10-04-22 Complexities of life, Who is God? Universal knowledge, No substitute for love etc

Transcript Date: 10th April 2022

The complex situations of life

Our intentions have always been honourable and with the greatest respect to your world beyond this realm of spirit, from where we speak and sit at this time. We observe many things of your world and give blessings to those who suffer so at the hands of tyrants at this time.

Life is nature, and its pattern is varied in many ways that are strange to most. It seems violent at times and at other times forgiving and passive in its nature. Yet for many, they do not see these things, nor do they concern themselves with the passing of time or the world around you. Some are not interested in the suffering of others in other countries of your world, they feel that their own life is fulfilled and they will live it to the full, in the best way they can. Life is for living, yet you should also find compassion within your hearts, and not shut out the suffering of others, for one day it maybe you that will suffer and cry out for assistance from the world around you.

Many at this time cry for assistance, yet it falls on deaf ears, for your men of money and power will not commit themselves to help those in need, for they fear for their own fortunes and position in life, but equally they fear the escalation of the wars in your world.

It is a complex situation, but their thoughts should be humanitarian and their deeds should be great to assist all who are in need, and support them in whatever way they can. We do not want you to enter into worldwide conflict, but assistance can be given in many other subtle ways, to those in need.

We could say, ‘Let us not speak of these things tonight’, but they are part of your current affairs, they are a part of your life and you witness these things from afar at this time. We would like to remind you that you were born into this world of life to experience and share your thoughts of love, to share your compassion and your heart with others who are not so fortunate.

So, this evening, spare a thought for those who cannot enjoy the luxuries of life, the luxuries of home, of meals at the table, of life without suffering of wars, starvation and thirst, bring your thoughts to bear and even if you cannot assist, then your thoughts of love will be conveyed through that of spirit and it will be received by those in need.

The energy of thoughts, prayer and compassion

You may think, ‘But how would this help them when they are dealing with extreme circumstances at this time?’ And you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a pointless exercise. But we have told you before, that you are all of one consciousness and your thoughts contribute much to the well-being of your sisters and brothers of the world, and to the animal kingdom and to the Earth itself from which you were born.

We have told you about the energy of spirit and that it is generated within the universe in which you live, and this is the same for all universes. Energy is generated through their very existence and spontaneous life occurs in many different shapes and forms. Many would be strange to your eyes, or even invisible. Yet life exists, and all life will struggle at first (in the) new season of life, it will have to find a path, an equilibrium, and for the most part, nature in your world and on others are in balance. Yet this balance is tipped by a dominant species, and for nature, usually this is eradicated through the passing of time. Yet as your civilisation grows, so your measures are extreme, not just against yourselves, but against the world, your mother, upon which you live.

Battle your extreme thoughts, for there is much persuasion from what you would call ‘the negative’, the darker side of life. It is up to you to screen yourselves from these thoughts, not to allow them in to influence your lives or your behaviour, not to allow your supreme thoughts of goodness be overwhelmed and darkened by these extreme beings that would wish to dominate your thoughts and your world.

No substitute for love

You see men of courage on a daily basis, but few are heard of, for they fight a battle unseen to your eyes. Life is a struggle and will continue to be so until that equilibrium is achieved within your world, and this balance can only be brought through the love and light of your hearts. It cannot be brought through warfare or weapons, it cannot be brought through vengeance or through the substances that you inhale and take to try and remove your thoughts from the world around you and your own personal being. These substances are no substitute for love and it is up to you to fight these battles, to bring yourselves to a point of understanding, that all who exist at this time and within the future, have a purpose, but you must hold strong, you cannot allow the darkness to overshadow your world, you cannot allow your thoughts to be overrun by want and need and greed, for you are all equal in the eyes of Heaven and you are all equal in spiritual terms.

Yet there are those who allow themselves negative thoughts and they must be turned, and the only thing, the only weapon of choice is love, love and caring, compassion. These are the things that will turn the tide and tip the balance to that equilibrium once more.

Potential consequences

You know the consequences, we need not spell it out to you, should you not adhere to the words that we speak. Your world is at a tipping point at this time. Your civilisation is in danger, as are many creatures upon your earth, the earth is not in danger from you, but will react to your misgivings towards her, and the earth shall continue on as it has done long before and will do so long after your demise as a nation of human beings.

