regarding him upon high, only believing that life comes but once to each man. How their short sighted mind must be to not imagine that there could be more to be brought to a focus within ones mind. Often we have thought about how it was that man had fallen by the wayside, for what was it that brought him to this end, did we not serve him well, did we not serve our Lord of the heavens above with a measure of love? No, we cannot blame ourselves, for it is men who live a life of choice. Hmm, what a wonderful world it would have been if men had chosen the light over the dark. Nevertheless the path has been set. He must walk this road now until he finds the pathway of light once more. Continue reading “09-10-16 Antimatter, Earthquakes, Fracking, Young of our World etc”

03.07.16 – Crop Circle, Prince Harry and more


Welcome James.

Tonight we will give a sermon of love and respect to all who follow the light in the name of the Lord. Make it a practice to give thanks for each and every day. May His presence make you aware of His love and being to bring about your purpose of need and aspirations. A feeling to cleanse your mind, filling it with thoughts of love and joy, never regretting the path that you have chosen.

As we walk together upon the road of life my son, never let it be said that we didn’t achieve anything, as we have achieved so much to bring you these messages of joy, and wisdom to those who would otherwise have had their eyes closed to bring about a purpose of love, mandatory love.

You must exercise your will in the fragrance and the scent of Lavender. Continue reading “03.07.16 – Crop Circle, Prince Harry and more”

26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc


Sanctify your mind before He who comes before you this evening, to declare His love upon those of the light for their wisdom and judgment in all matters relating to that of Him, Our Lord.  Welcome friends, (EVP ” to all Gods platforms” – E.V.P. = electronic voice phenomena)

We have seen for many years the trials and tribulations of men, his fortunes won and lost with battles of the heart, but he has neglected and has missed his golden opportunity to become one with the nations of the many around your globe.  You sit in your dwellings feeling secure and illuminated (informed) by those who tell you all is well.  Their forecasts are wrong, they don’t understand the options before them and they cannot conceive to listen to one another’s rhetoric, for theirs is the way that they will tread regardless of who or what is in their path. Continue reading “26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc”