12.11.21 Part of something greater, Things hidden by the media, Love survives death etc

Transcript Date: 12th November 2021

You are not alone – you are part of something much greater

We journey with you throughout your lives as men and women.

Children of the world, we bring you peace in the times of trouble that you bear witness to, we absorb your sins and allow you a fresh start with new beginnings at the termination of your lives. In this there should be no fear or anxiety, for all are welcome within the sphere and world of spirit.

Those of you who neglect the peaceful intentions of life and betray your own thoughts in judgement, you too are welcome. But teaching and healing will be given so that you may once more wander the realms of life for an opportunity to resume a life of good, and not evil intent.

Come close to us in your thoughts and your prayers, beckon us with your minds so that we may join with you through thought, and through your dreams of life. Many do not understand they are a part of something so much greater than you see in life within the physical world. Dreams may not come true for all during their life’s, and many suffer the extremes of life, but their wisdom will be great in the knowledge of that which is to come.

All hope abandons some, and they feel lost in the torture of their lives. We endeavour to bring them peace in a myriad of ways unsuspecting to them. Their lives of suffering and torment are a burden to be carried, but there is a purpose beyond their understanding of these things. All life that exists carries a burden, some in extreme, whilst others pleasantries, but all must experience these things of life for their purpose is great beyond your understanding.

But we will say this, the good that you carry with you fortifies your soul, it brings you peace in the knowledge of doing good and of being a compassionate human being. Progression is given to all in time, and as you wander your living years you may forget the pastures green from whence you came. Know that you will return, and your freedom will be given once more, not to do harm or bring angst to others, but to help rejuvenate lives that were lost in the toils of your world. This is given to all creatures that live, to all those who wish to take responsibility, not just for their own actions, but for others, to bring them peace in their hearts during their living years.

Time and time again we have spoken of the one who is to come, and the time seems endless to you as you walk the road of life. You are the children of the world; we care for you in many ways. Do not lose hope, but bring freedom of thought and of will that you may carry out your burdens of life with joy in your hearts. Time is precious to some and they feel as if life has conspired against them to bring them pain and suffering, whilst they see others filled with joy and the luxuries of life. But their time will come, their freedom of will is a gift that is given to all and must be used wisely, for even those who seem to have plenty must aid the lives of the needy in your world. Do not shut out their being through your comforts, but open your eyes and feel their pain, lend a hand if possible, to guide them through their times of trouble.

Gone are the days when men would care for one another as a matter of survival, gone are the days when the creatures of the world roamed free without fear or prejudice to anything. Those days have passed and seem like a figment of the imagination to many now, but they will return if you allow. You are prisoners of your world and the technologies that we have spoken about, restrict your freedom in many ways. Your world seems a small place to live in now, with the extremes in weather and men’s behaviour. Combat these things and your fears, do not allow them to constrict you within your lives, do not allow them to hold you down and prevent you from your freedom of thought and will. These things cannot hold you, for your spirit and soul are free, it is only in the physical that these things seem to hold you fast.

You can free yourselves if you have a will and mind, but you must collaborate within the light. We have told you that love is the weapon of choice when it comes to freedom of the heart, those that hold you down and restrict your lives cannot deny you this, their will may be strong and persuasive but those who have a heart of love are so much stronger and cannot be held within the confines of their methods.

Our truth is not secret

It is with an open heart we tell you that your world is an endless fountain of life, but the extremes of man can bring a downfall to many of your world, and we speak of all creatures and living forms upon your world. We do not restrict our words for your comfort, for you must know the truth within your hearts, it seems as though the men who hold the reins are oblivious to these many things, and it is true, there are many countries of the world who deem democracy as a side show, and there is some truth within this, for much is hidden from you, but no country is without its secrets. Our truth is not secret and we give it to you openly. You are our kin and we speak from the heart to issue you love.

Message to Michael – but relevant to all who worry about the state of the world

Side-tracked are your thoughts this evening Michael, do not blame yourself for the intrusions of your life, for it seems as though they are many at this time. You must use your will and courage to overcome these things. Be oblivious to the world that surrounds you, particularly those who do not show love or freedom with a will to help others. It is not yours to change the world my son, but have a care not to be overwhelmed by the media of your world.

Pain and sorrows hidden by the media

We say this to all, to look at your lives and care for each other, not just those of your family or acquaintances, but to look abroad and see the world around you. See the pain and the sorrow that much of your media hides from you.

