28-04-23 Instincts, Power of Love, Mother Mary, Overcome confusion and mayhem etc

Transcript Date: 28th April 2023

Instincts and Power of Love

Instincts play a part in all your lives; they are a part of you that never leaves, and it is these instincts that will guide you and bring you purpose within your lives. Too many these days ignore their natural instincts and they behave in a random manner, not applying their thoughts to their nature or the being that they are.

We must bring you hope this evening that your love and tenderness for each other will bring you warmth and companionship. It is not a time to fear or let others to allow the fear build within you. This fear can be combated by your love and the instincts that you have to hold one another tight in an embrace of love. For love is the weapon of war that cannot be broken, we speak of the war of the negative against those who would only wish to bring that light to others.

You must never become complacent with your attitude to others, never take them for granted, never heed those who will turn you against your friends and families. You must move within your journeys in a positive way, to bring hope and change, so others may see and join you upon your path of life.


It was long ago before man stepped out in the world that your bodies were just a mere ‘speck’ in the ground, but the spirit within was always there, it gave purpose to your bodies to live, to learn, and to help each other within the realm of life.

The time has come to tell you about these things, to inform you about your beginnings. In the atmosphere around you, within the universe that surrounds you, you are a form of energy and it cannot be extinguished or erased, for your energy is part of the greater being that will never fade or diminish.

You must uphold your faith and trust, you must endure many things that will test your faith and trust, but you must focus upon that being that you are a part of. None of you should lose hope and betray your soul’s purpose by not following your path.

There are many things of heaven and earth that can be spoken of, yet only time will enlighten those who follow their path. No one is forgotten, no one is forsaken, for you are all a part of this universe and of this energy.

Rectifying wrongs

It comes hard to some to think that perhaps even those who commit severe wrongs within your world are given the opportunity to rectify those wrongs. To your human minds this is an horrendous thought. Those that commit adultery or murder, or crimes against humanity in the world, have an opportunity to rectify these things. It is your instinct to want them to be punished, but how would that rectify the situation?

Vengeance should not be carried within your hearts, nor anger. We do not ask you to pity them, but to hold them and help them to understand, that although they may have committed these crimes, they must follow the rules of the universe.

A time will come when all will understand the meaning of life and the meaning of death. As we have said before, there is no death, only the death of your human body.

Your experiences and the many situations you have faced will guide your future and you will become aware of the many nations that surround you, the many planets that harbour life much the same as yours. You may see them as strange beings, not of your world, but of your nightmares! But you must accept that they are that being, their creation is as much a part of yours as it is theirs. You cannot hide from these things; you cannot deny what your eyes and your thoughts tell you. Use your instincts and understand that life is given to all, no matter what part of the universe they exist within.

Life is universal and never ending, and when one civilisation dies, another begins to start afresh.

War and Destruction Created by Humans

You hope never to see violence, war or destruction, and they are unfortunate in their creation, but they are only created by your own selves. You can only help yourselves to a better way by understanding that each of you are connected to each other, you are not separate, despite your outward appearance.

Even those beings who wish to communicate with your species understand the meaning of terror and war, and they do not wish for these things to occur. Many nations of other worlds have transcended their evil ways and have come to understand the purpose of life and of love, whilst others have perished because they do not learn or communicate with each other the words of love and understanding. It can only be bought through faith and trust.

(The following is a message for Michael – on the day he met George Burridge, a fellow trance medium who lives in Cornwall. – Whilst he was at George’s home, George spontaneously slipped into a trance and spoke about many things. It showed Michael that our purpose in life continues on despite age or circumstance. George is now 93 and still going on strong. It was later that day that Michael sat in light trance to receive the contents of this transcript and the following personal message.)

Today you have spoken to one of wisdom who knows many things about these matters, he has spoken to you with our words to help you to listen, and to help you not to give in. You feel alone and abandoned, but this is not so, we are always here and we walk beside you. Others see this and tell you of these things, but you seem lost at this time. We will bring focus once more and help to guide your thoughts. Treasure your memories of your loved ones, hold them tight to your heart, for they are still with you and they will never leave you, for you are a part of each other and a part of the universe.

Seek out those who have similar beliefs and interests, bring them close and talk with them so that they too might understand the meaning of spirit and world peace. You feel there is no one at this time to communicate with, yet here you are, speaking in terms of love. Do not underestimate the power of the spirit, for it exists within all of you to bring you hope, to bring you joy and to eliminate those things that may frighten you.

Mother Mary

She has spoken to you the words of wisdom, and she shares with you a grace so vast that it encompasses all of this world. She has been with you and watches over you as she watches over all of you to give you hope, to give you courage and fortitude.

Bless this lady, for she is the mother of the one that you call Jesus. She is the mother of all and she will not let you go into the night with fear and without love. Trespass not upon others who have a will to bring destruction, but coax them with your love. Nurture them with tender thoughts of love and bring them hope that one day their problems and troubles will be put to one side and life will begin for them once more.

Hope is never gone, it never ceases, for as long as you hold it within your hearts.

Troubles are many, and many suffer at the hands of their own thoughts, and they struggle through their life not being able to visualise a way forward. For some it is the practical side of life that holds them back and they cannot see past their worries and concerns. It is easy for us to say to them to have hope and trust, but this is what we do say and they must endeavour to help themselves.

Truly there are many who do not have your resources and the luxuries of your life, and they truly struggle within their lives against extreme odds that are set against them. It doesn’t seem fair to many that they should be in this position, but again, this is about comradeship and about love and connection, it is for you to do what you must, and help them understand that they can help themselves to ease the problems of others.

A united world will be one that will gain much, not in wealth or possession, but in love and understanding. Are these words not true? Do you not listen to what we are attempting to tell you? Do not shut out the lessons of life, for they will be carried forward within the next existence. Train your minds to become one with peace, one with the universe. Do not speculate that the future is ‘Doom’ for it can be so bright, and the brightness can be brought through love. Temper your hearts with this freedom of love and allow it to help others.

There will come a time when those from other worlds will communicate to those of your world. They wait for that time when you become one with your hearts and souls.

Overcome Confusion and Fear

Birds will be seen to flock in an unusual manner and people will speculate that the energies of your earth affect them in ways that you do not understand. To some extent this is true, the energies will peak, and confusion will be brought to those creatures who rely upon their instincts to find their way.

Mankind will be confused and not understand as much as the creatures of the world. But there are those of you who will read these words and understand that these changes are abundant at this time. You must follow your thoughts, for they are given by those of spirit and others who only wish to guide you and to alleviate your fears from the confusion that will be brought.

Mayhem should not be feared, it should be looked at in a cool and calm manner, and the logic and reason of your mind and your instincts will help you to see out this storm of energy release.

Do not be afraid, for all things have purpose, and even those who suffer loss will endure and bring themselves peace once more as they acknowledge that the universe and the universal wisdom will play a part in their lives.

You comprehend many things, yet there are many things that are not understood. And many of your world do not recognise that the spiritual realm exists for the good of all. It exists all around you, all of the time, and it can be reached with your focus.

She (Mother Mary) will tell you soon of many things to come, she will guide you upon your steps. You must listen to the wisdom given Michael, you must listen and follow the words spoken, we have faith in you that you will do these things.

Message from Pauline (3.8.38 – 19.4.23)

Your friends at this time are in need of comfort and love, their peace has been shattered by the loss of a loved one. She wishes them well as she sings to them in the evening, at night. She sings her favourite songs that brought her joy in her life.

There are no random acts, for everything has its time. She has left confusion, but she knows that this will be dealt with in a suitable way.

“I was brought peace by the hands of love, I could not hold on, for the warmth and the love was overwhelming. You must not weep for me, but think of those times of joy and the life that we had, and I thank them for the things that they have sacrificed for me.

He will understand this message, that I will be there with them, holding their hands.

Do not argue, but bring me peace with your love for one another.

Hope will be brought once more and your lives will continue on until we meet again in this wondrous world of love. Speak to me no more with the tears that fall from your eyes, but caress me in your hearts with your love and understanding. And although you think I went too soon, it was my time, it was what I wanted. Don’t think me selfish, but bring me love.

And to speak in a general way, there are many who wish to move on, but are unable, for it is not their time. Each of us have a time and we have an understanding when this time is reached.

My love to you all and I caress you all, my family, with love.

Tony was a big part of my life and he brought wisdom, laughter and fun. We are united once more, know this, so you may understand.

Wallace and Gromit, a strange thing to talk of, but I did enjoy them! (In life Pauline protested that she didn’t like them!)

Caress your years to come with thoughts of love and look to the future, not with fear at the situation that surrounds you within your world, but with love, for there is a bright future for you to come. Be blessed in this knowledge.

She asked a question of me, was I happy? And the answer is yes. The pain was slight, but I was happy in the knowledge of their love and of their union.

So many things to say and speak of, so many unspoken words yet to be told.

They will understand, for their love is universal and is for all who would become a part of their lives.

Time to go, love to you always.”


