22-09-22 Life lessons, Overcome fear with love, Energy of positive thinking, Change to come etc

Transcript Date: 22nd September 2022

One who has a negative purpose to the world

Condemned are those who speak out against him, for in his eyes they are traitors to the cause. We speak of the one who dominates many thoughts at this time, for his negative attitude will bring him solitary confinement within his life. There are many like him who wish to dominate others with their negative thoughts and actions, not welcoming in the light of love nor the welfare of his nation, for his mind is set upon a purpose that is negative to the world at this time.

You must join in a united action to pray and send your thoughts of love, not just to him to enable him to see the light, but to those of his nation who know no different through no fault of their own.

Tyrants of the world and change to come

There have been many tyrants in your world who have wished to dominate your world power for their own purpose, and not for the good of humanity and the creatures upon your world. They have come and they have gone, and they will not return, for their actions are detrimental to their soul and spirit.

There may come a time when we will find peace within the world of men, but peace is not found without anxiety and fear, for you must be brought to the brink before you can accept that change is needed.

Change will come, we have told you this before, but it will not come easy, for there is always pain before bliss and healing. Our words may seem frightening to some, yet we speak the truth. Your lives are no different, as you traverse your life there are many times that you may feel in pain, and there are occasions when you too suffer a personal tragedy or loss, in whatever form that may be, and you suffer. But you must remember, this is the path of learning and it will benefit you for eons to come within your spirit and soul, and it will enable you to help others as you shed light upon their problems and issues of life, and remind them that the beauty is yet to come in the hereafter.

Lessons from souls of the past

Many have found bliss within their lives, and they have brought focus to others, for they are the souls of the past who have learnt lessons and are able to teach in a manner respectful of the glorious gift that you are all a part of.

This ability only comes through time and many lives and existences, and your efforts will be fruitful within a time to come, but not necessarily at this time. For like the pupils in your schools and colleges, you must graduate over a period of time and the lessons may come hard. But as you begin to focus and realise the truth in these lessons, then you may begin to understand the meaning of our words and of your existence.

Time is precious, it is a moment in which you must respond to others with love and care, for time is fleeting and the moment is gone, and despair will be caused as you begin to realise that your efforts were not enough. But do not let these failings dominate your thoughts. There will come a time when you may redeem your actions, and the lessons of life will teach you these things and bear upon you within your travels beyond this world.

Many are fruitful within their thoughts and actions, and they give hope and guidance to others with clarity of mind and thought. It has come to our notice that there are those who do not wish to share the teachings they have been given. The teachings are not for self, but for all, for if you are to become a part of the universal spirit that you are all part of, then you must be open and share your love and knowledge, for you cannot be segregated and go your own way, for jointly you must coexist and bring hope and strength to others.

The energy of positive thinking

Those that journey many lives will not remember the past, but their higher being will, and they will draw upon this knowledge in ways unexpected to them and their thoughts will be of love and a practice of hope. Join together now your hopes and dreams of love and peace within your world at this time, allow this positive thought to overrule that of the negative, for positive thinking will bring about a purposeful peace.

It is an energy that is so overwhelming that even those with the darkest minds cannot ignore. We speak to them as we speak to you through a practice of thought, they may not listen to the guidance given and some of their allies may also not listen to these words of wisdom, but we implore you to listen, and when a thought is given of guidance, then allow that thought, allow it to involve you in a way that you become obsessed in that practice to help others. Together your minds make one, and although you are independent at this time you are universally connected.

What kind of species are you, you may ask, who carries this soul and spirit? It is not for you to understand at this moment in time, but in time your path will lead you to that fountain of knowledge and you will understand the purpose of your journey, the purpose of your suffering and the suffering of others within your life, within your realm.