Bosnia suffers greatly at this time, as do many other countries considered not worthy of your knowledge. Yet they hide many secrets of pain and misery that they impart upon those who seek new beginnings within life, their cruelty is in the extreme. The Baltic countries in particular hide many things and your news media has no knowledge or will not report, but what could you do if you knew about these things? How could you change these events of your world and bring peace to their lives and hope in their hearts?

Unity and love to bring change

It is through your love and your conscious mind, for if you unite and project your spirit as compassion and love, then united you can bring change, for there is an army of love out there wanting to help those in distress. Tell yourselves this, an open mind can be read and an open heart can love others without prejudice or bias. The communist state of your world hides many secrets, but equally your very own governments do exactly the same.

None of you were born in torment, none of you were born to live a life of extremes or to set extreme measures against one another. Each of you are born afresh and your young minds and will are influenced greatly, but if your soul has the strength to carry on, then you, your will, can change these things. You are born of the innocent but you may die as the innocent victim of hate and war, but no one and nothing can change your love for one another, spread this news, give hope to all and encourage them to open their hearts and minds to the many things of the world that are hidden beyond your scope and vision.

New speaker

Love survives death

Do not tremble in the thought of those wars in your world or the sadness and bereavement that many feel this time, their love is felt within the realm of spirit. This is because all are connected and death cannot put asunder your love and your innermost thoughts.

Tell those who grieve this evening that their loved ones are safe. The creatures of their life that shared their homes are safe within the realm of light, no one is exempt, only those who do not see the light will not enter. Know your thoughts of love and your tears are felt, and your pain and sorrow cry out to your loved ones who have seemingly gone and passed to the world of spirit.

There are many marvels that are possible, not just within your world, but within the universe and that of the light.

Messages for those who grieve

We connect this evening as a response to help those who grieve, to bring them peace in their hearts.

Tell him this, that my love continues on, and I speak from the heart and the very depth of my soul to tell you about the things in our life that we shared. Is it necessary to name ourselves as individuals, or can you not see that this is open to all? The spirit and soul are a divine source and not unique to your world. You will live again, live a life once more, your lives will be filled with happiness as you pass from this world to the next.

Tony says his love is never ending to all his loved ones, they mourn him so, as do those of Terry who has passed recently, he wishes his wife to know that his pain was not so bad at the end, for she touched him and this eased his pain and brought him peace in his passing. The gloves that I wore, you wear now in the hope of feeling my energy, but they are objects of earth and my soul reaches out to you in your dreams and in your every thought, as do yours for me. A tender kiss was shared in those last moments and this brought me peace.

I have a need to share that those troubles of my life that brought me such pain are now past and gone. You present yourself to me at the home and your tears flow and drip upon my person, do not think that I am there, for I am within your very soul, my love entwined with yours. Thomas was dear to us, and Catherine, a name familiar to you. Do not despair my dear, for our love was great, tempered with times of unease, yet we were a union bonded forever within the ties of love.

You sing to me in many ways, those familiar tunes that were known to us and I listen to your words as you sing in rhyme. Our home will always be filled with love and the chestnut grove which we knew so well will remain within my soul and my heart. Walk your life now dear, do not wonder at my suffering for it was eased with your pain of love. All too soon you think, our time was short in many ways, but our love was great. Remember the cherished words that we spoke before the ceremony of love, and I told you that my heart was yours forever more and that we were forever entwined together.

The cat will let you know of my presence being around, and you may shake and tremble at the events that are seemingly unusual within the home, do not despair, for I am there to care for you.

Embrace my gloves no more, but embrace my soul and my love. You feel my energy about you as I whisper in your ear. Good night my love, do not despair, for I am forever with you.

Tony, Terry, names familiar to you.

New speaker

Then there was Arnold, he too was a jolly man. He spoke much of spirit and the word of the Lord and he praised those who bestowed love upon him, those of spirit and God. And he shared this outburst of love with those that surrounded him, he was a preacher of life in many ways and a teacher to all who knew him.

He smiles at the things that were said at his passing, those memories that you shared together. His happiness overwhelms many, and he smiles upon you with the charms of nature that he so loved during his walks in the hills and upon the seashore.

Think of me now as I walk in the realms of light, watching over my loved ones and you my dear. I sang the praises many times to the Lord in heaven and his bounty is great for all who will hold him in their hearts. I issue you my love unconditionally sweetheart, and I wish you to know, that the tram ride we took in Blackpool was one of many memorable occasions that I can share with you at this time. Your fears for me should not be held within, for I am free and without the pain and sorrow, the joy will culminate in a precious feeling that cannot be explained in words.