16-02-22 The key to remove suffering, storms and tremors, personal messages etc

Transcript Date: 16th February 2022

Key of Love

Clouds overshadow many who aspire to the light. Their thoughts bring them down to a lower level and their minds find it difficult to look beyond their life to see the purpose to which they were born. Judgement can only be brought to yourselves, you are the judge and the jailer, you must release yourself with your keys of love and not be incarcerated by your own thoughts.

We speak this evening to those who find it difficult to communicate with us, to bring themselves peace within their lives, to acknowledge the existence of their true selves, that which you call spirit. For time immemorial, many have sought to speak with those of the gods and of the spirit, yet they have failed so many times as their hearts are not truly in that place of connection. But we never give up hope for them, for we know that there is truth in their words, and although they find it hard to connect with that of spirit, their efforts will not be ignored or unnoticed. We will be there to guide them as an everlasting presence within their lives, unseen to them until the day that they must cross once more to this side of life.

Truly a purpose has been brought to many, and they enquire through their mind as to which step to take next. Yours is no different. You seem to think that at this time there is nothing more, yet there is so much to live for and to understand. We repeat these messages many times in the hope that you will begin to lift your hearts and free yourselves from the jail of life, to be open-minded and care for one another with a tender kiss of love. We have spoken of things to come within your world, you have acknowledged our words with your love and compassion.

Power of thought and love

Tonight, we seek an audience with one, she must not know of the things that she seeks, for her ways have failed in diplomacy and now she begins to spark a fire that should not be lit within the minds of many. What can you do about these things? It is a question asked, but there is much you can do through your thoughts of love and devotion to each other. For the power of thought is an awesome weapon, as is the power of love, and combined they will bring peace to the minds of others who seek answers that do not seem to be forthcoming at this time.

There is a little reluctance from many of your world, they cannot see the light that shines bright before them. They may ask questions of Valerie, Kevin and yourself, you may not think that the answers are adequate to reassure them of their life’s purpose and the reasons that seem to dictate their lives. But trust in us and allow us to connect through you to these individuals who seek impossible answers at this time.

Suffering and illness

We speak of those in need, those who are sick, and those who are worried for their loved ones who suffer. There is much regret with many, for their lives have been tormented by the words of man. But they should understand that our love is just a thought away, and if you wish for a resolution, then their thoughts should be of love and of questions, to which answers will be given. Sometimes these answers will not be recognised, and they feel abandoned as their loved one suffers, yet as you walk your lives, there are many things to be taught to you, even during the time of sickness and ill-health.

There are many in your world who suffer at this time, with no recourse or medical action available. They suffer with indignity to their spirit and soul; their bodies are ravaged with illness and disease. To some, their eyes are unable to see because of the issues of disease and infection. Yet their faith and trust in God and spirit is strong, and they ask for the wisdom and knowledge that may help them, help them and their children to resolve the situation.

It is not difficult, your resources are many. The wealth of your men of power exceeds their needs, but they will not part with it for the better good of man. They see these individuals suffer, yet nothing is done, they say nothing can be done. But truly, it can, it just takes a will of love to abscond from the riches of your world and reconnect with the riches of your soul, which is the love for your fellow beings.

Take note of the words this evening, for they speak volumes to many of your world. One man cannot change the outcome, but many joined together, as a nation, can strive to help other nations to win the battles of disease, corruption and illness.

One such as you cannot be heard at this time, yet the words spoken are true and not false. They will be seen and spoken of, yet they will not commit their actions to their thoughts. How can you help them to understand if you do not try to reach out to them? Your resources may be few, but you can still help in unexpected ways.

Temper your thoughts this evening to allow in the words so they may be spoken to the nations of your world. For solace brings peace, love brings joy.

(MICHAELS NOTE: On 4 December 2021 I was given a message that I did not understand at the time:

 “Correspondence will be sent soon to enlighten you upon the subject in which you talk. You will speak on behalf of others (spirit) to give them guidance, to show them the truth of their lives. There are not many who would seek your counsel, but there are the few who dedicate their minds to reading the passages given. Your welcome is great within the spiritual realm, and we ask you not to give up all hope, but to continue on in a forthright manner so you may speak in words so clear, they will ring like crystal.”

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend asking if I would give some words of advice to an acquaintance from long ago, I gave her my contact details and heard nothing for a while, but yesterday that person contacted me to ask if I could help him with his budding ability as a trance medium. After we had spoken for some considerable time, I felt an energy around me and felt compelled to sit to write this transcript on behalf of spirit. It seems that once more a prophecy that I was given has come to pass, none of us should doubt the word of spirit even if it does seem implausible at the time.
The following message is for him directly from spirit should he read these words which I will send to him shortly.)

