02-07-18 Guardians of the Light, Vietnam Veteran, Personal Message

Transcript 2nd July 2018

Target not your emotions with the thought of hate or bitter memories. Allow your mind my children, to be free of these chains and anchors of life that you may see a better way in the presence of him the Lord.

We come this evening with a measure of concern, for man is wayward in his methods. His fragmentation’s of mind are seen by many in this world, as he who exploits those of the atmosphere for his own purposes. Truly we need to come to a compromise. You call us the spirits of the earth, perhaps we are in a manner of speaking. But we are not of spirit, we come to this congressional wisdom for all to listen to. Helplessly you struggle to combat the fears of your times, of your life. We feel it necessary that we should interfere, intervene. These messages of love and caring, do not be afraid, for the wisdom is great. Allow sanctuary in your minds as we bring peace this day, and wisdom to many who follow the signs of your earth. Let not your hearts be bitter, be not afraid. Continue reading “02-07-18 Guardians of the Light, Vietnam Veteran, Personal Message”

31 – 01 – 17 Message of love, Current Leader, Immigrants etc

Transcript 31st January 2017

Communities will gather in a struggle for peace in their time.

It is remarkable how a sense of achievement can obscure the vision of the best of us.

Your responses to the words and wisdom written within your book are of benefit to others throughout your world. We appreciate your forthright manner in accomplishing your aims of peace within your time.

Gather around your people and bring them joy with these words as we sit with you, within the circle of light.

I am the one who has called your name in the past, become a friend and know of us Michael, as we know of you and your path of destiny. Take no discrimination as answers, hmmm, for there are many in dire need in your capitals of your world. You look upon, hmm, them with your love. Continue reading “31 – 01 – 17 Message of love, Current Leader, Immigrants etc”