We speak to you this evening in the hope that your loving thoughts will transmit to those who wish war at this time. Allow your thoughts to penetrate theirs and show them the light and that there is a better way to tread your path, not that of a tyrant, not to bring fear and death to others through your intolerance and your ambitions. It will take a united front to achieve this, and we can only say this, if this is not successful, then do not fear, for when that time comes within your life when you must transform and move on once more, we will be there with a welcoming hand to guide you and take you to that peace and the love that is universal.

Personal message to a lady . . .

Tell her this, that her wishes and dreams are not false, she wishes well of her neighbours and her hopes and dreams of bringing a fruitful settlement to the issues and worries will be realised in a short time to come. You ask for the name, but it is hidden from you, for she will know the strength of the words that are spoken. It could be applicable to many of your world, but we will speak once more to help you release your sorrows and release your fears. Amen.

New speaker

Overcoming fear with love

Be kind and fruitful to one another, be transparent in your thoughts and your wishes of love. Allow the goodness of your soul to reach out beyond that of your body. Allow your thoughts to travel in a timeless sphere of light. Think of nothing more when you practice your meditations and you will be drawn to a circle of light where the seven sit to bring focus upon those who wish to overrule their human mind and reconnect with that purposeful spirit that you are.

In a time to come the realisation of your worries and concerns may materialise, but at that point a door will open and your focus of love and comradeship will be open to all so that it may be seen to help those in need.

Do not fear the practices of men who wish to bring war, for there is no fear that cannot be overcome with love and the practice of worship to our Lord above. His love radiates like a beacon penetrating all in existence, and in your physical beings you have the opportunity to open your mind to this wisdom that he brings.

Allow your thoughts of self-destruction to dissipate and allow in the thoughts of love, for no matter what happens, we will be there to bring you comfort and relief from the fears and worries that possess your human mind.

Complete your missions, your soul’s journey as required. Do not fret about those of the world who bring anxiety and fear to the nations of the world, for they are subject to the rule of God. And even those minds who harbour evil thoughts, they will be subdued, and yes, pain will be brought.

It is hard to understand how we can speak of love and learning and at the same time within this process, pain must be felt. But you must experience these things to overcome your human minds and your lack of knowledge of the universal spirit, you must open your minds to a practice of love. Do not allow their thoughts to interfere with your lives, and we do not say to ignore them, but to counter them with your thoughts of love. Help others who live in fear and assure them that all will be well. Many will not understand, and they will say, “How can you be so positive in these terrible, dreadful times?” But you must tell them that it is positive thought and love that will dispel the fear that holds you tight within your lives, you must release this fear and continue your life as was ordained so that your soul and spirit are free to travel and learn through these times of your life.

Do not be negative in your thoughts towards those who bring this fear, for it will consume you, this is not how things should be brought. Do not allow those negative thoughts that you may have towards these people who would dominate your lives and torment you for if you allow those negative thoughts, then you will be no better than they are. It is up to you to give a thought of love and in this thought have hope for them that they may see the light and the true purpose of their spirit and soul, for negativity breeds negativity, and it is like a virus that will spread and only love is the cure for this disease.

Do not fear the things you see within your world, continue your practices of love and bring hope to those who share their fears with you. Their despair is obvious at times, and it will be hard for them to accept that there is another way of positive thought and love.

Do not allow the energies of life to influence you, repose as you stand against them, stand and resist the temptations. Be open and transparent to those who need to hear these words, be open to yourself and understand that life is given as practice of love for you to learn and for others to learn with you.

Life lessons

Joy will be brought in the near future when a resolution is found to cure the ills at this time, but there will always be issues arising that will bring fear and despair, bring destruction and death and injury and suffering, and it is hard as the human being to understand how this could teach that spirit and soul, for they know only pain and sorrow. But all aspects of life are lessons that are given.

