23-04-22 Fragility of life, One religion etc

Transcript Date: 23rd April 2022

Fragility of life

The uncomfortable analysis of the world of men at this time will bring thoughts to many of the fragility of life and what is the purpose of it all. We have come before to bring forth the answers to the questions you ask.

Man is not unique within your living world nor within any other, you are a part of the great mystery that lies beyond. You control your own future, and guidance is given, although ignored many times. It is for this reason that we will say this tonight, that you are not alone, and that we are there to welcome you as a fellow species of humanity, for we are a part of you that you do not understand at this time.

Your world focuses upon many things of turmoil and desperation at this time and it turns to the heavens to ask for peace. This can only be brought through your trust and faith; it can only be brought by your will to sacrifice your riches and work together in a way that is profitable to all mankind and the world about you.

It is time to use and practice the truth that was given long ago, that you are a species designed and created for a purpose, for you to watch over your world as the caretakers of life. At this time, it seems impossible that you have forgotten these things, you are the dominant species upon your world and you do have a great responsibility not to extinguish life upon your planet.

Dark times indeed, but there is much love to be had. The light shines upon you all to give you hope. Reason with those men in authority, if you can, allow them not to speculate upon the profitable things of life in terms of wealth and possession, but begin to profit with each other’s love and companionship.

Your abilities are great, and as we have told you, they were given long ago for you to accomplish this task within your world. You are the caretakers of the future and you are responsible for the future upon your planet of all living species.

And as we look down upon you to see the many indiscretions that have being issued to others through war, through starvation, through ignorance of want, we still admire your race for what it is, but you must learn as the children of your life, you must bring a point to your existence, to help others to see a better way forward, other than hate and greed.

Many are disappointed that those of other nations do not commence their task of assisting within your world, but like all civilisations, you must find your way, and if assistance is required, then it will be given in due course. But you must seek a remedy to the illness of your world at this time, to the illness of your species in which only ‘self’ seems to be the rule of thumb, you must find the equilibrium and balance once more or you will bring about disastrous consequences within the world. Many will say that they are unable to assist in these things, yet there are ways to break the camel’s back.

One religion

There is much to be said for those who worship at the wall, (Western Wall) and at this time their turmoil is great, for they cannot find a satisfactory answer to the question of who should be worshipping at that site, whether it is the Christians or Muslims, or another religious group. You see them on your news as they battle between each other in a lack of understanding that the one true God sees all and hears all. There is no need for these factions to be fighting over such a simple thing, a simple thing to give praise to that of the Lord.

This temple has stood for millennia and will continue to stand long after the demise of these people who create terrible situations in the name of Him. Rest your minds and understand that there is but one religion, one purpose, if you wish to worship. There is but one way, and to find that way you must look within to your soul, look deep and know the truth that all of you should live in peace and worship in that same manner if you so wish, do not bring ignorance into it and fight and bicker and hurt each other for the sins that you think others have committed. Look to yourselves if you wish to see the sins committed, negotiate with your soul and bring peace to your lives, not war, not turmoil, not the fractures of faith that are existing at this time.

You are the dominant species of your world and yet you live in much ignorance and you go about your lives mealy-mouthed…

Michaels Note: At this point the doorbell rang and startled me out of the trance, such a shame as the energies were very strong around me.) 


26-04-20 Tree of knowledge, Facets of life, Fragility of life, Political leaders, Religions, Captain Tom, Multinational Companies etc

Transcript Date: 26th April 2020

Various Ways to be of Service

There are many platforms of service within your world, they all speak of spirit and the wise words of the Lord Jesus and God. Many combine these to bring about what you call, ‘religion’, and each has a different understanding, yet basically they are one of the same. There is no segregation from your love of God, for the spirit walks with you all, should you permit it within your lives to guide you with purpose.

Bring us hope this evening Michael, that many will understand the things we speak of, for those who truly understand the things of the negative and the things of the spirit, are few and far between. Your world is changing exponentially at this time, many cannot see an end to these things and cannot bring themselves hope for the future. For how will life be in these times of the living? Continue reading “26-04-20 Tree of knowledge, Facets of life, Fragility of life, Political leaders, Religions, Captain Tom, Multinational Companies etc”