Today he spoke to you of the things he wished for, yet his commitment lacks at this time. Your guidance was of need, and you faltered, because you do not understand your purpose. But things will become clear and he will begin to understand once more that it takes commitment to walk this road of light, to speak to spirit and to bring your life purpose for others sake.

Transmit your thoughts now, allow them to infiltrate the minds of others and we will speak once more about these things to instruct you in a way that you may not understand at this point in time, but know that we are there and that we care very much. Guidance will be given when needed.

Message for another follower of these transcripts:

Tell her this as she ponders upon the words spoken, that her thoughts are good and that her fears should be laid to one side. For there are many such as this person who suffers and are in need of a shoulder to lean on. Do not let her be afraid to continue this purpose, allay her fears with our love and guidance.

Some topics have been spoken of that may not be clear to you? But a clear understanding is always given to those who would listen. Triumph will come in many ways as the test of time endures during her life. She must not give up hope for those she tends, for they are appreciative of her wit and charm, her coolness and courage to speak to them during their final years and months.

If all could be like her, to help others in a practical way, wouldn’t that be a world you would want to live in, to know that their love was there as though a tender hand is held out, reached out, to help them in their final battle of life.

But as you know Michael, life does not end with the death of your body, for the spirit and soul walk on regardless of time, and you will once more re-join your loved ones in a way that you will not understand, yet you will know instinctively of their presence around you.

Storms and Tremors

Do you not feel it this evening as the air batters the world around you, do you not know of our love for all life upon your planet?

The weather systems of your world are becoming intolerant of your practices of life. Mother nature will retaliate many times with thunderous reactions, and the earth will tremble as it begins to shake beneath your feet. She is telling you that your disruption is causing heartbreak to her. She is telling you to begin to cease your activities of penetrating the earth to test your reactions and your weapons. This cannot continue, for it will bring doom upon many. Your warlike ways as a nation, as humanity, must begin to cease in the very near future.

Behaviour of humankind seen by others

You are seen by many from other worlds and they are reluctant to make themselves known to you, for they know of your wicked ways and your intolerance to others, not just of your own nations, but to other worlds beyond yours.

You must not allow your fear to overrule your good sense, we may appear from time to time and reports will leak out, for they cannot withhold this information. You must not have fear, but understand that there are other nations that may wish to help as your planet plummets into disarray. They cannot understand how you do not work as one nation of men, as one nation of humanity. They cannot understand why you harbour such primitive fears about other nations from other worlds. It is time to bring about a practice of love, not just to one another of your species, but to others of other worlds.

We will speak in a time to come to give you lessons upon how to communicate with your heart and soul. You are pure energy and you live a life in the physical, but your energy is far beyond your imagination. You cannot live in fear, or bring fear to others by your warring ways. You must cease your activities at this time, or face peril in the future.

We do not wish to bring fear, we wish to open your eyes. There are many extremists in your world who speak about things of religion and they commit themselves in causing atrocities to the peoples of the world, misguided souls who can see no other recourse and think that their actions are able to bring good to the world, yet things will not change, but get worse, not just for them, but for all of humanity.

Tonight as a beacon of light shines out across the nations of your world, many will see, many will deny their vision and say it is lightning, or some kind of disruption in the atmosphere, but this light that shines is there to indicate our presence and truth.

You may not see us as beings that cruise around your world, but we demonstrate our existence to you in the best way possible, not to cause fear and mayhem. Thankfully there are those, such as yourself, who can relay these things that we speak of, many will not read or understand and you may think what is the use if you cannot communicate these things, yet there is purpose in all things of life no matter where it stems from.

Your courage is needed at this time to face these things, for reality will strike hard and the truth will hit home as never before. Riddles we speak, would you rather that we be more direct? We tease you with suggestion, yet there is much truth in what we speak.

Do not allow your lives to be overshadowed by the fear brought to you by the governments of your world, their purpose is not like yours, their aim is not to bring disillusionment or mayhem, yet this will result through their actions and their ignorance.

You must see through their words and see the truth of their hearts. You must live your lives as best you can as an individual. If necessary, do not listen to the rhetoric spoken or the blustering words of many who wish to cause harm to others.

The topics we have spoken upon this evening may seem confusing and unreal, yet look to your heavens to see the truth as a star dies in a distant galaxy. To you its death is of this time, yet it was so long ago, and its light has travelled so many millions of light years to reach you. Its light will continue on even though it has gone and it will continue to shine as it passes your world and reaches other worlds far beyond yours. This is as your life, your bodies will die, but your light will shine on, going forth forever and ever, beyond your world. Your light will always shine, as you are part of the energy of the universe that surrounds you, and you will be revitalised and given the opportunity to brighten your light with the knowledge held and learnt.

