18-12-21 Message of love and unity, Looking within for all knowledge etc

Transcript Date:18th December 2021

Find the vastness of space within

You may travel around the world at this time and you know this travel will take you to places around your globe, but look within to travel the vastness of time and space, to look deeper into the eyes of spirit and to know yourself as all must do at a point in time.

Look to the stars and the beauty that is seen, of the light that shines and glimmers in the darkness, for this beauty has passed through millennia, and what you see is a reflection of the past.

Look back, deeper into your mind, to see those stars and the reflection of yourself that is written within. For you are blessed with this universal knowledge that exists within and around you all.

At this time your hearts may ache for those that are seemingly lost, yet look back into this darkness, to the sky above to see the stars that shine, and know that as the stars reflect their energy, so your loved ones reflect their love to you.

Time immemorial has seen many pass from your world, many who have underachieved in the aspects of spirit and their relationship with the Almighty, but their eyes were opened, and they began to see that there is a different way to exist beyond your world of men, there is a place of beauty that exists, where no man or woman, no child or creature should suffer the torments of life within the physical.

Purpose of pain and sorrow

Why do you live a life of pain and sorrow? What could possibly be the purpose of transcending these times? It is for you to understand that this purpose has been brought, for you to understand those that live around you and within your family groups.

We feel this does not adequately explain the suffering, particularly the suffering of the young and innocent who seemingly have had no life, yet their purpose was brought into being to help others.

You see those young ones tortured and their lives are dealt a blow, and they pass from your world knowing only anger and no love. Their time will be great within the realms of heaven and those that torture the innocent will also find an equal for their soul in a time to come.

Such terrible things occur constantly throughout your world and you hear of just a small proportion, you are outraged at those who commit these venous crimes, but these crimes are committed constantly on a daily basis around your globe. Yet no one seems to turn their head or bat an eyelid, because they are unaware of the suffering of many in your world.

Open hearts and reflect

It is time to open your hearts and minds to reflect upon these things, and as you sit in comfort within your homes, then reflect upon their situation, where they have no home, no refuge, no food or luxuries to help them throughout their lives. The medicine they need is available, yet not. The greed and avarice of your men of wealth staggers us. You should be a union of beings, you should come together and unite to fight these evils of the world, and although there will always be the extreme one or two, their purpose can be corrected if they are raised with love and an open mind and open eyes to see the world around them.

You feel there is no hope for these creatures of torment, yet we give them hope in a time to come. Blessed are those, the meek of the earth, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those of the creatures of your world, for their burdens will be lifted in a time to come. And blessed are those who lose their loved ones at such a seemingly important time. Remember this, that rebirth occurs constantly, it was not just Jesus who rose within the three days, but each of you will rise once more and relive to fulfil your purpose if necessary.

Do not be tormented by these things, because we speak of religious matters. They are true words that should ring throughout your being, they are filled with much purpose. Do not turn your eyes away from the words, but look to him and know his love is for you and for all upon your earth.

Aspects of love and connection

Aspects of love are seen within the unity of a marriage, and of a union and you learn to grow and understand each other. Sometimes these things fail, but still you learn, and if you are fortunate enough to love again, then it is your duty to correct these things so your union may thrive. We ask this also of spirit and God, that your reasoning and your love be diverted also to this being of creation.

Each of you are a part of the union of spirit, each of you are connected beyond your capacity to understand. For unity is divine, as is love for one another. It is time that you understood that our creation, our being, is of the unilateral love that you give, and we are sustained by this love and given hope that the human race may at some point in the future, understand the relativity of this connection.

Relativity within all creation

Einstein understood the meaning of relativity, he explained it in simple terms, but many misunderstand and say that this are scientific terms, but relativity exists within all forms of life and in all creation. For what you give, is what you receive. This is also true of love, it stems from the heart, from the centre of the universe and your being and it opens out like a rose in bloom. There are many petals within this rose, there is a stamen in the centre, and the stamen is the fruit of that rose. You will bear fruit within your lives and in the love of your children and of your families. Do not allow this rose to die, because if you do, the fruit of love will be lost.

You must sustain this fruit by your love, and your gentleness will caress this rose and hold it tight to your heart. Never let go of this rose, nurture it and allow it to grow so  you may bloom as the universal spirit that you are.

