George Burridge – Sept 2018 – Past Civilisations, Power of Thought etc

September 2018

Communication received by George Burridge, Truro, England

George has a guide known to him as ‘I am who I am’, this guide introduced a new communicator to him who has given no name therefore he refers to this communicator as ‘Dot’ to differentiate it from others that communicate with him from time to time.

Communication begins:

First I will speak to you about myself, my home is on a star that cannot be seen from the Earth, it is beyond the planet that you know by the name of Pluto. It is one from which a large number of the volunteers came to be the first spiritual caretaker civilisation on your planet. This is the reason for our interest in your world. I at one time was a member of the caretakers and lived there for a number of years before returning to my home world. From time to time we have had visitors on our world who have reincarnated as human beings on Earth. They informed us about life on Earth today. A very different civilisation from when I was first born on Earth. Continue reading “George Burridge – Sept 2018 – Past Civilisations, Power of Thought etc”

26-09-18 Pastures New, Jesus, Past Civilisations, Archaeologist John, Mike the motorcyclist

Transcript 26th September 2018

Joy and pastures new are foreseen for the future. Do not forsake yourselves for other’s sake, bring peace to each other in the hope and joy of everlasting peace within the world of spirit. You are not bound by earthly rules within that place, for peace is everlasting there, and equality walks hand in hand with love and caring for each other.┬áIt is a place beyond yours, it has aspects of beauty way beyond your comprehension, and as you know, life is a learning tool that is given to all who pass beyond the veil of spirit, for life is an exercise in your being, in your practice of goodwill to others, and aspects of love and light. Continue reading “26-09-18 Pastures New, Jesus, Past Civilisations, Archaeologist John, Mike the motorcyclist”