22-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Pamela, NASA, Butterflies and Bees etc

22nd September 2016

As we sit with you this evening have a thought for those in anguish at this time, for their peril is great, their need is enormous of the love of mankind. Many notions of war are but a feeble excuse to combat fear. Ring out the changes, let them know that your love encompasses the regions of the earth.

We are masters of the light who wish to help you come to terms with the situation developing in the Nigeria of your world. It stems from their the evil of money that funds those of intolerance. Continue reading “22-09-16 Merlin, Churchill, Pamela, NASA, Butterflies and Bees etc”


28.06.16 Brexit Protests, Spirit Rescue etc


Rome was not built in a day, a week, month or year. It was built on the foundation of slavery and greed, persecution, retribution and the sins that were committed therein were not of the Lords standing. That city of Rome that so many aspire to visit, it was where so much suffering was held within its walls, that even today it continues to radiate a mark of the men of violence who fought and swore an oath of allegiance to the Emperor Aurelius (NOTE: in the recording I said Alegus as I struggled with the pronunciation. This is the closest I can compare it with – Marcus Aurelius.)

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