02-01-22 Message of love, Ancient Civilisations, Floods, Purpose of floods etc

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Transcript Date: 2nd January 2022

Message of love from the ‘Beings of Light’

Call us if you will, by the name given long ago, by your ancestors and by those generations of other civilisations long ago. We are here to guide you within the purpose of love and light, to guide your words and your thoughts as a teacher would to a student. 

Bring blessings to those who look upon your work and acknowledge us in their own way, for our thoughts are transmitted through you, to them, to those of the world who have an open mind and practice (of love) to the world which you call spirit.

It was a long time ago that we came to your world and established communication with your kind. It was then that their eyes were opened to new prospects and a new way of thinking, to bring joy to one another with unity and understanding of the natural world that surrounded them.

They fought us initially, but as we sang our praises, they listened well and they prospered in love and knowledge. This love and knowledge is not lost and can be regained by those of your world today, and we assemble many to listen to our words, to our thoughts, for we are the beings of light and we will never leave your thoughts, we will never leave you, for we are radiant in our appearance and give you blessings this day. 

The many who worshipped us understood our ways. Today you might call us ‘aliens’, perhaps ‘angels’, but we were delivered for a divine purpose to guide mankind throughout his turmoil and his life. We continue this work with an open heart and mind, with an aspect of love. This work will never cease and it is brought through others to guide you in your lives.

We cannot recreate the world as it was, but you can move forward to the new beginnings with love in your hearts for your friends and companions, for the strangers you meet upon the street or pass by, for there is a loyal connection between you all that will never die, but will be sustained through love and purpose. 

We brought to you a man of hope, who brought joy to others throughout his life who were in turmoil and lived in poverty. We have brought many teachers to your world, you may not have shaken their hand, but you know of their words and of their teaching. What can we tell you that you will understand? How can we explain to those who will not listen?

We have hope and we reach out to them throughout the eons of time in ways they may not understand, or for that matter believe. Their understanding is only lost for a short time, because when they re-join that world of light, that sanctuary of peace and love, then they will see their misguided ways, they will see and believe, for they will be part of that universal love of spirit. 

Many perceive loss as an ending within life, but it is just a beginning of a new life. 

And time rolls on, and you move between the world’s living your lives, constantly learning, teaching and bringing together others for a deeper understanding of that mystical world that you call spirit. They are no stranger to romance, for love begins in the heart and flows through your aura to reach another. As you reach out with this love, so you will attract another of a similar quality and mind, and you breathe love into your life through the words spoken and through your actions.

Do not forget that you were born of love and your life is a continuation of this love, do not lose this love or lose hope with bitter tears and sad goodbyes, for as your life continues on, so this love continues to grow, slowly for some, more readily and speedily with others, readily available to all who wish to share. 

Some would remark upon love as being passion. There is a deeper love other than the physical attraction, it is your journey and your purpose to reach out and find this love deep within your soul. Can you imagine how the world would be without the tears? It would be miraculous, but each has a journey of love.

Look deep within yourselves, within your soul and your hearts and minds to find your path upon which you must journey. There will be setbacks and there will be emotional outbursts, but always, we are there as a guiding light within your lives.

Tragedies will unfold and many will speculate that these things, these times should have been anticipated by the leaders of your world, and at this time they sit upon their hands not acknowledging the needs of others who suffer with the torments of man. But you need to share your love and compassion, you cannot sit upon your hands and watch other countries of your world become disillusioned and poor with love. Freedom of the heart and mind is needed in many places of your world, and the freedom to express that voice within that only wishes to echo love and companionship (must be heard). But many are subdued, subjected to torment for their race, their colour or their religion.

We will embark upon a journey shortly to teach you and enlighten you in a way that will be surprising to many. Our knowledge is great and we hope to share it with you so that you may become, not just the children of the world, but the elders of the future who carry much responsibility, not just your generation, but to those many generations to come after you. 

You will all be a part of this, for as we have spoken, you will all live once more, but what sort of future would you have and how would you change things at this time to make a better world for all those who will come and exist within life?

Do not be afraid to be outspoken, as Jesus was not afraid to speak his mind to the apostles and to those who enslaved others. The same things re-occur constantly throughout the generations because you have not learnt that the true love lies within your heart, and the only way to gain peace is through love. 