Other forms will replace you, as of long ago, when the animal kingdom of your world was decimated by the imbalance of life. The extinction of the dinosaurs, as you call them, was this pre planned or was it just random in its being? All we can say is, that life is fragile and the universe is filled with many hazards that can cause great devastation to the worlds around the suns, of which there are many and you see them at night (stars).

You must understand that random acts of such events can happen, but equally devastation can be caused by your own kind, not just to yourselves, but to other nations, and the death of your planet would have repercussions throughout the universe and the dimensions that exist within. Oh yes, you are not just of this time, your race is not just of the humankind, for there are many unseen dimensions that exist parallel to yours, and these world’s use the same energy that give you life, and like a stone thrown into a millpond, the concentric circles fly out and affect other worlds beyond yours. You cannot be allowed to destroy your earth in such a manner, for you will be stopped and before the destruction is too great.

Life is precious, as are your souls and spirit, and you must honour and obey your natural instincts, not to war or create problems for others, or to beat upon one another, your natural instinct is to survive and to help others.

You look at the nature of the world and you see the violence that is contained within, this is survival, this is not about greed or want, it is not about wealth or possession, it is about the natural world of which you, the human animal, are a part of. You possess a soul that is born of the energy of the universe and you exist with thought, and you create, but all you are doing at this time is creating doom for your species.

Many would disagree and say that they are filled with love, and so they are, we recognise this, you are not ignored. But it is up to you to join in the union of love to defeat the dark side that overwhelms your world at this time. Do not become a victim of them, for there are many influences outside your world that wish to see your planet destroyed, your race destroyed for their own benefit.

They came once before long ago and they created mayhem upon your world, and the people worshipped them as God’s, for they knew that they had considerable power, far above their own abilities at that time, and this situation is no different now and they influence those in power and you see this on a daily basis within your news and within your screens of vision.

But we implore you to take these things into perspective, do not allow those dark thoughts to get the better of you, listen to your subconscious through which we speak, listen to the good that can be done and the balance can be corrected, but it is entirely up to you.

No fault of the creator or any other influence

It is not the creator’s fault, the one you call God, it is not the fault of spirit, or any other influence, it is your own kind that is at fault and you are the ones who can change this situation if you wish. But if you wish to sit back and ignore these things and enjoy the pleasures of life without consideration for others, then you must bear the consequences in time to come.

Fearful words you may think, but we are only trying to awaken your spiritual consciousness to the fact that you can influence these things. It is said that you can create the future for yourselves, and this is true, but only with guidance from us, only with the guidance of the spirit that is held within your body’s, you, yourselves. You know this to be true, do not deny it, for your thoughts are great.

Help those as you would wish to be helped yourself, see the need for compassion and if you can, freely give this with not just your heart, but in actions and in any way that you can, for all, with the merest thought of compassion and love can influence and change the status quo of your world at this time.

Do not be afraid to think about these things and open your hearts and minds, think about love and the love of your families, know that all in existence, all life in whatever shape or form it may be, are of your family of spirit. Energy is the key to all life and you are part of this universal energy of creation.

So many questions, so few answers.

Aristotle – seeking knowledge within and reflecting on the ancients

Time is bearing down on you; this has been mentioned. I am one of a long time past, a philosopher you may call me, a Greek poet who spoke many words of wisdom through thought within the temples of love. I saw many things of the Trojan wars, and many things of the future to come.

Aristotle is a name you may consider; you have heard of this name and yet even though my being upon earth held a great name, it is no greater than that of the combined energy of spirit that we are all a part of. The wisdom and knowledge that I was given within mathematical calculations, within the astrological stars and heavens, they were there to be seen and tapped into, that vast knowledge is there of combined lives and experiences throughout many universes, not just of one on earth, but of time itself and this knowledge is gathered and kept as in the silicon chips of your world today. Do you think because we are of ancient times that we did not have knowledge of these things? Much evidence has been found and is there to be seen.

You must seek this knowledge for yourself and the wisdom held within, for I, Aristotle found this in my meditations and in my worship.

Look to your world, not as a pleasure dome, a place to enjoy, but as a place of great teaching, of learning beyond your abilities at this time. You can focus upon us as this man does, you can tap into this knowledge, and this universal knowledge is open to all, as in the libraries of your world today. Look to them and see the many things that are possible.

The crop circles of your time are an indication of this teaching, for many are shut off from this vast knowledge that is available.

