15-11-16 Aristotle, Homer, Cane and Abel, Saddam Hussein, Secret Weapons etc

15th November 2016

Tragedies unfold in the world this week that defy explanation as to man’s intended intentions. We cannot abide those that bring disruption and displeasure to others in their attempts to overwhelm the authority of the Lord.

Be blessed with a knowledge that we are a focus with you, and we all ascend. Bring the light of God amongst you all, come with us now on a journey of remembrance as we were once the Masters, the rulers of your planetary system. We have a vested interest in you, as you are the children of the earth and as a child you need a lesson in your purpose. Continue reading “15-11-16 Aristotle, Homer, Cane and Abel, Saddam Hussein, Secret Weapons etc”

01.05.16 Contemporary Art, Forest of Dean, Mother Teresa etc


Cuckoos in the nest with promises of love and reassurance to those who would listen to their arguments. You are concerned with the attitude of those who organise functions in their name, for they are wicked, who will compromise your world with shame and bitter disappointment.

Targeted are you where there is mayhem and destruction, for they see your light as it shines through the dark of life. Never forget my son that we’re here to comfort and bring purpose to your mind. For flowers of love will spring once more in the autumn, for yours is a gift of love. Compromise not your heart for the minuscule scrapes given by those in power, justify your words with promises of vision and focus.

We cannot express our concerns to your world because of false prophets, who in the name of our Father declare themselves fit for the purpose. They know who they are, they see many things before the world and they neglect to share the light amongst those with purpose and need.

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