You may sit in your comfortable homes and watch these things upon your screens and not know how these events bring anguish to your soul, pain your body, but each in turn will live a life to learn these lessons to advance their spirit. Life is pain and teaching can only be brought through these experiences. It is only when your bodies pass and your spirit returns to that universal spirit of love, it is only then that you will find peace and maybe you will be one of those who will wish to return to assist others despite the sacrifice of your own life. Did he, the Lord Jesus, not sacrifice his life for you? To bring you hope of new beginnings. Did he not tell you of the mansions that he would build within heaven for those who wish to bring love and unity?

It is a place beyond your world and dimension that you will transfer to, and even those who do not understand or believe will be in awe of the spectacle to come. It is only those who shut out the light that will remain in the dark and their souls will be tormented, for they do not understand the reasons for this. But in due course they too will learn, and they will only learn through bitter experience, as you all must.

Do not feel down upon our words, live your life with joy in your heart and an aspect of love to all those that you meet and come across, no matter who or what they are. Never fear, for the light shines for all and peace will come for all who wish it.

Death is but a gateway for your soul to pass through, it is not the end, but a new beginning and a new era for your soul and spirit. We give you love this evening and wish you well upon your journeys, we are the ‘Beings of Light’ who would welcome you in a time to come, to bring you peace and love for ever more. Amen.


10-11-20 Marches in the streets, Lies and deceit, Message for a mother, I Am

Transcript Date 10th November 2020

Marches in the streets

Triumphant marches occur throughout the streets, as they battle their wills against one another. A stronghold of thought enters many minds at this time, that perhaps peace will come and the outrageous atrocities created will cease for a time of peace.

Togetherness will overcome many things of life, the many misfortunes that befall man, for together your thoughts should become one, to battle the elements that besiege your world at this time. Never forget that we are here to be with you, to sit with you, in your lonely days and nights. Your fear is about many things, yet we can bring comfort through our being and our thoughts of love.

Tonight is no different, as many battle with the unreasonable things, as they see it. Boston will erupt with a negative attitude shortly, at the results given by the authorities to demonstrate to them that they should not battle amongst themselves, but be at peace. Turmoil obstructs many thoughts and their will is lacking for an outcome of peace, for they see only one thing and that is for their leadership.

Love combats all

The battle hardened memories of many will fight for their existence, not in a physical sense, but in a war of minds and will. Help us to help you to resolve these matters of crisis within your world, for have we not told you that love is the weapon of choice? It will combat all, no matter who or what they represent.

Theories are given for many things within your lives. Thoughts are transmitted thoughts to you through the wavelengths in the air, for they wish to incriminate others with negative thoughts and misbehaviour. Trust in us of the light, for we come with love and peace everlasting. Our thoughts should be yours, to bring a resolution to the issues of the world. It seems unfathomable, how the world of today cannot bring peace to itself.

You look to one another and think, ‘I’m not at war with my neighbour.’ This may be so, yet many deliberately attempt to destroy the peace within. It is your choice to make within your lives and as this gathers momentum, so many will call out for peace and instruct your leaders to bring a resolution to these overwhelming problems of the world.

Message to Michael

Your thoughts are overwhelmed by the many things of life Michael, you should sit for a moment to fill your mind with love and accept that your path was given for a purpose. Your will and courage lack at times, but your overwhelming response to our call is a welcome sign of love.

For one who seeks a message:

She asks for sitting, there is no need for her to worry at this time, for many of her loved ones who are sacred to her, are in care at this time. She must not worry about the outcome with the matters at hand, for a path is given with a blessing of love. She asks for one to bring hope to herself, that the future holds many things of love in store for her. We will tell her this, that her truth has been spoken and her fears and anxieties at this time should be released by the power of love.

She coexists with another in matrimonial status and they live in relative peace and calm. But the uncertain future bewilders her at this time and she asks for assistance, perhaps guidance from others, who will remark upon her as being ‘a character indeed’. She is lively and attentive to the things that surround her in her life. Her passage was given to her to follow the light and her guidance is good, but she feels empty inside, for a recent loss has brought her to evaluate her own life.

