1st December 2016 – A message regarding our children, the potential loss of a ship in the future, Mother Mary etc

1st December 2016

Continuously we have spoken of the need to change in the thinking of the men of the world. With gratitude, we once more ask to give the blessing of the Lord to those who would read the words. Be blessed in the knowledge that we are around you, stroking your head and giving you solace and comfort within our presence. Be not ashamed to say that you are one of the Lord, one of the light.

We cannot assist man as we would like, as progress and change must be brought about by men so that they may bring a purpose to their hearts and minds. Their focus this evening is needed on the borders of Bosnia, as the men and women attempt to cross those stagnated borders. Be blessed in the knowledge that their sanctity and safety will be within our light. Continue reading “1st December 2016 – A message regarding our children, the potential loss of a ship in the future, Mother Mary etc”

13-09-16 Trevor Howard, Churchill, Einstein etc

13th September 2016

(NOTE: We have left this message without comments or notes.  For much of it the meaning will be obvious, other parts, if true will make truth seem stranger than fiction.  We leave it ‘out there’ for potential verification. )

Your thoughts intercede with our actions Michael.

Beware those who watch warily from the side lines at the scriptures you write, for they know the truth therein. Do not be ashamed of who you are and the purpose that has been brought to you by the angels of the light.

Many requests have been heard by us from your followers, asking for messages of peace and love. They scream out, “May we have a visit from our loved ones.” Continue reading “13-09-16 Trevor Howard, Churchill, Einstein etc”

31.05.16 The Arcturians, Animals etc


Broken hearts and dreams are many in your world of troubles, despair, anguish they scream out into the night, fear us not for we have come bearing greetings and love.

Needless to say we are pleased with the progress and the continuing work to enlighten mans mind to our purpose and need. Into your souls the purpose, a combination of will is required to achieve a satisfactory conclusion as we approach your earth. We will transmit utterances of respect to those of the light. We need your complete willingness to serve His purpose of light, for we bring a measure of goodwill and comfort to your planet. We know of circumstances surrounding issues of war, their reasons are given as excuses to battle those who would disrespect the Lord and His people. ( evp ” Roland ” ) (AUTHORS NOTE: EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena heard on the recording, I believe this link may be Roland )

Continue reading “31.05.16 The Arcturians, Animals etc”