10-11-20 Marches in the streets, Lies and deceit, Message for a mother, I Am

Transcript Date 10th November 2020

Marches in the streets

Triumphant marches occur throughout the streets, as they battle their wills against one another. A stronghold of thought enters many minds at this time, that perhaps peace will come and the outrageous atrocities created will cease for a time of peace.

Togetherness will overcome many things of life, the many misfortunes that befall man, for together your thoughts should become one, to battle the elements that besiege your world at this time. Never forget that we are here to be with you, to sit with you, in your lonely days and nights. Your fear is about many things, yet we can bring comfort through our being and our thoughts of love.

Tonight is no different, as many battle with the unreasonable things, as they see it. Boston will erupt with a negative attitude shortly, at the results given by the authorities to demonstrate to them that they should not battle amongst themselves, but be at peace. Turmoil obstructs many thoughts and their will is lacking for an outcome of peace, for they see only one thing and that is for their leadership.

Love combats all

The battle hardened memories of many will fight for their existence, not in a physical sense, but in a war of minds and will. Help us to help you to resolve these matters of crisis within your world, for have we not told you that love is the weapon of choice? It will combat all, no matter who or what they represent.

Theories are given for many things within your lives. Thoughts are transmitted thoughts to you through the wavelengths in the air, for they wish to incriminate others with negative thoughts and misbehaviour. Trust in us of the light, for we come with love and peace everlasting. Our thoughts should be yours, to bring a resolution to the issues of the world. It seems unfathomable, how the world of today cannot bring peace to itself.

You look to one another and think, ‘I’m not at war with my neighbour.’ This may be so, yet many deliberately attempt to destroy the peace within. It is your choice to make within your lives and as this gathers momentum, so many will call out for peace and instruct your leaders to bring a resolution to these overwhelming problems of the world.

Message to Michael

Your thoughts are overwhelmed by the many things of life Michael, you should sit for a moment to fill your mind with love and accept that your path was given for a purpose. Your will and courage lack at times, but your overwhelming response to our call is a welcome sign of love.

For one who seeks a message:

She asks for sitting, there is no need for her to worry at this time, for many of her loved ones who are sacred to her, are in care at this time. She must not worry about the outcome with the matters at hand, for a path is given with a blessing of love. She asks for one to bring hope to herself, that the future holds many things of love in store for her. We will tell her this, that her truth has been spoken and her fears and anxieties at this time should be released by the power of love.

She coexists with another in matrimonial status and they live in relative peace and calm. But the uncertain future bewilders her at this time and she asks for assistance, perhaps guidance from others, who will remark upon her as being ‘a character indeed’. She is lively and attentive to the things that surround her in her life. Her passage was given to her to follow the light and her guidance is good, but she feels empty inside, for a recent loss has brought her to evaluate her own life.

She wonders why these things have occurred, but they are of the natural course in the world and of life. Her being anticipates a time when she may be reunited to her loved ones. Her mother and father say that they understand these things within her thoughts, yet she feels as if no one is listening. Tell her this, that the truth will be told and the thoughts of her loved one who passed so recently, will always walk with her in her life as a guiding light, as an angel of the light. For he was young, yet his time was not yet done, he calls for her as a mother. Sam, Samuel, calls to her and greets her with love, for he tugs her hair and she remarks with surprise as she feels his touch.

Do not be afraid to hold him in your heart and welcome him, for he responds to your call within your home. You feel his presence around you and he wishes only love and comfort for you. His purpose is not of your will, but of love and companionship. Speak to him and he will hear you, talk to him about the things of the day, of your worries and concerns as he watches over you to bring you comfort in your times of hardship.

You feel like you might go crazy at times, this is not uncommon amongst many of your world at this time. But show them the love and the light that surrounds you and your path will be great in a time to come.

Our presence is with you in hard times

Temper your thoughts my children, of despair and loneliness, of solitude and antagonism from others. Lift your souls from the gloom and realise that our love surrounds you all, in a way that you will not understand in the normal circumstance, but we assure you of our presence. Although your times seem hard and desperate to you, you must know that we are there with you, to quieten your mind, to bring you peace in your thoughts and love to your hearts.

Time will blossom a new beginning and all who sit and wonder at the consequences of the world, will begin to see a change in the mannerisms of many of those leaders of your world. Slowly but surely we will infiltrate their minds and hearts and they too will begin to see that there is a better way to communicate with the peoples of the world, without the sadness and horror, without the shock in storms of aggravation. Please be aware of our presence and know that we are there to bring you blessings of love. 

Message continues for a mother whose son is in spirit

She cannot bear the thought of not being around him any more, her love calls out and her tears flow as if the rivers of love never ends. You must tell her this, that his love runs deep for her and although his passing was a shock, she must learn and begin to understand that all have purpose within heaven and earth. Let her sadness not overwhelm her and assure her of her son’s love, for he calls to her in her dreams. He holds her hand and touches her hair, he whispers in her ear and she doesn’t quite understand. Assure her of this, that he is still there with her and walks with her in her life and will never leave her, until the time of their reunion once more within that world of light.