Times come hard to some, they find it hard or even useful to understand these things, yet there is meaning in everything that we tell you. There is truth in our words as we speak them this evening, and we offer you this unilateral love with the kindest and deepest thought that we can give. Perhaps you will understand this, perhaps you can conceive such a thing within your lives. Your love is not just for your family’s, but for the family of all creation. You must share this love in your actions, in your thoughts and in your prayers. Never allow your emotions to overrule your good sense. Never allow the negative to demand things from others they cannot give.

To receive love, one must give love

To demand love, you should give love with forgiveness and tolerance. The universal creation of love is not just a figment of the imagination, it is a being within itself, and you feast upon this love to nurture your spirit and soul. Feast upon this love to bring your life’s purpose to a conclusion satisfactory to all. Do not allow those around you to leave your world disillusioned and depressed as they don’t feel your love, do not allow them to leave your world with anger in their hearts. If they should pass with these torments of life, then you should know they will be healed and the healers of your world have a purpose and duty to do the same things within the physical. Love is healing and healing is love, you all have this ability to share these healing blessings.

Some restrict their movements within life not wishing to encounter others at this time, not wishing to endeavour to help in the appalling circumstances that overrule some of your fellow creatures. But know that you are protected and guidance will be given if you commit to these tragic scenes with an open heart and hand to offer help and a solution.

Allow the bitterness of your lives to pass away and fill your life with the sweetness of love and the creation that surrounds you. Look to the planet upon which you live to see the beauty within the sky and the clouds, to see the beauty in the creation of all that lays before your eyes. Do not close them or be blinkered by the trinkets or negativity of your earth, of your life. Each of you has a responsibility to each other and as you leave this place of love to embark upon the journey of life, you must absorb this light and love and release it slowly to those that you meet upon your travels.

Yes, you are all on a voyage of life, no one is exempt from the things of life, the tragedies that will unfold, the love that will envelop you and the light and love within your heart that you have brought with you from spirit will always shine out, even if you try to mask it within thoughts of neglect.

Why help cannot be given

We spoke earlier about the torture of children and how their parents and elders end their short lives, we feel it is necessary to explain these things, you cry out to spirit and God and ask why these things should be committed. It would be difficult for you to understand the reasoning behind these things. We see these terrible things first hand, and truly we do not condone them, but we are powerless whilst you are in life. We can only guide and assist, we can only speak to the minds of those who commit these abominable crimes, but their hearts and their resolve is shut, it is difficult to reach them.

Those that suffer at the hands of these evil people, they will find beauty and love, their eyes will be open to a world of light and healing. They will be cosseted with love. But you might say that this is no comfort, because of the terrible things that have occurred, and they occurred because of the dark hearts that exist within your world, they are influenced, they are encouraged to commit these things and their good sense of justice is thrown out or blinkered. Those of the innocent who suffer will find peace.

New speaker

The realm of knowledge is within the mind

The passage of time is great for many, and they work to reason with life and understand their beginnings. But their depth of knowledge is minimal and this knowledge can only be achieved by the structure of love and devotion to spirit. It cannot be achieved through disruption or through the books of your life, it is in experience to sit within the quiet of your mind to see these things and to understand them in ways other than the written word. It is a knowledge that can be gained through truth and honesty, through love and devotion, and once your eyes are opened to this vast realm of knowledge, then your heart will be filled with love and a deeper understanding in the unity of man and of all creation.

In time, those who may come to your world understand this deep unity, and it is through their knowledge that you too will gain an understanding of this vast knowledge. It is not hard to understand, for this knowledge is gained through love and unity. It is not difficult to comprehend if you have an open mind. We can give you words from these archives, Jesus spoke many of these volumes to those who would listen, but you are able to access these things this evening, at this very moment in time. The words are simple to understand and are filled with such deep emotion.

Predators and disillusion

The predators upon your earth are those who wish to disillusion you, but you can fight back with the knowledge of time and the knowledge of love. The sages of your world experience these things and offer their learning to you through the written word, through the spoken word.

Offer a pledge of love and healing

Offer this pledge to the world this evening, that if you understand love then you understand spirit. To offer help and healing to those who are in need, look to the centre of your core, to the chakra of the heart, see the heart as it beats and as you fill this heart with love and healing thoughts, allow it to expand to reach others throughout time. It travels in an instant and can be given to heal those in need. Your needs are many, yet is not required, for it is only that truth of the heart that is required for you to live your life.