You cannot understand what it was that took me. Nature has a way for us all, the nature of love can never die, as mine will never die for you, for my love. Nature calls dear, walk between the trees that we once walked, take the path upon the high road as we did before, and know I walk with you, not within your vision, but within your heart. My physical being is gone, my spiritual being is with you always, take joy in this, and do not despair, do not grieve.

Joy is a name you may recognise, for she is with you.

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02-06-19 Staying Focused on the Path of Light, Political Events, Thomas a Becket, Thoughts of Love etc

Transcript 2nd June 2019
Stir your mind not to the pains of the world, but of that to come within the light of heaven. For what is heaven to the human being, but a place of tranquillity and peace to come. This place welcomes all who wish to walk the path of light set before them.

Many do not understand this, nor do they wish to, for their lives are filled with purpose, so they think! Yes, there is much to learn within your lives, but an open mind would be equal to an open heart to allow the blessings and guidance to enter, that they may find their route, their path of life with joy and happiness in abundance. Continue reading “02-06-19 Staying Focused on the Path of Light, Political Events, Thomas a Becket, Thoughts of Love etc”

02-08-17 trance session in Cornwall, vanity, prejudice, many worlds, lives within lives ….

Transcript 2nd August 2017

This trance session took place at a friends home in Cornwall, UK. This sitting was witnessed by eight others. It was a wonderful evening with a great deal of energy felt within the room, and with the energy came many speakers to speak directly to those sitting around in circle.

Tolerance and guidance, a measure of peace to all who walk the earth beyond the world of spirit.

Blessings to you all this evening as we congregate in this place of worship.
We admire the many who follow their paths in life and the love that sustains them throughout their days. We have pleasure in conference with you this evening, I hope you understand a way to bring peace to your lives and to your bodies so fragile.

We have spoken once before of many things that affect your lives, your pleasures. Your disobedience’s are many in your lives. There is nothing to fear from your paths, as always meant to be.

We are the souls of many who come this evening with words of grace and honour to you. Be not afraid to see beyond your mind. We are here to worship with you and assist in the many tragedies of your lives which are abound to each and everyone of you in their different circumstances. Be blessed in the knowledge that love is everlasting and comes forth to you, with love so great.

Be blessed with knowledge, allow your minds to focus upon the inner self, that part of you who came as part of your creation in this life. Some will say “I am me, I am who I am.” Who I am, but in truth you are many,you bring many facets from many times in the past and each time you bring those facets with you, you advance or retreat as may be the case, but most are gracious and value the things that are taught to them through their lives. They learn, unwittingly, not able to see the strength that lies within all the tree of life before them that has many branches, many twists and turns hmm, and like the tree some branches are strong and can support the others while others are fragile weak, and young, are not able to support a great deal of weight.

Many of you will go on beyond your present time in this life to further your lives with learning and assist others and become that tree of life, that branch with strength, which supports others in assisting them in the weights that they carry.

Be not afraid of your journeys and allow the words of wisdom to flow – not from your mind, but from your inner self. Have trust and faith, belief in what you do, for it is your faith and trust and your honour that allows you these gracious times.

Hmm neglected are many in your world with their thoughts.

Honour of spirit, the majesty that he is, he who sits upon high. Surveys your being and lives.

I am a master of many aspects and realms beyond yours, I come this evening with words of wisdom that may guide and help you to see your way on your many journeys. Hmm, hmm. Aspects of truth and light will shine through in the darkest of times, hmmm. Be prepared for things that you encounter with the strength and the soul within you. Never have thoughts of despair even in those sad times that you encounter. Wisdom and grace are the things that will carry you through within your time.

We are here as shadows in your lives, we circumnavigate your world with aspects of love to each of you. We guide your steps in ways unseen to you. Your beliefs unfold like the leaf of the tree as it finds new life, but as all life, the time will come, within that time, your light would have shone and nourished that leaf and brought wisdom and much knowledge to take with you beyond your world of the living. Hummm. Never be afraid for what lays ahead beyond your lives, it is a world unknown to you at this time, but all will become clear as you reach your precipice of learning and once more return, and once again the memories will flood back as never before and you will accept your position in life and your time.

You are but children of the world, and as children some will practice measures of intolerance towards others, whilst others will support and hold.