Joyful beginnings are brought to some who find this focus and this purpose, and they are uplifted with this joy. Their hearts, minds and souls soar with delight and they wish to share it with others despite their disparaging remarks towards their purpose. Do not be afraid to speak your mind, do not ignore us when we speak to you to give you these words of praise and love. We are open to your thoughts and we are open to your love, if only you would free yourselves from the burden of life and offer this love in return. We shall resume this teaching at a future time, but for now, be content with the words given, for they have great depth of meaning and truth of the heart. Amen.

New speaker

Floods – Waters of Purpose

Waters will spring from the Earth as if by magic. Many will wonder where these springs arise from, for they were not aware of their existence before. The waters that rise within these springs have much purpose within your world, to bring life to those barren areas that you call deserts, and the deserts will blossom and bloom with grass and flowers that have not been seen for many an age. 

The sparkle and the clarity of the water will remind them of the life that was, before your time on earth. The springs that bring life will bring purpose to some, they will squander these springs not realising that it is a gift from Mother Earth to the peoples of your world. The rains will fall and reinforce these springs of life and the floods that will occur will renew life, as well as take life. For each of you have a time and a reason for being.

The waters will wash over the lands of many countries in a tidal wave that has not been recognised for a time in living memory. Could this be revenge of some sort? Could it be a reminder of the fragility of your world? 

Combat your fears, for many leave your earth every day, in every second, but they will live and be born once more into the world of man and to many generations to come.

The floodwaters will recede, and with that will the fear that they brought. Will men forget once more the fragility of your world or will they begin to understand that they have contributed to this unseasonal weather and unseasonal eruptions? 

Many know of these things and have suffered greatly within the floods of your world, and there was a time as you know, of the great flood that swept across your world, sterilising the Earth and allowing new growth. The time of Noah, the time of Grandia.

(Grandia – from the Latin word grandis, which means ‘large, great, grand, aged or old’.)

Many nations and religions understand this and know of this time, your science confirms these many things, and they say it was a natural occurrence. We can only say that there is truth in this, but these things are accelerated by your actions, by your misunderstanding of your purpose.

Neglect our words if you will, and you will seek comfort in other things of life, forgetting the words spoken. But these things will come back to haunt you and serve as a reminder, not just of the fragility of your earth, but of your souls and spirit.

Let peace and love reign once more as the rain falls from your sky and washes clean the Earth. Allow the love to rain from your hearts, to wash clean the souls of others and bring them joy and prosperity in the waters of love.

Combine your hearts and minds this evening. Bring temperate times to your lives and not torment.

We speak on behalf of many nations who ponder the purpose of man and how he walks to his own destruction through his ill-gotten gains. Many wish to observe, some wish to help, whilst others will encourage, for their need of your earth.

It is only your love and purpose that will sustain your civilisation, not the money, nor the precious gems of your earth, or the metals that you forge. It is the love that you forge with others that will bring stability and sustain your present beings.

We have spoken much of love this evening, let love be your weapon of choice and not the arms that others bear against their own nation.

Despair not, for we mean only love and peace. Bring yourselves hope and joy in the New Year and if these events should occur, then trouble yourselves not, for life will begin once more and you will always be a part of this life.

We thank you for your time. Good evening.


22-07-20 Emotions, Faith, Fear of Wars, Life Purpose, Past Lives, Energy of Heaven etc

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Transcript Date: 22nd July 2020

Once more we have come to sit with you Michael, now that your focus will once more allow us a communication required.

Emotions and Faith

It has been a time of immeasurable events, not just within your life, but within the lives of many of your world, some you may know, many you will not. You cannot distinguish between them, for some are well hidden whilst others show their emotions, they call them a weakness, but the emotion shown is a strength, an inner strength that helps, heals and assists in those darkest hours of your lives. Be persistent in your faith, do not allow those dark clouds to overshadow your lives, for you must allow your blossom to bloom, to open its petals and shine out to the world once more. Continue reading “22-07-20 Emotions, Faith, Fear of Wars, Life Purpose, Past Lives, Energy of Heaven etc”