Anno domini . . . . .  (Here follows a few words of Latin – we have the recording if anyone can decipher and translate them)

Words you do not understand, yet they have great depth of meaning to those who read the Latin word. We are not an illusion and you are granted an audience this evening to welcome those with an open heart. We spoke of travel this evening, travel with your heart now throughout the vastness of the universe, see the stars as they fly by, seemingly endless in the distance. The light radiates out and as the stars pass by the truth is known. See the stars that approach, the planets and the solar systems, know that you are part of this being of love. Through the stratosphere you may travel, let go, let go.

Time has no meaning and it is but an illusion given to you within life. No matter how long you measure your life, it is not the true measure of your being, it is but an instant, and microsecond of useful time.

Do not be afraid to express your love, offer shelter to those spirits and souls within your heart of love. Reach out to the light of the Lord and know that his love travels with you. Do not be afraid of the coming, for it will arrive shortly. You may expand his love through your hearts and your greetings to others, through your attitudes, through your actions.

27-11-21 Pain of loss, Realms of existence, Anubis etc

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Transcript Date: 27th November 2021

Pain of loss and the realms around us

Life can be tempered with pain, and much sorrow is brought to those loved ones who are left behind within their physical life. But as always, all should know that life continues on in a pattern not recognisable by you at this time, yet it exists beyond the realm of life.

Our thoughts are as yours, with love and wishes for those that we have left behind. Our sorrow and pain are eased by the light that surrounds us, and the love that comforts us and cossets us. We can only share this love in your thoughts and in your memories.

The patterns of life are many, they vary from one extreme to another and your world is not the exception, but the rule, for it is commonplace among the heavens.

As the being of man, you cannot understand the realm that surrounds you, penetrating your very being and the soil beneath your feet. It is one of love, one of creation and re-creation, and as we set these patterns of life and of spirit, they intermingle in a complex equation that cannot be understood by those men of science.

Yet those of true faith and who have courage to look, will see these things as the truth. No matter what you are told, your faith will stay strong.

We speak of loved ones this evening and we bless you for your tolerance and understanding. There are many who would wish to know of their loved ones who have passed from your world to this. There are those of you who are able to reconnect with those souls, but there are still many who regard this as a popular pastime, a form of entertainment not to be taken seriously. Yet the mysteries of the universe are wide and varied, your planet is but one of many that exist with various forms of life. Some have intelligent species, whilst others are of pure nature and existence.

You cannot deny this, for it is the truth. The burden of this knowledge will become apparent within the future as man becomes more reckless with himself and his home, that which you call the earth.

Judgement is needed, judgement of a good heart and mind to alter these events that may be written. It will take a wise man to see the error of your ways and it will take a wiser man blessed with courage to change these events.

The union of man

You are a union, the union of man. The power of the mind is great, it may take you to many places, so unexpected that you will be filled with amazement. We have told you it takes focus to travel the astral planes. You may see these things within your mind and you may dismiss them as daydreams, perhaps illusions, yet the true understanding is missed. You should open your eyes, for the truth exists within each and every one of you.

Your time upon earth is limited and during this time you may learn many things of the humankind and the natural world around you. There are many lessons to be learnt, many tragedies to unfold, we speak of these things many times to remind you that all things have one thing in common, and that is the spirit of life, even the most inanimate of objects has an energy within.

You are complex beings, a creation of long ago. You were given intelligence, but still, you do not see the purpose of your being. You must awaken your mind and broaden your horizons to allow in the thoughts of things that may seem of fantasy, yet are fact.

Reasons for life

The chrysalis of life begins in many different ways and your minds may not comprehend the reasons for life or its existence. For the most it just is, and that is all they need to know, but they miss so much. We have taught you of these things and we will persist in a time to come, to help you understand these teachings. Do not be afraid of us, for we are you, but in a different form. Together we can make a difference to the future of the human species. Apart, we will be divided and fall. It is in your best interests to start to see each other as an equal, not just each human, but each creature in the creation of the world. You may say that we have heard these words already, and we will repeat these words many times until it is understood.

New speaker

The symbol of the cat

I see the symbol of the cat, a symbol of protection.