I am … Lazarus. I come this evening as a measure of goodwill that you may see and hear the words – that you may not be scared or frightened. Be aware at the complications of your life and how you treat others, for it is a measure of you, how you lead and not trespass upon others. Hm hm. My time was done many, many years ago when I was a man of enormous respect, he came to me with the many thoughts and worries and I sat as a wise man upon the fence acknowledging them and allowing their thoughts to transmit in transit through me. I have learned much more since, that even though my aspect was of a wise being, I was just a mere particle of the great universe that exists and the wisdom beyond.

There are many worlds beyond yours with whom your religious aspects and aspirations exist in many forms, hmm for it is inherent in all of you … this belief.

Lives within lives, truth’s within truth’s, there is no easy way to explain the many mysteries that you may explore within your existence in time, but you will gather knowledge, you will find that they cohere together in time and as you look back upon your past you may see a measure, a word that will help you. The vast experiences of the many will go unheeded as they walk their lives in blindness, not seeing or hearing of other worlds and beings that could exist before yours.

With a measure of peace this evening, we would like to ask you to take to your brethren, your loved ones and families, and pass on a little bit knowledge, as the seed that grows once planted will bloom, as it falls on stony ground so it will not nourish the seed, but eventually all must come to a point of living where they must see that their lives are merely a passing phase of existence.

Control your minds of fear, your anxiety shows as you witness the many things this evening. Be conscious not of the one that sits before you…

Belief is paramount in all your path’s, they are not given as a financial aspect of your lives, they are gracious and giving you gratitude that you accept your lives and lead your purpose in whatever field you feel necessary, humph. guidance is assured at all times to those who would listen and watch the signs that are around you. Hmmm.

It is not necessary to focus upon the one, but look to yourselves, for you will find in the peace of your minds and in the quiet, the answers to the many questions that you seek. Belief in the impossible is paramount because anything is possible, you lead your lives and you see what you see, but there is more, so much more within the universe of light and love. Happiness cannot be gained by merely seeking the pleasures of life, for they will hmmm bring a negative attitude to your existence.

Seek the many ways within your … within your focus, within your being. Look through your inner self that you may see such joys and gain pleasure and that effect.

The bewildered among you sit and stare, you feel your emotions as you struggle to comprehend the meaning of your lives, ah, we know all, for we coexist with you with a measure of love and peace.

You all come highly recommended this evening as you sit with your thoughts of love and the passion, despair and your honesty and of course your light shines bright to us as the colours of the day to you. We see you not as beings of flesh, but as particles that are apart from one another, some shine more, some shine less. In spirit, we see your souls as you would never believe.

Your loved ones come to you as they see the flicker of your flame, they know of your being, they know of your compassion and love for them. You sit and wonder “How is this possible?” For they have no eyes, no ears, no tongues to speak with? Your small minds cannot conceive how we see the world of the living. It is as many stars in the sky, some will shine bright and some will be dim and the dim will be illuminated by extra light and beings of love. In the light, those that shine brightly will be encouraged to assist in this task, you call it spiritualism, we call it coexistence, a primeval need to assist others, those that cannot see. It is not necessary for you to trust in all aspects of your life, but you will be led as

Your senses and the signs will become obvious and you cannot ignore those many things beyond your world.

You sit in anticipation, perhaps of announcements of loved ones, we repeat rest assured they come to you as you need them. They sit by your sides, seeing your light and joining their energies with yours as you need them, for strength and tranquillity, peace of mind. You anticipate that perhaps you may meet again and be assured, this is the truth.

New speaker.

Parallels between your life and others of existence’s beyond yours, you see them as impossibilities, for creation has to be set within circumstances hum hum, for life to exist. You see yourselves as being creatures of the earth and that of hmmm, perhaps being the only ones!

We attempt to open your minds in many ways, many narratives spoken through those who would listen. We cannot say with any accuracy that your lives will coexist in peace as there are many and much turmoil within your world. Love exists within the hearts of those that believe, but an open mind and an aspect of possibilities of others should be adhered to.

We cannot say of your path’s in your world, we exist in the hope that perhaps one day, you will understand that you are beings not of this earth.

It is true to speculate that your minds are created within your bodies, but you are merely a focus. Your bodies are of flesh and blood and are of, hmmm, many atoms that combine to form the structure that your mind sits within. Your energy and power, your thoughts and your being is that of spirit, and it is true that all creatures possess such, such a spirit within them.