Our own buildings and structures, our colossal temples were all testament to the knowledge that was gained. I was given many things to help me within my life, many mathematical equations that helped me calculate the distance between the worlds, between the stars that you see. I was not the first, there were many before me that were not documented, and yet truly had knowledge, you would call them of the Stone Age, prehistoric world, civilisations that you have never heard of, or do not know the existence of, yet they advanced greatly and some exceeded their expectations, whilst others diminished and faded away as stardust.

Unite in your world today and seek this knowledge. Help yourselves to a better understanding of life and the symbols and signs that are given, not just upon your world, but within the heavens above, for they are great and the knowledge will expand, not just your universe, but your very being.

How do you communicate? This is brought through focus. Do not let your daily routines interfere, but think about these things, think about the stars and the universes that have been created far beyond your vision. Can you believe they exist? You see them with your scientific instruments, but we did not have those means in that time, it was brought through focus and the study of the natural world and the stars and solar systems that surround the planet Earth. Look deeply, cleanse your mind and focus to find the things that you seek.

The energy is universal and can be tapped into with thought, it can divulge many secrets that trust scientific community look for at this time, yet they rely on the instruments that they create and not by the instrument of your mind that is the creation of the creator, for this mind is a part of a greater mind and everything is connected no matter your form or your way of life. Truth will be told in extreme ways through nature and throughout the cosmos.

Those who come, have come before, they will return once more with knowledge to be given at a time when it is needed for they look upon you at this time in dismay for their teachings have been ignored from long ago. I was also a part of their journey, they gave me so much information to share with the world, and yet I was laughed at in those times, but proven to be correct in the time of the future.

Many ideas transform your world and your way of living, but you must retain that natural instinct that you all possess, do not ignore the thoughts that are given, do not ignore the teachings, not just of myself, Aristotle, but of many of that time.

The Greek nation was vast and extended around the world of that time. Its influence structured many other civilisations and cities. The Romans who followed us also observed our teachings, which enabled them to create the many features that you see today that have survived time. Do not think because I lived eons ago that I do not still exist, for I exist within the ether and the world that surrounds you that you call spirit, that you will rejoin one day and become a part of, for you are all of nature, all of creation, and even though you look at stars many light-years from your world, you are still connected in that vast chain of evolution, in that vast expanse of creation that continues to this day, with new nations being created, new life forming in new galaxies that explode from the stardust. It is infinite in its capacity for life, it is infinite in its being, you truly cannot imagine the vastness of it all.

Where does it end, is a question even I could not answer, where does it begin, another question that is impossible to answer. It just is, and that is what you should accept.

Do not destroy your humanity in your actions upon your world, but join together and unite as one to influence life upon your planet that would be better for all and bring balance once more. Do not work as separate unions, for you are part of the vast union of spirit and the energy of the universe around you, and in this union, should you have the will to come together, you will be astounded by the creation that you will bring about. Do not dismiss the thought of the lowliest of low, for there is no lowliest of low, you are all equal and it is only your human mind that creates these barriers of your civilisations.

It is time to reflect upon the ancients of the past, to see their wisdom, yoke their knowledge that you may advance as a human race and species, that you may become one with the universe that surrounds you and the nature of your world. Do not dismiss this as just talk from an individual, for he has found an ability to link into the thoughts of others. These words, we assure you, are given to him and he relays them to you in his quest for the truth and the many answers of life, and that of spirit and God that he worships at this time.

Who is God? God is the creator and you will hold this image in whatever way you will, but in truth, it is good and the love of your heart, that is the true God, the love and compassion that you should share between one another, not just to advance your civilisation of life at this time, but to advance your spirit and soul, to extend the knowledge of the universe that you may once more share within life to help others.

Those of the darker realms will find darkness, and the light will not shine for them unless they wish it so. This is the same as you in existence at this time, you will not find the joy of life unless you wish it so, you will not find the joy of life in the substances you drink or take, for joy of life is love and compassion for one another, for unity within your world as a species, for this will combine into a vast energy that cannot be overwhelmed by that of the dark, darker regions.

Have faith in what we say, trust in our words.

I, Aristotle, who have spoken this evening, will give you the truth, should you study my many writings. Of course, you will not understand my language, but it is translated. But you need not read these things, for I have spoken the truth and you may find them within your own existence and within your mind, within the combined knowledge of the universe, universal energy of love of spirit, good evening.

Do not betray your own thoughts for the thoughts of others, lead a life that is good and filled with compassion and love for one another.