She wonders why these things have occurred, but they are of the natural course in the world and of life. Her being anticipates a time when she may be reunited to her loved ones. Her mother and father say that they understand these things within her thoughts, yet she feels as if no one is listening. Tell her this, that the truth will be told and the thoughts of her loved one who passed so recently, will always walk with her in her life as a guiding light, as an angel of the light. For he was young, yet his time was not yet done, he calls for her as a mother. Sam, Samuel, calls to her and greets her with love, for he tugs her hair and she remarks with surprise as she feels his touch.

Do not be afraid to hold him in your heart and welcome him, for he responds to your call within your home. You feel his presence around you and he wishes only love and comfort for you. His purpose is not of your will, but of love and companionship. Speak to him and he will hear you, talk to him about the things of the day, of your worries and concerns as he watches over you to bring you comfort in your times of hardship.

You feel like you might go crazy at times, this is not uncommon amongst many of your world at this time. But show them the love and the light that surrounds you and your path will be great in a time to come.

Our presence is with you in hard times

Temper your thoughts my children, of despair and loneliness, of solitude and antagonism from others. Lift your souls from the gloom and realise that our love surrounds you all, in a way that you will not understand in the normal circumstance, but we assure you of our presence. Although your times seem hard and desperate to you, you must know that we are there with you, to quieten your mind, to bring you peace in your thoughts and love to your hearts.

Time will blossom a new beginning and all who sit and wonder at the consequences of the world, will begin to see a change in the mannerisms of many of those leaders of your world. Slowly but surely we will infiltrate their minds and hearts and they too will begin to see that there is a better way to communicate with the peoples of the world, without the sadness and horror, without the shock in storms of aggravation. Please be aware of our presence and know that we are there to bring you blessings of love. 

Message continues for a mother whose son is in spirit

She cannot bear the thought of not being around him any more, her love calls out and her tears flow as if the rivers of love never ends. You must tell her this, that his love runs deep for her and although his passing was a shock, she must learn and begin to understand that all have purpose within heaven and earth. Let her sadness not overwhelm her and assure her of her son’s love, for he calls to her in her dreams. He holds her hand and touches her hair, he whispers in her ear and she doesn’t quite understand. Assure her of this, that he is still there with her and walks with her in her life and will never leave her, until the time of their reunion once more within that world of light.

The children of your world that pass so young do not stop growing, they mature in the spiritual way and their consciousness that you knew, their loving being, will never change. He will accompany her for the years to come, not with sadness, but with joy at the reunion to come. She calls his name at night wanting to know how he is, we can tell you this, that he grows so well, he is a credit to her and even in his young years of passing, he still looks to her with the eyes of love and a sadness in his heart that he cannot hold her, but he knows that the reunion will be great.

 ’74 was a year special to many, for they saw the light of change glimmer in the distance. His youth was not denied him, for he was permitted to grow as an adolescent within this world of spirit and light. He looks to her now with eyes wide open, trying to assess her feelings towards him. His narrow minded thoughts are only of love for her. Do not torment him by denial of your senses, for a response is always welcome to acknowledge that you have not forgotten, do not be afraid, for there is no harm. Help him to understand your love my dear, and his love is transmitted to you through his thoughts and touch.

His grandfather watches over him with eyes of adoration. He brings him comfort.

New speaker

Spare a thought for those who grieve

Can we not spare a thought for those who grieve so at this time? Can you not sit and count your blessings and give a thought to those who suffer the terrible loss of a loved one? We call it a loss, yet it is a new beginning for them and a trial for you. Circumstances may change one day, when you too will begin a new life in the pastures green of spirit and the reunion will be great once more. But the trials and tribulations of life must be experienced before you can ascend to these levels, you must become one with yourself. We spoke of togetherness and this is also true, that you must become one with all around you. With this togetherness you will carry the strength of the light with you to bring purpose to others that they may follow the path that they are led upon.