It was millennia ago that the cat was held in high esteem and regarded as a symbol of protection, and in that time of Egypt, the pharaohs ruled with an iron fist, but equally their judgement was just. Their time was great and long ago, and marked within the sands of the earth. Their greatness was heard throughout the world at that time and even today your archaeologists find more and more discoveries of those times, but not releasing their findings, for they understand that this was a great race of beings ruled by those of other worlds, of other nations.

Their technology was great and greatly misunderstood today. Their reasoning was that of a human, yet their minds were manipulated and controlled to allow them to understand who they were. The prophets of that time understood many things of the afterlife and the spirit that lay beyond.


Anubis was one who was greatly worshipped as the god of the underworld, and he was given much respect. But what was the underworld? Was it that of which the stories tell where evil lay, or is there a world beneath your feet as yet undiscovered?

May we tantalise you with the thought that perhaps creatures of this underworld interacted with that of the living being upon the surface, and those from the sky also helped in many ways.

Their literature has been hidden well, for prying eyes should not understand the race that they were. Would you believe that much of your technology of today was gleaned from this information that is hidden away in scrolls, in dark places beneath your earth, not to be seen by the common man, not to be understood as the truth, because you are blinkered by what they tell you.

They know of the power of the mind, and the Egyptian people used this well. It was taught to them, and yet now is lost, for the weakness of the human mind and the human animal forsake these many teachings.

Many hieroglyphs were written, many scrolls were etched within the souls of these beings of that time, and those that they prayed to and worshipped were of another world with miraculous skills and abilities to control with thought, the minds of others and of mind over matter.

Many have speculated upon the creations and wonders that they have left behind, but no one has told you the truth as yet, for they are a race of beings that exist beyond your earth now. Did they originate from another place? No, the peoples of Egypt were of the earth, but their leaders were of the Sun, another solar system as you would understand it today.

Do not be afraid to open your minds and allow in a thought that perhaps not all things that are seen are not as you are told. The knowledge is there and exists to this day, the wise will understand these words and their hearts and minds are open to the blindfolds that are pulled over your eyes of these things that at the time they seemed miraculous, but the beings that taught the Egyptians and the humans of that time were of another place beyond your stars. You could say another dimension, and we have spoken of these dimensions before, how numerous they are and how you exist within the same space and time.

You may wonder how these beings would have travelled to these places beyond their own spectrum, how they may have travelled to your earth, these are things of technological advancement, yet the power of the mind has a great deal to do with it. Can you project your mind to another place, another time? Can you see beyond your flesh to a world or a place far away? Indeed, you visit these places often within your sleep and they are dreams to you, yet do they not feel so real in those few seconds that you dream of these places?

You do not have to take our word for it, just open your hearts and minds to understand that you are not unique. There have been many, many civilisations before yours. They have left no trace, but a few.

Do not accept the stories told to you of previous civilisations and the coexistence of other worlds. Know that there is truth in all that is spoken, yet many things are twisted, so that the truth cannot be ascertained without the evidence.

Anubis was a man of great power, his being was of your earth, yet his mind and spirit was of another place. Beyond this, we feel you may not understand. And this man fears to speak of these things, but there is much learning to be gained by the words. You know of the one Creator, the one you call God and this is the truth as was spoken by his son. They were of another place and exist to this day as spirit, and you may invite them into your heart and soul to bring you peace in your lives.

So much has gone before you, before your civilisation, and there is so much to come for things and events continually evolve. Never fear change, for change will refresh the men of your earth. Never fear us who speak through your mind, who guide you, do not dismiss us as a figment of the imagination, do not betray our thoughts in your altered states by doing the opposite to our teachings.

We are constantly with you throughout your lives, bringing you purpose and guidance, we tell you of other civilisations, for there are many in existence, perhaps you will experience many of these and your memories will linger for a time and then fade like the autumn leaf, but you will be reborn in the spring of life, renewed with vigour and energy.

Message about Anna Marie Croxson

She remarks this evening about the things of his (Jesus) life, her prayers are heard and her questions will be answered. She sits at home, thinking about many things of the past and present. As she writes her thoughts are heard and we give her wisdom to speak in a language that she understands, and we speak to each and every one of you in this way, in a language that you will understand of your world and of your time.

Time has come for us to go, we will speak more, but for this evening we bring you and wish you peace in your lives.