Message for Michael from his late wife, Beatrice

There is one who wishes to speak this evening, come forward and be heard. Her name you know, yet she is reluctant to speak for fear of bringing you fear. You have seen her recently in your dreams and she sends her love. Her name you know and hold close to your heart with a tender kiss. She says, I am here walking beside you, travelling the road of life that we began. It is not time to give up upon yourself, become the man you are supposed to be in our memory, and when we re-join it will be with such wonder and love untold. Can you not feel my energy this evening? Myself and others surround you to bring you hope. Your life still has purpose Michael, to not abandon your life because you feel stranded, in a sense.

Message for a mother

There is one who wished for a reading to communicate through you to the world of spirit and beyond. She needs to know that her love is still with her and around her. She seeks to speak to a daughter who passed so young, so long ago. The lady in question is known to you, tell her this, that her daughter and her mother smile upon her, they will take her hand when she needs it most, for there are many worries and troubles within her life and her guilt for her daughter is unfounded. Joanne says to tell her that she feels her grief, but there is no need, for joy will be brought once more to your life. Your hardships at this time are many as you struggle to survive the economic situation within your life. You must practice your love to others, as you have done in the past. Your daughter wishes you to know of the hanky that you admired. It was a gift from a friend, yet you cherish it with all your heart. It brings you comfort to hold. The hanky is a blanket, a blanket of love that once wrapped your child in arms. She is fair in colour and lives on with us now. Yet Joanne seeks nothing other than your love, speak to her, communicate with her, that she may hear your voice call out to her in the night. There are others who wish to speak, but they must stand aside to allow a mother’s love call out to her child.

Twins they were, a duo in life. There is no death, this is an illusion, for life continues on, with a child’s love to her mother and a mother’s love to her child.

Tell her this, the pin that held the cloth will fasten your love for ever, and you commemorate her birth in the April of the year, 10th seems appropriate, but her birth was her rebirth into this of spirit, your connection will never be broken, nor will you be parted by that veil of life. Speak to us no more of sorrow and guilt, for your love was evident and is carried forward to your child’s heart within the realm of heaven.

January 4th would be of significance to you, love you always, despair not for I earned no guilt, for I have love for you always. Amen.

Come now, speak no more sorrow but of joy in life, joy of the living years that you still have, that you all still have. We speak of no one in particular, but we ask you not to tremble at the thought of that time to come.

Message from a mother

You may feel your age and you feel the age of this person now as your back is hunched and you feel not quite so firm footed. Your head is light, she comes forward to speak to her daughter Hannah, Anna.

My age was great, I lived for a long time and my back crumpled, my shoulders fell about me as if hunched and my stick assisted. But I was unable to get around in my life. I asked for forgiveness from the Lord and was given this forgiveness at my time of passing, and I ask your forgiveness if I troubled you with my concerns, with my inability to think straight or to speak the words I wanted to say.

My mind became obliterated with regression and the disease ravaged my mind and body, but I know of your love, I know of your calling out to me, to ask forgiveness for the times that you were not there. There is nothing to forgive my child, I loved you so and your help was great. I lived not too far away at that time, and I called on you constantly to assist in my abilities that were lacking and you came like a daughter of the light to assist and I know that your frustrations with your business were many and you felt at times that pressure would conquer you. I appreciate and love you always and know that my appreciation for your love and caring will carry me through until we meet once more.

You have concerns with your chest at this time, do not be concerned for you are well. Your smoking must stop, listen to mother for she knows. Time is of no consequence, the time will pass quickly as it did for me and we will be together again and I will be there to listen in the meantime to your words, speak to me, do not be shy, allow your thoughts to shine out, as the words unspoken are a poetry of love.

Oh, my back hurts so, my neck, but now it has gone and my body has gone and I am free and able to move, to think clearly and to see clearly. My appreciation for you is great. Know that my love will go with you, 1908 is the year of my beginning, 49 years are passed and I have not forgotten, as a mother never will. Do not be concerned about your material things of life, do not take in the worries and concerns of your business, for they are only for this moment and there is much more that you should live for.

I will leave you now, Pat is a name. Take care my love, take care. Love and wishes to all.

New speaker

Speaks volumes for all to pass your lives with love and caring and for those of the elderly who suffer, their time will come and they will pass in unity with their loved ones, and the love of spirit.

Your lives seem endless, particularly to the youth, and yet it is such a short time in which to show your love and gratitude to your families and friends. Be blessed this evening with the knowledge that has been bestowed upon you. Allow us to speak with you once more if you will.

Good evening and God bless and amen.  

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