Have hope for yourselves and others, for the dark times will not last and a brighter future may come to ring in the new day. You see many things of the world at this time, it depresses you to think that there may be no solution to these issues, these problems, yet we once more assure you that there is always a resolution to these things and it is based with love, care and affection for others, as well as yourself.

‘I Am’ the power to carry myself through

Do not bring yourselves down with thoughts of unworthiness or depression, for you are worth more than you could ever imagine to that of spirit and your loved ones. Your determination of mind will bring you through and your will, will coax you to carry on to look at the day ahead face on and say ‘I am  the power to carry myself through’. Do not deny yourselves the energy within you, for you have spirit and soul and although your body may grow old, or you may suffer illnesses, these things are temporary within your lives. Your willpower will overcome many of these things, it takes strength and courage to see these things as possibilities, yet in your hearts you know that your inner love will see you through these hard times.

Avoiding lies and deceit

Despite those discrediting others at this time with their lies and their devious ways, you must stay aloof from these things, you must not involve yourselves with them in regards to your thoughts, for what can you change with your words? Nothing. But your love, power and strength together as one, will overcome these negative thoughts and they will overrule the minds of those who might bring purposeful deceit to you. You do not think it possible, yet all will evolve in time and the power of love will overwhelm many of the world to come.

Do not despair, but look to a brighter future and know that these days, although seemingly hard, will be short lived and once more you can express your freedom of love to your loved ones, friends and family. Despite your fears, open your hearts and minds to the love that surrounds you.

We leave you with thoughts of a mothers love for her son

We thank you for your audience this evening and we bring blessings to her, the one who asks for a sitting, tell her this, that Samuel sits within the gates of heaven and his young heart calls to her with much love. He asks that she does not despair, for there are many things in life that might bring her upset and grief, but his passing was one of a glorious new beginning. His pain and anguish is gone and his young heart calls out to her in ways that she may understand.

We leave you with these thoughts of a mother’s love for her son and the son’s love for his mother. Thank you once more for your blessing and purpose. Shine the light bright and let them see the love that shines inside.


10-09-20 A Personal Message Regarding Bereavement

Transcript Date: 10th September 2020

This is a beautiful and poignant message to a young woman known to Valerie. Her husband passed to spirit just over two years ago. This week their beloved horse died bringing her more pain. Although the message is primarily for her, it has meaning to everyone who feels the pain of bereavement.

Trophies are many within the communities of your world and we give blessings to those who acquire trophies of love within their hearts, so it is with valour that we speak these words to you this evening.

Bring forth those memories of the past, do not let them fade with time, for they have valuable lessons for all, even within your short lives the many things that you recall of the past are important to you and to others who seek your guidance. It is for you to look and to believe that there is a way forward and a future for all within the world of men.

There is a need of belonging, a need of hope and faith at this time. Have trust in your hearts with a degree of tolerance for all, that you may find this sanctuary, this peace within.

Tonight we have thought of many things that we may speak of to you, yet so much has been spoken of. Is it possible to recollect the times of spirit and that which has gone before? No. We fear that your minds are not yet able to bring this forth without the assistance of focus and communication with us.

Yes, she cries this evening for the one she loves, and you (Michael) worry that the thoughts you speak are of your own making. Toby (The name of the horse has been changed by spirit!) is tonight safe and well, she must bring peace to her mind, for her husband will stay close during this time.

You progress as well, as he sees the bitter sadness of tears. Have hope for the future, for the past and present are connected in many ways. We have spoken before to alleviate her fears and tensions in life. Many fear that these things pass her by as she negotiates her daily routines of life, filled with such sadness and sorrow, unable to release or free her mind from these events.

It cannot be said enough, in the strongest terms possible, that life goes on beyond that world of yours, and although you suffer loss at this time, he is there to keep you strong. The bridle that lays unattended brings you much sadness as you mourn this loss.