The truth of the world is not spoken within words, but within your actions, within your own lives. This is the statement of truth of your existence. Do not take on board the worries and concerns of others, but help them to ease their minds of torment, share the burdens of life. And for these things that are shared, the burden will become lighter and less heavy, and the burden will seemingly be lifted from your world.

The creation of life in the planetary systems was born of energy, and the source of that energy can be found within your hearts, within your existence, within your very being.


27-11-21 Pain of loss, Realms of existence, Anubis etc

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Transcript Date: 27th November 2021

Pain of loss and the realms around us

Life can be tempered with pain, and much sorrow is brought to those loved ones who are left behind within their physical life. But as always, all should know that life continues on in a pattern not recognisable by you at this time, yet it exists beyond the realm of life.

Our thoughts are as yours, with love and wishes for those that we have left behind. Our sorrow and pain are eased by the light that surrounds us, and the love that comforts us and cossets us. We can only share this love in your thoughts and in your memories.

The patterns of life are many, they vary from one extreme to another and your world is not the exception, but the rule, for it is commonplace among the heavens.

As the being of man, you cannot understand the realm that surrounds you, penetrating your very being and the soil beneath your feet. It is one of love, one of creation and re-creation, and as we set these patterns of life and of spirit, they intermingle in a complex equation that cannot be understood by those men of science.

Yet those of true faith and who have courage to look, will see these things as the truth. No matter what you are told, your faith will stay strong.

We speak of loved ones this evening and we bless you for your tolerance and understanding. There are many who would wish to know of their loved ones who have passed from your world to this. There are those of you who are able to reconnect with those souls, but there are still many who regard this as a popular pastime, a form of entertainment not to be taken seriously. Yet the mysteries of the universe are wide and varied, your planet is but one of many that exist with various forms of life. Some have intelligent species, whilst others are of pure nature and existence.

You cannot deny this, for it is the truth. The burden of this knowledge will become apparent within the future as man becomes more reckless with himself and his home, that which you call the earth.

Judgement is needed, judgement of a good heart and mind to alter these events that may be written. It will take a wise man to see the error of your ways and it will take a wiser man blessed with courage to change these events.

The union of man

You are a union, the union of man. The power of the mind is great, it may take you to many places, so unexpected that you will be filled with amazement. We have told you it takes focus to travel the astral planes. You may see these things within your mind and you may dismiss them as daydreams, perhaps illusions, yet the true understanding is missed. You should open your eyes, for the truth exists within each and every one of you.

Your time upon earth is limited and during this time you may learn many things of the humankind and the natural world around you. There are many lessons to be learnt, many tragedies to unfold, we speak of these things many times to remind you that all things have one thing in common, and that is the spirit of life, even the most inanimate of objects has an energy within.

You are complex beings, a creation of long ago. You were given intelligence, but still, you do not see the purpose of your being. You must awaken your mind and broaden your horizons to allow in the thoughts of things that may seem of fantasy, yet are fact.

Reasons for life

The chrysalis of life begins in many different ways and your minds may not comprehend the reasons for life or its existence. For the most it just is, and that is all they need to know, but they miss so much. We have taught you of these things and we will persist in a time to come, to help you understand these teachings. Do not be afraid of us, for we are you, but in a different form. Together we can make a difference to the future of the human species. Apart, we will be divided and fall. It is in your best interests to start to see each other as an equal, not just each human, but each creature in the creation of the world. You may say that we have heard these words already, and we will repeat these words many times until it is understood.

New speaker

The symbol of the cat

I see the symbol of the cat, a symbol of protection.

It was millennia ago that the cat was held in high esteem and regarded as a symbol of protection, and in that time of Egypt, the pharaohs ruled with an iron fist, but equally their judgement was just. Their time was great and long ago, and marked within the sands of the earth. Their greatness was heard throughout the world at that time and even today your archaeologists find more and more discoveries of those times, but not releasing their findings, for they understand that this was a great race of beings ruled by those of other worlds, of other nations.

Their technology was great and greatly misunderstood today. Their reasoning was that of a human, yet their minds were manipulated and controlled to allow them to understand who they were. The prophets of that time understood many things of the afterlife and the spirit that lay beyond.


Anubis was one who was greatly worshipped as the god of the underworld, and he was given much respect. But what was the underworld? Was it that of which the stories tell where evil lay, or is there a world beneath your feet as yet undiscovered?

