27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc

27th September 2016

Mercies are great of the Lord upon the peace of mind.

Tumultuous times exist within your world today. Man against man, brave against brave, with no mercy or surrender. Countless times we have witnessed such terrible events upon your earth, merciless killing, shameful behaviour and misgivings of many. Corruption that’s rife throughout the regions of your world as men clamber for the meagre resources that remain. Continue reading “27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc”


02-08-16 Diamond Lasers and Space Travel etc


Castles in the air, they stand proud and tall on the peaks of the Himalayas. Those people who worship there ask for life and strength with a purpose in their lives. We are the Knights of Templar and we bring news of the Lord of hosts. He does not neglect his flock as he watches upon high, upon the glaciers and the ridges of the mountains, He sees all of man’s misgivings, he cares not for those who would defeat his thoughts with their evil intent, they are of the dark. Their own laws of discontent are frequently heard throughout your world as they bring chaos and terror to your nations and cities. Their focus is upon a meaningful way to harm and bring indignation to those of the Christian community. Their basis in belief is misled by those of greed as they stand back and watch their purpose unfold. Continue reading “02-08-16 Diamond Lasers and Space Travel etc”