And this man (Michael) speaks about things that he knows of (Valerie had told Michael of this woman’s recent heartbreak after both Michael and herself were feeling the presence of her late husband very strongly around them.), yet he is unaware of the detail. Come let us sit together in the presence of all that is Holy and ask that she may find happiness and peace once more in her life.

She cannot find it in her heart to ask for his presence at this time, for she knows he is at peace, but he comes nonetheless, to whisper words of comfort, to bring her joy in her tears of sadness. Although this is not much comfort to her at this time, she will begin to understand the many things of life that befall many men.

Brushstrokes are seen as she paints a picture in her mind, a portrait of love that can only be shared with those of true heart. Her marriage was short, yet much meaning was given. She wishes to know why this should have happened once more to her, what has brought her to this point in life with such sadness and sorrow that once more afflicts her.

We will give her strength this evening, for she must understand that times past must not be relived, but celebrated for the time had. We spoke of the bridle and the horse that she rode with him in those many exhibitions. She cannot understand or believe that such an animal could bring such sorrow, but you must understand that you are all connected, this creature will canter on in the fields of heaven.

She wishes to bury her close by, so that she may visit frequently and remember those times of pleasure when she and this horse were one in union.

(Andrew speaks)

“I feel your pain and your sorrow, I’m there to hold your hand in ways that you will not understand. Yet you feel my energy around you my dear, our love was a token given by circumstance. We shared a dream together that we would walk in the fields and prosper in love in many ways. Alas, it was not to be. I can give you this rose, this flower as a token to tell you of my love and the many things I wish I had said long before this time.

Can’t you see my darling, that I still see you, I am with you in so many ways unimaginable to you. I guide your steps and your decision that was made, was made for love, to honour her ( the horse) in the way that you wish is greatly accepted.

Be gracious when strolling through the fields of love, for they will gather once more in a time to come. I cannot speak of the many things that brought us together, we called them circumstance and chance. Our love blossomed and bloomed as we strolled through those chambers where we had met. I do not bring you fear, but love, as I caress your hand and stroke your face as you sleep. You stir and brush your hair as if you felt a touch upon your head. This is how I caress you now, and your unawareness is not so unaware as you feel my touch.

Do not look to this man (Michael) as ‘gifted’ or as a ‘charlatan’, for I will reach out to you through his words.

I cannot tell you of the pain I suffered, but the pain of losing you was greater than I ever imagined. Do not let our troubles beset your life, help yourself to a better way. How many times must I tell you of my love? You were my true love, and as we rode together across the fields we looked at each other with such passion and purpose. Your eyes followed me many times as I strode forward and I glimpsed you, oh so often, with a smile upon your face.

I took a glancing blow when riding one day and your concern overwhelmed me as I laid on the grass, a little stunned, shocked perhaps, but we gathered our senses and laughed at the situation, for we knew we were one, at peace with each other.

I have left you with a terrible burden my love, I cannot even hope to comment on how I feel at this moment. But I am assured by others that your search for peace will be fruitful. You look to my ashes, the remains of what I once was and who I was. Know that I am not there, this is only of the physical part of me for I am here around you constantly. You speak to me and I listen, I answer, but you cannot understand why you do not hear. I will give you signs that you will see and as I spoke of the touch upon your hair, of your head, it is my caress, as my energy is with you always.

Speak to me no more of sorrow and grief, of the pain that you hold inside, for I am your husband and you are my wife.

How can I express these words so that you will believe? We had pet names, this is hard to reminisce through this man. But I am aware of your words and your love. The butterflies will bring change so you may understand this message, as we loved those fields through which we wandered to see those insects and the creatures of life that surrounded us constantly, we disturbed them and they flew from the grass and the petals of the flowers.

I hope my dear, that you will understand my concern at this time. Do not grieve for your loss for she is with me as we ride through the avenues of spirit, filled with love, awaiting a time in the future. Do not consider this as the last straw, for there are many more straws to be taken. I would so much love to be with you, and you ask me to appear to you within the streams of life. Our circumstances are great, our love will bind us together throughout time.