The human race have been assisted many times in the past for they have potential. Unfortunately this potential was lost as your world spirals. But have hope. We oversee many aspects of your beings, your creatures you call leaders. They are wayward in many ways, some will hide our thoughts and our knowledge from you, they believe that you cannot comprehend such things, that you do not wish to know and why should you?

It is imperative that the wider population of the human race be aware of our situation and that, we come, we assist in ways far beyond your understanding, in your terms, you have a good handle on things, but let me tell you, that your grip is slackened. We come on the night of the fourth, January in your words. We will bring focus upon things and occurrences that you may speculate “Perhaps these are the beings we have heard of?”

We cannot interfere at this time for you are like, again, in your terms, “rats in a lab”, we observe, we watch on those who have an aspect and ability to look beyond and shine out from the rest.

We’ll continue a path of learning, have no fear for even those who do not follow or trust their senses are given many opportunities to continue upon a lower-level, so that like the infants of your world they learn. As in your life, some learn quicker than others, some fall behind as they are influenced by practices of ill will, not becoming of their nature, hmmm, but they, they too will happen upon their path and … they will consider how is this possible?

Their nature deceives them as the false hopes of life everlasting, re-creation through bodily “upgrades”. They can never defeat the path and pattern of life that is before them, they desperately attempt to find ways of “shortening their ageing process” or perhaps their vanity will not allow them to gracefully grow, to be that flower in bloom. They attempt to hold back life that is intended for them, hmmm, and it is true some may hold back and stem the tide for short time, but these things will double as they progress, for it is not meant to be, and the body will merely catch up. Do not be deceived by the many things and trinkets you see that are there to enhance your life, for enhancement comes within, and peace is within all if you so desire.

To learn you must open your eyes and help yourselves to many volumes of wisdom written in the past. Plato, ah, is but one, but he is one among many of wisdom. His knowledge was vast, as was Tesla and more of modern times, they are ignored, hmmm, for their ability to see is ignored for the prosperous among you. Why would you let somebody offer you something for nothing? That is not the way in which your world exists at this time. There are many who give freely and open heartedly with a willingness of love and a pattern that can be seen before many others and their curiosity grows for this person and ask why? Not that they not seek the measures and comforts of life through their practices, hmmm, and this will lead once more to a thought process that perhaps there is more to life than just the greed and avarice of your kind.

One day it is our hope that these displeasure’s will be seen for what they are and the truth within will, will become obvious and to the many creatures that surround your being of other life forms, and the many worlds unbeknown to you, they will assist in this pattern, but your arrogance, your greed, your anger, sustains you in a close situation at this time. Help us to release your minds and bring peace to your hearts, that one day, all will circumnavigate your globe with peace and harmony, and love.

A message is given with a fragrance of love this evening, be assured that the circumstances of many will brighten.

As we look around we see your light, it illuminates the room as never before, you feel perhaps a tingling, a touch of your hair, a positive sign of the energy that exists within all of you. Hmmm, we have gratitude for those this evening who have brought to their being to this light, let there be peace and harmony throughout your lives and joy once more as those times of the past fade, but the memories lay within.

Never shut off yourselves, be open and progress in the knowledge that all who exist, be it animal, vegetable, human, are all blessed with life energies that cannot be seen for most, but to the few they are felt.

We cannot say how you will prosper in life, within your souls. It is up to you to bring a measure of peace to each other and a practice of love, that you might see that fortune lays within.

We repeat, uncertain times are ahead for many, when their souls will be tested to the maximum and their hearts will grieve in ways that they cannot even conceive. But strength is given through knowledge and purpose. We have given hope to some of you, perhaps the path seems dark and closed at this time, but your knowledge grows, this will help.

Try not to worry of the things that are spoken of when we say that there are difficult times ahead, for truly you will leave this evening and you will put it to the back of your mind, but we applaud and welcome your thoughts of love and caring. We ask that you remember that even through your difficult times in circumstances, that our support and love, and the love within you will sustain you and bring you through to the other side. Hmmm.

There are questions this evening. We hear one asking for proof, evidence. What more would you need other than faith and trust? Does this man before you speak of his mind, does he whisper words to you that aren’t true? Perhaps unkind in some respects?

No, you know this to be true, you know that in your own lives and aspects of path’s that you have taken, that faith and trust is the matter of the utmost importance. Believe not this man if you wish, but within your hearts, within your minds and souls, you will know of the many things of life, of your previous existence, where have you spoken that knowledge is brought forward and you will know this in your heart.