The children of your world that pass so young do not stop growing, they mature in the spiritual way and their consciousness that you knew, their loving being, will never change. He will accompany her for the years to come, not with sadness, but with joy at the reunion to come. She calls his name at night wanting to know how he is, we can tell you this, that he grows so well, he is a credit to her and even in his young years of passing, he still looks to her with the eyes of love and a sadness in his heart that he cannot hold her, but he knows that the reunion will be great.

 ’74 was a year special to many, for they saw the light of change glimmer in the distance. His youth was not denied him, for he was permitted to grow as an adolescent within this world of spirit and light. He looks to her now with eyes wide open, trying to assess her feelings towards him. His narrow minded thoughts are only of love for her. Do not torment him by denial of your senses, for a response is always welcome to acknowledge that you have not forgotten, do not be afraid, for there is no harm. Help him to understand your love my dear, and his love is transmitted to you through his thoughts and touch.

His grandfather watches over him with eyes of adoration. He brings him comfort.

New speaker

Spare a thought for those who grieve

Can we not spare a thought for those who grieve so at this time? Can you not sit and count your blessings and give a thought to those who suffer the terrible loss of a loved one? We call it a loss, yet it is a new beginning for them and a trial for you. Circumstances may change one day, when you too will begin a new life in the pastures green of spirit and the reunion will be great once more. But the trials and tribulations of life must be experienced before you can ascend to these levels, you must become one with yourself. We spoke of togetherness and this is also true, that you must become one with all around you. With this togetherness you will carry the strength of the light with you to bring purpose to others that they may follow the path that they are led upon.

Have hope for yourselves and others, for the dark times will not last and a brighter future may come to ring in the new day. You see many things of the world at this time, it depresses you to think that there may be no solution to these issues, these problems, yet we once more assure you that there is always a resolution to these things and it is based with love, care and affection for others, as well as yourself.

‘I Am’ the power to carry myself through

Do not bring yourselves down with thoughts of unworthiness or depression, for you are worth more than you could ever imagine to that of spirit and your loved ones. Your determination of mind will bring you through and your will, will coax you to carry on to look at the day ahead face on and say ‘I am ┬áthe power to carry myself through’. Do not deny yourselves the energy within you, for you have spirit and soul and although your body may grow old, or you may suffer illnesses, these things are temporary within your lives. Your willpower will overcome many of these things, it takes strength and courage to see these things as possibilities, yet in your hearts you know that your inner love will see you through these hard times.

Avoiding lies and deceit

Despite those discrediting others at this time with their lies and their devious ways, you must stay aloof from these things, you must not involve yourselves with them in regards to your thoughts, for what can you change with your words? Nothing. But your love, power and strength together as one, will overcome these negative thoughts and they will overrule the minds of those who might bring purposeful deceit to you. You do not think it possible, yet all will evolve in time and the power of love will overwhelm many of the world to come.

Do not despair, but look to a brighter future and know that these days, although seemingly hard, will be short lived and once more you can express your freedom of love to your loved ones, friends and family. Despite your fears, open your hearts and minds to the love that surrounds you.

We leave you with thoughts of a mothers love for her son

We thank you for your audience this evening and we bring blessings to her, the one who asks for a sitting, tell her this, that Samuel sits within the gates of heaven and his young heart calls to her with much love. He asks that she does not despair, for there are many things in life that might bring her upset and grief, but his passing was one of a glorious new beginning. His pain and anguish is gone and his young heart calls out to her in ways that she may understand.

We leave you with these thoughts of a mother’s love for her son and the son’s love for his mother. Thank you once more for your blessing and purpose. Shine the light bright and let them see the love that shines inside.



19-04-20 Covid19, NDE, Subliminal Messages, Anger, Coping with Lockdown, Angels of Life, Financial Crash etc

Transcript Date: 19th April 2020

Chores are given to many this evening through their humble practices and work, bringing healing to those who know no better than to question the word of the Lord, our God, for they feel that the spirit is lacking within them, yet it shines like the candle that burns.

Gather round now as we focus upon this evening to bring you tender words of love, asking those around you to step back if they will for a time, as we once more begin the teaching of man.

Coping with anger

It’s been a while since we have spoken to so many, yet so few listen to our words, but you are the exception. You rage at things in the world and how un-progressed they are, yet your world is young and in need of much love. Help us to understand your feelings Michael, so we may assist at this time when so many fear the things of life. Continue reading “19-04-20 Covid19, NDE, Subliminal Messages, Anger, Coping with Lockdown, Angels of Life, Financial Crash etc”