My watch that you hold cannot be a measure of me, for time will pass, and joy will come once more. “

New speaker

Messages of great concern, great sorrow are held by many of your world as they lack understanding grace. But should she understand these things, then perhaps a new time is beginning, a time of healing, as the touch of a hand upon the shoulder of a loved one, as the caress of a child to the mother, healing is assured for all.

Although your heart breaks and you regard us as simple minds we will not betray you. Your thoughts show your love, and this is good, and to all who grieve the loss of a loved one, we ask of you this, do not shut your hearts to the love that is shown by others within life or that of spirit, do not allow your grief to swallow you within that darkness of love, for there is light in love.

At times you will ask of us for unnecessary things to appear before you, to give a sign. This takes great energy. We always do our utmost for those who suffer at this time, do not allow your suffering to overshadow your love and good senses, think of it in terms of new beginnings, not just for you, but for your loved ones.

We understand that you think that there is nothing more left, as this man (Michael) feels the same sometimes, but we assure you there is great joy to be had in your sorrow. Do not become overwhelmed by the pressures of life and those that surround you, those who would pressure you to do things that you do not wish to do. Tell them that you are an individual soul, that your life is your own and their dominance over you must cease.

Your thoughts are with your animals at this time, and we still speak to the one who lost her treasure. Hold her harness and think of her, she was brown in colour, white flashes and freckles upon her nose, you caressed her so gently as she slipped and passed over. Your touch brought her great comfort and she looked at you with such sorrowful eyes, you could not help yourself but to break down. She rides in this world now, strolls along freely, not alone, but joined once more to Andrew. He will secure his harness, not of bridles or straps, but of love as they ride bareback throughout the pastures green. Do not be saddened, for he is not alone, as you are all not alone upon your passing.

Your grandmother wishes you well, she issues you with love, love at this time, she understands your burdens Victoria, your namesake. If parting is such sweet sorrow then such joy will be found upon the reunion.

Poetry is great and has purpose to ease the soul of the burdens of life, to allow you a fanciful free journey across the avenues of love.

Andrew speaks:

“Don’t “Complain when I say I miss you so, for that pain we share is but a moment in time. A time will come when all ills will be renewed, and the burdens gone and in the hour of your love, of your need, I will whisper to you lines from Wordsworth, of the many poems that we had read. This man’s knowledge is little, but I will impart upon you the words of Burns and many others, Thompson, was of great importance to us and his words are not known by this man, but you will understand, little by little, things will get better and I will walk with you throughout your life.

Accept the things that I’ve told you and know that they are with love, now and for always my petal, my sweet flower who has the fragrance of love all around her.

Goodbye for now my dear love, do not cry for me, for those tears are the tears of love and they will gather in a pool for us both to share. Think of the times we shared and not those that we have not, for we continue tethered in our journeys of love. “

Ah, the streams of love, how it brings tears to the eyes of those who have suffered greatly. Do not torment yourselves, for these things have purpose beyond your expectation, beyond your lives of the present. A time will come when all will realise that life revolves around this love, this deep-set unity that is within all of you, even the hardest of minds can find love in one form or another and not of hate for family and friends, and although they might deny this to you and their hardened shells will become as hard as steel, they cannot help but think about these things, but still they deny them.

Appearances can be deceiving in many ways, even the sternest of people that you come across have a heart of gold, it just needs to be tapped into with the strength of love and compassion from others. You yearn and for a time of peace and it will be forthcoming, but strife must always come first. But have no fear of this, for what sense would there be to be afraid of a better future?

Gather your thoughts and senses Michael, open your heart to those who require assistance at this time. Many will not believe but many more will try to understand. These times are hard and changing, you look to the skies and heavens and ask, “What is the purpose, what is the meaning of all this that we survey at this time.” We tell you this, there is great teaching held within every aspect of life and in every aspect of the life that you walk. Do not shut out these teachings, shatter that shell of steel for it is not necessary, to show your love and concern is not a weakness, but a strength of heart.