No-one, not this man, not anyone can tell you these things and have you believe them unless you open your heart and look within. Blessings to you all my dears. Let the lessons of life be a focus to you in ways that you may assist others, in your experiences and your life. Guard your thoughts, do not allow them to bring disadvantage to your lives, or despair to your mind.

Hmm, you sit this evening in a place of worship, a place of the Lord and of love. Below you lay many who rest, the energies of this building, this place you call home are many. The light shines bright within these walls in accordance with the very nature and ground that it sits upon.

Many have spoken before, through those who sit in this circle, trust is given and peace has been brought to their minds. This holy place with relics of long ago in situ, will help those who reside in this place to bring their focus upon others, for truly the ley lines, the lines that run through your earth, the parallels of space and time that coexist within the very foundations of the earth, shine through at certain points. A cross we see upon the ground you stand on, a cross of lines, and a message of love that is held within the stones beneath the surface. They hold many things of different aspects – there was murder here – a crime committed, but the brothers brought peace and love back to the hallowed ground as they sang their hymns, chanted their many voices of love.

(NOTE: The home in Cornwall where this trance session took place was once the site of an ancient monastery, close by is the original chapel which is now converted to be a holiday cottage. A former owner of that property would hear the sound of chanting and people who have stayed there have reported ‘apparitions’ and sounds. We were also aware of a murder when the unfortunate monk came to us in spirit quite some time ago, seeking help to move on. (Michael was not aware of this.) We can also confirm, like many ancient religious sites, that there are energy ley lines running through our home as well as deep underground water. Our ancestors knew more than ourselves how to use the energy of the land to communicate with the divine.)

Things can change, because a negative existed, does not mean that the light cannot be brought and cleanse the very foundation upon which you stand. There is a church of the people that exists within each and every one of you, whether you wish to enter is your choice. You call it love, but we call it by a different name. You are all but one, one of the light, one of spirit, one of many. We grant you peace and love, and leave you this evening with many thoughts to take up your mind within the days to follow. Always bring peace to others as you would wish peace upon yourselves. It is not necessary to worship within the churches and buildings of your human existence, for wherever you are, the light shines within you and God will speak through you however you may regard this being, you are a part of the universe, of the energy that builds within. God bless.

Willkommen! (German for welcome), Words you may not understand, it is of another race of beings that exist upon your earth as are many. Prejudice exists within many, even their overtones of saying, “we do not mean harm to these people, we do not see them as different”, but in your hearts and your minds, perhaps a different thought exists? It is this very in-depth prejudice that is built into your lives from your very early age’s, some of you will say “I have no prejudice, I welcome all who come to me!”, but it’s true to say that most people have a feeling inside of perhaps annoyance or displeasure at their being there. The world is not for the one, but for the many, and although I may be preaching to the converted to some, there are those who still need to open their hearts and minds. Your politicians of your world decree that those will live their, and you would live here, but what right do they have to deny free access to all? I do not speak in political terms as upon your earth, I speak as a spirit who wishes freedom for all. Earth is a place of many life forms, some you see, the little creatures as being lesser life forms, and perhaps have no soul, tread on them, discard them, they are nothing! You are wrong, these creatures exist as you, different aspects, different mannerisms, different ways of life, but nonetheless they are created of energy and of the light and should be treated with respect and the courtesy given to you.

Many are frightened by the little things in life because they cannot see the bigger picture of their purpose and their existence. You will cower among the many strong, strong influences within your lives and you will see things, mmm, that may challenge you and your hearts in belief. Be not afraid for they may too might look at you as being insignificant beings! So next time you consider eliminating life, no matter how small, consider that your life too, to some other beings is regarded in the same way. It is only through love and tolerance, not prejudice, that these barriers will become less.

Practice tolerance my dears, help us establish a better way for all.

23-07-17 Positive Minds, Sailing the Seas of Heaven, Poisonous Chemicals, Patsy Cline etc

Transcript 23rd July 2017

Positive minds through positive actions in their beliefs and in the strength of their hearts as they wander the path of life hand-in-hand with the memories of once long ago.

Many of you misunderstand your purpose, as your tears fall and your life ebbs away slowly, be aware that your existence is a coexistence of spirit. You are truly never walking alone in your lives my children. All those loved ones who have left your earth to commence their new lives in spirit walk with you, hand-in-hand, shoulder to shoulder, giving you unseen strength in your uncertain times of life. Continue reading “23-07-17 Positive Minds, Sailing the Seas of Heaven, Poisonous Chemicals, Patsy Cline etc”