May we tantalise you with the thought that perhaps creatures of this underworld interacted with that of the living being upon the surface, and those from the sky also helped in many ways.

Their literature has been hidden well, for prying eyes should not understand the race that they were. Would you believe that much of your technology of today was gleaned from this information that is hidden away in scrolls, in dark places beneath your earth, not to be seen by the common man, not to be understood as the truth, because you are blinkered by what they tell you.

They know of the power of the mind, and the Egyptian people used this well. It was taught to them, and yet now is lost, for the weakness of the human mind and the human animal forsake these many teachings.

Many hieroglyphs were written, many scrolls were etched within the souls of these beings of that time, and those that they prayed to and worshipped were of another world with miraculous skills and abilities to control with thought, the minds of others and of mind over matter.

Many have speculated upon the creations and wonders that they have left behind, but no one has told you the truth as yet, for they are a race of beings that exist beyond your earth now. Did they originate from another place? No, the peoples of Egypt were of the earth, but their leaders were of the Sun, another solar system as you would understand it today.

Do not be afraid to open your minds and allow in a thought that perhaps not all things that are seen are not as you are told. The knowledge is there and exists to this day, the wise will understand these words and their hearts and minds are open to the blindfolds that are pulled over your eyes of these things that at the time they seemed miraculous, but the beings that taught the Egyptians and the humans of that time were of another place beyond your stars. You could say another dimension, and we have spoken of these dimensions before, how numerous they are and how you exist within the same space and time.

You may wonder how these beings would have travelled to these places beyond their own spectrum, how they may have travelled to your earth, these are things of technological advancement, yet the power of the mind has a great deal to do with it. Can you project your mind to another place, another time? Can you see beyond your flesh to a world or a place far away? Indeed, you visit these places often within your sleep and they are dreams to you, yet do they not feel so real in those few seconds that you dream of these places?

You do not have to take our word for it, just open your hearts and minds to understand that you are not unique. There have been many, many civilisations before yours. They have left no trace, but a few.

Do not accept the stories told to you of previous civilisations and the coexistence of other worlds. Know that there is truth in all that is spoken, yet many things are twisted, so that the truth cannot be ascertained without the evidence.

Anubis was a man of great power, his being was of your earth, yet his mind and spirit was of another place. Beyond this, we feel you may not understand. And this man fears to speak of these things, but there is much learning to be gained by the words. You know of the one Creator, the one you call God and this is the truth as was spoken by his son. They were of another place and exist to this day as spirit, and you may invite them into your heart and soul to bring you peace in your lives.

So much has gone before you, before your civilisation, and there is so much to come for things and events continually evolve. Never fear change, for change will refresh the men of your earth. Never fear us who speak through your mind, who guide you, do not dismiss us as a figment of the imagination, do not betray our thoughts in your altered states by doing the opposite to our teachings.

We are constantly with you throughout your lives, bringing you purpose and guidance, we tell you of other civilisations, for there are many in existence, perhaps you will experience many of these and your memories will linger for a time and then fade like the autumn leaf, but you will be reborn in the spring of life, renewed with vigour and energy.

Message about Anna Marie Croxson

She remarks this evening about the things of his (Jesus) life, her prayers are heard and her questions will be answered. She sits at home, thinking about many things of the past and present. As she writes her thoughts are heard and we give her wisdom to speak in a language that she understands, and we speak to each and every one of you in this way, in a language that you will understand of your world and of your time.

Time has come for us to go, we will speak more, but for this evening we bring you and wish you peace in your lives.

George Burridge – Sept 2018 – Past Civilisations, Power of Thought etc

September 2018

Communication received by George Burridge, Truro, England

George has a guide known to him as ‘I am who I am’, this guide introduced a new communicator to him who has given no name therefore he refers to this communicator as ‘Dot’ to differentiate it from others that communicate with him from time to time.

Communication begins:

First I will speak to you about myself, my home is on a star that cannot be seen from the Earth, it is beyond the planet that you know by the name of Pluto. It is one from which a large number of the volunteers came to be the first spiritual caretaker civilisation on your planet. This is the reason for our interest in your world. I at one time was a member of the caretakers and lived there for a number of years before returning to my home world. From time to time we have had visitors on our world who have reincarnated as human beings on Earth. They informed us about life on Earth today. A very different civilisation from when I was first born on Earth. Continue reading “George Burridge – Sept 2018 – Past Civilisations, Power of Thought etc”