We ask of you only this, that once in your lives you will look within to see the truth, then the meaning of life will become clear as you release your family and friends to spirit. A hard way to learn you may think, but it is of a natural kind. The truth will be taught in many ways, it is only those who look and seek for this, that will find their way and it is up to you to guide others to the truth that is spoken.

Do not despair at the loss of your loved ones and those you call ‘the animals’ for you all equally share that possession of spirit and soul and will reunite within that place beyond your physical life.

Tap into that inner strength, you will bring hope to others as many do through the words of comfort. We have spoken of things tonight, of personal things to one in particular. Yet we speak to you all, to share this information so you might understand, that although life seems unbearable at times, hope and trust in us will bring you back into that purpose of being.

Shame on those who ridicule us as a figment of the imagination, for they know no better than what’s in front of their noses at this time. But we will teach and we will reach out to them in many unexpected ways within their lives. Their hope is lost, for they can see no way of reaching out to that which is invisible to them. Everybody has faith and trust in someone or something, do not deny yourselves purpose within your lives, grant yourselves peace of mind so you may lead a life of purpose to bring hope to others in ways totally unexpected by yourselves.

Do not fear your words my son, for they are from the heart and even if not accepted by some, they will bring focus to others through their teaching. It is not for you to question the thoughts within your mind as the words gather a pace. Do not question them, but accept them and give them with love, so that others may see your practice of love within.

We have hope for you all as a race of individuals and as a collective, for once more the collective grows in opposition to those who have a will of power and bondage over you.

Do not gather your weapons, but your love and understanding. Reach out with these things and you will bring about change. The ignorance of many in your world postpone their thoughts of love and acceptance to others, they will learn that they are not the all powerful beings that they believe they are, their money and power are nothing, for we have told you that the true value is within love and compassion to your fellow kind and all species of life upon your world. It is much misunderstood as they hunt them for trophies, not thinking of the connection that you will have.

Do not despair for the world at this time, we have hope for you all. Blessings to you this evening. Peace is granted to those who look for the light and open their hearts and minds to spirit and most of all, to God and the angels of light.

Begin the new day afresh, cleanse your thoughts of despair, of misgivings to others, and if they have brought wrongs against you then look to them, not with anger, but with a kind heart and forgiveness if you can, for this will bring you peace within your lives and help them to understand that their grievance aimed towards you was unnecessary.

Tell her this, that their hold will not last! She will gather strength and determine a path of her own. Her concern is with the creatures that she watches over, and they appreciate this in ways she does not understand, but she must not let others to dominate her life. There is a path of purpose and she will greet it in time.


28-08-18 Angels are a Reality, Answers to Questions, William Tompkins etc

Transcript 28th August 2018

We call upon you this evening, as you call to us for wisdom and guidance. Let your hearts be free, do not allow the troubles of your world to intercede with your lives.

There is a natural course of things for all who exist within the world of man. It isn’t easy at times and can be hard, but living is for learning, as we have said before.

Bring to yourself during this evening, joy in the knowledge that many rejoice in his name throughout the churches of your lands, and we appreciate this gesture, for it brings us peace in the knowledge that the light still shines and will continue to shine no matter what. Continue reading “28-08-18 Angels are a Reality, Answers to Questions, William Tompkins etc”

27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc

27th September 2016

Mercies are great of the Lord upon the peace of mind.

Tumultuous times exist within your world today. Man against man, brave against brave, with no mercy or surrender. Countless times we have witnessed such terrible events upon your earth, merciless killing, shameful behaviour and misgivings of many. Corruption that’s rife throughout the regions of your world as men clamber for the meagre resources that remain. Continue reading “27-09-16 Binary Codes, Harsh Warnings, Mother Earth, Peace Meditation, Robert Hardy etc”