09-01-18 A Message of the North American Indians, Political Events and E.T. etc

Transcript 9th January 2018

It was long ago when we sang the songs of love and our thoughts and prayers went out to the universe in the hope of resurrection.

They came with their guns, not seeing us as a people, not seeing us as human beings, but as those savages of the plains. They spoke their words with forked tongues, not allowing us our divine right to roam free upon the planes of Arizona, or in the planes of Mexico.

They came in their multitudes, in thousands, to deny us our right to live as mother Earth intended and the great spirit granted. Continue reading “09-01-18 A Message of the North American Indians, Political Events and E.T. etc”


26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc


Sanctify your mind before He who comes before you this evening, to declare His love upon those of the light for their wisdom and judgment in all matters relating to that of Him, Our Lord.  Welcome friends, (EVP ” to all Gods platforms” – E.V.P. = electronic voice phenomena)

We have seen for many years the trials and tribulations of men, his fortunes won and lost with battles of the heart, but he has neglected and has missed his golden opportunity to become one with the nations of the many around your globe.  You sit in your dwellings feeling secure and illuminated (informed) by those who tell you all is well.  Their forecasts are wrong, they don’t understand the options before them and they cannot conceive to listen to one another’s rhetoric, for theirs is the way that they will tread regardless of who or what is in their path. Continue reading “26.05.16 Warnings, Financial Indiscretions, Marx etc”